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Parallel Universes Quotes


"There are two things you should remember when dealing with parallel universes. One, they're not really parallel, and two, they're not really universes" - Douglas Adams

"Each nanosecond of history branches off into an infinite amount of parallel universes." - Pete Carroll

"Voltaire's novel [Candid] offers us parallel universes, the possibility of entering into alternative worlds existing side by side, and this is something quite modern. Nested narratives and parallel universes are popular at the moment in many different art forms." - Mark Ravenhill

"Surely our job while we're here on Earth is to learn about the world, not to create parallel universes." - David Hare

"Technologies that may be realized in centuries or millennium include: warp drive, traveling faster than the speed of light, parallel universes; are there other parallel dimensions and parallel realities? Time travel that we mentioned and going to the stars." - Michio Kaku

"It's these parallel universes when someone you love is sick. Your world is this completely foreign place involving radiation and tumor markers. Outside, people are buying sweaters." - Katie Couric

"The mind and the body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one" - Deepak Chopra

"The worlds of Truth (love) and illusion (fear) are like parallel universes; with every thought we make a choice which one to inhabit" - Marianne Williamson

"We don't have enough parallel universes to allow all uses of all junction types-in the absence of quantum computing the combinatorics are not in our favor..." - Larry Wall

"Maybe it's due to my west coast liberal upbringing, but, the idea of parallel universes doesn't strike me as being too far out there." - Joshua Jackson

"Quantum computation is... a distinctively new way of harnessing nature... It will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes." - David Deutsch

"Usually, when you make a decision in life, unless you have access to parallel universes, you can't truly judge how right that decision was." - Tibor Fischer

"None but himself can be his parallel." - Virgil

"Art is a harmony parallel with nature." - Paul Cezanne

"The reasons there are so many cliches about universes inside of dewdrops is because there are universes inside of dewdrops." - Steven Kotler

"Parallel lines meet in eternity but Parallel lives meet for tea" - Gary Gach

"I came up with a parallel Venice called Venus. set in a parallel Venice about 1701." - Tanith Lee

"There's not a single shred of evidence for the multiverse. If, in order to explain this universe, you need a theory that invents an infinite number of parallel universes - that's not a very good theory." - Adam Frank

"Physics is now saying we might be living in one of an infinite number of parallel universes. We can learn practical and creative things to do with the information." - Robert Moss

"If you take a look at the most fantastic schemes that are considered impossible: teleportation, warp drive, parallel universes, other dimensions, artificial intelligence, ray guns, you realize that they can be possible if we advance technology a little bit." - Michio Kaku

"As long as you identify with the universe - which is perfect and can correct material conditions to bring them back into alignment with that Divine perfection - as long as that is where your mind is aligned, it's as though there were two parallel universes. You decide with every thought you think which one you're going to inhabit. Two parallel universes of experience, as it were." - Marianne Williamson

"Anne Romaine collected her own parallel archive to [Alex] Haley." - Manning Marable

"Sensitivity and money are like parallel lines. They don't meet." - Ang Lee

"I can parallel park pretty well - I'm a great driver." - Jenny Lewis

"I've always thought that parallel parking was my main talent." - Calvin Trillin

"You are a Universe of Universes And your Soul a source of Songs..." - Ruben Dario

"When I say the word You, I mean a hundred universes." - Rumi

"I'm living in separate universes, and I have no idea where I actually belong." - Jonathan Tropper

"What I say and what I'm really experiencing - those universes are very different." - Byron Katie

"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes." - Walt Whitman

"It was life under the Soviet system - we were struggling with every big problem. Publicly, my parents had to queue up to buy food, but were able to live secret lives in their private rooms. With the TV set in the living room, we were able to see Western pop culture -a different reality from what we were living. For me, it was like two different universes existed at the same time, and we got used to being in these parallel universes." - Jaak Kilmi

"The quantum theory of parallel universes is not the problem, it is the solution. It is not some troublesome, optional interpretation emerging from arcane theoretical considerations. It is the explanation, the only one that is tenable, of a remarkable and counter-intuitive reality." - David Deutsch

"We have been flooded with postal cards from all over the United States and several parallel universes. Just a quick glance though these cards is enough to remind you why this great nation, despite all the talk of decline, still leads the world in tranquilizer consumption." - Dave Barry

"Barring a theoretical resolution, which I think is unlikely, you either have to say there are zillions of parallel universes out there that we can't observe at present or you have to say there was a plan. I actually find the argument of the existence of a God who did the planning more compelling than the bubbling of all these multiverses." - Richard Dawkins

"The left and the right live in parallel universes. The right listens to talk radio, the left's on the Internet and they just reinforce one another. They have no sense of reality. I have now one ambition: to retire before it becomes essential to tweet." - Barney Frank

"It's worth noting that invoking God as the entity who set our universe in motion isn't contradicted by the data. Of course, scientists would say the supreme being hypothesis is faith, and outside the realm of science - that it's not amenable to experiment. But we currently have the same problem with the notion of parallel universes." - Seth Shostak

"There are many universes, countless universes, and many of them are invisible. We call these the astral planes, but they are as real as this world is and they're filled with beings that have life spans." - Frederick Lenz

"We are transmuting the reality of our perceptual field. There are endless, beautiful and perfect universes - or you can go beyond universes to the dissolution, where there's no beginning." - Frederick Lenz

"In truth the Church is too unique to prove herself unique. For most popular and easy proof is by parallel; and here there is no parallel." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"These new theories of the universe, that there are multiple universes just bubbling up constantly - it's all pretty wild." - Vijay Seshadri

"We could imagine all sorts of universes unlike this one, but this is the one that happened." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"There are many worlds and many systems of Universes existing all at the same time, all of them perishable." - Anaximander

"We're all worth it, man. We're all worth millions of planets and stars and galaxies and universes." - River Phoenix

"In different lifetimes, you incarnate in different dimensional planes, let alone in different universes in the physical universe." - Frederick Lenz

"There are billions of people on the earth and there are billions of earths, billions of universes. It is endless." - Frederick Lenz

"I've gradually realised that what I do best is universes. And I shouldn't be afraid of that." - Ridley Scott

"Life is parallel to Hell but I must maintain and be prosperous, though we live dangerous." - Nas

"Every concrete object has abstract value, is timeless in the dream parallel." - Hilda Doolittle

"This hypothesis (Parallel hypothesis) would not destroy itself at all easily." - Johann Heinrich Lambert

"Music and film are parallel experiences: they are linear, they are narrative." - Todd Haynes

"What if, instead of a parallel universe, there's a perpendicular universe? Discuss." - Robert Breault

"There is nothing in history to parallel the influence of Jesus Christ." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The universe expects every man to do his duty in his parallel of latitude." - Henry David Thoreau

"There are possibilities that dreams are our little windows upon a parallel timeline." - Tom Delonge

"Even the most distant and exotic place has its parallel in ordinary life." - Paul Theroux

"I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe." - Anonymous

"I'm not deaf and the Commission isn't operating in a parallel world of legal texts." - Jean-Claude Juncker

"Thoughts are sending out that magnetic signal that is drawing the parallel back to you" - Joe Vitale

"The path of the pursuer and the prey often run obscurely parallel." - Samuel Hopkins Adams

"We are actually living in a million parallel realities every single minute." - Marina Abramovic

"Probably in a parallel universe not far from here, I'm working for Nintendo." - David Mitchell

"The tabloids operate in an amoral parallel universe where the bottom line is selling newspapers." - Steve Coogan

"Doing a scene truthfully is very similar to doing a song truthfully. They're really parallel." - Chip Esten

"The parallel development in American blues to the British movement has resulted in Johnny Winters." - Alexis Korner

"To genetic evolution, the human lineage has added the parallel track of cultural evolution." - E O Wilson

"Parallel cinema has not made an effort to communicate in a language the other person understands." - Om Puri

"The sun is the most parallel light source because it is so far away." - Conrad Hall

"If I had parallel lives to pursue, I would also want one as a painter." - Norman Spinrad

"I think sports are extremely beneficial for our youth. They parallel life in so many ways." - Kerri Strug

"In the early West, law and politics were parallel roads to usefulness as well as distinction." - John George Nicolay

"You know how some trees have those ear mushrooms that just grow off, and you could live on one of those mushrooms and not realize that there was stacks and stacks of others? That's how I describe music scenes in New York. That's one of the trippiest things about living here - just how many parallel universes there are that you can be completely unaware of." - Caroline Polachek

"A hole in one is amazing when you think of the different universes this white mass of molecules has to pass through on its way to the hole." - Mac O'Grady

"As an individual, I myself feel impelled to fancy ... a limitless succession of Universes.... Each exists, apart and independently, in the bosom of its proper and particular God." - Edgar Allan Poe

"Science says that there are many more universes apart from ours. In that case, even when we think universally, we still think locally!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"This is a war universe. War all the time. There may be other universes, but ours seems to be based on war and games." - William S Burroughs

"There is my body, in it an ocean formed of his glory, all the creation, all the universes, all the galaxies, are lost in it." - Rumi

"Rose Tyler: Can't you come through properly? The Doctor: Then the whole thing would fracture. The two universes would collapse. Rose Tyler: So?" - Russell T Davies

"Men and women, empires and cities, thrones, principalities, and powers, mountains, rivers, and unfathomed seas, worlds, spaces, and universes, all have their day, and all must go." - H. Rider Haggard

"If you were to look at each atom as a universe unto itself, think of the number of universes within each of us." - Chris Crutcher

"I guess gritty is the word that you said. But it has a different tone. We're not flying around in different universes - it's a bit more earthy." - Jeremy Renner

"Though earth and moon were gone, And suns and universes ceased to be, And Thou wert left alone, Every existence would exist in Thee." - Emily Bronte

"I'm curious about other universes, and nonhuman elementals. For me it's still a very lively ethos. It's a kind of practice. It's an ethos that is very sustaining." - Anne Waldman

"My doctor says that I have a malformed public-duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and that I am therefore excused from saving universes." - Douglas Adams

"According to 'M' theory, ours is not the only universe. Instead, 'M' theory predicts that a great many universes were created out of nothing." - Stephen Hawking

"Most sets of values would give rise to universes that, although they might be very beautiful, would contain no one able to wonder at that beauty." - Stephen Hawking

"Invented languages have often been created in tandem with entire invented universes, and most conlangers come to their craft by way of fantasy and science fiction." - Joshua Foer

"There are many universes, many dimensions. They are endless. Most of them are not particularly relevant for us. They won't help us. They won't make us happier." - Frederick Lenz

"Perfect mind, the diamond mind, radiating all universes through your being, each pulse beat is the universe, each breath, eternity. Enlightenment, try it. You'll like it!" - Frederick Lenz

"All of the universes are but phantoms, mirages, and while they have their own essence, their own pantomime - they pass forgotten." - Frederick Lenz

"The limitless content of our universe might be only one instance of a large (and possibly infinite) number of other universes." - Seth Shostak

"Enlightenment has nothing to do with physical knowledge. It is the experience of existence. Existence is infinite. There are countless universes and creations taking place simultaneously." - Frederick Lenz

"Evolutionary cosmology formulates theories in which a universe is capable of giving rise to and generating future universes out of itself, within black holes or whatever." - Robert Nozick

"I think growing up is difficult and it's a process that I'm always interested in, with kids and adults, they are often on two different universes." - Alice Hoffman

"We are all bumbling along,side by side, week in, week out, our paths similar in some ways and different in others, all apparently running parallel. But parallel lines never meet." - Mary Lawson

"There's a parallel between me going through these enormous efforts to try to make a moment that means something - and in a way, the figures are doing the same thing. There is that parallel, for sure." - Gregory Crewdson

"In right knowledge the study of man must proceed on parallel lines with the study of the world, and the study of the world must run parallel with the study of man." - George Gurdjieff

"Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel...." - Meher Baba

"There is no absurdity in theology so great that you cannot parallel it by a greater absurdity in Nature." - Thomas Huxley

"There may be a parallel between woodcuts and radio; radio plays are a living art form everywhere except the USA." - Neil Gaiman

"There isn't a Parallel of Latitude but thinks it would have been the Equator if it had had its rights." - Mark Twain

"I think of making love and making art as being very parallel. Even the most amateur attempt can be thrilling." - Julia Cameron

"We landed, in fact, parallel to a canal, like there were two runways: one for us and one for waterfowl." - John Green

"Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel." - Ambrose Bierce

"Knowledge and belief are two seperate tracks that run parallel to each other and never meet, except in the child." - Godfried Bomans

"To be coordinated with the power of balance, your mind and your temple must be running parallel." - Peter Tosh

"It was like I existed in a kind of parallel universe, thinking thoughts and feelings that no one else understood." - Lucy Christopher

"The story of any one man's real experience finds its startling parallel in that of every one of us." - James Russell Lowell

"We think there is a parallel between federal involvement in education and the decline in profit over recent years." - Ronald Reagan

"It was like there was some parallel universe we all vanished off to where we had all this sex." - Kazuo Ishiguro

"The Christian doctrine is one that is both about individual spirituality and a parallel commitment to social justice." - Jim Wallis

"The dreams we are chasing and the reality that is chasing us are always parallel; they never meet." - Ai Yazawa

"I'm very excited about the resurgence of vinyl which seems to parallel a growing interest in live performance" - Saul Williams

"In the way that the 15th Century discovered the New World, the 20th Century discovered the parallel continuum." - Terence Mckenna

"Reality has become a parallel universe with photographers returning with different versions of what it truly looks like." - Philip-Lorca diCorcia

"Nature works in parallel ways." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"We cannot put cinema in parallel with the political, because politics are something dirty and cinema is not dirty." - Ali Suliman

"Now that women are jockeys, baseball umpires, atomic scientists, and business executives, maybe someday they can master parallel parking." - Bill Vaughan

"I'm still living at least five parallel lives, honestly! I wonder about it. I have no idea how that happens." - Alice Walker

"Faith: Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel." - Ambrose Bierce

"There's a need to keep the history of an artform going, parallel with the new work that's being done." - Hal Price

"I'm very excited about the resurgence of vinyl which seems to parallel a growing interest in live performance." - Saul Williams

"No one likes a show-off, but if parallel parking was an Olympic sport, I would get gold, no probs." - Miranda Hart

"I see a lot of patterns in our behavior as a nation that parallel a lot of other historical processes." - Maynard James Keenan

"The strategic marketing paradigm of Open Source is a massively-parallel drunkard's walk filtered by a Darwinistic process." - Bruce Perens

"All of the physical universes put together, stretching out endlessly, are only a fraction of the totality of reality. In other words, all of the physical universes are only part of the physical dimensional plane, and there are thousands of dimensional planes." - Frederick Lenz

"I often think that we are like the carp swimming contentedly in that pond. We live out our lives in our own "pond," confident that our universe consists of only the familiar and the visible. We smugly refuse to admit that parallel universes or dimensions can exist next to ours, just beyond our grasp. If our scientists invent concepts like forces, it is only because they cannot visualize the invisible vibrations that fill the empty space around us. Some scientists sneer at the mention of higher dimensions because they cannot be conveniently measured in the laboratory." - Michio Kaku

"Despite my vast interest in other universes and new ideas and space, travel and time travel, which by the way I think is impossible, the basic thing is human character, which is the main thing of most writers." - Philip Jose Farmer

"We live in strange times. We also live in strange places, each in a universe of our own. The people with whom we populate our universe are the shadows of whole other universes intersecting with our own." - Douglas Adams

"This is a war universe. War all the time. That is its nature. There may be other universes based on all sorts of other principles, but ours seems to be based on war and games." - William Burroughs

"As a working hypothesis to explain the riddle of our existence, I propose that our universe is the most interesting of all possible universes, and our fate as human beings is to make it so" - Freeman Dyson

"They lived the slow and invisible interpenetration of their universes, like two stars gravitating around a common axis, in ever tighter orbits, whose clear destiny is to coalesce at some point in space and time." - Paolo Giordano

"The universe is full of men going through the same motions in the same surroundings, but carrying within themselves, and projecting around them, universes as mutually remote as the constellations." - Emmanuel Mounier

"I am anti-life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds...of everything. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?" "I am hope." - Neil Gaiman

"You are an ocean in a drop of dew, all the universes in a thin sack of blood. What are these pleasures then, these joys, these worlds that you keep reaching for, hoping they will make you more alive?" - Rumi

"It is folly to say you know what is happening to other people. Only they know, if they exist. They have their own Universes of their own eyes and ears." - Douglas Adams

"A few dud universes can really clutter up your basement." - Neal Stephenson

"I am so beastly tired of mankind and the world that nothing can interest me unless it contains a couple of murders on each page or deals with the horrors unnameable and unaccountable that leer down from the external universes." - H P Lovecraft

"Reality includes both the past and the future, but existence includes only the present and is totally dependent on the reality of past and future universes. Without them there is no existence now." - Fred Alan Wolf

"There is a certain cloud, impregnated with a thousand lightnings. There is my body, in it an ocean formed of his glory, all the creation, all the universes, all the galaxies, are lost in it." - Rumi

"I believe we exist in a multiverse of universes." - Michio Kaku

"Life is endless reality. There is reality after reality, spinning on endlessly into the cosmos, billions and billions of manifest universes. Underlying all of this is the unmanifest, the absolute reality." - Frederick Lenz

"All the universes are bound together by a web, a matrix, which is our perception. And our perception actually has colors; it has bands. We call them bands of attention." - Frederick Lenz

"If you meditate, then the real miracle is the transformation of your awareness field beyond the body. Beyond the body there are oceans of light, continents of light, universes of light. Meditation frees you from this world." - Frederick Lenz

"You have to be a warrior in order to become enlightened. If you think it's tough paying the bills, think about being everywhere all at once and doing everything in all the universes, simultaneously, past, present, and future." - Frederick Lenz

"I'm consciously aware, specifically with the comic book world, where there's a built-in fanbase. But, there's a little bit of leniency because there are a couple different universes." - Jeremy Renner

"I have to believe there's some other life force out there. I don't know in what form. But we can't have all these galaxies and universes without something going on." - John Travolta

"If one becomes enlightened, as I did in past incarnations, we leave the structural universes behind. We don't even have past incarnations because the form that had those incarnations has dissolved into the clear light of reality." - Frederick Lenz

"What is one to think of those fools who tell one that the artist is always subordinate to nature? Art is a harmony parallel with nature." - Paul Cezanne

"Words that in their everyday surrealism have no parallel in contemporary writing... Music that mines the deep veins of fatalism in the Appalachian voice" - Greil Marcus

"I want to have different Ferraris for different Ferraristi. We have a lot of parallel activities that can increase revenues without being obliged to produce more cars." - Luca Cordero di Montezemolo



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