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Parallel Lives Quotes


"Parallel lines meet in eternity but Parallel lives meet for tea" - Gary Gach

"If I had parallel lives to pursue, I would also want one as a painter." - Norman Spinrad

"We've had parallel lives. And frankly, I prefer mine to his. I would not like to be George Bush." - Gore Vidal

"I'm still living at least five parallel lives, honestly! I wonder about it. I have no idea how that happens." - Alice Walker

"Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend...." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"There is not one world for man and one for animals, they are part of the same one and lead parallel lives." - Rigoberta Menchu

"Nature works in parallel ways." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"The parallel circumstances and kindred images to which we readily conform our minds are, above all other writings, to be found in the lives of particular persons, and therefore no species of writing seems more worthy of cultivation than biography." - Samuel Johnson

"There is an odd synchronicity in the way parallel lives veer to touch one another, change direction, and then come close again and again until they connect and hold for whatever it was that fate intended to happen." - Ann Rule

"A man who lives everywhere lives nowhere." - Martial

"Extracurricular Parallel to none I am perpendicular" - Nicki Minaj

"None but himself can be his parallel." - Virgil

"Art is a harmony parallel with nature." - Paul Cezanne

"Beauty lives with kindness." - William Shakespeare

"Touching Hearts, Changing Lives." - James Dobson

"Make your lives extraordinary." - Tom Schulman

"Everybody lives an epic." - James Cook

"Man believes and lives." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Man lives by imagination." - Havelock Ellis

"I came up with a parallel Venice called Venus. set in a parallel Venice about 1701." - Tanith Lee

"Despite different cultures, middle-class youth all over the world seem to live their lives as if in a parallel universe. They get up in the morning, put on their Levi's and Nikes, grab their caps and backpacks, and Sony personal CD players and head for school." - Naomi Klein

"This is not a story of heroic feats, or merely the narrative of a cynic; at least I do not mean it to be. It is a glimpse of two lives running parallel for a time, with similar hopes and convergent dreams." - Che Guevara

"Memorial Day is one of the most significant and beautiful occasions of the year. It shows the sentiment of the people toward those who gave their lives for a good cause, and it teaches a lesson in patriotism which is without a parallel." - Charles E. Allison

"I don't think I ever relinquish a person I have known, and surely not my fictional characters. I see them, I hear them, with a clarity that I would call hallucinatory if hallucination didn't mean something else ... A character whom we create can never die, any more than a friend can die ... Through [my characters] I've lived many parallel lives." - Marguerite Yourcenar

"I considered the case and realized that if something can exist in opinion without existing in reality, or exist in reality without existing in opinion, the conclusion is that of the two parallel lives, only opinion is necessary - not reality, which is only a secondary consideration." - Machado de Assis

"The touch was exactly what the touch of a lover's hand should be: familiar, yet exciting as a whispered promise. I felt an almost irresistible urge to take her hand and place it flat against my chest, near my heart. Maybe I should've done it. I know now that she would've laughed, if I'd done it, and she would've liked me for it. But strangers that we were then, we stood for five long seconds and held the stare, while all the parallel worlds, all the parallel lives that might've been, and never would be, whirled around us." - Gregory David Roberts

"We should probably start searching around a little earlier in our lives for what I call parallel activities, because most of us get entrenched in our careers. And, of necessity, we're earning a living, and it's taking our time, and we're building our resume, and we want our resume generally to be our proficiency within our field, because chances are we're going to be applying for another position within the field. So we tend to put off a lot of this sort of what I call parallel discovery until we're either very successful and have the time to do that, or more often until we're retired." - Darold Treffert

"The reason the world is not seeing Jesus is that Christian people are not filled with Jesus. They are satisfied with attending meetings weekly, reading the Bible occasionally, and praying sometimes. It is an awful thing for me to see people who profess to be Christians lifeless, powerless, and in a place where their lives are so parallel to unbelievers" lives that it is difficult to tell which place they are in, whether in the flesh or in the Spirit." - Smith Wigglesworth

"Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend... when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present - love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure - the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience Heaven on earth." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"The reason the world is not seeing Jesus is that Christian people are not filled with Jesus. They are satisfied with attending meetings weekly, reading the Bible occasionally, and praying sometimes. It is an awful thing for me to see people who profess to be Christians lifeless, powerless, and in a place where their lives are so parallel to unbelievers' lives that it is difficult to tell which place they are in, whether in the flesh or in the Spirit." - Smith Wigglesworth

"He who lives not to others, lives little to himself." - Michel De Montaigne

"American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People's Lives" - Bob Avakian

"That which lives on reason lives against the spirit." - Paracelsus

"The person lives twice who lives the first life well" - Robert Herrick

"He who lives by medical prescriptions lives miserably." - Proverbs

"He that lives in love lives in God." - William Penn

"The person lives twice who lives the first life well." - Robert Herrick

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.." - George R R Martin

"Anne Romaine collected her own parallel archive to [Alex] Haley." - Manning Marable

"I legit can not parallel park. This is no joke!" - Jennifer Damiano

"Sensitivity and money are like parallel lines. They don't meet." - Ang Lee

"I can parallel park pretty well - I'm a great driver." - Jenny Lewis

"I've always thought that parallel parking was my main talent." - Calvin Trillin

"Mind only thinks, meditation lives." - Rajneesh

"Books succeed; and lives fail." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Teach us by your lives." - Horatius Bonar

"Every man lives by exchanging." - Adam Smith

"Words save our lives, sometimes." - Neil Gaiman

"Joy lives concealed in grief." - Rumi

"The landscapist lives in silence." - Henri Rousseau

"Play is where life lives" - George A Sheehan

"Wasted time means wasted lives." - R. Shannon

"Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. That's anti-American and it's racist." - Rudy Giuliani

"Making their lives a prayer." - John Greenleaf Whittier

"A light heart lives long." - Proverbs

"Books succeed, And lives fail." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Faith lives in honest doubt." - Alfred Tennyson

"A light heart lives long." - William Shakespeare

"Everyone lives by selling something." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Lives in eternity's sun rise." - William Blake

"My parents lived very long lives. And good lives, too. They're great people, but good lives." - Donald Trump

"and because what we learn in the dark remains all our lives, a noise like the sea, displacing the day's pale knowledge, you'll come to yourself in a glimmer of rainfall or frost, the burnt smell of autumn, a meeting of parallel lines, and know you were someone else for the longest time, pretending you knew where you were, like a diffident tourist, lost on the one main square, and afraid to enquire." - John Burnside

"What happens is most of us are so busy in our lives with our families and our vocation which we should be, but we tend not to look at what I call these parallel interests, and they develop along the way. And sometimes one can say, well, you know, why should I grow my own garden and spend all that time when I can buy carrots cheaper at the supermarket and just put aside that kind of an interest." - Darold Treffert

"It was life under the Soviet system - we were struggling with every big problem. Publicly, my parents had to queue up to buy food, but were able to live secret lives in their private rooms. With the TV set in the living room, we were able to see Western pop culture -a different reality from what we were living. For me, it was like two different universes existed at the same time, and we got used to being in these parallel universes." - Jaak Kilmi

"I'm interested in the parallel narrative of our fantasy lives. How the moment of 'now' that is palpably real, is surrounded by our memories, our dreams and hopes, the stories and connections that our brains make as we navigate a universe of fantasy, or unreality, or surreality. I'm keen to explore this very human experience, how our minds create our own realities, a blend of fact and interpretation of fact." - Dave McKean

"Technologies that may be realized in centuries or millennium include: warp drive, traveling faster than the speed of light, parallel universes; are there other parallel dimensions and parallel realities? Time travel that we mentioned and going to the stars." - Michio Kaku

"One lives for the day, one lives very fast, one lives very irresponsibly: precisely this is called "freedom."" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one." - George R R Martin

"Love your self's self where it lives." - Anne Sexton

"We're playing for our lives now." - Bob Melvin

"Our lives are written in disappearing ink." - Michelle Cliff

"our lives are stories we tell ourselves." - Nancy Mairs

"One lives everything down in time." - Stacy Aumonier

"One who has hope lives differently." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Each others' lives are our best textbooks." - Gloria Steinem

"Men's lives have meaning, not their deaths." - George R R Martin

"[Hamas] lives on their rifles and bombs." - Shimon Peres

"We are guests in our patients' lives." - Donald Berwick

"No believer lives a spiritually isolated life." - Theodore Epp

"Man lives in a world of meaning." - George H. Mead

"Every wise man lives in an observatory." - Augustus William Hare

"Other heights in other lives, God willing." - Robert Browning

"Who lives content with little possesses everything." - Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

"Words have longer lives than people." - Mary E. Pearson

"We deserve quality lives with equality." - Sarah Silverman

"A man lives by believing something." - Thomas Carlyle

"In this hole lives the wicked king." - David Berkowitz

"He lives well who is well hidden." - Rene Descartes

"He that lives well, is learned enough." - Benjamin Franklin

"Napoleon is dead - but Beethoven lives." - Bruno Walter

"He who breathes deepest lives most." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"I favor capital punishment. It saves lives." - Nancy Reagan

"He preaches well that lives well" - Miguel De Cervantes

"This Forest eats itself and lives forever." - Barbara Kingsolver

"No one hurts my family and lives" - Elijah

"Writers' lives break into two halves," - John Updike

"Everyone dies but not everyone lives." - William Wallace

"Social man lives constantly outside himself." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Writers" lives break into two halves," - John Updike

"O, do not pray for easy lives..." - Phillips Brooks

"Our love lives because I live." - Anais Nin

"Be joyful and experience pleasurable lives." - Christiane Northrup

"We value some lives more than others." - Charlize Theron

"Much in our lives is chance." - Joyce Carol Oates

"I help people own their lives." - Diamond Dallas Page

"Donald Trump lives in an alternative reality." - Hillary Clinton

"Every wise man lives in an observatory." - Augustus Hare

"Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live." - Kim Il-sung

"If untouchability lives, humanity must die." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Our lives change when our habits change." - Matthew Kelly

"He who lives happiest has forgotten most" - Robert Anton Wilson

"It's pain that changes our lives." - Steve Martin

"The memory of a good deed lives." - Aesop

"Fair weather weddings make fair weather lives." - Richard Hovey

"Loathsome canker lives in sweetest bud." - William Shakespeare

"I know many lives worth living." - Mary Oliver

"Women rule our lives, don't they?" - Juan Manuel Fangio

"All lives have an equal value." - Melinda Gates

"Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live." - Kim Ilsung

"Napolean is dead - but Beethoven lives." - Bruno Walter

"No damn man kills me and lives." - Nathan Bedford Forrest

"He preaches well that lives well." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Man lives in a world of meaning." - George Herbert Mead

"Writers' lives break into two halves," - John Updike

"Cancer is something that touches everyone's lives." - Ellen Pompeo

"Acting makes you live plenty of lives." - Emmanuelle Riva

"Every man dies. Not every man lives." - Tim Robbins

"My family lives a pretty normal life." - Darius Rucker

"Everything is dead while it lives." - Egon Schiele

"People feel politics isn't about their lives." - David Miliband

"Most novelists write about twisted lives." - Tom Robbins

"If a thing moves, it lives." - Twyla Tharp

"Nowadays men lead lives of noisy desperation." - James Thurber

"I live many lives at once." - Alber Elbaz

"Suicidal terrorists may have short shelf lives." - John Mccarthy

"My characters hope for better lives." - Octavia E Butler

"There are two things you should remember when dealing with parallel universes. One, they're not really parallel, and two, they're not really universes" - Douglas Adams

"In truth the Church is too unique to prove herself unique. For most popular and easy proof is by parallel; and here there is no parallel." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"I often think that we are like the carp swimming contentedly in that pond. We live out our lives in our own "pond," confident that our universe consists of only the familiar and the visible. We smugly refuse to admit that parallel universes or dimensions can exist next to ours, just beyond our grasp. If our scientists invent concepts like forces, it is only because they cannot visualize the invisible vibrations that fill the empty space around us. Some scientists sneer at the mention of higher dimensions because they cannot be conveniently measured in the laboratory." - Michio Kaku

"Virtually every agnostic lives like an atheist, living completely irreligious lives" - Dennis Prager

"Until we call attention to the moments of our lives, we miss our lives." - Ann Voskamp

"As the body lives by breathing, so the soul lives by believing." - Thomas Brooks

"Virtue extends our days: he lives two lives who relives his past with pleasure." - Martial

"No man is born unto himself alone; Who lives unto himself, he lives to none." - Francis Quarles

"Love is a dynamic interaction, lived every second of our lives, all of our lives." - Leo Buscaglia

"Music is the soundtrack of our lives, it's essential for our lives." - Tavis Smiley

"Lives based on having are less free than lives based either on doing or being." - William James

"Great men are little men expanded; great lives are ordinary lives intensified." - Wilferd A. Peterson

"A cat has nine lives and a woman has nine cats' lives." - Thomas Fuller

"The eternal being..., as it lives in us, also lives in every animal." - Arthur Schopenhauer



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