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Paradigm Quotes



"There's a paradox in every paradigm." - Ani Difranco

"Research under a paradigm must be a particularly effective way of inducing paradigm change." - Thomas Kuhn

"Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling." - Gary Busey

"Creativity, not normality, has become the paradigm of mental health." - Stephen Mitchell

"You're not going to impose the patriarchal paradigm on me." - John Green

"I find languages that support just one programming paradigm constraining" - Bjarne Stroustrup

"To many, Heathrow in August is a paradigm of Hell." - Paul Johnson

"The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm." - Stephen Jay Gould

"I find languages that support just one programming paradigm constraining." - Bjarne Stroustrup

"English people are so trapped in this class paradigm." - Jackson Browne

"Usually the first problems you solve with the new paradigm are the ones that were unsolvable with the old paradigm." - Joel A Barker

"Almost always the men who achieve these fundamental inventions of a new paradigm have been either very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change." - Thomas Kuhn

"Your paradigm is so intrinsic to your mental process that you are hardly aware of its existence, until you try to communicate with someone with a different paradigm." - Donella Meadows

"It's not about 'what can I accomplish?' but 'what do I want to accomplish?' Paradigm shift." - Brene Brown

"American democracy is supposed to be the paradigm for the rest of the world." - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"Translation presents not merely a paradigm but the utmost case of engaged literary interpretation" - John Felstiner

"Seeking the ideal has a long history, it produces many saints but few paradigm changes." - Dave Snowden

"The interchange of information is creating a new paradigm for the energy efficiency market" - Greg Turner

"When you see reference to a new paradigm you should always, under all circumstances, take cover." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Paradigm is a part of the conditioning of the mind, our conditioning thought patterns" - Bob Proctor

"To reject one paradigm without simultaneously substituting another is to reject science itself." - Thomas Kuhn

"If there can be some paradigm shift thing that you can be part of, that's cool." - Stephen Malkmus

"The social network is the paradigm of the modern service application." - Larry Ellison

"The first movement ballerina should be a paradigm of strength and authority." - Robert Gottlieb

"Military organization, like religious organization, can be seen as a paradigm of organization in general." - Robert Shea

"I wanted to make a record that worked against the hypnagogic paradigm, for sure." - Autre Ne Veut

"As in political revolutions, so in paradigm choice-there is no standard higher than the assent of the relevant community... this issue of paradigm choice can never be unequivocally settled by logic and experiment alone." - Thomas Kuhn

"The old paradigm taught that if you had the right teaching, you will experience God. The new paradigm says that if you experience God, you will have the right teaching." - Dan Kimball

"The criteria or the paradigm for us is not the West, not the Western paradigm, because the West has its own culture, we have our own culture, they have their own reality, we have our own reality." - Bashar al-Assad

"As a citizen, as a public scientist, I can tell you that Einstein essentially overturned a so strongly established paradigm of science, whereas Darwin didn't really overturn a science paradigm." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"We must stop being polite and behaved, and find new inventive tactics to shift the paradigm. We are the majority." - Eve Ensler

"You have to choose love ... in the most difficult of time to shift the paradigm to that which is love." - Oprah Winfrey

"The reflection of the current social paradigm tells us we are largely determined by conditioning and conditions." - Stephen Covey

"Love between women is seen as a paradigm of love between equals, and that is perhaps its greatest attraction." - Elizabeth Janeway

"When you choose the paradigm of service, it turns everything you do from a job into a gift." - Oprah Winfrey

"The current paradigm is so thoroughly established that the only way to change is to start over again." - Donald A. Norman

"If we think about it, all great discoveries and paradigm shifts are always stimulated by an external event." - Roberto Esposito

"When I started at Microsoft, I was lucky enough to be part of the rise of the client-server paradigm." - Satya Nadella

"Rather than being an interpreter, the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses." - Thomas Kuhn

"The paradigm of physics - with its interplay of data, theory and prediction - is the most powerful in science." - Geoffrey West

"The strategic marketing paradigm of Open Source is a massively-parallel drunkard's walk filtered by a Darwinistic process." - Bruce Perens

"The religious paradigm and the science fiction paradigm are different. Apologies to science fiction fans, but the paradigm there is to create a new world and describe it with a kind of specificity that we describe the world we inhabit. Religiosity, on the other hand, does none of that." - Malcolm Gladwell

"When you see reference to a new paradigm you should always, under all circumstances, take cover. Because ever since the great tulipmania in 1637, speculation has always been covered by a new paradigm. There was never a paradigm so new and so wonderful as the one that covered John Law and the South Sea Bubble - until the day of disaster." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"My problem with Obama is that he's not a new paradigm; he's an old paradigm. A new paradigm would be somebody like Harold Ford [former Democratic Congressman from Tennessee] or Michael Steele [former Republican Lieutenant Governor of Maryland], no relation, both of whom present themselves as individuals, and don't seem to wear a mask. They don't 'bargain;' they don't 'challenge.' So, I see them as fresh, and as evidence of what I hope will be a new trend." - Shelby Steele

"First, we must liberate people from religion, as religion is understood and practiced today. Second, we must effect a paradigm shift from religiosity to shared spirituality." - Agnivesh

"Once scientists and scholars invest parts of their career in support of a paradigm, it becomes a sort of a self-betrayal to abandon it." - Subhash Kak

"There has been a fundamental paradigm shift. Today's customer expectations are: If i can imagine it, it simply has to be there; if not, I'll invent it myself'" - Kim Williams

"Veganism must be the baseline if we are to have any hope of shifting the paradigm away from animals as things and toward animals as nonhuman persons." - Gary L Francione

"And it should be the law: If you use the word "paradigm" without knowing what the dictionary says it means, you go to jail. No exceptions." - David Jones

"The tendrils of a new, deeper form of spirituality are growing. It's the greening under the surface crust of consciousness and social paradigm." - Jean Houston

"A paradigm is a powerful theoretical and methodological framework which defines the working lives of thousands of intelligent and disciplined minds. And paradigms do not attract the loyalty of such minds unless they 'work'. One of the first things a graduate student learns is that if there is a discrepancy between the paradigm and what he or she has discovered, then the automatic assumption is that the paradigm is right and the student wrong. Just as a good workman never blames his tools, so the diligent student never blames his paradigm" - John Naughton

"In my judgement, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions." - Alberto Gonzales

"The old paradigm was pay to play. Now you get back what you authentically put in. You've got to be willing to play to play." - Alex Bogusky

"The paradigm of Western culture is that the essence of persons is dangerous; thus, they must be taught, guided, and controlled by those with superior authority." - Carl Rogers

"I am suspicious of the idea of a new paradigm, to use that word, an entirely new structure of the economy." - Paul Volcker

"What we are trying to do is to create a new business paradigm, simply showing that business can have a human face and a social conscience." - Anita Roddick

"Once a new paradigm takes hold, its acceptance is extraordinarily rapid and one finds few who claim to have adhered to a discarded method." - Bernard Lown

"When the time comes to change a paradigm-to renounce one bedrock truth and adopt another-the artist and physicist are most likely to be in the forefront." - Leonard Shlain

"There must exist a paradigm, a practical model for social change that includes an understanding of ways to transform consciousness that are linked to efforts to transform structures." - Bell Hooks

"I want to break the old paradigm of thinking that if you're successful, you have to crash and burn-that all of this won't be there tomorrow." - Meredith Brooks

"The tendrils of a new, deeper form of spirituality are growing. It's the greening under the surface crust of consciousness and social paradigm." - Jean Houston

"I hope I'm not implying role of contemporary poet for myself, although there's a kind of resonant paradigm. It's traditionally a difficult role." - Anne Waldman

"By centering our lives on timeless, unchanging principles, we create a fundamental paradigm of effective living. It is the center that puts all other centers in perspective." - Stephen Covey

"Ultimately, when you come up with a classification scheme that is collectively exhaustive and mutually exclusive, then the theory can become what Kuhn called a paradigm." - Clayton Christensen

"There's something in psychology called the narrative paradigm, which essentially means that we think of our lives as stories in which we are the main characters." - Aleksandar Hemon

"I think it's a fallacy that only people in elected office can come up with solutions that solve our problems. I just think maybe there's a different paradigm." - Benjamin Carson

"In my judgment, this new paradigm [the war on terrorism] renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions." - Alberto Gonzales

"The domestic horse world needs to usher in a new order of horsemanship, based upon the paradigm of the natural horse and rider." - Jaime Jackson

"In reality, the primary paradigm of the Nice Guy Syndrome is nothing more than a big covert contract with life. Breaking" - Robert A. Glover

"The system is not working. That is how a paradigm shift begins: the established way of seeing the world no longer functions." - Matthew Fox

"Personally, I regard myself as an intellectual 'rebel,' kicking against the 'old colonialism-imperialism paradigm' which has landed Africa in a conundrum." - George Ayittey

"If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm." - Stephen Covey

"We started Ashoka here in India with a simple idea: that you needed social entrepreneurs to deal with problems that don't fit the business paradigm." - Bill Drayton

"The materialistic paradigm of Western science has been a major obstacle for any objective evaluation of the data describing the events occurring at the time of death." - Stanislav Grof

"Future is mobile computing - smartphones and tablets are just elements of it. The industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm." - Thorsten Heins

"The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking." - Deepak Chopra

"What happens is consciousness operates in mysterious ways. One of those ways is that the old paradigm suddenly starts to die." - Deepak Chopra

"We're still living with the old paradigm of age as an arch. That's the old metaphor: You're born, you peak at midlife and decline into decrepitude." - Jane Fonda

"God's Spirit moves through us and the world at a pace that can never be constricted by any one religious paradigm." - Bono

"God's Spirit moves through us and the world at a pace that can never be constricted by any one religious paradigm. I love that." - Bono

"I love roles that don't really have a template or a paradigm and force me to create using my own imagination... that really, really turns me on." - J August Richards

"Christianity is not about the divine becoming human so much as it is about the human becoming divine. That is a paradigm shift of the first order." - John Shelby Spong

"We need to shift the paradigm from reactive technologies to more integrative solutions that deal with the variety and complexity of the threats that are out there today." - John W Thompson

"The U.S. and Israel probably lead the way in terms of venture investment in technologies companies focused on the security paradigm. That is quite encouraging." - John W Thompson

"I am suspicious of the idea of a new paradigm, to use that word, an entirely new structure of the economy." - Paul A Volcker

"If all this happened to you what paradigm might you develop? How might that paradigm affect you in terms of your life from that point on? What does this tell you about Abe? There are no failures, only lessons to be learned." - Oprah Winfrey

"All crises begin with the blurring of a paradigm and the consequent loosening of the rules for normal research. .. Or finally, the case that will most concern us here, a crisis may end with the emergence of a new candidate for paradigm and with the ensuing battle over its acceptance." - Thomas Kuhn

"Sustainability is especially ripe for political controversy and opposition because fundamentally it is a new paradigm that represents significant challenges to the status quo. The paradigm of sustainability, with its notions of limitations and carrying capacities confronts dominant paradigms of progress which do not recognize limits to unchecked growth" - Hazel Henderson

"President Obama is a man who had certain advantages because of the civil rights movement. He had the opportunity to go to some of the best schools in this country - schools that train you how to run the political paradigm, not challenge it. The leaders of the Black Power Movement were challenging that paradigm." - Danny Glover

"To replace the old paradigm of war with a new paradigm of waging peace, we must be pioneers who can push the boundaries of human understanding. We must be doctors who can cure the virus of violence. We must be soldiers of peace who can do more than preach to the choir. And we must be artists who will make the world our masterpiece." - Paul K. Chappell

"I think what`s happening is that you`re seeing change from existing and kind of a left right political paradigm to one that is being made into something different. Maybe an up down paradigm, or something along those lines. It`s a dramatic change. It`s a shift I think of all different in language." - Donald Trump

"Belief is another word for paradigm. It's a synonymous. Your belief of the way things are. Values are the way things should be, it's a paradigm of the way things should be. Beliefs are the paradigms of the way things are." - Stephen Covey

"Paradigm shifts aren't always obvious when you're in the middle of one. Danny Kennedy makes a compelling case for why solar power is the crucial energy technology of the 21st century." - Michael Brune

"The biggest effect of the personal computer revolution has been to allow millions and millions of people to experience computers themselves decades before they ever would have in the old paradigm." - Steve Jobs

"Genuine love is between two people who know they are already complete. Genuine love is based on a new paradigm in which both partners are committed to the celebration of each other and their loved ones." - Gay Hendricks

"All the events of your past have formed a lens, or paradigm, through which you see the world. And since no one's past is exactly like anyone else's, no two people see alike." - Sean Covey

"Each paradigm will be shown to satisfy more or less the criteria that it dictates for itself and to fall short of a few of those dictated by its opponent." - Thomas Kuhn

"A two-parent family based on love and commitment can be a wonderful thing, but historically speaking the "two-parent paradigm" has left an extraordinary amount of room for economic inequality, violence and male dominance." - Stephanie Coontz

"I allow my creativity to push me in directions that are simply interesting to me and I don't worry about the likeness of the result to some notion - some paradigm - of what music composition is supposed to be." - Mark Applebaum

"The online shopping paradigm is finally changing. Indeed, I think we've seen more innovation in the last 10 months than in the last 10 years. We've seen an explosion of interesting technologies and opportunities that seek to change online shopping." - Josh Kopelman

"Using the latest in science and technology to shatter today's economic paradigm of 'insatiable individuals competing for scarce resources,' Planetary Citizenship brings us full circle to the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples and the sacredness of creation." - Rebecca Adamson

"We decided that it was imperative for us to use our resources to create a new paradigm: one in which business operates to add value to society - without compromising the well-being of future generations." - Joseph Mailman

"When you think about it, caring for patients is 99 percent information and 1 percent intervention, so it's clear that with or without genomics, the paradigm is shifting. Bioinformatics brings a cutting edge capacity to healthcare." - Christopher G. Chute

"One can speak of an alterity of desire - a paradigm defined outside the tired, tacitly accepted regime, but one comes up short when attempting to posit a framework of desire beyond available, known desires." - Jean Baudrillard

"[Those who accept] the Americanized, Constantinian paradigm [say:] We are of God; they are of the Devil. We are the light; they are the darkness. Our wars are therefore "holy" wars. With all due respect, this is blatant idolatry." - Gregory A. Boyd

"The liberal paradigm of regulation and license has led to a society where an 18-year-old girl has the right to public fornication in a pornographic movie - but only if she is paid the minimum wage." - Irving Kristol

"Translation is the paradigm, the exemplar of all writing. It is translation that demonstrates most vividly the yearning for transformation that underlies every act involving speech, that supremely human gift." - Harry Mathews

"Inside the boundaries of the old paradigm there's no hope, there's no way out of the box of capitalism, monogamy, consumer fetishism, egoism, money worship, no way out. No way. No way out!" - Terence Mckenna

"The hold of the evolutionary paradigm is so powerful that an idea which is more like a principle of medieval astrology than a serious twentieth century scientific theory has become a reality for evolutionary biologists." - Michael Denton

"Julian Jaynes's theories for the nature of self-awareness, introspection, and consciousness have replaced the assumption of their almost ethereal uniqueness with explanations that could initiate the next change in paradigm for human thought." - Michael Persinger

"Whatever the gender of the participants, all pornography including male-male gay pornography is an imitation of the male-female, conqueror-victim paradigm, and almost all of it actually portrays or implies enslaved women and master." - Gloria Steinem

"Again, your challenge is not just to improve. It is to break the service paradigm in your industry or market so that customers aren't just satisfied, they're so shocked that they tell strangers on the street how good you are." - Jack Welch

"One market paradigm that I take exception to is: Buy low and sell high. I believe far more money is made by buying high and selling at even higher prices." - Richard Driehaus

"Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology" - Henry Chesbrough

"I do not want Greece to become the negative paradigm for the others - i.e., "make sure you follow exactly what we tell you, otherwise you will be like Greece."" - Antonis Samaras

"What I tend to tell my students is, "When you look in the mirror and see a smart, angry girl who wants to be free, you're seeing a paradigm that Kathy [Acker] helped bring into the recognizable."" - Sarah Schulman

"You and I have the decision to decide what we are going to be with our life! Or we can let the paradigm control us and march along in lockstep type fashion." - Bob Proctor

"I don't get my authority from this preexisting paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people. I look elsewhere for alternatives that might be of service to humanity." - Russell Brand

"Translation is the paradigm, the exemplar of all writing.... It is translation that demonstrates most vividly the yearning for transformation that underlies every act involving speech, that supremely human gift." - Harry Mathews

"Because I believe psychedelics are a kind of higher dimensional sectioning of reality, I think they give the kind of stereoscopic vision necessary to hold the entire hologram of what's happening in your mind. The old paradigm is gone." - Terence Mckenna

"Each of us carries within us a worldview, a set of assumptions about how the world works - what some call a paradigm - that forms the very questions we allow ourselves to ask, and determines our view of future possibilities." - Frances Moore Lappe

"I allow my creativity to push me in directions that are simply interesting to me and I do' worry about the likeness of the result to some notion - some paradigm - of what music composition is supposed to be." - Mark Applebaum

"American democracy is supposed to be the paradigm for the rest of the world, and it no longer is. Citizens cannot be guaranteed that they can walk into a voting booth with any assurance that their vote will be counted." - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"Probably, the single most prevalent claim advanced by the proponents of a new paradigm is that they can solve the problems that led the old one to a crisis.." - Thomas Kuhn

"Not only does the liberal paradigm not even come close to agreeing with the social and economic reality on the ground today, worse, it has largely congealed into a political religion. . ." - John Steele Gordon

"I tried to come up with a definition of this new paradigm in six articles entitled "Russia after Putin." I would consider Russia's integration into Europe the most important element of this strategy." - Garry Kasparov

"I haven't invented anything earth-shattering. If I could be said to have one noteworthy ability compared with the average person, it's that I have a keen interest in reading the direction and timing of paradigm shifts." - Masayoshi Son

"But a big paradigm shift is staring us in the face. If I left things to someone else despite having my own thoughts on it, I wouldn't be true to myself." - Masayoshi Son

"In our current frame of mind, or paradigm, or whatever you want to call it, we like to think that marshalling government policy is the way to get things done." - James Howard Kunstler

"Only six percent of films are made by women. And so in that that paradigm, a woman making a film at all is a political statement. A woman speaking her truth creates a feminist film." - Deborah Kampmeier

"We think about sitting in a space and hearing some music by having our ears pointed forward towards the musicians sitting opposite us. I'm really not following that paradigm at all." - Pauline Oliveros

"Everybody is talking about the behavior. Behaviors float downstream to us. We need to paddle upstream. The problems that are causing the behaviors, that's what's waiting for us. It's a crucial paradigm shift." - Ross W. Greene

"Some great minds become great by turning the rubble of an exploded paradigm into something consistent and meaningful. Others become great by laying the gunpowder, grain by grain. Every important revolution needs both kinds of minds to complete itself." - Steven Johnson

"Of course, I had a paradigm of a certain city in my head when I wrote these stories, a city that inspired my imagination, but it was only inspiration." - Said Sayrafiezadeh

"My story follows a very classic tragic paradigm in which you learn things too late for them to be of any use, and by keeping silent about the thing that you're terrified of, you bring it about - and even worse." - Marco Roth

"My goal was to do something that incorporated all the stuff I do and have it feel like something new, like it was hopefully taking the stand-up special paradigm and turning it on its head." - Nick Kroll

"The paradigm of the development of natural resource-based industry - meatpacking, lard, timber, iron and coal, grain. Cincinnati's lard processing plants looked a lot like JDR's oil refineries thirty years later." - Charles R. Morris

"The paradigm I want to change is that, you can have a car that is beautiful, manufacturable, affordable, safe, fast, and oh, by the way, does 100 mpg, or its energy equivalent. Why wouldn't you?" - Peter Diamandis

"In American culture the coin toss is the paradigm of the random event. A coin toss decides who kicks off the Super Bowl. Looked at another way, a coin toss is not random at all. It is physics." - William Poundstone

"Once scientists and scholars invest parts of their career in support of a paradigm, it becomes a sort of a self-betrayal to abandon it. ** The honey bee dance language controversy, The Mankind Quarterly - Summer 1991 - Pages 357-365." - Subhash Kak

"I started writing poetry because language was how I understood the world. It was a paradigm that made everything matter and in forms that were safe to hold what I felt." - Grace Cavalieri

"I love hearing stories about, you know, people who are overcoming challenges in their life. And when you experience hardships, you can either fold or rally, and just by a paradigm shift in your belief system." - Brooke Burns

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete." - R Buckminster Fuller

"The term "paradigm," from the Greek paradeigma ("pattern"), was used by Kuhn to denote a conceptual framework shared by a community of scientists and providing them with model problems and solutions" - Fritjof Capra

"Looking at scientific inquiry, next paradigm will be based on very large datasets. Scientists are in the lead in handling very large datasets - Hubble telescope or Large Hadron Collider are massive datasets." - David Willetts

"We have seen already how resistant public opinion is, firstly to comprehension of the new paradigm in which we have to operate; and secondly, to the rationale behind the decisions we have had to take." - Brian Cowen

"The tablet market has only succeeded as a niche market over the years and it was hoped Apple would dream up some new paradigm to change all that. From what I've seen and heard, this won't be it." - John C. Dvorak

"Beyond the Catholic exclusionary paradigm is a larger one which is the Christian one. Christians claim that if you don't believe in Christ, you can't get to heaven. Well that eliminates two thirds of the world's population!" - Neale Donald Walsch

"Stores don't order merchandise unless they think they can sell it right away. Manufacturers and builders don't produce unless they have buyers lined up. My business contacts describe this as a paradigm shift and they believe it's permanent." - Janet Yellen



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