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Papers Quotes


"I'm drowning in papers." - Wislawa Szymborska

"Liberal papers are not necessarily liberal." - Julian Assange

"Sunday afternoon is for papers and writing." - Nicholas Haslam

"Back in the East you can't do much without the right papers, but with the right papers you can do anything The believe in papers. Papers are power." - Tom Stoppard

"You don't need papers to vote..." - Francine Busby

"Judge - A law student who marks his own examination-papers." - H L Mencken

"I don't read the Sunday papers; or the dailies, either" - Tom Holt

"I always read the papers, the political bits." - John Lennon

"Ordinary language blinkers the already feeble imagination. -Austin, Papers 68." - J L Austin

"I don't read the papers; I stopped reading the papers. I read the papers only during periods of crisis, and I think papers are too long on a regular day and too short days when we have a crisis." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"I don't read the papers or watch TV." - Luis Suarez

"There's so many differences of opinion in the papers." - Kevin Pietersen

"I only know what I read in the papers." - Pat Nixon

"I don't read the Sunday papers; or the dailies, either." - Tom Holt

"Judge: a law student who marks his own examination-papers." - H L Mencken

"It's all papers and forms, the entire Civil Service is like a fortress made of papers, forms and red tape." - Alexander Ostrovsky

"To me, I read good reviews in lots of papers and bad reviews in lots of papers." - Sheila Nevins

"When I got my head shaved, it was all over the papers. It's weird that when you get a haircut you are in the papers, it's pretty stupid" - Mark Feehily

"Whole libraries can be filled with the papers written about cancer and its causes, but the contents of these papers fit on one little library visiting card." - August Bier

"If I subscribed to the efficient market theory I would still be delivering papers" - Warren Buffett

"Awake before the sun is risen, I call for my pen and papers and desk." - Christopher Smart

"I don't read the papers, I don't gamble, I don't even know what day it is!" - Steve McClaren

"Here's the weird thing about the Murdoch family; They believe what they read in the papers." - Matthew Freud

"I am an old consumer of papers. I cannot avoid reading my newspapers every morning." - Umberto Eco

"The papers say we're married, but it's the heart that writes the love story." - Anthony Liccione

"I have found among my papers a sheet . . . in which I call architecture frozen music." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Most papers in computer science describe how their author learned what someone else already knew." - Peter Landin

"I'm always studying. I probably wrote the most papers of any college quarterback." - Robert Griffin Iii

"I just read about a schoolteacher who got hurt. She was grading papers on a curve!" - Milton Berle

"I don't read economic forecasts. I don't read the funny papers." - Warren Buffett

"I dove on those papers like Sherlock Holmes on a cappuccino binge." - Jordan Sonnenblick

"Even with a computer, I can't get rid of all the papers in my life." - Carmen Dell'Orefice

"Child molestation is a touchy subject... Read the papers! Half the country's doing it!" - Woody Allen

"No, I don't read the papers. I just look at the pictures." - Serena Williams

"I write a syndicated column for The Washington Post that goes to about 200, 250 papers." - Nat Hentoff

"Don't invest in pieces of papers (stocks), invest in great businesses underlying them" - Warren Buffett

"Well, all I know is what I read in the papers." - Will Rogers

"I pretty much don't care what the papers say about me." - Sol Kerzner

"A judge is a law student who grades his own papers." - H L Mencken

"I'm not a Wall Street expert, but I can read the papers." - Mickey Kaus

"I see in the papers where Roy Guthrie committed suicide. Why, I wonder?" - Robert E Howard

"If you tell anything to a woman ... it's like putting it in the papers." - Ivan Klíma

"All my high school papers were written in the rare book room." - James Sanborn

"Even with a computer, I can't get rid of all the papers in my life." - Carmen Dellorefice

"There should be at least one leak like the Pentagon Papers every year." - Daniel Ellsberg

"And, uh, I've got about six thousand cartoons up there, also books and papers." - Rube Goldberg

"I read the papers every day just to discover if one mentions Anna Held." - Anna Held

"Well, all I know is what I read in the papers." - Will Smith

"I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president." - Hillary Clinton

"I wouldn't say pop stars hit on me - that's just stuff the papers make up." - Cat Deeley

"Bill Astor knew these papers were missing. Stephen showed his hand in October." - Christine Keeler

"The Pentagon Papers case stands today as a barrier to silence by official edict." - Anthony Lewis

"I spent time in, like, criminal courts, and covering murder trials for papers." - Kurt Loder

"I was reading so much about myself in the papers that was not me." - Rebecca Loos

"Sometimes I'll work through the crossword sections of three separate papers." - Samantha Bond

"I'm quite shy, so I hate seeing my private life splashed over the papers." - Andrea Bocelli

"There has been so much rubbish written up in the papers over the years." - Ronald Biggs

"All my high school papers were written in the rare book room." - Jim Sanborn

"A good mathematical joke is better, and better mathematics, than a dozen mediocre papers." - John Edensor Littlewood

"Tidied all my papers. Tore up and ruthlessly destroyed much. This is always a great satisfaction." - Katherine Mansfield

"When I wear a really nice and classy dress out, the papers never print it." - Jodie Marsh

"I used to just sign papers and not pay no attention to what I'm signing." - Otis Rush

"I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to." - Adele

"I don't even read the papers. I read 'USA Today' because it has color photos." - Jimmy Fallon

"I had always loved to write and my mom was my editor for my school papers." - Jenna Bush

"I am a scientist and I am a physician. So I write papers." - Siddhartha Mukherjee

"I'm not ashamed of any of my papers at all and I'm rather sick of snobs that tell us that they're bad papers, snobs who only read papers that no one else wants. I doubt if they read many papers at all." - Rupert Murdoch

"A judge is a law student who marks his own examination papers." - H L Mencken

"Newspaper people have a habit of putting you in the front pages to sell their papers, and then after they've sold their papers and got big circulations, they say, 'Look at what we've done for you" - John Lennon

"He [Tony Blair] was always ambivalent about the [Rupert] Murdoch papers. But he gave other papers the chance to believe it was just about The Independent. And that was wrong." - Alastair Campbell

"I have a box of papers at home of [my own press coverage]. When I'm sixty, maybe, I'll look at my pile of papers and wonder, 'What really happened that year?'" - Christa Mcauliffe

"I see by the papers that you have once more stirred that pool of intellectual stagnation, the educational convention." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"The Madcap Heiress, isn't that what the papers usually call her? Millions of dollars and no sense." - Vina Delmar

"The government paid the family of Richard Nixon $18 million for papers, tape recordings and other materials seized after Watergate." - Dexter S. King

"Trust not him with your secrets, who, when left alone in your room, turns over your papers." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"In the papers this morning: 'Police closing in on Ian Holloway.' Sorry, it's 'Palace closing in on Ian Holloway.'" - Alan Brazil

"All the papers that matter live off their advertisements, and the advertisers exercise an indirect censorship over news." - George Orwell

"How can you be a sage if you're pretty? You can't get your wizard papers without wrinkles." - Bill Veeck

"Fire in each eye, and papers in each hand, They rave, recite, and madden round the land." - Alexander Pope

"The New York papers have long known that no large question is ever really settled until I have been consulted." - Mark Twain

"Published papers may omit important steps and the memory of men of science, even the greatest, is sadly fallible." - John Desmond Bernal

"I have learned to read the papers calmly and not to hate the fools I read about." - Edmund Wilson

"My guaranteed way of sending myself into deep depression is to read music trade papers and watch MTV." - Damon Albarn

"She had not character enough to take to drinking, and moaned about, slip-shod and in curl-papers, all day." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"Do not look at the faces in the illustrated papers. Look at the faces in the street." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Don't believe something just because you didn't read it in the papers. Wait until you haven't seen it on television." - Walt Kelly

"My sister gained 80 pounds expecting her baby. Well, you get nervous, waiting for those adoption papers to clear." - Emo Philips

"I have never supported white supremacism but I read this [this description of me] in the papers." - David Duke

"Why should it not be the whole function of a word to denote many things? -Austin, Papers 38." - J L Austin

"It may justly be urged that, properly speaking, what alone has meaning is a sentence. -Austin, Papers 56." - J L Austin

"Where go the poet's lines? Answer, ye evening tapers! Ye auburn locks, ye golden curls, Speak from your folded papers!" - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"The penny-papers of New York do more to govern this country than the White House at Washington." - Wendell Phillips

"I get into plenty of trouble. It just doesn't seem to get picked up by the papers." - Jamie Cullum

"According to the papers, I'm miserable, alienated, and on the brink of resignation. But that's simply not where I am." - Vince Cable

"Vulgar and obscene, the papers run rumors daily about people in show business, tales of wicked ways and witless affairs." - Carroll Oconnor

"After all, it is a common weakness of young authors to put too much into their papers." - Ronald Fisher

"One of the most beautiful papers in physics that I know of is yours in the American Journal of Physics." - David Mermin

"If you look at the newspapers here - the Washington papers - most of the discussion deals with campaign gossip." - Bernie Sanders

"I like to read the papers. I make my living from football, and I like to know what's going on." - Xavi

"All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance." - Will Rogers

"The government paid the family of Richard Nixon $18 million for papers, tape recordings and other materials seized after Watergate." - Dexter Scott King

"Trust him not with your secrets, who, when left alone in your room, turns over your papers." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"When I'm 60, maybe, I'll look at my pile of papers and wonder, What really happened that year?" - Christa Mcauliffe

"Vulgar and obscene, the papers run rumors daily about people in show business, tales of wicked ways and witless affairs." - Carroll O'Connor

"The way for newspapers to meet the competition of radio and television is simply to get out better papers." - H L Mencken

"I don't believe what the papers are saying They're just out to capture my dime, Exaggerating this, exaggerating that." - Paul Simon

"My high-school papers, my college-application essays, read like Norman Mailer packed in a crunchy-peanut-butter sandwich." - James Wolcott

"Full federal funding for presidential libraries should bring with it new rules of control over papers and artifacts." - Robert Dallek

"After the chaos and carnage of September 11th, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers." - George W Bush

"The papers, you know, they're always gonna just make stuff up. They think it's in the public interest." - Jake Bugg

"The papers are only going to show what they want the readers to see. It's all propaganda, to be honest." - Dionne Bromfield

"If people want to criticize me because it sells papers, that's fine. I just don't like it when it's inaccurate." - Eli Broad

"The papers are portraying Rafa as a parrot, just like they did when they showed Graham Taylor as an onion" - Bobby Gould

"I'm not somebody who likes to show off my cleavage, and I don't dress up for the papers." - Louise Nurding

"The rich and the well-born, according to the Federalist Papers, was greatly feared by the founders." - John Jay Hooker

"In America, there's a very long tradition of a comic strip that comes in newspapers, which is not true all over the world. To sell papers, they put color comics in. It's worked, up until now. Now these papers can't afford it. They always had minuscule ad budgets, and now the things which people probably read these papers for are gone." - Ben Katchor

"I never expected to be in the papers. I personally never expected to be in the papers. The height of my ambition for these books was, well frankly, to get reviewed. A lot of children's books don't even get reviewed.. forget good review, bad review. Personally, no, I never expected to be in the papers so it's an odd experience when it happens to you ." - J K Rowling

"Most people think spies are afraid of guns, or KGB guards, or barbed wire, but in point of fact the most dangerous thing they face is paper. Papers carry secrets. Papers can carry death warrants. Papers like this one, this folio with its blurry eighteen year old faked missile photographs and estimates of time/survivor curves and pervasive psychosis ratios, can give you nightmares, dragging you awake screaming in the middle of the night." - Charles Stross

"We're going to try and recruit the very best people we can and produce the best papers we can, and publish them to the highest standards we can ." - Conrad Black

"News - communicating news and ideas, I guess - is my passion. And giving people alternatives so that they have two papers to read (and) alternative television channels." - Rupert Murdoch

"I never claimed to be a low-maintenance gal, but when I'm writing, it's particularly challenging. I lose things constantly: my watch, my glasses, my papers, my mind." - Rebecca Wells

"I suppose you know where this country would be, where the world would be, if everyone who got depressed by the papers stopped reading them." - Sue Kaufman

"Two, let's all stop smoking blunts; let's smoke out of papers. Ladies, you all should just love me. Let's all have a beautiful year, let's get this money." - Rick Ross

"I've given up reading the papers. Since the world's so obviously bent on killing itself, I decided months ago to sit back and let it." - Sarah Waters

"Most of the time our events aren't in the papers and they're not televised, so people don't know when we're competing." - Sanya Richards-Ross

"I'd rather have half of my idea change the world than my whole idea be a few papers in a journal." - Rodney Brooks

"Stop them damn pictures! I do' care what the papers write about me. My constituents ca' read. But, damn it, they can see the pictures!" - Boss Tweed

"I wrote a great deal... but very little of any importance; there are not more than four of five papers which I can still remember with some satisfaction." - Godfrey Harold Hardy

"We believe that peace is not just signed papers, but rather a contract between generations for the building of a more promising and less threatening future." - King Hussein

"Lots of people working in cryptography have no deep concern with real application issues. They are trying to discover things clever enough to write papers about" - Whitfield Diffie

"In Nature all is common, and no use is base. She keeps no selected elements done up in gilt papers for sensitive people." - Joel Dorman Steele

"A single sentence will suffice for modern man. He fornicated and read the papers. After that vigorous definition, the subject will be, if I may say so, exhausted." - Albert Camus

"In my experience most mathematicians are intellectually lazy and especially dislike reading experimental papers. He seemed to have very strong biological intuitions but unfortunately of negative sign." - Francis Crick

"See you in the funny papers," he said. Jaunty, he reminded himself; always jaunty. In my panache is their hope for salvation." - Michael Chabon

""The [London] Times" has published no rumours; it's only reported facts, namely that other, less responsible papers are publishing certain rumours." - Tom Stoppard

"I never liked writing concluding paragraphs to papers - where you repeat what you've already said with phrases like 'In summation', and 'To conclude'." - John Green

"You could write the entire history of science in the last 50 years in terms of papers rejected by Science or Nature." - Paul Lauterbur

"To the haranguers of the populace among the ancients, succeed among the moderns your writers of political pamphlets and news-papers, and your coffee-house talkers." - Benjamin Franklin

"Mathematics and art are quite different. We could not publish so many papers that used, repeatedly, the same idea and still command the respect of our colleagues." - Antoni Zygmund

"A tip for generalists who try to read economic research papers: If you get to a section that's incomprehensible, don't give up. Just skip to the next section." - David Leonhardt

"Today's new climate policy is like delivering the final divorce papers to the public and the world, ... And it is divorced from the reality of global warming." - Jim Jeffords

"EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time." - Daniel Ellsberg

"In city rooms and in the bars where newspeople drink, you can find out what's going on. You can't find it in the papers." - Molly Ivins

"Everything reminds Milton Friedman of the money supply. Everything reminds me of sex, but I try to keep it out of my papers." - Robert Solow

"A scientist who writes for a grant has to write subpar papers - so that the grant giver will understand what the paper is about." - Janusz Korwin-Mikke

"Stop them damn pictures! I don't care what the papers write about me. My constituents can't read. But, damn it, they can see the pictures!" - Boss Tweed

"Very few people, thank God, look like the pictures of them which are published in the papers and the weekly magazines ..." - Ilka Chase

"Would you mind getting off that fly paper and giving the flies a chance?" "Ahhh, you can't trick me! Flies don't read papers!" - Groucho Marx

"The term papers make me more crazy, because they involve more variables I cannot directly control! With acting, I feel more power-like I'm making all the choices" - Fred Savage

"No amount of toying with shades of print or with printing papers will transform a commonplace photograph into anything other than a commonplace photograph." - Bill Brandt



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