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Pampered Quotes


"I'm pampered like you wouldn't believe." - Jonny Greenwood

"A pampered menial drove me from the door. 1" - Thomas Moss

"Pampered vanity is a better thing perhaps than starved pride." - Joanna Baillie

"Give me civilization. I don't want to be pampered." - Jennifer Esposito

"I wasn't pampered the way a Tyrone Power was." - Victor Mature

"If the body is pampered, the mind is free to concentrate." - Judy Blundell

"They pampered me, especially my grandmother ... I loved her with all my heart." - Camara Laye

"In film and television we are oftentimes so pampered that the truths are withheld." - Charles Keating, Jr.

"Great things come out of being hungry and cold. Once you're pampered, you get lazy." - Rob Zombie

"In film and television we are oftentimes so pampered that the truths are withheld." - Charles Keating

"Human beings are pampered by the Lord. Their real tests don't come until later in life." - Willie Stargell

"I am the only girl in the family so everyone pampered me." - Blanka Vlasic

"I want to be surrounded by women, I want to be snuggled and cuddled and pampered." - Jason Mraz

"The American writer is a very pampered figure - by foundations, by fellowships, by publishing advances. Even though I am not American, I have been pampered enough myself to know how it can make your life too frictionless." - Pankaj Mishra

"Every pampered child becomes a hated child.... There is no greater evil than the pampering of children." - Alfred Adler

"The man who first brought ruin upon the Roman people was he who pampered them by largesses and amusements." - Plutarch

"Celebrities become divas because they get pampered so much, babied so much - then they get used to it" - Adrian Grenier

"Celebrities become divas because they get pampered so much, babied so much - then they get used to it." - Adrian Grenier

"I was pampered in the fact that I had five older brothers, which I highly recommend to anyone." - Nancy Pelosi

"People who contend with stressful situations regularly detect more opportunities of this nature than people who are living in pampered circumstances." - Gunter Pauli

"Experts say that children are not born criminals, nor pampered parasites. They are made that way by the environment in which they live." - J Edgar Hoover

"A real dog, beloved and therefore pampered by his mistress, is a lamentable spectacle. He suffers from fatty degeneration of his moral being." - Agnes Repplier

"Dementors caused a person to relive the worst moments of their life. What would spoiled, pampered, bullying Dudley have been forced to hear?" - J K Rowling

"If he'd expected to be pampered and coddled through his undercover assignments, he would have gone to work for the CIA." - Julie James

"While it's a fact that a voice begins with natural talent, any talent must be nurtured, cajoled, wrestled with pampered, challenged, and, at every turn, examined." - Renee Fleming

"Above all there is our fixed joint determination to build a strong and united Fiji, rich in diversity and pampered with tolerance, goodwill and understanding." - Kamisese Mara

"A real dog, beloved and therefore pampered by his mistress, is a lamentable spectacle, He suffers from fatty degeneration of his moral being." - Agnes Repplier

"Being a celebrity, you can remain a child for ever, almost. You get away with more; you can get too pampered and it's not healthy." - Geri Halliwell

"Kids raised to be pampered and spoiled don't really end up being good leaders. Leaders need to be independent minded and confident." - Amy Chua

"I was not the pampered baby, no. I'm five years younger, and my parents were actually very strict with me, more strict than with the other ones." - Tate Donovan

"I have a massage when I want to relax. I love being pampered. I love island massages when you're outside in the fresh air." - Angie Stone

"My wife gets pampered pretty well. She's had me trained since she was pregnant, when I started making her oatmeal with fresh berries every morning." - Michael Weatherly

"The passions may be humored till they become our masters, as a horse may be pampered till he gets the better of his rider; but early discipline will prevent mutiny, and keep the helm in the hands of reason." - Richard Cumberland

"'Ugly Betty' has been four years of my life, important adolescent years. I think that all I've really known was getting pampered and interviewed and getting my picture taken." - Mark Indelicato

"I've been trekking the hills and lanes of the British countryside for nearly four decades now and I've come to associate my passion with overexcited poets rather than pampered painters." - Arthur Smith

"After all the black man has been through in this world, he can still often reach levels of spirituality the most pampered white man cannot touch. Maybe what he's been through is the reason why." - Ben Stein

"I cap myself when I shop; I don't like to spend extravagant amounts on clothes. But, I do get lent clothes for events, it's scary to wear something so expensive, but I feel really pampered." - Taylor Swift

"It's inconceivable to some people that that wouldn't be the sexiest thing to do in the whole world: to be a movie star, and make money, and be pampered, and whatever." - Debra Winger

"Why, man of idleness, labor has rocked you in the cradle, and nourished your pampered life; without it, the woven silk and the wool upon your bank would be in the shepherd's fold. For the meanest thing that ministers to human want, save the air of heaven, man is indebted to toil; and even the air, in God's wise ordination, is breathed with labor." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"The schedules are crammed with shows urging us to travel further, drive faster, build bigger, buy more, yet none of them are deemed to offend the rules, which really means that they don't offend the interests of business or the pampered sensibilities of the Aga class. The media, driven by fear and advertising, are hopelessly biased towards the consumer economy and against the biosphere." - George Monbiot

"Most Bolton students were scions of the city's wealthiest families. My crewe stuck out like hooker at church. We werent part of their pampered, priveliged world, and many of our classmates were quick to remind us of that fact. Taunting the "boat kids" was practically a varsity sport." - Kathy Reichs

"What the vast majority of American children needs is to stop being pampered, stop being indulged, stop being chauffeured, stop being catered to. In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings." - Ann Landers

"If you let it, the Masters will play you instead of you playing it. Augusta National can pamper you right off the bottom of the leader board. Pampered before and after your round, but mentally and emotionally pulverized during them - that's the formula." - Joe Inman

"According to Buddhism, each person is a Buddha who has forgotten their original nature. If we in the pampered West, having grown up with so many advantages, could not claim our own health and our agency, preferring to see ourselves as helpless victims, then who would do it? Who would take responsibility for the world?" - Daniel Pinchbeck

"If the same family were always on the bottom, then you'd have big resentments. But if DuPonts go down and Pampered Chef up, [that's good]. That much churn makes people think the system is fairer. Buffett: We don't like churn now, but we liked it more 30-40 years ago." - Charlie Munger

"Leadership from the Oval Office - and sustained, effective use of the bully pulpit - is essential to getting the American people off their too-pampered butts and into meeting successfully the long-haul challenges of fixing major problems in the very fabric of our republic's life, both domestically and in our international relations." - Lawrence Wilkerson

"The commonest and cheapest sounds, as the barking of a dog, produce the same effect on fresh and healthy ears that the rarest music does. It depends on your appetite for sound. Just as a crust is sweeter to a healthy appetite than confectionery to a pampered or diseased one." - Henry David Thoreau

"My dogs are spoilt for sure. They are pampered pooches. But I love them so much! I guess all dogs need to be washed, but maybe blueberry facials aren't essential. It's quite fun, though. You want to give your children everything; I don't have children, so I want my dogs to have a good life." - Tamara Ecclestone

"Because of the earlier loss of the two elder siblings, my brother and I lived a very pampered and protected life. Nursemaids kept constant watch. With my parents busy at dinner parties and social events, we only met them as if for a daily royal audience." - Charles K Kao

"I don't know if people feel this way, but I think by nature that when you start off as a young pop singer, they assume that you're a bit pampered, prissy, and precious, or that you live in a bubble and not in the real world. For me that's not the case." - Debbie Gibson

"My best friends are still the ones I first attached myself to when I went to school because, all of a sudden, I was leaving the rather pampered and occasionally very annoying world of having three older sisters to go to a male-dominated world." - James Nesbitt

"What the majority of American children needs is to stop being pampered, stop being indulged, stop being chauffeured, stop being catered to. In the final analysis, it is not what you do for you children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings." - Ann Landers

"My brothers always like to believe that my father pampered me and I am spoilt. While it is not true, they felt that way. As for my dad, I could not do anything wrong. So, if I did something wrong, I would put the blame on them, and he would shout at them." - Sonakshi Sinha

"In the voyeurism of Reality TV, the viewer's passivity is kept intact, pampered and massaged and force-fed Chicken McNuggets of carefully edited snippets that permit him or her to sit in easy judgment and feel superior at watching familiar strangers make fools of themselves. Reality TV looks in only one direction: down." - James Wolcott

"For years now, Chinese parents and teachers have lamented what's known as the 'xiao huangdi' - or little emperor - phenomenon, a generation of pampered and entitled children who believe they sit at the center of the social universe because that's exactly how they've been treated." - Jeffrey Kluger

"I was born 20 years after my eldest sister. I was the pampered child. That kind of love gives you an almost unbreakable backbone. My mother had three kids before me. She let me be completely free. I just never had anything to beat myself up over." - Christian Louboutin

"Gen Y is really quite distinct from Gen X; it's really self-involved and very narcissistic - their cameras are filled with pictures of themselves; Facebook, it's about me. It's a generation that's been pampered by their parents and their schools, given prizes for just taking part." - Marcus Buckingham

"Indians still consider the whites a brutal people who treat their children like enemies - playthings, too, coddling them like pampered pets or fragile toys, but underneath always like enemies, enemies that must be restrained, bribed, spied upon, and punished. They believe that children so treated will grow up as dependent and immature as pets and toys, and as angry and dangerous as enemies within the family circle, to be appeased and fought." - Mari Sandoz

"The fittest, not the richest, make the most enviable mark. Pampered sons of plutocrats may shine for a time in society, but not in the world of affairs and of service unless they rip off their coats and get to work early and stay late. To be born with a golden spoon in the mouth is more of a handicap than a help in attaining worthwhile success in this age." - B C Forbes

"Did either the nonexistent or the measured response after a series of attacks on Americans the past decade - in Lebanon, Africa, Saudi Arabia, New York, and Yemen - suggest to our terrorist enemies that it was wrong and unwise to kill reasonable and affable people, or did the easy killing imply that self-absorbed and pampered Lotus-eaters would not much care who or how many were butchered as long as it was within reasonable numbers and spread out over time?" - Victor Davis Hanson

"There is something in human history like retribution; and it is a rule of historical retribution that its instrument be forged not by the offended, but by the offender himself. The first blow dealt to the French monarchy proceeded from the nobility, not from the peasants. The Indian revolt does not commence with the ryots, tortured, dishonoured and stripped naked by the British, but with the sepoys, clad, fed and petted, fatted and pampered by them." - Karl Marx

"We must carry Jesus in our hearts to wherever He wants to go, and there are many places to which He may never go unless we take Him to them. None of us knows when the loveliest hour of our life is striking. It may be when we take Christ for the first time to that grey office in the city where we work, to the wretched lodging of that poor man who is an outcast, to the nursery of that pampered child, to that battleship, airfield, or camp" - Caryll Houselander

"Boys do not have the language skills of little girls. Boys go to school feeling like idiots. We wonder why fifty-six percent of the enrollment at universities is female. I might consider having same-sex education. Boys from day one are pampered and feel good about themselves and then when they go to school, they feel like idiots. I would have exercise in the morning at eight. They clearly learn better after they open up their brain. Why can't we accommodate the brain and not the school?" - Paul Orfalea