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Pallet Quotes


"I have never subscribed to the Dirty Pallet school of painting." - Peter Wright

"I have an eclectic pallet of music that I listen to. It depends on my mood." - Tika Sumpter

"The colors of a fresh garden salad are so extraordinary, no painter's pallet can duplicate nature's artistry." - Dr. SunWolf

"The continual mismanagement is what keeps us from enjoying the full pallet of emotions that truly enrich us. ." - Ruben Papian

"The meal plan was hard at first because I am a snack eater, but the most challenging part is trying to change my pallet to like healthy food." - Ruby Gettinger

"With anything, and especially with the pallet of viewers in watching anything on TV and film, you have to entertain them." - Anthony Hemingway

"Success would be a fairly boring and uninspiring dish if anybody could create it with a single ingredient, however difficult that ingredient was to find. No, success has several layers to its pallet. This is just the beginning" - Chris Murray

"It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble." - Epicurus

"Yes, indeed, in fact I would tell you that we go out of our way to be true to the original feeling and sort of sonic and musical pallet that we painted with back then." - James Young

"For the artist who practises photography, capturing the image is learning how to sketch on some medium, but is only half the challenge; learning how to print is applying a subjective pallet to that sketch, and completes the creative process." - David Travis

"The thing that was much harder than I expected was figuring out what to do with 20 tons of books. That led to a lot of trying to move freight with a pallet jack - literally trying to shove a one-ton cube of books into a tiny space." - Ian Christe

"The wisest man I ever knew in my whole life could not read or write. At four o'clock in the morning, when the promise of a new day still lingered over French lands, he got up from his pallet and left for the fields, taking to pasture the half-dozen pigs whose fertility nourished him and his wife..." - Jose Saramago

"What various scenes, and O! what scenes of Woe, Are witness'd by that red and struggling beam! The fever'd patient, from his pallet low, Through crowded hospitals beholds it stream; The ruined maiden trembles at its gleam, The debtor wakes to thought of gyve and jail, The love-lorn wretch starts from tormenting dream; The wakeful mother, by the glimmering pale, Trims her sick infant's couch, and soothes his feeble wail." - Walter Scott

"More than 200 ships from 13 nations conducted over 10,000 flawless intercepts, which formed a steel wall around the waters leading to Iraq. And these operations continue today. Thanks to these superb efferts not one cargo hold, not one crate, not even one pallet of seaborne contraband even touched Saddam Hussein's shores. The result: Iraq lost 90% of its imports, 100% of its exports, and had its gross national product cut in half." - Norman Schwarzkopf