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Palestinian People Quotes


"Palestinian people are in love with life." - Mahmoud Darwish

"Peace cannot come from punishing the Palestinian people." - Nick Rahall

"Today three-quarters of the Palestinian people are displaced: there are 5 million Palestinian refugees throughout the world." - Ismail Haniyeh

"We repeat today that we are with the establishment of a Palestinian state on any liberated part of Palestinian land that is agreed upon by the Palestinian people, without recognizing Israel or conceding any inch of historical Palestine." - Ismail Haniyeh

"The important issue for us is bringing (people) who recognize the Palestinian people's rights and work on ending the occupation (to the Palestinian territories) and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." - Mohammed Dahlan

"Palestinian Arabs [are] people who breed and bleed and advertise their misery." - Ruth Wisse

"I have been in love with the Palestinian people for many years..." - Jimmy Carter

"I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders - leaders not compromised by terror." - Elliott Abrams

"There were no such things as Palestinians. When was there an independent Palestinian people with a Palestinian state?... It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist." - Golda Meir

"I hope that my new status will be an example of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence, I believe that the destinies of the Israeli people and the Palestinian people are inextricably linked." - Daniel Barenboim

"I think it was so unfair that people attacked Freida Pinto for being an Indian, playing a Palestinian." - Julian Schnabel

"It's not for me to say from the outside what the Palestinian people should have. That would be very arrogant." - Mairead Corrigan

"From here, our people begin the march towards establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital" - Mahmoud Abbas

"I support the Intifada of the Palestinian people...And I welcome the national and Islamic resistance efforts in Lebanon." - Taj El-Din Hilaly

"The underlying problem remains the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and the continuing Israeli assaults against our people." - Ismail Haniyeh

"Israel is guilty of apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people, both inside Israel and also in the Occupied Territories." - Alice Walker

"In all cases our stance will be determined by what serves the interests of the Palestinian people." - Ahmed Yassin

"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism." - Zuheir Mohsen

"Palestinian militancy has accomplished nothing but increasing the misery of the Palestinian people. If Palestinians instead turned more to huge Gandhi-style nonviolence resistance campaigns, the resulting videos would reverberate around the world and Palestine would achieve statehood and freedom." - Nicholas D Kristof

"Invariably, also a Palestinian state should live side by side with Israel within recognized and secure borders and the security and prosperity of the Palestinian people must be guaranteed" - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"If people are pro-Israel, they are pro-Israel one-hundred-and-twenty percent. If they are anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian, they tend to be pro-Palestinian one-hundred-and-twenty percent." - Amos Oz

"Palestinian society is filled with poetry, but not experimental poetry. The Palestinian poetry that people know is not the modernist experimentations, it's certain kinds of poetry that lends itself to recitation and song and things like that." - Elliott Colla

"The Palestine National Council, in the name of God, and in the name of the Palestinian Arab people, proclaims the establishment of the state of Palestine on our Palestinian land, with Jerusalem as its capital." - Yasser Arafat

"The issue [Israeli-Palestinian conflict], already lasting more than half a century, has brought deep suffering to the Palestinian people and remains an important reason of extended turbulence in the Middle East region." - Xi Jinping

"We need to expose the lies and educate the Palestinian public that Israel is not the enemy. Israel actually helps the people of Gaza more than anybody else. We need the average Palestinian to see this clearly." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"Invariably, also a Palestinian state should live side by side with Israel within recognized and secure borders and the security and prosperity of the Palestinian people must be guaranteed." - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"I have seen for the first time in 100 years of conflict, the two peoples - the Israeli people and the Palestinian people - are ahead of their leaderships." - Amos Oz

"The Israelis wanted to sabotage the Palestinian - Palestinian reconciliation." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?" - Julia Bacha

"All the people who live in the West Bank are Israelis, they're not Palestinians. There is no 'Palestinian.' This is Israeli land." - Rick Santorum

"China will continue to support the efforts of the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate rights, including the establishment of an independent state," - Jiang Zemin

"I think we've had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs, and who were historically part of the Arab community." - Newt Gingrich

"On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people - Muslims and Christians - have suffered in pursuit of a homeland." - Barack Obama

"The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel." - Yasser Arafat

"From here [the Gaza withdrawal], our people begin the march towards establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital" - Mahmoud Abbas

"The P.L.O., and later the Palestinian Authority, never truly accepted that Israel, as the national state and homeland of the Jewish people, was here to stay." - Danny Danon

"I believe that Palestine is an occupied land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, and this is the right of the entire Palestinian people, this land." - Hassan Nasrallah

"What Kuwait did to the Palestinian people is worse than what has been done by Israel to Palestinians in the occupied territories." - Yasser Arafat

"If it is in the interest of the Palestinian people to have a hudna, we'll have a hudna. If it isn't, we won't." - Ahmed Yassin

"Throwing young men out of work, throwing people into poverty and ending business life don't promote stability in the Palestinian territories,." - Chris Patten

"The world should commit Israel to withdraw from our territories and stop occupation and aggression, and allow the Palestinian people to establish their independent state." - Khaled Mashal

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist." - Golda Meir

"I'm not saying I'm the only Jewish person who cares about Palestinian people, but unfortunately, their voices are not necessarily heard as loudly as they should be." - Julian Schnabel

"Resistance is a holy right for the Palestinian people to face the Israeli occupation. Nobody should forget that the Palestinian people negotiated for 10 years and accepted difficult and humiliating agreements, and in the end didn't get anything except authority over the people, and no authority over land, or sovereignty." - Marwan Barghouti

"The Israelis are mistaken if they think we do not have an alternative to negotiations. By Allah I swear they are wrong. The Palestinian people are prepared to sacrifice the last boy and the last girl so that the Palestinian flag will be flown over the walls, the churches and the mosques of Jerusalem." - Yasser Arafat

"For decades, since the mid-twentieth century, the nationalist movement, and Fatah in particular, has dominated the political scene. Palestinian politics were primarily nationalistic, secular. Now, suddenly we are seeing the election of a religious party with extreme political ideologies and with a social agenda that seems inconsistent with the cultural heritage of the Palestinian people." - Hanan Ashrawi

"If people are pro-Israel, they are pro-Israel one-hundred-and-twenty percent. If they are anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian, they tend to be pro-Palestinian one-hundred-and-twenty percent. I don't think a decent person has to choose between being pro-Israel and pro-Palestine. I think you have to be pro-Peace." - Amos Oz

"The Israelis are mistaken if they think we do not have an alternative to negotiations. By Allah I swear they are wrong. The Palestinian people are prepared to sacrifice until either the last boy and the last girl raise the Palestinian flag over the walls, the churches and the mosques of Jerusalem." - Yasser Arafat

"I enter negotiations with Chairman Arafat, the leader of the PLO, the representative of the Palestinian people, with the purpose to have coexistence between our two entities, Israel as a Jewish state and Palestinian state, entity, next to us, living in peace." - Yitzhak Rabin

"The victory of Hamas is not only based on the corruption of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas has a vision and a program, and this is the reason why the Palestinian people chose Hamas. However, there is no doubt that the corruption helped Hamas's victory." - Ismail Haniyeh

"So long as our land is occupied it is the right of the Palestinian people and their factions to combine resistance and political activities. Resistance and its arms are directed against the occupation while political activity is part of re-arranging the Palestinian home." - Khaled Mashal

"There will be no Palestinian state" - Max Blumenthal

"The Palestinian people's needs must be respected." - Bernie Sanders

"We completely condemn this very dangerous attack, and I convey my condolences to the American people, to the American president and to the American administration, not only in my name, but on behalf of the Palestinian people." - Yasser Arafat

"(Source: Al Jazeera After describing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comments on holocaust denial as courageous he stated that ...Muslim people will defend Iran because it voices what they have in their hearts, in particular the Palestinian people." - Khaled Mashal

"I ask the American administration not to participate in any resolution that will double the suffering of the Palestinian people. I am convinced that the American people would not want to see the Palestinians suffer the way they do." - Ismail Haniyeh

"The liberals and free people of the world will not like to see the Palestinian people living under siege. We have received indications from the international community that they will not stop their aid." - Ismail Haniyeh

"Saying that the Palestinian people aren't really a people - that's not a zany thing to say. That's a psychotic thing to say in the midst of all of the politics we live through on a daily basis." - Lewis Black

"We want to end this misery of the Palestinian people in order for us really to live with dignity as human beings in an independent state side by side with the Israeli state." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"I am convinced that our people are now on the way to establishing a Palestinian state. The agreement signed in Cairo is the first step in establishing the state, and therefore it should be implemented." - Yasser Arafat

"We urge you to understand the Palestinian reality, and not to rush in and impose conditions and demands that ignore this reality and increase the suffering of the people." - Ismail Haniyeh

"I think if we're looking at lasting peace in the Middle East, the United States has got to respect the needs of the Palestinian people. They cannot be pushed aside." - Bernie Sanders

"In order to put an end to the occupation, you must make peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people. This is the real aim, this is the real task." - Uri Avnery

"The ingredients for another Palestinian uprising are always there because as long as there is so much violence it is bound to explode. How, I cannot tell. But people will not accept it forever." - Amira Hass

"Israel has gone mad. It's attacking, doing the same thing to the Palestinian and Lebanese people that they have criticised - and with reason - the Holocaust. But this is a new Holocaust." - Hugo Chavez

"You are also continuing the same path that was initiated by Imam Khomeini, since you have always supported the Palestinian people, and I hope that we will meet each other at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the near future." - Ismail Haniyeh

"I have always been conscious of the importance and the strength of nationalism, and this has led me straight to the acknowledgment of the nationalism of the Palestinian people." - Uri Avnery

"I also believe that US backing for Israeli policies of expansion of the Israeli state and oppression of the Palestinian people is the major cause of bitter division and violence in the world." - Clare Short

"To avoid manufactured misunderstandings, the policies of Israeli governments are not analogous to Nazism. They do not aim at the systematic extermination of the Palestinian people, in the way Nazism sought the annihilation of the Jews." - Ken Livingstone

"The PLO and the Palestinian people adhere to the renouncement of violence and rejection and condemning of terrorism in all its forms, especially State terrorism, and adhere to all agreements signed between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel." - Mahmoud Abbas

"It is high time that the Palestinian people restore their freedom and independence. It is high time that the decades, the long decades of suffering and pain would stop." - Mahmoud Abbas

"I contend that Bush would be a lot more moderate if there weren't some fundamentalists breathing down his neck every time he wants to establish the state of Israel, every time he wants to do justice for the Palestinian people." - Tony Campolo

"I understand the importance of political power, so I will use my strength and influence to convince as many people as I can within the party and outside the party that a Palestinian state is bad news for Israel." - Danny Danon

"Israel has gone mad. It's attacking, doing the same thing to the Palestinian and Lebanese people that they have criticised - and with reason - the Holocaust . But this is a new Holocaust." - Hugo Chavez

"Prior to the United Nations even being formed, Palestine was a country. But the right of the Palestinian people were trampled, and unfortunately, international organizations contributed to those rights being trampled." - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"The Palestinian people do not beg the world for a state, and the state can't be created through decisions and initiatives. States liberate their land first and then the political body can be established." - Ismail Haniyeh

"The United Nations believes that acceptance of these principles will help the Palestinian people achieve their legitimate goal of an end to occupation and the creation of an independent and viable state, living in peace and security with its neighbors." - Kofi Annan

"For decades, the plight of the Palestinian people has been exacerbated by internal corruption, a lack of effective investment, and the political cynicism of the Arab states, who often did not have the best interests of the Palestinians at heart." - Edgar Bronfman Sr

"The Palestinian issue is a national, political issue. It's not to be seen as an economic issue that would be solved or addressed by some economic approach that makes the living standard of the people under occupation better. The Palestinian people are fed up with talks that have been going on for years. We are looking for peace, but we are not looking for a new peace process. This process will fail." - Khaled Mashal

"We are a people with no army, no navy, no air force, no arms. It's people, thousands of people, who are feeling, sensing the sense of urgency, fearing for the president of their life - the life of their president, trying to protect their democratic choice, because Arafat is the elected leader of the Palestinian people." - Saeb Erekat

"There won't be a Palestinian state within Israel" - Naftali Bennett

"Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian state." - Yasser Arafat

"Israeli lives are worth more than Palestinian ones." - Ehud Olmert

"The era of a Palestinian state is over." - Naftali Bennett

"The world mistakes Palestinian military weakness for moral innocence ." - Ilana Mercer

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian." - Golda Meir

"A Palestinian state will never be created by terror." - Elliott Abrams

"In my view, Arafat is the only Palestinian in the world that isn't willing to have an independent Palestinian state." - Silvan Shalom

"The ultimate goal is two states for two people: Israel as a Jewish state and the homeland for the Jewish people and the State of Palestine as the homeland for the Palestinian people - each state in joined self-determination, mutual recognition, and peace." - Barack Obama

"This trial cannot be separated from the process of the historical struggle in Palestine that continues today between the Zionist Movement and the Palestinian people, a struggle that centers on Palestinian land, history, civilization, culture and identityAs for your judicial apparatus, which is where this court comes from: it is one of the instruments of the occupation whose function is to give the cover of legal legitimacy to the crimes of the occupation, in addition to consecrating its systems and allowing the imposition of these systems on our people through force." - Ahmad Sa'adat

"The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people - but not their leaders - and the entire Palestinian people." - Robert Faurisson

"I send my condolences, and the condolences of the Palestinian people to American President Bush and his government and to the American people for this terrible act....We completely condemn this serious operation.... We were completely shocked.... It's unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable." - Yasser Arafat

"I have been in love with the Palestinian people for many years. I have two great-grandsons that are rapidly learning about the people here and the anguish and suffering and deprivation of human rights that you have experienced ever since 1948." - Jimmy Carter

"What Hamas and the Palestinian people are doing is legitimate resistance against the Israeli occupation. Our resistance is confined to the territories inside Palestine and only targets the Israeli occupation. We are not blood-mongering killers who kill innocent people around the world." - Khaled Mashal

"Well, the right-wing policy with regard to Israel - the people who don't want to deal with Arafat, who don't want a Palestinian state - the whole sort of right-wing view is consistent with the view toward Iraq. It's the same policy and the same people." - Chris Matthews

"I don't think the Palestinian people or Afghan children or some other things I'm concerned about are at the top of other people's agendas - not right now, when America is going through such a recession and people are suffering across the board financially. But I think all that will change." - Patti Smith

"I think it is possible for the world to see a Palestinian state - I'm not going to put a time frame on it - that is contiguous, that allows freedom of movement for its people, that allows for trade with other countries, that allows the creation of businesses and commerce so that people have a better life." - Barack Obama

"I have privileges even in comparison to a Palestinian Israeli because Palestinian Israelis who live permanently in Ramallah risk their status, not as citizens but as residents. They might lose their social rights if they move to Ramallah. But I won't, so I live with privileges. That notion is very difficult for me as a child who was raised in a left-wing family, a family of people who suffered discrimination as Jews abroad. The notion that I am so privileged is disgusting. But this is what it means to live in a white society. You are white, so you are privileged." - Amira Hass

"Now for a good twelve-hour sleep, I told myself. Twelve solid hours. Let birds sing, let people go to work. Somewhere out there, a volcano might blow, Israeli commandos might decimate a Palestinian village. I couldn't stop it. I was going to sleep." - Haruki Murakami

"In a public dialogue with Salman in London he [Edward Said] had once described the Palestinian plight as one where his people, expelled and dispossessed by Jewish victors, were in the unique historical position of being 'the victims of the victims': there was something quasi-Christian, I thought, in the apparent humility of that statement." - Christopher Hitchens

"We've had an invented Palestinian people, who are in fact Arabs, and were historically part of the Arab community. And they had a chance to go many places. And for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940's, and I think it's tragic," - Newt Gingrich

"We have to understand - not justify - what gives rise to this tragedy. It's not because they're looking for beautiful virgins in heaven, as Orientalists portray it. Palestinian people are in love with life. If we give them hope - a political solution - they'll stop killing themselves." - Mahmoud Darwish

"I'm often asked the same question: What in your work comes from your own culture? As if I have a recipe and I can actually isolate the Arab ingredient, the woman ingredient, the Palestinian ingredient. People often expect tidy definitions of otherness, as if identity is something fixed and easily definable." - Mona Hatoum

"I'm familiar with the Palestinian mentality, the culture, religion, and when I had information coming in on a daily basis: secrets about personal lives, politicians, what they are hiding from their society that most people don't see, I started to see the picture in a different way." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state." - Barack Obama

"This president's committed to taking steps to move the Middle East peace process forward, to bringing the two parties to the table to negotiate a lasting peace. That is the only way that a two-state solution can be achieved that provides the security that Israel deserves and needs and the sovereignty that the Palestinian people seek." - Jay Carney

"More recently the US has more accurately been viewed as a militarist 'empire' that fights destructive wars and intervenes in a variety of societies, especially in the Middle East to retain control over oil reserves, and lends crucial support to Israel that not only oppresses the Palestinian people but threatens to convert the entire region into a war zone." - Richard A. Falk

"Hamas' leadership needs new blood. I will continue to serve my people. But the presidency of the Palestinian Autonomous Authority is not a free, sovereign position - it is an office that is confined by the occupation. That's why this position is not interesting for Hamas." - Khaled Mashal

"There are ordinary spaces where people do, more or less, share neighbourhoods. In Haifa, there are whole communities that are more or less integrated. But of course that is with Palestinian Israelis who have, for the most part, accepted certain kinds of cooperative models, and also accept second-class citizenship." - Judith Butler

"I don't want to block every contact with the Palestinians, I think that would be a mistake, and I think that Abu Mazen has an independent status as democratically elected head of the Palestinian people, and it's important if I will talk with him." - Ehud Olmert

"I say that what Israel did to the Palestinian people is many times worse than what Nazism did to the Jews, and there is exaggeration, which has become obsolete, regarding the issue of the Holocaust. We do not deny the facts, but we will not give in to extortion by exaggeration." - Khaled Mashal

"We do not accept or officially recognise Israel. They are occupiers and illegitimate. But our approach is humanitarian. I ask you where is the Soviet Union now - has it been wiped out or not? It vanished without a war. Let the Palestinian people chose. It will happen." - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"Part of the French political class is realising that there is are large number of Muslim people coming from the ghettos who want to make themselves heard, politically, especially about foreign policy issues. Its electoral weight can bring back to the forefront the Palestinian issue." - Tariq Ramadan

"We would like to see new leaders come forward who would be accountable and responsible, who would succeed in ending the terror and the violence. And it is up to the Palestinian people to judge who those new leaders should be." - Colin Powell

"I was one of the first people in the Palestinian world, in the late 1970s, to say that there is no military option, either for us or for them, and I'm certainly the only well-known Arab who writes these things - and who writes exactly the same things in the Arab press that I say here." - Edward Said

"I was a witness to lots of death... Saving a human life was something really, really beautiful... no matter who they are. Not only Israeli people owe me their lives. I guarantee many terrorists, many Palestinian leaders, owe me their lives - or in other words, they owe my Lord their lives." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"The movie [Miral] is not pro-Palestinian. It's about Palestinians. It's a Palestinian story, written by a Palestinian person. I don't know anybody else that could have done that" - Julian Schnabel

"The priorities for the new Palestinian government is the economy. If Hamas cannot pay salaries when they form the government, there will be a collapse. People cannot afford to have that happen; there is nothing for people to fall back on. If people go hungry, there will be chaos - not just instability, but a breakdown. And there will be violence with a spillover effect. This is crucial to understand." - Hanan Ashrawi

"The Palestinian state is within our grasp. Soon the Palestinian flag will fly on the walls, the minarets and the cathedrals of Jerusalem." - Yasser Arafat

"We can also reassure our Palestinian partners that we understand the importance of territorial contiguity in the West Bank for a viable Palestinian state." - Ariel Sharon

"We have to recognize that there is a Palestinian entity, that the PLO and the Palestinian Authority has to run their life." - Yitzhak Rabin

"We can also reassure our Palestinian partners that we understand the importance of territorial contiguity in the West Bank for a viable Palestinian state. -June 4, 2003 CNN" - Ariel Sharon

"Another Palestinian Mass Murder Attack... An attempted kidnapping and mass murder attack by Palestinian terrorists - killing civilians in cold blood... Two Israeli civilians and seven Palestinians were killed..." - Charles Foster Johnson

"The Palestinian situation is different. We can have military cooperation with other factions in the Palestinian territories. But we cannot have this with Hizbullah in Lebanon." - Ahmed Yassin

"In the West, they have no clue what Palestinian suffering is about, and the terrorist attacks give a wrong picture about the just Palestinian cause." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"If the Palestinian Olympic Committee or Palestinian Federation provide good facilities to the athletes then maybe I can become better than these Bahraini or Qatari athletes." - Nader Almasri

"Rather than undermining the Palestinian Authority, it is in Israel's interests to strengthen it by... continuing to transfer Palestinian tax revenues and pursuing other avenues of cooperation." - Leon Panetta

"It simply cannot be disputed that for decades the Palestinian leadership was more interested in there not being a Jewish state than in there being a Palestinian state." - Alan Dershowitz

"If the Palestinian Olympic Committee or Palestinian Federation provide good facilities to the athletes then maybe I can become better than these Bahraini or Qatari athletes." - Nader al-Masri

"The Palestinian economy is, and will likely continue to be, highly reliant on trade. And yet, trade between the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states is extremely limited." - Edgar Bronfman Sr

"The end of the occupation. The right of return of the Palestinian people. These are critical dividing lines in human rights. We have to be here. No American would put up with an Israeli-style occupation of their hometown for 53 days let alone 54 years. U.S. tax dollars are funding violence against people of color inside the U.S. borders and outside the U.S. borders." - Van Jones

"Palestinian ideology has become a lethal cocktail of radical nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism." - Jacob T. Schwartz

"Without a Palestinian partner, Israel needs to take the initiative itself." - Avi Dichter

"I will do everything in my power to prevent a Palestinian state" - Naftali Bennett

"there is not going to be any pass for Palestinian leadership in fighting terror." - Condoleezza Rice

"Zionist willingness to compromise met by Palestinian rejection and Jew hatred." - Sol Stern

"Palestine is only a stones throw away for a small Palestinian boy or girl." - Yasser Arafat

"No Palestinian, young or old, would be frightened by these Israeli tactics." - Mohammed Dahlan

"It is wrong to say the U.S. should "not take sides" in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute." - Howard Berman

"I'm Palestinian, I'm disabled, I'm female and I live in New Jersey..." - Maysoon Zayid

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return" - David Ben-Gurion

"Israel has the right to shell Palestinian hospitals and schools out of self defense..." - Elizabeth Warren

"I'm Palestinian, I'm disabled, I'm female and I live in New Jersey..." - Maysoon Zayid

"I am very hopeful that there is a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian injustice." - Mairead Corrigan

"Trump's victory is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state." - Naftali Bennett

"The Muslim world is deeply hurt by the campaign of violence initiated against our Palestinian brothers." - Ahmet Necdet Sezer

"I don't think there should be a Palestinian state because I don't believe in states." - Elia Suleiman

"After 9/11, we did see Palestinian terrorism in the context of all terrorism." - Elliott Abrams

"The Hamas organization is unwilling to honor the obligations that the Palestinian Authority has signed." - Moshe Katsav

"I think that peace will require two states, a Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state." - Benjamin Netanyahu



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