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Painting By Artists Quotes


"Purses are dreamt up by artists, not architects." - Lauren Conrad

"What makes art Christian art? Is it simply Christian artists painting biblical subjects like Jeremiah? Or, by attaching a halo, does that suddenly make something Christian art? Must the artist's subject be religious to be Christian? I don't think so. There is a certain sense in which art is its own justification. If art is good art, if it is true art, if it is beautiful art, then it is bearing witness to the Author of the good, the true, and the beautiful" - R C Sproul

"My concern today is with the painting of manners of the present. The past is interesting not only by reason of the beauty which could be distilled from it by those artists for whom it was the present, but also precisely because it is the past, for its historical value. It is the same with the present. The pleasure which we derive from the representation of the present is due not only to the beauty with which it can be invested, but also to its essential quality of being present" - Charles Baudelaire

"I've never let one day go by without painting, or at least without drawing." - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"Every year Steve Kaufman supports the charity "Love Ride" by donating a painting to this cause." - Jay Leno

"I like kids' work more than work by real artists any day." - Jean-Michel Basquiat

"The decay of society is praised by artists as the decay of a corpse is praised by worms." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"What a strange vanity painting is; it attracts admiration by resembling the original, we do not admire." - Blaise Pascal

"I build a painting by putting little marks together-some look like hot dogs, some like doughnuts." - Chuck Close

"When spiritual, metaphysical, material, or immaterial events come into my life, I can only fix them by way of painting." - Max Beckmann

"By merely increasing or decreasing the amount of contrast in any area we can move the observer through the painting." - Mike Svob

"Only when you are moved by a painting should you buy it. Being moved is what collecting is all about." - Walter Annenberg

"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide." - Donald Woods Winnicott

"My style is not trendy by any means; my inner artists loves to shine through in my wardrobe." - Katerina Graham

"'Branding' has taken on too much of a role as a specialized craft performed by voodoo artists." - Guy Kawasaki

"Artists who have won fame are often embarrassed by it; thus their first works are often their best." - Ludwig Van Beethoven

"Painting done under pressure by artists without the necessary talent can only give rise to formlessness, as painting is a profession that requires peace of mind." - Titian

"I am out to introduce a psychic shock into my painting, one that is always motivated by pictorial reasoning: that is to say, a fourth dimension." - Marc Chagall

"The theme, or harmony, of a painting can be created by any one of its visual elements. A single colour... repetition of shapes... Light can be a theme." - Mike Svob

"A painting with a message does not happen by accident. It happens when you place elements in their order of importance." - Mike Svob

"Put a symbol, or language of some sort, in a painting and it will be noticed by the viewer whether or not they can read that particular language." - Mike Svob

"Painting was called silent poetry and poetry speaking painting." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Sometimes in the history of art it is possible to describe a period or a generation of artists as having been obsessed by a particular problem." - Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

"Basically painting is total idiocy." - Robert Rauschenberg

"Photography is painting with light" - Miroslav Tichy

"Painting is a jeu d'esprit." - Pablo Picasso

"Every race of people since time began who have attempted to describe God by words or painting, or by carvings, have conveyed their idea that the God who made them and shaped their destinies was symbolized in themselves. . ." - Henry McNeal Turner

"Pure painting or the art of drawing whose point of departure is based on purely formal criteria is,in my opinion,passe. I do not reject it if other artists make attempts,but as far as I am concerned,this is what I believe. if I do not place a text next to my drawings,I consider the work on such programmes to be futile." - Gunter Brus

"Self-painting is a further development of painting. The pictorial surface has lost its function as sole expressive support. It was led back to its origins, the wall, the object, the living being, the human body. By incorporating my body as expressive support, occurrences arise as a result, the course of which the camera records and the viewer can experience" - Gunter Brus

"All artists are entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs are artists." - Seth Godin

"How do you complete a painting, really? There are paintings by so many different artists that are interesting precisely because they haven't really been completed." - Peter Doig

"We're not cameras, we're artists." - Frank Bruno

"Creative artists have great passion." - Jack Welch

"I would advise young artists... to paint as they can, as long as they can, without being afraid of painting badly.... If their painting doesn't improve by itself, it means that nothing can be done - and I wouldn't do anything!" - Claude Monet

"I had another dream the other day about music critics. They were small and rodent-like with padlocked ears, as if they had stepped out of a painting by Goya." - Igor Stravinsky

"Painting, like any art, comprises a technique, a workmanlike handling of material, but the accuracy of a tone and the fictitious combination of effects depend entirely on the choice made by the artist." - Paul Cezanne

"I have never expected anything from my work but the satisfaction I could get from it by the very fact of painting and saying what I couldn't say otherwise." - Frida Kahlo

"He who has learned what is commonly considered the whole art of painting, that is, the art of representing any natural object faithfully, has as yet only learned the language by which his thoughts are to be expressed." - John Ruskin

"Whence did the wond'rous mystic art arise, / Of painting SPEECH, and speaking to the eyes? / That we by tracing magic lines are taught, / How to embody, and to colour THOUGHT?" - Marshall Mcluhan

"But not only medicine, engineering, and painting are arts; living itself is an art in fact, the most important and at the same time the most difficult and complex art to be practiced by man." - Erich Fromm

"Painting is a means of self-enlightenment." - John Olsen

"Without intent all painting is meaningless." - Christopher Willard

"No painting is more replete than Mondrian's." - Samuel Beckett

"Nature engenders the science of painting" - Robert Delaunay

"Dutch painting: daily life is enough." - Mason Cooley

"Art is often born from inner struggle. Artists are plagued by impulses they must express. Contentment does not seek action but struggle always seeks release, and for the creative it can take the form of art." - Eric Gibbons

"To express your emotions, you have to be very loose and receptive. The unconscious will come to you if you have that gift that artists have. I only know if Im inspired by the results." - Louise Bourgeois

"There are a lot of people, especially the younger generation who don't feel that they need to support the artists by buying their music because they grew up learning that record companies are evil." - Bob Mould

"What record companies do these days is drain the blood dry of an album, take six singles off it, and harm the longevity of artists' careers by doing it." - Elton John

"After painting comes Sculpture, a very noble art, but one that does not in the execution require the same supreme ingenuity as the art of painting, since in two most important and difficult particulars, in foreshortening and in light and shade, for which the painter has to invent a process, sculpture is helped by nature. Moreover, Sculpture does not imitate color which the painter takes pains to attune so that the shadows accompany the lights." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Help people to meditate, because there is nothing more creative than meditation. Each art and each creativity can be tremendously enhanced by meditation. If somebody is a painter and he starts meditating, his painting will have a sudden jump, it will become tremendously profound - because whatsoever you paint reflects your mind. If the mind goes deeper, your painting will go deeper. You paint your mind. What else can you paint? You paint yourself." - Rajneesh

"Look at the paintings of Picasso. He is a great painter, but just a subjective artist. Looking at his paintings, you will start feeling sick, dizzy, something going berserk in your mind. You cannot go on looking at Picasso's painting long enough. You would like to get away, because the painting has not come from a silent being. It has come from a chaos. It is a by product of a nightmare. But ninety-nine percent art belongs to that category." - Rajneesh

"You are confronted with abysses of time that are, in a way, unfathomable. You see a painting in charcoal of raindeer and it was left unfinished and somebody else finished it. But through radio carbon dating we know that the next one completed the painting 5,000 years later. You're just blown away by the notion of passage of time. We have no relationship to that kind of depth of time." - Werner Herzog

"This is the essential distinction-even opposition-between the painting and the film: the painting is composed subjectively, thefilm objectively. However highly we rate the function of the scenario writer-in actual practice it is rated very low-we must recognize that the film is not transposed directly and freely from the mind by means of a docile medium like paint, but must be cut piece-meal out of the lumbering material of the actual visible world." - Herbert Read

"I think it's an American curse that most of us think we are special. ... everyone believes themselves to be superior to the majority of the population in some way. Sometimes it's their looks, other times their perceived sex appeal (often in obvious defiance of their looks), and other times it is their real or imagined talent for acting, writing, painting or banging on the drums. And because people are so susceptible to flattery, there exists an entire industry made up of scam artists whose sole goal is to fleece the flatterable." - Fay Faron

"There are dance artists, painting artists and writing artists. Authors are writing artists. You can practice art in whatever medium you choose, and words are mine." - Ursula K Le Guin

"If you call painting dumb poetry, the painter may call poetry blind painting." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"It is not about painting life, it is about making painting alive." - Paul Cezanne

"Each part of a great painting should in itself be a great painting." - Melissa Brown

"On painting and fighting looke aloofe. [On painting and fighting look aloof.]" - George Herbert

"There is no light painting or dark painting, but simply relations of tones." - Paul Cezanne

"Use your blood to paint. Keep painting until you faint. Keep painting until you die." - Yoko Ono

"Not every painter has a gift for painting, in fact, many painters are disappointed when they meet with difficulties in art. Painting done under pressure by artists without the necessary talent can only give rise to formlessness, as painting is a profession that requires peace of mind. The painter must always seek the essence of things, always represent the essential characteristics and emotions of the person he is painting..." - Titian

"Artists are fiery, they do not weep!" - Ludwig Van Beethoven

"One of my favorite artists on Deviantart." - Patrick Rothfuss

"Artists are the antennae of the race." - Ezra Pound

"Artists are the radical voice of civilization." - Paul Robeson

"The eye is the best of artists." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If some people are right, artists are put into this world not to practice their art, but to talk about it. And judging by the flattering invitations many a humble climber will receive to pontificate from the lowest rung but one of the ladder, humanity is in a dangerously receptive frame of mind, and artists a race devoid of either modesty or sense of humor." - Ethel Smyth

"I have never really liked gigantic-scale painting. I think that so many artists are seduced by scale - "Well, if I make it that big then it has to go in a museum."" - Glenn O'Brien

"I have been surrounded by artists and paintings throughout my life. My father Ted Dyer is an artist, and from a very early age I have spent time painting and drawing." - John Dyer

"These days, newish art can be priced between $10,000 and $25,000. When I tell artists that a new painting by a newish artist should go for around $1,200, they look at me like I'm a flesh-eating virus." - Jerry Saltz

"I influenced the BG style by not being able to draw perspective. The BG artists developed cool graphic painting styles to make my bad backgrounds look like they were that way on purpose." - John Kricfalusi

"I seldom have my stuff up unless I'm testing it. If I'm worrying about a painting, I put it up and see if I detest it quickly or slowly. Otherwise I have things by other artists." - Jenny Holzer

"Old ladies photographed by CBS who announced that they would die of malnutrition if Reagan's bill were passed could probably have saved themselves their impending penury by the simple device of applying to the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for scale every time they were featured by Dan Rather or whoever." - William F Buckley Jr

"Art is beauty, and every exposition of art, whether it be music, painting, or the drama, should be subservient to that one great end. As long as nature is a means to the attainment of beauty, so-called realism is necessary and permissable [sic], but it must be realism enhanced by idealism and uplifted by the spirit of an inner life or purpose." - Julia Marlowe

"Excellence in art is to be attained only by active effort, and not by passive impressions; by the manly overcoming of difficulties, by patient struggle against adverse circumstance, by the thrifty use of moderate opportunities. The great artists were not rocked and dandled into eminence, but they attained to it by that course of labor and discipline which no man need go to Rome or Paris or London to enter upon." - George Stillman Hillard

"The record companies really do conspire against the artists. Especially the black artists" - Michael Jackson

"Lots of ambitious work by young artists ends up in a dumpster after its warehouse debut. So an unknown artist's big glass vitrine holding a rotting cow's head covered by maggots and swarms of buzzing flies may be pretty unsellable. Until the artist becomes a star. Then he can sell anything he touches ." - Charles Saatchi

"Art, although produced by man's hands, is something not created by hands alone, but something which wells up from a deeper source out of our soul.....My sympathies in the literary as well as in the artistic field are drawn most strongly to those artists in whom I see most the working of the soul." - Vincent Van Gogh

"These days there are painters that go inside a factory in order to be inspired by the noise of machines, so that it affects their works. Of course, artists need sensibility; sensibility towards their environment and their community, but when they are stirred enough by their experiences in their society they can create their art in small studios." - Guity Novin

"The darling schemes and fondest hopes of man are frequently frustrated by time. While sagacity contrives, patience matures, and labor industriously executes, disappointment laughs at the curious fabric, formed by so many efforts, and gay with so many brilliant colors, and, while the artists imagine the work arrived at the moment of completion, brushes away the beautiful web, and leaves nothing behind." - Timothy Dwight V

"The freer the soul, the more abstract painting becomes." - Marc Chagall

"More than a process, painting is being possessed..." - Philip Guston

"Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbor." - Giotto Di Bondone

"Soul is as necessary in a painting as body." - Marie Bashkirtseff

"Teach the children! It is painting in fresco." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A painting is a collection of a series of corrections." - Helen Van Wyk

"Poetry ... is the music and painting of the mind." - Sonia Orwell

"I make no distinction between poetry and painting." - Joan Miro

"Painting a picture is like trying to fight a battle." - Winston Churchill

"Painting is something that takes place among the colors." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"I feel that when I am painting, it is a form of worship. I see how wonderful nature is and how wonderful art is... and by trying to produce these works of art, I feel that I am just showing my appreciation of these creations." - E. J. Hughes

"Ah, to build, to build! That is the noblest art of all the arts. Painting and sculpture are but images, Are merely shadows cast by outward things On stone or canvas, having in themselves No separate existence. Architecture, Existing in itself, and not in seeming A something it is not, surpasses them As substance shadow." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"There is nothing harder to learn than painting and nothing which most people take less trouble about learning. An art school is a place where about three people work with feverish energy and everybody else idles to a degree that I should have conceived unattainable by human nature." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"In my paintings, the question on whether figures are similar or not is not of any importance, the slightest change of figure or color can create a new painting and it doesn't really matter if a subject is revisited by an artist repeatedly. With enough time in between paintings, an artist can always bring to it something new." - Guity Novin

"We have to have the money to do the work we want to do, as well as to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Fat commissions are good, but not always easy to come by, and each new painting takes its time. So we need to find every way possible to earn extra income from our work." - Elizabeth Aston

"An honest self-portrait is extremely rare because a man who has reached the degree of self-consciousness presupposed by the desire to paint his own portrait has almost always also developed an ego-consciousness which paints himself painting himself, and introduces artificial highlights and dramatic shadows." - W H Auden

"I know a painting so evanescent that it is seldom viewed at all except by some wandering deer. It is a river who wields the brush and it is the same river who before I can bring my friends to view his work erases it forever from human view. After that it exists only in my mind's eye." - Aldo Leopold

"I'm just wowed by the universe. I'm just glad to do something I love to do. I love color, I love painting, I love shapes, I love composition, I love the people around me. I'm adoring it all. My legacy is in the hands of other people." - Peter Max

"But you begin to feel as you go on working that unless painting proves its right to exist by being critical and self-judging, it has no reason to exist at all - or is not even possible. The canvas is a court where the artist is prosecutor, defendant, jury and judge. Art without a trial disappears at a glance." - Philip Guston

"Sculpture and painting are very justly called liberal arts; a lively and strong imagination, together with a just observation, being absolutely necessary to excel in either; which, in my opinion, is by no means the case of music, though called a liberal art, and now in Italy placed even above the other two-a proof of the decline of that country." - Lord Chesterfield

"In some exquisite critical hints on "Eurythmy," Goethe remarks, "that the best composition in pictures is that which, observing the most delicate laws of harmony, so arranges the objects that they by their position tell their own story." And the rule thus applied to composition in painting applies no less to composition in literature." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"Painting is by nature a luminous language." - Robert Delaunay

"All painting, no matter what you are painting, is abstract in that it's got to be organized." - David Hockney

"Art can only be taught by artists." - Ruth Asawa

"I was not influenced by any artists." - Andrae Crouch

"What an artist worries about when he plans his pictures, is something... difficult to put into words. Perhaps he would say he worries about whether he has got it 'right.' Now it is only when we understand what he means by this modest little word 'right' that we begin to understand what artists are really after." - Ernst Gombrich

"The best work of artists in any age is the work of innocence liberated by technical knowledge. The laboratory experiments that led to the theory of pure color equipped the impressionists to paint nature as if it had only just been created." - Nancy Hale

"I am a big fan of Bleach, as well as other Manga titles. And I am certainly sorry if anyone was offended or upset by what they perceive to be the similarity between my work and the work of artists that I admire and who inspire me." - Nick Simmons

"I have been in the music industry ever since I was six years old. I have been inspired by so many great artists and of course trying to be original at the same time. I try not to work under boundaries while I'm making music." - Asher Monroe

"For Christian faith not to be idle in the world, the work of doctors and garbage collectors, business executives and artists, stay-at-home moms or dads and scientists needs to be inserted into Gods story with the world. That story needs to provide the most basic rules by which the game in all these spheres is played." - Miroslav Volf

"Austrian public-opinion pollsters recently reported that those held in highest esteem by most of the people interviewed are neither the great artists nor the great scientists, neither the great statesmen nor the great sport figures, but those who master a hard lot with their heads held high." - Viktor E Frankl

"Emerald green eyes studied us from a face that could have been sculpted by one of the classical artists I so admired. Shocked, I dismissed the comparison as soon as it popped into my head. This was a vampire, after all. It was ridiculous to admire him the way I would some hot human guy." - Richelle Mead

"Writers and artists build by hand little worlds that they hope might effect change in real minds, in the real world where stories are read. A story can make us cry and laugh, break our hearts, or make us angry enough to change the world." - Grant Morrison

"I pay homage and respect to Bobby Womack [for Black History Month] knowing that he passed last year... Him being one of those artists that I have really sampled so much and just been so inspired by... You know, he is the original 'soul man.'" - Big K.R.I.T.

"I can fully understand [that] artists want to be able to pay their bills. As a fan of art, and art as a way to shift dialogue and address cultural issues, there's a part of me that's really, really saddened by that and can't really relate to it." - Bruce Pavitt

"In order to thrive as artists we need to be available to the universal flow. When we put a stopper on our capacity for joy by anorectically declining the small gifts of life, we turn aside the larger gifts as well." - Julia Cameron

"All artists are illusionists of one kind or another." - Mike Svob

"Artists have the responsibility to serve humanity give people hope." - Dalai Lama

"All artists are crackpots. And it's their finest feature." - Irving Stone

"Artists are rarely members of the popular crowd." - Roger Ebert

"Art is enchantment and artists have the right of spells." - Jeanette Winterson

"All great artists and thinkers are great workers." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Savages and modern artists are alike strangely driven to create something uglier than themselves. but the artists find it harder." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Picasso had a saying - 'good artists copy, great artists steal' - and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." - Walter Isaacson

"I don't know any artists or painters, like, "Oh that painting group." I want to write down this idea of a group of artists who treat it like a band. Like, "Who made the painting?" "All four of us did."" - Fred Armisen

"Most artists never get a chance to be Picasso, but that doesn't mean you would stop painting." - Teddy Thompson

"It is the psychic depression of decadence which has come to this place and time. It is what happens to people who ignore their artists and deny their children. It is a terminal case of involutional melancholia which comes from within and cannot be cured by T.V. or psychotherapy or anything but a creative life, which is hard to come by in a country where it doesn't pay to do anything for yourself." - Jennifer Stone

"The overscaled compositions being produced by so many abstract painters, which are full of movement and use of color, are ideal example, ideal transformations of an entire wall and entire room.... There is no denying that one of the major attractions of these successful large compositions is their structural decorative use in the contemporary scene... That these large canvases can be superbly decorative may not be considered complimentary by some of the artists involved..." - Van Day Truex

"Painting, by its nature, cannot provide an object of simultaneous collective reception... as film is able to do today... And while efforts have been made to present paintings to the masses in galleries and salons, this mode of reception gives the masses no means of organizing and regulating their response. Thus, the same public which reacts progressively to a slapstick comedy inevitably displays a backward attitude toward Surrealism." - Walter Benjamin

"Art lives on the mental plane (the real painting is not the set of dry pigments on the canvas nor is a symphony the sequence of sound waves that convey it to our ear) but, as the post-modernists insist, is reinterpreted in new contexts by each appreciator. As for gossip, which includes the vast majority of our thoughts, its essence is its relation to a unique local part of time and space." - David Mumford

"Women hock their jewels and their husbands' insurance policies to acquire an unaccustomed shade in hair or crepe de chine. Why then is it that when anyone commits anything novel in the arts he should be always greeted by this same peevish howl of pain and surprise? One is led to suspect that the interest people show in these much talked of commodities, painting, music, and writing, cannot be very deep or very genuine when they so wince under an unexpected impact." - John Dos Passos

"...* to know a lot of people I love pieces of, and to want to synthesize those pieces in me somehow, be it by painting or writing. * to know that millions of others are unhappy and that life is a gentleman's agreement to grin and paint your face gay so others will feel they are silly to be unhappy, and try to catch the contagion of joy, while inside so many are dying of bitterness and unfulfillment..." - Sylvia Plath

"Sometimes I will portray the more normal-looking people as the monsters and then the more distorted - "uniquely formed" is the word I like to use, rather than monstrous - as the sympathetic characters in the painting. It's interesting because some people will get it right away, but a common reaction is to be a little off-put by it. And that is the whole idea. If it grabs somebody in a negative way, that's my intention." - Chris Mars

"In any case, once you're dealing on a nonverbal level, ambiguity is unavoidable. But it's the ambiguity of all art, of a fine piece of music or a painting - you don't need written instructions by the composer or painter accompanying such works to 'explain' them. "Explaining" them contributes nothing but a superficial 'cultural' value which has no value except for critics and teachers who have to earn a living." - Stanley Kubrick

"Good painting is nothing else but a copy of the perfections of God and a reminder of His painting. Finally, good painting is a music and a melody which intellect only can appreciate, and with great difficulty." - Michelangelo

"You get the idea. Every business, like a painting, operates according to its own rules. There are many ways to run a successful company. What works once may never work again. What everyone tells you never to do may just work, once. There are no rules. You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over, and it's because you fall over that you learn to save yourself from falling over. It's the greatest thrill in the world and it runs away screaming at the first sight of bullet points." - Richard Branson

"All painting - the painting of the past as well as of the present - shows us that its essential plastic means were only line and color." - Piet Mondrian

"People want Art. And they are given it. But the less Art there is in painting the more painting there is." - Pablo Picasso

"You can't sweeten the well by painting the pump." - Adrian Rogers

"Painting is founded on the heart controlled by the head." - Paul Cezanne

"You cannot possibly invent painting all by yourself." - Pierre Bonnard

"Keep painting - day in - day out. Be absorbed by it." - Milton Avery

"The form of government that is most suitable to the artist is no government at all. ... One might point out how the Renaissance was great, because it sought to solve no social problem, and busied itself not about such things, but suffered the individual to develop freely, beautifully, and naturally, and so had great and individual artists, and great, individual men. One might point out how Louis XIV, by creating the modern state, destroyed the individualism of the artist ..." - Oscar Wilde

"Scholars and artists thrown together are often annoyed at the puzzle of where they differ. Both work from knowledge; but I suspectthey differ most importantly in the way their knowledge is come by. Scholars get theirs with conscientious thoroughness along projected lines of logic; poets theirs cavalierly and as it happens in and out of books. They stick to nothing deliberately, but let what will stick to them like burrs where they walk in the fields." - Robert Frost

"There is a movement happening, a quiet one. A low-profile, low-resolution revolution. Comprised of writers and dreamers, of guerrilla artists and thought-ninjas. Those with something to say. They communicate through text inscribed on true public spaces, rather than blogs and forums. Choosing fewer words, even without being bound by 140 character limits. Using ink instead of pixels. Sending messages in living, breathing space. Pens scream louder into the void. Even if permanent ink is not aptly named." - Erin Morgenstern

"When I propose a candidate for a job I don't do it because the person in question is the best but because he is the one the client will employ. I provide them with a head that is good enough, placed on a body they want. [...] The world is full of people who pay serious money for bad pictures by good artists. And mediocre heads on tall bodies." - Jo Nesbo

"This is another world to the ones most Australians know. It was explained by my father once that it's like a blanket on the ground. We, the uninitiated, only see the blanket. Lift it up and that's what our elders... see - the real thing - a world most of us will never know or understand. Through their paintings, artists... offer us a glimpse of the world of dreams where the past, present and the future link." - Hetti Perkins

"The Door Without a Key is the Door of Dreams; it is the door by which the sensitive escape into insanity when life is too hard for them, and artists use it as a window in a watch-tower. Psychologists call it a psychological mechanism; magicians call it magic, and the man in the street calls it illusion or charlatanry according to taste. It does not matter to me what it is called, for it is effectual." - Dion Fortune



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