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Painting And Life Quotes


"Painting completed my life." - Frida Kahlo

"Sculpture and painting are moments of life; poetry is life itself." - Walter Savage Landor

"The new painting has broken down every distinction between art and life." - Harold Rosenberg

"And I think a painting has such a limited life anyway" - Robert Rauschenberg

"Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made." - Robert Rauschenberg

"Architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and poetry, may truly be called the efflorescence of civilised life." - Herbert Spencer

"Painting is at once a form of meditation and an utter, complete personal engagement with life." - Steven Whitney

"And I think a painting has such a limited life anyway." - Robert Rauschenberg

"A painting is life and a painting is death . . . the picture is our own legacy left by tomorrow's dead for tomorrow's living." - Ivan Albright

"A painting grows like a plant. Use all colours, all shapes. Everything that attracts and excites me is a part of me. Painting is about proportions, relationships which breathe life. Painting is a harmony which runs parallel to nature." - Stefan Szczesny

"Dutch painting: daily life is enough." - Mason Cooley

"Painting was called silent poetry and poetry speaking painting." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry painting that speaks." - Simonides of Ceos

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks." - Plutarch

"Form and substance are one and the same. Form is the life expression and substance the living painting." - Asger Jorn

"Painting, for me, is a dynamic balance and wholeness of life; it is mysterious and transcending, yet solid and real." - Richard Pousettedart

"It's not a matter of painting life, it's a matter of giving life to painting." - Pierre Bonnard

"The problem of a painting is physical and metaphysical, the same as I think life is physical and metaphysical." - Barnett Newman

"I liked painting and drawing, and I liked humanities mainly - poetry, literature - this speculative attitude toward life." - Rafael Moneo

"I see no thread running through my work; I simply get on with my life and my painting." - John Piper

"Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made - I try to act in the gap." - Robert Rauschenberg

"As a means of expression, painting must deliver universally valid statements, make allegorical reflections on life, and create new mythologies." - Stefan Szczesny

"My still-life painting has more to do with light and shadow than with the objects themselves." - William C. Wright

"Conversation in real life is full of half-finished sentences and overlapping talk. Why shouldn't painting be too?" - Edgar Degas

"In every painting a whole is mysteriously enclosed, a whole life of tortures, doubts, of hours of enthusiasm and inspiration." - Wassily Kandinsky

"It is not about painting life, it is about making painting alive." - Paul Cezanne

"In figure painting, the type of all painting, I have endeavoured to set forth that the principal if not sole source of life enchantments are Tactile Values, Movement and Space Composition." - Bernard Berenson

"Literature is painting, architecture, and music." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

"Each painting evolves freely and independently." - Fernando Araujo Perdomo

"Happy painting and God Bless, my friend." - Bob Ross

"I never really separated painting and literature." - Cy Twombly

"Painting and writing are solitary arts." - Conrad Hall

"Different shades of life make the painting more beautiful." - Michael Dolan

"Different shades of life make the painting more beautiful." - Mike Dolan

"One must act in painting as in life, directly." - Pablo Picasso

"The painting has a life of its own" - Jackson Pollock

"Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

"Poetry is to a painting what life is to man." - Georges Braque

"The successful painter is continually painting still life." - Charles Webster Hawthorne

"Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"It's like I'm basically an artist. I'm no different from a painter who sits there and loves what he does. Would you ask who's been painting all his life, 'Why do you keep painting? Why don't you retire?' Retire to what? Stop painting? This is insane. Why would you want to do that?" - Ralph Baer

"Man needs music, literature, and painting - all those oases of perfection that make up art - to compensate for the rudeness and materialism of life." - Fernando Botero

"..Lohengrin at the Court theatre in Moscow and the painting of Monet: the Hayststacks....that stamped my life and shook me to the depths of my being." - Wassily Kandinsky

"Painting is a very difficult thing. It absorbs the whole man, body and soul, thus have I passed blindly many things which belong to real and political life." - Max Beckmann

"Painting will have to deal more fully and less obliquely with life and nature's phenomena before it can again become great." - Edward Hopper

"On painting and fighting looke aloofe. [On painting and fighting look aloof.]" - George Herbert

"The cinema is not an art which films life: the cinema is something between art and life. Unlike painting and literature, the cinema both gives to life and takes from it, and I try to render this concept in my films. Literature and painting both exist as art from the very start; the cinema doesn't." - Jean-Luc Godard

"I am unable to make any distinction between the feeling I get from life and the way I translate that feeling into painting." - Henri Matisse

"Did I want to spend all my time working on a painting? No, I wanted to have fun, travel, meet women and live life." - Wolfgang Beltracchi

"To Buddha, the second figure in the painting, life on earth was bitter, filled with attachments and desires that led to suffering." - Benjamin Hoff

"Without painting, sculpture, music, poetry, and the emotions produced by natural beauty of every kind, life would lose half its charm." - Herbert Spencer

"I believe that there's a force of life in the universe, and that when we're writing or making music or painting, we're likely to connect with that flow." - Erica Jong

"I wanted to make sure the last chapters of my life were full, and painting, it turns out, has helped occupy not only space but opened my mind." - George W Bush

"Photoshop came out of painting, and now it's going back to painting." - David Hockney

"A painting is music you can see and music is a painting you can hear." - Miles Davis

"Pop Art is not painting because painting must have content and emotion." - Grace Hartigan

"I don't like painting flowers in my music. I like painting guts and pain." - Jonathan Davis

"I realized painting could look like a film, and a film like a painting." - Rita Ackermann

"Painting from life was incredibly important for me because it allowed me to train my eyes to see everything that is there. But I realized early on that painting from life wasn't something that I was all that invested in. I was always more interested in the painting than I was the people. For me, removing that as a compulsion offered me a lot more freedom to actually paint and think about color, form, movement, and light." - Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

"My paintings are well-painted, not nimbly but patiently. My painting contains in it the message of pain. I think that at least a few people are interested in it. It's not revolutionary. Why keep wishing for it to be belligerent? I can't. Painting completed my life. I lost three children and a series of other things that would have fulfilled my horrible life. My painting took the place of all of this. I think work is the best." - Frida Kahlo

"I attended the High School of Industrial Arts and studied with many great artists as painting is something that you never stop learning about. Actually, in high school there was a time that I was thinking about just concentrating on painting and I asked my music teacher, Mr. Sondberg, for advice and he encouraged me to stick with the music as well. So all my life I have been singing and painting." - Tony Bennett

"We need to understand that there is a process of learning and experience and success will stem from this. The painting represents life and the brushstroke represents the steps we take in life." - St. Lucia

"In fine arts, when you make a painting, it's just a painting. But if you make a painting in the entertainment industry, it can be an album cover or a t-shirt or a logo. I like that entertainment has this usefulness - that it's ultimately trying to make a bunch of people feel something, and to think about life and be able to use things that were so simple and direct but potentially have a really powerful effect." - Andrew W.K.

"I'm not anti conceptual art. I don't think painting must be revived, exactly. Art reflects life, and our lives are full of algorithms, so a lot of people are going to want to make art that's like an algorithm. But my language is painting, and painting is the opposite of that. There's something primal about it. It's innate, the need to make marks. That's why, when you're a child, you scribble." - Jenny Saville

"When I say be creative I don't mean that you should all go and become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem." - Rajneesh

"I just realized that I never look at a painting and ask, 'Is this painting fictional or non-fictional?' It's just a painting." - Scott McClanahan

"I just realized that I never look at a painting and ask, 'Is this painting fictional or non-fictional?' It's just a painting." - Scott McClanahan

"Remember always, in painting as in eloquence, the greater your strength, the quieter will be your manner, and the fewer your words; and in painting, as in all the arts and acts of life the secret of high success will be found, not in a fretful and various excellence, but in a quiet singleness of justly chosen aim." - John Ruskin

"Psychoanalysis comes down to the process itself - the self, and life. I think I can say that I'm friends with the unconscious life, but I've never tried to make a painting directly from a dream." - Malcolm Morley

"I can very well do without God both in my life and in my painting, but I cannot, suffering as I am, do without something which is greater than I am, which is my life, the power to create." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Poetry ... is the music and painting of the mind." - Sonia Orwell

"I make no distinction between poetry and painting." - Joan Miro

"Painting is like being a lawyer and attacking a corporation." - John Currin

"As a teenager I started painting and playing guitar." - Buffy Sainte-Marie

"Painting and drawing has been here for 35,000 years." - David Hockney

"Apart from painting and gardening, I'm not good at anything." - Claude Monet

"Perspective is the rein and rudder of painting." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Painting is the intermediate between a thought and a thing." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"Painting and tattooing the body is a return to animalism." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Painting is a play of opacities and transparencies." - Pierre Soulages

"I am really enjoying media arts and digital painting." - St. Lucia

"Computers, singing, reading, painting and gardening are my hobbies." - Arfa Karim

"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream." - Vincent Van Gogh

"I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." - Vincent Van Gogh

"As a teenager I started painting and playing guitar." - Buffy Saintemarie

"I enjoy painting and can copy almost anything." - Vinny Guadagnino

"My first artistic love was drawing and painting." - Wood Harris

"My hobbies are painting, crafts, and I like golfing." - Nancy Kerrigan

"I've been painting and making things since I was little." - Jemima Kirke

"Writing and Painting are the same for me." - Peter Malkin

"I love painting and have a need to do it." - Emma Watson

"When I am in a painting, I'm not aware of what I'm doing. It is only after a sort of 'get acquainted' period that I see what I have been about. I have no fears about making changes, destroying the image, etc, because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through. It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well." - Jackson Pollock

"When art seems to be empty of meaning, as no doubt some of the abstract painting of our own day actually does seem, what the painting says, indeed what the artist is shrieking at the top of his voice, is that life has become empty of all rational content and coherence, and that, in times like these, is far from a meaningless statement." - Lewis Mumford

"Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"From music and dance to painting and sculpting, the arts allow us to explore new worlds and to view life from another perspective. They also encourage individuals to sharpen their skills and to nurture their imagination and intellect." - George W Bush

"If I go to the National Gallery and I look at one of the great paintings that excite me there, it's not so much the painting that excites me as that the painting unlocks all kinds of valves of sensation within me which return me to life more violently." - Francis Bacon

"I deal with painting as I deal with things, I paint a window just as I look out of a window. If an open window looks wrong in a picture, I draw the curtain and shut it, just as I would in my own room. In painting, as in life, you must act directly." - Pablo Picasso

"My sister-in-law is a painter, and I'll say, how long did it take you to paint that painting. She'll say, It took me maybe three days, but it took me all my life to get the skills to paint that painting." - Anthony Doerr

"I'm not particularly interested in painting, per se. I'm interested in a painting that has that mysterious life to it. Anything that doesn't partake of that magic is halfway dead - it returns to its physical elements, it's just paint and canvas." - Caio Fonseca

"Usually people start with painting and then go on to make installations; my painting came from installation." - Michael Craig-Martin

"Painting is so close, so personal, so immediate, and so ordinary... It is the ordinary resurrections that define your painting." - Joshua L. Goldberg

"I don't like getting out when I could be painting. And when I'm painting, I don't want anybody else around." - Captain Beefheart

"Start a painting with fresh ideas, and then let the painting replace your ideas with its ideas." - Walter Darby Bannard

"When you are painting a landscape, assume the painting is real and the landscape is an illusion." - Walter Darby Bannard

"I tried painting for a short time and realized that I was not a child prodigy at painting." - Kim Weston

"I don't like getting out when I could be painting. And when I'm painting, I don't want anybody else around." - Don Van Vliet

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"I strive to express the spiritual nature of the Universe. Painting for me is a dynamic balance and wholeness of life; it is mysterious and transcending, yet solid and real." - Richard Pousette-Dart

"I studied painting and sculpting at school and became an actress by mistake .... I've had many lovers and still have romances. I am very spoiled. All my life, I've had too many admirers." - Gina Lollobrigida

"The literature of the immediate future will inevitably turn away from painting, whether respectably realistic or modern, and from daily life, whether old or the very latest and revolutionary, and turn to artistically realized philosophy." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

"It's important to have a life and spend time outside of those things [music and politics], in order to appreciate what you've achieved as far as just spending time with people you love, and doing things like painting." - Eddie Vedder

"I have been surrounded by artists and paintings throughout my life. My father Ted Dyer is an artist, and from a very early age I have spent time painting and drawing." - John Dyer

"Life matters more than any painting, novel, film, or great big diamond." - Rita Mae Brown

"I've reached a point in my life where my Truman Show boat has hit the painting." - Kanye West

"Painting gave meaning to my life which without it would not have had" - Francis Bacon

"My life is a creative act-like a painting, or a concerto." - Ram Dass

"Painting is much more than therapy to me its a way of life." - Tony Curtis

"The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through." - Jackson Pollock

"In fact, I believe to a certain extent a person today who starts with just clay, with no drawing and no painting and no figure drawing, still-life drawing, various things, they miss a great deal." - Warren MacKenzie

"I want art to affect the viewer and for the viewer to take it away to enhance, embrace, and elevate life. That's the spiritual aspect. Painting is a spiritual practice, but sometimes it is hard to give up control!" - Pat Steir

"But now and then a complex personality took the place and assumed the office of art, was indeed, in its way, a real work of art, life having its elaborate masterpieces, just as poetry has, or sculpture, or painting." - Oscar Wilde

"If you have used colour throughout most of your artistic life, try just black and white... it will take your painting to another dimension where tone and form in all its permutations reign supreme." - David Luiz

"By painting colors and lines and forms seen in quickened mood I was seeking to make this mood vibrate as a phonograph does. This was the origin of the paintings in The Frieze of Life." - Edvard Munch

"My aim in painting is to create pulsating, luminous, and open surfaces that emanate a mystic light, in accordance with my deepest insight into the experience of life and nature." - Hans Hofmann

"Easel painting means small painting." - David Hockney

"life's kind of like a painting. A really bizarre, abstract painting. You could look at it and think that all it is, is a blur. And you could continue living your life thinking that all it is, is just a blur. But if you really look at it, really see it, focus on it, and use your imagination, life can become so much more. The painting could be of the sea, the sky, people,buildings, a butterfly on a flower, or anything except the blur you were once convinced it was." - Cecelia Ahern

"The only thing in life that really gives me any peace is just being lost in the process of creating something, whether it's the film or painting and drawing. Whatever that is, it is what I want to do." - Ellar Coltrane

"Success is not fame or money or the power to bewitch. it is to have created something valuable from your own individuality and skill a garden, an embroidery, a painting, a cake, a life." - Charlotte Gray

"Arts is like the power of now. When you're performing, when you're playing, when you're sculpting, painting, it's that moment. I'm in the moment of my life, and that's what I love to do." - Herb Alpert

"Life is a romantic business. It is painting a picture, not doing a sum - but you have to make the romance, and it will come to the question how much fire you have in your belly." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"I do believe it is possible to create, even without ever writing a word or painting a picture, by simply molding one's inner life. And that too is a deed." - Etty Hillesum

"Painting is almost like a religious experience, which should go on and on. Age just gives you the freedom to do some things you've never done before. Great work can come at any stage of your life." - Will Barnet

"My studio work is a central part of my life and I'd be at loose ends without it. When I'm not in my studio, I don't stop thinking about painting." - Stephen Beal

"The intellectual attainments of a man who thinks for himself resemble a fine painting, where the light and shade are correct, the tone sustained, the colour perfectly hamonized; it is true to life." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"...among the guitarists, Wes Montgomery is fantastic. He's always good to let you know what the art form is all about. It's the same still life that everybody is painting, but in comes Wes Montgomery, and it's right there!" - Bill Cosby

"I've been transformed by stories, and I think that storytelling is definitely sacred. I take it very seriously because my life has been changed, whether it was a movie, a play, a piece of writing, poetry, a painting." - Karla Souza

"Everybody is too busy with their own lives to give a damn about your book, painting, screenplay etc, especially if you haven't sold it yet. And the ones that aren't, you don't want in your life anyway." - Hugh Macleod

"I do believe it is possible to create, even without ever writing a word or painting a picture, by simply molding one's inner life. And that too is a deed." - Etty Hillesum

"Painting is not what my life is about, but it is very important to me, and I am very lucky to be able to give some time to it." - Margrethe Ii Of Denmark

"Everything... has to be resolved through rhythms. You're constantly massaging each form, trying to get it home, pushing further and further until these all coalesce into a marvellous kind of rhythm that reveals the life of the painting." - Leland Bell

"I frequently lock myself in my studio. I do not often see the people I love, and in the end I shall suffer for it... painting is one's private life." - Edgar Degas

"It's a shock for me to go through and see all those years of painting my life, which is very personal for me. It's a very difficult thing for an artist to look back at his work." - Andrew Wyeth

"I want the people looking at my work to feel a sense of all the possibilities of painting, and, through that, in life as a whole. When that happens, I feel I've accomplished something useful." - Wolf Kahn

"As a young person, you have no fixed address, no studio, no money for materials, so I made things sort of on the run. That life doesn't favor the stability and spatial demands of painting." - David Salle

"Subject becoming less relevant, each painting having a life of its own, each stroke leading to the next. It is more about the connection of body and spirit to canvas, over mind to canvas." - Ken Gillespie

"Painting is not what my life is about, but it is very important to me, and I am very lucky to be able to give some time to it," - Margrethe Ii Of Denmark

"I think the word "intelligent" dictates a lot about someone's sense of humor, and the terms of reference in your life, the way you interpret something you read or a painting you look at or something." - Theresa Russell

"A novel should be as like life as a painting, but not as like life as a piece of waxwork." - Mary Russell Mitford

"I happen to be a twin. I grew up half of my life with someone who looks and sounds like me. And I believe it's possible to hold twin desires in your head, such as the desire to create painting and destroy painting at once. The desire to look at a black American culture as underserved, in need of representation, a desire to mine that said culture and to lay its parts bare and look at it almost clinically." - Kehinde Wiley

"People want to know those details. They think it gives them greater insight into a piece of art, but when they approach a painting in such a manner, they are belittling both the artist's work and their own ability to experience it. Each painting I do says everything I want to say on its subject and in terms of that painting, and not all the trivia in the world concerning my private life will give the viewer more insight into it than what hangs there before their eyes. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, even titling a work is an unnecessary concession." - Charles De Lint



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