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Painful Truth Quotes


"The truth is like a scalpel. The truth is painful." - Miguel Angel Ruiz

"I prefer a painful truth over any blissful fantasy." - Chelsea Manning

"And painful pleasure turns to pleasing pain." - Edmund Spenser

"Because even though the truth can set you free, that doesn't mean it won't be painful." - Ally Carter

"The painful truth is that while we might have the illusion, none of us are free." - Laura Anne Gilman

"Sometimes it's more noble to tell a small lie than to deliver a painful truth." - Robin Williams

"Sometimes it's more noble to tell a small lie than to deliver a painful truth." - Robin Williams

"We hurt most who we love the most. Bad grammar, painful truth." - Andy Stanley

"Life is painful, nasty and short.. in my case it has only been painful and nasty." - Djuna Barnes

"Therefore, philosophy does not give sense in mind happiness. It keeps in mind the only truth. However, it is very possible that the truth may be painful, may be distressing, may be destructive of happiness or makes it impossible. Religion, unlike philosophy, is under the category of the useful one. It promises happiness and says what it is necessary to do and what it is necessary to be to deserve or to obtain it. Consequently, illusion is more important than truth if it gets happiness." - Marcel Conche

"As a child I was taught that to tell the truth was often painful. As an adult I have learned that not to tell the truth is more painful, and that the fear of telling the truth - whatever the truth may be - that fear is the most painful sensation of a moral life." - June Jordan

"Honesty is often very hard. The truth is often painful. But the freedom it can bring is worth the trying." - Fred Rogers

"No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth." - Martha Beck

"Don't lie to me. Don't deceive me. Give me the truth. Even if it breaks me. A painful truth is better than a pleasant lie." - Yasmin Mogahed

"Abstruse and mystic thoughts you must express With painful care, but seeming easiness; For truth shines brightest thro' the plainest dress." - Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon

"I have said to you to speak the truth is a painful thing. To be forced to tell lies is much worse." - Oscar Wilde

"To lose an arm or a leg would be painful, but to lose the central truth of your life felt-fatal." - Cassandra Clare

"The truth is that God is to be found in all things - even and most especially in the painful, tragic and unpleasant things." - David Brenner

"I love the truth. Whether it's painful or wonderful, it always widens my perspective and changes me. It helps move me forward." - Madi Diaz

"I'd like to be invisible. To be anonymous and see things for what they really are. The truth may be painful but it's probably useful!" - Marc Jacobs

"I learned a long time ago that some people would rather die than forgive. It's a strange truth, but forgiveness is a painful and difficult process." - Sue Monk Kidd

"Life asked death, 'why do people love me but hate you?', death responded, 'because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.'" - Unknown

"It was a truth that invaded her, like a dark disease, a truth too painful to talk about. And I was beginning to wonder if all I was doing was making it worse." - Kevin Brooks

"There is never vulgarity in a whole truth, however commonplace. It may be unimportant or painful. It cannot be vulgar. Vulgarity is only in concealment of truth, or in affectation." - John Ruskin

"Truth for authority, not authority for truth." - Lucretia Mott

"Truth brings bliss, truth brings celebration." - Rajneesh

"Sometimes compromise is painful." - Madeleine M Kunin

"Romantic love is painful." - William

"Time discovers truth." - Seneca the Younger

"Truth is a tendency." - Buckminster Fuller

"Truth Is Subjectivity." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Tell the truth." - Ian Hunter

"The soul is "torn apart in a painful condition as long as it prefers the eternal because of its Truth but does not discard the temporal because of familiarity." - Saint Augustine

"Dying makes everyone weaker, subject to painful insight, and not always insight into any kind of special truth - it's just the approaching end that makes people want to believe they are seeing something in the line of a great revelation." - Jeff Lindsay

"If you want to live within the definition of your own truth, you have to choose to go through the initially painful and ultimately comforting process of finding it." - David Levithan

"Good writing is remembering detail. Most people want to forget. Don't forget things that were painful or embarrassing or silly. Turn them into a story that tells the truth." - Paula Danziger

"The claws of Truth were painful. The lies tore away like scabs, and John bled there for hours, stifling his cries of pain in the sleeve of his overcoat - the overcoat he'd received from his father." - Frank Peretti

"Just speak your truth, it's an important cornerstone of how your life ends up sort of unfolding in front of you. Even if it's painful, if it's honest, it's going to bring you to the place you deserve to be." - Sara Bareilles

"The moment I do any puppy dog acting, I think the joke is dead. It's in the truth of how I play it, and the real painful honesty that I approach my performance with." - Jason Gann

"Nearly four years after our country invaded and occupied Iraq, Americans are facing the painful truth that our nation has failed to achieve the Bush administration's ambitious goals for that tragic land." - Anthony Zinni

"It is natural to man to indulge in the illusion of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts." - Patrick Henry

"It is natural to man to indulge in the illusion of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, till she transforms us into beasts." - Patrick Henry

"I didn't have to scramble up and down the ladder from despair to euphoria anymore, trying to convince myself that life was either painful and terrible or joyous and wonderful. The simple truth was that life was both. p 214" - Melody Beattie

"I learned a long time ago that some people would rather die than forgive. It's a strange truth, but forgiveness is a painful and difficult process. It's not something that happens overnight. It's an evolution of the heart." - Sue Monk Kidd

"Flattery does not encourage the perfect flow of love in the vein of your relationship. Be genuine and speak out what you feel for each other without hiding the painful truth." - Michael Bassey

"Tagore once said- art has to be beautiful, but before that, it has to be truthful. Now, what is truth? There is no eternal truth. Every artist has to learn private truth though a painful private process. And that is what he has to convey." - Ritwik Ghatak

"Beware of the truth, gentle Sister. Although much sought after, truth can be dangerous to the seeker. Myths and reassuring lies are much easier to find and believe. If you find a truth, even a temporary one, it can demand that you make painful changes. Conceal your truths within words. Natural ambiguity will protect you then." - Frank Herbert

"Through language, we can tell the truth and hear the truth spoken, just as we can be deceived. Sometimes it's a painful realization: we can be lied to. As I write, I think of myself as putting my eye under oath, so that what I write is the truth about my characters." - Michael Cadnum

"Nearly every understanding is gained by a painful struggle in which belief and unbelief are dramatically interwoven." - Leopold Infeld

"The violence done us by others is often less painful than that which we do to ourselves." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Being anxious, or in a painful rush of any kind, kills the possibility of meeting anyone with compassion" - Guy Finley

"Painful things are quickly forgotten." - Janet Morris

"Saving was slow and painful." - William Christopher Handy

"Growth is a painful process." - Wilma Mankiller

"That's painful always to lose." - Rafael Nadal

"And simple truth miscalled simplicity" - William Shakespeare

"Truth is most beautiful undraped." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Fantasy is the only truth." - Abbie Hoffman

"Truth is not private property." - Saint Augustine

"Facts do not constitute truth," - Werner Herzog

"In simplicity there is truth." - River Phoenix

"Christ died for the truth." - Jim Caviezel

"Expressing truth is hard work." - Timothy Noah

"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts... For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it." - Patrick Henry

"The TRUTH: It may not lead you to where you thought you were going, but it will always lead you somewhere better. When ignored, it will eventually show itself. The closeness of your relationships is directly proportional to the degree to which you have revealed the truth about yourself. It can be painful." - Anonymous

"Honor was never taking the easy way when it was also the wrong one. Never telling a falsehood unless the truth was painful and unnecessary, or a lie was necessary to save others. Never manipulating the truth to serve only yourself. Protecting the weak and helpless; standing fast even when fear made you weak. Keeping your word." - Mercedes Lackey

"The truth about childhood, as many of us have had to endure it, is inconceivable, scandalous, painful. Not uncommonly, it is monstrous. Invariably, it is repressed. To be confronted with this truth all at once and to try to integrate it into our consciousness, however ardently we may wish it, is clearly impossible." - Alice Miller

"I believe that mothers should tell the truth, even - no, especially - when the truth is difficult. It's always easier, and in the short term can even feel right, to pretend everything is okay, and to encourage your children to do the same. But concealment leads to shame, and of all hurts shame is the most painful." - Ayelet Waldman

"Truth is absolute, truth is supreme, truth is never disposable in national political life." - John Howard

"If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion." - Aldous Huxley

"I worry about another leg down in the economies causing social disruption because deleveragings can be very painful - it depends on how they're managed." - Salvador Dali

"Intellectual beauty is sufficient unto itself, and only for it rather than for the future good of humanity does the scholar condemn himself to arduous and painful labors." - Santiago Ramon y Cajal

"Golf is a diabolical game. It's easy to make fun of something that's so bizarre, so painful, so humiliating... yet so joyous." - Ken Green

"Learning to play golf is like learning to play the violin. It's not only difficult to do, it's very painful to everyone around you." - Hal Linden

"I keep letting you back in. How can I explain myself? As painful as this thing has been, I just can't be with no one else." - Lauryn Hill

"Loneliness is more painful than being hurt" - Eiichiro Oda

"Growth is often a painful process." - Elbert Hubbard

"Living too long exacts a painful price." - Mason Cooley

"Pleasure itself is painful at the bottom." - Michel De Montaigne

" mysteriously painful and elusive..." - William Styron

"That which is painful sharpens one's love." - Andrew Davidson

"It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Looking back doesn't have to be painful." - Chita Rivera

"Church of painful love - unfulfilled,unrequited & unattained" - Dan Brown

"It's too bad that stupidity is' painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Grace changes us and change is painful"." - Flannery O'Connor

"Alas! how deeply painful is all payment!" - Lord Byron

"Lack of understanding is always painful." - Byron Katie

"But without painful experiences, we dont grow" - Betty Williams

"Surviving is much more painful than death." - Tom Clancy

"Life is painful, suffering is optional." - Sylvia Boorstein

"Life is painful to be meaningful." - Kedar Joshi

"It's a shame stupidity isn't painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"When it's personal and painful, humble yourself." - James MacDonald

"Collaboration is no longer painful - or precious." - Vince Clarke

"It's painful to consider anything but writing." - Emma Donoghue

"Divorce is probably as painful as death." - William Shatner

"There's nothing more painful than writing." - Paul Haggis

"Obedience is less painful than regret." - Christine Caine

"The life of men is painful." - Euripides

"As for the search for truth, I know from my own painful searching, with its many blind alleys, how hard it is to take a reliable step, be it ever so small, towards the understanding of that which is truly significant." - Albert Einstein

"Most people are not looking for provable truths. As you said, truth is often accompanied by intense pain, and almost no one is looking for painful truths. What people need is beautiful, comforting stories that make them feel as if their lives have some meaning. Which is where religion comes from." - Haruki Murakami

"This morning, you have a choice. You can lay in the dark replaying the awful events of the week, or you can turn the light on and read God's Word-His truth-which is the best thing to do when lies are swarming and painful thoughts are attacking like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes." - Lysa TerKeurst

"For all men live by truth, and stand in need of expression. In love, in art, in avarice, in politics, in labor, in games, we study to utter our painful secret. The man is only half himself, the other half is his expression." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If you think you're the only person for whom life is painful, you're wrong. And if you do' mind letting yourself die like a dog, at least have the decency to remember that there are those of us who do care - although, to tell the truth, I do' see why?" - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"If you think you're the only person for whom life is painful, you're wrong. And if you don't mind letting yourself die like a dog, at least have the decency to remember that there are those of us who do care - although, to tell the truth, I don't see why?" - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"Everything but truth becomes loathed in a sick-room ... Let the nurse avow that the medicine is nauseous. Let the physician declare that the treatment will be painful. Let sister, or brother, or friend, tell me that I must never look to be well. When the time approaches that I am to die, let me be told that I am to die, and when." - Harriet Martineau

"The key to being able to let go of all the stuff you're holding on to is knowing that you'll be okay if you don't have it. And that's the truth. You can survive with very little. And though the passing of people and things can be painful, you will survive." - John C. Parkin

"...hear rumors and go digging for the painful truth beneath the lovely lies. You believe you have a right to these things, but you don't. When someone tells you a piece of their life, they're giving you a gift, not granting you your due." - Patrick Rothfuss

"Someone once said to me, 'Some of us choose to live with a lifeboat just a little bit out of our reach.' I'd like to reach a point where I no longer bullshit myself. I think that's the natural human condition - to lie to yourself. Because the truth is painful." - Dustin Hoffman

"It can be a necessary conceptual truth that pains are painful without this ruling out the physicalist thesis that immaterial minds are impossible or the thesis that conscious states supervene on physical states. The necessity involved in these claims is nomological necessity, not metaphysical necessity (assuming that these are different)." - Elliott Sober

"There's a truth to the fact that it's hard to be real. It's easy to be indulgent. It's easy to be bubble gum, but it's hard to find a real thing that really makes your soul tick. It's painful and honest. It can be more challenging than just a sad song." - Mat Kearney

"It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship." - Henry Ward Beecher

"When part of what you're trying to get at is the truth hidden under a taboo, or when you want to nail a hypocrisy, laughter is a very useful tool. I want to show the painful side of existence, but there is no question I also want to make people laugh." - Todd Solondz

"If truth is like the terrain, are we the generation who sees it as one who has worn shoes all his life or one who has never worn shoes? Yet still, even if the walk starts out as painful, the experience may be well worth it." - Criss Jami

"The scientific value of truth is not, however, ultimate or absolute. It rests partly on practical, partly on aesthetic interests. As our ideas are gradually brought into conformity with the facts by the painful process of selection,-for intuition runs equally into truth and into error, and can settle nothing if not controlled by experience,-we gain vastly in our command over our environment. This is the fundamental value of natural science" - George Santayana

"The only "definitive truth" for Buddhism is the absolute negation of any one truth as the Definitive Truth." - Dalai Lama

"Logic is the essence of truth, and truth is the most powerful tyrant; but tyrants hate the truth." - Eugene Arthur Kozlay

"An aphorism can never be the whole truth; it is either a half-truth or a truth-and-a-half." - Karl Kraus

"The Bible may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth." - Samuel Butler

"When you sing, always tell the truth." - Billie Holiday

"Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes." - Philibert Joseph Roux

"[Science is] the literature of truth." - Josh Billings

"Truth never penetrates an unwilling mind." - Jorge Luis Borges

"The scholar seeks truth, the artist finds." - Andre Gide

"Apply Truth liberally to the inflamed area." - Stephen Colbert

"Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again." - William C Bryant

"Truth uttered before its time is dangerous." - Mencius

"Change lays not her hand upon truth." - Algernon Charles Swinburne

"In science, mistakes always precede the truth" - Horace Walpole

"Truth is in your sahasrara. And when the truth comes in, you are surprised that truth is love and love is truth, pure love." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Malice often takes the garb of truth." - William Hazlitt

"There is no god higher than truth." - Mahatma Gandhi

"When all else fails, tell the truth." - Donald T Regan

"The truth is in the mystery." - Akira Kurosawa

"I think everyone's hungry for the truth" - Alanis Morissette

"Authority is no source for Truth." - Aristotle

"Geometry draws the soul towards truth." - Plato

"A fact may blossom into a truth." - Henry David Thoreau

"Drama sells more than the truth." - Nikki Reed

"Love, like truth, is the unassailable defense." - Diane Ackerman

"Error is created; truth is eternal." - William Blake

"Through doubt we arrive at the truth." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"I think truth has no temperature." - Cameron Diaz

"Truth is always duller than fiction." - Piers Paul Read

"Myths are lies that tell the truth." - Phil Cousineau

"The first casualty of war is truth." - Proverbs

"... it's always best to tell the truth." - Rudyard Kipling

"The personal made universal is art's truth." - Yahia Lababidi

"Staring down hard truth takes guts." - Joan Bauer



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