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Painful Loss Quotes


"Loss is very painful, because any kind of loss leaves a hole in the fabric of one's existence." - Eckhart Tolle

"Loss as muse. Loss as character. Loss as life." - Anna Quindlen

"The loss of young first love is so painful that it borders on the ludicrous." - Maya Angelou

"Sudden total weight loss." - George Carlin

"The loss of illusions and the discovery of identity, though painful at first, can be ultimately exhilarating and strengthening." - Abraham Maslow

"Fame of self: Which matters more? Self or wealth: Which is more precious? Gain or loss: Which is more painful?" - Laozi

"It is especially painful when narcissists suffer memory loss because they are losing parts of the person they love most." - David Brooks

"And painful pleasure turns to pleasing pain." - Edmund Spenser

"The loss of music is very painful, and I don't revisit stuff unless there is a solid reason to do it." - John Lurie

"I found that the only way I could control this sorrow was not to think of [it] at all, which was almost as painful as the loss itself." - Robin Mckinley

"Illusions are like umbrellas - you no sooner get them than you lose them, and the loss always leaves a little painful wound." - W Somerset Maugham

"Life is painful, nasty and short.. in my case it has only been painful and nasty." - Djuna Barnes

"Birth, not death, is the hard loss." - Louise Glu?ck

"Gain is delusion; loss is enlightenment." - Kodo Sawaki

"One man's loss is another man's gain." - Proverbs

"To me the world seems grotesque, absurd, ridiculous, painful." - Eugene Ionesco

"Intuition is neither the ability to engage prophecy nor a means of avoiding financial loss or painful relationships. It is actually the ability to use energy data to make decisions in the immediate moment." - Caroline Myss

"This was a land of lost souls. Human beings who had weathered great storms in life, had suffered unspeakable loss, had been put to painful tests of existence, and still remained standing-but just barely." - Clare Vanderpool

"I like that I've been through things, that when something happens, it resonates with something that already happened. It's not that things like loss are more or less painful. But they're deeper. I find that fascinating." - Annette Bening

"Great teams work harder after a tough loss." - Ron Brown

"Desire for gain and fear of loss burn like fire." - Dorothy Norman

"What I hate is the loss of anonymity." - Harrison Ford

"All knowledge is gained through an orderly loss of information." - Kenneth E. Boulding

"Hold on to the love, not the loss." - Eva Longoria

"Nobody can prepare you for the loss of a parent." - Samantha Bond

"I'm prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!" - Jennifer Hudson

"A follower of the Way (Tao) loses something each day. Loss after loss until arriving at Non Action (Wu Wei)." - Laozi

"A loss is a loss, examine why you lost. A win is a win, evaluate what made you successful." - Chris Hanburger

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live." - Norman Cousins

"Movie music is noise. It's even more painful than my sciatica." - Thomas Beecham

"I know change can be painful. But from change comes growth." - Jon Stewart

"I find it painful and angering to look in a mirror." - Jack Henry Abbott

"Love is the best school, but the tuition is high and the homework can be painful." - Diane Ackerman

"A girl who is thirteen-which is hard, and difficult, and beautiful, and painful, and exhilarating." - Jodi Picoult

"A dream is what makes people love life even when it is painful." - Theodore Zeldin

"Sometimes compromise is painful." - Madeleine M Kunin

"Romantic love is painful." - William

"The first loss is the best loss." - Jim Rogers

"Grief: An emotional experience often brought about by a great sense of loss. The subject of this loss is completely immaterial." - Peter Greenaway

"Living was a dangerous past-time, and often quite painful-but there was also such joy in living, such beauty, things that one would otherwise never see, never experience, never know. The risk of pain and loss was a part of living." - Jim Butcher

"We build a shell around it, like an oyster dealing with a painful particle of grit, coating it with smooth pearl layers in order to cope. This is how we walk and talk and function , day in, day out. Immune to others' pain and loss." - Neil Gaiman

"We build a shell around it, like an oyster dealing with a painful particle of grit, coating it with smooth pearl layers in order to cope. This is how we walk and talk and function , day in, day out. Immune to others" pain and loss." - Neil Gaiman

"It was like that. Sometimes I'd go for a period-days or weeks-without feeling the full sweep of my loss, and then as unexpected as a thunderclap, the realization would rip the protective coating from my senses. Maybe that's the way it is with trick knees and aging griefs. Totally pain free one moment and absorbingly painful the next." - Bette Greene

"the sudden violent dispossession accompanying a refugee flight is much more than the loss of a permanent home and a traditional occupation, or than the parting from close friends and familiar places. It is also the death of the person one has become in a particular context, and every refugee must be his or her own midwife at the painful process of rebirth." - Dervla Murphy

"St. Andrews provided a gentle forgetfulness over the preceding painful years of my life. It remains a haunting and lovely time to me, a marrow experience. For one who during her undergraduate years was trying to escape an inexplicable weariness and despair, St. Andrews was an amulet against all manner of longing and loss, a year of gravely held but joyous remembrances." - Kay Redfield Jamison

"I know, personally, that I would not be in the beautiful state of awareness that I find myself in daily now - knowing that love is the essence of all that is - had I not had the most painful of all experiences, the loss of my stepdaughter." - Suzanne Giesemann

"All Americans should be deeply troubled by the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. We've seen such tragedies far too many times, and our hearts go out to the families and communities who've suffered such a painful loss." - Barack Obama

"I had a very turbulent and painful childhood, like many people. I left for college when I was 16 years old and up until that point I'd lived in five different family configurations. Each one ended or changed through a death or some terrible loss." - Sharon Salzberg

"Patience leads to power; but eagerness in greed leads to loss." - H. P. Blavatsky

"REAL Peace is always unshakable... 'Bliss is unchanged by gain or loss'" - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"And what greater calamity can fall upon a nation than the loss of worship." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Transgression of any kind is always accompanied by a loss of self-esteem." - Brian Tracy

"When pride and presumption walk before, shame and loss follow very closely." - Louis XI of France

"I am always at a loss to know how much to believe of my own stories." - Washington Irving

"Accept loss forever" - Jack Kerouac

"Transcendent Oneness does not require self-examination, self-help, or self-work. It requires self-loss." - Barbara Ehrenreich

"You become strong by defying defeat and by turning loss into gain and failure to success." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"There's a hollow where he used to be, and it echoes with self-imposed loss." - Ann Aguirre

"The problem at Wimbledon seems to be that the club has suffered a loss of complacency." - Joe Kinnear

"Mixed Martial Arts is a dangerous practice that could result in injuries and loss of life." - Akshay Kumar

"It's a great loss.[Carrie Fisher] was a comic genius, as far as I'm concerned." - Tony Taccone

"Mostly the loss teaches us only about the value of things." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"The difference in the profit and loss is usually ... do not quit." - Walt Disney

"Rory's death is a tragic loss of a great musician and a very good friend..." - Rory Gallagher

"Prologues like compliments are loss of time; 'T is penning bows and making legs in rhyme." - David Garrick

"You know what the secret to weight loss is? Don't eat much." - Simon Cowell

"Loss teaches you to figure things out as they come along." - Patti Davis

"I've seen Animal Collective live, and I suffered permanent hearing loss from that show!" - Grimes

"The acknowledgment of our weakness is the first step in repairing our loss." - Thomas A Kempis

"Accept loss forever." - Jack Kerouac

"To grow up with the loss of your mother is a scar that never goes away." - Maya Rudolph

"I've never lost a grown-up child, but I have known loss." - Penelope Wilton

"I am deeply saddened and shocked at the loss of umpire Wally Bell." - Joe Torre

"The loss of a child is the most terrifying place for me to go." - Nicole Kidman

"I think a lot of us can relate to not choosing to face a painful memory, and something that's a painful past, and wanting to pretend like it never happened." - Derek Magyar

"What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today, but revisiting this painful past can contribute little or nothing to what we need to do now." - William Glasser

"Nearly every understanding is gained by a painful struggle in which belief and unbelief are dramatically interwoven." - Leopold Infeld

"The violence done us by others is often less painful than that which we do to ourselves." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Being anxious, or in a painful rush of any kind, kills the possibility of meeting anyone with compassion" - Guy Finley

"Painful things are quickly forgotten." - Janet Morris

"It is so painful watching yourself act, particularly because you can't do anything about it, it's all done and dusted." - Ian Mckellen

"There is no hope for us in this painful, mysterious world save in giving ourselves to love." - Byron Caldwell Smith

"I can't say it's not painful being estranged from most of my family. I wish it could be otherwise." - Latoya Jackson

"All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more painful death than animals that know nothing." - Maurice Maeterlinck

"The pain of powerlessness is excruciating. It is the most painful experience in the earth school, and everyone shares it." - Gary Zukav

"Saving was slow and painful." - William Christopher Handy

"Growth is a painful process." - Wilma Mankiller

"That's painful always to lose." - Rafael Nadal

"I've had a pretty crazy life. It's colorful ... reliving some of those closets that I had shut, locked and thrown away the key intentionally because it was painful to revisit a lot of those places - especially the loss of my buddy Robbie Tooley, the divorce of my parents, some of the things I went through as a kid, a lot of that stuff was locked up for a reason - it was painful. But at the same time, there was some therapy in revisiting some of those spots." - Billy Ray Cyrus

"It cannot be doubted that theistic belief is a comfort and a solace to those who hold it, and that the loss of it is a very painful loss. It cannot be doubted, at least, by many of us in this generation, who either profess it now, or received it in our childhood and have parted from it since with such searching trouble as only cradle-faiths can cause. We have seen the spring sun shine out of an empty heaven, to light up a soulless earth; we have felt with utter loneliness that the Great Companion is dead." - William Kingdon Clifford

"Even if we could grow our way out of the crisis and delay the inevitable and painful reconciliation of virtual and real wealth, there is the question of whether this would be a wise thing to do. Marginal costs of additional growth in rich countries, such as global warming, biodiversity loss and roadways choked with cars, now likely exceed marginal benefits of a little extra consumption. The end result is that promoting further economic growth makes us poorer, not richer." - Herman E. Daly

"Loss of sincerity is loss of vital power." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"A loss, of which we are ignorant, is no loss." - Publilius Syrus

"Loss is loss. Doesn't take death to create it." - Ellen Hopkins

"(Waste = Loss): The first rule of business is to survive and the guiding principle of business economics is not the maximisation of profit, it is the avoidance of loss" - Peter Drucker

"The loss which is unknown is no loss at all." - Publilius Syrus

"All change is loss, and all loss must be mourned." - Harry Levinson

"I don't think when people sign up for a life of doing something they love to do they should have to sign up for a complete loss of privacy. I understand a little loss of privacy coming with the job." - Sarah Chalke

"And much more am I sorrier for my good knights' loss than for the loss of my fair queen; for queens I might have enough, but such a fellowship of good knights shall never be together in no company." - Thomas Malory

"If you have trouble imagining a 20% loss in the stock market, you shouldn't be in stocks." - John C. Bogle

"All skills are perfected through the process of failure. Embrace loss as a necessary part of improvement." - Jerry Lynch

"It is not a loss of inert, amorphous tissue, but of a growing being unique in history." - Frederica Mathewes-Green

"What golden hour of life, what glittering moment will ever equal the pain its loss can cause?" - Paul Valery

"Psychedelic drugs cause paranoia, confusion, and total loss of reality in politicians that have never taken them." - Timothy Leary

"To find beauty in the sad, hope in the midst of loss, and dignity in failure is great poetic art." - David Mamet

"...instead it seems that business - like weight loss - is a subject wherein hope and fear inspire limitless gullibility." - Paul Krugman

"Further, a defensive policy involves the loss of the initiative, with all the consequent disadvantages to the defender." - Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig

"Christian hedonists don't discount suffering, they just don't give up until they find the gain in loss." - Beth Moore

"You may lose by it now and then, but it will be a loss well gained if you do." - E V Lucas

"In some ways, my gift for music and writing was born out of tragedy, really, and loss." - Joni Mitchell

"The increased presence of Muslims in Italy and in Europe is directly proportional to our loss of freedom." - Oriana Fallaci

"The biggest tragedy I had was the loss of my daughter from neuromuscular disease in 2000, at age 46." - Alvin Toffler

"I will not be responsible for the loss of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate." - Robert Torricelli

"Even as a child I had a strong relationship with yearning and desire. And loss. Those things spoke to me." - Nicole Kidman

"It's not the winning that teaches you how to be resilient. It's the setback. It's the loss." - Beth Brooke

"If you are ever at a loss to support a flagging conversation, introduce the subject of eating." - Leigh Hunt

"If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion." - Aldous Huxley

"I worry about another leg down in the economies causing social disruption because deleveragings can be very painful - it depends on how they're managed." - Salvador Dali

"Intellectual beauty is sufficient unto itself, and only for it rather than for the future good of humanity does the scholar condemn himself to arduous and painful labors." - Santiago Ramon y Cajal

"Golf is a diabolical game. It's easy to make fun of something that's so bizarre, so painful, so humiliating... yet so joyous." - Ken Green

"Learning to play golf is like learning to play the violin. It's not only difficult to do, it's very painful to everyone around you." - Hal Linden

"I keep letting you back in. How can I explain myself? As painful as this thing has been, I just can't be with no one else." - Lauryn Hill

"Loneliness is more painful than being hurt" - Eiichiro Oda

"Growth is often a painful process." - Elbert Hubbard

"Living too long exacts a painful price." - Mason Cooley

"Pleasure itself is painful at the bottom." - Michel De Montaigne

" mysteriously painful and elusive..." - William Styron

"That which is painful sharpens one's love." - Andrew Davidson

"It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Looking back doesn't have to be painful." - Chita Rivera

"Church of painful love - unfulfilled,unrequited & unattained" - Dan Brown

"It's too bad that stupidity is' painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Grace changes us and change is painful"." - Flannery O'Connor

"Alas! how deeply painful is all payment!" - Lord Byron

"Lack of understanding is always painful." - Byron Katie

"But without painful experiences, we dont grow" - Betty Williams

"Surviving is much more painful than death." - Tom Clancy

"Life is painful, suffering is optional." - Sylvia Boorstein

"If you have a choice of selling shoes to ladies or giving birth to a flaming porcupine... look into that second, less painful career." - Richard Jeni

"The truth is that God is to be found in all things - even and most especially in the painful, tragic and unpleasant things." - David Brenner

"Life is painful to be meaningful." - Kedar Joshi

"It's a shame stupidity isn't painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"When it's personal and painful, humble yourself." - James MacDonald

"I just realized that there's going to be a lot of painful times in life, so I better learn to deal with it the right way." - Trey Parker

"I think most artists create out of despair. The very nature of creation is not a performing glory on the outside, it's a painful, difficult search within." - Louise Berliawsky Nevelso

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin

"God is a God of the present. God is always in the moment, be that moment hard or easy, joyful and painful." - Henri Nouwen

"Collaboration is no longer painful - or precious." - Vince Clarke

"I don't actually do any exercise, which is really bad. But I wear heels a lot. My theory is that it's painful, so it's gotta do something." - Karen Gillan

"It's painful to consider anything but writing." - Emma Donoghue



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