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Paddy Field Quotes


"As a child, the paddy field was my playground." - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

"We go fish, we also catch fighting fish, looking for birds and it was for kampong people, the paddy field was our the play field for the children." - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

"Civilisation never dies, it may change, but it is eternal. Where the paddy field is born on the dry river bed of Titash, there begins another civilisation." - Ritwik Ghatak

"Vietnam, me love you long time. All day, all night, me love you long time. (...) Dropping acid on the Mekong Delta, smoking grass through a rifle barrel, flying on a helicopter with opera blasting out of loudspeakers, tracer-fire and paddy-field scenery, the smell of napalm in the morning. Long time." - Alex Garland

"You can spread your soul over a paddy field, you can whisper to a mango tree, you can feel the earth between your toes and know that this is the place, the place where it begins and ends. But what can you tell to a pile of bricks? The bricks will not be moved (page 87)." - Monica Denise Brown

"The field cannot be seen from within the field." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A field of glory is a field for all." - Alexander Pope

"The field cannot well be seen from within the field." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Paddy was in the delivery room when the midwife handed him a black baby. "Is this yours?" she asked "probably" said Paddy "she burns everything else"" - Billy Connolly

"Life is a field of unlimited possibilities." - Deepak Chopra

"A fallow field is a sin." - John Steinbeck

"Politics is but a narrow field." - Henry David Thoreau

"Here is a fine field for talent." - Claudius Claudianus

"A field Marshall is born, not made!" - Erich Ludendorff

"Freedom lies beyond the field of consciousness." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"A truly international field, no Britons involved." - David Coleman

"Think of your life as a field. The field is the field of action. What a mystic does is set up their life as a field of power." - Frederick Lenz

"Dogs are fine in the field." - George Herbert

"Track and field has always interested me." - Bruce Dern

"This is no lazy mans field" - Claude C Hopkins

"Touchdowns are better than field goals." - Brady Quinn

"Prussian Field Marshals do not mutiny." - Erich von Manstein

"He who abandons the field is beaten." - Victor Hugo

"No plan survives the battle field." - Helmuth James Graf von Moltke

"Cosmology is a rapidly advancing field." - Stephen Hawking

"Comedy is a very approval-oriented field." - Dave Chappelle

"On the field, everyone is equal." - Roger Milla

"It's brutal out on the football field." - Ladainian Tomlinson

"A field becomes exhausted by constant tillage." - Ovid

"On an exhausted field, only weeds grow." - Henryk Sienkiewicz

"The really great athletes make their news on the field, not off the field." - Jimmy Haslam

"There is more honor in a field well plowed than in a field steeped in blood." - Lloyd Alexander

"Our mind is like a field, and performing actions is like sowing seeds in that field." - Kelsang Gyatso

"Our mind is like a field, and performing actions is like sowing seeds in that field." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

"Paddy Ashdown is the only party leader who's a trained killer. Although, to be fair, Mrs Thatcher was self taught." - Charles Kennedy

"Paddy Chayefksy was writing and it was a time where everybody was happy to be there [on TV]." - Gena Rowlands

"It makes me wonder what this rapping shits a hobby for, oh that's right, because I'm gifted in another field, and another field, and another field." - Donald Glover

"Is Coors Field a good park to hit in? Yeah. So are Wrigley Field and Camden Yards. I didn't design Coors Field-I just play there." - Todd Helton

"The human mind generates an auric field that covers up naturalness, innate divinity of life. That auric field is a field of doubt." - Frederick Lenz

"Hours of research can cut months of field work." - E. Lee Spence

"We must be brief when traitors brave the field." - William Shakespeare

"The field of doom bears death as its harvest." - Aeschylus

"The foundation of confidence in virtually every field is preparation." - Brian Tracy

"inside us, a flower taken whole, a field built inside." - Nick Flynn

"Beyond ideas, there's a field. Will you meet me there?" - Rumi

"You have to have patience in this field." - Walter Schloss

"Education levels the playing field, allowing everyone to compete." - Joyce A. Myers

"In the field of knowledge is all possibility." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Anti-aging is an extremely under-explored field." - Peter Thiel

"Into the field of Yellow flowers The red setting sun!" - Soseki Natsume

"Racing through the field and hunting make the mind wild." - Laozi

"Working with people on a field turns me on." - Graeme Souness

"Your field of focus determines what you find in life." - T Harv Eker

"Every field and flower fades, but love is infinite." - Melanie Chisholm

"The field is the sole influence of the particle." - Albert Einstein

"We can change South Africa on the rugby field" - Danie Craven

"What you see on the field is my job." - Terrell Owens

"My soul is a broken field, plowed by pain." - Sara Teasdale

"Merce is my favorite artist in any field," - Jasper Johns

"Time is the great equalizer in the field of morals." - H L Mencken

"The whole force-field of Light rests on unity" - Kenneth G. Mills

"If there's grass in the field, play ball!" - William J Clinton

"Maurice has been a revelation, on and off the field," - Alexi Lalas

"The I is always in the field of the Other." - Jacques Lacan

"Writing is a private discipline, in a field of companions." - Jonathan Lethem

"... pay attention to everything within the field of view." - Andreas Feininger

"A person is either a missionary or a mission field." - Corrie Ten Boom

"What are the important problems of your field?" - Richard Hamming

"John McDonnell is the Bear Bryant of track and field." - Frank Broyles

"Creative comedy is like growing geraniums in a mine field" - Jerry Stiller

"When I get on the field, I feel unstoppable." - Steve McNair

"A mortgage casts a shadow on the sunniest field." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"You're either a missionary or a mission field." - Loren Cunningham

"Every Christian a missionary; every non-Christian a mission-field." - Winkie Pratney

"I was always the smallest guy on the field." - Brian Roberts

"Every life lesson is on that baseball field." - Goose Gossage

"I don't play the field - I rule the sidelines." - Anonymous

"Walking through a star field covered in lights" - Ryan Adams

"Hookers, drugs. We're playing the field right now." - Harry Connick Jr

"The buttercups across the field Made sunshine rifts of splendor." - Dinah Craik

"Behold her, single in the field, Yon solitary Highland lass!" - William Wordsworth

"They moved together, blue diamonds on a green field." - Gregory Maguire

"That field hath eyen, and the wood hath ears." - Geoffrey Chaucer

"The Christmas genre is a field that's been well-ploughed." - John Oates

"I wouldn't mind being a track and field coach." - Ron Rash

"I trained myself to perform on the field." - Steve Carlton

"I love soccer; I want to be on the field." - Brandi Chastain

"I don't like discussing cricket off the field." - Mahendra Singh Dhoni

"When I'm anchoring, I miss chasing stories in the field." - Lisa Guerrero

"The Houston Astrodome was kind of a tough field." - Franco Harris

"The Internet has leveled the investment playing field." - Donald Luskin

"Learn from the beasts the physic of the field." - Alexander Pope

"The computing field is always in need of new cliches." - Alan Perlis

"The text is a limited field of possible constructions." - Paul Ricoeur

"I've matured since joining United, on and off the field." - Wayne Rooney

"Taking improv has helped every other aspect of my field." - Ben Schwartz

"A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets." - William Tecumseh Sherman

"On the Republican playing field, Republicans always win." - Robert Reich

"There's no field of music which doesn't have good ideas." - Robert Wyatt

"After graduating in 1973 I went into the programming field." - W Richard Stevens

"Creative comedy is like growing geraniums in a mine field." - Jerry Stiller

"President Obama believes in a level playing field." - Elizabeth Warren

"Education levels the playing field, allowing everyone to compete." - Joyce Meyer

"Politics is the one field you don't age out of." - P J Orourke

"I want you to be forever strong on the field, so that you will be forever strong off the field." - Larry Gelwix

"Every day you spend becoming an expert in a field, you become more useless in that field." - Naveen Jain

"Instead of being a student of a (given) field, I would like you to be the field." - Jacob Barnett

"So many QBs throw the ball down the field, that's wrong. Watch Aaron Rodger throw it up the field" - Phil Simms

"Nature has circumscribed the field of life within small dimensions, but has left the field of glory unmeasured." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"We have to reconcile ourselves with philosophical questions in every field. Every field should be open to inquiry and knowledge." - Tariq Ramadan

"My soul is a dark ploughed field In the cold rain; My soul is a broken field Ploughed by pain." - Sara Teasdale

"Our intellectual development in the field of science has outstripped our human development in the field of character." - L. P. Jacks

"As football players you have all the experience on the field. You don't have the experience off the field." - John Elway

"I'd rather be a good person off the field than a good baseball player on the field." - Bryce Harper

"There are wonderfully talented actresses. It's a really rich field. There isn't as rich a field of material." - Meryl Streep

"You don't read in your own field. You read in that field when you're young, so that you can learn." - Ray Bradbury

"This old man he played one, He played nick nack on my drum, Nick, nack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, This old man came rolling home." - Nursery Rhymes

"Oh Paddy dear, and did you hear The news that's going round? The shamrock is forbid by law To grow on Irish ground." - Dion Boucicault

"Acting's fine if the script's written by Paddy Chayefsky and Martin Scorsese directs it, but unless you have something like that, I don't really enjoy acting." - Jeff Garlin

"No organization engaged in any specific field of work ever invents any important developers in that field, or adopts any important development in that field until forced to do so by outside competition." - Reginald Fessenden

"Pray for the field. If God calls, then prepare for the field. When it is time, go to the field. A life lost for Christ is a life well spent." - Paul Washer

"At the end of the day, when all is said and done playing this game ... it doesn't matter what you did in the field, it's what you do off the field and the lives that you touch off the field." - Albert Pujols

"One of my theories is to be captain on the field and off the field, you need to totally enjoy each other's company. I don't like discussing cricket off the field." - Mahendra Singh Dhoni

"In baseball you hit your home run over the right-field fence, the left-field fence, the center-field fence. Nobody cares. In golf everything has got to be right over second base." - Ken Harrelson

"He who cultivates that quiet, unobtrusive ecstasy of inner joyousness can scale any heights and be a leader in his field, no matter what that field is." - Walter Russell

"You do not become a real pro in your field by doing certain things - you become a pro in your field by doing things in a certain way." - Bob Proctor

"If you spend an extra hour each day of study in your chosen field you will be a national expert in that field in five years or less." - Earl Nightingale

"In a field I am the absence of field. This is always the case. Wherever I am I am what is missing." - Mark Strand

"Spiritually, yes, now many people knows Tibetans in spiritual field are very, very advanced but in material field is very, very backward." - Dalai Lama

"There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality." - Albert Einstein

"How sweet I roamed from field to field, And tasted all the summer's pride, Till I the prince of love beheld, Who in the sunny beams did glide!" - William Blake

"Working on The Daily Show, I co-produced all those field segments, and that's another huge thing.I probably did more than 100 field segments." - Ed Helms

"A lot of people expect to see the same type of character that they see on the field off the field, and that throws them for a loop." - Terrell Owens

"Your seventh wife, Phileros, is now being buried in your field. No man's field brings him greater profit than yours, Phileros." - Marcus Valerius Martial

"If we recognize our talents and use them appropriately, and choose a field that uses those talents, we will rise to the top of our field." - Benjamin Carson

"Your seventh wife, Phileros, is now being buried in your field. No man's field brings him greater profit than yours, Phileros." - Martial

"The unknown is the province of the student; it is the field for his lifes adventure, and it is a wide field full of beckonings" - Lincoln Steffens

"If you buy a man who is half dead, everybody may be happy off the field, but on the field you'll have major problems" - Arsene Wenger

"Our thoughts are a field of energy cycles, a mind field, and just by our thoughts alone we impact not only ourselves but those around us as well." - Wayne Dyer

"Anytime I'm on the field and my teammates are on the field with me, I just want them to have fun." - Chris Johnson

"One of the things I've done is tell myself I can't let bad things that happen to me on the field, off the field, whatever, affect me." - Matt Kemp

"Non-co-operation in the political field is an extension of the doctrine as it is practised in the domestic field." - Mahatma Gandhi

"If intellect plays a large part in the field of violence, I hold that it plays a larger part in the field of nonviolence." - Mahatma Gandhi

"When you grow up in science fiction you grow up in everything! It's the greatest and only field worth growing up in. It's the total field." - Ray Bradbury

"I'd say you have to be really committed to the field, show up for every audition and to be aware that very few make it in this field." - Will Estes

"You know, I think He honestly does care about how we play on the field, more than anything more than win or lose our hearts on the field." - Tim Tebow

"Cobb lived off the field as though he wished to live forever. He lived on the field as though it was his last day." - Branch Rickey

"I take my life and put it on the football field, and I take the football field and put it in my life." - Ben Roethlisberger

"Following dharma puts you in a proper field of attention. In a proper field of attention, regardless of what your outer circumstances are, happiness will flow." - Frederick Lenz

"The only thing worse than a crappy TV show which Paddy Chayevsky couldn't have conceived in his worst nightmare is two megacorps fighting over who thought of the crappy show first." - Judd Apatow



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