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Packages Quotes


"Freedom comes in individual packages." - Shirley Boone

"Happy endings come in different packages" - Jason F. Wright

"Big things come in small packages!" - Stacey King

"Love doesn't always come in convenient packages." - Stephenie Meyer

"Good things come in small packages." - Aesop

"Men are boys in bigger packages." - Nora Roberts

"Good news comes in large packages" - Hazel Gaynor

"Sometimes blessings come in strange packages." - Jordan Peele

"The best things come in small packages." - Proverbs

"People who are wrapped up in themselves make small packages." - Benjamin Franklin

"Privatisation splits hospital services into increasingly small packages." - Jo Brand

"Okay," Kincaid said. "Anyone have any questions?" "Why do they sell hot dogs in packages of ten but hot dog buns in packages of eight?" - Jim Butcher

"Why do croutons come in airtight packages? It's just stale bread to begin with." - George Carlin

"I used to work at UPS I got fired for unloading packages into my car." - Felipe Esparza

"I think heroism comes in different packages. The superhero package is one that we're familiar with." - Deborah Ann Woll

"Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas." - Johnny Carson

"Living organisms are created by chemistry. We are huge packages of chemicals." - David Christian

"Fear comes in two packages fear of failure, and sometimes, fear of success." - Tom Kite

"I was 12 years old when I had my first job, delivering packages." - Damon Wayans

"Every young person gets so excited about new software packages and new technology." - John Lasseter

"It is looking for the joys that come in small, precious packages and making the most of them, knowing that big packages of joy are few and far between." - Wilferd Peterson

"[On men:] ... you never know what they're like until you get them home and take them out of their packages." - Karin Slaughter

"We all come unique packages with strength and weakness, and somewhere there is a precious gift in all of us" - Samantha Abeel

"Life is something like a remarkable, exciting puzzle. It comes piece by piece in packages marked days." - John Powell

"It is one of the most culpable oversights of nature that virtue and beauty so often come in separate packages." - Will Durant

"Today's smart marketers don't sell products; they sell benefit packages. They don't sell purchase value only; they sell use value." - Philip Kotler

"We've put songs out on singles and weird little packages that only the real vinyl-philes care about." - Anthony Kiedis

"Maybe there are some traditional things, but they are more about the way the West packages the East." - Massimiliano Gioni

"Focusing on one mildly disturbing, semi-controllable issue allows the mind to stuff much greater terrors in relatively tidy packages." - Martha Beck

"We dribble away our life, little by little, in small packages - we don't throw it away all at once." - Robert A Cook

"Counterterrorism analysts have known for years that al Qaeda prepares for attacks with elaborate 'targeting packages' of photographs and notes." - Barton Gellman

"My wife and I look for ways to always support the troops, including sending care packages regularly to them." - Scott Mcclellan

"Most of all, our troops from Alabama said they appreciate the care packages from folks back home." - Mike Rogers

"Don't run from lessons; they are little packages of treasure that have been given to us. As we learn from them, our lives change for the better." - Louise Hay

"In the university, professors make up artificial problems. In the real world, the problems do not come in nice, neat packages. They have to be discovered." - Donald A. Norman

"Unfortunately much of it is frittered away on fast cars, designer clothes and an attitude to pleasure reminiscent of the 18-30 holiday packages." - Ken Bates

"Arms control has to have a future, or none of us does. But it doesn't necessarily have to come in big packages of 600-page treaties." - Stanley Hoffmann

"Big messages come in small packages. All it may take to restore someone's trust in life may be returning a lost earring or a dropped glove." - Rachel Naomi Remen

"In the real world, banks hang onto their money for fear of making bad loans, no matter how many bailouts or stimulus packages Washington passes." - Dick Morris

"There are clear patterns of discrimination against Blacks and Latinos. The big banks targeted Blacks and Latinos with toxic packages of subprime predatory lending." - Jesse Jackson

"I think sometimes women are stuck in a type. I've never dated the same type. I fall in love with personalities, and they come in different packages." - Eva Longoria

"Twenty-four hour news delivers people who stand and talk to camera rather than deliver reported packages with their own camera crew where it's happening." - Kate Adie

"I think anyone who is a carnivore needs to understand that meat does not originally come in these neat little packages." - Julia Child

"An earthquake strikes Haiti, and care packages from America are among the first to arrive - and not far behind are former Presidents Clinton and Bush." - Mitt Romney

"During the morning rush hour on March 20, 1995, the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo placed packages on five subway trains converging on Tokyo's central station. When punctured, the packages spread vaporized Sarin through the subway cars and then into the stations as the trains pulled in." - Barton Gellman

"CBS started to confiscate our packages and mail as a safety procedure. A lot of packages that people send for the holidays and to our kids we can't open. A lot of times they are from overseas. It's very upsetting at times." - Hunter Tylo

"Software suppliers are trying to make their software packages more 'user-friendly'... Their best approach so far has been to take all the old brochures and stamp the words 'user-friendly' on the cover." - Bill Gates

"It has become a fashion to declare a package after every crisis. The time has come to pack those who keep giving these packages that don't reach the farmers." - Narendra Modi

"Today, the mass audience (the successor to the "public") can be used as a creative, participating force. It is, instead, merely given packages of passive entertainment. Politics offers yesterday's answers to today's questions." - Marshall Mcluhan

"My whole life has been about changing negatives into positives. I got famous, then I got cancer, and now I live to talk about it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages." - Fran Drescher

"Blessings come in packages of two. With every blessing is a test. So don't ever envy people who seem to have more than you. The more blessings, the more tests. And the greater the blessing, the harder the test." - Yasmin Mogahed

"It came without ribbions, It cames without tags, It came without packages, boxes, or bags. Christmas can't be bought from a store. Maybe Christmas means a little bit more..." - Dr. Seuss

"The FBI is urging all Americans to beware of any letters or packages that have badly misspelled words. Man, this is going to be terrible news for the rap industry." - Jay Leno

"To be able to choose between proprietary software packages is to be able to choose your master. Freedom means not having a master. And in the area of computing, freedom means not using proprietary software." - Richard Stallman

"I love flinging everything I buy behind me onto the back-seat of the car: it's always full of packages when I travel, when I leap in my car!" - Sonia Rykiel

"I was always a big kid and I'm okay with that, but I know that it would have been better growing up if I had seen role models who had figures like me, beauty comes in all different packages." - Mia Tyler

"Being in love, she concluded, is simply a presentation of our pasts to another individual, mostly packages so unwieldy that we can no longer manage the loosened strings alone." - Zelda Fitzgerald

"With conglomerates selling companies to liquidators, who close down plants and move to non-union areas, it's about time progressive union leaders step in to stop such job-losing tactics... ESOP should become a part of future bargaining packages!" - Tom Colicchio

"Reviews for someone like me come in three packages. One is justifiable praise, the second is justifiable criticism, and the third is, "This is only published because he's a celebrity."" - Steve Martin

"For top executives to award themselves these kinds of compensation packages in the midst of this economic crisis is not only bad taste, it's bad strategy-and I will not tolerate it as president." - Barack Obama

"Most orgies that you go to, I have found, most of it is sad. All that wildness, all those laughs were like the shining silver and gold paper on packages, but there was nothing inside." - Sammy Davis Jr

"Alternative Lifestyles, the emotional fly-drive packages of our times, come equipped with a set of clothes, a choice of authors, a limited menu of sports and a discount coupon book of cliches." - Ellen Goodman

"Maybe the world wasn't made of universals that could be summed up in neat little packages. Maybe there were just people. People who were tired and hurt and lonely and kind in their own way and their own time." - Clare Vanderpool

"God's jewels are often sent us in rough packages and by dark liveried servants, but within we find the very treasures of the King's palace and the Bridegroom's Love." - A. B. Simpson

"Maybe the world was' made of universals that could be summed up in neat little packages. Maybe there were just people. People who were tired and hurt and lonely and kind in their own way and their own time." - Clare Vanderpool

"God's jewels are often sent us in rough packages and by dark liveried servants, but within we find the very treasures of the King's palace and the Bridegroom's Love." - A. B. Simpson

"This is 2003, 2004. And then I started - after the Patriot Act, I would always get my financial packages in the mail and they would just be opened. And it was like, what is going on here?" - Mahershala Ali

"To have the choice between proprietary software packages, is being able to choose your master. Freedom means not having a master. And in the area of computing, freedom means not using proprietary software." - Richard Stallman

"Science packages theory, places it on a throne, and honors and protects it much like a queen. Engineers make the queen come down from the throne and scrub the floor. And if she doesn't work, we fire her." - Robert J. Marks II

"Icons, windows, mice, big operating systems, huge programs, integrated packages.... I would like to remind the world that just because two things are on the same menu doesn't mean they taste good together." - Jef Raskin

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings- These are a few of my favorite things." - Oscar Hammerstein Ii

"I'm not filled with my art. I ain't got no art. I've got only a kind of craftsman's skill, and make stories as I make biscuits or embroider underwear or wrap up packages." - Rose Wilder Lane

"Software suppliers are trying to make their software packages more 'user-friendly' [...] Their best approach, so far, has been to take all the old brochures, and stamp the words, 'user-friendly' on the cover." - Bill Gates

"I'm not "filled with my art". I ain't got no art. I've got only a kind of craftsman's skill, and make stories as I make biscuits or embroider underwear or wrap up packages." - Rose Wilder Lane

"Two dads have sent me letters that said my books changed their daughters' lives. I send them packages with T-shirts and posters because, come on... that's the coolest." - Simone Elkeles

"As many of the riders before me had been held up and robbed of their packages, mail and money that they carried, for that was the only means of getting mail and money between these points." - Calamity Jane

"Santa blows all these shipping companies away. He delivers more than 2 billion packages in just 24 hours. He does it by sleigh. He doesn't use tracking numbers and doesn't use trucks. He just uses midgets and a giant bag." - Craig Ferguson

"I have long been alarmed by people's sheeplike acceptance of the term 'computer technology' - it sounds so objective and inexorable - when most computer technology is really a bunch of ideas turned into conventions and packages." - Ted Nelson

"My understanding is that what was provided was general order of battle information, not operational intelligence. I certainly have no knowledge of US participation in preparing battle and strike packages and doubt strongly that that occurred." - Frank Carlucci

"I stopped writing short fiction early on - I was never really good at it, and I never liked the results. So I stopped trying to fit the material I was working with into these tidy little short fiction packages." - Susan Choi

"I sold a bunch of stuff. I sold Omaha Steaks, vacation packages... the worst, though, was Time Life Books, because no one wants Time Life Books. No one wants an 'Encyclopedia Brittanica' showing up at their house." - Adam Devine

"You have multiple intelligence agencies. They all ultimately report to the director of national intelligence but, you know, it never comes in neat packages. So you have to make judgments on what you have, and it's not easy to do." - Raymond Kelly

"I am not interested in releasing best of stuff and I have not given my permission. You release best of packages when you're a has-been and have nothing new to offer." - Amanda Lear

"God's jewels are often sent us in rough packages and by dark liveried servants, but within we find the very treasures of the King's palace and the Bridegroom's Love." - A. B. Simpson

"In my daily work, I work on very large, complex, distributed systems built out of many Python modules and packages. The focus is very similar to what you find, for example, in Java and, in general, in systems programming languages." - Guido Van Rossum

"After I'd hit a home run and took my position in the field, the fans in the bleachers began throwing packages of tobacco at me. I stuffed them in my pocket." - Hank Sauer

"Why is marriage the pinnacle for everyone? People get married for the wrong reasons. We need to start looking at different packages, whether it's living together, or being with six partners, or dedicating your life to taking care of flowers." - Sandra Bullock

"Emily Kendal Frey's The Grief Performance is a book that condenses a journey of finding and re-finding loss into beautiful packages. The packages are the poems and they sit shiny and new on every page of this fabulous and generous book. I want to go into the world that these poems create, just so that I can be given these terrifying presents again and again. I know you will, too. See you there." - Dorothea Lasky

"Most of the presidential candidates' economic packages involve 'tax breaks,' which is when the government, amid great fanfare, generously decides not to take quite so much of your income. In other words, these candidates are trying to buy your votes with your own money." - Dave Barry

"Without seeking, truth cannot be known at all. It can neither be declared from pulpits, nor set down in articles, nor in any wise prepared and sold in packages ready for use. Truth must be ground for every man by itself out of it such, with such help as he can get, indeed, but not without stern labor of his own." - John Ruskin

"The whole music business in the United States is based on numbers, based on unit sales and not on quality. It's not based on beauty, it's based on hype and it's based on cocaine. It's based on giving presents of large packages of dollars to play records on the air." - Frank Zappa

"Everyone understands that love comes in many different packages and is used in many different ways. You cannot love beyond your years, nor can you fail to love beneath them.In other words, I think you get the love you need when you open your heart." - Nikki Giovanni

"Something we have to remember is that everything about the internet is interconnected. All of our systems are not just common to us because of the network links between them, but because of the software packages, because of the hardware devices that comprise it. The same router that's deployed in the United States is deployed in China." - Edward Snowden

"The goals of development are always and everywhere stated in terms of consumer value packages standardized around the North Atlantic-and therefore always and everywhere imply more privileges for a few... Underdevelopment is the result of a state of mind common to both socialist and capitalist countries. Present development goals are neither desirable nor reasonable. Unfortunately antiimperialism is no antidote." - Ivan Illich

"I think you will agree that life's plans are not always tied up in neat little packages. Occasionally we find ourselves at unexpected crossroads with more than one opportunity from which to choose. Time itself is often the best indicator of which decision to make, for it can tell so many thing that are now hazy." - Linda Chaikin

"The alternatives [to the stimulus packages] were to do nothing or, worse, effectively replicate the Premiers' Plan of 1931 when governments cut expenditure, thereby compounding the problems created by a private sector already in retreat. The result, of course, was an economic rout, appalling unemployment and a decade of negligible growth through the 1930s" - Kevin Rudd

"Every day that goes by shortens our opportunity of booking it successfully. Whether it's members pulling their condos for personal use, whether it's a convention booking our conference center, whether it's golf packages being booked .. not hearing makes it that much harder to accommodate them." - Bill Vaughan

"We're in the media business today. We're in the business of helping authors and publishers market their books to readers. And that's where we make our money. We sell book launch packages to authors and publishers and really help accelerate, build that early buzz that a book needs to succeed when it launches and accelerate that growth through ads on the site." - Otis Chandler

"There are those who are trying to create an anti-business culture in Britain - and we have to stop them. At stake are not pay packages for a few but jobs and prosperity for the many. Everything in politics encourages more red tape - everyone insists government must step in - 'something must be done' is always the cry. We have to resist these pressures." - George Osborne

"There are remuneration packages that will no longer be tolerated because they bear no relation to merit. That those who create jobs and wealth may earn a lot of money is not shocking. But that those who contribute to destroying jobs and wealth also earn a lot of money is morally indefensible." - Nicolas Sarkozy

"Jesus gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, yet when the Spirit comes, He is loaded with packages! He desires to release much more in us and through us than we could ever imagine. These gifts are given for delivery, not for accumulation. We receive them to pass them on to others." - Jack W. Hayford

"While it is almost certainly true that leaders ought to eat last, the evidence on the ever-widening difference between CEO and average employee pay and the enormous severance packages leaders obtain even as front-line workers see their economic well-being eviscerated makes a mockery of the idea that leaders do anything other than take care of themselves." - Jeffrey Pfeffer

"Banks have come to realize in the recent crisis that they are paying the price for having designed compensation packages which provide incentives that are not, in the long run, in the interests of the banks themselves, and I would like to think that would change." - Mervyn King

"Current nationalism is merely the affirmation of the right of colonial elites to repeat historyand follow the road travelled by the rich toward the universal consumption of internationally marketed packages, a road which can ultimately lead only to universal pollution and universal frustration." - Ivan Illich

"The United States has made a massive effort since the end of the Second World War to secure the dominance of its films in foreign markets - an achievement generally pushed home politically, by writing clauses into various treaties and aid packages." - Fredric Jameson

"Good teachers don't approach a child of this age with overzealousness or with destructive conscientiousness. They're not drill-masters in the military or floor managers in a production system. They are specialists in opening small packages. They give the string a tug but do it carefully. They don't yet know what's in the box. They don't know if it's breakable." - Jonathan Kozol

"Every comedian is furious. Age makes me angry. I'm unhappy at not being able to open packages anymore. I'm angry that libraries have gone. I hate children on planes. I'm very shallow, so they tend to be little things. To be honest, I think I was probably angry the day I was born, you know, about diapers or something." - Joan Rivers

"Animals that we eat are raised for food in the most economical way possible, and the serious food producers do it in the most humane way possible. I think anyone who is a carnivore needs to understand that meat does not originally come in these neat little packages." - Julia Child

"We have to remember we're in a global economy. The purpose of fiscal stimulus is not simply to sustain activity in our national economies, but to help the global economy as well, and that's why it's so critical that measures in those packages avoid anything that smacks of protectionism." - Stephen Harper

"From the takeover of Detroit and the failed stimulus packages to the enactment of Obamacare, the president and congressional Democrats chose to use Americas economic crisis as an excuse to expand government rather than as an opportunity to responsibly shrink it." - Jeb Hensarling

"Spray a book with insect spray, drop it in a bag, add some mothballs and seal it. Put it in another bag and seal it. Another. The packages piled up on the floor, each a book sealed in four plastic envelopes." - Larry Niven

"Christmas can have a real melancholy aspect, 'cause it packages itself as this idea of perfect family cohesion and love, and you're always going to come up short when you measure your personal life against the idealized personal lives that are constantly thrust in our faces, primarily by TV commercials." - Dan Savage

"The fact that people still know us is, in my opinion, a result of our music and of the big money that runs the music industry today. The people who control the industry are accountants who recycle everything in new, nostalgic packages, and everything else, to make more money." - Rick Wright

"Houston is my team, always and forever. But with the new TV packages, it's so easy to watch every league in the world, and my overseas fandom is driven by the American guys. If Sunderland's on TV, I'll watch Jozy Altidore. I try to watch Geoff Cameron at Stoke. When Clint Dempsey was at Tottenham, I watched a lot of his games." - Andrew Luck

"We're dependent on buying overseas productions and television shows. A lot of the time they come in packages, I think. You take the hit show and you take a couple of other unloved children that they want to get rid of along with the hit show." - Antony Starr

"Unlike return, however, risk is no more quantifiable at the end of an investment that it was at its beginning. Risk simply cannot be described by a single number. Intuitively we understand that risk varies from investment to investment: a government bond is not as risky as the stock of a high-technology company. But investments do not provide information about their risks the way food packages provide nutritional data." - Seth Klarman

"Sometimes we forge our own principles and sometimes we accept others' principles, or holistic packages of principles, such as religion and legal systems. While it isn't necessarily a bad thing to use others' principles - it's difficult to come up with your own, and often much wisdom has gone into those already created - adopting pre-packaged principles without much thought exposes you to the risk of inconsistency with your true values." - Ray Dalio

"Schools are designed on the assumption that there is a secret to everything in life; that the quality of life depends upon knowing that secret; that secrets can only be known in orderly successions; and that only teachers can properly reveal these secrets. An individual with a schooled mind conceives of the world as a pyramid of classified packages accessible only to those who carry the proper tags." - Ivan Illich

"We have the whitest kitchens and the most shining bathrooms in the world. But in the lovely white kitchen the average [person] ca' produce a meal fit to eat, and the lovely shining bathroom is mostly a receptacle for deodorants, laxatives, sleeping pills, and the products of that confidence racket called the cosmetic industry. We make the finest packages in the world, Mr Marlowe. The stuff inside is mostly junk." -" - Raymond Chandler

"We have the whitest kitchens and the most shining bathrooms in the world. But in the lovely white kitchen the average [person] can't produce a meal fit to eat, and the lovely shining bathroom is mostly a receptacle for deodorants, laxatives, sleeping pills, and the products of that confidence racket called the cosmetic industry. We make the finest packages in the world, Mr Marlowe. The stuff inside is mostly junk." -" - Raymond Chandler

"When you're in these movie deals and the studios are talking, they're putting business deals and packages together, but they're making calls based on previous relationships. They go, "Oh, let's call this actor because we did this with him, and he might like him. Does he like him? Let's piece them together." There's a brain behind that puzzle, and I want to be the brain." - Kevin Hart

"Now some people when they sit down to write and nothing special comes, no good ideas, are so frightened that they drink a lot of strong coffee to hurry them up, or smoke packages of cigarettes, or take drugs or get drunk. They do not know that ideas come slowly, and that the more clear, tranquil and unstimulated you are, the slower the ideas come, but the better they are." - Brenda Ueland

"I often wonder whether real conversation in real time may eventually give way to these sanitized and easier screen dialogues, in much the same way as killing, skinning and butchering an animal to eat has been replaced by the convenience of packages of meat on the supermarket shelf... Perhaps future generations will recoil with similar horror at the messiness, unpredictability and immediate personal involvement of a three-dimensional, real-time interaction." - Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield

"You know, when Arnold Palmer came on TV with an old tractor and told me to buy Pennzoil, I bought that, and when Dale Jarrett advertises UPS, I can go along with that, too. But I don't think having an 18-year-old, somebody who's probably gotten five packages in his life and they were all 'Girls Gone Wild' videos, tell me what delivery service I should use would have much effect on me." - Kyle Petty

"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." - Dr. Seuss

"Deep down inside we know that the best gifts don't come from catalogs or shopping malls. They don't come in brightly-colored packages or fancy envelopes and they're not sitting under a tree somewhere... The best gifts come from the heart. They come when we look at each other, REALLY look at each other and say 'You mean a lot to me' or 'I'm so glad you're a part of my life.' A gift like that will never go out of style or be forgotten or be returned for a different size. A gift like that can change the world." - Ron Atchison

"You really feel like you're on the cutting edge and you know you are because all the camera equipment you take for granted doesn't exist for 3-D. So all the cranes with all the stabilized heads, they don't work on 3-D because they're all built for lightweight camera packages. As soon as you kind of put two cameras together and all the other crap that they need and the cabling to go back to the computers, we've literally, the cranes on these movies, they break after a couple of days." - Paul W. S. Anderson

"Our assaults on the ecosystem are so powerful, so numerous, so finely interconnected, that although the damage they do is clear, it is very difficult to discover how it was done. By which weapon? In whose hand? Are we driving the ecosphere to destruction simply by our growing numbers? By our greedy accumulation of wealth? Or are the machines which we have built to gain this wealth-the magnificent technology that now feeds us out of neat packages, that clothes us in man-made fibers, that surrounds us with new chemical creations-at fault?" - Barry Commoner

"Some of my clothes are things that we'd play dress up with when we were little, and it's funny that now I'm wearing it like as an everyday thing. But if I say 'vintage' or 'thrifted' on the blog, there's this community of fashion bloggers and I've become sort of tight with some of them, and we like just send each other packages. If I'm thrifting and I find this great dress but it won't fit me and I won't grow into it because I'm impossibly tiny, I don't want to let it sit there. I'll buy it and send it to a friend." - Tavi Gevinson



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