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Offering Advice Quotes


"Ask before offering advice or reassurance." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"There are all sorts of books offering advice on how to deal with life-threatening situations, but where's the advice on dealing with embarrassing ones?" - Ellen Degeneres

"It is very difficult to live among people you love and hold back from offering them advice." - Anne Tyler

"Agreeable advice is seldom useful advice." - Jean Baptiste Massillon

"Distrust interested advice." - Aesop

"Jesus never gave advice" - John Bevere

"Often, instead of offering empathy, we have a strong urge to give advice or reassurance and to explain our own position or feeling." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Someone can have the best intentions,' Markov said, 'but offering the wrong advice, the wrong help at the wrong time, can be worse than not helping at all." - Tonya Hurley

"The best advice comes from people who don't give advice." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"If anybody seeks your advice, offer right and sincere advice." - Abu Bakr

"Advice, the smallest current coin." - Ambrose Bierce

"Free advice is often overpriced." - Charles E. McKenzie

"Advice is always a confession." - Andre Maurois

"I don't give investment advice." - Craig Mccaw

"Don't take too much advice." - Ben Silbermann

"Never give advice unless asked." - Proverbs

". . . if you can tell the difference between good advice and bad advice, you don't need advice." - Laurence J Peter

"The best advice is this: Don't take advice and don't give advice." - Anonymous

"Advice, First Law of: The correct advice to give is the advice that is desired." - Paul Dickson

"The fear of failure is so great, it is no wonder that the desire to do right by one's children has led to a whole library of books offering advice on how to raise them" - Bruno Bettelheim

"One of the best things about being a Yankee is that you have guys like Whitey Ford, Phil Rizzuto, Ron Guidry and Reggie Jackson wandering around the locker room offering you advice." - Derek Jeter

"Prioritizing listening to their child or adolescent is extremely important. It can be very hard to listen to someone who is upset or troubled without offering advice or suggestions or otherwise telling him or her what to do." - Timothy Carey

"The fear of failure is so great, it is no wonder that the desire to do right by one's children has led to a whole library of books offering advice on how to raise them." - Bruno Bettelheim

"As a Christian I take it for granted that human history will some day end; and I am offering Omniscience no advice as to the best date for that consummation." - C S Lewis

"We give nothing so freely as advice." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Some people are immune to good advice." - Saul

"Advice to persons about to marry - don't" - Henry Mayhew

"Advice maybe wrong, but examples prove themselves." - Josh Billings

"Advice is a form of nostalgia." - Baz Luhrmann

"People don't want advice...only corroboration." - John Steinbeck

"Hillary Clinton needs no advice from anyone." - Nancy Pelosi

"Advice is least heeded when most needed." - Proverbs

"Ask advice only of your equals." - Proverbs

"No one wants advice, only collaboration." - John Steinbeck

"Advice, n. The smallest current coin." - Ambrose Bierce

"Can love be controll'd by advice?" - John Gay

"Forever in debt to your priceless advice." - Kurt Cobain

"Don't give advice unless you're asked." - Amy Alcott

"No vice is so bad as advice." - Marie Dressler

"We ask advice, but we mean approbation." - Charles Caleb Colton

"A fop sometimes gives important advice." - Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

"No enemy is worse than bad advice." - Sophocles

"I try to avoid giving advice." - Scott Adams

"Advice? Look at your pay statements." - Oscar Isaac

"Listen to advice, but follow your heart." - Conway Twitty

"Never give advice in a crowd." - Pope Paul Vi

"It is not enough to criticize society without offering a workable alternative." - Jacque Fresco

"Philosophy is good advice, and no one gives good advice at the top of his lungs." - Seneca the Younger

"The advice I would give to someone is to not take anyone's advice." - Eddie Murphy

"Take good advice, make sure it is good advice, then do it your way." - Vidal Sassoon

"Shun advice at any price - that's what I call good advice." - Piet Hein

"Whoever gives advice to a heedless man is himself in need of advice." - Saadi

"When you seek advice, do not withhold any facts from the person whose advice you seek." - Abu Bakr

"It seems that bad advice that's fun will always be better known than than good advice that's dull-no matter how useless that fun advice is." - Scott Berkun

"Surprisingly enough, I haven't had a letter from Amateur Boxing Scotland bosses offering their congratulations for my Melbourne medal win." - Kenny Anderson

"My Advice is: You always have to keep persevering." - Temple Grandin

"The worst advice in golf is, 'Keep your head down.'" - Patty Sheehan

"We may give advice, but we cannot give conduct." - Benjamin Franklin

"Bad advice is often most fatal to the adviser." - Aulus Persius Flaccus

"[Advice to Bessie Smith:] Let your soul do the singin'." - Ma Rainey

"'T was good advice, and meant, my son, Be good." - George Crabbe

"The most consistent gift and burden of motherhood is advice." - Susan Chira

"No one can give you better advice than yourself." - Cicero

"Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself." - Cicero

"We are never so generous as when giving advice." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"I give good advice. I do not always take it." - Laurell K Hamilton

"A pint of example is worth a gallon of advice." - Anonymous

"Anybody who ask for advice nowadays just hasn't been listening." - Anonymous

"Giving advice was a lot harder than following it." - Richelle Mead

"Fashion advice from the Tooth Fairy, that's great." - John Cena

"Back-to-School Chats - Advice from Mothers to their Daughters" - George Bradt

"Advice is like rain that soaks everything without being sought." - Timothy Brook

"The brain may take advice, but not the heart." - Truman Capote

"Always ask for advice but never take it." - Gustav Holst

"If we followed our own advice, we'd be successful." - Fred Astaire

"My advice is to make acting your second career choice" - Amber Tamblyn

"Unsolicited advice is the junk mail of life." - Bernard Williams

"Advice is cheap; you can take it from me." - Billy Joel

"Write more. That's the advice I would give myself." - John Larroquette

"Bill Clinton was giving the Clinton campaign the best advice." - Mary Matalin

"My advice to you is never stop believing." - Lance Armstrong

"A good example has twice the value of good advice" - Albert Schweitzer

"Advice to artists: always take the opportunity to shut up." - Bill Jay

"And with my advice, faith I wish you'd take me." - Samuel Lover

"Tis the advisor who suffers from bad advice." - Anonymous

"Don't give cherries to pigs or advice to fools." - Proverbs

"Few take advice, or physic, without wry faces at it." - Augustus Hare

"A good example has twice the value of good advice." - Anonymous

"Rash, adj. Insensible to the value of our advice." - Ambrose Bierce

"The worst men often give the best advice." - Philip James Bailey

"T was good advice, and meant, my son, Be good." - George Crabbe

"We may bestow advice, but we cannot inspire the conduct." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"You simply *must* stop taking advice from other people." - Alvin Toffler

"EXPERT: An ordinary man away from home giving advice." - Oscar Wilde

"It's only advice. Ignore it if you want." - Sarah Dessen

"Advice to intellectuals: let no-one represent you." - Theodor Adorno

"I don't give my advice unless it's asked for." - Blythe Danner

"Ask Mother for advice on breaking into show business." - Jack Davenport

"I feel arrogant trying to give people advice." - Jeremy Irvine

"The Golden Rule will always be good advice!" - Jay Asher

"I think it's important to have professional lessons or advice." - Delta Goodrem

"No one can give you better advice than yourself." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"I have no advice for anyone on how to live." - Abbas Kiarostami

"Advice is such a tricky thing when you're young." - Jena Malone

"I love when people on Twitter give advice." - Jake M. Johnson

"One can give advice comfortably from a safe port." - Friedrich Schiller

"Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"There is nothing men are so generous of as advice." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Advice to Persons About to Write History - Don't." - Lord Acton

"Hazard not your wealth on a poor man's advice." - Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena

"I hate giving advice, because people won't take it." - Jack Nicholson

"Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice." - Francois De La Rochefouca

"There is nothing men are so generous of as advice." - Francois De La Rochefouca

"It's always fun when people ask you for advice." - Carine Roitfeld

"I don't ask other artists for too much advice." - Blake Shelton

"There is nothing more hateful than bad advice." - Sophocles

"Kids, don't be too big to accept advice." - Hack Wilson

"Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties." - Aesop

"The worst men often give the best advice." - Francis Bacon

"He who is not impressed by sound advice, lacks faith." - Abu Bakr

"Sandler's always good. Tom Hanks gave me some good advice." - Jimmy Fallon

"I love when people on Twitter give advice." - Jake Johnson

"Unless a president can protect the privacy of the advice he gets, he cannot get the advice he needs." - Richard Nixon

"If a rabbit gave advice and the advice wasn't accepted, he immediately forgot it, and so did everyone else." - Richard Adams

"Be careful who you get advice from. I get advice from people who are where I want to be." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Unless a president can protect the privacy of the advice he gets, he cannot get the advice he needs." - Richard M. Nixon

"I create offbeat advice; I don't follow it. I rarely take third-party advice on my investments." - Mark Cuban

"To the grumbler who complains about the unfairness of the market system only one piece of advice can be given: If you want to acquire wealth, then try to satisfy the public by offering them something that is cheaper or which they like better....Equality under the law gives you the power to challenge every millionaire." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing. Instead of offering empathy, we often have a strong urge to give advice or reassurance and to explain our own position or feeling. Empathy, however, calls upon us to empty our mind and listen to others with our whole being." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"To be a deep listener, one of the first things we have to do is give up the need and the desire to give advice. Knowing answers does not require stating them; there are times when offering answers is not helpful, as when a person is in the middle of their own learning process." - John Earle

"Being overseas at the time it all kind of happened was perfect because I had no idea that it was going to attract so much media attention and provoke these lovely people calling in and offering up their opinions and advice." - Cathy Freeman

"There are as many forms of advice as there are colors of the rainbow. Remember that good advice can come from bad people and bad advice from good people. The important thing about advice is that it is simply that. Advice." - Al Franken

"Advice,' Dona Vorchenza chuckled. 'Advice. The years play a sort of alchemical trick, transmuting one's mutterings to a state of respectability. Give advice at forty and you're a nag. Give it at seventy and you're a sage." - Scott Lynch

"I will offer thanks for someone who paid a price for offering compassion to me. I will place myself beneath the cross of another who needs my compassion." - Joyce Rupp

"Such a Saint, such an offering." - George Herbert

"Food should be a love offering." - Swami Satchidananda

"The picture is like a prayer, an offering, and hopefully an opening through which to seek what we don't know, or already know and should take seriously." - Emmet Gowin

"But few have spoken of the actual pleasure derived from giving to someone, from creating something, from finishing a task, form offering unexpected help almost invisibly and anonymously." - Paul Lester Wiener

"The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing." - Esther Hicks

"True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share." - Suze Orman

"Imagination is a screen onto which the evil spirits can 'project' images, temptations presented as stimulating entertainments, offering us pleasurable rewards if we give in to the temptation." - Michael Obrien

"Better to die in the pursuit of civilized values, we believed, than in a flight underground. We were offering a value system couched in the language of science." - John Charles Polanyi

"We have heeded no wisdom offering guidance." - Dora Russell

"We will announce a new offering, where you can get a CA expert on your PC live, via video, on a range of topics about a product." - Sanjay Kumar

"Giving material goods is one form of generosity, but one can extend an attitude of generosity into all one's behavior. Being kind, attentive, and honest in dealing with others, offering praise where it is due, giving comfort and advice where they are needed, and simply sharing one's time with someone - all these are forms of generosity, and they do not require any particular level of material wealth." - Dalai Lama

"What advice do you have for writers working on their first novels?If you feel called to write a book, consider it a gift. Look around you. What assistance is the universe offering you as support? I was given an amazing mentor, a poet, Eleanor Drewry Dolan, who taught me the importance of every word. To my utter amazement, there were times she found it necessary to consult three dictionaries to evaluate one word." - Kathleen Grissom

"I looked at all friends, and did not find a better friend than safeguarding the tongue. I thought about all dresses, but did not find a better dress than piety. I thought about all types of wealth, but did not find a better wealth than contentment in little. I thought of all types of good deeds, but did not find a better deed than offering good advice. I looked at all types of sustenance, but did not find a better sustenance than patience." - Umar

"With infinite life comes an infinite list of relatives. Grandparents never die, nor do great grandparents, great-aunts...and so on, back through the generations, all alive and offering advice. Sons never escape from the shadows of their fathers. Nor do daughters of their mothers. No one ever comes into his own...Such is the cost of immortality. No person is whole. No person is free." - Alan Lightman

"Whoever gives advice to a sick person acquires a feeling of superiority over him, whether the advice be accepted or rejected." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"As an advice columnist, I spend a lot of time reading through psychology journals to ensure that I give the most up-to-date advice." - Amy Dickinson



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