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Offense And Defense Quotes


"Criticize on defense and encourage on offense." - John Brady

"The offense sells tickets and the defense wins the games." - Lindsey Nelson

"As coaches we talk about two things: offense and defense. There is a third phase we neglect, which is more important. It's conversion from offense to defense and defense to offense." - Bobby Knight

"A good football team plays offense and defense. You have to be aggressive and disrupt." - Vince Flynn

"I think of customer service as an offense and not a defense" - Gary Vaynerchuk

"They say that the best defense is offense, and I intend to start offending right now." - Anonymous

"The vote is a power, a weapon of offense and defense, a prayer." - Carrie Chapman Catt

"Football is one-third offense, one-third defense, and one-third special teams." - George Allen

"God's first line of defense - and offense - for every situation is prayer." - Joyce Meyer

"The best defense is a good offense." - Jack Dempsey

"Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships." - Bear Bryant

"The best defense is a good offense." - Proverbs

"In war the only sure defense is offense, and the efficiency of the offense depends on the warlike souls of those conducting it." - George S Patton

"The longer the life the more the offense, the more the offense the more the pain, the more the pain the less defense and the less defense the less the gain." - Thomas Wyatt

"The longer the life the more the offense, the more the offense the more the pain, the more the pain the less the defense and the less the defense the less the gain." - Thomas Wyatt

"We teach offense 5-0/5-5 (whole method) and defense by part (1-1/3-3)." - Dick Bennett

"I think the important point is the turning point in combining offense and defense in a reasonable way." - Fred Ikle

"Offense sells tickets, defense wins games, rebounding wins championships." - Pat Summitt

"Winning is more related to good defense than good offense" - Jack Ramsay

"Concentrate on defense because the offense will come." - Andrew Bogut

"Defense is a lot more natural to me than offense." - Scott Rolen

"When there is no offense I make no defense." - Charles Grandison Finney

"Offense is spacing and spacing is offense." - Chuck Daly

"Defense wins championships. A good offense is beat by a good defense, always." - Eric Bolling

"I've been in international competition, and now I know what the big boys can do. You don't go out and just run. There's an offense and a defense." - Steve Prefontaine

"The strategies of offense and defense are very similar between chess and football. Chess really brought closeness to the team back in those days." - Rubin Carter

"Humor is a great defense, and an offense too. Usually the recipient isn't too happy about it, but the people around are laughing." - Robin Williams

"As your captain, I'm going to push you to not fall back on defense, but to play offense, and to play our match - the Gospel, together." - Pope Francis

"I don't use a ring of any kind on my phone. This is so that I am always on offense and never defense." - Dave Morin

"I do' use a ring of any kind on my phone. This is so that I am always on offense and never defense." - Dave Morin

"The only defense is offense, which means that you have to kill more women and children more quickly than the enemy if you wish to save yourselves." - Stanley Baldwin

"We have switched from defense to offense and in this battle all the members of the Hamas leadership are legitimate targets." - Tzachi Hanegbi

"You have to give it to the Packers. They are a good team. They have a great offense and a great defense." - Rob Gronkowski

"I am disappointed, but I am realistic too. When you put your defense back on the field repeatedly, the offense needs to do its job and the defense needs to get itself off the field." - Les Miles

"Your defense will save you on the nights that your offense isn't working." - Adolph Rupp

"I see neither bravery nor sacrifice in destroying life or property, for offense or defense." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Installing a new offense is harder than a new defense. It just takes time." - Joe Montana

"Balls and strikes are the basic tenet to everything in baseball. From the perspective of hitting, pitching, offense and defense, it's all about the strike zone and how the battle is waged there between the pitcher and hitter." - Doug Harvey

"I know the rigors of the NBA and what these guys can expect. I know my job is to prepare them, to get them in shape. We'll find a good offense and a good defense. And then let's do it." - Larry Bird

"I will make certain that our military is the best in the world in both cyber offense and defense and in every other way, by the way, every other way." - Donald Trump

"I want each and every West Virginian to have bragging rights. I want to stop playing defense and start playing offense. So, together, let us grab the reins of history." - Joe Manchin

"In middle school, I played quarterback. I was at a tiny school, so you played offense and defense - I played linebacker, and in high school I stopped playing around my sophomore year because of my acting stuff." - Jesse Plemons

"Truth is not only a matter of offense, in that it makes certain assertions. It is also a matter of defense in that it must be able to make a cogent and sensible response to the counterpoints that are raised." - Ravi Zacharias

"It's fun to play defense. It's fun to watch the opponent sweat on offense, start complaining to the officials, and eventually be taken out of the game because he's making so many offensive mistakes" - Maury John

"Here, every private person is authorized to arm himself, and on the strength of this authority, I do not deny the inhabitants had a right to arm themselves at that time, for their defense, not for offense..." - John Adams

"The bomber will always get through. The only defense is in offense, which means that you have to kill more women and children more quickly that the enemy if you want to save yourselves." - Stanley Baldwin

"Bobby Knight told me this: "There is nothing that a good defense-cannot beat a better offense." In other words a good offense wins." - Dan Quayle

"Bobby Knight told me this: 'There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.' In other words a good offense wins." - Dan Quayle

"I believe the war on terror is the vital discussion of this decade and of our generation, probably. To win the war on terror, you need a good offense and a good defense. On defense, I regret to say, basically, this administration has not come close to doing what is necessary." - Charles Schumer

"I believe the war on terror is the vital discussion of this decade and of our generation, probably. To win the war on terror, you need a good offense and a good defense. On defense, I regret to say, basically, this administration has not come close to doing what is necessary." - Chuck Schumer

"It would seem to me... an offense against nature, for us to come on the same scene endowed as we are with the curiosity, filled to overbrimming as we are with questions, and naturally talented as we are for the asking of clear questions, and then for us to do nothing about, or worse, to try to suppress the questions..." - Lewis Thomas

"Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings." - Patrick Henry

"If you're a great defensive player, you're a great defensive player 100% of the time. You can't be a great defensive player half of the time because you didn't get the ball once or twice. That can't sidetrack you. It's got to be 'I live for my defense, and my offense I'll get. But I can't let it affect my defense. Nothing affects my defense.'" - Doc Rivers

"Regardless of how well you can be offensively, if you have a great defense, you can deal with any offense." - Ray Lewis

"Whatever I can do to help our team, whether it's defense or offense, I'm going to do it." - Eric Staal

"For the first time in Rex Ryan's career as a head coach, his offense is now better than his defense." - Sterling Sharpe

"He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool." - Brigham Young

"A powerful Navy we have always regarded as our proper and natural means of defense; and it has always been of defense that we have thought, never of aggression or of conquest. But who shall tell us now what sort of Navy to build? We shall take leave to be strong upon the seas, in the future as in the past; and there will be no thought of offense or provocation in that. Our ships are our natural bulwarks." - Woodrow Wilson

"Christianity stands or falls with its revolutionary protest against violence, arbitrariness and pride of power and with its plea for the weak. Christians are doing too little to make these points clear rather than too much. Christendom adjusts itself far too easily to the worship of power. Christians should give more offense, shock the world far more, than they are doing now. Christian should take a stronger stand in favor of the weak rather than considering first the possible right of the strong." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"You've got a huge American population, you've got a small, small, small subset that is radicalized, and you have an even smaller subset that actually takes action. And you can't cover everyone who has some contact, someone bad. What you need is offense overseas, defense at home with intelligence and law enforcement, and really deep engagement with these communities." - Michael Leiter

"The type of athletes we draft still need types of versatility on the defense side of the ball, run the offense. You should still be concerned on the offense side of the ball." - Isaiah Thomas

"I've never had a quarterback run-driven offense. We don't run designed plays where we snap the ball directly to the quarterback and he's just running it. If the defense is cheating and overcompensating for your running back, then the quarterback needs to keep (it) honest." - Chip Kelly

"The other thing was that when I was at the University of Miami, we ran a pro-style offense and defense. I started each year by going to a pro training camp, I visited with various pro coaches, and I did this for five years." - Jimmy Johnson

"The community of technical experts who really manage the internet, who built the internet and maintain it, are becoming increasingly concerned about the activities of agencies like the NSA or Cyber Command, because what we see is that defense is becoming less of a priority than offense." - Edward Snowden

"You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging leaping from their mouths. Silence? No." - Alison Mcghee

"The word of God is the Christian soul's best weapon, and it is essential to have it with him always. In doubt it decides, in consultation it directs; in anxiety it reassures; in sorrow it comforts; in failure it encourages; in defense it protects; in offense it is mightier than the mighty." - Wilfred Grenfell

"In other words, truth is not only a matter of offense, in that it makes certain assertions. It is also a matter of defense in that it must be able to make a cogent and sensible response to the counterpoints that are raised." - Ravi Zacharias

"Imagine what the world could be if we were on the offense with love instead of on the defense with hate." - Carlos Salinas De Gortari

"J.J. Watt, he does on defense what Andrew Luck does on offense. He inspires those around him, he makes them better." - Bill Cowher

"Some libs took offense at my David Broder quip earlier. In my own defense, I was taught in college it's OK to disrespect dead white males." - James Taranto

"Imagine what the world could be if we were on the offense with love instead of on the defense with hate." - Carlos Salinas

"Defense is something I take pride in. I feel it's just as important as offense. They should have RBIs for defensive plays." - Derrek Lee

"Obviously defense is my strength, but I still need to improve on that. I need to improve on offense. Every part." - Avery Bradley

"I think teams win. I don't think offense wins. I don't think defense wins. I don't think special teams - teams win." - Dabo Swinney

"Defense is on the fly, it's reactive; you have to react to the offense. I have to prevent someone from doing something when they want to do it." - Charles Tillman

"I wasn't a bad basketball player, but I was far from the world's greatest. Good defense, no offense - that was me." - Chuck Connors

"The gospel cannot be truly preached without offense and tumult." - Martin Luther

"And where the offense is, let the great axe fall." - William Shakespeare

"Pardon one offense, and you encourage the commission of many." - Publilius Syrus

"Refusal to forgive reveals we have minimized our offense against God and we have maximized a brother's offense against us." - Alistair Begg

"You make yourself and others suffer just as much when you take offense as when you give offense." - Ken Keyes Jr.

"If it is a first offense, you ground them and have a talk. The second offense would call for counseling." - Alan Thicke

"I think we came out and got the first goals fairly easily and fairly quickly. All of a sudden they started to change the defense and they changed things up on us and I thought we got a little too comfortable. I give their goalie credit, he made some very good saves, but we just wanted to score. We changed some things halfway through the fourth quarter and we were able to generate some shots. I think for most of the year we've been good on offense. We haven't really struggled like that. We knew coming into the season that we'd have to share the ball on offense and really be efficient." - John Desko

"Imposition of the death penalty is arbitrary and capricious. Decision of who will live and who will die for his crime turns less on the nature of the offense and the incorrigibility of the offender and more on inappropriate and indefensible considerations: the political and personal inclinations of prosecutors; the defendant's wealth, race and intellect; the race and economic status of the victim; the quality of the defendant's counsel; and the resources allocated to defense lawyers." - Gerald Heaney

"The foulest damage to our political life comes not from the 'secrets' which they hide from us, but from the little bits of half-truth and disinformation which they do tell us. These are already pre-digested, and then are sicked up as little gobbits of authorised spew. The columns of defense correspondents in the establishment sheets serve as the spittoons." - E P Thompson

"We got to stop people. We go ahead and we score 100 points every night, but we give up more. Our whole thing was, we know we can score, and we have to start having some kind of fun on the defensive end. Everybody want to play offense. Not too many people want to play defense. Defense is ego, pride, and that's the way we've been coming out, just taking the challenge. Man-on-man first, and having each other's back when a guy gets beat." - Allen Iverson

"You have to be intelligent. You have to know what other guys are doing because you're in the back end and you see everything, so you have to alert others what to be ready for, and that makes it easier on everyone. It's just like playing offense, but now you're the quarterback of the defense, and you need to be vocal and take on that leadership responsibility. If you do, everything else becomes easier." - Calvin Pryor

"...chess is "a lot like football because you have to set up your offense and your defense, every once in a while you need to give up a piece of your team in order to make the big play. It's a game of patience, and that pretty much defines how I run the ball. I'm patient, always looking for the opportunity and always trying to capitalize on the other person's mistake."" - Priest Holmes

"That's how you win - pitching and defense." - Derek Jeter

"We're importing Hinduism into America. The whole thought of your karma, of meditation, of the fact that there's no end of life and there's this endless wheel of life, this is all Hinduism. Chanting too. Many of those chants are to Hindu Gods - Vishnu, Hare Krishna. The origin of it is all demonic. We can't let that stuff come into America. We've got the best defense, if you will - a good offense." - Pat Robertson

"In representing criminal defendants especially guilty ones it is often necessary to take the offensive against the government: to put the government on trial for its misconduct. In law, as in sports, the best defense is often a good offense. The courtroom oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is applicable only to witnesses... because the American justice system is built on a foundation of not telling the whole entire truth." - Alan Dershowitz

"There is no adequate defense, except stupidity, against the impact of a new idea." - Percy Williams Bridgman

"Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense." - Steve Landesberg

"We must apply our humble efforts to the construction of a more just and humane world. And I want to declare emphatically: Such a world is possible. To create this new society, we must present outstretched and friendly hands, without hatred and rancor, even as we show great determination and never waver in the defense of truth and justice. Because we know that we cannot sow seeds with clenched fists. To sow we must open our hands." - Adolfo Perez Esquivel

"In self-defense and in defense of the innocent, cowardice is the only sin." - Dean Koontz

"Defense is attack, attack is defense, each being the cause and result of the other." - Bruce Lee

"When the lights go out at a power plant sometime in the future, we're going to know that that's a consequence of deprioritizing defense for the sake of an advantage in terms of offense." - Edward Snowden

"We know about the Detroit offense with Calvin Johnson, the best receiver in the game. If this defense continues to play at this pace, they may have something to say about the NFC North." - Bill Cowher

"In representing criminal defendants-especially guilty ones-it is often necessary to take the offensive against the government: to put the government on trial for its misconduct. In law, as in sports, the best defense is often a good offense." - Alan Dershowitz

"A major theme in all my books is that the CIA is not only the first line of defense but they should also be the first line of offense." - Vince Flynn

"Republicans spend too much time on defense. We have to be on offense. We have to point out the truth. President Obama stole seven hundred million dollars from Medicare. Republicans want to preserve Medicare. Obamacare robs from Medicare." - Rudy Giuliani

"I'm a big believer in going on offense, and I think Hillary Clinton is the ideal target on whom to go on offense." - Rush Limbaugh

"To take offense is to give offense." - Helen Schucman

"I hope we can build our offense and go out there and win games." - Jamal Lewis

"Even last year I was watching the Celtics and I could see the offense was disheveled." - Kenny Anderson

"Who you are and who you love should never be a fireable offense" - Barack Obama

"If you know your ceremonies and culture you'll know where the offense takes place" - Floyd Red Crow Westerman

"The very existence of the bicycle is an offense to reason and wisdom." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Honey, no offense, but sometimes I think I could shoot you and watch you kick." - Raymond Carver

"It was only his fifth offense, and this time he's killed someone." - Hank Williams, Jr.

"And please, don't take offense. It's not an insult if it's true. - Devyn" - Gena Showalter

"On offense, you can fumble and they still talk about you." - Clinton Portis

"It's so much easier when you've got guys on base and the whole offense is clicking." - Travis Hafner

"To be in America illegally is actually a civil offense and not a criminal one." - Jose Antonio Vargas

"The angels don't take offense if we keep asking over and over again." - Doreen Virtue

"She hugged the offender, and forgave the offense: Sex to the last." - John Dryden

"We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it." - Abraham Lincoln

"A fool contributes nothing worth hearing and takes offense at everything." - Aristotle

"Thou shalt not steal. I mean defensively. On offense, indeed thou shall steal and thou must." - Branch Rickey

"We needed to go back on the offense and offer clear leadership on Iraq." - Condoleezza Rice

"Books and beer are the best and worst defense." - Sherman Alexie

"Ceremony is necessary as the outwork and defense of manners." - Lord Chesterfield

"A loving and fierce defense of economics as a science." - Robert Krulwich

"Art is our defense against hysteria and death." - Theodore Roethke

"Great defense consists of 3 R's: read, react, and rotate." - Peter P. Carr

"In Cookie's defense, it was raining wildcats and rabid dogs." - Darynda Jones

"I've still never gotten behind the defense and been caught." - Chris Johnson

"Every good thing great and small needs defense" - John Muir

"Extol Jewish virtue, modern Zionism and the Israeli Defense Forces." - Geraldo Rivera

"There is no defense against adverse fortune which is so effectual as an habitual sense of humor." - Thomas Wentworth Higginson

"Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name. It is the most effective form of defense spending there is." - Kofi Annan

"The foundation stone of wealth accumulation is defense, and this defense should be anchored by budgeting and planning." - Thomas J. Stanley

"The last four secretaries of defense have pointed out that defense spending creates jobs. So do pornography, prostitution, and narcotics." - Michael Parenti

"Life's an offensive proposition from beginning to end. Maybe those who can't tolerate offense ought to just go ahead and end it all, and maybe those who demand financial compensation for offense ought to have it ended for them." - Tom Robbins

"One cannot too soon forget his errors and misdemeanors. To dwell long upon them is to add to the offense." - Henry David Thoreau

"One cannot too soon forget his errors and misdemeanors; for to dwell upon them is to add to the offense." - Henry David Thoreau

"As his body became more and more defenseless, so his means of offense became steadily more frightful." - Arthur C Clarke

"I look like an accountant. And no offense to accountants! There's some really cool accountants out there." - Jake Lacy

"You know, one of these days, I'm acctually going to take offense if people keep throwing out these slurs. And then things are going to get rather ugly. When we Skandians do take offense, we do it with a battleax." - John Flanagan

"I take offense to that. (Pandora) And I take offense to my sudden need for a testicle retrieval. You know, I would have liked to have fathered children one day. (Mike)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"You make yourself and others suffer just as much when you take offense as when you give offense Ken Keys, JR The more you depend on forces outside yourself, the more you are dominated by them." - Harold Sherman

"Offense is not equal opportunity" - Bobby Knight

"Once the Hack-a-Shaq works once, you know I'm going to see it again. The only thing worse for basketball than that defense is the Lack-a-Shaq offense, where I have to go to the bench because of foul trouble. There is no fun in that." - Shaquille O'Neal

"It is just as much an offense to take offense as it is to give offense." - Ken Kesey

"Resentment seems to have been given us by nature for a defense, and for a defense only! It is the safeguard of justice and the security of innocence." - Adam Smith

"It takes brains. It's not like a forward, where you can get away with scoring and not play defense. On defense you have to be thinking." - Chris Chelios

"Our defense is not in our armaments, nor in science, nor in going underground. Our defense is in law and order." - Albert Einstein

"My continued incarceration has served some good purposes. My defense committee has served as a training ground for other organizers in their defense of freedom and justice." - Leonard Peltier

"Defense is a definite part of the game, and a great part of defense is learning to play it without fouling." - John Wooden

"Michigan has a lot at stake in the defense industry, and the defense industry has a lot at stake in Michigan." - Sander Levin



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