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Offender Quotes


"The offender never pardons." - George Herbert

"Love the offender, yet detest the offense." - Alexander Pope

"The offender, who repents, is not yet lost." - Democritus

"Forgiveness is choosing to see your offender with different eyes." - Max Lucado

"The more estimable the offender, the greater the torment." - Voltaire

"Every shy person is a potential sex offender." - Nelson Rodrigues

"An effective apology focuses more on compassion for the victim than redemption for the offender." - John Kador

"She hugg'd the offender, and forgave the offence; Sex to the last." - John Dryden

"If punishment makes not the will supple it hardens the offender." - John Locke

"Every vice makes its guilt the more conspicuous in proportion to the rank of the offender." - Juvenal

"Here's one redeeming quality about Donald Trump. He's an equal opportunity offender." - Trevor Noah

"She hugged the offender, and forgave the offense: Sex to the last." - John Dryden

"If punishment reaches not the mind and makes not the will supple, it hardens the offender." - John Locke

"To destroy an offender cannot benefit society so much as to redeem him." - L Frank Baum

"I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity offender." - Rick Mercer

"Not forgiving somebody is like drinking poison and hoping that the offender will get sick." - Gary Smalley

"I prefer to be an equal-opportunity offender of the guitar." - Rick Nielsen

"For touching an adversary's man, when it cannot be captured, the offender must move his King." - Howard Staunton

"The burning of the house of the offender is not a permissible punishment for arson. The rape of the offender is not a permissible punishment of a rapist. Why should murder be a permissible punishment for murder?" - Ismail Mahomed

"If ur going to have a war on drugs, have them against ALL drugs, including alcohol, the number one offender." - Bill Hicks

"Punishment as punishment is not admissible unless the offender has had the free will to select his course." - Clarence Darrow

"A lurking pun is the worst pun, one the offender has been waiting to spring on you." - Harry Mahtar

"How shall I lose the sin, yet keep the sense, and love the offender, yet detest the offence?" - Alexander Pope

"Every fault of the mind becomes more conspicuous and more guilty in proportion to the rank of the offender" - Juvenal

"Detached forgiveness-there is a reduction in negative feelings toward the offender, but no reconciliation takes place. Limited forgiveness-there is a reduction in negative feelings toward the offender, and the relationship is partially restored, though there is a decrease in the emotional intensity of the relationship. Full forgiveness-there is a total cessation of negative feelings toward the offender, and the relationship is fully restored." - R. T. Kendall

"There is no satisfaction in vengeance unless the offender has time to realize who it is that strikes him, and why retribution has come upon him." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"Anger requires that the offender should not only be made to grieve in his turn, but to grieve for that particular wrong which has been done by him." - Richard Whately

"In transgressing the law of nature, the offender declares himself to live by another rule than that of reason and common equity." - John Locke

"Conscience is a great ledger book in which all our offences are written and registered, and which time reveals to the sense and feeling of the offender." - Robert Burton

"Compassion to an offender who has grossly violated the laws is, in effect, a cruelty to the peaceable subject who has observed them." - Junius

"How come everybody cheers when chicks flash their T&A, but when I pull out my D&Bs, i'm a registered sex offender." - Daniel Tosh

"There is a manner of forgiveness so divine that you are ready to embrace the offender for having called it forth." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"But the miracle of the redemptive reality of God is that the worst and the vilest offender can never exhaust the depths of His love." - Oswald Chambers

"Have you ever thought about registering as a sex offender just so your friends won't bring their kids over to your house?" - Doug Stanhope

"We are the number one offender Of specieism and yet Here we are reaching out for aliens Looking for our salvation. Pity our emptiness Save our souls." - Happy Rhodes

"Non-reaction is a language that everyone understands. It communicates to the offender and causes him to be upset with the upset that he intended for you." - Roy Masters

"Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons. Neither the offender nor the offended are any more themselves." - Blaise Pascal

"Words can bruise and break hearts, and minds as well. There are no black and blue marks, no broken bones to put in plaster casts, and therefore no prison bars for the offender." - Marlene Dietrich

"Sadly, every year hundreds of children are victimized by a convicted sexual offender. Convicted predators should be put in prison where they belong and kept away from our Nation's children." - Jim Costa

"I have seen the cycle of a non-violent, mentally ill offender who is arrested repeatedly and put into the system repeatedly-never being treated for his illness and, as a result, becoming more and more ill." - Mike Dewine

"The offender needs pity, not wrath; those who must needs be corrected, should be treated with tact and gentleness; and one must be always ready to learn better. 'The best kind of revenge is, not to become like unto them.'" - Marcus Aurelius

"I made a big mistake. There's no doubt about it. But there have been positive testing cases in the past where the offender wasn't attacked to quite the same extent, especially not by other riders." - Patrik Sinkewitz

"Every vice makes its guilt the more conspicuous in proportion to the rank of the offender. [Lat., Omne animi vitium tanto conspectius in se Crimen habet, quanto major qui peccat habetur.]" - Juvenal

"It is said that the offender never forgives. Certainly it is quite explicitly hard for the one in the wrong to do so. And it takes more spiritual asset than continued alcohol often leaves." - Louise Jordan Miln

"How easy it is to forgive and loose the most violent offender, when in tears, they repent. How difficult it is forgiving our own self, for the eyes of our reflection will always expose our untold sins." - Stefanie Schneider

"I am always surprised when I see several cameras, a gaggle on lenses, filters, meters, et cetera, rattling around in a soft bag with a complement of refuse and dust. Sometimes the professional is the worst offender!" - Ansel Adams

"Crime is a violation of people and relationships. It creates obligations to make things right. Justice involves the victim, the offender and the community in a search for solutions which promote repair, reconciliation and reassurance" - Howard Zehr

"I support the death penalty for the kingpin, the guy at the top, but I don't think you should throw a drug offender in jail for five years, and let a mugger out after a year." - Charles Schumer

"The things that happen here do not seem to mean anything; they mean something somewhere else. Somewhere else retribution will come on the real offender. Here it often seems to fall on the wrong person." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"For both the offender and the victim, the pain is there, often unacknowledged and that is when it can cause harm through festering. When I ignore a physical wound, it does not go away. No, it festers and goes bad." - Desmond Tutu

"Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment. It is a choice to show mercy, not to hold the offense up against the offender. Forgiveness is an expression of love." - Gary Chapman

"It doesn't help to wait until something happens and then prosecute the offenders, especially if it's the idea of the offender to extinguish himself in the commission of the crime." - John Ashcroft

"I believe comedy should be free to go anywhere. I believe that there is tasteful and untasteful, I think they're very close to each other, and it's how you handle it tonally. But I'm an equal opportunity offender." - David Dobkin

"I went through quite a few establishments that maybe weren't great for myself - security units, youth-offender places. I guess that was going to the lions' den. Social services said, 'You've got to go to some sort of school.'" - King Krule

"The end of satire is the amendment of vices by correction; and he who writes honestly is no more an enemy to the offender than the physician to the patient when he prescribes harsh remedies." - John Dryden

"It is organized violence on top which creates individual violence at the bottom. It is the accumulated indignation against organized wrong, organized crime, organized injustice, which drives the political offender to act." - Emma Goldman

"For any victim, particularly us Americans, it is difficult to see ourselves through the eyes of our offender. But for any victim it is the most salutary thing to do." - Miroslav Volf

"I should have forfeited my own self-respect, and perhaps the good opinion of my countrymen, if I had failed to resent such an injury by calling the offender in question to a personal account." - Preston Brooks

"The Risen Christ proclaimed not that we 'have to forgive,' but rather, that at last we CAN forgive-and thereby free ourselves from consuming bitterness and the offender from our binding condemnation. This process requires genuine human anger and grief, plus-and here is the awful cost of such freedom-a humble willingness to see the offender as God sees that person, in all his or her terrible brokenness and need for God's saving power. I would never tell another, 'You have to forgive.'" - Gordon Dalbey

"As President, I will institute a procedure in which all convicted criminals will have this brass ring will be surgically implanted into their foreheads-Americans have a right to know who they can trust. I don't care if you're 5, 6, or 7 years old, if you're a first-time offender, you're gonna go to Purgatory and it's not gonna be fun!" - Bob Backlund

"My uncomfortable duty as a Christian is to confess the truth, so lethal to our self-centered human nature: 'Jesus, who suffered your sin unto his own death, calls you likewise to forgive, so that God's purposes may be accomplished in both you and your offender." - Gordon Dalbey

"Why forgive one who wrongs you? Because if you angrily strike back you misrepresent your own divine soul nature-you are no better than your offender. But if you manifest spiritual strength you are blessed, and the power of your righteous behavior will also help the other person to overcome his misunderstanding." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"A vice sanctioned by the general opinion is merely a vice. The evil terminates in itself. A vice condemned by the general opinion produces a pernicious effect on the whole character. The former is a local malady; the latter, constitutional taint. When the reputation of the offender is lost, he too often flings the remainder of his virtue after it in despair." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"Our current criminal justice system has no provision for restorative justice, in which an offender confronts the damage they have done and tries to make it right for the people they have harmed. Instead, our system of "corrections" is about arm's-length revenge and retribution, all day and all night." - Piper Kerman

"Nor to rebuke the rich offender fear'd; His preaching much, but more his practice wrought, (A living sermon of the truths he taught,) For this by rules severe his life he squar'd, That all might see the doctrine which they heard." - John Dryden

"The proud he tam'd, the penitent he cheer'd: Nor to rebuke the rich offender fear'd. His preaching much, but more his practice wrought; (A living sermon of the truths he taught:) For this by rules severe his life he squar'd: That all might see the doctrines which they heard." - John Dryden

"If an offender has committed murder, he must die. In this case, no possible substitute can satisfy justice. For there is no parallel between death and even the most miserable life, so that there is no equality of crime and retribution unless the perpetrator is judicially put to death." - Immanuel Kant

"To harbor no envy, no anger, no resentment against an offender is still not to have charity for him. It is possible, without any charity, to avoid rendering evil for evil. But to render, spontaneously, good for evil - such belongs to a perfect spiritual love." - Maximus the Confessor

"It frequently happens that offenses are committed when the offender is not aware of it. Something he has said or done is misconstrued or misunderstood. The offended one treasures in his heart the offense, adding to it such other things as might give fuel to the fire and justify his conclusions..." - Spencer W. Kimball

"The gentleman does not needlessly and unnecessarily remind an offender of a wrong he may have committed against him. He cannot only forgive, he can forget; and he strives for that nobleness of self and mildness of character which impart sufficient strength to let the past be but the past. A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others." - Robert E Lee

"If the Government is going to intrude upon the sacred ground of the First Amendment and tell its citizens that their exercise of protected speech could land them in jail, the law imposing such a penalty must clearly define the prohibited speech not only for the potential offender but also for the potential enforcer." - Ronald L. Buckwalter

"We are concerned here only with the imposition of capital punishment for the crime of murder, and when a life has been taken deliberately by the offender, we cannot say that the punishment is invariably disproportionate to the crime. It is an extreme sanction suitable to the most extreme of crimes." - Potter Stewart

"I've got a 15-year old son and a 10-year old daughter, and if they were going to do one of the following things: be an alcoholic; be a drug offender; beat their wife or husband; or gamble. I hope they would gamble." - Pete Rose

"Everything written, if it has anything in it, will offend someone, and if the mere taking of offence was to amount to a licence to kill the offender, well the world would be sadly underpopulated of novelists, columnists, bloggers, and the writers of editorials." - Rex Murphy

"I have never heard a doping offender say he felt good about doing it. Not a single one. Some athletes justify their actions by saying it enabled them to afford a bigger house or a better car. But they are never really happy. They know that they are not real winners." - Travis Tygart

"Even if people hate my other movies, and hate me, or whatever, I think from this point of view, Postal is the most important movie after September 11. It's not respecting any edge, any border, any nation, any religion - it's an all-type offender. I think that only if everybody gets a little pissed about something then you will start thinking about your situation." - Uwe Boll

"I've learned not to take things personally. We can get offended by anything if we want to. It's not hard to hurt someone's feelings; all they have to do is believe what the offender is saying to be true. No one knows me like I know me, and therefore, no one can hurt me." - Melanie Iglesias

"If the clan did not exact punishment for an offense against the great goddess, her wrath was loosed on all the land and not just on the offender. As the elders said, if one finger brought oil it soiled all the others." - Chinua Achebe

"In the early nineties, I was a cub reporter on a city newspaper in Limerick, and assigned to the courthouse there. One day, an old detective sergeant came and whispered to me in the press pit. He pointed out a young offender, a teenager who was up for stealing a car or something relatively minor, and said, 'See this kid? He'll kill.'" - Kevin Barry

"I believe comedy should be free to go anywhere. I believe that there is tasteful and untasteful, I think they're very close to each other, and it's how you handle it tonally. But I'm an equal opportunity offender. I'm happy to go at anything that has a cause to be laughed at." - David Dobkin

"When a number of crimes - for instance, burglaries - can be linked to the same offender, police often plot the locations on a map. The art of finding the location of the criminal's home based on the crime sites is a key objective in what is known as geographical profiling." - Daniel Goldstein

"If I say, 'I forgive you,' I have implicitly said you have done something wrong to me. But what forgiveness is at its heart is both saying that justice has been violated and not letting that violation count against the offender." - Miroslav Volf

"Hollywood keeps before its child audiences a string of glorified young heroes, everyone of whom is an unhesitating and violent Anarchist. His one answer to everything that annoys him or disparages his country or his parents or his young lady or his personal code of manly conduct is to give the offender a "sock" in the jaw.... My observation leads me to believe that it is not the virtuous people who are good at socking jaws." - George Bernard Shaw

"So are you an inmate or a rubbernecker?" she asks. "Rubbernecker," I answer without hesitation. "You?" "I'm a screw. Or on staff, anyway. Used to be an inmate. Repeat offender. Crimes against my body. Puking sickness followed by heroin, which led to more puking sickness." I'd be surprised at her forthrightness, but that's addicts for you. The twelve steps crack 'em open and then they can't shut up." - Lauren Beukes

"In all the interviews I have done, I cannot remember one offender who did not admit privately to more victims than those for whom he had been caught. On the contrarty, most offenders had been charged with and/or convicted of from one to three victims. In the interviews I have done, they have admitted to roughly 10 to 1,250 victims. What was truly frightening was that all the offenders had been reported before by children, and the reports had been ignored." - Anna C Salter

"He was a first-time nonviolent possible offender, ... And under the mandatory minimums, he was put in prison for 15 years. Not only does the punishment not fit the crime, but the mandatory minimums don't give judges any discretion to look at the background of the case, to read into the specifics of the case. I don't know a judge who really is in favor of the mandatory minimums." - Carly Simon

"You forgive what you can, when you can. That's all you can do.To forgive does not mean overlooking the offense and pretending it never happened. Forgiveness means releasing our rage and our need to retaliate, no longer dwelling on the offense, the offender, and the suffering, and rising to a higher love. It is an act of letting go so that we ourselves can go on." - Sue Monk Kidd

"Imposition of the death penalty is arbitrary and capricious. Decision of who will live and who will die for his crime turns less on the nature of the offense and the incorrigibility of the offender and more on inappropriate and indefensible considerations: the political and personal inclinations of prosecutors; the defendant's wealth, race and intellect; the race and economic status of the victim; the quality of the defendant's counsel; and the resources allocated to defense lawyers." - Gerald Heaney

"God does not weigh criminality in our scales. We have one absolute, with the seal of authority upon it; and with us an ounce is an ounce, and a pound a pound. God's measure is the heart of the offender,-a balance which varies with every one of us, a balance so delicate that a tear cast in the other side may make the weight of error kick the beam." - James Russell Lowell

"People didn't know who I was or why I was there, so they started inventing stories about me. I was a registered sex offender and I'd just been released from prison and was being forced to do community-service work. I was a murderer, an arsonist - all these horrific things had been projected on me because no one knew what to make of this white guy who showed up and made toast at 5 o'clock every morning." - Chuck Palahniuk

"There is something in human history like retribution; and it is a rule of historical retribution that its instrument be forged not by the offended, but by the offender himself. The first blow dealt to the French monarchy proceeded from the nobility, not from the peasants. The Indian revolt does not commence with the ryots, tortured, dishonoured and stripped naked by the British, but with the sepoys, clad, fed and petted, fatted and pampered by them." - Karl Marx

""If I make deposits into an Emotional Bank Account with you through courtesy, kindness, honesty, and keeping my commitments to you, I build up a reserve. Your trust toward me becomes higher, and I can call upon that trust many times if I need to. I can even make mistakes and that trust level, that emotional reserve, will compensate for it. My communication may not be clear, but you'll get my meaning anyway. You won't make me "an offender for a word." When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective."" - Stephen Covey

"As a form of moral insurance, at least, literature is much more dependable than a system of beliefs or a philosophical doctrine. Since there are no laws that can protect us from ourselves, no criminal code is capable of preventing a true crime against literature; though we can condemn the material suppression of literature - the persecution of writers, acts of censorship, the burning of books - we are powerless when it comes to its worst violation: that of not reading the books. For that crime, a person pays with his whole life; if the offender is a nation, it pays with its history." - Joseph Brodsky

"Seeing with better eyes We can recognize that the offender is a valuable human being who struggles with the same needs, pressures, and confusions that we struggle with. We will recognize that the incident really may not have been about us in the first place. Instead it was about the wrongdoer's misguided attempt to meet his or her own needs. As we regard offenders from this point of view (regardless of whether they repent and regardless of what they have done or suffered), we will be in a position to forgive them." - Elbert Hubbard

"Yes, I think lots of people are eager to obtain weapons of mass destruction. But there's no evidence that he (Hussein) has weapons of mass destruction. There's been no evidence of him testing nuclear weapons. We have people that are in our face with nuclear weapons. We've got Iran and North Korea. We've got a problem with Pakistan. You know, I don't know what to say about that. There's a whole lot of people that are going nuclear. And I think that Saddam Hussein is actually, with the evidence, the least able to use nuclear weapons and the least obvious offender in that area at this moment." - Janeane Garofalo

"Resentment always hurts you more than it does the person you resent. While your offender has probably forgotten the offense and gone on with life, you continue to stew in your pain, perpetuating the past. Listen: those who hurt you in the past cannot continue to hurt you now unless you hold on to the pain through resentment. Your past is past! Nothing will change it. You are only hurting yourself with your bitterness. For your own sake, learn from it, and then let it go." - Rick Warren



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