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Ocean Travel Quotes


"Travel light, Arrive quickly." - Sathya Sai Baba

"I'm a travel enthusiast." - Iggy Pop

"I'm passionate about travel." - Jordana Spiro

"I don't want to travel." - Werner Herzog

"One must travel, to learn." - Mark Twain

"The ocean is made of drops." - Mother Teresa

"Earth, air, and ocean, glorious three." - Robert Montgomery

"I need to travel - I crave the power of the ocean and the trees give me so much energy to think." - Isabel Lucas

"Even while the Earth sleeps we travel." - Khalil Gibran

"Ridiculous stuff happens when I travel." - Rebecca Lobo

"Commas, like nuns, often travel in pairs." - Mary Norris

"I always try to travel light." - Claire Tomalin

"I think young people should travel and travel often to other countries like I do." - Henry Rollins

"I try to surf everyday or at least go for a walk on the beach if the waves are flat. The more I travel, the more I appreciate where I live and the ocean." - Jon Foreman

"My grandfather did not travel across 4,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean to see this country overrun by immigrants. He did it because he killed a man back in Ireland." - Stephen Colbert

"My first album was called Seven Waves, and was directly inspired by the ocean, and the ocean has been a leitmotif in my music. Nature was my inspiration even in NYC, because I needed that balance - I would travel out to nature. I loved the big city, I loved the energy, but I needed the balance." - Suzanne Ciani

"My daughter has probably gotten some benefit of being inspired by a woman who is willing to take on things. We travel. We travel to exotic places. I'm the first person to jump in the ocean with a whale. Even if I'm scared, I'll do it anyway, because I never wanted her to see fear, especially when she was younger." - Teri Hatcher

"The more you travel, the better you get at it." - Roman Coppola

"The longer you travel, the less you know." - Laozi

"Let people take death seriously, and not travel far." - Laozi

"Man was not made to travel faster than a baseball" - Yogi Berra

"Any civilization that doesn't develop space travel dies." - Carl Sagan

"I love to travel to hear different kinds of music." - Nina Simone

"To travel hopefully is better than to arrive." - James Jeans

"For years, I had no time for exploratory travel." - Renee Fleming

"I like to travel. I love touring, I love playing." - Lita Ford

"The best education I have ever received was through travel." - Lisa Ling

"I travel as much as I can and meet people." - Bidzina Ivanishvili

"Travel magazines are just one cupcake after another. They're not about travel. The travel magazine is, in fact, about the opposite of travel. It's about having a nice time on a honeymoon, or whatever." - Paul Theroux

"The amount of hassle involved in travel can be overwhelming." - Paul Theroux

"I get cold - really cold - when I travel." - Laura Linney

"I do have to travel a lot for speaking engagements." - P J Orourke

"We travel just to travel." - Che Guevara

"The whole thing was like a nine-month ocean voyage to which you never got acclimatized." - Agatha Christie

"And o'er them the lighthouse looked lovely as hope,- That star of life's tremulous ocean." - Paul Moon James

"...the ocean kept falling into itself, gathering itself up, and falling into itself again." - Erica Jong

"A couple of things have helped. One is that I dont travel any, that takes a lot of time from peoples schedules, if they travel, so I dont travel." - Max Lucado

"In spite of the opinions of certain narrow-minded people who would shut up the human race upon this globe, we shall one day travel to the Moon, the planets, and the stars with the same facility, rapidity and certainty as we now make the ocean voyage from Liverpool to New York." - Jules Verne

"People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering." - Saint Augustine

"To travel like a bird, lightly to view | Deserts where stone gods founder in the sand, | Ocean embraced in a white sleep with land; | To escape time, always to start anew... | Hooded by a dark sense of destination... | Travelers, we're fabric of the road we go; We settle, but like feathers on time's flow." - Cecil Day-Lewis

"I understand travel. I understand the experience of travel. I mean there is something of the "air-conditioned gypsy" in me." - Greg Lake

"When you travel, people might not have the same ideas about what is interesting. I'm not really good at compromising when I travel." - Jen Kirkman

"American travel writing is very healthy. I'm always flicking through the reviews and I see plenty of travel writing - and an impressive line up and continual demand." - John Gimlette

"I wouldn't say that I'm a travel novelist, but rather a novelist who travels - and who uses travel as a background for finding stories of places." - Paul Theroux

"The travel impulse is mental and physical curiosity. It's a passion. And I can't understand people who don't want to travel." - Paul Theroux

"I don't travel for fun, because I travel so much with my work; when I'm not working, I mostly want to stay home." - Michael Shannon

"There's a lot of sensuality that I associate with travel. And that's romance." - Paul Theroux

"Blunders rarely travel alone." - Anatoly Karpov

"Travel teaches tolerance." - Benjamin Disraeli

"I always carry yeast flakes and bran with me when I travel." - Jane Fonda

"I don't own a camera, so I travel with a police sketch artist." - George Carlin

"They travel in groups. You never see an Asian by their self." - Chelsea Handler

"Those who would see wonderful things must often be ready to travel alone." - Henry Van Dyke

"If I want to travel with my family I have to purchase 7 airline tickets." - David Koechner

"Travel. You need to know you're a citizen of the world." - Miriam Shor

"I travel by myself a lot. Most of the time I'm by myself." - Julian Wilson

"I wouldn't like to travel at all. I've been too much around." - Werner Herzog

"We travel the world, and our right to free speech is precious." - Killer Mike


"There are two classes of travel - first class, and with children." - Robert Benchley

"The only way to convert the heathen is to travel into the jungle." - Lane Kirkland

"The Dead travel fast." - Bram Stoker

"I get very homesick, but otherwise it's a great privilege to get to travel for work." - Jesse Eisenberg

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries." - Aldous Huxley

"The person attempting to travel two roads at once will get nowhere." - Xun Zi

"I'm addicted to travel." - Murray Bartlett

"Aviation - and space travel, in particular - have always been especially captivating." - Felix Baumgartner

"I travel all the time, and I have two small children." - Hope Davis

"There's no need to travel further. The Los Angeles area is big enough for us." - Marvin Davis

"Rail travel for me is the most relaxing, most scenic way to see the country." - John Paul Dejoria

"You develop a sympathy for all human beings when you travel a lot." - Shakuntala Devi

"Domestic travel and tourism-related spending has reached $1 trillion a year." - Mark Foley

"I want to travel. Maybe I'll end up living in Norway, making cakes." - Eva Green

"Having to travel so much plays havoc with your personal life." - Renee Fleming

"I can travel anywhere in the world and I can pretty much fit in." - Kristin Kreuk

"What SF author or fan isn't interested in human space travel? I've yet to meet one." - Edward M Lerner

"The roughest part of that lifestyle is the travel and early mornings." - Josie Maran

"It's kind of amazing that people will travel because of a book. I admire that." - Frances Mayes

"It was good to travel to the other side of the world." - Andre Braugher

"The best way to travel abroad is to live with the locals." - Zach Braff

"An unexpected benefit of my career in biochemistry has been travel." - Paul D Boyer

"I encourage all my key people to bring their mobiles when they travel." - Raymond Kwok

"I travel a lot." - James Rosenquist

"People say, what is she thinking? I'm thinking: fun; cash; travel." - Gail Porter

"Travel works best when you're forced to come to terms with the place you're in." - Paul Theroux

"We've gotta reinvest in space travel. We should've never left the moon." - Ray Bradbury

"Travel teaches toleration." - Benjamin Disraeli

"The world has become more complex as technology and easy travel mixes cultures without homogenizing them." - Norman Spinrad

"I travel. I do a lot of traveling around the world." - Chris Tucker

"I collect a lot of clothes when I travel around the world." - Theophilus London

"A Drop of the Ocean is still the Ocean." - John Friend

"We don't go to the ocean for anything as simple as happiness, do we? We go there to feel alive. Like life, the ocean holds chance and change, grief and terror and beauty. It promises mortality, not peace." - Eileen Wilks

"Ocean, Ocean I'll beat you in the end." - Ken Kesey

"Honor the ocean of love." - George de Benneville

"An ocean refuses no river." - Sheila Chandra

"There is a gulf as wide as an ocean between should and want, and I am drowning in it." - Jodi Picoult

"Ocean is a mighty harmonist." - William Wordsworth

"People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering... Now, let us acknowledge the wonder of our physical incarnation- that we are here, in these particular bodies, at this particular time, in these particular circumstances. May we never take for granted the gift of our individuality." - Saint Augustine

"He who would travel happy must travel lite." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"You see, though we travel together, we travel alone." - Madeleine L'Engle

"He who must travel happily must travel light." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"I see a lot of women who can't travel when they're young, and then their kids grow up and they become amazing adventurers. Travel is not only for the young. Sometimes it's wasted on the young." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"I was very excited when I first started to travel so much. In fact, I was amazed that people were paying me to travel to play the game I loved." - Rory Mcilroy

"He who would travel happily must travel light." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"What has happened to the good old-fashioned travel agent? I want to go to a really posh travel agent and have them organise everything for me. I don't want to do things on the Internet." - Jenny Eclair

"You want to be a trader, come be a trader. The door's open. You want to travel six days a week, you want to travel the world, the door's open." - Ivan Glasenberg

"I think people read travel books either because they intend to take that trip, or because they would never take that trip. In a sense, as a writer you are doing the travel for the reader." - Paul Theroux

"One of the things the 'Tao of Travel' shows is how unforthcoming most travel writers are, how most travelers are. They don't tell you who they were traveling with, and they're not very reliable about things that happened to them." - Paul Theroux

"Travel is impossible, but daydreaming about travel is easy." - B J Novak

"He that would travel for the entertainment of others should remember that the great object of remark is human life." - Samuel Johnson

"Loneliness in travel directs you and tells you about yourself. You don't become lonely unless you're alone." - Paul Theroux

"I don't think that it's possible to have a truly rewarding experience in travel if it's simple." - Paul Theroux

"There has to be a measure of difficulty or problem-solving in travel for it to be worthwhile." - Paul Theroux

"We are like Hansel and Gretel, leaving bread crumbs of our personal information everywhere we travel through the digital woods." - Gary Kovacs

"It is somehow reassuring to discover that the word travel is derived from travail, denoting the pains of childbirth." - Jessica Mitford

"Travel is the ultimate inspiration." - Michael Kors

"Every long travel changes man!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Travel is a fools paradise." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When you travel with the team and you eat with the team - you eat what the team eats." - Vince Lombardi

"From 143rd Street in Harlem to the center court at Wimbledon is about as far as one can travel." - Althea Gibson

"Strength and struggle travel together." - Spencer W. Kimball

"To travel is to shop." - Susan Sontag

"Travel is an emotional purchase" - Bruce Poon Tip

"...books were better than travel." - Pseudonymous Bosch

"Travel should rub off Local Prejudices and provide an enlarged and impartial view of Men and Things." - Josiah Tucker

"Travel is fatal to bigotry." - Mark Twain

"Nothing develops intelligence like travel." - Emile Zola

"The Banff Mountain [Book] Festival attracts this huge number of travel writers. Whereas when I go to literary festivals..." - John Gimlette

"One does have to learn to travel with a degree of humility and that reflected in writing and personality." - John Gimlette

"The music business, and the travel that comes with it, is stressful, challenging, redundant, exhausting, exciting, and often very depressing." - Mark Kozelek

"Travel is a meat thing." - Erik Naggum

"When religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way." - Frank Herbert

"Travel is lethal to prejudice." - Mark Twain

"I can't travel without Sudoku." - Robert Ballard

"As a general rule, I don't plan to travel with my Oscars, but we may have to make an exception." - Paul Haggis

"When Bangladesh refused to renew my passport, I used U.N. travel documents. You can't disown your country." - Taslima Nasrin

"Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow's speed." - Howard Nemerov

"To travel is to live." - Hans Christian Andersen

"I don't know about relationships. Maybe I'm supposed to travel and make films and meet people and have adventures instead." - Alexandra Cassavetes

"If your work requires you to travel, you will understand that there's no vacation destination like home." - Park Chanwook

"I loved the travel but I didn't love the work. I mean, come on, modelling is only so stimulating!" - Brooklyn Decker

"I love to not work. I like to travel. I work maybe half the year, no more." - Catherine Deneuve

"If you travel first class, you think first class and you are more likely to play first class." - Ray Floyd

"Oh, I'm terrible at travel." - Johnny Vegas

"There are other writers who try for subtle and minimalists effects, but I don't travel in that tribe." - Pat Conroy

"I wanted to have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and Sydney, and have the chance to work there." - Brendan Fraser

"I don't live lavishly, so it's not like I have 20 assistants and travel privately and shop every day." - Mila Kunis

"Time travel offends our sense of cause and effect - but maybe the universe doesn't insist on cause and effect." - Edward M Lerner

"I'm still at the end of my rope because I find myself not handling things well when I travel." - Stephen Lewis

"Then, after the war it was impossible to travel, after so many years of Hitler and Stalin." - Gyorgy Ligeti



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