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Occupations Quotes


"Music is a pastime, a relaxation from more serious occupations." - Alexander Borodin

"Equality of sexes does not mean equality of occupations." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belief from his occupations?" - Khalil Gibran

"Let thine occupations be few, saith the sage, if thou wouldst lead a tranquil life." - Marcus Aurelius

"Research and writing are lonely occupations. It is easy to become discouraged in solitary confinement." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"Woman's normal occupations in general run counter to creative life, or contemplative life, or saintly life." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"Of all hateful occupations, housekeeping is to my mind the most hateful." - Hannah Whitall Smith

"There are worse occupations in this world than feeling a woman's pulse." - Laurence Sterne

"[On writing:] The most egotistic of occupations, and the most gratifying while it lasts." - Vita Sackville-West

"Now as to the behavior of the soldiers: occupations always corrupt the occupiers." - Yaroslav Trofimov

"One of my favorite occupations is making radio/video edits. I love singles." - Justus Kohncke

"Scientific research is one of the most exciting and rewarding of occupations." - Frederick Sanger

"Stealing things is a glorious occupations, particularly in the art world." - Malcolm Mclaren

"I went through a lot of occupations. I was questioning my contribution to the world." - Cory Michael Smith

"One of the principal occupations of man is to divine woman." - Jacques de Lacretelle

"Woman, no less than man, can qualify herself for the more onerous occupations of life." - Victoria Woodhull

"Drying a widow's tears is one of the most dangerous occupations known to man." - Dorothy Dix

"Conservatives have a deeper intellect and tend to have occupations of the brain in fields like engineering, science, and economics. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to flock to occupations of the heart." - Dick Armey

"I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering." - Colette

"In every province, the chief occupations, in order of importance, are lovemaking, malicious gossip, and talking nonsense." - Voltaire

"To snatch the passing moment and examine it for signs of eternity is the noblest of occupations." - Louis J. Halle

"I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering." - Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

"Of course some days are easier than others, but my worst day is better than being in most humdrum occupations." - Bernard Cornwell

"In my afternoon walk I would fain forget all my morning occupations and my obligations to society." - Henry David Thoreau

"A good proportion of foreign nationals in jobs in the UK are in semi or low-skilled occupations." - Iain Duncan Smith

"Film is not an easy occupation. There's a lot of occupations that are difficult and film is one of them." - George Lucas

"To condemn spontaneous and delightful occupations because they are useless for self-preservation shows an uncritical prizing of life irrespective of its content." - George Santayana

"The great subverter of Pyrrhonism or the excessive principles of scepticism is action, and employment, and the occupations of common life." - David Hume

"Good hymns are an immense blessing to the Church. They train people for heaven, where praise is one of the principal occupations." - J C Ryle

"...sitting and waiting is one of the most miserable occupations known to man - not that it usually is known to men; women do it much more often." - Diana Gabaldon

"Our housekeeping is mendicant, our arts, our occupations, our marriages, our religion we have not chosen but society has chosen for us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Among modern occupations, only cult leaders and TV weathermen rival the technological visionary's ability to retain credibility despite all evidence to the contrary." - Nathan Myhrvold

"Librarian like Stewardess, Certified Public Accountant, Used Car Salesman is one of those occupations that people assume attract a certain deformed personality." - Elizabeth McCracken

"The least strained and most natural ways of the soul are the most beautiful; the best occupations are the least forced." - Michel De Montaigne

"Agriculture, for an honorable and high-minded man, says Xenophon, is the best of all occupations and arts by which men procure the means of living." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"There are really not many jobs that actually require a penis or a vagina, and all other occupations should be open to everyone." - Gloria Steinem

"When occupations come to us we must accept them; when things come to us we must understand them from the ground up." - Lu Yen-hsun

"Alas, I have done nothing this day! What?! Have you not lived? It is not only the fundamental but the noblest of your occupations." - James O'Donnell Bennett

"I think people of all occupations, whether it's the camera - puller or the man who's doing the catering, they can identify with Rambo's frustrations, with the veteran's frustrations." - Sylvester Stallone

"Israel is the American watchdog in the Middle East, and that's why the Palestinians remain victims of one of the longest military occupations." - John Pilger

"There are certain occupations - probably, most prominently, politics - where there would be a bias against somebody who's agnostic or atheist in running for office." - Barack Obama

"We mustn't start off with the idea that there's only militarism, invasions, and occupations. We really have to look: What are the alternatives here?" - Mairead Corrigan

"O let us love our occupations, Bless the squire and his relations, Live upon our daily rations, And always know our proper stations." - Charles Dickens

"When occupations come to us we must accept them; when things come to us we must understand them from the ground up." - Lu Yen

"Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day's occupations, That is known as the Children's Hour." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"As anyone knows who has ever had to set up a military encampment or build a village from the ground up, occupations pose staggering logistical problems." - Barbara Ehrenreich

"Alas few socialists are either benevolent enough to work hard at these occupations out of benevolence or self-interested enough to work hard at them for money." - John Mccarthy

"When engaged in safe occupations, and living in healthy countries, men are much more apt to be frugal, than in unhealthy, or hazardous occupations, and in climates pernicious to human life. Sailors and soldiers are prodigals. . . . War and pestilence have always waste and luxury, among the other evils that follow in their train." - John Rae

"Because most people are not sufficiently employed in themselves, they run about loose, hungering for employment, and satisfy themselves in various supererogatory occupations. The easiest of these occupations, which have all to do with making things already made, is the making of people: it is called the art of friendship." - Laura Riding

"Taller people tend to earn more on average, although the effect is modest. This is clearly true in occupations where strength is important but also a relationship exists in other occupations as well. It could be perceptions, as you say or something systematic. It's somewhat of a mystery." - Richard H. Steckel

"All our life is like a day of celebration for us; we are convinced, in fact, that God is always everywhere. We work while singing, we sail while reciting hymns, we accomplish all other occupations of life while praying." - Clement of Alexandria

"But the sages of Greece and Rome turned aside from the awful spectacle, and, pursuing the ordinary occupations of life and study, appeared unconscious of any alterations in the moral of physical government of the world." - Edward Gibbon

"Nothing is so engaging as the little domestic cares into which you appear to be entering, and as to reading it is useful for onlyfilling up the chinks of more useful and healthy occupations." - Thomas Jefferson

"There is room for improvement in every life. Regardless of our occupations, regardless of our circumstances, we can improve ourselves and while so doing have an effect on the lives of those about us." - Gordon B Hinckley

"I like photography and writing and travel, so I have a lot of cerebral occupations. I am going to become a sailor and do a world tour on my yacht if I don't get any more work." - Audrey Tautou

"I agree today that a man has no business trying to tell women what their characteristics are, which ones are inborn, which are more admirable, which will be best utilized by what occupations." - Benjamin Spock

"Praise and blame alike mean nothing. No, delightful as the pastime of measuring may be, it is the most futile of all occupations, and to submit to the decrees of the measurers the most servile of attitudes." - Virginia Woolf

"Taking all the round of professions and occupations, you will find that every man is the worse for being poor; and the doctor is a specially dangerous man when poor." - George Bernard Shaw

"He who busies himself in mean occupations, produces in the very pains he takes about things of little or no use, an evidence against himself of his negligence and indisposition to what is really good" - Plutarch

"That is not a just government where arbitrary restrictions, exemptions, and monopolies deny to part of its citizens that free use of their faculties, and free choice of their occupations." - James Madison

"Wishing for the impossible in the future is a good exercise, I think, especially for children; wishing for it in the past is surely the emptiest and saddest of occupations." - Edgar Pangborn

"I always wanted to be an outrage to public decency and a threat to women. And this is one of the few occupations where you're not only allowed that, but you're encouraged." - David Lee Roth

"We are great fools: He has spent his life in idleness. We say, I have done nothing today. Really, have you not lived? This is not only the most fundamental but the most illustrious of your occupations." - Michel De Montaigne

"Accustom yourself gradually to carry prayer into all your daily occupations. Speak, move, work, in peace, as if you were in prayer, as indeed you ought to be. Do everything without excitement, by the spirit of grace." - Francois Fenelon

"To be really useful, we must keep pace with the state of society, and not dishearten it by attempts at what its population, means, or occupations will fail in attempting." - Thomas Jefferson

"...the thoughtful excitement of lonely rambles, of gardening, and of other like occupations, where the mind has leisure to must during the healthful activity of the body, with the fresh and wakeful breezes blowing round it..." - Augustus William Hare

"Hitherto the nude has always been represented in poses which presuppose an audience. But my women are simple, honest creatures who are concerned with nothing beyond their physical occupations... it is as if you were looking through a keyhole." - Edgar Degas

"I love peace and quiet, I hate politics and turmoil. We women are not made for governing, and if we are good women, we must dislike these masculine occupations." - Queen Victoria

"At its essence, the message of the Occupations is simply this: "Here in the face of power we will sit and create a new society, in which you do count."" - Starhawk

"The Concord Coalition in Virginia complained about pork projects and wasteful spending in the federal budget. Consider the Senate chaplain's salary. As occupations go, only mind readers in Los Angeles have fewer things to do all day." - Argus Hamilton

"Animosity towards the merchant class has been around for centuries. Why? The goal of making a profit is quite obviously a self-serving motive. Other occupations, while equally self-serving, are better able to hide their motives." - James Cook

"I don't know what the average income of Muslim-Americans is, but Muslim-American immigrants of recent vintage, I bet they have a very above-average representation in professional and business occupations." - Thomas Friedman

"The comments you'll get from a filmmaker about your performance are going to be very different. My writing workshop is about mixing it up, cross-pollinating, not only in genres but in occupations." - Sandra Cisneros

"Just as the senses require sensible objects to stimulate them, so our powers of observation, recollection, and imagination do not work spontaneously, but are set in motion by the demands set up by current social occupations." - John Dewey

"At its essence, the message of the Occupations is simply this: 'Here in the face of power we will sit and create a new society, in which you do count.'" - Starhawk

"If you attach your heart to certain places and occupations, obedience oftentimes places you in some other place that you may not like; to be always cheerful, be always humble and obedient." - Ignatius Of Loyola

"...the thoughtful excitement of lonely rambles, of gardening, and of other like occupations, where the mind has leisure to must during the healthful activity of the body, with the fresh and wakeful breezes blowing round it..." - Augustus Hare

"My father was a steel worker and Martin's [Schulz] grandfather was a miner in Saarland. In these occupations, there is a particular awareness of solidarity. That creates links that aren't present in other relationships." - Jean-Claude Juncker

"Shut the world out, withdraw from all worldly thoughts and occupations, and shut yourself in alone with God, to pray to Him in secret. Let this be your chief object in prayer, to realize the presence of your heavenly Father." - Andy Murray

"I understand why the saints were rarely married women. It has primarily to do with distractions... Woman's normal occupations run counter to creative life, or contemplative life or saintly life." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"The simplicity and uniformity of rural occupations, and their incessant practice, preclude any anxieties and agitations of hope and fear, to which employments of a more precarious and casual nature are subject." - William Falconer

"There is, I suppose, no occupation in the world which has an influence on the efficiency and happiness of the members of nearly all other occupations so continuous and so permeating as that of the working housewife and mother." - Eleanor Rathbone

"The birth certificate of the royal baby lists her parents' occupations as being 'the prince and princess of the United Kingdom.' It says that under occupation, which I guess sounds better than 'unemployed.'" - Conan O'Brien

"A tendency could not but arise to reconcile with Christian profession a good many modes of life, enjoyments, occupations, social actions and customs, from which the first Christians had recoiled." - Robert Rainy

"Colonialism is known in its primitive form, that is to say, by the permanent settling of repressive foreign powers, with an army, services, policies. This phase has known cruel colonial occupations which have lasted 300 years in Indonesia." - Ahmed Ben Bella

"The compulsion to do the opposite of what you are told does not lend itself to many occupations outside the entertainment industry. Within the industry, it is unlikely that you will be very successful without it." - Greg Fitzsimmons

"Nothing else is required than to act toward God, in the midst of your occupations, as you do, even when busy, toward those who love you and whom you love." - Alphonsus Liguori

"Collecting at its best is very far from mere acquisitiveness; it may become one of the most humanistic of occupations, seeking to illustrate by the assembling of significant reliques, the march of the human spirit in its quest for beauty..." - Arthur Davison Ficke

"One of my lifelong hobbies has been to collect 'aptronyms' - the newspaper columnist Franklin P. Adams's term for people whose names were curiously appropriate to, or provided ironic comment on, their occupations." - Timothy Noah

"For more than 150 years free men in our countries have had the opportunities to educate themselves, choose their own religions, select their own occupations, accumulate capital and invent better ways of doing things." - Charles E Wilson

"Nowadays young people have great choice of occupations, hobbies, etc, so chess is experiencing difficulties because of the high competition. Now it's hard to make living in chess, so our profession does attract young people." - Boris Spassky

"It is very remarkable, that in the book of life, we find some almost of all kinds of occupations, who notwithstanding served God in their respective generations, and shone as so many lights in the world." - George Whitefield

"When I grew up I always wanted to act. Also, I wanted to be either a lawyer or a doctor. However, when I got to college and realized what those occupations entailed, I changed my mind real quick." - Tia Mowry

"This is the true liberty of Christ, when a free man binds himself in love to duty. Not in shrinking from our distasteful occupations, but in fulfilling them, do we realize our high origin." - Frederick William Robertson

"No part of the world can be truly understood without a knowledge of its garment of vegetation, for this determines not only the nature of the animal inhabitants but also the occupations of the majority of human beings." - Ellsworth Huntington

"The bearing, rearing, feeding and educating of children; the running of a house with its thousand details; human relationships with their myriad pulls - women's normal occupations in general run counter to creative life, or contemplative life, or saintly life." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"Part of why I love being an actor is the opportunity to be able to go to distant lands and take on different worlds and concepts and pretend to take on different occupations and statuses." - Lake Bell

"Of 472 civilian occupations defined by the Department of Commerce, only six are majority immigrant (legal and illegal). These six occupations account for 1 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Many jobs often thought to be overwhelmingly done by immigrants are in fact majority native-born: 51 percent of maids are U.S.-born, as are 63 percent of butchers and meat processors, and 73 percent of janitors." - Mark Krikorian

"There is what might be called a Catch-22 of hazardous occupations: The more hazardous the job, the more men; the more men, the less we care about making the job safer. The Catch-22 of hazardous occupations creates a 'glass cellar' which few women wish to enter. Women are alienated not just out of the fear of being hurt on the job, but by an atmosphere that can make a hazardous job more hazardous than it needs to be." - Warren Farrell

"To the other nations of the world, religion is one among the many occupations of life. There is politics, there are the enjoyments of social life, there is all that wealth can buy or power can bring, there is all that the senses can enjoy; and among all these various occupations of life and all this searching after something which can give yet a little more whetting to the cloyed senses - among all these, there is perhaps a little bit of religion. But here, in India, religion is the one and the only occupation of life." - Swami Vivekananda

"Most teachers have little control over school policy or curriculum or choice of texts or special placement of students, but most have a great deal of autonomy inside the classroom. To a degree shared by only a few other occupations, such as police work, public education rests precariously on the skill and virtue of the people at the bottom of the institutional pyramid." - Tracy Kidder

"It is to our lack of proper content ("notre manque de contenu propre:;, Fr.), of our inner emptiness that we need occupations and distractions, otherwise ("faute de quoi", Fr.) we experience boredom, which is nothing elses than the feeling of unease that take hold of us when our spirit is not absorbed by the mirages of life." - African Spir

"Most of our occupations are low comedy.... We must play our part duly, but as the part of a borrowed character. Of the mask and appearance we must not make a real essence, nor of what is foreign what is our very own." - Michel De Montaigne

"I have always had the feeling that organic chemistry is a very peculiar science, that organic chemists are unlike other men, and there are few occupations that give more satisfactions [sic] than masterly experimentation along the old lines of this highly specialised science." - Lawrence Joseph Henderson

"I would not, if I could, give up the memory of the joy I have had in books for any advantage that could be offered in other pursuits or occupations. Books have been to me what gold is to the miser, what new fields are to the explorer." - Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

"When I say hip-hoppers, I mean black, white, Asian, Latino, Chicano, everybody. Everybody. Hip-hop has united all races. Hip-hop has formed a platform for all people, religions, and occupations to meet on something. We all have a platform to meet on now, due to hip-hop. That, to me, is beyond music. That is just a brilliant, brilliant thing." - KRS-One

"Whatever events in progress shall disgust men with cities, and infuse into them the passion for country life, and country pleasures, will render a service to the whole face of this continent, and will further the most poetic of all the occupations of real life, the bringing out by art the native but hidden graces of the landscape." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Leisure, the highest happiness upon earth, is seldom enjoyed with perfect satisfaction, except in solitude. Indolence and indifference do not always afford leisure; for true leisure is frequently found in that interval of relaxation which divides a painful duty from an agreeable recreation; a toilsome business from the more agreeable occupations of literature and philosophy." - Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann

"During the present interval between the feudal age and the coming time, when life and its occupations will be freely thrown open to women as to men, the condition of the female working classes is such that if its sufferings were but made known, emotions of horror and shame would tremble through the whole of society." - Harriet Martineau

"Art and relligion are not professions: they are not occupations for which men can be paid. The artist and the saint do what they have to do, not to make a living, but in obedience to some mysterious necessity. They do not product to live - they live to produce." - Clive Bell

"When faced with structural injustice, especially in the form of oppressive military occupations, I have a tendency get a little worked up. So I was interested in learning more about the complicated conflict and decided I would lend some of my time and energy to do so." - Adam Beach

"There are several more careers more engaging to follow than that of poetry. But the circumstances of one's birth, the conduct of one's parents, the current economic structure of society, and a thousand other local factors have as much or more to say about successions to such occupations, the naive volitions of the poet to the contrary." - Hart Crane

"Art is a normal and necessary behavior of human beings and like other common and universal occupations such as talking, working, exercising, playing, socializing, learning, loving, and caring, should be recognized, encouraged and developed in everyone. Via art, experience is heightened, elevated, made more memorable and significant" - Ellen Dissanayake

"Human capital analysis starts with the assumption that individuals decide on their education, training, medical care, and other additions to knowledge and health by weighing the benefits and costs. Benefits include cultural and other non-monetary gains along with improvement in earnings and occupations, while costs usually depend mainly on the foregone value of the time spent on these investments." - Gary Becker

"It is the steady and merciless increase of occupations, the augmented speed at which we are always trying to live, the crowding of each day with more work than it can profitably hold, which has cost us, among other things, the undisturbed enjoyment of friends. Friendship takes time, and we have no time to give it." - Agnes Repplier

"At no time are people so sedulously careful to keep their trifling appointments, attend to their ordinary occupations, and thus put a commonplace aspect on life, as when conscious of some secret that if suspected would make them look monstrous in the general eye." - Nathaniel Hawthorne

"From Alexander the Platonic, not frequently nor without necessity to say to any one, or to write in a letter, that I have no leisure; nor continually to excuse the neglect of duties required by our relation to those with whom we live, by alleging urgent occupations." - Marcus Aurelius

"Dancing is an excellent amusement for young people, especially for those of sedentary occupations. Its excellence consists in exciting a cheerfulness of the mind, highly essential to health; in bracing the muscles of the body, and in producing copious perspiration.....The body must perspire, or must be out of order." - Noah Webster

"In your occupations, try to possess your soul in peace. It is not a good plan to be in haste to perform any action that it may be sooner over. On the contrary, you should accustom yourself to do whatever you have to do with tranquility, in order that you may retain the possession of yourself and of settled peace." - Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

"To the woman with the least intelligence, there must come, at some time or other, the realization that housework is animal work and that there are other occupations in the world a thousand times more refined, more enriching, for which she is also suited and to which she has a right." - Anais Nin

"If there is to be any romance in marriage woman must be given every chance to earn a decent living at other occupations. Otherwise no man can be sure that he is loved for himself alone, and that his wife did not come to the Registry Office because she had no luck at the Labour Exchange." - Rebecca West

"Really living without clutter takes an iron will ... This involves eternal watchfulness and that oldest and most relentless of the housewife's occupations, picking up. I have a feeling that picking up will go on long after ways have been found to circumvent death and taxes." - Ada Louise Huxtable

"I guided my heap into the heart of Capitol Hill wondering for the first time in fourteen years what I could do to get money besides drive cabs or rob banks. Both occupations had their pros and cons. For instance, bank robbery isn't quite as dangerous as cab driving, but it pays better." - Gary Reilly

"I knew early on that we needed to settle the food problem because if you can grow food it's empowering. In fact I believe growing food is one of the most dangerous occupations on the face of this earth because you're in danger of becoming free." - Jules Dervaes

"After wishing for years to be given-the-opportunity of filming some of the more 'mystical' occupations of our Times - some of the more obscure Public Figures which the average imagination turns into 'bogeymen'... viz.: Policemen, Doctors, Soldiers, Politicians, etc.: - I was at last permitted to ride in a Pittsburgh police car, camera in hand, the final several days of September 1970." - Stan Brakhage

"Other people get into occupations by accident or design; but writers are born. I could work at selling motels, or slopping hogs, for fifty years, but if someone asked my occupation, I'd say writer, even if I'd never sold a word. Writers write. Other people talk." - W P Kinsella

"As a man grows older, his ability to sit still and follow indoor occupations increases. He grows vespertinal in his habits as theevening of life approaches, till at last he comes forth only just before sundown, and gets all the walk that he requires in half an hour." - Henry David Thoreau

"Equal pay for equal work continues to be seen as applying to equal pay for men and women in the same occupation, while the larger point of continuing relevance in our day is that some occupations have depressed wages because women are the chief employee. The former is a pattern of sex discrimination, the latter of institutionalized sexism." - Alice S Rossi

"...compartmentalization of occupations and interests bring about a separation of that mode of activity commonly called 'practice' from insight; of imagination from executive 'doing.' Each of these activities is then assigned its own place in which it must abide. Those who write the anatomy of experience then suppose that these divisions inhere in the very constitution of human nature." - John Dewey

"Most people with good jobs, middle-class occupations, what have you, are only one pitfall away from social embarrassment and destitution. It's so precarious. Even salaried people in the West now feel this sense of being trapped, not having the freedom to strike out." - Irvine Welsh

"I grew up like every young kid I know, who wants to be a cop and wants to be a firefighter, so this lifestyle that I've chosen happens to offer that in small doses in front of the camera. I want to take advantage of that. Hopefully I can play many, many different occupations." - Ryan Guzman

"You do research into specific occupations of the character, with specific behaviorisms that their daily life might give them. You do as much research as you want, as you can. Now that you have such open access to the Internet, it's very easy to do so." - Guy Burnet

"When people have problems with their mortgages and jobs many feel they're a failure, they didn't work hard enough or speak well enough: It's their fault things are going so bad. When they see their bodies right there [at occupations], we have something profoundly in common." - Haskell Wexler

"Israel is the American watchdog in the Middle East, and that's why the Palestinians remain victims of one of the longest military occupations. They don't have oil. If they were the Saudis, they wouldn't be in the position they are now. But they have the power of being able to upset the imperial order in the Middle East." - John Pilger

"Our only hope for the redemption of woman from the thralldom of dress lies in the belief that her hitherto limited sphere of activities has been so insufficient for her intellectual occupations that she has been forced to expend her thoughts in decorating her person, instead of enlarging her mind." - Mercy B. Jackson

"I... understand why the saints were rarely married women. I am convinced it has nothing inherently to do, as I once supposed, with chastity or children. It has to do primarily with distractions.... Women's normal occupations in general run counter to creative life, or contemplative life or saintly life." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"I tend to get comfortable with the dialogue and find out who the person is in the script and try to hit that. People are sort of independent of their occupations and their pastimes. You don't play a politician or a fireman or a cowboy - you just play a person." - Billy Campbell

"To be a housewife is to be a member of a very peculiar occupation, one with characteristics like no other. The nature of the duties to be performed, the method of payment, the form of supervision, the tenure system, the market in which the workers find jobs, and the physical hazzards are all very different from the way things are in other occupations." - Barbara Bergmann

"I have departed from this planet and I have left behind my poor earthly ones with their occupations which are as many as they are useless; at last I am living in the scintillating splendor of the stars, each of which used to seem to me as large as millions of suns." - Jules Massenet

"I would vote for the man who's lived life, who's done different occupations, who's been out in the real world and struggled to make a living, struggled to raise a family, struggled with life as it exists. So I'd vote for experience, honest experience." - Oliver Stone

"I am always the first to say that fame and entertainment is one of the best and easiest occupations to ever have, but one must know how to navigate through the matrix or you may find yourself in a very dark hole." - Nick Cannon

"To say what I would have been if I wasn't boxing, I don't know why, but I always wanted to be an x-ray technician or a substitute teacher. Those two occupations always stuck with me, maybe because my substitute teacher didn't give us homework, or because I've always had x-rays of my hands." - Sugar Ray Leonard

"Usually, the leaders appear in the moment of the highest stress, when it is time, speaking symbolically, to go to the barricades. Then people, clever, capable, but focused on their own tasks, will leave their immediate occupations and go to the barricades, because there is nowhere to hide." - Vladimir Bukovsky

"Lack of opportunity breeds dreams of escape. But professionals and managers who have invested in their careers do not leave the work force as frequently as discouraged workers in lower status occupations. Instead, they keep working, but they escape emotionally by defining achievement in professional, not company, terms. ... Thus, the potential for being stuck as career uncertainty grows takes its toll in weakening attachment to any particular employer." - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

"Let no one out of laziness or continuous worldly occupations miss these holy Sunday gatherings, which God Himself handed down to us, lest he be justly abandoned by God... If you are detained and do not attend on one occasion, make up for it the next time, bringing yourself to Christ's Church. Otherwise you may remain uncured, suffering from unbelief in your soul because of deeds or words, and failing to approach Christ's surgery to receive... holy healing." - Gregory Palamas

"Carrying a small notebook with you always, in your pocket or purse, along with a reliable ballpoint pen will enable you to jot down spot observations and quick character sketches before the first sharp impressions fade away. You'll need all kinds of story actors, because even picture books can include a wide range of ages, relationships, occupations, and nationalities. Learn to observe and analyze swiftly, wherever you are." - Lee Wyndham

"When some state or other offered Alexander a part of its territory and half of all its property he told them that 'he hadn't come to Asia with the intention of accepting whatever they cared to give him, but of letting them keep whatever he chose to leave them.' Philosophy, likewise, tells all other occupations: 'It's not my intention to accept whatever time is leftover from you; you shall have, instead, what I reject.' Give your whole mind to her." - Seneca the Younger

"I have known female whores who spoke very bitterly of their calling. "If they don't like my face, they can put a cushion over it. I know it's not that they're interested in." But to the boys this profession never seemed shameful. It was their daytime occupations for which they felt the need to apologize. In some instances, these were lower class or humdrum or, worst of all, unfeminine. At least whoring was never that." - Quentin Crisp

"I dare say I am compelled, unconsciously compelled, now to write volume after volume, as in past years I was compelled to go to sea, voyage after voyage. Leaves must follow upon each other as leagues used to follow in the days gone by, on and on to the appointed end, which, being truth itself, is one - one for all men and for all occupations." - Joseph Conrad

"The triumphs of peace have been in some proximity to war. Whilst the hand was still familiar with the sword-hilt, whilst the habits of the camp were still visible in the port and complexion of the gentleman, his intellectual power culminated; the compression and tension of these stern conditions is a training for the finest and softest arts, and can rarely be compensated in tranquil times, except by some analogous vigor drawn from occupations as hardy as war." - Ralph Waldo Emerson



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