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Occupational Quotes


"The prime occupational hazard of a manager is superficiality." - Henry Mintzberg

"The Christian's chief occupational hazards are depression and discouragement." - John Stott

"Feeling inadequate is an occupational hazard of motherhood." - Harriet Lerner

"The chief occupational hazard of leadership is pride." - John Stott

"The passion for tidiness is the historian's occupational disease." - Arthur M Schlesinger Jr

"My occupational hazard is my occupation's just not around..." - Jimmy Buffett

"Being pregnant is an occupational hazard of being a wife." - Queen Victoria

"Writing in certain environments carries with it an occupational risk." - Wole Soyinka

"A prophet or an achiever must never mind an occasional absurdity; it is an occupational risk." - Oswald Mosley

"Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming; feedback is the treatment." - Kent Beck

"Taking pleasure in the dark side may be some sort of occupational hazard for reporters." - Calvin Trillin

"A writer's occupational hazard: I think of eavesdropping as minding my business." - Barbara Kingsolver

"In the theater lying is looked upon as an occupational disease." - Tallulah Bankhead

"My occupational hazard is that I can't help plagiarizing from real life." - Mary Mccarthy

"He was neither lazy nor incompetent; he merely had occupational claustrophobia." - Jack Vance

"All fishermen are liars; it's an occupational disease with them like housemaid's knee or editor's ulcers." - Beatrice Cook

"A permanent division of labor inevitably creates occupational and class inequality and conflict." - Robert Shea

"When you are an actor, rejection and disappointment are an occupational hazard." - David Morrissey

"A prophet or an achiever must never mind an occasional absurdity, it is an occupational risk." - Oswald Mosley

"The occupational hazard of being a Playboy Bunny is the aching facial muscles brought on by obligatory smiles." - Germaine Greer

"Arrogance, pedantry, and dogmatism; the occupational diseases of those who spend their lives directing the intellects of the young." - Henry Seidel Canby

"Arrogance, pedantry, and dogmatism...the occupational diseases of those who spend their lives directing the intellects of the young." - Henry Seidel Canby

"Being pregnant is a very boring six months. I am not particularly maternal. It's an occupational hazard of being a wife." - Anne, Princess Royal

"Quoting, like smoking, ... is a dirty habit to which I am devoted. But then ... I am a professor of English literature; it is an occupational hazard." - Carolyn Heilbrun

"It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth." - Ally Carter

"The occupational hazard of making a spectacle of yourself, over the long haul, is that at some point you buy a ticket too." - Thomas McGuane

"It is an occupational risk of biologists to claim, towards the end of their careers, that the problems which they have not solved are insoluble." - John Maynard Smith

"It is an occupational hazard of devout folk to become stuffy bores. This should not be. Of all people, we should be the most free, alive, interesting." - Richard J. Foster

"The desire not to destroy the palace but to move into it oneself has always been the occupational curse of revolutionaries." - Wilfrid Sheed

"I've come off horses and fought in medieval battles using axes, hammers and swords as well as fists. Getting your teeth knocked out is an occupational hazard." - James Cosmo

"Most practising scientists focus on 'bite-sized' problems that are timely and tractable. The occupational risk is then to lose sight of the big picture." - Martin Rees

"One of the occupational hazards of being an actor, the reason why so many actors are insecure, is that the only way we know we're good is when other people tell us." - David Oyelowo

"Embrace relational uncertainty. It's called romance. Embrace spiritual uncertainty. It's called mystery. Embrace occupational uncertainty. It's called destiny. Embrace emotional uncertainty. It's called joy. Embrace intellectual uncertainty. It's called revelation." - Mark Batterson

"My teacher, Hopkins, often commented on the craving for certainty that led so many physicists into mysticism or into the Church and similar organisations ... Faith seems to be an occupational hazard for physicists." - Norman Pirie

"College has become unaffordable for most of the kids who attend, and, while most of the population won't ever graduate from college, our high schools don't prepare students for that reality by providing vocational and occupational training." - James Stone

"There are many kinds of adult adversities that can provoke severe psychological distress, including debt and unemployment, dysfunctional marital relationships and occupational stress. The reality is that the social causes of mental ill-health are all around us." - Richard Bentall

"Coming into a game in the eighth or ninth inning is like parachuting behind enemy lines. And sometimes the chute doesn't open. You have to live with that. It's an occupational hazard." - Dan Quisenberry

"I have a great advantage over many of my colleagues inasmuch as my students bring with them to class their own personal knowledge of national, regional, religious, ethnic, occupational, and family folklore traditions." - Alan Dundes

"To conflict journalists, a tiny, tight-knit tribe, tragedy is practically an occupational requirement: our work requires us to seek it out, measure it, contextualize it, and chronicle it." - Bobby Ghosh

"I worked in television; I'm the Failed Pilot Queen, I've done so many television shows, pilots, theater... when you do it for so long, I'm telling you, you get to the point where it becomes varied because you take what's available for a number of reasons. It's just an occupational hazard." - Viola Davis

"Continue to invest in your personal development. Expand your occupational horizons by constant study . . . look to your present job as a stepping-stone along your career path. Take time to think. The dimensions of most jobs are constrained only by the mind of the uncreative worker. I like what one business man counseled: If at first you do succeed, try something harder!!!" - J. Richard Clarke

"How we use our leisure is equally as important to our joy as our occupational pursuits. Proper use of leisure requires discriminating judgment. Our leisure provides opportunity for renewal of spirit, mind, and body. It is a time for worship, for family, for service, for study, for wholesome recreation. It brings harmony into our life." - J. Richard Clarke

"The popular idea of a role model implies that an adult's influence on a child is primarily occupational, and that all a black child needs is to see a black doctor, and then this child will think, "Oh, I can become a doctor too."" - Richard Rodriguez

"It is odd how pleasant and sympathetic her poems are, in these days when many a poet had rather walk down children like Mr. Hyde than weep over them like Swinburne, and when many a poem is gruesome occupational therapy for a poet who stays legally innocuous by means of it." - Randall Jarrell

"Although the needs of babies have changed very little over the millennia, over the past decades, female equality in education and occupational opportunities has altered maternal expectations. This renders baby-care requirements discordant with ambition for many mothers, and produces heartfelt dilemmas for others." - Joan Raphael-Leff

"I worked in television; I'm the Failed Pilot Queen, I've done so many television shows, pilots, theater ... when you do it for so long, I'm telling you, you get to the point where it becomes varied because you take what's available for a number of reasons. It's just an occupational hazard." - Viola Davis

"I don't think I could, with a straight face, describe myself as a completely positive person, but I'm not overly negative, either. On the whole, most writers think plots through to their consequences, and it's not always a sunny place. I have an occupational temperament for anxiety." - James Lasdun

"I never worry about people not taking my work seriously as a result of the humor. In the end, the comic's best trick is the illusion that comedy is effortless. That people imagine what he's doing is easy is an occupational hazard." - Richard Russo

"Eating a lot is an occupational hazard but it's a pretty great problem to have. I spend a lot of time eating sweets on TV - cake, cupcakes, donuts, and pudding. It's a dream job, but at the same time there will be days where I wake up knowing I will eat 15 desserts!" - Gail Simmons

"But this is an occupational hazard of being a scientist. You say this is the best information I have and then you realize that not everyone is going to read the footnotes or the whole book, so people are going to get the wrong impression." - Bjorn Lomborg

"I don't feel any pressure at all because I don't care. That's an occupational hazard... but if you're doing anything of any worth, and not doing something that's safe and anodyne and trying to be populist and a national treasure, then you've got to assume that as many people hate what you do - and you - as like what you do and like you." - Ricky Gervais

"I have been heartbroken once and it has affected all my relationships from there on. But now I look at it as a occupational hazard. If you are in the meat market at some point you are gonna get mad cows disease." - Dominic Monaghan

"War over water would be an ultimate obscenity. And yet, unfortunately it is conceivable... Water has been a source over so many years of erosion of confidence, of tension, of human rights abuses, really, of so many in areas whose traditional water supplies have been controlled and depleted by occupational authorities. That must stop if we're going to be able to develop a climate for peace." - Queen Noor of Jordan

"The conservative goal has been the Third Worldization of the United States: an increasingly underemployed, lower-wage work-force; a small but growing moneyed class that pays almost no taxes; the privatization or elimination of human services; the elimination of public education for low-income people; the easing of restrictions against child labor; the exporting of industries and jobs to low-wage, free-trade countries; the breaking of labor unions; and the elimination of occupational safety and environmental controls and regulations." - Michael Parenti

"Our educational system just doesn't work as well as it should any more. 70% of people are never going to go to college, and we don't give them the vocational or occupational training they need before we throw them into a work force where too often they find they don't fit. The 30% that do go to college find themselves graduating with debts that may cripple them for years." - James Stone

"Writers and filmakers, that is, people who describe the world, suffer from an occupational disease. They never experience moments in life quite spontaneously. You always look at yourself from the outside. Even as a child I always observed myself and the world. I believe that everyone who chooses this path in any way, who chooses to be a describer of life, suffers from this condition. It's like a mental obsession. It can be a great pity too. It robs you of a certain joy in spontaneity." - Michael Haneke

"Either we're a team or we aren't. Either you trust me or you don't." Hale took a step toward her. "What's it going to be, Kat?" It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth; in that moment Kat didn't have a clue what to say. I carn't do this with out you sounded trite. What they were doing was to big for a simple please. Hale I-" You know what? Never mind. Either way, I'm in Kat." He seemed utterly resloved as he slipped on his sunglasses. "I'm all in" - Ally Carter



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