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Obviously Quotes


"I obviously invented Solipsism" - Dean Cavanagh

"Obviously I've taken drugs." - Jean-Claude Van Damme

"Targzissians are obviously reptilian." - Riley Martin

"I obviously irritate people. I obviously antagonise them." - Peter Greenaway

"I'm afraid of death, obviously." - June Diane Raphael

"The obvious is obviously wrong." - Joseph Granville

"Bowie's obviously my biggest influence." - Scott Weiland

"Obviously comedic styles do change." - Larry David

"If it's obvious, it's obviously wrong." - Joseph Granville

"Obviously, I can't perform; admittedly, I'm terrible." - Courtney Solomon

"Obviously, I need to study princesses further." - Nalini Singh

"Well, obviously religion must come from inside." - Jimi Hendrix

"Music and weed go well together, obviously." - Doug Walters

"The climate is obviously changing dramatically." - Russ Feingold

"Obviously it could be, because it was." - Piers Anthony

"One of us is obviously mistaken." - William Saroyan

"Obviously music is my first job." - Alesha Dixon

"Obviously, people in Texas have big hearts." - Katie Couric

"I was a huge 'Sopranos' fan, obviously." - Michael De Luca

"Not everybody agrees on what's funny, obviously." - Tim Meadows

"Obviously Madonna reinforces everything absurd and offensive." - Steven Patrick Morrissey

"Obviously, I'm attracted to heavier movies." - Clive Owen

"My first influence obviously was Picasso." - David Bailey

"My mom obviously had a problem." - Dave Pelzer

"Science is the process of making obviously erroneous ideas less obviously erroneous." - Albert Einstein

"Climate change is obviously happening and there is obviously a man-made contribution." - Owen Paterson

"If at first you don't succeed, you're obviously not me." - Madonna Ciccone

"Obviously I struck gold with Deadwood. No pun intended." - Jim Beaver

"Obviously my best strategy is to wait, listen, and learn." - Jim Starlin

"I'm not going to go into operational matters obviously." - Kevin Andrews

"Obviously this person's a hazard. Stupid people are dangerous." - Suzanne Collins

"Obviously, crime pays, or there'd be no crime." - G Gordon Liddy

"Obviously, there is little you can learn from doing nothing." - Zig Ziglar

"Still, obviously, one can't be sensible all the time." - Albert Camus

"Obviously some cheap motel is missing a shower curtain." - Bobby Heenan

"Obviously Im a lawyer; I like to have cases." - David Boies

"What a snarky jerk. (Obviously, I later slept with him.)" - Lena Dunham

"Yeah, I want to be liked, obviously. Everybody does." - Aaron Rodgers

"Obviously, all religions fall far short of their own ideals." - Ernest Becker

"I think bitcoins are obviously becoming more and more relevant," - Ashton Kutcher

"Are deviations from full employment a social problem? Obviously." - Janet Yellen

"I grew up in Texas, obviously a huge football state" - Drew Brees

"New York is obviously the capital of theater." - Colin Callender

"Obviously, guns are a way to protect yourself." - Sam Trammell

"Tennis obviously isn't as popular as baseball in the States." - Pete Sampras

"Obviously, I'm a little more responsible these days." - Tommy Lee

"Obviously I think politics is interesting and important and educational." - William Kristol

"Slamdance actually is indie and rebellious. Sundance obviously felt threatened." - Yony Leyser

"Obviously being relaxed doesn't mean that you make no effort." - Tenzin Palmo

"Obviously songs and musicians mean a lot to people." - Stephen Malkmus

"Obviously, movies don't almost ever shoot in sequence." - Geena Davis

"I think it's a misconception that metal's about anger, obviously." - John Darnielle

"I love fashion, obviously, but I hate trying on clothes." - Cassie Ventura

"I think death is a big deal, obviously." - Edward Kitsis

"Obviously you have lost possession of your Yiddish cup." - Neil Bauman

"There's obviously a buzz. Everybody's asking about it." - Brimstone

"Anybody who is against that obviously must be a communist." - Jim Gibbons

"Obviously I was either onto something, or on something." - Larry Wall

"Injuries obviously change the way you approach the game." - Brett Favre

"It is not enough to photograph the obviously picturesque." - Dorothea Lange

"Obviously, I'll keep fighting to uphold the Constitution." - Michael Newdow

"I obviously do everything to be "hard to understand" myself" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children." - Bill Watterson

"Obviously, the ultimate dream is to be married for life." - Peter Andre

"Obviously, the more you tour, the more comfortable you get." - Courtney Barnett

"Obviously I struck gold with 'Deadwood.' No pun intended." - Jim Beaver

"Bush is good at stating the obviously untrue." - Eleanor Clift

"Having seen war, you obviously learned to hate war." - Mark Hatfield

"Obviously an actor draws on his own experience." - Christopher Walken

"Public perception is obviously important to an actor's career." - David Walton

"Obviously fashion is a completely different world from football." - Zinedine Zidane

"Obviously, the young dancers lack a certain air of maturity." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"Obviously people read the books in order to be entertained." - Patricia Cornwell

"Obviously, waste disposal is an enormous and fantastic industry." - Felix Dennis

"Obviously we want to keep the jobs we've got." - Jennifer Granholm

"We're not trying to top ourselves with each record, obviously." - Bruce Johnston

"Obviously I'm not a role model for impressionable youth." - Sam Kinison

"To call somebody a Jewish composer is obviously redundant." - Mitch Leigh

"I am providing a service that many people obviously value." - Matthew Lesko

"Obviously crime pays, or there'd be no crime." - G Gordon Liddy

"Imitation is obviously a great form of flattery." - Peyton Manning

"We all enjoyed the success of Rumours obviously." - Christine Mcvie

"Obviously, you make preparations before you engage in any meeting." - John Bolton

"Obviously I'm a lawyer; I like to have cases." - David Boies

"So I'm in quite the wrong profession obviously." - Dirk Bogarde

"Obviously I always wanted to do a contemporary piece." - Orlando Bloom

"I discovered the Clash, the Pistols, obviously the Ramones, Blondie." - Gerald Caiafa

"Obviously, I pray every day there's less casualty." - George W Bush

"I like Fashion but Fashion doesn't really like me, obviously." - Jared Leto

"Apartheid - both petty and grand - is obviously evil" - Steven Biko

"Presidents aren`t supposed to spit, at least not obviously." - Chris Matthews

"Successful companies obviously have people with ideas and energy." - Hasso Plattner

"Obviously I love 'The Godfather' movies. I think they're phenomenal." - Gary Ross

"Obviously, the institution of marriage in America has utterly collapsed." - Paul Singer

"Obviously California is fantastic in terms of produce, vegetables." - Eric Ripert

"Obviously, I haven't really progressed that much at my craft." - Rod Stewart

"Obviously death is a theme I'm fascinated by." - Alan Ball

"Anybody who makes an outlandish salary obviously attracts attention." - Jerry Buss

"I grew up in Texas, obviously a huge football state." - Drew Brees

"Why is anything intrinsically so valueless so obviously desirable?" - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Rest is obviously a key in the offseason." - Jamie Moyer

"Success can be obviously a two way street." - Chris Noth

"I discovered the Clash, the Pistols, obviously the Ramones, Blondie." - Jerry Only

"Any law can be changed, obviously, at any time." - Erik Paulsen

"My movies make a profit, but obviously not a fortune." - Nicole Holofcener

"There's theater in life, obviously, and there's life in theater." - Charlie Kaufman

"There was obviously some people that didn't want me there. On the other hand, many more obviously did." - Sean Pittman

"I'm obviously very involved with my own charity and foundation that I work with. Obviously, I'm very passionate about that." - David Nail

"All this contains much that is obviously true, and much that is relevant; unfortunately, what is obviously true is not relevant, and what is relevant is not obviously true." - Winston Churchill

"Obviously I have concerns, right, about national security in terms of Russia, and China, and North Korea, and obviously, the problems we have in the Middle East." - Kimberly Guilfoyle

"The churches that are most obviously democratic are most obviously given to race prejudice. I mean the churches that have absolute congregational control." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"We obviously need more love in the world. And we obviously need more compassion and understanding. Our leaders need to really address these issues properly now." - Dave Davies

"Obviously, I have been a pro-choice candidate for my entire political career, and obviously there is controversy always surrounding this issue." - Claire Mccaskill

"It's obviously nerve-wracking, because I don't know the ropes really, William is obviously used to it, but I'm willing to learn quickly and work hard." - Kate Middleton

"Beautiful things, when taste is formed, are obviously and unaccountably beautiful." - George Santayana

"(The) chain of command has failed over the years, obviously, for a lot of reasons." - Chuck Hagel

"Furniture that is too obviously designed is very interesting, but too often belongs only in museums." - Milo

"Just wanted to inspire my teammates. Obviously, I didn't do enough." - Lebron James

"The greatest thing about playing obviously is winning, and you can't replace that experience with anything." - Wayne Gretzky

"You want to look great under your clothes and obviously without clothes." - Rachel Zoe

"Obviously, with creating music you are solely responsible for the creation of it." - Justin Timberlake

"Once one's up against it, the precise manner of one's death has obviously small importance." - Albert Camus

"My voice was obviously God given and I have tried to give of myself honestly." - Joan Sutherland

"Be yourself... And shoot for the stars. Obviously dreams really do come true." - Laura Osnes

"Do what you need to do and if it hurts too much obviously don't do it." - Kristen Stewart

"I have kiddingly called it the 'Super Bowl,' which obviously can be improved upon." - Lamar Hunt

"Materialism, which gives priority to material needs and objects, is obviously the opposite of spirituality" - Dallin H. Oaks

"Obviously, if you don't love life, you can't enjoy an oyster." - Eleanor Clark

"We're football people, not poets, but obviously I'm disappointed with the result." - Mick McCarthy

"I'm obviously not orthodox, I don't know how many real poets have ever been orthodox." - R. S. Thomas

"Obviously, a man's judgement cannot be better than the information on which he bases it" - Arthur Hays Sulzberger

"Obviously a fake Kyp. You distract him. I'll shoot him under the table." Han (to Leia)" - Aaron Allston

"Well, I don't think prisons are the answer to everything, obviously." - Mills Lane

"I didn't read comics as a kid - though, obviously, I've read a lot since." - Henry Cavill

"Obviously I find women more interesting than men to write about." - Marge Piercy

"Obviously some states are allowed to have weapons of mass destruction while others are not." - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"God has control over everything, and obviously, everything to everyone is god-given." - Troy Polamalu

"People who say real men don't wear pink obviously don't know any real men!" - Scott Disick

"Obviously Hall & Oates wasn't overlooked by the masses in terms of the record sales." - Inara George

"The ' pleasure' of being drunk is obviously the pleasure of escaping from the responsibility of Consciousness." - Ayn Rand

"I always used to put my right boot on first, and then obviously my right sock." - Barry Venison

"I want so obviously, so desperately to be loved, and to be capable of love." - Sylvia Plath

"I do' care about anyone, and the feeling is quite obviously mutual." - Sylvia Plath

"This planet is obviously being used as an insane asylum by other planets." - George Bernard Shaw

"I don't care about anyone, and the feeling is quite obviously mutual." - Sylvia Plath

"Ive obviously got one of those faces that people can forget." - Hattie Morahan

"Who says i can't handle it? I can handle it," said Gregor obviously not handling it." - Suzanne Collins

"Obviously, after every film you do, you wonder what youre going to do next." - Madhur Mittal

"What planet are you from? Obviously Planet Insanity was missing a local, long-term resident.' (Nick)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Well, obviously, I'm not allowed to speak about the legal battles, but I love lesbians." - Jennifer Nettles