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Obvious Quotes


"Nothing is so obvious that it's obvious." - Errol Morris

"Make subtlety obvious." - Billy Wilder

"What's obvious to you is obvious to you." - John Medina

"The obvious is better than obvious avoidance of it." - Henry Watson Fowler

"What's obvious to me isn't always obvious to other people." - Mike Watt

"You know what? The obvious is obvious for a reason." - Paul Reiser

"Not all dangers are obvious." - Leah Cypess

"The obvious is obviously wrong." - Joseph Granville

"Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious..." - Michael Stipe

"Success is the study of the obvious. Everyone should take Obvious 1 and Obvious 2 in school." - Jim Rohn

"Nothing is as invisible as the obvious." - Richard Farson

"If it's obvious, it's obviously wrong." - Joseph Granville

"Experts always tend to obscure the obvious." - D. V. Ager

"Nothing is so treacherous as the obvious." - Joseph A Schumpeter

"When in doubt, do the obvious." - Joy Browne

"Things always become obvious after the fact" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"Question everything generally thought to be obvious." - Dieter Rams

"Evil is obvious only in retrospect." - Gloria Steinem

"The obvious is always least understood." - Klemens von Metternich

"Discount the obvious, bet on the unexpected" - George Soros

"I am at war with the obvious." - William Eggleston

"Obvious to you is amazing to others." - Derek Sivers

"Nothing is so treacherous as the obvious." - Joseph Schumpeter

"Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Only the prophets see the obvious." - Nelson Rodrigues

"Never assume the obvious is true." - William Safire

"The great discoveries are usually obvious." - Phil Crosby

"In art, the obvious is a sin." - Edward Dmytryk

"I'm allergic to doing the obvious thing." - Neneh Cherry

"Obvious effort is the antithesis of grace." - Baldassare Castiglione

"Obvious prospects for physical growth in a business do not translate into obvious profits for investors." - Benjamin Graham

"Mathematics consists in proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way." - George Polya

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." "I'm on the Senate," he reminded me. "It's Lord Obvious." - Karen Chance

"Nothing is wholly obvious without becoming enigmatic. Reality itself is too obvious to be true ." - Jean Baudrillard

"Don't be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also." - Billy Wilder

"I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate, and glorify the obvious - because the obvious is what people need to be told." - Dale Carnegie

"I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate and glorify the obvious - because the obvious is what people need to be told." - Dale Carnegie

"A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one." - Heraclitus

"The obvious merits utterance. Character is f**king pertinent." - Al Swearengen

"If you understand something, you understand that it is obvious." - Israel Gelfand

"Scholarship can find little to say about the obvious." - Mason Cooley

"Obvious" is the most dangerous word in mathematics." - E T Bell

"Secrecy was the problem; transparency the obvious cure." - Robert J. Sawyer

"Be the first to say something obvious and achieve immortality." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"There's more to life than making shallow, fairly obvious observations." - Jerry Seinfeld

"Once you know the truth, it's always obvious" - Jennifer Crusie

"Intellect is the ability to avoid belaboring the obvious." - Alfred Bester

"Success is a refined study of the obvious" - Jim Rohn

"I-I didn't think-" "That," said Professor McGonagall, "is obvious." - J K Rowling

"A thing is obvious mathematically after you see it." - Robert Daniel Carmichael

"Maintain a firm grasp of the obvious at all times." - Jeff Bezos

"Every high civilization decays by forgetting obvious things." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Vulgarity is more obvious in satin than in homespun." - Nathaniel Parker Willis

"Obvious is the most dangerous word in mathematics." - Eric Temple Bell

"the inferred is always more effective than the obvious." - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

"Jealousy ... is the most obvious sign of impotency." - Helen Nielsen

"All obvious moves look dubious in analysis after the game." - Viktor Korchnoi

"Don't ask me when I first mastered the obvious." - John Burdett

"We can't always take the most obvious road in life." - Anne Shirley

"You have a firm grasp of the obvious." - Stephen Colbert

"The Universe is difficult to comprehend because it is obvious." - Albert Einstein

"Kindly remember that the obvious is always overlooked." - Drayton Bird

"I always enjoy being the obvious homunculus of the pair." - Peter Jacobson

"When man's whole frame is obvious to a flea." - Alexander Pope

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful." - John Maeda

"Too far-fetched to believe, too obvious to ignore." - Nicholas Sparks

"Not to ask the obvious question, but why Alaska?" - John Green

"The hidden harmony is better than the obvious." - Pablo Picasso

"When witnesses concoct lies, they often miss the obvious." - John Grisham

"It'll become obvious that we've really been working against ourselves." - Neale Donald Walsch

"'Obvious' is the most dangerous word in mathematics." - E T Bell

"Laying tracks gives you freedom without being too obvious." - Claude Chabrol

"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"Television has the obvious benefits of regularity and intimacy." - Graydon Carter

"If we think about the obvious long enough, it dissolves." - Mason Cooley

"Britain's got talent, enormous talent; that's very obvious." - Simon Cowell

"I also tried to avoid doing obvious dance records." - Boy George

"It's obvious you shouldn't steal, kill or be cruel." - Frank Black

"It's obvious you shouldn't steal, kill or be cruel." - Black Francis

"Landscape painting is the obvious resource of misanthropy." - William Hazlitt

"Just because things are obvious doesn't mean they're true." - Terry Pratchett

"The first duty of intelligence is to recognize the obvious." - Walter Darby Bannard

"I see no reason for recording the obvious." - Edward Weston

"Guys are much more obvious than they think they are." - Katherine Heigl

"It takes an extraordinary intelligence to contemplate the obvious." - Alfred North Whitehead

"All great ideas start as weird ideas. What now seems obvious, early on, is not obvious to anybody." - Steve Case

"Everything you've learned in school as "obvious" becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe." - R Buckminster Fuller

"I often make the mistake of thinking that something that is obvious to me is obvious to everyone else." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"Everything, in retrospect, is obvious. But if everything were obvious, authors of histories of financial folly would be rich . . ." - Michael Lewis

"I try not to go the obvious route all the time, but sometimes the most obvious is actually the best." - Al Yankovic

"To me, it's obvious that the winner has to bet very selectively. It's been obvious to me since very early in life. I don't know why it's not obvious to very many other people." - Charlie Munger

"Getting drunk was good. I decided that I would always like getting drunk. It took away the obvious and maybe if you could get away from the obvious often enough, you wouldn't become so obvious yourself." - Charles Bukowski

"People tell me this is obvious. But it's ok to be obvious. Knowing and doing are different. Many people know many obvious things they completely fail to do, despite their knowledge." - Scott Berkun

"Anybody can be specific and obvious. That's always been the easy way. It's not that it's so difficult to be unspecific and less obvious; it's just that there's nothing, absolutely nothing, to be specific and obvious about." - Bob Dylan

"What is like a smelly fart, that, although invisible is obvious? One's own faults, that are precisely As obvious as the effort made to hide them." - 7th Dalai Lama

"What was once obvious to them was no longer quite as obvious. Why was it that humans lost sight of truth so quickly?" - Ted Dekker

"The chief value of the rule lies in preventing an immediate and obvious but inferior good from replacing a longer-range, less obvious but superior one." - Ralph Raico

"Throughout history, one of the biggest problems is that the correct course of action is not always obvious, and the obvious course of action is not always correct." - Mardy Grothe

"The only thing that the artist cannot see is the obvious. The only thing that the public can see is the obvious..." - Oscar Wilde

"The rules may seem obvious but when you think about them they're not. For somebody who has my job they're not as obvious as one would think." - Neal Brennan

"All good ideas are terrible... Until people realize they are obvious. If you're not willing to live through the terrible stage, you'll never get to the obvious part." - Seth Godin

"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling. To be natural is to be obvious, and to be obvious is to be inartistic." - Oscar Wilde

"The best early-stage venture capital investments appear obvious in retrospect; however, very few of them are actually obvious when you make them." - David Sze

"What's becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art." - Lupita Nyong'o

"I dress sexily - but not in an obvious way. Sexy in a virginal way" - Victoria Beckham

"Keep it simple, when you get too complex you forget the obvious." - Al Mcguire

"Who ever thought that the world-famous Captain Obvious was really mild-mannered Colin Mochrie?" - Drew Carey

"... the fallibility of human brains is in nothing more obvious than in proof reading." - George Eliot

"Things that are obvious don't need to be talked about. Things that are missing, do." - Ron Kaufman

"Subtlety chases the obvious up a never-ending spiral and never quite catches it." - Rex Stout

"It is obvious that mathematics needs both sorts of mathematicians, theory-builders and problem-solvers." - Timothy Gowers

"I love CGI if it's invisible. I don't like it when it's there and obvious." - Neil Gaiman

"The obvious can sometimes be illuminating when perceived in an unhabitual way." - Daniel Quinn

"The moral is obvious it is that great armaments lead inevitably to war." - Edward Dunlop

"We can be blind to the obvious, and we are also blind to our blindness." - Daniel Kahneman

"All resources are not obvious; great managers find and develop available talent." - Zig Ziglar

"The most difficult thing to get people to do is to accept the obvious." - Dick Gregory

"What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound than a portrait." - Charles Baudelaire

"Far from all of the obvious moves that go without saying are correct." - David Bronstein

"Never too late to learn some embarrassingly basic, stupidly obvious things about oneself." - Alain De Botton

"It's obvious throughout secular and church history that significant legislation follows only after dramatic action." - Carter Heyward

"Cities are obvious metaphors for life. We call roads arteries and so forth." - Geoffrey West

"The unexpected connection is more powerful than one that is obvious." - Heraclitus

"The payment of taxes is an obvious and insistent duty, and its sanction is usually punitive." - Joseph McKenna

"Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements." - Maria Montessori

"If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious." - Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

"An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia." - Ezekiel Emanuel

"It's obvious that things aren't going well over there. This is a war based on lies." - Cindy Sheehan

"I believe that public space should be intentional: it should be obvious that you belong," - Janet Echelman

"Even an obvious fabrication is some comfort when you have few others." - Margaret Atwood

"It was obvious that the matter had to be settled, and evasions were distasteful to me." - Jules Verne

"A Queen's sacrifice, even when fairly obvious, always rejoices the heart of the chess-lover." - Savielly Tartakower

"A common language is the most obvious binding element in any society." - Michael Howard

"Experience teaches us not to assume that the obvious is clearly understood" - Paulo Freire

"It is obvious that the newspaper produces the opinion of the readers." - Umberto Eco

"Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious." - Oscar Wilde

"The obvious mathematical breakthrough would be development of an easy way to factor large prime numbers." - Bill Gates

"Don't concentrate on the obvious. They might want you to miss something else." - John Flanagan

"Haruhi: Whaddaya think I am?! The Twins: To us? Why that's obvious- a toy!" - Bisco Hatori

"Humans often fail to see what is close to them and obvious to others." - Graeme Simsion

"Jazz is the art of skipping obvious convention while still following it." - Eric Parslow

"To spell out the obvious is often to call it into question." - Eric Hoffer

"When someone starts to change, and it's obvious, it's sort of natural to wonder why. Right?" - Sarah Dessen

"There's just something obvious about emptiness, even when you try to convince yourself otherwise." - Sarah Dessen

"There is no mystery whatever - only inability to perceive the obvious." - Wei Wu Wei

"After a certain age, the more one becomes oneself, the more obvious one's family traits become." - Marcel Proust

"The continuation that obeys only obvious stack semantics, O grasshopper, is not the true continuation." - Guy Steele

"The whole purpose of propaganda is to make the obvious seem obscure, or offensive" - Stefan Molyneux

"The concept of number is the obvious distinction between the beast and man." - Joseph De Maistre

"It's so obvious The Weather Channel is pro hurricane. Fair and balanced my ass." - Jim Gaffigan



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