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Obvious Things Quotes


"Things always become obvious after the fact" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"The problems with this world cannot possibly be solved by sceptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need people who can dream of things that never were." - John F Kennedy

"Every high civilization decays by forgetting obvious things." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Just because things are obvious doesn't mean they're true." - Terry Pratchett

"Things that are obvious don't need to be talked about. Things that are missing, do." - Ron Kaufman

"Those things that are the most obvious are the very things we've most likely to overlook." - Pittacus Lore

"Different directors offer you different things, and it's not necessarily the most obvious things." - Malcolm Mcdowell

"Never too late to learn some embarrassingly basic, stupidly obvious things about oneself." - Alain De Botton

"It's obvious that things aren't going well over there. This is a war based on lies." - Cindy Sheehan

"Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious." - Oscar Wilde

"Obvious things like The Deer Hunter. After that happened, the scripts got better. Opportunities happened." - Christopher Walken

"Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They discover everything except the obvious." - Oscar Wilde

"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"It is obvious that different individuals require different things to live good, healthy, and virtuous lives." - Tom G Palmer

"If you make things sound inoffensively obvious, then it is likely that no one will listen." - B. W. Powe

"Corporations do a lot of things well, but not run nations, for obvious reasons." - Michael Ian Black

"Whenever I can, I paint the powerful and obvious things in my subject first." - Richard Schmid

"People tell me this is obvious. But it's ok to be obvious. Knowing and doing are different. Many people know many obvious things they completely fail to do, despite their knowledge." - Scott Berkun

"Once you open your eyes and start looking around you, you start picking up things that are very obvious." - Kobe Bryant

"I am satisfied the way that I am playing. Is obvious that there is always things to improve." - Rafael Nadal

"Some things are fairly obvious when it's a seven-foot skeleton with a scythe telling you them" - Terry Pratchett

"That's the way things come clear. All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along." - Madeleine Lengle

"The most obvious things are often right there, but you don't think about them because you've narrowed your vision." - Steven Levitt

"That's the way things come clear. All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along." - Madeleine L'Engle

"If the proof starts from axioms, distinguishes several cases, and takes thirteen lines in the text book ... it may give the youngsters the impression that mathematics consists in proving the most obvious things in the least obvious way." - George Polya

"Nothing is so obvious that it's obvious." - Errol Morris

"Men have got more of a discerning eye. They appreciate cut and details, things that aren't so obvious. They like things that have cachet and gentlemanliness." - John Galliano

"Make subtlety obvious." - Billy Wilder

"The conscious mind is going to suggest the obvious, the cliche, because these things have offered the security of having succeeded in the past." - David Mamet

"I figured something out," he said aloud. "The future is unpredictable." Hassan said, "Sometimes the kafir likes to say massively obvious things in a really profound voice." - John Green

"The most important lesson I received from Conceptual art consisted in the recording of simple and obvious things, and viewing them under a whole new light." - Luigi Ghirri

"As Tony [Blair] said in his book, Gordon [Brown] was brilliant and impossible. If he'd just been one of those things, the options are obvious." - Alastair Campbell

"I saw that show, 50 Things To Do Before You Die. I would have thought the obvious one was 'Shout For Help'." - Jimmy Carr

"One of the things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious." - Douglas Adams

"The most important things to say are those which often I did not think necessary for me to say - because they were too obvious." - Andre Gide

"One of the nice things about math and science is it's obvious, you get the answer or you don't get the answer." - Lisa Randall

"The idea that seeing life means going from place to place and doing a great variety of obvious things is an illusion natural to dull minds." - Charles Horton Cooley

"I enjoy looking beyond the obvious and look at the stories happening all around me - you kind of formulate things in your mind and get excited about them." - Imtiaz Ali

"I'm a big cat person. It's one of those things that's like, everybody that knows me thinks it's so weirdly apparent and obvious." - Chelsea Leyland

"One of the things it was obvious you could do with an online store is have a much more complete selection." - Jeff Bezos

"Drugs are merely the most obvious form of addiction in our society. Drug addiction is one of the things that undermines traditional values." - Christopher Lasch

"Familiar things happen, and mankind does not bother about them. It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious." - Alfred North Whitehead

"I'm probably a Libertarian, if I had to put myself in any category. But you don't come out and talk about these things, for obvious reasons." - Gary Oldman

"What's obvious to you is obvious to you." - John Medina

"The obvious is better than obvious avoidance of it." - Henry Watson Fowler

"What's obvious to me isn't always obvious to other people." - Mike Watt

"You know what? The obvious is obvious for a reason." - Paul Reiser

"For it is obvious to everybody, I think, that this study [of astronomy] compels the soul to look upward and leads it away from things here to higher things." - Plato

"What is the relationship of the obvious things that we see around us to the things that we believe we understand within ourselves? This is the ancient alchemical formula: "as above, so below, as within, so without."" - Fred Alan Wolf

"Not all dangers are obvious." - Leah Cypess

"The obvious is obviously wrong." - Joseph Granville

"I am too inquisitive, too skeptical, too arrogant, to let myself be satisfied with an obvious and crass solution of things. God is such an obvious and crass solution; a solution which is a sheer indelicacy to us thinkers - at bottom He is really nothing but a coarse commandment against us: ye shall not think!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Everybody agrees that the brain is a remarkable machine. It's capable of generating an enormous number of phenomena, some of them very obvious and some of them less obvious. But I think that in the end there are going to be some very basic explanations for many things: emotions, awareness, consciousness, attention, perception, recognition." - Henry Markram

"It's not that I'm deliberately trying to shock people all the time. I'm just doing things that are obvious to me. It's because the public doesn't understand my way of thinking that they get surprised." - Takafumi Horie

"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were and ask why not?" - John F Kennedy

"To state the obvious, romantic comedies have to be funny and they have to be romantic. But one of the most important things, for me anyway, is that they be about two strong people finding their way to love." - Nora Ephron

"It has occasionally been remarked upon that it is as easy to overlook something large and obvious as it is to overlook something small and niggling, and that the large things one overlooks often cause problems." - Neil Gaiman

"People used to say obvious things ironically or as a form of understatement, but in the last few decades they seem to say it with a sense of discovery, and it worries me." - Kevin Hearne

"Anybody can be charming if they don't mind faking it, saying all the stupid, obvious, nauseating things that a conscience keeps most people from saying. Happily, I don't have a conscience. I say them." - Jeff Lindsay

"I guess that as life is speeded up and our capacity for concentration is being nibbled away at by all the obvious things, that leads us actually to be more susceptible to boredom." - Geoff Dyer

"One of the things I like about doing science, the thing that is the most fun, is coming up with something that seems ridiculous when you first hear it but finally seems obvious when you're finished." - Fischer Black

"One of the the things she most liked about the city -apart from all its obvious attractions, the theatre, the galleries, the exhilarating walks by the river- was that so few people ever asked you personal questions." - Julia Gregson

"We need to cut these things that aren't constitutionally mandated, that are kind of on the periphery, the fluffery, like NPR and National Endowment for the Arts. Those are obvious." - Sarah Palin

"I don't like things that are obvious and so I always try to introduce something that is wrong, something that is different. Just beauty by itself is too easy." - Miuccia Prada

"I feel like I'm kind of an obvious person. I like to keep some things in my life sacred, like keep the sacred, sacred. Apart from that part of my life, I'm a very open person." - Shailene Woodley

"It's about having a comprehensive vision that includes things like social supports while providing a high-quality education. It seems obvious, but when you look at schools that are really struggling, you don't see high-quality education." - Pedro Noguera

"Morgan has the artist's mind; he says the simple things that clever people don't say; I find him the best of critics for that reason. Suddenly out comes the obvious thing that one has overlooked." - Virginia Woolf

"Commonly we stride through the out-of-doors too swiftly to see more than the most obvious and prominent things. For observing nature, the best pace is a snail's pace." - Edwin Way Teale

"When I went blind at 13, I realized that I wasn't going to be a good baseball or basketball player like I enjoyed before. It forced me to look beyond the obvious, to things that I could still do well." - Erik Weihenmayer

"One of the main things when you get notes from a studio is they don't want anyone to be confused ever, everything has got to be so obvious at all times unless it's a twist ending." - Rob Zombie

"Race and sexual preferences are two different things. One is a behavior-related and preference-related and one is something inherently - skin color, something obvious, that kind of stuff." - James Lankford

"Goblins burrowed in the earth, elves sang songs in the trees: Those were the obvious wonders of reading, but behind them lay the fundamental marvel that, in stories, words could command things to be." - Francis Spufford

"Well, he was wearing those really bad pants ant that awful shirt. Clearly he did need some things explained to him bya teenager, but i didn't think it was the right time to mention his unforunate and obvious fashion impairment." - P C Cast

"Research gathered over recent years has highlighted the countless benefits to people, wildlife and the environment that come from planting trees and creating new woodland habitat. It's obvious trees are good things." - Clive Anderson

"I wrote the first book, Harvest of Stars, and as I was writing it, I saw that certain implications had barely been touched on... It's perfectly obvious that two completely revolutionary things are going on, with cybernetics, and biological science." - Poul Anderson

"I don't think, post 9/11, we're going to wait for real obvious things like Country A attacking Country B - because Country A doesn't attack Country B any more." - Thomas Pm Barnett

"One of the over-riding things for many who grow up in poverty is the simple desire to escape. I think it was sort of obvious to me that escape had to be through education." - Mildred S Dresselhaus

"I was always good at math, but I was good at everything. It sounds obnoxious, but I was just smart. In school, it's kind of obvious when you're learning things faster than other kids." - Lisa Randall

"They criticize me for harping on the obvious; if all the folks in the United States would do the few simple things they know they ought to do, most of our big problems would take care of themselves." - Calvin Coolidge

"One of the obvious things that went wrong with Multics as a commercial success was just that it was sort of over-engineered in a sense. There was just too much in it." - Dennis Ritchie

"We can't any longer have the conventional understanding of genetics which everybody peddles because it is increasingly obvious that epigenetics - actually things which influence the genome's function - are much more important than we realised." - Robert Winston

"When I was living in China, I learned to make things hyper-explicit because often they were being read by people whose command of English kept them from picking up what I thought were obvious signals." - James Fallows

"Well I would say that we're regular people first of all and we're normal and it's obvious by some of the things that have happened just because our name is famous we're not immune to tragedy." - Brett Favre

"Sometimes I have thought that a song should look disappointing on the page - a little thin, perhaps, a little repetitive, or a little on the obvious side, or a mixture of all of these things." - James Fenton

"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were." - John F Kennedy

"My issue with the state of women became incredibly stimulated when I was visiting developing countries and it became obvious that women bore the brunt of so many things in society." - Annie Lennox

"But once you allow yourself to recognize necessity, you find two things: One you find your options so restricted that the only course of action is obvious, and, two, that a great sense of freedom comes with the decision." - Steven Brust

"Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious..." - Michael Stipe

"Success is the study of the obvious. Everyone should take Obvious 1 and Obvious 2 in school." - Jim Rohn

"Creativity: Take the obvious, add a cupful of brains, a generous pinch of imagination, a bucketful of courage and daring, stir well and bring to a boil." - Bernard Baruch

"To the question, "When were your spirits at the lowest ebb?" the obvious answer seemed to be, "When the gin gave out."" - Francis Chichester

"Nothing is as invisible as the obvious." - Richard Farson

"If it's obvious, it's obviously wrong." - Joseph Granville

"Experts always tend to obscure the obvious." - D. V. Ager

"Nothing is so treacherous as the obvious." - Joseph A Schumpeter

"When in doubt, do the obvious." - Joy Browne

"Question everything generally thought to be obvious." - Dieter Rams

"Evil is obvious only in retrospect." - Gloria Steinem

"The obvious is always least understood." - Klemens von Metternich

"Discount the obvious, bet on the unexpected" - George Soros

"I am at war with the obvious." - William Eggleston

"Obvious to you is amazing to others." - Derek Sivers

"Nothing is so treacherous as the obvious." - Joseph Schumpeter

"Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Only the prophets see the obvious." - Nelson Rodrigues

"Never assume the obvious is true." - William Safire

"The great discoveries are usually obvious." - Phil Crosby

"In art, the obvious is a sin." - Edward Dmytryk

"I'm allergic to doing the obvious thing." - Neneh Cherry

"Obvious effort is the antithesis of grace." - Baldassare Castiglione

"It's more like there are some really obvious things that are different and then lots and lots of smaller things, lots of things about who lives and who dies, civilizations that rose and fell, all the way down to individual characters. That becomes the state of where you left your galaxy. The endings have a lot more sophistication and variety in them." - Casey Hudson

"I just try to make comics for myself, try to give it some kind of unity throughout. That often involves tiny details. I'm never sure what's going to be obvious or what nobody will ever notice. I put stuff in my comics that I thought was blatantly obvious, and nobody noticed. And things that I think are buried in the background, everybody gets it. So I try to be consistently aware of every part of the frame." - Daniel Clowes

"Obvious prospects for physical growth in a business do not translate into obvious profits for investors." - Benjamin Graham

"Mathematics consists in proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way." - George Polya

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." "I'm on the Senate," he reminded me. "It's Lord Obvious." - Karen Chance

"Nothing is wholly obvious without becoming enigmatic. Reality itself is too obvious to be true ." - Jean Baudrillard

"Don't be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also." - Billy Wilder

"It seems obvious that there comes period in your life when you have to learn to say no to things you don't want to do. But the biggest trickiest lesson in holding on the stalwart committment to your creativity is learning how to say no to the things you do want to do." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"An obvious fact about negative feelings is often overlooked. They are caused by us, not by exterior happenings. An outside event presents the challenge, but we react to it. So we must attend to the way we take things, not to the things themselves." - Vernon Howard

"I'll never be a poet,' said Amory as he finished. 'I'm not enough of a sensualist really; there are only a few obvious things that I notice as primarily beautiful: women, spring evenings, music at night, the sea; I don't catch the subtle things like 'silver-snarling trumpets.' I may turn out an intellectual, but I'll never right anything but mediocre poetry." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"I find that the interesting challenges, because there's obvious things where, you know, don't be unethical, don't be evil, you know, don't break the law, don't do immoral things, those are all straightforward and don't create ethical dilemmas. The thing that's interesting is when you actually have multiple interests at stake and you have to kind of navigate your way through it." - Reid Hoffman

"Things differ because of the time in which they exist. In time, things opposite will reverse themselves. Also, judging does the opposite of clearing it confuses. Now, if any of this you judged to be non-sense, then perhaps it's not so obvious that judging is the worst escort perception can have." - Eugene J. Martin

"Baseball is the religion that worships the obvious and gives thanks that things are exactly as they seem. Instead of celebrating mysteries, baseball rejoices in the absence of mysteries and trusts that, if we watch what is laid before our eyes, down to the last detail, we will cultivate the gift of seeing things as they really are." - Thomas Boswell

"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things." - Steve Jobs

"Entranced by the denotative power of words to define, to order, to represent the things around us, weve overlooked the songful dimension of language so obvious to our oral [storytelling] ancestors. Weve lost our ear for the music of language - for the rhythmic, melodic layer of speech by which earthly things overhear us." - David Abram

"I don't ever want to do anything that's obvious, and I also want to find ways to do things that are extremely new and exciting and can make sense in bizarre ways. I always want things to make sense in really bizarre ways." - Jack Antonoff

"She said she"d often wondered why she wanted to do some things and not do other things at all. Well, it was obvious with some things, but for others, there was no reason there. She"d spent a long time puzzling it out, then she thought that what you"d done in a past life you did' need to do again, and what you had to do in the future, you would' be ready to do now." - Jeanette Winterson

"I definitely prefer things to be dark, I definitely prefer things to not be particularly obvious. I like a lot of mystery in music, and I like it when things don't sound just like what they sound like always. But at the same time I like everything to sound very earnest and honest. So I don't really think that I have a definite stamp, but if people see that, that's awesome." - John Congleton

"She said she'd often wondered why she wanted to do some things and not do other things at all. Well, it was obvious with some things, but for others, there was no reason there. She'd spent a long time puzzling it out, then she thought that what you'd done in a past life you didn't need to do again, and what you had to do in the future, you wouldn't be ready to do now." - Jeanette Winterson

"Science,' said Mr Anders Anders. 'Science, not magic. I told you before: when things are not as they appear to be, it's because they're actually simpler than you think them to be. Things are never as difficult and complicated as folk believe. You'd be surprised just how straightforward and obvious things really are. The secret is in knowing how to look at them the right way." - Robert Rankin

"I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate, and glorify the obvious - because the obvious is what people need to be told." - Dale Carnegie

"I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate and glorify the obvious - because the obvious is what people need to be told." - Dale Carnegie

"There are two things which make it impossible to believe that this world is the successful work of an all-wise, all-good, and at the same time, all-powerful being; firstly, the misery which abounds in it everywhere; and secondly, the obvious imperfection of its highest product, man, who is a burlesque of what he should be." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"The truth is, the Science of Nature has been already too long made only a work of the Brain and the Fancy: It is now high time that it should return to the plainness and soundness of Observations on material and obvious things." - Robert Hooke

"Charles Murray, however, clearly believes that being able to cure fatal diseases is more important than some other things and that Rembrandt was a greater artist than your local sidewalk cartoon sketcher. Most people might regard this as obvious common sense but some of the intelligentsia may be seething with resentment at seeing their pet fetishes ignored." - Thomas Sowell

"If your project or organization depends on knowing things that other people don't know (but could find out if they wanted to), your days are probably numbered. Ask a travel agent The alternative, while difficult, is obvious. Provide enough non-commodity service and customization that it doesn't matter if the ideas spread. In fact, it will help you when they do." - Seth Godin

"The process of philosophizing, to my mind, consists mainly in passing from those obvious, vague, ambiguous things, that we feel quite sure of, to something precise, clear, definite, which by reflection and analysis we find is involved in the vague thing that we start from, and is, so to speak, the real truth of which that vague thing is a sort of shadow." - Bertrand Russell

"But mark, madam, we live amongst riddles and mysteries-the most obvious things, which come in our way, have dark sides, which thequickest sight cannot penetrate into; and even the clearest and most exalted understandings amongst us find ourselves puzzled and at a loss in almost every cranny of nature's works." - Laurence Sterne

"The overseer wouldna speak to me of Ian, but he told me other things that would curl your hair, if it wasna already curled up like sheep's wool." He glanced at me, and a half-smile lit his face, inspite of his obvious perturbation. "Judging by the state of your hair, Sassenach, I should say that it's going to rain verra soon now." - Diana Gabaldon

"I am so used to hints and mixed messages, saying things that might mean what they sort of sound like they mean. Games and contests, roles and rituals, talking in twelve languages at once so the true words won't be so obvious. I am not used to a plainspoken, honest truth." - David Levithan

"It came down to the obvious point that all the union cared about was the money and these other things certainly didn't matter enough. It's a tremendous situation that they have and it has become burdensome for the teams. Yes, we're asking for some relief going forward. I don't think that was unreasonable." - Mike Brown

"Of one thing the executive may be sure: that the majority want more of the good things of life, and if they can get them without undue personal effort, so much the better. So the executive naturally tends to promise material gain, contingent of course on his remaining in power. The impetus to personal rule is obvious." - Felix Morley

"Understand clearly that when a great need appears a great use appears also; when there is small need there is small use; it is obvious, then, that full use is made of all things at all times according to the necessity thereof." - Dogen

"The late W. Edwards Deming, guru of Quality management, once declared, 'The most important things we need to manage can't be measured.' If that's true of what we need to manage, it should be even more obvious that it's true of what we need to teach." - Alfie Kohn

"That's good. I was worried. Of course, I do have a few things wrong with me, but those are strictly problems I keep inside. I'd hate to think they were obvious to anybody else. Especially at the swimming pool in the summer." - Haruki Murakami

"We live in all we seek. The hidden shows up in too-plain sight. It lives captive on the face of the obvious - the people, events, and things of the day - to which we as sophisticated children have long since become oblivious. What a hideout: Holiness lies spread and borne over the surface of time and stuff like color." - Annie Dillard

"I do believe in reading signs if they're really obvious to you. Things happen. Someone will say something to you today in the morning and then later on that day someone will mention the same thing and then the next day someone will mention it again. There's a reason why three people have said something within twenty four hours." - Eric Bana

"But what's regret anyway? Regret, I am learning these days, is a lot of things. But mostly, it's a slippery seed of longing, of looking back and asking yourself why you didn't know better when the answers were so obvious all along." - Allison Winn Scotch

"It's obvious you kids are smart-school and good teachers will do that for you-but wisdom is something altogether different. Wisdom can be gathered in your downtime. Wisdom that can change the very course of your life will come from the people you are around, the books you read, and the things you listen to or watch on radio or television." - Andy Andrews

"It's obvious you kids are smart-school and good teachers will do that for you-but wisdom is something altogether different. Wisdom can be gathered in your downtime. Wisdom that can change the very course of your life will come from the people you are around, the books you read, and the things you listen to or watch on radio or television." - Andy Andrews



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