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Obsessive Love Quotes


"love is a mental illness, an obsessive-compulsive disorder romanticized!" - Eric Jerome Dickey

"Love is an obsessive delusion that is cured by marriage." - Karl Bowman

"Love is an obsessive delusion that is cured by marriage." - Phil Spector

"I love working with people who are inspired and obsessive." - Nicole Kidman

"Love" and all the obsessive behaviors associated with it, was an absurd emotion." - Judith Mcnaught

"I try not to be sentimental and obsessive about possessions. I love collecting, but I hate owning." - Karl Lagerfeld

"It's an old story, really: seduced and corrupted, in the end, by an obsessive love for the text." - Jack O'Connell

"I was obsessed with Tupac - like eat, sleep, breathe Tupac. During this obsessive love affair, I dressed the part." - Priyanka Chopra

"When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love." - J K Rowling

"I love a lot of things, and I'm pretty much obsessive about most things I do, whether it be gardening, or architecture, or music. I'd be an obsessive hairdresser." - Gates Mcfadden

"It was always about love. Always, always about love. Lost love, love denied, the obsessive hunger for love. Parental or romantic. Whether it was twisted or pure, fulfilled or unrequited, love was always at the source." - James W. Hall

"I'm kind of an obsessive-compulsive person, like, neat obsessive." - Liev Schreiber

"A geek is a person, male or female, with an abiding, obsessive, self-effacing, even self-destroying love for something besides status" - D B Weiss

"I would love to be a voice in this maelstrom of chaos and obsessive celebrity infatuation that says, 'Let's talk about something that matters'." - Zachary Quinto

"Books and music saved me as a teenager because it was through them that I realized that I wasn't alone in my obsessive love for words and music." - Charles De Lint

"I love to learn; I really do. We'd study something in class, and I'd take it outside of class and become, like, obsessive and just research everything." - Marykate Olsen

"Never worry about being obsessive. I like obsessive people. Obsessive people make great art" - Susan Sontag

"The love song must be born into the realm of the irrational, absurd, the distracted, the melancholic, the obsessive, the insane for the love song is the noise of love itself and love is, of course, a form of madness." - Nick Cave

"Love is the spirit that motivates the artist's journey. The love may sublime, raw, obsessive, passionate, awful. or thrilling, but whatever its quality, it's a powerful motive in the artist's life." - Eric Maisel

"If only the strength of the love that people feel when it is reciprocated could be as intense and obsessive as the love we feel when it is not; then marriages would be truly made in heaven." - Ben Elton

"He's famous for being obsessive about details." - Matt Damon

"Now people are celebrated for being obsessive." - Francois Arnaud

"I become kind of obsessive about research." - James Franco

"I am an obsessive flyer, myself." - Jason Reitman

"I'm an obsessive person. I like intensity." - Mandy Patinkin

"I made a film called 'Bad Timing' that I thought everybody would respond to. It was about obsessive love and physical obsession. I thought this must touch everyone, from university dons down." - Nicolas Roeg

"You don't choose who you fall in love with, do you? And once you do fall in love-that obsessive sort of love, that all-consuming love, where two people can't stand to be apart from each other for even a moment-how are you supposed to let a love like that pass you by?" - Jordan Belfort

"You do' choose who you fall in love with, do you? And once you do fall in love-that obsessive sort of love, that all-consuming love, where two people ca' stand to be apart from each other for even a moment-how are you supposed to let a love like that pass you by?" - Jordan Belfort

"Good things come to obsessive compulsives who fixate." - Kieran Culkin

"No, I don't think they're obsessive, they're just dedicated." - Alyson Hannigan

"I'm as obsessive with health as I was with destruction." - Dave Navarro

"I think so much about everything. I'm obsessive." - Rob Zombie

"I become quite obsessive when I get into something." - Victoria Beckham

"I am not obsessive about anything except my health." - Linda Gray

"When you're making movies you've got to get obsessive." - Daniel Craig

"I know I have an eccentric, obsessive-compulsive side." - Demi Moore

"I get a little too obsessive with work." - Eli Roth

"The movers and shakers have always been obsessive nuts." - Theodore Sturgeon

"A mental disease has swept the planet: banalization the state of affairs, arising out of a struggle against poverty, has overshot its ultimate goal-the liberation of man from material cares-and has become an obsessive image hanging over the present. Offered the choice of love or a garbage disposal, young people of all countries have chosen the garbage disposal." - Ivan Chtcheglov

"In Among the White Moon Faces, I wrote about my desire to be a writer as rooted in my obsessive hours of reading English novels and poetry. It was that spur, that desire, that pushed me to set aside love and marriage in my early twenties." - Shirley Geok-lin Lim

"Both of my books, 'Love Is a Mix Tape' and 'Talking to Girls About Duran Duran,' are about how music gets tangled up with all our other emotional memories. Since I'm an obsessive music fan, I'm always seeking out new sonic thrills." - Rob Sheffield

"Is it love, obsession, infatuation? You don't know. You think of a strange and beautiful word you read about once, Limerance, a psychological term, meaning an obsessive love, a state that's almost like a drug. Need like a wolf paces the perimeter of your world, back and forth, back and forth, never letting up. ...You're appalled by the new appetites within you, kicking their feet and clawing to get out." - Nikki Gemmell

"If you become obsessive in spiritual practice, if you just try and try, you are not going to be happy. You are going to be obsessive." - Frederick Lenz

"I love, love, love women." - Anthony Quinn

"Love loves to love love." - James Joyce

"At a conference of sociologists in America in 1977, love was defined as "the cognitive-affective state characterized by intrusive and obsessive fantasizing concerning reciprocity of amorant feelings by the object of the amorance." That is jargon - the practice of never calling a spade a spade when you might instead call it a manual earth-restructuring implement - and it is one of the great curses of modern English." - Bill Bryson

"The emotional element which gives an obsessive value to communal existence is death." - Georges Bataille

"I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well" - Tom Ford

"The essence of boredom is to be found in the obsessive search for novelty." - George Leonard

"I interview every employeeand I have 3000 employees. It's an obsessive sickness." - Stephen Starr

"Some crushes just never went away. They built, instead, into something permanent, obsessive and all consuming." - Maya Banks

"I'm probably just as good a mother as the next repressed, obsessive-compulsive paranoiac." - Anne Lamott

"Children surviving childhood is my obsessive theme and my life's concern," - Maurice Sendak

"Curing yourself of obsessive compulsive disorder by going to a strip club is pretty strange." - Tracy Kidder

"I've always had that obsessive will to win and a commitment to excellence." - Sumner Redstone

"I just always wonder if I'm too obsessive about subjects. I try to avoid that." - Gary Gulman

"I'm a terrible sleeper. I get obsessive, repetitive thoughts and it's horrible." - Eliot Paulina Sumner

"Desperate wants attained are always followed by obsessive fears of loss." - Alan Robert Neal

"I am a really obsessive music listener, and I would look for clues." - Craig Finn

"I do seem like the kind of guy who'd be obsessive about Rubik's Cubes." - Chris Hardwick

"I'm often called obsessive, but I don't think I am any more than anyone else." - Nicholson Baker

"I'm probably just as good a mother as the next repressed, obsessive-compulsive paranoiac." - Anne Lamott

"Well, I am obsessive about my work. I throw myself in all the way." - Jamie Bell

"I'm a hygiene freak. I'm like obsessive-compulsive when it comes to washing your hands." - Kelly Clarkson

"Personally I'm obsessive-compulsive about the placement and cleanliness of my things." - Chace Crawford

"Twitter freaks me out. You have followers? It feels so obsessive and proprietary." - Mos Def

"My idea of professionalism is probably a lot of people's idea of obsessive." - David Fincher

"I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well." - Tom Ford

"My father was an obsessive bird-watcher. The genes of observation passed down." - Martin Parr

"My brother Paul's really kind of obsessive, and he obsesses over things." - Kevin Dillon

"Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm really obsessive about anything dealing with my health." - Ginnifer Goodwin

"I've been a massive obsessive about jazz singers all my life." - Eddi Reader

"Fashion is this obsessive narrative that people don't understand but they can't stop looking at." - Rita Ora

"I'm obsessive. I want to know the answer to how good I am. Most people aren't." - Daley Thompson

"I will admit I am quite obsessive about the world of anti-ageing." - Trinny Woodall

"Love goes toward love." - William Shakespeare

"Love draws forth love." - Teresa of Avila

"... only love begets love." - Anais Nin

"Love music. Love racism." - Simon Amstell

"I love, love, love Michael Jackson." - Amber Riley

"It could be ventured to understand obsessive compulsive neurosis as the pathological counterpart of religious development, to define neurosis as an individual religiosity; to define religion as a universal obsessive compulsive neurosis." - Sigmund Freud

"I think musical theater fans - obsessive fans - are very much like Comic Con fans in our personalities. We're very possessive, and we're very obsessive, and we're very critical. So don't screw with our stuff." - Richard Lagravenese

"I always loved horror as a kid. On the one hand, I really love monsters, because in a way I feel like I related to their outsider status and like the sentimental romantic plight of the monster. More importantly though I feel like people are completely motivated by fear, especially with our political system here in America which is just degenerating into more and more fear mongering and it gets in the way of real discourse, plus it's just something I'm obsessive about and have always been a little bit of a paranoid guy." - Larry Fessenden

"I've spent years studying words. Linguistics, language, the power of words, the power of phrases on human beings. All of that. It's part of my, almost obsessive, fascination. It turns out that there are some keys that we all need to know about how conversations impact us, because they do at a chemical level. There are certain things that if we learned this, it would totally change our interactions with others, and that's the following. There are certain words that have a feeling of, "I love you, I care for you, you're in my tribe."" - Judith E. Glaser

"To win it all, winners have to be obsessive about the fundamentals and doing the little things right." - Don Meyer

"All of us task-oriented obsessive compulsives must learn to slow down and let people into our lives." - Hans Finzel

"Collectors become obsessive and then addicted. You become addicted to art and you can't live without it." - Eli Broad

"Anorexia is a disease that happens to people, mostly women and girls, who have obsessive, perfectionist personalities." - Crystal Renn

"Under the obsessive thoughts and plans, under the emotions, positive and negative, there is an ocean of peace." - Gangaji

"These people are obsessive. They go overboard interpreting verbal and behavioral cues that take them way beyond reality." - Cary Cooper

"In our obsessive wish to arrive, we often forget the most important thing, which is the journey." - Paulo Coelho

"The moment we let go of our obsessive concern for our own welfare, our mind naturally relaxes and becomes lighter." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

"It is really important to have an obsessive need to construct something, to understand something from your own experience." - Gregory Crewdson

"Some people are probably saner. They're good performers, and they go about their day. I just get obsessive about it." - Judd Apatow

"I'm an obsessive writer who needs and loves revision. Writing helps me learn and helps me teach." - Kiese Laymon

"I have a habit of getting very obsessive about one thing, but it usually lasts no more than three days." - Lizzy Caplan

"I don't have this obsessive need to do street art all the time because it's already opened doors for me." - Shepard Fairey

"I consume an enormous number of books, but they're always on a particular subject because I'm obsessive." - George Hamilton

"I modelled in my 20s, and it was an obsessive time. I was under pressure to look a certain way." - Penny Lancaster

"I am methodical to the point of being obsessive-compulsive. And I have always been good at multi-tasking." - Deepika Padukone

"I think I'm probably quite geeky in a lot of ways. I'm pretty into books, kind of obsessive about that." - Alice Eve

"I have a little obsessive-compulsive personality. You can tell because I played online games for eight hours a day." - Felicia Day

"I'm always writing. I'm an obsessive. It's not because I'm a disciplined person. It's because I'm crazy about it." - Hanif Kureishi

"Politics is a life sentence. It's an obsessive, all-demanding, utterly fascinating, totally committing profession - stimulating, satisfying, stretching." - Michael Heseltine

"I'm an obsessive. When I get a problem, a question in my mind, it can take me over." - Barbara Ehrenreich

"I pay attention to my diet to be a healthier gymnast, but I'm not obsessive over it." - Shawn Johnson

"Of course I don't think I have it made by any means. I'm too insecure, obsessive and paranoid for that." - Harvey Pekar

"Inadequate love is love. Unrequited love is love." - Lan Samantha Chang

"Lost love is still love." - Mitch Albom

"Love me, love my dog." - Bernard Of Clairvaux

"We love because we love." - Honore De Balzac

"Love me. Love my umbrella." - James Joyce

"Because love, love never finishes." - Sara Zarr

"Love me, love my dog." - Proverbs

"Love wins, love always wins." - Mitch Albom

"I love pain. Love pain." - Cam Gigandet

"Love alone could waken love." - Pearl S Buck

"I love being in love." - Brittany Murphy

"I love tennis, love it!" - David Oyelowo

"Love, Love, Love. All you need is love. Love is all you need." - John Lennon

"I love my friends. I love my love-life. I love my hobbies. I love eating." - Rebecca De Mornay

"Love creates, love cements, love enters and harmonizes all things." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"Women make love for love, men make love for lust." - Derrick Harge

"I just love, I love, I love movies." - Laura Dern

"The end of all wisdom is love, love, love." - Ramana Maharshi

"Love is everything. Love is God. Live in love." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Love is life, love is god, love is sannyas!" - Rajneesh

"Fingers down the throat of love! Love! Love!" - Nick Cave

"I love theater. I also love radio. I love language." - Indira Varma

"I love, love, love Charlotte Olympia shoes, but who doesn't?" - Jessica Hart

"I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts." - Stephen King

"Let our children be taught love love love." - Daniel H Hill

"It's nice to collect stamps, but if it becomes obsessive, and you start stealing for your stamps, it becomes too much." - Mick Jagger

"I categorize nerds as creative-obsessive. A lot of nerds are creative people who obsess almost unnaturally over the minutiae of things." - Chris Hardwick

"If I had to do a record review, I'd say it's got a cannibal, consumption, obsessive, violent-sex, romance angle, but with an upbeat swing to it." - Marilyn Manson

"I swayed into him, drawn to his obsessive and insatiable raw need for me, which reflected the depth of my need for him" - Sylvia Day

"There is practically no activity that cannot be enhanced or replaced by knitting, if you really want to get obsessive about it." - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

"I believe that the obsessive worship of movie, TV and sports figures is less likely to produce spiritual gain than praying to Thor." - Chuck Lorre

"There's an obsessive quality to it that I thought I would've grown out of by now. It's an ongoing source of shame for me." - Anne Hathaway

"When you're obsessive, like me, searching for something unattainable can become unhealthy ... it's like falling through the air and grabbing at the clouds." - Jonny Wilkinson

"Jude [Law] is really good at playing an obsessive. He has a very watchable quality when he's on a quest for something." - Steven Soderbergh

"There's an obsessive quality to it that I thought I would've grown out of by now. It's an ongoing source of shame for me." - Anne Hathaway

"If I gave up writing, I'd have to find an equally obsessive way to fill my time. Yarn-bombing skyscrapers or making houses out of empty soda bottles." - Eden Robinson

"Psychopaths don't have that charming skill set. They definitely manipulate, but they do it through focused, unskilled means. They're more obsessive." - Patrick Heusinger

"I'm obsessive about my job and I want it to be as great as it can possibly be, especially right now in these early parts of my career." - Patrick Heusinger

"I'm still an obsessive personality, and I still think I'm right, and I still believe my literary balls hang far lower than nearly anyone else's alive." - Jim Goad

"There is space for a different kind of investigative reporting that's about immersion and obsessive attention to detail and deep listening." - Sarah Stillman

"I am only interested in the ideas that become obsessive and make me feel uneasy. The ideas that I'm afraid of." - Marina Abramovic

"I can be a little obsessive about avoiding colds and flu. Thera Zinc Echinacea lozenges are awesome, and I almost always have some with me." - Murray Bartlett

"I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs." - David Beckham



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