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Obsessed Quotes


"I am obsessed with ice cubes. Obsessed." - Drew Barrymore

"I'm obsessed with jackets." - Domenico Dolce

"I'm obsessed with food!" - Sofia Vergara

"I'm obsessed by Instagram." - Tyra Banks

"I'm obsessed with concerts." - Aaron Paul

"I'm obsessed with sushi." - Emma Roberts

"I'm obsessed with heels." - Emma Roberts

"I'm obsessed with books." - David Sylvian

"I'm obsessed with muffins." - Phoebe Tonkin

"Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker" - Stephenie Meyer

"I'm not as goal obsessed as I am process obsessed." - Lady Gaga

"You've got to get obsessed and stay obsessed." - John Irving

"Im obsessed with leather jackets!" - Joanna Garcia

"Im obsessed with neon sneakers." - Rob Kardashian

"I was obsessed with 'Ghostbusters." - Wil Wheaton

"I'm obsessed with leather jackets!" - Joanna Garcia

"I'm obsessed with neon sneakers." - Rob Kardashian

"I'm obsessed with fuzz pedals." - Gary Clark Jr

"I'm obsessed with my children." - Travis Barker

"I'm obsessed with horrible movies." - Kreayshawn

"I'm obsessed with being human." - Rachelle Lefevre

"I'm obsessed with making lists." - Rachel Nichols

"I'm obsessed with fresh breath." - Ryan Seacrest

"I was obsessed with 'Ghostbusters.'" - Wil Wheaton

"I'm obsessed with 'Top Chef'." - Kate Winslet

"I am obsessed with my hairstyles." - Raven-Symone

"Ive always been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn." - Amy Acker

"Life is nothing if you're not obsessed." - John Waters

"I'm actually really obsessed with Bruce Springsteen," - Lady G

"I'm obsessed with the mess that's America." - Marina And The Diamonds

"I challenge you. Be obsessed with improvement!" - Eric Thomas

"I'm a little obsessed with being competitive." - Metta World Peace

"[Donald] Trump is obsessed with name calling." - Hillary Clinton

"I'm a pretty psycho-obsessed shrink." - Robert Englund

"Dalton Trumbo was obsessed with justice." - Jay Roach

"When I fall in love I'm obsessed." - Isabel Allende

"Dogs are obsessed with being happy." - James Thurber

"I've always been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn." - Amy Acker

"Hollywood is obsessed with police stories." - Ice Cube

"Unattractive people are more obsessed with looks." - Rae Dawn Chong

"I'm just completely obsessed with Die Antwoord." - Sia Furler

"Obsessed people are not humorless at all." - Philippe Petit

"I am obsessed with my hairstyles." - Ravensymone

"I am obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow." - Lea Michele

"We live in a celebrity-obsessed society." - Kelly Reilly

"I'm not really obsessed with death." - Robert Smith

"I'm really obsessed with the past." - Fisher Stevens

"I'm kind of obsessed with cool girls." - Olivier Theyskens

"I'm partly obsessed by aging gracefully." - Dave Matthews

"Britain is obsessed with political correctness." - Marcus Brigstocke

"I've always been obsessed by beef jerky." - Elizabeth Hurley

"a woman obsessed with her body is also obsessed with the limitations of her emotional life." - Kim Chernin

"I was obsessed, and like most obsessed people, I was the last one to know it." - Kate Bornstein

"A man obsessed: obsessed with perfection, sharing, aesthetics, taste, savoir-faire, and much more." - Alain Ducasse

"I don't think being obsessed with sex is any stranger than being obsessed with stamp collecting." - Annie Sprinkle

"We're not competitor obsessed, we're customer obsessed. We start with the customer and we work backwards." - Jeff Bezos

"America is a country obsessed with appearance. It's a country obsessed with looks." - Rush Limbaugh

"I'm obsessed by film. I'm obsessed with music and producing and making things happen." - Fred Durst

"I was obsessed with Carol Burnett and then Tracey Ullman. Like, obsessed with their shows." - Lennon Parham

"Well, I was obsessed with Judy Garland growing up. Like, obsessed." - Aubrey Plaza

"I'm obsessed with 'Thelma and Louise,' and therefore obsessed with Callie Khouri who wrote that movie." - Connie Britton

"I got obsessed with classical music, I got obsessed with Chopin, with playing the piano." - Gary Oldman

"Im obsessed with socks. I even wear them to bed!" - Odette Annable

"Don't call a girl obsessed when she's in love." - Zayn Malik

"There's a difference between being obsessed and being motivated." - Mark Zuckerberg

"I love fashion, but I'm not obsessed with it." - Christy Turlington

"My fans aren't obsessed. They're just incredible and devoted." - Justin Bieber

"A mind obsessed with sex is good for nothing else." - J Reuben Clark

"I love when people become obsessed with Downton." - Jessica Brown Findlay

"I am obsessed with proportion, and how proportion is perceived." - L'Wren Scott

"Don't get obsessed with not liking a movie." - Stanley Kubrick

"I'm obsessed with smells even more than makeup." - Rumer Willis

"I've been obsessed with The Beatles since I was two." - Charlie Benante

"I was sort of obsessed about corporate people committing suicide." - Victoria Chang

"My mother-in-law is obsessed with clowns." - Seth

"People are obsessed with actresses being hairless, fatless Barbie dolls." - Gaby Hoffmann

"My problem is desserts. I am obsessed with desserts." - Sofia Vergara

"The subject of an outsider who becomes obsessed." - Wes Anderson

"I'm obsessed with socks. I even wear them to bed!" - Odette Annable

"I'm kind of obsessed with food. I like to eat." - Aziz Ansari

"I pick up other people's trash. I'm sort of obsessed." - Eric Close

"I was a 'Planet of the Apes'-obsessed kid." - Justin Cronin

"I'm obsessed with the idea of social TV." - Dennis Crowley

"I love when people become obsessed with 'Downton.'" - Jessica Brown Findlay

"Growing up, I was obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio." - Claire Foy

"The West remains obsessed by the caste system." - Francois Gautier

"I was obsessed with Elvis Presley when I was little." - Gina Gershon

"People seem to get weirdly obsessed with my mouth." - Gina Gershon

"Writers are just like other people, except slightly more obsessed." - John Banville

"Very obsessed fans do ask actors to attend their weddings." - Warwick Davis

"Why are we so obsessed with monogamous fidelity?" - Richard Dawkins

"Now I am obsessed with collecting Platypus paraphernalia." - Trevor Dunn

"I want to inspire children to be obsessed over jewellery." - Martin Freeman

"I'm just very obsessed with Japanese stuff in general." - Grimes

"No one changes the world who isn't obsessed." - Billie Jean King

"I was obsessed with being rich and famous." - Paul Lynde

"I was obsessed with the idea of fasting and isolation." - David Blaine

"As a kid, I always was obsessed with Houdini." - David Blaine

"As a little kid, I was obsessed with Michael Jackson." - James Bay

"I was obsessed with Agatha Christie in sixth grade." - Christopher Bollen

"I just don't want to be self-obsessed." - Ellen Pompeo

"I'm obsessed with 'Homeland.' It's not even okay." - Laura Prepon

"The Puritans were obsessed with the dangers of wealth." - Leland Ryken

"I'm not obsessed with angels but I do adore angels." - Maurice Sendak

"The Americans are very clear, and obsessed with nouns." - Fiona Shaw

"I was obsessed with football when I was growing up." - Michael Sheen

"I was obsessed with the Beatles as a kid." - Sxip Shirey

"I'm obsessed with plastic. I like the syntheticness." - Mika

"I'm completely obsessed with the film versions of 'Superman'." - Nile Rodgers

"I am obsessed with proportion, and how proportion is perceived." - Lwren Scott

"I'm obsessed with things that are distinctly analogue." - J J Abrams

"Further, I'm obsessed with how language contorts and creates bodies." - Peter Sotos

"I'm kind of obsessed with food - I really am." - Kadee Strickland

"I think I was always obsessed with esthetics." - Bell Hooks

"When I was younger, I was always obsessed with nails." - Serena Williams

"It always interests me how obsessed people are about age." - Amanda Burton

"People just don't understand how obsessed I am with winning." - Kobe Bryant

"There's a danger in Hollywood of becoming self-obsessed." - Beth Broderick

"I'm so obsessed and involved with my son." - Tia Mowry

"Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can't buy us happiness" - Jessie J

"I get strangely obsessed about the cleanliness of my house." - Utada Hikaru

"Seems like people get obsessed about times and numbers and weights and that - I'm obsessed with winning." - Conor Mcgregor

"We live in a youth-obsessed, aesthetically obsessed culture. That is no more evident than in the film industry." - Ben Barnes

"We have a market-driven society so obsessed with buying and selling and obsessed with power and pleasure and property." - Cornel West

"What can I say? I'm obsessed. And as we all know obsessed girls can't be held responsible for our actions." - Ann Brashares

"People can get obsessed with romance, they can get obsessed with political paranoia, they can get obsessed with horror. It's isn't the fault of the subject matter that creates the obsession, I don't think." - Adam Arkin

"Having Plan B is good. But if your obsessed with Plan A, u'll never need backup. Become Obsessed with ur goals, ur focus will bring results." - Keshia Chante

"Telling me that I'm obsessed with talking about racism in America is like telling me I'm obsessed with swimming when I'm drowning." - Hari Kondabolu

"People who are obsessed with Jesus give freely and openly without censure. Obsessed people love those who hate them and who can never love them back." - Francis Chan

"Telling me that I'm obsessed with talking about racism in America is like telling me I'm obsessed with swimming when I'm drowning." - Hari Kondabolu

"I don't know how to make people who absolutely have to be obsessed with paying a week's energy bills... obsessed with climate change... It's very hard." - Bill Mckibben

"I know that everybody is so obsessed with this idea of fame, and they think that I'm obsessed. In all honesty, I'm just doing me." - Aubrey Oday

"Nastia Liukin, I was obsessed with her. And I say was, but really am obsessed with her. She's just so amazing." - Kacy Catanzaro

"I know that everybody is so obsessed with this idea of fame, and they think that I'm obsessed. In all honesty, I'm just doing me." - Aubrey O'Day

"Why is it men are permitted to be obsessed about their work, but women are only permitted to be obsessed about men?" - Barbra Streisand

"It's a choice - there are two different sorts of photographer: those obsessed with the technicalities and those obsessed by the subject." - Mario Testino

"A sculptor is a person obsessed with the form and shape of things." - Henry Moore

"I was obsessed with The Sound of Music. I always feel nostalgic watching it." - Sophie Mcshera

"The average call me obsessed, the successful call me for advice." - Grant Cardone

"Any technique, however worthy and desirable, becomes a disease when the mind is obsessed with it." - Bruce Lee

"Some people who are obsessed with food become gourmet chefs. Others become eating disorders." - Marya Hornbacher

"I was obsessed. I wouldn't quit. My grades suffered. I didn't care." - Ernest Cline

"The more you're obsessed by something, the better chance you have of achieving it." - Frank Zane

"A person obsessed with ultimate truth is a person asking to be relieved of money." - Robert B Laughlin

"Becoming obsessed with what people think is the quickest way to forget about what God thinks." - Craig Groeschel

"Why's the faerie so obsessed with you anyway? You're not that cute." (Arianna to Evie)" - Kiersten White

"When people are not accepting toward themselves they are often obsessed with acceptance by others." - Nathaniel Branden

"I was obsessed with Jim Carrey growing up. It's why I wanted to become an actor." - Sebastian Stan

"You become really ugly when you become very superficial and self-obsessed." - Annie Lennox

"I'm obsessed with choirs, and always have been, because of that sense of overwhelming vocals." - Florence Welch



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