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Observing Quotes


"I love observing people." - Liv Tyler

"Amusement to an observing mind is study." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Observing and understanding are two different things." - Mary E. Pearson

"Observing humans and observing oneself yields a clear-minded starting point for literature." - Gao Xingjian

"If a writer stops observing, he is finished." - Ernest Hemingway

"For observing nature, the best pace is a snail's pace." - Edwin Way Teale

"Seeing, observing, listening, these are the greatest acts" - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Watch yourself as though you were observing a Martian." - Paul Krassner

"I'm a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking." - Norman Reedus

"You can see a lot just by observing." - Yogi Berra

"I'm a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking." - Norman Reedus

"The very act of observing disturbs the system." - Werner Heisenberg

"I spent my entire childhood observing people. I still do." - Elif Safak

"I love documentaries, I like observing real people." - Tracey Ullman

"You can learn so much just by observing." - Jessica Williams

"My books are based on observing others, not myself." - Michael Korda

"The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself." - Bertrand Russell

"The magnet's name the observing Grecians drew. From the magnetic region where it grew." - William Gilbert

"We have forgotten to observe. Instead of observing, we do things according to patterns." - Andrei Tarkovsky

"When dealing with children there is greater need for observing than of probing" - Maria Montessori

"In observing the Sabbath, one is both giving a gift to God and imitating Him." - Lauren F. Winner

"Be observing constantly. Stay open-minded. Be eager to learn and improve." - John Wooden

"Most people offer the majority of their thought in response to what they are observing." - Rhonda Byrne

"Science and art have in common intense seeing, the wide-eyed observing that generates empirical information." - Edward Tufte

"I'm really good at judging and observing other people, but not myself." - Joel Edgerton

"Observing desire without acting on it enlarges our freedom to choose how we live." - Tara Brach

"God wants us to be a good example to others who are observing us." - Joni Eareckson Tada

"Observing human variety can give pleasure, but so too can human sameness." - Ian Mcewan

"Objectivity is a subject's delusion that observing can be done without him" - Heinz von Foerster

"The continuous invention of new ways of observing is man's special secret of living." - John Zachary Young

"An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing." - Charlotte Mason

"Constantly be aware and observing. Always seek to improve yourself and the team." - John Wooden

"I'm fond of observing how obsession is the most durable form of intellectual capital." - Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

"Give up thinking as though not giving it up. Observe techniques as though not observing." - Bruce Lee

"Trend following is an exercise in observing and responding to the ever-present moment of now" - Ed Seykota

"Effective teaching involves explaining to our children what they're already observing in our lives by example." - C J Mahaney

"Confine yourself to observing and you always miss the point of your own life." - Frank Herbert

"Neutrino physics is largely an art of learning a great deal by observing nothing." - Haim Harari

"No single organism could be understood without observing and comprehending the entire colony." - John Steinbeck

"Observing your thoughts, feelings & sensations is the grist of the practice." - Allan Lokos

"The act of observing a quantum event probabalistically influences its outcome." - Dean Radin

"I like being swept up in weather and observing it as something beautiful and giant." - Feist

"I lean and loaf at my ease... observing a spear of summer grass." - Walt Whitman

"I am turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions." - Charles Darwin

"If a writer stops observing he is finished. Experience is communicated by small details intimately observed." - Ernest Hemingway

"To me, comedy is just twisting reality. It's commenting or observing or twisting life." - Steven Wright

"It is possible to interpret without observing, but not to observe without interpreting." - Mason Cooley

"I've always found that I personally love to observe things, and I'm good at observing things." - Jamie Johnson

"The historian is, by definition, absolutely incapable of observing the facts which he examines." - Marc Bloch

"An eye critically nice can only be formed by observing well-colored pictures with attention." - Joshua Reynolds

"When you are simply observing your breath, you are perceiving an automatically unfolding process in your body. By contrast, when you are observing your wandering mind, you are also experiencing the spontaneous activity of a process in your body." - Thomas Metzinger

"Science is observing truth in the light of head. Religion is observing truth in the light of heart. Humanity is using both the lights. And education is developing that humanity." - Amit Ray

"I love the line of Flaubert about observing things very intensely. I think our duty as writers begins not with our own feelings, but with the powers of observing." - Mary Oliver

"These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth, either manned or under remote control, or both." - Benjamin W. Chidlaw

"Impossible not to imagine the dead observing us. Our love for them a soft, shimmering gossamar that trails behind us." - Joyce Carol Oates

"Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion." - Aristotle

"Over the vast plain I wander, observing a thousand strange and incredible and terrifying manifestations of the Bootstrap-lifting impulse." - Upton Sinclair

"Observing someone without context amplifies the experience. The more we know, the less we are able to feel." - Chuck Klosterman

"First-order cybernetics is the science of observed systems; Second-order cybernetics is the science of observing systems." - Heinz von Foerster

"Had we not faults of our own we should take less pleasure in observing those of others." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"O loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease, observing a spear of summer grass." - Walt Whitman

"On the stage on which we are observing it, - Universal History - Spirit displays itself in its most concrete reality." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Wine is not only a drinking: it is sniffing, observing, tasting, or sipping at and... talking about" - Edward VII

"I've been with the Yankees 17 years, watching games and learning. You can see a lot by observing." - Yogi Berra

"I learned how to be a woman and a good person just by watching and observing my mother." - Cynthia Addai-Robinson

"It is a fatal fault to reason whilst observing, though so necessary beforehand and so useful afterwards." - Charles Darwin

"The devil himself had probably redesigned Hell in the light of information he had gained from observing airport layouts." - Anthony Price

"I have gone from "being" my experience to being infinite consciousness having the experience and observing the experience." - David Icke

"It would seem that the ant works its way tentatively, and, observing where it fails, tries another place and succeeds." - Richard Jefferies

"I learned a lot in those first years in Miami, while struggling just for survival, by observing my father's fortitude." - Desi Arnaz

"The most ordinary conditions for observing sailing birds are then the wind and sea are both aft." - Lawrence Hargrave

"I feel like the writer observing the grief, but it is difficult to be detached from it." - Hugh Leonard

"In a lifetime of observing and participating in political debate, I have seen a lot of meanness." - Dennis Prager

"I don't think that somebody who is observing or predicting behavior should also be participating in the 'experiment.'" - Nate Silver

"The better I am at observing moments in life, the better I'll be at showing them in my acting." - Oscar Isaac

"You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you." - Eric Hoffer

"I like to think I'm a listener, and I'm fascinated by observing people - I suppose you just lock that in." - Amanda Burton

"I'm just observing. I don't ever want people to think I'm preaching at them or wearing them out." - Kacey Musgraves

"Observing that the market was FREQUENTLY efficient, EMT Adherents went on to conclude incorrectly that it was ALWAYS efficient. The difference between these propositions is night and day." - Warren Buffett

"Stop. Take 3 deep breaths and smile everywhere in your body, observing what's happening in your body. Proceed now with kindness and understanding." - Deepak Chopra

"In down times I do things like go for a long bike ride or run. The other thing I'm doing in that quiet time is just observing." - Robin Williams

"The gods, likening themselves to all kinds of strangers, go in various disguises from city to city, observing the wrongdoing and the righteousness of men." - Homer

"In portraits, the grace and, we may add, the likeness consists more in taking the general air than in observing the exact similitude of every feature." - Joshua Reynolds

"We cannot remember too often that when we observe nature, and especially the ordering of nature, it is always ourselves alone we are observing." - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"When an investor focuses on short-term investments, he or she is observing the variability of the portfolio, not the returns - in short, being fooled by randomness." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"On Sir Joshua Reynolds's observing that the real character of a man was found out by his amusements. Yes, Sir, no man is a hypocrite in his pleasures." - Samuel Johnson

"?Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see." - Thomas Jefferson

"I learn a great deal by merely observing you, and letting you talk as long as you please, and taking note of what you do not say." - T S Eliot

"I'm not staring. I'm observing. . . . And what do you observe? . . . A brave young woman who has always fought for what was right, even when it was unpopular." - Michelle Moran

"A want of the habit of observing and an inveterate habit of taking averages are each of them often equally misleading." - Florence Nightingale

"Observing life, living through it. As you experience life some events call upon you to suffer through them and that's what brings inspiration." - Andrey Zvyagintsev

"The true meaning of a term is to be found by observing what a man does with it, not by what he says about it." - Percy Williams Bridgman

"My ideas often come from strong mental images. When I'm observing some relatively ordinary thing, I'll think, "What if...." and out of that brainstorming a story emerges." - Cassandra Clare

"Something of a person's character may be discovered by observing when and how he smiles. Some people never smile; they merely grin." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"The eyes of a man are of no use without the observing power. Telescopes and microscopes are cunning contrivances, but they cannot see of themselves." - Paxton Hood

"Numerous US. Government documents exist which indicate that these objects are real and have been involved with observing Earth for several decades." - Steven M. Greer

"Dominance contests are rare, if they exist at all. During my 13 summers observing the Ellesmere Island pack, I saw none." - L. David Mech

"I started out as an impressionist and that's all about observing, how people move, their voice quality, their attitudes and quirks." - Eddie Murphy

"Between the action sequences, the pleasure lies in observing impeccably dressed Brits exchanging barbed witticisms - making it, basically, Downton Abbey with cyber crime and shower sex." - Karina Longworth

"Practice experiencing your feelings directly and completely by observing them as they move through your mind and body and then letting them go." - Marci Shimoff

"I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether." - Socrates

"Such as are still observing upon others are like those who are always abroad at other men's houses, reforming everything there while their own runs to ruin." - Alexander Pope

"The eyes of a man are of no use without the observing power. Telescopes and microscopes are cunning contrivances, but they cannot see of themselves." - Edwin Paxton Hood

"I have a theory that I did most of my observing probably before I was twenty, stored it, and am still drawing on it." - Joyce Grenfell

"One is called a criminal for being different, and malicious for observing other people with too much clarity and penetration. But what if one began with oneself?" - Andre Suares

"Consciousness is observing your thoughts and actions so that you can live from true choice in the present moment rather than being run by programming from the past." - T Harv Eker

"My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat or in film's case 'run on' manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing." - Andy Warhol

"When I was studying at Chicago and at Stanford University, where many many cases of two people observing the same event have a different take on what happened." - Harold Evans

"You spend your life training to be an actor, observing people's characteristics so that you can design characters around what you've seen." - Clint Eastwood

"For me, it's not about masochism to talk about death. For me, it's about observing life through death, from the last point of it." - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

"I started out as an impressionist and that's all about observing, how people move, their voice quality, their attitudes and quirks." - Eddie Murphy

"The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing." - Esther Hicks

"We believe that the cinema's capacity for getting around, for observing and selecting from life itself can be exploited in a new and vital art form" - John Grierson

"Intelligence is in constant process of forming, and its retention requires constant alertness in observing consequences, an open-minded will to learn, and courage in readjustment." - John Dewey

"I learnt a lot about coaching from observing other coaches. I would recommend that they attend coaching courses and coach development opportunities wherever possible" - Rebecca Bulley

"If we look at statistical data, we see that Protestant countries in terms of economic development are more successful than those observing Catholicism." - Garry Kasparov

"More than anything else, if you can spend a great deal of dedicated time observing people without judgment, that can be a great way of learning." - Freida Pinto

"Become aware of the silent witness that is observing the unfolding of all the external events of your life. This eternal presence is your true Self." - Deepak Chopra

"The thing that inspires me most is reading and just observing the people around me. I think those are the two things that make me want to write." - Gretchen Rubin

"There can be no democracy without observing the law and everyone must observe it - that is the most basic and important thing that we all should remember." - Vladimir Putin

"My standup persona is like I'll heighten things, but I'm observing the world as it is in sort of a heightened emotional state." - John Mulaney

"We're outsiders, and so when we walk through the city, we're there and not there at the same time, participating and observing simultaneously." - Paul Auster

"Writing songs about it is a really useful way for me to love New York more, and stay observing it, and not just zone it out." - Frankie Cosmos

"[Capitalist man was accomplishing moral and political virtue as well as observing economic reason when he vigorously pursued his personal gain." - Michael Farrington

"The more observing ones may have seen, but discerning people are usually discreet and often kind, for we usually bleed a little before we begin to discern." - Willa Cather

"Warhol was the ultimate voyeur, constantly observing people through the lens. He watched and listened, but did not participate. Behind the camera, Warhol was in control." - Alison Jackson

"Sometimes you can fail in an experiment. But if you fail, you still don't stop observing that thing, looking for a better way." - William Kamkwamba

"Watching baseball under the lights is like observing dogs indoors, at a pedigree show. In both instances, the environment is too controlled to suit the species." - Melvin Maddocks

"I think that, in the end, the military behavior and intelligence services are not very different from each other. It's an attitude of hunters; they're observing the prey." - Edgar Ramirez

"Asymmetric balance creates greater reader interest. Pleasure derived from observing asymmetrical arrangements lies partly in overcoming resistances, which, consciously or not, the spectator adjusts in his own mind." - Paul Rand

"My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat - or in film's case 'run on' - manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing." - Andy Warhol

"I was always an outsider, always standing outside, observing and trying to figure things out. Which is exactly what you need to do as a writer, I suppose." - Monica Ali

"I began observing, making paintings of my surroundings, taking a vow of silence, listening, composing music, writing, and making time for formal education. Then I started telling stories." - John Francis

"We cannot remember too often that when we observe nature, and especially the ordering of nature, it is always ourselves alone we are observing." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion. This is not a function of any other art." - Aristotle

"I was always observing my siblings and hearing stories about their lives that turned out to be helpful as an actress." - Blake Lively

"I just walk around, observing the subject from various angles until the picture elements arrange themselves into a composition that pleases my eye." - Andre Kertesz

"Happy will be those who give ear to the words of the dead: - The reading of good works and the observing of their precepts." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Imagination is a very precise thing, you know - it is not fantasy; the man who invented the wheel while he was observing another man walking - that is imagination!" - Jacques Lipchitz

"It is easy to know when a government wishes for peace by observing the character of the person sent to negotiate for it." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"A zombie film is not fun without a bunch of stupid people running around and observing how they fail to handle the situation." - George A Romero

"An actress spends a lifetime observing people. You build up a mental library. No, not a library. Make that a repository." - Marian Seldes

"Reading is a technology for perspective-taking. When someone else's thoughts are in your head, you are observing the world from that person's vantage point." - Steven Pinker

"A stand-up comedian will never be the life of a party. Instead, he will be the guy who is standing at a corner and observing people." - Vir Das

"I love observing both vocally and by sight. So I take on a lot of those elements of people around me." - Anthony Warlow

"I didn't go to acting school, but I've been observing my fellow man for 66 years now, and I would think that's the best school there is." - Wilford Brimley

"Let us seek to extend the present life to the uttermost by observing every law of health, and by properly balancing labor, study, rest and recreation." - Brigham Young

"Generally, there is a lot of truth value in stepping back, observing, then logically generalizing the extremes of what you see." - Criss Jami

"What's exciting about theatre is observing human behaviour. You're constantly making judgments about body language, the physical, the emotional, the intellectual." - Hattie Morahan

"I started out as an impressionist and that's all about observing - how people move, their voice quality, their attitudes and quirks." - Eddie Murphy



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