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Object Quotes


"poetry's object is truth ..." - Christine de Pizan

"Their object is disunion." - Andrew Jackson

"The object is freedom." - Anne Bogart

"Purpose is stronger than object." - Jim Rohn

"That Obscure Object of Desire." - Luis Bunuel

"Never fight an inanimate object." - P J Orourke

"Desire creates its own object." - Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

"Never fight an inanimate object." - P. J. O'Rourke

"The object of war is victory, the object of victory is conquest, and the object of conquest is occupation." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"The object of power is power." - George Orwell

"The only object of liberty is life." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Victory is the main object in war." - Sun Tzu

"Morality is the object of government." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The present eye praises the present object." - William Shakespeare

"Know thyself; this is the great object." - Seneca the Younger

"Art is an experience, not an object." - Robert Motherwell

"The irresistible force meets the immovable object." - Gorilla Monsoon

"Love does not analyze its object." - Henry David Thoreau

"Don't object so much, you'll live longer." - Michael Nesmith

"War's Legitimate Object Is More Perfect Peace." - William Tecumseh Sherman

"The object of powder is powder." - George Orwell

"Theology is a subject without an object" - Dan Barker

"In every object there is inexhaustible meaning." - Thomas Carlyle

"The Text is not a definitive object." - Roland Barthes

"An object painted upside down is suitable for painting because it is unsuitable as an object." - Georg Baselitz

"Certainly not every good program is object-oriented, and not every object-oriented program is good" - Bjarne Stroustrup

"Every image is to be seen as an object and every object as an image." - Andre Bazin

"I'm interested in designing not the object but the process that leads to the object." - Michael Hansmeyer

"If the mind be fixed on the acquirement of any object, that object will be attained." - Gautama Buddha

"The poor object to being governed badly, while the rich object to being governed at all." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Man works for an object. Remove that object and you reduce him into inaction." - Jose Rizal

"Go not to the object; let the object come to you." - Henry David Thoreau

"Certainly not every good program is object-oriented, and not every object-oriented program is good." - Bjarne Stroustrup

"I do not object to the phenomena, but I do object to the parrot." - Stella Gibbons

"The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?" - George Orwell

"Nothing is more maddening than being questioned by the object of one's interest about the object of hers, should that object not be you." - Iris Murdoch

"The ocean is an object of no small terror." - Edmund Burke

"The object of love is to serve, not to win" - Woodrow Wilson

"Joy needs no object; it is our own nature." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Happiness is the object and design of our existence." - Joseph Smith Jr

"Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong." - Julia Cameron

"The almighty dollar, that great object of universal devotion." - Washington Irving

"My means are sane, my motives and my object mad." - Herman Melville

"Increasingly, Christianity is the object of scorn and ridicule." - David R. Mains

"Making an object means imbuing it with its own spirit." - Kenji Ekuan

"To beautify life is to give it an object." - Jose Marti

"The object of oratory alone is not truth, but persuasion." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"The coward is an object to be pitied." - Swami Vivekananda

"Thus art is not an object, it is an experience." - Josef Albers

"The object of living is work, experience, happiness." - Henry Ford

"Go to the object. Leave your subjective preoccupation with yourself. Do not impose yourself on the object. Become one with the object. Plunge deep enough into the object to see something like a hidden glimmering there." - Matsuo Basho

"The object of art is to give life shape." - Jean Anouilh

"Settle for nothing less than the object of your desire." - Alma Luz Villanueva

"If you're not a sex object, you're in trouble." - Helen Gurley Brown

"The creative mind plays with the object it loves." - Carl Jung

"I object to every single thing you just said." - Rainbow Rowell

"Nothing that surrounds us is object, all is subject." - Andre Breton

"Vanity is a natural object of temptation to a woman." - Jonathan Swift

"The object is that which is objected against me." - Julien Torma

"Knowledge is the conformity of the object and the intellect." - Averroes

"Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" - Erich Gamma

"Everyone's life is an object lesson to others." - Karl G Maeser

"The natural object is always the adequate symbol." - Ezra Pound

"Every object, every a jar full of delight." - Rumi

"The object of oratory alone in not truth, but persuasion." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"Beauty is the love that we devote to an object." - Paul Serusier

"The object of philosophy is the logical clarification of thought." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"The idea is more important than the object." - Damien Hirst

"To model an object is to possess it." - Pablo Picasso

"The object of war is to survive it." - John Irving

"The dowry, not the wife, is the object of attraction." - Juvenal

"Hope does not necessarily have to take an object ..." - Gail Godwin

"A fetish is a story masquerading as an object." - Robert Stoller

"What would you do if money was no object?" - Alan Watts

"If you're not a sex object, you're in trouble." - Helen Gurley Brown

"Object-oriented design is the roman numerals of computing." - Rob Pike

"I'm all for prosperity. It's change I object to." - Mark Twain

"Art is not an object, but a trigger for experience." - Brian Eno

"Between the subject and the object lies the value." - Robert M Pirsig

"What makes worship amazing is the object of our worship." - Francis Chan

"You aren't an object. You're a process of some sort." - Terence Mckenna

"All the basic information should be in the object itself." - Michael Craig-Martin

"I want women to be the subject, not the object." - Jill Soloway

"Neither object nor time off, put up with what comes." - Swami Vivekananda

"Beauty is a physiological reaction. Beauty is not an object." - Peter Schjeldahl

"The object before us, to begin with, material production." - Karl Marx

"My object all sublime I shall achieve in time..." - W. S. Gilbert

"The modest man is seldom the object of envy." - James Burgh

"Possibly the only real object-oriented system in working order." - Alan Kay

"The object of Art is to give life a shape." - William Shakespeare

"Our envy always outlives the felicity of its object." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"An object, after all, is what makes infinity private." - Joseph Brodsky

"I object to that remark very strongly! - The Magician's Nephew" - C S Lewis

"The object of the superior man is truth." - Confucius

"The great object is that every man be armed." - Patrick Henry

"The object of oratory alone in not truth, but persuasion." - Thomas Babington Macaulay

"Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise." - Novalis

"The least touchable object in the world is the eye." - Rudolf Arnheim

"In no way can sport be considered a luxury object." - Pierre De Coubertin

"That's the object of going to a gym, having fun." - Joe Gold

"To be the object of someone's obsession is horrible." - Tippi Hedren

"I'm not writing fairy tales or object lessons." - Junot Diaz

"Possession without obligation to the object possessed approaches felicity." - George Meredith

"No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye." - Elizabeth Bowen

"The self is too small an object for perpetual enthusiasm." - Huston Smith

"I warn you, I refuse to be an object." - Leonora Carrington

"The true object of human life is play." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Patience accomplishes its object, while hurry speeds to its ruin." - Saadi

"The object becomes aesthetically significant when it becomes metaphysically significant." - Joseph Campbell

"Color... thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes." - Charles Baudelaire

"Fear, as opposed to anxiety, has a definite object, which can be faced, analyzed, attacked, endured... anxiety has no object, or rather, in a paradoxical phrase, its object is the negation of every object." - Paul Tillich

"Public instruction should be the first object of government." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"The object of government is the welfare of the people." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Knowing demands the organ fitted to the object." - Plotinus

"Obedience is the primary object of all sound education." - Elizabeth Missing Sewell

"Education has for its object the formation of character." - Herbert Spencer

"I love bringing the inanimate object to life." - John Lasseter

"We tend to mistake music for the physical object." - David Byrne

"The book. Calming object. Held in the hand." - Maira Kalman

"The object of Parliament is to substitute argument for fisticuffs." - Winston Churchill

"Those who object to wit are envious of it." - William Hazlitt

"No better love than love with no object" - Rumi

"Constancy in love ... is only inconstancy confined to one object." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Nothing can have value without being an object of utility." - Karl Marx

"As soon as man applies his intelligence to any object at all, he unfailingly destroys the object." - Leo Tolstoy

"A person's rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object for use." - Pope John Paul Ii

"The angry man wishes the object of his anger to suffer in return; hatred wishes its object not to exist." - Aristotle

"There was a child went forth every day, And the first object he looked upon, that object he became..." - Walt Whitman

"The artist's talent sits uneasy as an object of public acclaim, having been so long an object of private despair." - Robert Breault

"To mention a loved object, a person, or a place to someone else is to invest that object with reality." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"Defense is the stronger form with the negative object, and attack the weaker form with the positive object." - Ernest Hemingway

"Knowing record labels and knowing the kinds of things they would object to-they just object to everything that's interesting." - Aimee Mann

"The artist's talent sits uneasy as an object of public acclaim, having been so long an object of private despair." - Robert Brault

"Wine is not just an object of pleasure, but an object of knowledge; and the pleasure depends on the knowledge." - Roger Scruton

"To make oneself an object, to make oneself passive, is a very different thing from being a passive object." - Simone De Beauvoir

"They might object to some of my opinions, but they don't object to my behavior as a judge." - Roy Moore

"We accepted this war for an object, a worthy object, and the war will end when that object is attained. Under God, I hope it never will until that time." - Abraham Lincoln

"An object of art creates a public capable of finding pleasure in its beauty. Production, therefore, not only produces an object for the subject, but also a subject for the object." - Karl Marx

"Bend color names which should be made of neon or copper tubing. Place an object on a surface - trace the object - then bend the object - leaving some part of it attached." - Jasper Johns

"Contemplating an object fixedly with the mind, asking myself, 'What is it?' without thinking of any other object or relating it to anything else for hours on end." - Simone Weil

"An object that is at rest will tend to stay at rest. An object that is in motion will tend to stay in motion." - Isaac Newton

"Perseverance in object, though not by the most direct way, is often more laudable than perpetual changes, as often as the object shifts light." - Thomas Jefferson

"I'm not an artist. An artist makes an object. Me, it's not an object, I work in history, I'm a storyteller." - Sebastiao Salgado

"Knowing belongs to man's intellect or reason; loving belongs to his will. The object of the intellect is truth; the object of the will is goodness or love." - Fulton J Sheen

"The man who succeeds above his fellows is the one who early in life clearly discerns his object, and towards that object habitually directs his powers." - Earl Nightingale

"The object of mathematical rigor is to sanction and legitimize the conquests of intuition, and there was never any other object for it." - Jacques Hadamard

"Have you ever heard sculptors say that they don't actually sculpt an object; they sculpt away everything that isn't the object?" - Rainbow Rowell

"If the raving be not directed to a single object it is mania, properly so called; if to one object, it constitutes monomania." - Robley Dunglison

"Beauty may be the object of liking - great qualities of admiration - good ones of esteem - but love only is the object of love." - Henry Fielding

"The emotion of beauty is always obscured by the appearance of the object. Therefore, the object must be eliminated from the picture." - Piet Mondrian



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