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Object Relations Quotes


"The object of the law of value is to elucidate the actual exchange relations of commodities." - Rudolf Hiferding

"Friends are God's apology for relations." - Hugh Kingsmill

"Never fight an inanimate object." - P J Orourke

"Why should a man's mind have been thrown into such close, sad, sensational, inexplicable relations with such a precarious object as his body?" - Thomas Hardy

"Indeed, every true science has for its object the determination of certain phenomena by means of others, in accordance with the relations which exist between them." - Auguste Comte

"A war in the Taiwan Strait would destroy China's international relations overnight. It would destroy Chinese - Japanese relations, not to mention Chinese - American relations." - William Kirby

"India seeks friendly relations but without compromising on its interests." - Narendra Modi

"The matter of international relations is very subtle and exquisite." - Vladimir Zhirinovsky

"Prospects of normalizing our relations with Russia look good." - Eduard Shevardnadze

"Parliamentarians certainly know how to do bad public relations." - Heather Brooke

"Morality is the object of government." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We don't go further than what Marx called the exchange value of the actual object- we don't think about the relations that that object embodies- and were important to the production of that object, whether it's our food or our clothes or our iPads or all the materials we use to acquire an education at an institution like this. That would really be revolutionary to develop a habit of imagining the human relations and non-human relations behind all of the objects that constitute our environment." - Angela Davis

"We do' go further than what Marx called the exchange value of the actual object- we do' think about the relations that that object embodies- and were important to the production of that object, whether it's our food or our clothes or our iPads or all the materials we use to acquire an education at an institution like this. That would really be revolutionary to develop a habit of imagining the human relations and non-human relations behind all of the objects that constitute our environment." - Angela Davis

"An object painted upside down is suitable for painting because it is unsuitable as an object." - Georg Baselitz

"Every image is to be seen as an object and every object as an image." - Andre Bazin

"The poor object to being governed badly, while the rich object to being governed at all." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Certainly not every good program is object-oriented, and not every object-oriented program is good." - Bjarne Stroustrup

"Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object-relations." - Sigmund Freud

"Our object should be peace within, and peace without. We want to live peacefully and maintain cordial friendly relations with our immediate neighbours and with the world at large." - Muhammad Ali Jinnah

"Both state and church have as their object actions as well as convictions, the former insofar as they are based on the relations between man and nature, the latter insofar as they are based on the relations between nature and God." - Moses Mendelssohn

"By "essence" I understand a universal, of any degree of complexity and definition, which may be given immediately, whether to sense or to thought.... This object of pure sense or pure thought, with no belief superadded, an object inwardly complete and individual, but without external relations or physical status, is what I call an essence." - George Santayana

"Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only most relations between men and women but also the relation of women to themselves. The surveyor of woman in herself is male: the surveyed female. Thus she turns herself into an object - and most particularly an object of vision: a sight." - John Berger

"Honesty is the best policy in international relations, interpersonal relations, labor, business, education, family and crime control because truth is the only thing that works and the only foundation on which lasting relations can build." - Ramsey Clark

"I object to every single thing you just said." - Rainbow Rowell

"What would you do if money was no object?" - Alan Watts

"The modest man is seldom the object of envy." - James Burgh

"The object of Art is to give life a shape." - William Shakespeare

"I object to that remark very strongly! - The Magician's Nephew" - C S Lewis

"In no way can sport be considered a luxury object." - Pierre De Coubertin

"That's the object of going to a gym, having fun." - Joe Gold

"The object becomes aesthetically significant when it becomes metaphysically significant." - Joseph Campbell

"I love bringing the inanimate object to life." - John Lasseter

"A person's rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object for use." - Pope John Paul Ii

"The artist's talent sits uneasy as an object of public acclaim, having been so long an object of private despair." - Robert Brault

"To make oneself an object, to make oneself passive, is a very different thing from being a passive object." - Simone De Beauvoir

"There is no reason why the US and the UK cannot have close relations." - Diane Abbott

"The seminaries must be like the churches' poor relations, prolonging their existence with austerity." - Abraham Kuyper

"When Thurgood Marshall became a lawyer, race relations in the United States were particularly bad." - Constance Baker Motley

"Normal military trade is undoubtedly part of the normal State-to-State relations." - Li Peng

"Sex itself only exists in relation to procreation. That's one of the reasons why I sometimes object - and it's just a theoretical objection, but it's worth thinking about - to the whole notion that one calls what people of the same sex do "sexual relations." As a matter of fact, they have precisely turned their back on sexual relations, in order to engage in acts of mutual pleasure that have nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality." - Alan Keyes

"It is commonplace that a problem stated is well on its way to solution, for statement of the nature of a problem signifies that the underlying quality is being transformed into determinate distinctions of terms and relations or has become an object of articulate thought." - John Dewey

"He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper. This amicable conflict with difficulty helps us to an intimate acquaintance with our object, and compels us to consider it in all its relations. It will not suffer us to be superficial." - Edmund Burke

"To unfold the secret laws and relations of those high faculties of thought by which all beyond the merely perceptive knowledge of the world and of ourselves is attained or matured, is a object which does not stand in need of commendation to a rational mind." - George Boole

"An object of art creates a public capable of finding pleasure in its beauty. Production, therefore, not only produces an object for the subject, but also a subject for the object." - Karl Marx

"[Race relations in 2015 are] almost as bad as they have ever been in the history of the country." - Donald Trump

"I'm more or less skeptical about marriage, because of family ties, relations between children and parents - it's all so depressing." - Michelangelo Antonioni

"From a German point of view, German, American and European American relations are a pillar of our foreign policy." - Angela Merkel

"I am going to sing lesbian love songs and support gay rights no matter what. The rest is public relations." - Jasmine Guy

"It is hard to cement any relations with any country based on promises that may not be deliverable." - Jim Leach

"Many rich people in China made their fortunes by damaging natural resources and building corrupt relations with the government." - Chen Guangbiao

"I'm not an artist. An artist makes an object. Me, it's not an object, I work in history, I'm a storyteller." - Sebastiao Salgado

"Knowing belongs to man's intellect or reason; loving belongs to his will. The object of the intellect is truth; the object of the will is goodness or love." - Fulton J Sheen

"Have you ever heard sculptors say that they don't actually sculpt an object; they sculpt away everything that isn't the object?" - Rainbow Rowell

"Beauty may be the object of liking - great qualities of admiration - good ones of esteem - but love only is the object of love." - Henry Fielding

"I'm never drawing the object itself; I'm only drawing a depiction of the object - a kind of crystallized symbol of it." - Roy Lichtenstein

"You can take an object and simply put anything you want in that object, and I accessed that partly through Freudian ideas." - Claes Oldenburg

"There is no object so large but that at a great distance from the eye it does not appear smaller than a smaller object near." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"The object of pure physics is the unfolding of the laws of the intelligible world; the object of pure mathematics that of unfolding the laws of human intelligence." - James Joseph Sylvester

"Within this widest concept of object, and specifically within the concept of individual object, Objects and phenomena stand in contrast with each other." - Edmund Husserl

"Anything can be art. Art is the relations between relations, not the relations between objects." - Joseph Kosuth

"Quantum theory thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated "building blocks," but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole. These relations always include the observer in an essential way. The human observer constitute the final link in the chain of observational processes, and the properties of any atomic object can be understood only in terms of the object's interaction with the observer." - Fritjof Capra

"The color of the object illuminated partakes of the color of that which illuminates it." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Whatever you might say the object "is", well it is not." - Alfred Korzybski

"Life has value only when it has something valuable as its object." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Can there be a love which does not make demands on its object?" - Confucius

"The world, the real is not an object. It is a process." - John Cage

"My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism." - Karl Marx

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Any one can find disease." - Andrew Taylor Still

"poetry's object is truth ..." - Christine de Pizan

"It's a great honor that something that you took part in creating becomes this forever object." - Johnny Depp

"What a fearful object a long-neglected duty gets to be" - Chauncey Wright

"Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for." - Charles Stanley

"Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap" - George Bernard Shaw

"Once someone appears to us primarily as an object, kindness has no place to root." - Sharon Salzberg

"The most important object in Boy Scout training is to educate, not instruct." - Baden Powell de Aquino

"Fastings and vigils without a special object in view are time run to waste." - David Livingstone

"If marriage is your object, you'd better start loving your subject." - Anonymous

"Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap." - George Bernard Shaw

"The object of the labor was small, but not the fame." - Virgil

"Every object tells a story if you know how to read it." - Henry Ford

"Jesus is the author of faith, the provider of faith, and the object of faith." - Timothy Keller

"The most difficult object in painting is yourself because you're always at issue" - Romare Bearden

"Their object is disunion." - Andrew Jackson

"The object is freedom." - Anne Bogart

"Normally I object to strangers beaming force fields into my brain." - Mary Roach

"I was just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object." - Stephenie Meyer

"I wanted to kill art for myself... ...a new thought for that object." - Marcel Duchamp

"How else to make a dent in an object as immovable as patriarchy itself...?" - Dalma Heyn

"I would photograph an idea rather than an object, a dream rather than an idea." - Man Ray

"An object dies when the gaze that lights on it has disappeared." - Chris Marker

"One who loves God finds the object of his love everywhere." - Sri Aurobindo

"The photograph... is not a picture of something, but is an object about something." - Robert Heinecken

"The object is to make a great record and you have to do whatever it takes." - Tony Visconti

"Envy and hatred go together. Mutually strengthened by the fact pursue the same object." - Jean De La Bruyere

"The object of punishment is, prevention from evil; it never can be made impulsive to good." - Horace Mann

"The universal object and idol of men of letters is reputation." - John Adams

"The determination to outwit one's situation means that one has no models, only object lessons." - James Baldwin

"INGRATE, n. One who receives a benefit from another, or is otherwise an object of charity." - Ambrose Bierce

"Attachment is blinding; it lends an imaginary halo of attractiveness to the object of desire." - Yukteswar Giri

"All is energy and there is no energy higher than right love, which has no object" - Barry Long

"When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object." - Milan Kundera

"The end and object of conquest is to avoid doing the same thing as the conquered." - Alexander The Great

"By an object, I mean anything that we can think, i.e. anything we can talk about." - Charles Sanders Peirce

"I hear and behold God in every object, yet understand God not in the least." - Walt Whitman

"Distinction is the consequence, never the object of a great mind." - Washington Allston

"Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations." - Paul Cezanne

"My wife is a sex object - every time I ask for sex, she objects." - Les Dawson

"If Art relates itself to an Object, it becomes descriptive, divisionist, literary." - Robert Delaunay

"War - An act of violence whose object is to constrain the enemy, to accomplish our will." - George Washington

"There is no object so soft but it makes a hub for the wheeled universe." - Walt Whitman

"No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly." - Oscar Wilde

"No temptation can ever be measured by the value of its object." - Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

"I do not object to the construction of rail roads and canals." - Gerrit Smith

"The object of war is victory; that of victory is conquest; and that of conquest preservation." - Charles De Secondat

"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." - Robert M Hutchins

"Is not prayer also a study of truth,-a sally of the soul into the unfound infinite? No man ever prayed heartily, without learningsomething. But when a faithful thinker, resolute to detach every object from personal relations, and see it in the light of thought, shall, at the same time, kindle science with the fire of the holiest affections, then will God go forth anew into creation." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Adversity is a severe instructor, set over us by one who knows us better than we do ourselves, as he loves us better too. He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper. This conflict with difficulty makes us acquainted with our object, and compels us to consider it in all its relations. It will not suffer us to be superficial." - Edmund Burke

"Marx's own illusion was to think that the working class movement, which he devoted his life to creating and strengthening, would both be socially and politically successful in the industrial nations of Western Europe, and that it would develop an entirely new way of human social life that would retain and even enhance the productive benefits of capitalism while overcoming the inhumanity and exploitation of capitalist social relations. Marx himself had no solutions to these problems. His object of study was capitalism itself." - Allen W. Wood

"Hip hop culture has done more for race relations in American than anything since Martin Luther King. And I really believe that." - Steve Stoute

"Education is the science of relations" - Charlotte Mason

"Always maintain good relations with your public." - L Ron Hubbard

"Keep good relations with the Grecians." - George W Bush

"U.S.-China relations doesn't need another lawyer." - Abigail Washburn

"Unlike solidarity, which is horizontal and takes place between equals, charity is top-down, humiliating those who receive it and never challenging the implicit power relations." - Eduardo Galeano

"It [the scarlet letter] had the effect of a spell, taking her out of the ordinary relations with humanity, and enclosing her in a sphere by herself." - Nathaniel Hawthorne

"So long as the UK continues to maintain its own identity, it is my belief that the US and the UK should maintain close relations." - Diane Abbott

"The Telephone will democratize hierarchic relations." - Ithiel de Sola Pool

"A nation's hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Knavery and flattery are blood relations." - Abraham Lincoln

"The hierarchy of relations, from the molecular structure of carbon to the equilibrium of the species and ecological whole, will perhaps be the leading idea of the future." - Joseph Needham

"Unity should be the cornerstone of relations" - Haile Selassie

"Bargaining has neither friends nor relations." - Benjamin Franklin

"The first reading of a Will, where a person dies worth anything considerable, generally affords a true test of the relations' love to the deceased." - Samuel Richardson

"Public relations is at best promotion or manipulation, at worst evasion and outright deception. What it is never about is a free flow of information." - Heather Brooke

"Having a comic in the White House will assure stability in foreign relations. The world will continue to respond to foreign initiatives by saying, 'You must be joking.'" - Pat Paulsen

"We have reiterated on many occasions that China wishes to establish and develop long-term, good-neighbourly and friendly relations with all countries in south Asia." - Li Peng

"If anyone conceives, that an object of his love joins itself to another with closer bonds of friendship than he himself has attained to, he will be affected with hatred towards the loved object and with envy towards his rival." - Baruch Spinoza

"When we see a beautiful object, a beautiful garden, or a beautiful flower, let us think that there we behold a ray of the infinite beauty of God, who has given existence to that object." - Alphonsus Liguori

"A picture should be a re-creation of an event rather than an illustration of an object; but there is no tension in the picture unless there is a struggle with the object." - Francis Bacon

"All at once, I could' figure out why I was methodically tossing a spherical object through a toroidal object. It seemed like the stupidest thing I could possibly be doing." - John Green

"An object imbued with intent - it has power, it's treasure, we're drawn to it. An object devoid of intent - it's random, it's imitative, it repels us. It's like a piece of junk mail to be thrown away." - John Hockenberry

"Anxiety is not fear, being afraid of this or that definite object, but the uncanny feeling of being afraid of nothing at all. It is precisely Nothingness that makes itself present and felt as the object of our dread." - William Barrett

"Old Newtonian physics claimed that things have an objective reality separate from our perception of them. Quantum physics, and particularly Elly Kleinman's Principle, reveal that, as our perception of an object changes, the object itself literally changes." - Marianne Williamson

"Happiness always has an object... Depends on external things. Joy... Has no object. It seizes you for no apparent reason, it's like the sun, its burning is fueled by its own heart." - Susanna Tamaro

"A life cycle can be imposed on an object. An object can be very energetic and active, and then it has a dying phase and a phase of decomposition." - Claes Oldenburg

"In every object there is inexhaustible meaning; the eye sees in it what the eye brings means of seeing." - Thomas Carlyle

"The worth and value of knowledge is in proportion to the worth and value of its object." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"Light is the first of painters. There is no object so foul that intense light will not make it beautiful." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Man is the only animal who causes pain to others with no other object than wanting to do so." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"It seems as if the day was not wholly profane in which we have given heed to some natural object." - Ralph Waldo Emerson



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