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Obama's Election Quotes


"I am honored to be here as co-chair of President Obama's re-election campaign." - Eva Longoria

"After President Obama's election, efforts at othering Obama quickly became about smearing his non-partisan allies and ambassadors." - Christine Pelosi

"Obama's entire economic program is reparations." - Rush Limbaugh

"I never questioned Barack Obama's patriotism." - Michele Bachmann

"Congress can't take the year off, election or no election." - Kay Bailey Hutchison

"Vote in a national election." - Bill Vaughan

"Russian government attacked our election." - Rachel Maddow

"I admire President Obama's ability to trust strangers." - Greg Gutfeld

"We need segregated buses... This is Obama's America." - Rush Limbaugh

"Obama's not Jesus. He can't walk on water." - Mr T

"Donald Trump says he's President Obama's worst nightmare. That's not true. Having to make a decision is Obama's worst nightmare." - Jay Leno

"Leave us to our free election." - William Shakespeare

"July does not a November election make." - Ann Richards

"In any election year, Washington vibrates early." - Shirley Temple

"In an election, there are no kings." - Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Sc

"I don't think we'll win every election." - Lee Scott

"President Obama's re-election campaign said that this year they'll knock on 150 percent more doors than they did in 2008. Well, of course they will. They have to. There's so many foreclosures it's tough to tell where people live." - Jay Leno

"I do think [Barack Obama's] strategy for re-election is so misguided. He's counting on the Republicans to self-destruct, and they might, you know, but they might not. So he might be a one-term president." - Bill Ayers

"Whatever the long-term legal prospects for same-sex marriage, President Obama's willingness to put the matter front and center in an election year can at least make him a candidate for inclusion in Kennedy's Profiles in Courage." - Robert Dallek

"Being in Harlem on the night of Barack Obama's election was extraordinary. It was the best street party I have ever gone to, and it felt like the period of American history which began with slavery had ended that evening." - Hari Kunzru

"The lesson of the Clinton years and of Obama's win of both the nomination and the general election in 2008 is that Democrats need to be as tough as JFK was." - Jon Meacham

"Ever since Obama's election team and media thugs made me famous for asking a simple question in 2008, I've had more than my share of death threats by people who are by definition at least a little crazy." - Joe Wurzelbacher

"In any election, it's important that the public perceives that the election is held fairly." - Avi Rubin

"The Republicans have their splits right after election and Democrats have theirs just before an election." - Will Rogers

"Chuck Schumer and Nancy's Pelosi party lost. Chuck and Nancy's party haven't won an election that counts other than Barack Obama's presidency in 2008 and 2012. Every other election the Democrats have been running with national House/Senate racers, they're losing." - Rush Limbaugh

"Often President Obama's worst critics are Senator Obama and candidate Obama." - Peter Schiff

"Unity is Obama's theme." - Robert Dallek

"Democracy's ceremonial, its feast, it's great function, is the election." - H G Wells

"This election result has increased people's faith in democracy." - Narendra Modi

"Your damnation is your own election, not God's." - Charles Spurgeon

"You cannot win an election without a fight" - Tony Abbott

"Revolutions are frightening, but election campaigns are disgusting." - Nicolas Gomez Davila

"The election is not a time to discuss serious issues." - Kim Campbell

"Every election is determined by the people who show up." - Larry Sabato

"Every election I have to hold my nose to vote." - Drew Carey

"Every election, Mickey Mouse looks better and better as President." - Duncan Long

"I represented the 4th District of South Carolina... from the election '92 until election '98. And then I was out six years and then came back for another six years between the election 2004 and the election 2010." - Bob Inglis

"People are what this election is all about." - Patty Berg

"Can we pray for the re-election of George Bush?" - Sean Hannity

"I voted for you during your last election." - Mao Zedong

"Win or lose, we go shopping after the election." - Imelda Marcos

"We will not lose this election for lack of money." - Ed Rendell

"I never ever paid attention to any election." - Young Jeezy

"The 2000 election exposed some ugly history in our country." - Donna Brazile

"Millions of voites are thrown out in election after election in this country. Now that's a story." - Andrew Lack

"Since all signs indicate that we shouldn't participate in this election, participating in the election has no meaning." - Mohammad Khatami

"I'm up for re-election in 2014, and yes I do plan to run for re-election." - Kay Hagan

"And I'm very proud of the 50,000 poll workers and election officials who delivered a free and fair election." - Kenneth Blackwell

"Whether as a radical student, a community organizer or a far left politician, Barack Obama's ideology has been based on a vision of the Haves versus the Have Nots. . .Obama's ideology is an ideology of envy, resentment, and payback." - Thomas Sowell

"As our values are the core to who we are as human beings, they are also the easiest way to identify and connect with others in meaningful ways. Think about it - most political campaigns are based around values. Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign galvanized millions of youth behind two very clear values - hope and change." - Adam Braun

"Despite the fact that he has run the most incompetent administration in history, President Obama remains a solid bet for re-election in 2012. Obama's frontrunner status springs from two crucial facts: first, by overexposing himself in the public eye, he has made himself larger than life; second, the Republican field is pathetically weak." - Ben Shapiro

"In the aftermath of President Obama's re-election, members of both the administration and the media trumpeted that Obama had received his long-sought mandate. Obamacare, Americans were told, was the law of the land. It could not be changed; it could not be stopped." - Ben Shapiro

"Barack Obama's decision to come out in favour of gay marriage may be a historic occasion, but it is not an isolated one. His administration has been making pro-gay noises for some time; his demographic in the upcoming election is young and educated, precisely the group that favours equality for the LGBT community." - Edmund White

"For me, Barack Obama's election was a milestone of the most extraordinary kind. On the day he was elected I felt such hope in my heart. I thought we were seeing the beginning of a new era of equal opportunity across race and gender such as America had never known before." - Jesse Jackson

"Though the euphoria surrounding Barack Obama's election last week as President-elect has not yet begun to subside, it is already time to recognise that the most important challenge facing the next U.S. president is to restore America's standing in the eyes of the world." - Shashi Tharoor

"Forget the historic nature of his election having to do with skin color - Obama has an opportunity offered to few presidents: the chance to set the course of the nation for decades, if not generations, to come. Who knows: perhaps in the near future, our grandchildren will spend money with Obama's face on it." - Chuck Todd

"Whatever he does in office, no man can live up to the high expectations of the world, but we have been changed by his election. Obama's inauguration is a historic global achievement, a major milestone in the journey of a powerful nation." - Des Browne

"Obama's perverse view of fairness threatens to create reverse incentives, militating against growth, jobs, expansion and upward mobility." - Dick Morris

"I'm old enough to be Obama's grandmom. But I still like seeing good-looking things. Nothing wrong with that." - Mavis Staples

"I believe the most compelling explanation of Obama's actions is that he is, just like his father, an anti-colonialist." - Dinesh D'Souza

"I haven't left my house in days. I watch the news channels incessantly. All the news stories are about the election; all the commercials are Viagra and Cialis. Election, erection, election, erection! Either way we're screwed!" - Bette Midler

"Election is always to sanctification. Where there is no visible fruit of sanctification, we may be sure there is no election." - J C Ryle

"Election victories are a harvest. You plant the seed. For months or years, you water and tend them. In the election season, you reap the harvest." - Edward Brooke

"I'm not going to say to Putin that he'll get more flexibility after the election. After the election he'll get more backbone." - Mitt Romney

"Texas has a lot of electrical votes. [During an election campaign, after George Bush stated that Texas was important to the election]" - Yogi Berra

"For those suggesting criticisms of drone kills should wait until the election: that'd be reasonable if he stops killing until the election." - Glenn Greenwald

"Trustworthiness is the thing that you need the most going to a presidential election. Honest and trustworthy is one of the main questions in any presidential election." - Dana Perino

"I think the election of Donald Trump, if you want to call it an election, was unimaginable to most people, which is part of how it happened." - David Swanson

"What is key for winning the election is to be able to put forth a vision for our future and how this election affects people's lives." - Nancy Pelosi

"The idea of an election is much more interesting to me than the election itself...The act of voting is in itself the defining moment." - Jeff Melvoin

"Responsibility for overseeing the implementation of election law typically resides with partisan officials, many with public stakes in the election outcome." - Thomas E Mann

"Most pundits regard an election year session as an opportunity for the two parties to frame issues and garner political advantage in advance of the approaching election." - Bob Ehrlich

"This is not an election where we hand out gifts. It is an election where we ask everyone to contribute more." - Helle Thorningschmidt

"It was a presidential election year, and as a member of a consortium of Ivy League radio stations, we participated in 'network' coverage of election night." - Andrea Mitchell

"I still remember how upset I was in the aftermath of President Obama's election, where people in Republican leadership didn't say that, "Hey, I want to focus on the issues and values of our country," but, "My number one goal is to see that Barack Obama is not a two term president." That to me is outrageous. I would never do that. My number one goal is to fight to protect poor people, ethnic and religious minorities, working class folks." - Cory Booker

"Anybody who imagines that an election can be won under these circumstances by banging on about William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright is ... to put it mildly ... severely under-estimating the electoral importance of pocketbook issues. We conservatives are sending a powerful, inadvertent message with this negative campaign against Barack Obama's associations and former associations: that we lack a positive agenda of our own and that we don't care about the economic issues that are worrying American voters." - David Frum

"The election is not very far off when a candidate can recognize you across the street." - Kin Hubbard

"A woman has the right to run for election whether she's male or female!" - Muammar al-Gaddafi

"A right election can only be made by those who have knowledge;" - Aristotle

"Remember, at the end of the day [election] campaigns are always about the candidates." - Chris Christie

"I will accept the results when the election is free and clean. I cannot accept fraud." - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

"Diplomacy never stops, and, with or without an election, it never stops." - Colin Powell

"An election is nothing more than the advanced auction of stolen goods." - Ambrose Bierce

"Remember, the Islamist view of democracy is: one man, one vote, one election, and that's it." - John Fund

"The Republicans' plan is that if they can't buy the 2012 election they will steal it." - Elizabeth Drew

"The only party which is going to increase taxes after the election is the Labor Party." - Tony Abbott

"The 1860 election became a referendum on the southern way of life." - Bruce Catton

"President Obama was the first president not to abide by the limits in the general election." - David Brooks

"We've got to be willing to lose the primary in order to win the general election." - Jeb Bush

"Any poll is a picture of an unfinished horse race except the Election Day polls." - William J Clinton

"I have to earn re-election. Thats the way I see it." - Yvette Clarke

"Of course I base all my election promises and policies on opinion polls" - Kevin Rudd

"Even Jesus Christ cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria." - Olusegun Obasanjo

"The election of Hoover...should result in continued prosperity for 1929." - Roger Babson

"In a year of re-election he was desperate to impress." - Rod Stewart

"The only true allegiance a politician has is to his own re-election." - Michelle Malkin

"I didn't have the base I needed to win the election" - Rodney Alexander

"The Labour Party's election manifesto is the longest suicide note in history." - Greg Knight

"That's the trouble with a politician's life-somebody is always interrupting it with an election." - Will Rogers

"No influence so quickly converts a radical into a reactionary as does his election to power." - Elisabeth Marbury

"I will do what it takes to help Ed Miliband win general election" - Tony Blair

"It is not my policy to hit voters during the election." - William Hague

"The Republicans" plan is that if they ca' buy the 2012 election they will steal it." - Elizabeth Drew

"Every American election summons the individual voter to weigh the past against the future." - Theodore White

"During an election campaign the air is full of speeches and vice versa." - Henry Adams

"He [Tim Kaine] just said whoever wins Loudoun wins the election. This is Loudoun." - Donald Trump

"I'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest." - Donald Trump

"I know that the politics around trade can be very difficult - especially in an election year." - Barack Obama

"As we know the KGB is all over this election [2016]." - James Carville

"I think I will be doing very well during the election with evangelicals and with Christians." - Donald Trump

"I think most Republicans would rather win this election than have transformation." - Lawrence O'Donnell

"I will personally fight you if you miss an election, because I love my country." - Chris Walla

"I like the smell of a dunged field, and the tumult of a popular election." - Augustus Hare

"The Nazi thing is just like a Democrat and Republican election fight." - George S Patton

"The election of [Herbert] Hoover... should result in continued prosperity for 1929." - Roger Babson

"Politicians are always realistically maneuvering for the next election. They are obsolete as fundamental problem-solvers." - Buckminster Fuller

"Careerism: the self-centered philosophy of governing to win the next election above all else." - Tom Coburn

"If I kissed my wife in public, I'd lose the next election." - Yoweri Museveni

"Faced with the election of a Catholic, our culture is at stake." - Norman Vincent Peale

"Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." - H L Mencken

"The pressure of the [election] campaign has a wonderful way of revealing your strengths and weaknesses." - William J Clinton

"The election is another element of ambiguity, .. and oil remains the crucial variable." - Hugh S. Johnson

"A funny thing happened on the way to the election - I got to the Senate first." - Pierre Salinger

"I have to earn re-election. That's the way I see it." - Yvette Clarke

"The election before us will be the Austerlitz of American politics." - Roscoe Conkling

"Nobody ever won an election by spitting at his political opponents." - David Frum

"The Democratic Party is getting very angry, and that came through clearly in this election." - Ed Gillespie

"It seems to be impossible to hold a credible election without reforming the electoral system." - Sheikh Hasina

"Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves." - Herbert Marcuse

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election." - Otto Von Bismarck

"We can't win a war, but we can win an election." - Nelson Mandela

"You don't defend national sovereignty with flags, cheap election rhetoric, and advertising campaigns." - Stephen Harper

"We always want the best man to win an election. Unfortunately, he never runs." - Will Rogers

"I was elected to the Diet in the same way as at every parliamentary election." - Fritz Sauckel

"I'm into politics - I'm interested in the election and how pissed off people get." - Pauly Shore

"The election result is not a victory that belongs to me or my party." - Chen Shuibian

"The 2014 election was not a repudiation of government in general." - Chuck Schumer

"The poll that matters is the one that happens on Election Day." - Heather Wilson

"I remember Nazi election propaganda posters showing a hateful Jewish face with crooked nose." - Jack Steinberger

"I don't think there is anything more bitter in American politics than a close election." - Danny Strong

"We're like a Third World country when it comes to some of our election practices." - Donna Brazile

"A new study says that working fewer hours can slow global warming. So you know what that means? President Obama's economic policy is also his climate change policy." - Jay Leno

"Nixon was a conservative who's way more liberal than his party can admit, and Obama's a liberal who's way more conservative than his party can admit." - John Fugelsang

"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama's running so we all can fly." - Jay-Z

"The media is Obama's scandal condom." - Greg Gutfeld

"Obama's not embarrassing. The country is embarrassing." - Harvey Weinstein

"Apparently President Obama's favorite cocktail is a martini. When asked how he likes it, he said, 'On the beach, in Hawaii, in 2017.'" - Jimmy Fallon

"Is it Obama's nation or an abomination?" - Lowkey

"Obama's major accomplishment is himself. This can be an effective argument to make to undecided voters and something Obama has to artfully address." - Emily Yoffe

"Almost every key indicator of the current economy - unemployment, deficits, housing, energy - argues that Obama's reactionary all-powerful statist approach has only made things far worse." - Victor Davis Hanson



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