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Oats Quotes


"Who the heck is Don Quick-oats?" - Libba Bray

"She was feeling her bohemian oats." - Steve Martin

"Self-restraint is feeling your oats without sowing them." - Shannon Fife

"Alimony is like buying oats for a dead horse." - Arthur Baer

"I've sown all the oats I want to sow." - Stephanie Zimbalist

"If one intends to make beer from oats, it is prepared with hops." - Hildegard of Bingen

"Be not ashamed to have had wild days, but not to have sown your wild oats." - Horace

"Some kids do drugs. Some kids light stuff on fire. Me, I eat oats." - Jordan Sonnenblick

"I cannot draw a cart, nor eat dried oats; If it be man's work, I'll do't." - William Shakespeare

"It is not the horse that draws the cart, but the oats." - Proverbs

"The gardener's rule applies to youth and age: When young 'sow wild oats'; but when old, grow sage." - Henry James Byron

"The human diet consists of just nine plants: corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, cassava, sorghum, millet, beans, barley, rye and oats." - Bill Bryson

"OATS - A grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people." - Samuel Johnson

"We sometime didn't get enough to buy oats for our horses. Most banks had very little money in them." - Frank James

"It's hard to beat the rough texture of steel-cut oats, with their slight resistance against the teeth." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people." - Samuel Johnson

"I love my cooking tools because I enjoy cooking - a Vitamix for smoothies and a rice cooker for steel-cut oats. I travel with a small rice cooker. I soak oats overnight, and when I get up, I just turn the rice cooker on, and it cooks the oats perfectly every time." - John Mackey

"We are happier in many ways when we are old than when we were young. The young sow wild oats. The old grow sage." - Winston Churchill

"In the rotation of crops there was a recognized season for wild oats; but they were not sown more than once." - Edith Wharton

"Some kind of pace may be got out of the eeriest jade by the near prospect of oats; but the thoroughbred has the spur in his blood." - James Russell Lowell

"Trickle-down theory-the less than elegant metaphor that if one feeds the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Turning our seed-wheat-kennel tares, To burn-grain thistle, and to vaporie darnel, Cockle, wild oats, rough burs, corn-cumbring Tares." - Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

"If you feed enough oats to the horse, some will pass through to feed the sparrows (referring to "trickle down" economics)." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Wild oats will get sown some time, and one of the arts of life is to sow them at the right time." - Richard Le Gallienne

"Most of us spend the first six days of each week sowing wild oats; then we go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure." - Fred Allen

"Great oaks grow from little acorns. He has a green thumb. He has green fingers. He's sowing his wild oats. Here Ceres' gifts in waving prospect stand, And nodding tempt the joyful reaper's hand." - Alexander Pope

"Out of 30,000 edible plants thought to exist on earth, just eleven account for 93% of all that humans eat: oats, corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, yucca (also called tapioca or cassava), sorghum, millet, beans, barley, and rye." - Daniel Levitin

"Through eons of living in a land so poor there was little to eat but oats, they had as usual converted necessity into a virtue, and insisted that they liked the stuff." - Diana Gabaldon

"The horse could not do without Manhattan. It drew him like a magnet, like a vacuum, like oats, or a mare, or an open, never-ending, tree-lined road." - Mark Helprin

"After a man has sown his wild oats in the years of his youth, he has still every year to get over a few weeks and days of folly." - Jean Paul

"Granola didn't sell very well when it was good for you. Now it has caramel, chocolate, marshmallow, saturated fat and sweeteners with a small amount of oats and grains. Sales picked up." - George Carlin

"Anyone who takes the craft of songwriting seriously I radiate towards. Spending time with Daryl Hall was a dream come true. I picked his brain a lot because Hall And Oats is timeless." - Travie Mccoy

"But I shall like my battle. This sort of day puts one in mood for it. Plenty of wood in the shed, jam and potatoes and apples in the cellar, hay and oats and Cressy in the barn. Pooh - what is winter?" - Anne Bosworth Greene

"Mr. David Stockman has said that supply-side economics was merely a cover for the trickle-down approach to economic policy-what an older and less elegant generation called the horse-and-sparrow theory: If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"And believe me, darling, there's no man more faithful than a reformed playboy. They make far better husbands than men who haven't had time to sow their wild oats before they marry, so go off the rails at about forty-five because they suddenly realise that they've missed out on life and if they don't hurry up it's going to be too late." - Sally Wentworth

"So, you wouldn't marry me." "Ridiculous question. I'm eighteen!" "Oh, it's an age thing?" He frowned. "You don't mean wild oats, do you? We're not going to have some stupid break so you can experience other-" Zuzana put a hand over his mouth. "Gross. Don't even say it." - Laini Taylor

"Out of the thirty thousand types of edible plants thought to exist on Earth, just eleven-corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, cassava, sorghum, millet, beans, barley, rye, and oats-account for 93 percent of all that humans eat, and every one of them was first cultivated by our Neolithic ancestors." - Bill Bryson

"It is a thorough process, this war with the wilderness - breaking nature, taming the soil. feeding it on oats. The civilized man regards the pine tree as his enemy. He will fell it and let in the light, grub it up and raise wheat or rye there. It is no better than a fungus to him." - Henry David Thoreau

"Joh. Mayor, in the first book of his History of Scotland, contends much for the wholesomeness of oaten bread; it was objected to him, then living at Paris, that his countrymen fed on oats and base grain.... And yet Wecker out of Galen calls it horse-meat, and fitter juments than men to feed on." - Robert Burton

"Champing his gilded oats, the Hippogriff will stand in our stalls, and over our heads will float the Blue Bird singing of beautiful and impossible things, of things that are lovely and that never happen, of things that are not and that should be." - Oscar Wilde

"Strong winds buffet the sea oats and tall dune grasses, tossing sand and seabirds where it will, winding my sister's golden hair into sunlit spirals of silk until it becomes the only good memory I have of her - the only memory I allowed myself to keep." - Karen White

"I'm not a malicious person. When you get past the tattoos and leather, I give people a fair shake. There are periods when I've sowed some wild oats, no doubt about it. And I can party with some of the heavyweights. There are some stories about me that, yeah, where there's smoke there's fire. But sometimes the smoke is just smoke." - Al Jourgensen

"I was sowing wild oats and doing the kind of things that you should do when you don't have kids. Now, I'm just doing less of that, but I earned it, you know. I feel like just spending quiet evenings with my wife and son and sitting in bed in the morning and watching him marvel over the curtains opening or whatever little thing. That all feels really good. And so, I've changed because I'm impressed." - Chris Pratt

"Besides that, when elsewhere the harvest of wheat is most abundant, there it comes up less by one-fourth than what you have sowed. There, methinks, it were a proper place for men to sow their wild oats, where they would not spring up. [Lat., Post id, frumenti quum alibi messis maxima'st Tribus tantis illi minus reddit, quam obseveris. Heu! istic oportet obseri mores malos, Si in obserendo possint interfieri.]" - Plautus

"If we were to go back in time 100 years and ask a farmer what he'd like if he could have anything, he'd probably say he wanted a horse that was twice as strong and ate half as many oats. He would not say he wanted a tractor. The point is, technology changes things so fast that many people aren't sure what the best solutions to their problems might be." - Philip Quigley

"I rejoice that horses and steers have to be broken before they can be made the slaves of men, and that men themselves have some wild oats still left to sow before they become submissive members of society. Undoubtedly, all men are not equally fit subjects for civilization; and because the majority, like dogs and sheep, are tame by inherited disposition, this is no reason why the others should have their natures broken that they may be reduced to the same level." - Henry David Thoreau

"The love of dirt is among the earliest of passions, as it is the latest. Mud-pies gratify one of our first and best instincts. So long as we are dirty, we are pure. Fondness for the ground comes back to a man after he has run the round of pleasure and business, eaten dirt, and sown wild oats, drifted about the world, and taken the wind of all its moods. The love of digging in the ground (or of looking on while he pays another to dig) is as sure to come back to him, as he is sure, at last, to go under the ground, and stay there." - Charles Dudley Warner

"A Centaur has a man-stomach and a horse-stomach. And of course both want breakfast. So first of all he has porridge and pavenders and kidneys and bacon and omlette and cold ham and toast and marmalade and coffee and beer. And after that he tends to the horse part of himself by grazing for an hour or so and finishing up with a hot mash, some oats, and a bag of sugar. That's why it's such a serious thing to ask a Centaur to stay for the weeekend. A very serious thing indeed." - C S Lewis

"Out of the sea will rise Behemoth and Leviathan, and sail 'round the high-pooped galleys... Dragons will wander about the waste places, and the phoenix will soar from her nest of fire into the air. We shall lay our hands upon the basilisk, and see the jewel in the toad's head. Champing his gilded oats, the Hippogriff will stand in our stalls, and over our heads will float the Blue Bird singing of beautiful and impossible things, of things that are lovely and that never happen, of things that are not and that should be." - Oscar Wilde