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Natural Instincts Quotes


"The Koran does not permit Mohammedans to drink. Their natural instincts do not permit them to be moral. They say the Sultan has eight hundred wives. This almost amounts to bigamy." - Mark Twain

"Marriage is a tyranny, a mortification of man's natural instincts. Man needs a multiplicity of relationships." - Federico Fellini

"Sometimes my natural instincts take over and I just go overboard." - Bill Goldberg

"A ham is simply any actor who has not been successful in repressing his natural instincts." - George Jean Nathan

"The diseases which destroy a man are no less natural than the instincts which preserve him." - George Santayana

"There are few instincts more natural than the body in full motion as it races across a field or through the trees." - Neal Bascomb

"Human beings, in their natural state, are unpredictable, erratic, and unhappy. It is only once their animal instincts are controlled that they can be responsible, dependable, and content." - Lauren Oliver

"A sacrament-like marriage-means living a life better than your natural instincts, so that you're modeling God. And God never gives up." - Jodi Picoult

"Education is not sermonizing to children against their instincts and pleasures, but providing a natural continuity between what they feel and what they can and should be." - Allan Bloom

"Our capacities, our instincts for this our present sphere are but half developed. Let us be completely natural; before we trouble ourselves with the supernatural." - Margaret Fuller

"Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing." - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

"Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales." - Aleister Crowley

"Contentment is natural wealth." - Socrates

"Kids are natural scientists." - Alan Alda

"I'm a natural sceptic." - David Hockney

"Man has been driven out of the paradise in which he could trust his instincts." - Konrad Lorenz

"Act before you think - your instincts are more honest than your thoughts." - Sanford Meisner

"Systems die; instincts remain." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"I trust my instincts." - Billy Zane

"Stick to your instincts." - Tina Weymouth

"I have instincts." - Robert M Gates

"What is politeness in the home but the outcome of affection and self-respect, and the suppression of all those natural instincts of self-seeking that, allowed their way, produce the worst manners in the world?" - Humphry Davy

"I don't feel in a kind of race or competition with him or anybody else, because that kind of reactive thing isn't good, or isn't useful for natural creative instincts" - Kenneth Branagh

"In every civilized society there is found a race of men who retain the instincts of the aboriginal cannibal and live upon their fellow-men as a natural food." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"I do' feel in a kind of race or competition with him or anybody else, because that kind of reactive thing is' good, or is' useful for natural creative instincts" - Kenneth Branagh

"Destroy it. There may be a redistribution of the land, but the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as the old." - Will Durant

"I told you I didn't want to fight with Charlie." "Nobody said that you had to." I glowered at him. "I can't help myself when he gets all bossy like that?my natural teenage instincts overpower me." - Stephenie Meyer

"In every civilized society there is found a race of men who retain the instincts of the aboriginal cannibal and live upon their fellow-men as a natural food." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

"Since man's natural instincts lead him to sin, all men are sinners; and all sinners go to hell. If everyone goes to hell, then you will meet all your friends there." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"I told you I didn't want to fight with Charlie." "Nobody said that you had to." I glowered at him. "I can't help myself when he gets all bossy like thatmy natural teenage instincts overpower me." - Stephenie Meyer

"The natural instincts of men seem to be to alternate between periods of love relationships and periods of hedonistic bachelorhood, with some traumatized kids thrown in as an evolutionary imperative." - Neil Strauss

"It has been generally the custom of writers on natural history to take the habits and instincts of animals as the fixed point, and to consider their structure and organization as specially adapted to be in accordance with them." - Alfred Russel Wallace

"We've been trained since kindergarten: Be nice, be kind, share, put on a smile. So we're conditioned to squash our natural selfish instincts, and that's the right thing for society." - Bryan Cranston

"Everyone desires relationships and community. Most people want to belong to a cohesive, like-minded group. It staves off loneliness. It promotes identity. These are natural and very human instincts." - Joshua Ferris

"Nature is not natural and that is natural enough." - Gertrude Stein

"To seem natural rather than to be natural." - A A Milne

"Literary critics make natural detectives." - A S Byatt

"Yoga is a natural thing." - Laura Huxley

"The natural alone is permanent." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"I have a natural swagger." - Kevin Bacon

"The more natural, the better." - Brandy Norwood

"I'm not a natural songwriter." - Rod Stewart

"...It's natural to believe in the supernatural. It never feels natural to accept only natural things." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"My instincts are not comedic." - Josh Lucas

"So our building of the visible Church becomes much like any natural business function, using natural means and natural motives." - Francis Schaeffer

"Happiness is a natural state of being." - Michael Beckwith

"Women make natural anarchists and revolutionaries ." - Kim Gordon

"thank god for pure natural strength" - Ronnie Coleman

"I don't believe in natural science." - Kurt Gödel

"Peace is a natural effect of trade." - Baron de Montesquieu

"The unreal is natural, so natural that it makes of unreality the most natural of anything natural. That is what America does, and that is what America is." - Gertrude Stein

"Be natural and use your head." - Dai Vernon

"Mastery is the natural result of mindfulness." - Ron Kurtz

"Government is the natural enemy of freedom." - Garet Garrett

"Dying is as natural as living." - Thomas Fuller

"Revenge may be wicked, but it's natural." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"I'm really into natural and organic products." - Chanel Iman

"I am not a natural dancer." - Ricki Lake

"I like a girl with natural beauty." - Chandler Parsons

"I have a natural curiosity for people." - Nicholas Haslam

"I guess I'm just a natural warrior." - Camille Paglia

"Without natural gifts technical rules are useless." - Quintilian

"Nature stopped being natural decades ago." - Jamais Cascio

"Natural selection is anything but random." - Richard Dawkins

"Islands are natural workshops of evolution." - Richard Dawkins

"All I had was natural ability." - Branch Rickey

"Nobody is actually a natural C.E.O." - Ben Horowitz

"Disharmony is natural in any band." - Joan Jett

"I'm not a natural born performer." - Amy Winehouse

"Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller." - William S Burroughs

"... Natural affections and instincts, my dear sir, are the most beautiful of the Almighty's works, but like other beautiful works of His, they must be reared and fostered, or it is as natural that they should be wholly obscured, and that new feelings should usurp their place, as it is that the sweetest productions of the earth, left untended, should be choked with weeds and briers." - Charles Dickens

"You may, or may not, have better child care instincts than your husband; but his can certainly be developed. If you don't respectthe natural parenting talents that each of you has, you may inadvertently cast the two of you into the skewed but complementary roles of the Expert and the Dumb Apprentice." - Jean Marzollo

"How insupportable would be the days, if the night with its dews and darkness did not come to restore the drooping world. As the shades begin to gather around us, our primeval instincts are aroused, and we steal forth from our lairs, like the inhabitants of the jungle, in search of those silent and brooding thoughts which are the natural prey of the intellect." - Henry David Thoreau

"We're at risk of losing this iconic species for all time. Once it's stripped of its natural instincts, it's no longer a tiger. But there's a lot of species like that. The more intriguing thing, throughout Asia, a lot of these countries are selling off their jungle-and-forest rights for oil and for paper-and-pulp companies." - Leonardo Dicaprio

"When certain unmarried men, who had lost their capacity to sin, sat indoors, breathing bad air, and passed resolutions about what was right and what wrong, making rules for the guidance of the people, instead of trusting to the natural, happy instincts of the individual, they ushered in the Dark Ages. These are the gentlemen who blocked human evolution absolutely for a thousand years." - Elbert Hubbard

"Sexual behavior is not, as is too often assumed, a superimposition of, on the one hand, desires which derive from natural instincts, and, on the other hand, of permissive or restrictive laws which tell us what we should or shouldn't do. Sexual behavior is more than that." - Michel Foucault

"I get 0.5 seconds to react to a ball, sometimes even less than that. I can't be thinking of what XYZ has said about me. I need to surrender myself to my natural instincts. My subconscious mind knows exactly what to do. It is trained to react. At home, my family doesn't discuss media coverage." - Sachin Tendulkar

"It has taken a great deal of energy, which has not been so difficult to summon as the necessary patience to wait, simply wait much of the time - until my instincts assured me that I had assembled my materials in proper order for a final welding into their natural form." - Hart Crane

"It takes a great deal of Christianity to wipe out uncivilized Eastern instincts, such as falling in love at first sight." - Rudyard Kipling

"...nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people." - Mark Twain

"Trust your instincts, and take control." - John Houston

"We heed no instincts but our own." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Everything is instincts when returning kicks." - Dante Hall

"Never give up, trust your instincts!" - Falco

"I'm confident and I trust my instincts." - Sachin Tendulkar

"Trust your instincts, trust your judgment." - Melissa Marr

"Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn't lie." - Oprah Winfrey

"Fear gives sudden instincts of skill." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"I have really good instincts about friends." - Nicole Richie

"You have to go with your instincts." - Clint Eastwood

"Donald Trump really has authoritarian, dictatorial instincts." - Rashid Khalidi

"I act with my gut instincts." - Alanna Ubach

"Some of my instincts are reprehensible." - William F. Buckley, Jr.

"I know I have pretty good instincts." - Ashley Tisdale

"Some of my instincts are reprehensible." - William F Buckley Jr

"What has happened to America's survival instincts?" - Tina Brown

"But death's acquisitive instincts will win." - Harold Brodkey

"I follow my instincts and my excitement." - Rory MacDonald

"Attitude is your acceptance of the natural laws, or your rejection of the natural laws." - Jim Rohn

"Neither natural ability without instruction nor instruction without natural ability can make the perfect artist." - Vitruvius

"To be right is to be natural, and to be natural is to be right." - Arthur Desmond

"Attitude is your acceptance of the natural laws, or your rejection of the natural laws." - Stuart Chase

"They say I'm a natural, I have natural charisma. People say that. I don't know." - Dwight Henry

"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." - Calvin Klein

"Nothing prevents one from appearing natural as the desire to appear natural." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Nothing prevents one from appearing natural as the desire to appear natural." - Francois De La Rochefouca

"Music is a great natural high and a great natural escape." - Shania Twain

"Trust your instincts. If you have no instincts, trust your impulses." - Noel Coward

"There is nothing wrong with having competitive instincts. They are survival instincts." - Pat Summitt

"All around us lies what we neither understand nor use. Our capacities, our instincts for this our present sphere are but half developed. Let us confine ourselves to that till the lesson be learned; let us be completely natural; before we trouble ourselves with the supernatural. I never see any of these things but I long to get away and lie under a green tree and let the wind blow on me. There is marvel and charm enough in that for me." - Margaret Fuller

"To write the true natural history of the world, we should need to be able to follow it from within. It would thus appear no longer as an interlocking succession of structural types replacing one another, but as an ascension of inner sap spreading out in a forest of consolidated instincts. Right at its base, the living world is constituted by conscious clothes in flesh and bone." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"The "natural" instincts when someone is going through a breakup are counterintuitive to healing. For instance, many people stop eating or eat very unhealthy, and if your body is not fed the necessary nutrients during this trying time, it's extremely difficult for you to heal emotionally. So, first things first, force yourself to eat, even if that entails drinking green smoothies so you're getting nutrients in your body." - Amy Chan

"Man's brain is, after all, the greatest natural resource." - Karl Brandt

"The beauty of the natural world lies in the details." - Natalie Angier

"Humankind's greatest priority is to reintegrate with the natural world." - Jonathon Porritt

"The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally." - Dalai Lama

"The strong are God's natural protectors of the weak." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Peace produced by suppression is neither natural nor desirable." - Anna Julia Cooper

"the 'natural' is not necessarily a 'human' value." - Shulamith Firestone

"natural birth is full of magnificent, life-changing wisdom." - Christiane Northrup

"Being joyful is our natural state of being." - Deepak Chopra

"Love should be as natural as living and breathing." - Mother Teresa

"Women are natural leaders. They are wired to lead." - Daniel Amen

"Healthy people have a natural skill of avoiding feverish eyes." - Albert Camus

"Neurosis is the natural by-product of pain avoidance." - Carl Jung

"The natural tendency of the state is inflation." - Murray Rothbard

"The Natural Step is a clear voice in the commotion." - Leif Johansson

"Don't exaggerate. Just give your natural bitchy selves full rein" - Steig Larsson

"Master technique and then forget about it and be natural." - Anna Pavlova

"Fear is not the natural state of civilized people." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"There was the natural human survival instinct to be optimistic." - Barbara Demick

"A government of our own is our natural right" - Thomas Paine

"Did you know hemp is a natural fiber" - Tia Carrere

"Work is man's most natural form of relaxation." - Dagobert D. Runes

"Remember your natural affection for all of creation." - Rob Brezsny

"Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house." - Fran Lebowitz

"Modern science has vindicated the natural equality of man." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Happiness is the natural state of our being" - Michael Beckwith

"The truly sublime is always easy, and always natural." - Edmund Burke

"Cooperation in the most natural thing in the world" - Janine Benyus

"An interior is the natural projection of the soul." - Coco Chanel

"The moon invented natural rhythm. Civilization uninvented it." - Tom Robbins

"Nothing is more natural to me than horror." - Lon Chaney, Jr.

"A natural adversary is a customer service representative." - Jon Jones

"It seems that man's greatest natural enemy is the target." - Demetri Martin

"Defense is a lot more natural to me than offense." - Scott Rolen

"I've always felt that I'm a natural leader." - Lamar Odom

"There is nothing a natural man hates more than prayer." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"It takes a great deal of experience to become natural." - Willa Cather

"Wealth is a deep understanding of the natural world." - Bill Mollison



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