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Natural Harmony Quotes


"Let us not fear that the issues of natural science shall be scepticism or anarchy. Through all God's works there runs a beautiful harmony. The remotest truth in his universe is linked to that which lies nearest the Throne." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"From Harmony, from heav'nly Harmony. This universal Frame began." - John Dryden

"Use whatever excuse you can to vibrate in harmony with those things you've been saying you want. And when you do, those things that are a vibrational equivalent flow into your experience in abundance. Not because you deserve it, not because you've earned it, but because it's the natural consequence of the Law of Attraction. That which is like unto itself is drawn." - Esther Hicks

"Humility does not mean believing oneself to be inferior, but to be freed from self-importance. It is a state of natural simplicity which is in harmony with our true nature and allows us to taste the freshness of the present moment." - Matthieu Ricard

"The fact is that the truth of harmony and human brotherhood derives not from an absorbed trance but from an awakened prajna or wisdom; and its validity depends not on any dramatic ecstatic visions but it belongs to man's (...) natural reason unspoilt by theologies of exclusiveness." - Ram Swarup

"When mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result." - Deepak Chopra

"When the pursuit of natural harmony is a shared journey, great heights can be attained." - Lynn Hill

"Harmony has always come very natural to us because we started singing harmony at an early age. We heard a lot of different music growing up." - Petra Haden

"Conformity is the ape of harmony." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Variety is the condition of harmony." - Thomas Carlyle

"Whether any surfer wants to admit it or not, I think we've all had moments like looking at nice waves coming through the lineup maybe, only for a moment, feeling that we are in the presence of something holy. There is a spiritual-ness when you actually get in harmony with something as natural as the waves and the ocean, and yeah, it is definitely a religious experience." - Gerry Lopez

"True development must be in harmony with the needs of people and the rhythms of the natural world." - Sulak Sivaraksa

"When we harness the natural force of harmony, joy, and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease." - Deepak Chopra

"Music is expression of harmony in sound. Love is the expression of harmony in life...." - Stephen Gaskin

"It's more work to create poverty, disease and disharmony than it is to create health, harmony and abundance, because perfect health, harmony and abundance are the natural order of things." - Robert Anthony

"Friends will not only live in harmony, but in melody." - Henry David Thoreau

"The tongues of dying men enforce attention like deep harmony." - William Shakespeare

"Virtue is like health: the harmony of the whole man." - Thomas Carlyle

"The Way of a Warrior is to establish harmony." - Morihei Ueshiba

"Impermanence is a principle of harmony. When we don't struggle against it, we are in harmony with reality." - Pema Chodron

"The union of opposites, in so far as they are really complementary, always results in the most perfect harmony; and the seemingly incongruous is often the most natural." - Stefan Zweig

"Maybe I just never learned my harmony part, because what everybody says sounds odd to them sounds perfectly natural to me." - Elvis Costello

"Everything in nature has found a niche, a perfect harmony of balance. Man need to find his niche, his perfect balance, where he fits in the natural cycle" - Stephen Colbert

"Music is all about training in harmony, training to understand and use musical energy for our greater pleasure by attuning to the natural laws of the universe." - Jane Siberry

"Sadness isn't a natural response." - Byron Katie

"I'm not a natural joiner." - J K Rowling

"The superior person is in harmony, but does not follow the crowd. The lesser person follows the crowd, but is not in harmony." - Confucius

"Painting, which is essentially a rhythmic harmony of coloured spaces. Realism was the death of art. Great art should come from the harmony of two lines." - Arthur Wesley Dow

"The most natural beauty in the world is honesty and moral truth. For all beauty is truth. True features make the beauty of the face; true proportions, the beauty of architecture; true measures, the beauty of harmony and music...." - Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury

"Human beings are what I think of as "biomythic" animals: we're controlled largely by the stories we tell. When we get the story wrong, we get out of harmony with the rest of the natural order." - Sam Keen

"To the natural philosopher, to whom the whole extent of nature belongs, all the individual branches of science constitute the links of an endless chain, from which not one can be detached without destroying the harmony of the whole." - Friedrich Karl Ludwig Schoedler

"The man who contemplates the universe with his eyes wide open is the man with the greatest amount of natural piety; not in the religious sense, but in the sense of an intimate harmony with things." - Adolf Hitler

"The history of harmony is the history of the development of the human ear, which has gradually assimilated, in their natural order, the successive intervals of the harmonic series." - Nadia Boulanger

"You had that action and counteraction which, in the natural and in the political world, from the reciprocal struggle of discordant powers draws out the harmony of the universe." - Edmund Burke

"Architect's designs must refer to the unquestionable perfection of the body's symmetry and proportions. If a building is to create a sense of eurythmia, it is essential that it mirrors these natural laws of harmony and beauty" - Marcus Vitruvius Pollio

"One should be in harmony with, not in opposition to, the strength and force of the opposition. This means that one should do nothing that is not natural or spontaneous; the important thing is not to strain in any way." - Bruce Lee

"The harmony of natural law reveals an Intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection." - Albert Einstein

"Physical health doesn't exist apart from the health of other things. Health ultimately involves the community, and the community ultimately involves the place and natural life of that place, so that real health is harmony with the world." - Wendell Berry

"Integration is a basic law of life; when we resist it, disintegration is the natural result, both inside and outside of us. Thus we come to the concept of harmony through integration." - Norman Cousins

"The most natural Beauty in the World is Honesty, and Moral Truth. For all Beauty is Truth. True Features make the Beauty of a Face; and true Proportions the Beauty of Architecture; as true Measures that of Harmony and Music." - Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury

"I believe that man is the product of natural evolution that is born from the conflict of being a prisoner and separated from nature, and from the need to find unity and harmony with it." - Erich Fromm

"When a human being is oppressed, the natural tendency is to feel anger. Jazz is a response to oppression that is not bullets and blood. Jazz is the expression of harmony ... and at the same time of hope and freedom." - Herbie Hancock

"Nothing is more natural than mutual misunderstanding; the contrary is always surprising. I believe that one never agrees on anything except by mistake, and that all harmony among human beings is the happy fruit of an error." - Paul Valery

"The harmony of the world is made manifest in Form and Number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty." - D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

"In most natural scenes there is a prevailing colour, which the landscape painter must learn to identify, and which must prevail also in a slightly exaggerated form, in his painting, for the sake of truth, harmony and unity." - Walter J. Phillips

"Each small task of everyday life is part of the total harmony of the universe." - Therese Of Lisieux

"Color harmony was thrown out years ago, as restrictive chains were broken forming my free style." - Frank Bruno

"Is there a difference? Yes. We are in harmony with nature, but never at peace." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Reason in my philosophy is only a harmony among irrational impulses." - George Santayana

"Treaties are observed as long as they are in harmony with interests." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"You are the harmony within which all things move. They are just illusion." - Mooji

"Harmony of aim, not identity of conclusion, is the secret of sympathetic life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every discord is a harmony not understood. Happiness is a disease, and pain, a medicine." - Narayanananda Swami.

"Harmony would lose its attractiveness if it did not have a background of discord." - Tehyi Hsieh

"One whom the music of his own vain tongue doth ravish like enchanting harmony." - William Shakespeare

"Let us together commence a journey of peace, harmony and progress in South Asia." - Atal Bihari Vajpayee

"This is Sesame Street. A place where people, birds, monsters all live in perfect harmony." - Phil Donahue

"To be good is to be in harmony with one's self." - Oscar Wilde

"If intellect and will are correctly centered, the emotional life takes on harmony." - Richard Wilhelm

"I envision the future sunny and with love, harmony and oneness. I think Hollywood is changing." - Vin Diesel

"From discord, find Harmony." - Albert Einstein

"Peace, unity and harmony!" - Cathy Freeman

"Harmony is boring." - Henry Rollins

"Truth is inner harmony." - Walther Rathenau

"Virtue is harmony." - Pythagoras

"So our building of the visible Church becomes much like any natural business function, using natural means and natural motives." - Francis Schaeffer

"All I have is natural ability." - Mickey Mantle

"Happiness is a natural state of being." - Michael Beckwith

"Change is a natural form of progression." - Trey Songz

"The unreal is natural, so natural that it makes of unreality the most natural of anything natural. That is what America does, and that is what America is." - Gertrude Stein

"Joy is a natural way of being." - Byron Katie

"I like a girl with natural beauty." - Chandler Parsons

"It's an acting job - acting natural." - Alistair Cooke

"Nothing natural can be wholly unworthy." - Anna Julia Cooper

"Nature stopped being natural decades ago." - Jamais Cascio

"Failure's a natural part of life." - John Malkovich

"All I had was natural ability." - Branch Rickey

"Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller." - William S Burroughs

"Happiness is the natural flower of duty." - Phillips Brooks

"I love a natural look in pictures." - Marilyn Monroe

"Doing work which has to be done over and over again helps us recognize the natural cycles of growth and decay, of birth and death, and thus become aware of the dynamic order of the universe. "Ordinary" work, as the root meaning of the term indicates, is work that is in harmony with the order we perceive in the natural environment." - Fritjof Capra

"The formation of scales and of the web of harmony is a product of artistic invention, and is in no way given by the natural structure or by the natural behaviour of our hearing, as used to be generally maintained hitherto." - Hermann Von Helmholtz

"Mathematics without natural history is sterile, but natural history without mathematics is muddled." - John Maynard Smith

"Attitude is your acceptance of the natural laws, or your rejection of the natural laws." - Jim Rohn

"Neither natural ability without instruction nor instruction without natural ability can make the perfect artist." - Vitruvius

"All natural capacities of a creature are destined to evolve completely to their natural end." - Immanuel Kant

"When our actions create discord in another person, we, ourselves, in this lifetime or another, will feel that discord. Likewise, if our actions create harmony and empowerment in another, we also come to feel that harmony and empowerment." - Gary Zukav

"In art, and in the higher ranges of science, there is a feeling of harmony which underlies all endeavor. There is no true greatness in art or science without that sense of harmony." - Albert Einstein

"Love develops into harmony, and of harmony is born beauty." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

"Music means harmony, harmony means love. Love means God." - Sidney Lanier

"Dream of a society at peace with its conscience because it respects and lives in harmony with all life forms." - John Robbins

"Each of us has the ability to act powerfully for change; together we can restore that ancient and sustaining harmony." - David Suzuki

"Any action done with beauty and purity, and in complete harmony of body, mind and soul, is Art." - B.K.S. Iyengar

"Harmony exists no less in difference than in likeness, if only the same key-note govern both parts." - Margaret Fuller

"There is harmony in the tension of opposites, as in the case of the bow and lyre." - Heraclitus

"The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other." - Arthur Rubinstein

"Sin and the child of God are incompatible. They may occasionally meet; they cannot live together in harmony" - John Stott

"You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in in harmony with your dominant thoughts." - Brian Tracy

"Let tears flow of their own accord; their flowing is not inconsistent with inward peace and harmony." - Seneca the Younger

"Before men can find peace and harmony within themselves they must first fall in love with their country." - Lord Acton

"Make the mind, the voice and the actions agree in harmony. That is the right way of life." - Sathya Sai Baba

"It is virtue, virtue, which both creates and preserves friendship. On it depends harmony of interest, permanence, fidelity." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Life's errors cry for the merciful beauty that can modulate their isolation into a harmony with the whole." - Rabindranath Tagore

"The beauty of Zen is found in simplicity and tranquility, in a sense of the all-embracing harmony of things." - Thich Thien-An

"And in their motions harmony divine So smoothes her charming tones, that God's own ear Listens delighted." - John Milton

"The power of verse stems from an indefinable harmony between when it says and what it is." - Paul Valery

"Until we eliminate the mentality of violence, we will not find the harmony within ourselves we're looking for." - Maya Tiwari

"Heaven's harmony is universal love." - William Cowper

"Harmony seldom makes a headline." - Silas Bent

"Harmony is next to Godliness" - Johann Sebastian Bach

"Nature is harmony in discord." - Horace

"The ideal is unnatural naturalness, or natural unnaturalness. I mean it is a combination of both. I mean here is natural instinct and here is control. You are to combine the two in harmony. Not if you have one to the extreme, you'll be very unscientific. If you have another to the extreme, you become, all of a sudden, a mechanical man No longer a human being. It is a successful combination of both. That way it is a process of continuing growth." - Bruce Lee

"You don't have to work at being in the high vibration that is natural to you, because it is natural to you. But you do have to stop holding the thoughts that cause you to lower your vibration. It's a matter of no longer giving your attention to things that don't allow your cork to float or don't allow you to vibrate in harmony with who you really are." - Esther Hicks

"We should be in harmony with our own consciousness; our mind, body, and soul should be one in interest and in purpose. And in that unified condition, we can actually express that natural innate love that we have found in our own life in everything we do in the world." - Radhanath Swami

"Health is the natural condition. When sickness occurs, it is a sign that Nature has gone off course because of a physical or mental imbalance. The road to health for everyone is through moderation, harmony, and a 'sound mind in a sound body'." - Jostein Gaarder

"All men and women have passions, natural desires and noble ambitions, and also a conscience; they have sex, hunger, fear, anger, and are subject to sickness, pain, suffering and death. Culture consists of bringing about the expression of these passions and desires in harmony." - Lin Yutang

"The Tao never does anything, yet through it all things are done. If powerful men and women could venter themselves in it, the whole world would be transformed by itself, in its natural rhythms. People would be content with their simple, everyday lives, in harmony, and free of desire. When there is no desire, all things are at peace." - Laozi

"Live your life without hurting anybody. Harmlessness is a most powerful form of Yoga and it will take you speedily to your goal. This is what I call nisarga yoga, the Natural yoga. It is the art of living in peace and harmony, in friendliness and love. The fruit of it is happiness, uncaused and endless." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"Humankind has no option but to protect and live in harmony with its natural environment. However, it would be regrettable if in putting an end to revolutionary extremism, we should then come to environmental extremism. We should not forget that all extremes are the same." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in the terms of Saint Thomas Aquinas, an unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal and natural law." - Martin Luther

"Humility is the mother of all virtues: the humble in spirit progress and are blessed because they willingly submit to higher powers and try to live in harmony with natural laws and universal principles. Courage is the father of all virtues; we need great courage to lead our lives by correct principles and to have integrity in the moment of choice." - Stephen Covey

"Principles always have natural consequences attached to them. There are positive consequences when we live in harmony with the principles. There are negative consequences when we ignore them. But because these principles apply to everyone, whether or not they are aware, this limitation is universal. And the more we know of correct principles, the greater is our personal freedom to act wisely." - Stephen Covey

"Magazines and talk shows are filled with people who say that a successful ? marriage is hard and requires a lot of work. But to ? soulmates , their harmony often feels effortless, as though it is the most natural thing in the world to be completely at ease in a ? relationship ." - Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"The real path to natural farming requires that a person know what unaltered nature is, so that he or she can instinctively understand what needs to be done - and what must not be done - to work in harmony with its processes." - Masanobu Fukuoka

"I think we have powerful role-models among us in the American West. Certainly the Hopis, a timeless civilization that understands sustainability and what that means about living in harmony, in tandem with the natural world. We have much to learn from them, and they will survive us, I feel certain about that." - Terry Tempest Williams

"Sometimes I write notes that I have difficulty singing. And you start talking yourself out of the bold melody and start wanting to arrange it in another key or something. Maybe I just never learned my harmony part, because what everybody says sounds odd to them sounds perfectly natural to me." - Elvis Costello

"Magazines and talk shows are filled with people who say that a successful marriage is hard and requires a lot of work. But to soulmates , their harmony often feels effortless, as though it is the most natural thing in the world to be completely at ease in a relationship ." - Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"Because a human being is endowed with empathy, he violates the natural order if he does not reach out to those who need care. Responding to this empathy, one is in harmony with the order of things, with dharma; otherwise, one is not." - Dayananda Saraswati

"The earth will continue to regenerate its life sources only as long as we and all the peoples of the world do our part to conserve its natural resources. It is a responsibility which every human being shares. Through voluntary action, each of us can join in building a productive land in harmony with nature." - Gerald R Ford

"Man's brain is, after all, the greatest natural resource." - Karl Brandt

"The beauty of the natural world lies in the details." - Natalie Angier

"Humankind's greatest priority is to reintegrate with the natural world." - Jonathon Porritt

"Where there is friendship, there is our natural soil." - Voltaire

"Artificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity." - Joseph Addison

"Humility is a natural symptom of those who love God." - Radhanath Swami

"Love is like Pi: natural, irrational, and very important." - Lisa Hoffman

"The desire to know is natural to good men." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Intelligence is characterized by a natural incomprehension of life." - Henri Bergson

"The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally." - Dalai Lama

"Learning is a kind of natural food for the mind." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"The strong are God's natural protectors of the weak." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Peace produced by suppression is neither natural nor desirable." - Anna Julia Cooper

"the 'natural' is not necessarily a 'human' value." - Shulamith Firestone

"Natural gas is not a bridge - it's a gangplank." - Michael Brune

"The whole plan hinged upon the natural curiosity of potatoes." - Stanislaw Lem

"natural birth is full of magnificent, life-changing wisdom." - Christiane Northrup

"What would human life be without forests, those natural cities?" - Henry David Thoreau

"The ultimate design is little different from the natural world." - Kenji Ekuan

"All nobility in its beginnings was somebody's natural superiority." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Current illusion is that science has abolished all natural laws." - Marshall Mcluhan



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