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National Park Service Quotes


"The National Park Service today exemplifies one of the highest traditions of public service." - Stewart Udall

"...Skyscraper National Park" - Kurt Vonnegut

"It's good to see so many friends here in the Rose Garden. This is our first event in this beautiful spot, and it's appropriate we talk about policy that will affect people's lives in a positive way in such a beautiful, beautiful part of our national - really, our national park system, my guess is you would want to call it." - George W Bush

"Typically, an historic site is considered by the National Park Service to contain a single historical feature, while generally a National Historic Park extends beyond single properties or buildings." - Rick Renzi

"The National Park Service shot a mule in the face. He survived but had trouble swallowing and often food came out of his nose." - Cleveland Amory

"To criticize one's country is to do it a service.... Criticism, in short, is more than a right; it is an act of patriotism-a higher form of patriotism, I believe, than the familiar rituals and national adulation." - J William Fulbright

"I think, too, that we've got to recognize that where the preservation of a natural resource like the redwoods is concerned, that there is a common sense limit. I mean, if you've looked at a hundred thousand acres or so of trees-you know, a tree is a tree, how many more do you need to look at? Opposing expansion of Redwood National Park." - Ronald Reagan

"The establishment of the National Park Service is justified by considerations of good administration, of the value of natural beauty as a National asset, and of the effectiveness of outdoor life and recreation in the production of good citizenship." - Theodore Roosevelt

"There was a very important superintendent of Yellowstone, a man who was involved in the founding of the National Park Service itself, Horace Albright. And he became superintendent, which is the boss of Yellowstone Park, in 1919 - from 1919 to 1929. Later, he was director of the park service itself. Albright embraced the idea that in order for the national parks - and Yellowstone in particular - to have support from the American people and from politicians, there needed to be wildlife as spectacle." - David Quammen

"Service to man is service to god" - Swami Vivekananda

"Computer language design is just like a stroll in the park. Jurassic Park, that is." - Larry Wall

"It was sweaty Whitney (Houston) in Central Park. She knew that park pretty well. Every bush!" - Kathy Griffin

"Service is no Inheritance." - George Herbert

"Service makes men competent." - Lyman Abbott

"Glaciers are almost gone from Glacier National Park" - Donella Meadows

"The national park is the best idea America ever had." - James Bryce

"Wilderness, like the national park system, was an American idea." - Stewart Udall

"Glaciers are almost gone from Glacier National Park." - Donella Meadows

"I believe the National Park Service has demonstrated strong partnerships geared towards respecting the private property of citizens in its administering of the current Trail of Tears National Historic Trail and will continue to do so upon the addition of the routes." - Zach Wamp

"Application of humility is service." - Radhanath Swami

"Service without reward is punishment." - George Herbert

"The crime of ingratitude has not yet stained, and I trust never will stain, our national character. You are considered by them as not only having rendered important service in our own revolution, but as being, on a more extended scale, the friend of human rights, and able advocate of public liberty. To the welfare of Thomas Paine, the Americas are not, nor can they be, indifferent." - James Monroe

"National honor is national property of the highest value." - James Monroe

"National injustice is the surest road to national downfall." - William E Gladstone

"Consumerism is our national religion." - Jennifer Stone

"I grew up on the edge of a national park in Canada - timberwolves, creeks, snow drifts." - Dan Aykroyd

"I got involved in Gateway National Park and just became fascinated with gardens." - Alexandra Kerry

"Romans park their cars the way I would park if I had just spilled a beaker of hydrochloric acid on my lap." - Bill Bryson

"My heart is ever at your service." - William Shakespeare

"Customer service is the new marketing." - Derek Sivers

"All service is the same with God." - Robert Browning

"The soul is awakened through service." - Erica Jong

"Resistance to tyranny is service to God." - James Madison

"I'm not in the service business." - Nic Pizzolatto

"There is no national science, just as there is no national multiplication table; what is national is no longer science." - Anton Chekhov

"The happy ending is our national belief." - Mary Mccarthy

"Religion is no more national than conscience." - Victor de Riqueti, marquis de Mirabeau

"Culture Clash is a national treasure." - Philip Kan Gotanda

"Cause I want to be on 106 and Park pushing a benz" - Kanye West

"I love Prospect Park-watching fireflies at night and going to the bandshell for free music." - Abbey Lee Kershaw

"You know, theres endorphins in laughter, as there are endorphins in running in the park." - Marlo Thomas

"Best atmosphere I ever played in was at Celtic Park in the UEFA Cup for Liverpool." - Michael Owen

"We feel unbeatable at Ewood Park - even when we play away" - David Bentley

"What are we out at the park for except to win?" - Leo Durocher

"The Secret Intelligence Service I knew occupied dusky suites of little rooms opposite St James's Park Tube station in London." - John Le Carre

"Humility is not a part of devotional service, it is the heart of devotional service." - Radhanath Swami

"NDA not only stands for National Democratic Alliance but is also the National Development Alliance." - Narendra Modi

"Because of his military service, Dad was buried in Arlington National Cemetery." - Buzz Aldrin

"I sang at the Inaugural prayer service at the National Cathedral." - Michael W Smith

"A service of worship is primarily a service to God. When we realize this and act upon it, we make it a service to men." - Ralph Washington Sockman

"I thought the race could be won in the last kilometers in the park. Every hill I ran in training I ran to gain an extra step in the park." - Paul Tergat

"The silence of a shut park does not sound like the country silence; it is tense and confined." - Elizabeth Bowen

"If you put me in South Park, that audience is going to fall asleep in five minutes." - Stephan Pastis

"It's nice to keep in touch - besides, it's the only place in London where you can park a car." - Clement Attlee

"In right and service to their noble country." - William Shakespeare

"The only purpose of customer service is to change feelings." - Seth Godin

"Lower prices are not service; they're just lower prices." - Susan Ward

"In proportion as one renders service he becomes great." - Booker T Washington

"(The mature person) pours himself out in service to others." - Laozi

"Service broadens your vision widens your awareness. Deepens your compassion." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Service is the ultimate edge. Keep it sharp." - Ron Kaufman

"The Quito telephone service is about as reliable as roulette." - Christopher Isherwood

"All self-help is Buddhism with a service mark" - Merlin Mann

"A president cant go to every memorial service." - Nancy Gibbs

"The vision of an ag park set forth in the BioCrossroads report includes livestock, ... In addition, the vision of an ag park set forth in the BioCrossroads report is aimed at counties that are more rural than Delaware County. We believe Shideler is too densely populated for an ag park." - Thurman Munson

"Service cannot be expected from a friend in service; let him be a freeman who wishes to be my master." - Martial

"Michael Jackson National African American Art Examiner Series" - Aberjhani

"Nobody ever wins the National Open. Somebody loses it." - Bobby Jones

"We beseech [God] to pardon our national and other transgressions..." - George Washington

"Patriotism is the vital condition of national permanence." - George William Curtis

"The university is the last remaining platform for national dissent." - Leon Eisenberg

"Whoever wants to understand National Socialist Germany must know Wagner." - Adolf Hitler

"FC Barcelona is the national team of Catalonia" - Carles Puyol

"Stupidity is a personal achievement which transcends national boundaries." - Albert Einstein

"National security is the fig leaf against freedom of information." - Ralph Nader

"In Yellowstone National Park there are more 'do not feed the animals' signs than there are animals you might wish to feed." - Natalie Jeremijenko

"Television was supposed to be a national park. (Instead) it has become a money machine... It's a commodity now, just like pork bellies." - Fred W Friendly

"If the national park is, as Lord Bryce suggested, the best idea America has ever had, wilderness preservation is the highest refinement of that idea," - Wallace Stegner

"In Yellowstone National Park there are more "do not feed the animals" signs than there are animals you might wish to feed." - Natalie Jeremijenko

"I think every child in every country, not just South Africa, every year should go to a national park, and it should be part of their basic curriculum." - Lewis Pugh

"Television was supposed to be a national park. Instead it has become a money machine. It's a commodity now, just like pork bellies." - Fred W Friendly

"Even though the National Guard and Army Reserve see combat today, it rankles me that people assume it was some kind of waltz in the park back then." - Larry David

"In Yellowstone National Park, there are more 'do not feed the animals' signs than there are animals you might wish to feed." - Natalie Jeremijenko

"Violence as a way of gaining power... is being camouflaged under the guise of tradition, national honor [and] national security..." - Alfred Adler

"All upright Germans will be National Socialists, but only the best National Socialists will be party members!" - Adolf Hitler

"The jelly-bean eating thug says that national defense is important. But national defense starts at home." - Dick Gregory

"My first jobs were all civil service. At 14, I worked for the Canadian National Railways. At 16, I worked for the Canadian Penitentiary Service." - Dan Aykroyd

"The Silent Service is all together too silent. It's important to begin to highlight the critical importance of the Silent Service to our national security." - Rob Simmons

"I believe in national service, I believe that every young adult citizen should do two years of national service. Not necessarily to be deployed, but to understand teamwork, responsibility and mixing with different people." - Robert Irvine

"The park lies directly downwind from a slew of coal plants. Virtually all of the major contaminants in the local air and water are direct results of coal emissions. Coal produces ozone, which kills trees. Coal produces sulfates, which kill fish. No other park in the country has more ozone or sulfates than Shenandoah National Park." - Wil S Hylton

"This belief in the necessity of English training has enslaved us. It has unfitted us for true national service." - Mahatma Gandhi

"My national service is part of my training for freeing my soul from the bondage of the flesh." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Our sons and daughters must be trained in national service, taught to give as well as to receive." - Emmeline Pankhurst

"Accepting money from the federal government to conduct research places academic inquiry in the service of national interests." - Jill Lepore

"Oregonians aren't the only ones who recognize the extraordinary service and sacrifice of their state's National Guard." - Ron Wyden

"The national park idea has been nurtured by each succeeding generation of Americans. Today, across our land, the National Park System represents America at its best. Each park contributes to a deeper understanding of the history of the United States and our way of life; of the natural processes which have given form to our land, and to the enrichment of the environment in which we live." - George B. Hartzog, Jr.

"Getting service right is more than just a nice to do; it's a must do. American consumers are willing to spend more with companies that provide outstanding service - ultimately, great service can drive sales and customer loyalty." - Jim Bush

"I'd give a year of my life if I could hit a homerun on opening day of this great new park." - Babe Ruth

"There's something intrinsically therapeutic about choosing to spend your time in a wide, open park-like setting that non-golfers can never truly understand." - Charles Rosin

"Friends are like a pleasant park where you wish to go; while you may enjoy the flowers, you may not eat them." - E W Howe

"I was prosecutor for 18 years. I was threatened by drug dealers, murders, and organized crime. This was a walk in the park." - Tom Marino

"All the Chicago demonstrators wanted to do was to sleep in the park and kick policemen with razor blades in their shoes." - Spiro T Agnew

"The White House released documents it claims validates the president's (National Guard) service ... When deciphered the documents showed that in a one-year period, 1972 and 1973, Bush received credit for nine days of active National Guard service. The traditional term of service then and now for the National Guard is one weekend a month and two full weeks a year, meaning that Bush's nine-day stint qualifies him only for the National Guard's National Guard. That's the National Guard's National Guard, an Army of None." - Jon Stewart

"Biggest question: Isn't it really 'customer helping' rather than customer service? And wouldn't you deliver better service if you thought of it that way?" - Jeffrey Gitomer

"Just remember one criterion: whatever you do should not be in the service of destruction, it should be in the service of creativity." - Rajneesh

"Living a life of service, rather than one of expression, is a serious mistake, because expressing who we really are is the greatest service we can perform." - Kurt Hanks

"An old sergeant said, if you want to get to France in a hurry, then join the ambulance service, the French are big for ambulance service." - Frank Buckles

"Men spend their lives in the service of their passions, instead of employing their passions in the service of their lives." - Richard Steele

"I do not think this makes a lot of sense, and I think we should rely on the Park Service to implement the regulations that they have in place with the restrictions so that people can enjoy our parks." - Don Sherwood

"Service is a limitless opportunity, it is the reason why we breathe." - Michelle Obama

"The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein

"The lips are closed, for the dancer has plenty of other voices at his service." - Lucian

"The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service." - Billy Graham

"The transcendental knowledge of devotional service is digested by the engyme of humility." - Radhanath Swami

"Human service is the highest form of self-interest for the person who serves." - Elbert Hubbard

"Rewards for good service should not be deferred a single day." - Sun Tzu

"Memorable customer service can only take place in a human-to-human situation." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"There is nothing more important than rebounding... don't just give it lip service." - Don Meyer

"Every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honorable by being necessary." - Albert Schweitzer

"War technology is science in the service of obscene anatomical vandalism." - Stan Goff

"The highest service we can perform for others is to help them help themselves." - Horace Mann

"I have a magical work in a magical way. I give magical service for magical pay." - Florence Scovel Shinn

"The only way to achieve true success is to express yourself completely in service to society." - Aristotle

"Religion is not a dogma, nor an emotion, but a service." - Roswell Dwight Hitchcock

"Every service problem is as an opportunity to show you care." - Ron Kaufman

"The cutting edge of service is always being honed and polished." - Ron Kaufman

"Good customers want good quality service. Great customers want it even more." - Ron Kaufman

"Making a request without revealing the feeling/need takes all the joy out of other's service." - Lucy Liu

"The first service a child doth his father is to make him foolish." - George Herbert

"Ninety percent of the success of any product or service is its promotion and marketing." - Mark Victor Hansen

"Beauty always had a purpose: to be of service to life." - Nikos Kazantzakis

"The service took place on one of those afternoons that occur only in the past." - Stephen Fry

"I believe Moses was 80 when God first commissioned him for public service." - Ronald Reagan

"Every profession does imply a trust for the service of the public." - Benjamin Whichcote

"Service is the overflow which pours from a life filled with love and devotion." - Oswald Chambers

"We must serve consciously as caring role models, emphasizing the ethic of service, not consumption." - Marian Wright Edelman

"In the Ford Motor Company, we emphasize service equally with sales." - Henry Ford

"Every day use your magic to be of service to others." - Marcia Wieder

"When I was about fifteen, I went to work at Yosemite National Park. It changed me forever. Nature had carved its own sculpture, and I was part of it, not the other way around." - Robert Redford

"I do have spare time and I love to read, and I love just to go to a national park and just relax and just think. But most of the time, it's swimming or talking." - Lewis Pugh

"It's the one species I wouldn't mind seeing vanish from the face of the earth. I wish they were like the White Rhinosix of them left in the Serengeti National Park, and all males." - Alan Bennett

"Although biodiversity loss continues globally, many countries are significantly slowing the rate of loss by shoring up protected natural areas and the services they provide, and in expanding national park systems with tighter management and more secure funding." - Helen Clark

"I have family in Tanzania. I can't even explain the joy of riding through the Tanzania national park and seeing giraffes run across the road and elephants over in a pond and baboons running." - Emanuel Cleaver

"In fact, at Olympic National Park in my district, they 3 years ago had 130 summer employees they brought in for temporary work. This summer they have 25 because they cannot afford more." - Norm Dicks

"I grew up on the edge of a national park in Canada - timberwolves, creeks, snow drifts. I really did have to walk home six miles through the snow, like your grandparents used to complain." - Dan Aykroyd

"I got to Africa. I got the opportunity to go and learn, not about any animal, but chimpanzees. I was living in my dream world, the forest in Gombe National Park in Tanzania. It was Tanganyika when I began." - Jane Goodall

"The prediction that glaciers will be gone from Glacier National Park has been moved up by 10 years to 2020, the same year it's predicted the Arctic Sea will be ice-free in the summer." - Bill Kurtis

"What I want to do with my filmmaking is help kids experience the truth and wisdom of nature no matter where they are, whether or not they have the opportunity to go to a national park." - Louie Schwartzberg

"What I want to do with my filmmaking is help kids experience the truth and wisdom of nature no matter where they are, whether or not they have the opportunity to go to a national park." - Louis Schwartzberg

"My relationship with the mountains actually started when I was 16. Every year, a group used to be taken from Auckland Grammar down to the Tangariro National Park for a skiing holiday." - Edmund Hillary



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