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National Development Quotes


"I'm doing comedy development at National Lampoon." - Kato Kaelin

"I'm doing comedy development at National Lampoon." - Kato

"The development of the Internet has posed new challenges to national sovereignty, security and development interests." - Xi Jinping

"NDA not only stands for National Democratic Alliance but is also the National Development Alliance." - Narendra Modi

"Development develops inequality." - Eduardo Galeano

"The people of Australia would be staggered to learn that Australia has no national development plan." - Lionel K. Murphy

"The people of Australia would be staggered to learn that Australia has no national development plan." - Lionel Murphy

"...Skyscraper National Park" - Kurt Vonnegut

"We need fundamental change. In the past, national development led to people's happiness but now the link between national growth and improvement in people's lives has been severed." - Park Geun-hye

"A national spirit is necessary for national existence. A flag is a material aid to the development of such a spirit." - Mahatma Gandhi

"We need fundamental change. In the past, national development led to people's happiness but now the link between national growth and improvement in people's lives has been severed." - Park Geunhye

"It is also false that the revolution ripens and comes to development only in the national soil." - Leon Trotsky

"Technology is central to Development. It touches one and all, and is an important instrument of our national progress." - Narendra Modi

"But it is a law of life and development in history where two national civilizations meet they fight for ascendancy." - Bernhard Von Bulow

"National honor is national property of the highest value." - James Monroe

"National injustice is the surest road to national downfall." - William E Gladstone

"Recognising that the future growth of India will depend on greater skill development, the National Policy for Skill Development aims to create a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022." - M. M. Pallam Raju

"Th direct elimination of elimination of poverty should be the objective of all development aid. Development should be viewed as a human rights issue, not as a question of simply increasing the gross national product (GNP)." - Muhammad Yunus

"Recognising that the future growth of India will depend on greater skill development, the National Policy for Skill Development aims to create a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022." - Pallam Raju

"I hope a start at getting some oil out of the enormous Alaska field isn't indefinitely mired in a bureaucratic morass as a result of our national concern for the ecology. This concern must not be so misguided, misdirected, misused that it serves to stop economic growth, to bankrupt companies, to stifle new development, new jobs, new horizons. In fighting new pollution and stemming present pollution, exciting, sometimes costly means and methods exist and others will evolve. But blanket legislative naysaying to expanding power and energy sources is stupid, self-defeating." - Malcolm Forbes

"In every Indigenous community I've been in, they absolutely do want community infrastructure and they do want development, but they want it on their own terms. They want to be able to use their national resources and their assets in a way that protects and sustains them. Our territories are our wealth, the major assets we have. And Indigenous people use and steward this property so that they can achieve and maintain a livelihood, and achieve and maintain that same livelihood for future generations." - Rebecca Adamson

"We have followed a path of moderation, development is our priority, national unity, good community relations, Muslims and non Muslims, this is what has given us the advantage." - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

"Real cultural diversity results from the interchange of ideas, products, and influences, not from the insular development of a single national style." - Tyler Cowen

"One of the strongest and most persistent elements in national development has been that inheritance of political traditions and usages which the new settlers brought with them." - Albert Bushnell Hart

"Investing in women's lives is an investment in sustainable development, in human rights, in future generations - and consequently in our own long-term national interests." - Liya Kebede

"People of all countries have the right to choose their own social system and road to development in the light of their national conditions and characteristics." - Li Peng

"National boundaries these days are not that important because of transformative technological development. Now we are talking about the fourth industrial revolution." - Ban Ki-moon

"Today what we see is tribes moving into the 21st century and facing real 21st century problems of globalization, of multi-national, national resource development, of jobs, tribes have elected leaderships. They're elected to do a lot of things." - Robert A. Williams, Jr.

"As the officer before the World War was naturally a it is naturally understandable be a National Socialist...The Wehrmacht has become the tool of the National Socialist will for development." - Wilhelm Canaris

"Spirituality is based on development of character and philosophy." - Radhanath Swami

"literacy is at the heart of sustainable development" - Kofi Annan

"Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die." - Henry Ford

"National festivals should become festivals of development. Republic Day or Independence Day should not be only about unfurling the Tricolour in the state capitals. We have to make them opportunities of Lok Shikshan (Mass Education)." - Narendra Modi

"Economic development is something much wider and deeper than economics, let alone econometrics. Its roots lie outside the economic sphere, in education, organisation, discipline and, beyond that, in political independence and a national consciousness of self-reliance." - E F Schumacher

"It might be said that religious freedom in the American sense, incorporating the separation of church and state, has been the pivotal concept of the national development of the United States of America." - Joseph Leon Blau

"For the United States, supporting international development is more than just an expression of our compassion. It is a vital investment in the free, prosperous, and peaceful international order that fundamentally serves our national interest." - Condoleezza Rice

"The development of the national spirit in its present form leads into blind alleys. Some condition must be found which preserves the life of the nation, but rules out the fatal rivalry among nations." - Kathe Kollwitz

"If the Taliban comes back to power, the impact would be devastating. A country that has made great strides, in terms of development indicators, would take a huge step backwards. Afghanistan's national economy would be devastated." - Chris Alexander

"To maintain our economic and national security, we must maximize all of our nation's energy resources, including renewable sources, alternative fuels, and fossil fuels, all in a way that balances economic development and protecting our environment." - Joe Heck

"Governments should look at investment in broadband as a national priority on the grounds that having broadband access for virtually everyone creates opportunities for the development of the economy that wouldn't otherwise be available." - Vint Cerf

"I support development and deployment of a limited national missile defense. Few if any of our duties surpass our obligation to provide for the common defense of our nation." - Joe Lieberman

"A state-based regulatory system is quite burdensome. It allows price controls to create market distortions. It can hinder development of national products and can directly impact the competitiveness of U.S. insurers." - Henry Paulson

"Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective." - Pratibha Patil

"And it seems to me in that experience may lie at least some of the clues for policy development perhaps constitutional changes as well that Labour will need to make at the national level too." - Patricia Hewitt

"For too long the development debate has ignored the fact that poverty tends to be characterized not only by material insufficiency but also by denial of rights. What is needed is a rights-based approach to development. Ensuring essential political, economic and social entitlements and human dignity for all people provides the rationale for policy. These are not a luxury affordable only to the rich and powerful but an indispensable component of national development efforts." - Kofi Annan

"During the boom years of the 1990s, globalization emerged as the most significant development in our national life. With NAFTA and the Internet and big-box stores selling cheap goods from China, the line between national and international began to blur." - Noah Feldman

"Michael Jackson National African American Art Examiner Series" - Aberjhani

"Nobody ever wins the National Open. Somebody loses it." - Bobby Jones

"Gross negligence in handling national security is a felony." - Bill O'Reilly

"Violence as a way of gaining power... is being camouflaged under the guise of tradition, national honor [and] national security..." - Alfred Adler

"All upright Germans will be National Socialists, but only the best National Socialists will be party members!" - Adolf Hitler

"National isolation breeds national neurosis." - Hubert Humphrey

"National isolation breeds national neurosis." - Hubert H Humphrey

"What we need is not so much personal development, as personal replacement: What we need is not so much personal development, but personal substitution." - Dwight Edwards

"One hundred and fifty years ago the vacant lands of the West were opened to private use. One hundred years ago the Congress passed the Homestead Act, probably the single greatest stimulus to national development ever enacted. Under the impetus of that Act and other laws, more than 1.1 billion acres of the original public main have been transferred to private and non-federal public ownership. The 768 million acres remaining in federal ownership are a valuable national asset." - John F Kennedy

"The perfecting of one's self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral development." - Confucius

"Human development, not secularization, is what's key to women's empowerment in the transforming Middle East." - Dalia Mogahed

"Art in its highest form is art that serves and instructs society and human development." - Harry Belafonte

"The only 'good' learning is that which is in advance of development." - Lev S. Vygotsky

"Development is maintenance." - Brian Marick

"You're not a moron. You're only a case of arrested development." - Ernest Hemingway

"The connection between women's human rights, gender equality, socioeconomic development and peace is increasingly apparent." - Mahnaz Afkhami

"Education is the basic tool for the development of consciousness and the reconstitution of society." - Mahatma Gandhi

"An investment in your personal development is the best investment you can make." - Jim Rohn

"The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personal development" - Jim Rohn

"The ratio of We's to I's is the best indicator of the development of a team." - Lewis B. Ergen

"I love 'Arrested Development.'" - Rob Thomas

"Development is a fundamental part of our national security. It is extreme poverty- the realities of access to water and food- which create the long-term drivers of our insecurity. Most wars are fought over scarce resources and that is going to accelerate in the future." - Rajiv Shah

"One effect of benefit-cost analysis is to give any respectable engineer or economist a means for justifying almost any kind of project the national government wants to justify... Exclusive reliance on benefit-cost analysis has been one of the greatest threats to wise decisions in water development." - Gilbert F. White

"Nothing is more useless in developing a nation's economy than a gun, and nothing blocks the road to social development more than the financial burden of war. War is the arch enemy of national progress and the modern scourge of civilized men." - King Hussein

"Protestantism as such is a better defender of the interests of Germanism, in so far as this is grounded in its genesis and later tradition; it fails, however, in the moment when this defense of national interests must take place in a province which is either absent from the general line of its ideological world and traditional development, or is for some reason rejected." - Adolf Hitler

"Perhaps we are only forerunners. Twenty or even a hundred years may pass before the National Socialist idea is victorious; those who believe in the ideal today may die: but what is a man in the development of a people, of mankind." - Adolf Hitler

"Texas is a national leader in education reform and student achievement. Through our college- and career-ready standards and assessments, strong school accountability, and a focus on educator development, we have created an education system that prepares our students for success after graduation." - Rick Perry

"Throughout the history of the United States , war has been the primary impetus behind the growth and development of the central state. It has been the lever by which presidents and other national officials have bolstered the power of the state in the face of tenacious popular resistance." - Bruce D. Porter

"The programs supported by the International Affairs Budget are as essential to our national security as defense programs. Development and diplomacy protect our nation by addressing the root causes of terrorism and conflict. But it's not just about security. By building new markets overseas for American products, the International Affairs Budget creates jobs and boosts the economy here at home." - Tom Ridge

"Nothing is more useless in developing a nation's economy than a gun, and nothing blocks the road to social development more than the financial burden of war. War is the arch enemy of national progress and the modern scourge of civilized man." - King Hussein I

"But if we believe what we profess concerning the worth of the individual, then the idea of individual development within a framework of ethical purpose must become our deepest concern, our national preoccupation, our passion, our obsession. We must think of education as relevant for everyone everywhere - at all ages and in all conditions of life." - John W Gardner

"In order to have a literature, a nation must live, not merely on the practical, but on the moral and spiritual plane as well, contributing through its national life to the development of some side of the universal spirit of man." - Vissarion Belinsky

"Democracy in Yemen did not stop, instead it is in a continuous development, there is no other way to follow rather than democracy, it is our national way for building up our country, it was not imposed on us by others." - Bill Vaughan

"The invention of the concept of sustainable human development and that of so-called human security, as opposed to territorial security of nation- states, and its promotion by the UN is in clear contradiction to all that we, the Group of 77, and the UN Charter itself consider inalienable, namely national sovereignty and security." - Pranab Mukherjee

"The biggest challenge at the national level is to defeat communal forces for which the support of the Left parties was essential but the party is opposed to the Left in Kerala because UDF's aim is to ensure economic development and social harmony." - Sonia Gandhi

"The United States is the nation of innovation. And we have the best innovators, really, in the world. Our international property is one of our huge national economic assets. Yes, so to the extent that some are seeking to infiltrate our network, steal that information, not to have invest in the research and development that goes into innovation, that's a really big deal." - Janet Napolitano

"All around us there are tangible evidences of the industrial activity of our people and the growth and development of our State, and with national legislation not unfavorable to us, the future of Oregon is full of promise of a rich inheritance to its inhabitants." - William Paine Lord

"Democracy in Yemen did not stop, instead it is in a continuous development, there is no other way to follow rather than democracy, it is our national way for building up our country, it was not imposed on us by others." - Ali A. Saleh

"Democracy in Yemen did not stop, instead it is in a continuous development, there is no other way to follow rather than democracy, it is our national way for building up our country, it was not imposed on us by others." - Ali Abdullah Saleh

"WHO has a country office in nearly every developing country, usually located close to the Ministry of Health. Staff in these offices need to do much more to help ministries of health strengthen their national health plans and strategies and then negotiate with development partners to support these priorities and follow these plans." - Margaret Chan

"Reform is the mission from which we shall not digress; it is an expression of belief and determination between us and our people. With the help of Allah, we will proceed forward in this promising national process within the natural progress of the life cycle and the development of people and nation." - Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

"Nothing is more useless in developing a nation's economy than a gun, and nothing blocks the road to social development more than the financial burden of war. War is the arch enemy of national progress and the modern scourge of civilized men." - King Hussein I

"The political restructuring we pursue in China is aimed at advancing the self-improvement and development of the socialist political system. We will continue to expand people's democracy and build a socialist country under the rule of law in keeping with China's national conditions." - Hu Jintao

"I thank heaven we have had baseball in this world... the kids... our national pastime." - Babe Ruth

"Baseball is our national pastime, that is if you discount political campaigning." - Ronald Reagan

"And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National" - George Carlin

"We must pass a national energy policy to continue our successes in the War on Terrorism." - Zach Wamp

"They'll nail anyone who ever scratched his ass during the national anthem." - Humphrey Bogart

" is a longstanding principle that sitting national security advisers do not testify before the Congress." - Condoleezza Rice

"The squalid cash interpretation put on the word success ? is our national disease." - William James

"We really believe our national interests are identical with European interests." - Gerhard Schroder

"Peace cannot exist without justice, justice cannot exist without fairness, fairness cannot exist without development, development cannot exist without democracy, democracy cannot exist without respect for the identity and worth of cultures and peoples." - Rigoberta Menchu

"Responsible Development is the style of development I aspire to now. It can be summarized by answering the question, How would I develop if it were my money? I'm amazed how many theoretical arguments evaporate when faced with this question." - Kent Beck

"There can be no sustainable development without sustainable energy development" - Margot Wallstrom

"Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development." - David Gottesman

"Real development is not leaving things behind, as on a road, but drawing life from them, as from a root." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"This is the most important aviation development since Lindbergh's flight. In one fell swoop, we have shrunken the earth." - Juan Trippe

"Bad cooks - and the utter lack of reason in the kitchen - have delayed human development longest and impaired it most." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Intellectual freedom is the only guarantee of a scientific - democratic approach to politics, economic development, and culture." - Andrei Sakharov

"Heredity proposes and development disposes." - Peter Medawar

"Any preoccupation with ideas of what is right or wrong in conduct shows an arrested intellectual development." - Oscar Wilde

"Spiritual growth requires the development of inner knowing and inner authority. It requires the heart, not the intellect." - Gary Zukav

"Income seldom exceeds personal development." - Jim Rohn

"Culture changes with economic development." - Ha-Joon Chang

"China's development benefits other countries." - Li Keqiang

"I spent the first years working in Jordan trying to learn as much as I could about what was taking place in the country, about where there were gaps in the development process that needed attention. Inevitably, there were certain common denominators which are fairly common to all developing societies, perhaps to all societies: that quality education be accessible to everyone, not just a limited elite few; the sustainable conservation of natural resources; the full engagement of women in national development; and the value of cross-cultural exchange and understanding to international relations." - Queen Noor of Jordan

"We brought the religious leaders and the secular development workers together in one room. We asked the religious leaders what are your reservations about development workers? And we asked the development workers, what are your reservations about religious leaders? It turns out that most of the problems are not really problems at all, but rather misunderstandings, misconceptions, and mis-communications." - Abul Kalam Azad

"Judaism is not a passive religion, but an active life factor which has coalesced with the national consciousness into one organic whole. It is primarily the expression of a nationality whose history for thousands of years coincides with the history of the development of a humanity and the Jews are a nation which, having once acted as the leaven of the social world, is destined to be resurrected with the rest of civilized nations." - Moses Hess

"We have emphasized the importance of applied action research because it allows evidence-based policy and program development and a focus on learning. We are also committed to using a participatory approach in which local people, local program managers and providers, local researchers, women's health activists, and national decision-makers play the leading role. International "experts" from technical assistance agencies or universities can make important contributions, but they certainly don't have all the answers." - Ruth Simmons

"My position is that the rate should align with the level of economic development. Because it is always about a balance, a balance of interests, and it should reflect this balance. A balance between those who sell something across the border and those who benefit from a low rate, as well as a balance between the interests of those who buy, who need the rate to be higher. A balance between national producers, for example, agricultural producers who are interested in it." - Vladimir Putin

"There will be no peace in Europe if the States rebuild themselves on the basis of national sovereignty, with its implications of prestige politics and economic protection (...). The countries of Europe are not strong enough individually to be able to guarantee prosperity and social development for their peoples. The States of Europe must therefore form a federation or a European entity that would make them into a common economic unit." - Jean Monnet

"We should emphasize not Negro History, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world, void of national bias, race, hate, and religious prejudice. There should be no indulgence in undue eulogy of the Negro. The case of the Negro is well taken care of when it is shown how he has far influenced the development of civilization." - Carter G Woodson

"Remember that Abraham Lincoln was a Whig far longer than he was a Republican. As a whole, the Whigs looked upon banks and corporations as a more efficient means of development; the Jacksonian Democrats thought they were the tools of the devil, but Whigs like Lincoln disagreed. During his presidency, Lincoln favored the re-construction of a national financial system, and his most important 'internal improvement' project was the Pacific railroad." - Allen C. Guelzo

"In the old world that is passing, in the new world that is coming, national efficiency has been and will be a controlling factor in national safety and welfare." - Gifford Pinchot

"I want to put on the table, not why 85% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences reject God, I want to know why 15% of the National Academy do'." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"A national language is a band of national union." - Noah Webster

"There's a big difference between the National Book Awards and the Academy Awards. At the Academy Awards you can feel the greed and envy and ego. Whereas the National Book Awards are in New York." - Steve Martin

"National injustice is the surest road to national downfall." - William Ewart Gladstone

"These are national problems that require national solutions." - Thomas Menino

"National honor is the national property of the highest value." - James Monroe

"On the House Un-American Activities Committee: They'll nail anyone who ever scratched his ass during the National Anthem." - Humphrey Bogart

"Patriotism has become a mere national self assertion, a sentimentality of flag-cheering with no constructive duties." - H G Wells

"National pride is to countries what self-respect is to individuals: a necessary condition for self-improvement." - Richard Rorty

"I have little need to remind you that water has become one of our major national concerns." - Ezra Taft Benson

"If all our national holidays were observed on Wednesdays, we could wind up with nine-day weekends." - George Carlin

"The National Rifle Association says, 'Guns don't kill people. People do'. But I think the gun helps." - Eddie Izzard

"Augusta National is a young man's golf course, and you really need a young man's nerves to play on it." - Jack Nicklaus

"It's [Augusta National] a difficult course and it doesn't make it easier when you have three shanks." - Ian Poulter

"The only way you can check Gretzky is to hit him when he is standing still singing the national anthem." - Harry Sinden

"Generally speaking, I think it is unbecoming to act as a national hero, wave hands and so on." - Vitaly Scherbo

"Consumerism is our national religion." - Jennifer Stone

"Baseball is our national game." - Calvin Coolidge

"National Socialism is applied biology," - Hans Schemm

"Instead of a national curriculum for education, what is really needed is an individual curriculum for every child" - Charles Handy

"That a national university in this country is a thing to be desired, has always been my decided opinion." - George Washington

"I feel like my dating life has become a national pastime, and Im not comfortable providing that entertainment anymore." - Taylor Swift

"The national pastime is juiced," - Jose Canseco

"Vote in a national election." - Bill Vaughan

"Since the national team doesn't have a stadium yet, they'll come to play here, at Sofia airport." - Ivan Slavkov

"Immigration security is national security." - Kellyanne Conway

"Labor is not fighting for a larger slice of the national pie. Labor is fighting for a larger pie." - Walter Reuther

"The national pastime is juiced." - Jose Canseco

"The new national campfire - radio." - Linda Ellerbee

"Medicine also disregards national boundaries." - Irving Langmuir



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