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Nasa's Budget Quotes


"NASA's annual budget for space exploration could fund NOAA's budget for ocean exploration for 1600 years." - Robert Ballard

"If you compare NASA's annual budget to explore the heavens, that one year budget would fund NOAA's budget to explore the oceans for 1,600 years." - Robert Ballard

"Astronauts have been stuck in low-Earth orbit, boldly going nowhere. American attempts to kick-start a new phase of lunar exploration have stalled amid the realisation that NASA's budget is too small for the job." - Paul Davies

"Budget affects everything." - James Pearse Connelly

"Budget the luxuries first." - Robert A Heinlein

"...balance the budget ? Tax religion." - Jello Biafra

"A low budget is uncomfortable." - Lukas Haas

"Freedom is not having a big budget." - Claire Denis

"Got a budget for the lawyer though." - Rick Ross

"Budget: a way of going broke methodically" - Groucho Marx

"Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions." - A.A. Latimer

"Ambiguity depletes as your budget rises." - Tony Gilroy

"My buildings are all on budget." - Frank Gehry

"Low budget movies make lots of money." - Orlando Bloom

"I like working on big budget films." - Freida Pinto

"I wanted to fly the Millennium Falcon; I wanted to save the girl. In real life, you can't do all of that: NASA's budget sucks. We're still questioning whether we went to the moon or not, you know what I mean? So I said, 'Another great way to do all of these things is to be in the movies. Don't be Han Solo in real life; be Han Solo on film.'" - Donald Faison

"Those who analogize the federal budget to a family's budget must know nothing about either." - Robert Reich

"Look, I've done some low-budget movies and I've done some big-budget movies, and the big-budget movies were always kind of disorganized." - John Corbett

"A budget takes the fun out of money." - Mason Cooley

"The budget was unlimited, but I exceeded it." - Donald Trump

"What is a budget review? A personal review with numbers" - Jack Welch

"Every line in the government's budget has its own constituency." - Walter Wriston

"Creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget." - Jaime Lerner

"The movie of my life must be really low budget." - Jim Butcher

"It is dangerous to play politics with the Budget." - Clement Attlee

"To make a low-budget independent is not easy work." - W. Earl Brown

"Budget for 2015 provides for 11.7% expenditures growth" - Anton Siluanov

"Help me find more money in my budget!" - Elisabeth Leamy

"The bigger the budget, the more trouble there is." - John Cameron Mitchell

"This middle-budget drama movies are just gone." - Ewan Mcgregor

"For context, the budget of Don Jon is about half the budget of (500) Days of Summer. And (500) Days of Summer is about a third of the budget of the lowest-budget movies produced at a major studio." - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"Another ingredient in a happy marriage: Budget the luxuries first!" - Robert A Heinlein

"I'm very budget-minded myself, and it serves me well." - Tim Gunn

"The poor man's budget is full of schemes." - Proverbs

"Bush has never sent over a balanced budget." - Chaka Fattah

"The vast majority of the CGI budget is labor." - Peter Jackson

"How many people out there really set a budget?" - Nelly

"Manage your spending by creating and sticking to a budget." - Alexa Von Tobel

"It's insane to try to balance the budget." - William Vickrey

"The success of the film should depend on its budget." - Mithun Chakraborty

"The outlook for the Federal budget is bleak." - Doug Elmendorf

"I'm not usually attracted to big-budget American films." - Ian Hart

"The president's budget proposals have neglected water infrastructure." - Sue Kelly

"We could have a budget that brings Americans together." - Patrick J Kennedy

"We absolutely need to reform the Congressional budget-writing process." - Patrick Mchenry

"I love films that are made with almost no budget." - Alan Moore

"My name can raise money on a small-budget film." - Samantha Morton

"Every year, virtually every governor balances the budget." - Mitt Romney

"I hope to always be doing some low budget things." - Rider Strong

"You never have to change a book for budget." - Jonathan Tropper

"I still, by and large, make low-budget Australian films." - Hugo Weaving

"Every budget I have ever prepared has been balanced." - Ken Livingstone

"Everyone has a budget, I don't care who you are." - Dusty Baker

"When you're dressing on a budget, simplicity is key." - Neyo

"Any director will tell you, no matter how big his budget, that it's always the budget and the day count." - Michael Sucsy

"I won't support any budget, whether it's a Republican or a Democrat budget, that doesn't lead to balance." - Rand Paul

"When you're in front of the camera, for a small budget or a big budget movie, there's no difference." - Monica Bellucci

"I'm always attracted to lower budget, not because it's lower budget, but because they tend to be better scripts." - Helena Bonham Carter

"The budget doesn't have much control over the government. Then again, the government doesn't have much control over the budget." - P J Orourke

"If the budget that you're talking about isn't a good one, then it's better not to pass a budget. Most people in the country will never notice whether we pass a budget resolution or not." - Maya MacGuineas

"Everything that I've done so far has had a bigger budget than the last, but I've never ever felt the benefit of the bigger budget because the ideas always exceed the budget." - Edgar Wright

"I am very grateful that the Russian budget has a yearly budget for film. And usually this budget goes to "auteur" cinema, which actually needs this support and which indeed contributes to creating "national culture"." - Ivan Tverdovsky

"I think part of making movies is dealing with restrictions of freedom and budget. I'd rather deal with restrictions of budget. It's better to feel free within any budget." - Guillermo Del Toro

"Just trying to get a film made which is always difficult no matter what kind of a budget you have. Not having a budget makes it even more difficult. Having nineteen days and no budget makes it extremely difficult." - Eriq La Salle

"It can have an enormous effect because big budget movies can have big budget perks, and small budget movies have no perks, but what is the driving force, of course, is the script, and your part in it." - Morgan Freeman

"Every family in America knows they have to do a budget. Every small business in America knows they have to do a budget. Every local government, every state, knows they have to do a budget." - John Boehner

"I prefer the smaller budget versus the bigger budget because the mentality that goes along with big budget filmmaking doesn't really suit me; the mind-set that money is the answer." - Keenen Ivory Wayans

"Money power means budget power and it is folly to imagine that the citizen can control government unless he can control its budget." - E.C. Riegel

"Reducing the budget for Amtrak makes no sense unless the Administration is prepared to implement a reform strategy which can be supported by the budget request." - Christopher Bond

"Alternate between short films, long form films, with or without stars, small budget or big budget films. Basically a filmmaker needs to be flexible." - Marion Vernoux

"I support responsible spending, and balancing the budget, but this tax cut and the budget cuts of last month accomplish neither of these goals." - Marty Meehan

"One year of the world's military spending equals 700 years of the U.N. budget and equals 2,928 years of the U.N. budget allocated for women." - Zainab Salbi

"Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive" - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"In just one year, the expenditure of of the U.S.'s military budget is equivalent to the entire 50-year running budget of NASA combined." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"People gravitate occasionally to the brilliantly made art low budget films, which is maybe one out of every five hundred low budget films made." - Roger Corman

"One year of the world's military spending equals 700 years of the U.N. budget and equals 2,928 years of the U.N. budget allocated for women." - Zainab Salbi

"We're for the balanced budget amendment and yet the budget we're going to introduce, that we're going to repeal Obamacare with never balances." - Rand Paul

"I want to do weird things and big budget things and no budget things. I don't have a five-year plan." - Taika Waititi

"What's amazing to me? General Electric has a bigger budget for - special interest budget than all of the oil companies combined, and yet nobody says anything." - Glenn Beck

"None of what we [as country] have done is credited. None of the good works. Our foreign affairs budget, foreign aid budget, none of it is ever thanked." - Rush Limbaugh

"I love shopping on a budget. I believe that more fashion mistakes are made by people with deep pockets than by those who shop on a budget." - Tim Gunn

"When you cut a half-a-trillion dollars from the defense budget, it affects almost every area in the defense budget." - Leon Panetta

"I respect the view of a rating agency, but I do not make a budget for the rating agency. I make a budget for the people of India." - P Chidambaram

"There's no big budget Canadian movie. Whatever movies are big budget in Canada come from the States. Or also have States financing. Everything's pretty small." - Ellen Page

"There shouldn't be budget problems. There is so much money that goes untapped. If every athlete gave 5% of what they earned, there wouldn't be any budget problems." - George Foreman

"Reducing the budget for Amtrak makes no sense unless the Administration is prepared to implement a reform strategy which can be supported by the budget request." - Kit Bond

"I think we should balance the federal budget tomorrow. I'm optimistic. I think Americans are optimistic. We went to the moon; we can balance the federal budget." - Gary Johnson

"The only difference between working on a huge-budget film and a lesser-budget film, is the quality of lunch and dinner." - Ving Rhames

"We are the biggest donor to the United Nations, contributing 22 percent of the regular operating budget and nearly 27 percent of the peacekeeping budget." - Cliff Stearns

"You can have a million dollar, 20 million dollar budget or 60 million dollar budget, and if you don't have a good script, it doesn't mean a thing." - Tippi Hedren

"The [budget] deficit isn`t the immediate problem for most people, the weak economy is." - Cynthia Tucker

"Guns don't kill people. Video games, the media and Obama's budget kill people." - Wayne LaPierre

"The federal budget deficit is the biggest single impediment to revitalizing the American economy." - Alice Rivlin

"Someone even called me Veto Corleone. Because I vetoed 2,500 separate line-items in the budget." - Jeb Bush

"A feature film is an expansion of budget, stress, story, hours, time, workload, everything." - Taika Waititi

"Guns do' kill people. Video games, the media and Obama's budget kill people." - Wayne LaPierre

"I don't buy into this, 'Oh, poor us. We've got tough budget problems." - Lisa Murkowski

"The Ryan plan isn't a budget. It's the last will and testament of the Republican party." - David Stockman

"The budget evolved from a management tool into an obstacle to management." - Charles Edwards

"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went." - Dave Ramsey

"Due to budget cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off." - Robert Townsend

"The national budget is not a safe-deposit box. It is a spray can." - Honore De Balzac

"Your first try will be wrong. Budget and design for it." - Aza Raskin

"... everything written is at least in part fantasy. Except maybe the national budget. That's horror." - Mercedes Lackey

"Your child's future was the first to go with budget cuts." - Lupe Fiasco

"A budget should reflect the values and priorities of our nation and its people" - Mary Landrieu

"My heart is on a budget. It keeps me on the brink." - Anne Sexton

"Generally, the bigger the budget, the less interesting the characters become." - Matt Damon

"The Federal Government is the people and the budget is a reflection of their need." - John F Kennedy

"Budget consolidation and economic growth are two sides of the same coin." - Angela Merkel

"Balancing your budget is like protecting your virtue. You have to learn when to say no." - Ronald Reagan

"The budget should be balanced not by more taxes, but by reduction of follies." - Herbert Hoover

"I'm not cheap, you understand, I'm just a cut price person in a low budget land." - Ray Davies

"There is always room in our budget for a little experimentation." - Beth Comstock

"That's why you call it a budget. You set it and you don't budge." - Jennifer Morrison

"We didn't actually overspend our budget. The health Commission allocation simply fell short of our expenditure." - Frank Howard Clark

"Your child's future was the first to go with budget cuts." - Lupe Fiasco

"It is reasonable not to make any budget adjustments in the first quarter of 2015" - Tatyana Golikova

"In every romance you have to budget for the occasional dust-up." - P G Wodehouse

"The two-war strategy is just a marketing device to justify a high [military] budget." - Merrill McPeak

"That's why you call it a budget. You set it and you do' budge." - Jennifer Morrison

"Your child's future was the first to go with budget cuts." - Lupe Fiasco

"The only way to learn on a zero dollar budget is to talk to people" - Drew Houston

"If you learn to budget your time correctly, you will have time for all your needs." - Napoleon Hill

"At 50$ per barrel of oil we shall lose about three trillion rubles of budget income" - Anton Siluanov

"The tow pillars of democratic government are the primacy of the law and the budget." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Finance ministers must realize that the health budget can save them money if it's applied well." - Mary Robinson

"You can't have euro bonds without more interconnection among the national budget policies." - Jean-Claude Juncker

"Be judicious with your budget and buy things that are going to last." - Michael S. Smith

"It's a combination of yes - making a movie about the characters - and then, also, budget." - Ti West

"Having a trade deficit and a budget deficit, it's two different things." - Stephanie Ruhle

"Scope movies shown on TV letter-boxed are always the big budget movies." - Gaspar Noe

"&1057;ount dollars, not pennies. Look at the big-ticket items, in your budget." - Elizabeth Warren

"Most budget airlines anywhere in the world are going to leave you dissatisfied after using them." - Chris Hadfield

"Sundance is a really special place. They're very protective of movies, especially lower-budget movies." - Marc Webb

"Bigger budget features are the juice. Delicious juice you want to spill all over yourself." - Kyle Cassie

"The budget is a mess - it's time to zero it out and start from scratch." - Ron Miller

"We are committed to achieving the fiscal deficit target announced in the budget." - Narendra Modi

"Unfortunately, the hyperbole of the inaugural outran the provisions of the budget." - Dean Acheson

"President Truman used to say that budget figures revealed far more of proposed policy than speeches." - Dean Acheson

"In a sense the budget deficit can be considered as an artificial export surplus." - Michal Kalecki

"The word "budget" is the idea-killer. It slaughters any idea." - James Pearse Connelly

"It's like low-budget filmmaking - a focus on dialogue and relationships over plot. Quirky. Improv." - James Franco

"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it." - William Feather

"When Bill Clinton was in town, he sent over a balanced budget." - Chaka Fattah

"The education cuts in the President's budget are both irresponsible and morally unjustifiable." - Chaka Fattah

"On a low-budget film, you don't have all the luxuries." - Lukas Haas

"The big-budget blockbuster is becoming one of the most dependable forms of filmmaking." - Peter Jackson

"I guess short films have a bright future... The advantage is budget." - Anurag Kashyap

"We've unveiled the most comprehensive reform budget people have seen in a generation." - John Kasich



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