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Narrative Poetry Quotes


"Only poetry inspires poetry." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"All poetry is experimental poetry." - Wallace Stevens

"Poetry, for me, conveys the essence of narrative rather than its particulars." - Delia Sherman

"Narrative art, the novel, from Murasaki to Proust, has produced great works of poetry." - Eugenio Montale

"In law school they teach you that everything is a contract; well, in poetry everything is a narrative." - Nikki Giovanni

"I like to move around in the landscape between poetry and prose, between the lyrical and the narrative." - Rigoberto Gonzalez

"It's history. It's poetry." - J D Salinger

"Poetry is devil's wine." - Saint Augustine

"The poetry is myself." - Gwendolyn Brooks

"Poetry cannot be translation" - Samuel Johnson

"Poetry, above all is a series of intense moments - its power is not in narrative. I'm not dealing with facts, I'm dealing with emotion." - Carol Ann Duffy

"Poetry, above all is a series of intense moments its power is not in narrative. I'm not dealing with facts, I'm dealing with emotion." - Carol Ann Duffy

"The decision to write in prose instead of poetry is made more by the readers than by writers. Almost no one is interested in reading narrative in verse." - Robert Morgan

"I fell in love with poetry through storytelling, so my poetry tends to be fairly narrative. I like characters, I like having a beginning, middle, and ending, though not necessarily in that order." - Sarah Kay

"Poetry is the rhythmic, inevitably narrative, movement from an overclothed blindness to a naked vision that depends in its intensity on the strength of the labour put into the creation of the poetry." - Dylan Thomas

"Truth is poetry; it is the grandest poetry." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"I don't believe in tame poetry. . . . Poetry busts guts." - Frank Stanford

"The romantic poetry is a progressive universal poetry." - Friedrich Schlegel

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry painting that speaks." - Simonides of Ceos

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks." - Plutarch

"Only poetry can address grief." - Starhawk

"Poetry is the Devil's wine." - Saint Augustine

"There's no preparation for poetry." - Charles Simic

"Poetry is not a luxury." - Audre Lorde

"Poetry is a dangerous gift ..." - Grace Aguilar

"Poetry is the ultimate democracy." - Brendan Kennelly

"In poetry, only emotion endures." - X. J. Kennedy

"Poetry is talking on tiptoe." - George Meredith

"I love to write poetry." - Shayne Ward

"A play's got to be a dramatic event, not a lyrical event. It's not music, it's not poetry, it's not dance, it's not narrative - it's dramaticit's about conflict. It's about forces coming together." - Romulus Linney

"An aphorism is a synthesis of poetry and prose, it is a narrative precipitate, a didactic parable, an ideological concept, in practice it 's compressed and zipped philosophy . It is literature that adapts itself to the digital age." - William C. Brown

"I have always wanted what I have now come to call the voice of personal narrative. That has always been the appealing voice in poetry. It started for me lyrically in Shakespeare's sonnets." - Diane Wakoski

"Any long work in which poetry is persistent, be it epic or drama or narrative, is really a succession of separate poetic experiences governed into a related whole by an energy distinct from that which evoked them." - John Drinkwater

"In my opinion, the most significant works of the twentieth century are those that rise beyond the conceptual tyranny of genre; they are, at the same time, poetry, criticism, narrative, drama, etc." - Juan Goytisolo

"Be it sculpture, poetry, or narrative fraught with terrible insight... art does endure. It troubles and pleases, inspires, and reminds us that humanity is ever capable of adding to the sum of the world's grave beauty." - Stephanie Mills

"The language of politics is poetry, not prose. Jackson is poetry. Cuomo is poetry. Dukakis is a word processor." - Richard M. Nixon

"Poetry is everywhere; it just needs editing." - James Tate

"Poetry...the deepest abyss of infinity." - Sally-Ann Roberts

"Wine is poetry in a bottle." - Clifton Fadiman

"Who, except the poets, reads poetry?" - Babette Deutsch

"Poetry cannot take sides except with life." - Stephen Spender

"Eloquence is the poetry of prose." - William Cullen Bryant

"The poetry of earth is never dead." - John Keats

"Poetry is a necessity of life," - C.D. Wright

"There can be no poetry after Auschwitz." - Theodor Adorno

"Poetry is prose in slow motion." - Nicholson Baker

"Science is the poetry of reality." - Richard Dawkins

"She lives the poetry she cannot write." - Oscar Wilde

"Poetry should only occupy the idle." - Lord Byron

"Poetry is the language of feeling." - William Winter

"Deprivation is the mother of poetry." - Leonard Cohen

"Poetry increases the feeling for reality." - Wallace Stevens

"Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry." - W H Auden

"Sentiment is the poetry of the imagination." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Poetry is a break for freedom." - David Whyte

"Poetry is emotion recollected in tranquillity." - William Wordsworth

"Drink wine, drink poetry, drink virtue." - Charles Baudelaire

"It's beautiful, it's poetry in motion." - Joe Teti

"Poetry is the eloquence of verse." - William C Bryant

"Poetry is evidently a contagious complaint." - Washington Irving

"Poetry is the breath of beauty." - Leigh Hunt

"Poetry is fact given over to imagery." - Rod Mckuen

"Poetry is the apotheosis of sentiment." - Madame De Stael

"More people write poetry than read it." - George Carlin

"Poetry is a religion with no hope." - Jean Cocteau

"A horse is poetry in motion." - Anonymous

"Slang is a poor-man's poetry." - John Moore

"Sentiment is the poetry of the imagination." - Ella Baker

"The crown of literature is poetry." - Matthew Arnold

"Science sees signs; Poetry the thing signified." - Augustus Hare

"... poetry, 'The Cinderella of the Arts." - Harriet Monroe

"Poetry is a kind of ingenious nonsense." - Isaac Newton

"Poetry is a sort of homecoming." - Paul Celan

"Poetry lies its way to the truth." - John Ciardi

"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling." - Oscar Wilde

"Poetry creates life; Science dissects death." - Frederick William Robertson

"Romance is the poetry of literature." - Suzanne Curchod

"It's not easy to define poetry." - Bob Dylan

"Personality is everything in art and poetry." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

"Superstition is the poetry of life." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

"The crown of literature is poetry." - W Somerset Maugham

"Eloquence is the poetry of prose." - William C Bryant

"I read poetry to save time." - Marilyn Monroe

"More modern poetry is written than read." - P J Orourke

"If you call painting dumb poetry, the painter may call poetry blind painting." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"The advantage of poetry over life is that poetry, if it is sharp enough, may last." - Louise Glu?ck

"In the earliest ages science was poetry, as in the latter poetry has become science." - James Russell Lowell

"Prose-it might be speculated-is discourse; poetry ellipsis. Prose is spoken aloud; poetry overheard." - Joyce Carol Oates

"My verses are my diary. My poetry is a poetry of proper names." - Marina Tsvetaeva

"We do not enjoy poetry unless we know it to be poetry." - Henry David Thoreau

"Poetry must be human. If it is not human, it is not poetry." - Vicente Aleixandre

"Proper names are poetry in the raw. Like all poetry they are untranslatable." - W H Auden

"Our poetry in the eighteenth century was prose; our prose in the seventeenth, poetry." - Augustus Hare

"Prose - it might be speculated - is discourse; poetry ellipsis. Prose is spoken aloud; poetry overheard." - Joyce Carol Oates

"Women do not have as great a need for poetry because their own essence is poetry." - Friedrich Schlegel

"People want poetry. They need poetry. They get it. They don't want fancy work." - Mary Oliver

"Science is the poetry of the intellect and poetry the science of the heart's affections." - Lawrence Durrell

"Let me read you some of my poetry. My poetry just takes me to another level." - Rick Fox

"You arrive at truth through poetry; I arrive at poetry through truth." - Joseph Joubert

"There's a great freedom of forms and intonations in Luigi Fontanella's poetry. He doesn't take a strong formal stand; his poetry entertains moments of nearly proselike colloquial narrative along with moments of powerful lyrical tension. There is a movement of extremes, from powerful tonality to near atonality, and I like this a great deal; it's a stance that very effectively catches the spirit that makes work in poetry possible nowadays." - Giovanni Raboni

"Show me one wicked man who has written poetry, and I will show you where his poetry is not poetry; or, rather, I will show you in his poetry no poetry at all." - Elizabeth Sara Sheppard

"Charles Bernstein's pairs of jingles of 'public discourse' are 'simultaneous double narrative / the space between's the other narrative/as if they're opposite.' In the space between, outside representation but in the 'presence' of it, we are provoked to laugh. Bernstein alters our language to open a double range that's public and mind at once and inseparable, that is 'Poetry is patterned thought in search of unpatterned mind.' Girly Man is doing it." - Leslie Scalapino

"Poetry is poetry, and one's objective as a poet is to achieve poetry precisely as one's objective in music is to achieve music." - Wallace Stevens

"My god is narrative filmmaking." - Darren Aronofsky

"I used my instincts. It's very easy to imagine how you'd feel, actually. I just had to tell the narrative." - Christopher Eccleston

"I hear music as narrative." - Ajay Naidu

"Magazine stories, the best ones anyway, are generally a combination of three elements: access, narrative, and disclosure." - Graydon Carter

"I don't really think in terms of the future of literature. I think literature will be around "forever" - but in a relatively niche way, like jazz and poetry, although probably more widely consumed than jazz and poetry since it's fundamentally a narrative form. And I think that's important and places like Word Riot and The New York Tyrant and n+1 will be responsible for keeping it alive." - Nick Antosca

"You speak As one who fed on poetry." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"... passion for survival is the great theme of women's poetry." - Adrienne Rich

"How poetry comes to the poet is a mystery." - John Lennon

"Prose and poetry are as different as food and drink." - Franz Grillparzer

"Poetry is not truth, it is the resurrection of presences." - Octavio Paz

"Only poetry or madness could do justice to the noises..." - H P Lovecraft

"Poetry reveals that there is no empty space." - Hafez

"[Poetry is] thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." - Thomas Gray

"Poetry is the most bodily of the arts." - Robert Pinsky

"Poetry is the art of using language to transcend language," - Laurence Overmire

"Thinking is always the stumbling stone to poetry." - Khalil Gibran

"If Rilke cut himself shaving, he would bleed poetry." - Stephen Spender

"Poetry is the outcome of emotions recollected in tranquility." - William Wordsworth

"Music and art and poetry attune the soul to God." - Thomas Merton

"My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness." - Virginia Woolf

"Poetry has been the longest pleasure of my life." - Shirley Hazzard

"Creative forms is really where it's at for contemporary poetry." - James Dye

"Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history." - Plato

"Poetry is the morning dream of great minds." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Virginity is the poetry, not the reality, of life." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Writing poetry and reading books causes brain damage." - Pat Conroy

"Conscious writing can be the death of poetry." - Marianne Moore

"I never had much education in English poetry as such," - Anne Carson

"The poetry of art is in beholding the single tower; the poetry of nature in seeing the single tree; the poetry of love in following the single woman; the poetry of religion in worshipping the single star." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Poetry is indispensable -if I only knew what for." - Jean Cocteau

"Lovers needn't always agree, anymore than poetry need always rhyme." - Robert Breault

"Poetry is the exquisite expression of exquisite impressions." - Philibert Joseph Roux

"Poetry is ordinary language raised to the "N th" power." - Paul Engle

"Writing poetry is a pleasure,...a pleasure out of hell" - Kenneth Slessor

"Poetry is always close kin to the impossible, isn't it?" - Reginald Shepherd

"You have to have been in love to write poetry." - Raymond Carver

"Poetry is the dark side of the moon," - Charles Wright

"The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry." - Louis Pasteur

"Poetry being ... when we look from the center outward." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Poetry must be made by all and not by one." - Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont

"Poetry finds its perilous equilibrium somewhere between music and speech ..." - May Sarton

"one of the springs of poetry is joy ..." - May Sarton

"poetry is the sung voice of accurate perception." - Patricia Hampl

"we have let rhetoric do the job of poetry." - Cherrie Moraga

"Here let dead poetry rise once more to life." - Dante Alighieri

"To fine that light within-that's the genius of poetry." - Julie Harris

"The more transparent the writing, the more visible the poetry." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez



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