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My Big Brother Quotes


"Without my big brother, I probably literally wouldn't be here." - Mikey Way

"He loved Big Brother." - George Orwell

"Big Brother is watching you." - George Orwell

"Narciso Rodriguez was my first fashion big brother. He made my wedding dress, which was wonderful." - Claire Danes

"My oldest brother was a big influence on the films I watched as a kid." - Sean William Scott

"So, my big brother was playing guitar and I figured I'd try it too." - Stevie Ray Vaughan

"I've always have loved reality programmes. 'Big Brother,' 'I'm A Celebrity,' they're my guilty pleasure." - Amy Childs

"My oldest brother was a big influence on the films I watched as a kid." - Seann William Scott

"My big brother still thinks he's a better singer than me." - Rod Stewart

"Daniel, my big brother, is eight years older. I'm lucky he didn't mind hanging out with his little sister and my younger brother." - Samantha Stosur

"My big brother used to come home drunk and he'd clash with my dad and I just didn't want that." - Ryan Montgomery

"My brother was a captain in the Marine Corps and a very big hero in my life." - Peter Cullen

"I like 'The Big Lebowski'. The Dude is my man. My brother and I can quote that." - Kirby Bliss Blanton

"Duck, big brother! Here comes another day!" - Charles M Schulz

"Big Brother is watching... look busy." - Brandon Boyd

"My mother wanted to name me Jackie or Jacqueline but she got to name my sister and my brother, so my dad and my brother insisted on naming me. And they were big fans of 'The Little Mermaid.'" - Ariel Winter

"I love my brother. I miss my brother." - Randy Quaid

"For me, Jesus is my cleft in the rock. He is my safest friend, my safe totally loving accepting big brother." - Anne Lamott

"It was all role playing. I felt Larry was my little brother, Ben my big brother. Role playing was something I had known since I was born, but it wasn't a good basis for a marriage." - Mary Martin

"Hail and Farewell, my brother." - Cassandra Clare

"I'm drowning my brother drowning." - Eva Paterson

"Jesus! My brother! Heave-up!" - Halldór Laxness

"On the road, the WWE is a family. The divas are my sisters, and like any big brother, I don't want creeps around my little sisters." - CM Punk

"Yeah, but I forgot to take my George Orwell-shaped multivitamins along with my breakfast bowl of Big Brother Os this morning." - Jim Butcher

"I'm not taking maternity leave from 'Big Brother.' I e-mailed my boss over there this weekend and I said, 'Don't worry. I can still do the show!" - Julie Chen

"Years ago, as I was beginning my professional career on Wall Street, I volunteered as a Big Brother in New York City." - Gerald Chertavian

"For women who turn to welfare, Big Brother becomes Husband." - Tammy Bruce

"Hypocrite reader - my fellow - my brother!" - Jerome

"Hypocrite reader - my likeness - my brother." - Charles Baudelaire

"Hypocrite reader my fellow my brother!" - Charles Baudelaire

"My brother is my best friend." - Erinn Smart

"People always stay the age that they died at. My big brother died of leukemia when I was six. He was eight. Now when I think of him, he's always eight, and he's still my big brother. He never changes, and the part of me that remembers him never changes." - Christopher Moore

"He aint heavy, he's my brother." - Neil Diamond

"Respect, my brother, nothing but respect, man." - Wyclef Jean

"Be my brother, or I kill you." - Nicolas Chamfort

"My brother and I are best friends." - Joel Edgerton

"My brother is really, really slow." - Usain Bolt

"My brother makes beats, and I DJ." - Slim Jimmy

"It's not Big Brother that we now have to be afraid of, but Big Browser." - Eliot Spitzer

"It's time for the party of big ideas, not the party of Big Brother!" - Mitt Romney

"I was raised in a household where being gay was like, the most normal thing. My brother is gay, all of my best friends are gay. When my brother came out of the closet, it wasn't a big deal for my family." - Ariana Grande

"You know, I think everything I do cinematically for the rest of my life will probably have some direct route back to Jonathan. But I love him to death. He's like my best friend and my big brother." - Ted Demme

"My brother! You are my brother for the rest of my life!" - Nicolae Ceausescu

"Tony [Touch] is like my big brother. He's somebody that I grew up listening to. I've had the fortune of befriending a lot of my idols in a positive way. Tony is one of them." - Justin Smith

"I had a big family - two older sisters and a younger brother. My family was like moving around a lot so I lived in a lot of small towns. My father was very restless." - Jessica Lange

"Albert King wasn't my brother in blood, but he sure was my brother in Blues" - B B King

"The African is my brother but he is my younger brother by several centuries." - Albert Schweitzer

"In America, you break law. In Soviet Russia, law breaks you! In America, you watch Big Brother. In Soviet Russia, Big Brother watch you!" - Yakov Smirnoff

"This group came on stage, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and this whirling dervish, this electrifying white soul singer was so riveting. And I'm seeing this and I said, 'My God, this is a musical revolution.'" - Clive Davis

"I'm afraid that what most people don't know about me is that I'm very close to my brother and sister, who are 16 and 13, and I think I'm a pretty good big sister to them." - Naomie Harris

"When I was better known than her, she put my name in that tent. I was asked to do Celebrity Big Brother, but why should I? We live in an age where fame is not related to what you do." - Billy Childish

"I also have a big love of classical music played on piano because this is the environment I grew up in my brother being one of the great masters in this world." - Suzi Quatro

"I had five sisters and one brother, so having a big family is a given for me, but now being a father, and trying to be a good father, I already have my work cut out for me." - David Charvet

"I was a militant smoker, and in my case, I think I particularly used smoking because what I felt was a kind of politically correct big brother assault on smoking." - Joe Eszterhas

"If I could embed a locator chip in my child right now, I know I would do that. Some people call that Big Brother; I call it being a father." - Scott Mcnealy

"I hate these reality TV shows where people walk off Big Brother and think they're A-list celebrities when they've done nothing in their lives, it really does my head in." - Kevin Pietersen

"My brother had a big band in high school; after that we continued to play together, eventually forming a group called the Jazz Brothers, that recorded for Riverside Records." - Chuck Mangione

"My brother and I worked in eight bars as the brother bartenders." - Dean Winters

"Every country my country, and every man my brother." - Dan Wheeler

"Dedicated to my brother Richard with all my heart." - Karen Carpenter

"My brother and I tortured my mother growing up." - Denis Leary

"If you want a Big Brother, you get all that comes with it." - Erich Fromm

"Orwell couldn't see that Big Brother would not be The State, but The Corporation." - Laurence Overmire

"If you're listening Big Brother, I refuse to be Fanny Price." - Shannon Hale

"Jazz is the big brother of Revolution. Revolution follows it around." - Miles Davis

"Sleep does make us all equal, it seems to me, like his big brother-Death." - Arthur Schnitzler

"Sleep does make us all equal, it seems to me, like his big brother - Death." - Arthur Schnitzler

"None of the people watching 'Big Brother' will bring you chicken soup if you get sick." - Robert D. Putnam

"The Beltway Right has entered into a civil union with Big Brother." - Pat Buchanan

"Big Brother doesn't like all these Little Brothers looking at it." - Hasan M Elahi

"Kissing Macaulay Culkin was like kissing a brother. It was really no big deal." - Anna Chlumsky

"I'd only do Big Brother again if you paid me three times as much money." - Coolio

"After 'Big Brother,' people came up to me in the street shouting, 'You woz robbed!'" - Vinnie Jones

"P.C. is just too Big Brother - telling me how I should act and feel." - Johnny Kelly

"Big Brother sounded like a silly stunt and that's what it is." - Nigel Kneale

"I can't imagine having a conversation about 'Celebrity Big Brother' in Cambridge, Massachusetts." - Niall Ferguson

"Big brother listening in on your phone calls - I got a problem with that." - Roger Stone

"'Socialize' means we turn more of our personal powers over to Big Brother, not free enterprise." - Robert Kiyosaki

"I against my brother I and my brother against our cousin, my brother and our cousin against the neighbors all of us against the foreigner." - Proverbs

"My brother is not a girl, he is a gentleman." - Melanie Marquez

"I am so in love with my brother right now!." - Angelina Jolie

"Well, my brother says hello! So, hooray for speech therapy." - Emo Philips

"Don't judge my brother; he is not a book." - Melanie

"Be my brother or I will kill you." - Nicolas Chamfort

"It's time to be with my brother now" - Veronica Roth

"You're totally hooking up with my brother. I don't care." - Paul Wesley

"I have sinned against my brother the ass." - Francis Of Assisi

"I call my brother 'Sun' cause he shine like one." - Method Man

"I won't let anyone stand between me and my brother" - Bill Kaulitz

"I was not sorry when my brother died" - Tsitsi Dangarembga

"I'm a minor, stupid talent compared to my brother (Joaquin)." - River Phoenix

"My brother then opened a tall man's shop in Tokyo." - Henny Youngman

"My brother never had me to dinner in his life." - Burt Lancaster

"Every time someone forgets, someone else disappears,' my brother wrote." - Alice Hoffman

"I can't work with my brother without laughing." - Dick Van Dyke

"My brother was a lifeguard in a car wash." - Henny Youngman

"Growing up, my brother and I were begging for attention." - Jeremy London

"I'm definitely the worker. My brother is the jokester." - Taryn Manning

"My brother is the former mayor of Baltimore." - Nancy Pelosi

"Well, my brother says Hello. So, hooray for speech therapy." - Emo Philips

"Of private differences personal to himself, my brother had none." - John Sergeant Wise

"I play a lot of 'Scrabble' with my brother online." - Lea Thompson

"Well, my brother started acting before I did." - Abigail Breslin

"Nothing can stop me from loving my brother." - Brandy Norwood

"Obama is like the kid brother whose only standard for judging his own achievements is the records his big brother set." - Elliott Abrams

"Well, my brother was a schizophrenic, so I understood it in a different way from seeing my brother." - Jeffrey Jones

"When I was 16 years old, my brother Frank said, 'You'd better become a catcher, because you're too big and fat to do anything else.' Well, I took his advice. It was a quick way to get to the big leagues, and I've never regretted it." - Joe Torre

"My brother has two children now, so I've been playing aunt Renee. They're two and four. It's chaos. Moms out there, kudos to you. The cool thing about being an aunt is like, I can leave. No offense to my big brother Drew, but that is slavery. I dare you to take a shower. You can't do anything unless they let you. It's a dictatorship. They're little dictators in their crib." - Renee Zellweger

"Let brother help brother." - Plato

"Growing up, I listened and was influenced by a lot of those around me. I have a big family, and my dad listened to '80s music, my mom listened to Motown, my brother listened to reggae, and my granddad was the one that got me into jazz and swing music." - Ella Henderson

"I'm not 'Will's brother' anymore. Will is my brother. I'm paving the way for all middle children out there." - Nash Grier

"I was raised on piano and saxophone and jazz music for ten or twelve years. Before I even picked up a bass. My whole family has always pushed the arts, you know? My brother is a doctor of music and my cousin is an opera singer over in Austria. Arts were always a big thing in our family." - Matt Snell

"I'd clash with my dad over other things, you know, like difference of opinion and me getting testosterone, you know what I'm saying? Me feeling like I'm a little tough, being a teenager. But my big brother would come in drunk and really, really try my dad and I didn't want to do that." - Ryan Montgomery

"Does Big Brother exist?" "Of course he exists. The Party exists. Big Brother is the embodiment of the Party." "Does he exist in the same way as I exist?" "You do not exist." - George Orwell

"Anyway, Big Brother 7: that was that. Big Brother 8 is scheduled to take place in the glowing centre of an irradiated war-torn wasteland formerly known as Earth. See you there." - Charlie Brooker

"I was scared when I lost my mother, my father, my brother, my sister," - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

"I was scared when I lost my mother, my father, my brother, my sister." - Israel Kamakawiwoole

"My main teachers were my father and my mother and my brother." - Jeff Bridges

"It comes down to a choice between the Little Sisters and Big Brother, and I'm going with the Sisters." - Jeb Bush

"Big Brother is home. He is installed in the item you just dragged home from the Apple store." - Julian Assange

"I didn't set out to be famous; if I'd wanted that, I would have gone on Big Brother." - Sam Worthington

"A circus here, a circus there; here today, gone tomorrow. Big Brother watching you. Fear eats the soul." - David Peace

"I didn't set out to be famous; if I'd wanted that, I would have gone on 'Big Brother." - Sam Worthington

"Maybe the purpose of the space program is to prepare the world for Big Brother - the New World Order." - Kent Hovind

"Maybe the purpose of the space program [NASA] is to prepare the world for Big Brother - the New World Order." - Kent Hovind

"I hate reality shows like Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity. I'd rather watch a goldfish bowl." - Janet Street-Porter

"I didn't set out to be famous; if I'd wanted that, I would have gone on 'Big Brother.'" - Sam Worthington

"Whether or not Big Brother is watching us, we certainly have to watch him, which may be even worse." - Wilfrid Sheed

"My big regret is that my brother and I didn't start doing what we did like, 10 years before. I feel like then we would have sold some records. We started pretty late - I was 27 when our first album came out." - Eleanor Friedberger

"My brother was always in bands and on the road when I was a kid and he was my inspiration. He never made it with a big band, in fact he never made a record. Here he is fifty-something years old." - Jimmy Chamberlin

"We all have, in my family, what we call the 'Vorderman bottom' - a sticky out, bigger-than-normal, signature, of the rear variety. It's been a family joke all our lives - even my lovely brother has one. I know the lines to all the good singalong big bum songs." - Carol Vorderman

"One man said, "I looked at my brother through the microscope of criticism, and I said, "How coarse my brother is." Then I looked at my brother through the telescope of scorn, and I said, "How small my brother is." Then I looked into the mirror of truth and I said, "How like me my brother is."" - Thomas S Monson

"He is my brother. She is my sister. Come what will, they are my kin." - Philippa Gregory

"My family was very musical. My brother is an opera singer; my parents both sang." - Blythe Danner

"The most important thing in my father's life? World peace. Me and my brother. My mom." - Sean Lennon

"My singing is my hobby. It's me and my brother. We just enjoy writing music." - Taryn Manning

"My favorite Oscar story was a year my brother had been nominated, my whole family went." - Beau Bridges

"I have three siblings. My sister makes music. My older brother is a classical conductor, and my younger brother is a mixing engineer." - Lisa Loeb

"I haven't changed my views much since I was about 12, really, I've just got a 12-year-old mentality.When I was in school I had a brother who was into Kerouac and he gave me On The Road to read when I was 12 years old. That's still been a big influence." - David Bowie

"I think the big thing would be maybe the death of my brother. That was the hardest thing for me to take. It was very tough because that's natural and he saw a certain potential and he would say, don't ever have a drink. Now, I don't carry that far with people. I never had a drink." - Donald Trump

"I experienced Kabul with my brother the way Amir and Hassan do: long school days in the summer, kite fighting in the winter time, westerns with John Wayne at Cinema Park, big parties at our house in Wazir Akbar Khan, picnics in Paghman." - Khaled Hosseini

"I didn't see [Luigi St. Omer] as a teacher. I saw him as a comrade I respected and I could go to see anytime something was bothering me. He was indeed my "big brother". He praised me when I did something exceptional and scolded me when I did things which were out of the way." - St. Lucia

"I've said no to 'Celebrity Big Brother,' 'Strictly,' and the American one, 'Dancing With The Stars.' I don't feel it's right for me. I've been asked to do reality TV a zillion times. No way. No way. Nobody's going to get into my living room and see me there." - Joan Collins

"My brother was a big marathoner. He was a great collegiate runner at Beloit College. He won his conference's races, and he did tons of marathons. I would go out and run with him every once in a while just to hang out with him." - Tate Donovan

"I'm a quasi-only child. With my brother and sister, I've more of a tendency to be semi-maternal. So, yes, I spent a lot of time talking to myself - I had this big dressing-up box and would just dress up as lots of characters and talk back to myself... Verging on schizophrenia, I suppose, if you analyse it carefully." - Natalie Dormer

"I've said before, the number one thing that we have to work on is protecting the gay community from sharia law. Now, in the United States, it's probably not a big issue right now, but my brother-in-law is gay, and his partner and I would like them to be able to travel any place in the world without them risking harm." - Foster Friess

"I'm quite proud of what I anticipated about reality television from my books in the early '90s, which I based on the early seasons of 'Cops' and on the amazing stuff I had read about happening on Japanese shows and the British 'Big Brother'." - William Gibson

"My family life reads a bit like 'Little House on the Prairie.' I was big sister to Joan, Renee, and brother William, and we grew up in Dalkey, a little town 10 miles outside of Dublin. It was a secure, safe and happy childhood, which was meant to be a disadvantage when it comes to writing stories about family dramas." - Maeve Binchy

"I made my name and reputation DJing in hip-hop clubs in New York. 'Celebrity DJ' is a term that I hated. To me a celebrity DJ is someone that's on 'Big Brother' or in some kind of B-movie who gets a gig to DJ even though they're not talented enough to do it." - Mark Ronson

"I would love to do a cookery show and cookery books. I'm not a professional cook, but I can definitely cook. I know the difference between good and bad cooking. I mean, when I was in 'Big Brother' I was the glorified cook of the house, so if I got offered my own show - then why not?" - Shilpa Shetty



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