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Middle East Conflict Quotes


"Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East.... The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled.... This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people's enemies before a New Age begins." - George W Bush

"Human development, not secularization, is what's key to women's empowerment in the transforming Middle East." - Dalia Mogahed

"Rivers are inherently interesting. They mold landscapes, create fertile deltas, provide trade routes, a source for food and water; a place to wash and play; civilizations emerged next to rivers in China, India, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They sustain life and bring death and destruction. They are ferocious at times; gentle at times. They are placid and mean. They trigger conflict and delineate boundaries. Rivers are the stuff of metaphor and fable, painting and poetry. Rivers unite and divide - a thread that runs from source to exhausted release." - Edward Gargan

"It is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance with which ancestry is held in the Middle East and North Africa." - Tahir Shah

"In the Middle East, the conflict today is a matter of generations and not of cultures." - Shimon Peres

"[The Persian Empire] left a dream of the Middle East as a unit, and a unit where people of different faiths could live together." - Neil Macgregor

"We cannot continue to see the Middle East in the context of 9/11. We must see it in the context of 2011." - John F Kerry

"It is no exaggeration to say that Syria holds the key for nearly all of Americas foreign policy goals in the Middle East. As Syria goes, so goes the region." - Reza Aslan

"My administration has been calling upon all the leaders in the - in the Middle East to do everything they can to stop the violence, to tell the different parties involved that peace will never happen." - George W Bush

"Iraq will drive American agenda for a long time because Iraq policy has so damaged America in the Middle East region, left us isolated. We are there now by brute strength, we are not there because we are desired." - Jesse Jackson

"If you really wanted to settle down the Middle East, if what you wanted was change in the Middle East, it is perfectly obvious that the first step is resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict." - Molly Ivins

"Freedom is on the march in this world. I believe everybody in the Middle East desires to live in freedom. I believe women in the Middle East want to live in a free society. I believe mothers and fathers want to raise their children in a free and peaceful world. I believe all these things, because freedom is not America's gift to the world, freedom is the almighty God's gift to each man and woman in this world." - George W Bush

"The real blame should be directed at us, the leaders of the Arab nation. King Abdullah criticizes his fellow Middle East leaders for not resolving the Arab conflict." - Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia

"I assured the prime minister, my administration will work hard to lay the foundation of peace in the Middle - to work with our nations in the Middle East, give peace a chance. Secondly, I told him that our nation will not try to force peace, that we'll facilitate peace and that we will work with those responsible for a peace." - George W Bush

"I believe that the fundamental proposition is that we must recognize that the hostilities in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia are all parts of a single world conflict. We must, consequently, recognize that our interests are menaced both in Europe and in the Far East." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"The long conflict between Israel and Palestine has, for better or worse, become the world's conflict. It permanently destabilizes the Middle East, blocks the settlement of urgent crises, and intensifies looming threats to the West." - Stephen Kinzer

"Certainly, protecting oppressed people, stopping ethnic conflict and promoting responsible governance are worthy goals. But none is as important for American security and prosperity as keeping the peace in the Middle East, Europe and East Asia." - Michael Mandelbaum

"All conflict comes from attachment." - Anthony De Mello

"There is a proliferation of terrorism as a result of the war in Iraq. What America has created is a den for terrorists to breed in Iraq as a result of the war and to ship their ideologies and their fears and their capabilities around the world, not just in the Middle East, but in other continents." - David E. Bonior

"If you are accused of being associated with terrorism, which could mean you are an Arab- American and you've sent e-mails to a relative in the Middle East, you should get your day in court, and I think you should get a lawyer and a trial, and I think most Americans agree to that." - Rand Paul

"American mission in Iraq is clear: We're hunting down the terrorists. We're helping Iraqis build a free nation that is an ally in the war on terror. We're advancing freedom in the broader Middle East. We are removing a source of violence and instability and laying the foundation of peace for our children and our grandchildren." - George W Bush

"God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them." - George W Bush

"There's a lot of people in the Middle East who are desirous to get into the Mitchell process. And - but first things first. The - these terrorist acts and, you know, the responses have got to end in order for us to get the framework - the groundwork - not framework, the groundwork to discuss a framework for peace, to lay the - all right." - George W Bush

"Our allies in the Middle East know that the Islamic State is their fight - and they have asked for very specific things to help push back against ISIL.We must give our allies the help they need to confront and defeat this evil." - Carly Fiorina

"We [Israel people] always blame Moses, that he was our greatest leader and one of the most gifted people in the world. He brought us the moral code and so on, belief in one God, but then he was a bad navigator. He brought us to the only part of the Middle East without any gas, without any oil." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"There is a great danger to the world, not only to my country [Israel] but to the United States, to the Middle East, to peace, to all of humanity, from the prospect that such regimes that brutalize its own people, that sponsors terrorism more than any other regime in the world - that this regime acquires atomic bombs is very, very dangerous." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"The blood of Abraham, God's father of the chosen, still flows in the veins of Arab, Jew, and Christian, and too much of it has been spilled in grasping for the inheritance of the revered patriarch in the Middle East. The spilled blood in the Holy Land still cries out to God-an anguished cry for peace." - Jimmy Carter

"As I travel around the world, people think the only place where there is potential conflict [over] water is the Middle East, but they are completely wrong. We have the problem all over the world." - Kofi Annan

"The consequence could be that we would have an escalation that would take place that would not only involve many lives, but I think it could consume the Middle East in a confrontation and a conflict that we would regret." - Leon Panetta

"We usually speak of the Jewish-Christian civilization - perhaps, the time has come, especially with regard to the Middle East conflict, to talk about the Jewish-Muslim civilization as an axis opposed to Christianity." - Slavoj Zizek

"We usually speak of the Jewish-Christian civilization perhaps, the time has come, especially with regard to the Middle East conflict, to talk about the Jewish-Muslim civilization as an axis opposed to Christianity." - Slavoj Zizek

"The issue [Israeli-Palestinian conflict], already lasting more than half a century, has brought deep suffering to the Palestinian people and remains an important reason of extended turbulence in the Middle East region." - Xi Jinping

"Jewish intellectuals contributed a great deal to insure that Europe became a continent of humanism, and it is with these humanist ideals that Europe must now intervene in the Middle East conflict." - Daniel Barenboim

"Public interest in most of the Middle East was slight at that time; the Arab-Israeli conflict was all that people were interested in and that was not my specialty." - Juan Cole

"Like most Americans, I hope and wish is that there is a peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict. Unfortunately, there are extremists on both sides who oppose a peaceful resolution and instead choose violence." - Darrell Issa

"Several experts on the Middle East concur that the Middle East cannot be democratized" - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"Several experts on the Middle East concur that the Middle East cannot be democratized." - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"But on the other hand, in discussion and debate concerning social issues or American foreign policy, Vietnam or the Middle East, for example, the issue is constantly raised, often with considerable venom. I've repeatedly been challenged on grounds of credentials, or asked, what special training do you have that entitles you to speak of these matters. The assumption is that people like me, who are outsiders from a professional viewpoint, are not entitled to speak on such things." - Noam Chomsky

"Conflict begins at the moment of birth." - Jean Baker Miller

"Understanding and connection can transcend conflict." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"You look at the Middle East, it's a total mess." - Lester Holt

"Al-Jazeera should not go unanswered in the Middle East." - Kenneth Tomlinson

"could have terrifically good effects troughout the Middle East" - Bill Kristol

"Look, miracles in the Middle East are a reality." - Ehud Olmert

"I don't think the Middle East could afford another war." - Abdallah Ii Of Jordan

"The Middle East is hopeful. There's hope there." - Joe Biden

"I don't think the Middle East could afford another war." - Abdallah II

"Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East." - Jack Schwartz

"It's not a democracy here, it's the Middle East." - Silvan Shalom

"Melting icebergs aren't beheading Christians in the Middle East," - Reince Priebus

"The Bible teaches that history began in the Middle East, and someday history will end in the Middle East." - Billy Graham

"Conflict is what creates drama. The more conflict actors find, the more interesting the performance." - Michael Shurtleff

"All conflict we experience in the world, is a conflict within our own selves." - Brenda Shoshanna

"I'm no longer afraid of conflict, and I don't think conflict is a bad thing." - Beyonce Knowles

"Gabriel Levin's book is a journey through time and through entrenched animosities of the Middle East. What's astonishing and refreshing is his ability to combine the reporter's perspective with a deep knowledge of poetry, including pre-Islamic Arab poems. A brilliant poet is at work here-a poet in the rugged landscape of conflict and pain." - Adam Zagajewski

"The conflict in the Middle East needs to be solved for the same reasons. It is necessary to reach a two-states solution, built on international law, for sustainable peace and development, and it can only be achieved through joint efforts by the international community." - Anna Lindh

"The two biggest threats to international security in 2013 are Iran getting a nuclear weapon, and Iran being bombed to stop it getting a nuclear weapon. Both would precipitate a long and dangerous conflict in an already unstable Middle East. Both would be a disaster." - David Miliband

"In his final year in office, Clinton decided that his contribution to Middle East peace would lie not in the removal of Saddam Hussein but in a grand attempt to resolve the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. With this, he missed his last chance to deal forcefully with the man he was publicly committed to overthrowing." - Arthur L Herman

"Syria is geographically and politically in the middle of the Middle East." - Bashar al-Assad

"Syria is geographically and politically in the middle of the Middle East." - Bashar Alassad

"Pick the topic you like: the Middle East, international terrorism, Central America, whatever it is - the picture of the world that's presented to the public has only the remotest relation to reality. The truth of the matter is buried under edifice after edifice of lies upon lies. It's all been a marvelous success from the point of view in deterring the threat of democracy, achieved under conditions of freedom, which is extremely interesting. It's not like a totalitarian state, where it's done by force. These achievements are under conditions of freedom." - Noam Chomsky

"America is the only superpower. But our leadership is being tested in the Middle East, and some of the things that we have done in the Middle East are contributing to a potential explosion region-wide. And if that explosion gets out of hand, we may end up being bogged down for many years to come in a conflict that will be profoundly damaging to our capacity to exercise our power, to address the problems implicit in this global awakening, and we may face a world in which much of the world turns away from us, seeks its own equilibrium, but probably slides into a growing chaos." - Zbigniew Brzezinski

"So much of our attention is trained on the Middle East these days, but we cannot ignore East Asia." - Lee H Hamilton

"Conflict is resolved not through compromise, but through invention." - Mary Parker Follett

"Conflict is the place where character and plot intersect." - Nancy Kress

"We live to prove that cooperation works better than conflict." - William J Clinton

"Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east." - Khalil Gibran

"The global importance of the Middle East is that it keeps the Far East and the Near East from encroaching on each other." - Dan Quayle

"People killing each other in the Middle East is not news. People not killing each other in the Middle East is news." - Kelvin MacKenzie

"While the foreign policy elite in Washington focuses on the 8,000 deaths in a conflict in Syria - half a world away from the United States - more than 47,000 people have died in drug-related violence since 2006 in Mexico. A deeply troubled state as well as a demographic and economic giant on the United States' southern border, Mexico will affect America's destiny in coming decades more than any state or combination of states in the Middle East." - Robert D Kaplan

"While the foreign policy elite in Washington focuses on the 8,000 deaths in a conflict in Syria - half a world away from the United States - more than 47,000 people have died in drug-related violence since 2006 in Mexico. A deeply troubled state as well as a demographic and economic giant on the United States" southern border, Mexico will affect America's destiny in coming decades more than any state or combination of states in the Middle East." - Robert D Kaplan

"[The Middle East conflict ] just kind of ran its course for me. For a long time I could justify doing it to myself, no matter how irrational it was. It was important to me and my work. And I just don't feel it in the same way any more. When it comes up and it's important to me, I'll do it, but more out of sense of duty than desire - which used to be a big part of it." - Peter van Agtmael

"At the same time, old confrontations have taken on frightening urgency, especially the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir and the violent stalemate in the Middle East. Progress on these and other global challenges requires us to develop a larger strategy for American foreign policy, rooted in a fundamental commitment to move the world from interdependence to an integrated global community committed to peace and prosperity, freedom and security." - William J Clinton

"Intervention in Syria is not an option. President Obama has already helped foment this civil war and supported the al-Qaeda jihadists. This is an explosive region, and more US intervention means more people will die. We should be choosing peace - not a new conflict. More so than anyone else, my supporters know that America cannot afford another unlawful, immoral war in the Middle East. Stand with me and tell President Obama to stay out of Syria." - Ron Paul

"University politics make me long for the simplicity of the Middle East." - Henry A Kissinger

"Democracy or breakdown in Syria would change the whole Middle East overnight." - Paul Krugman

"No deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East..." - Barack Obama

"There is oil in the Middle East there is rare earth in China." - Deng Xiaoping

"Marriage is like the Middle East, isn't it? There's no solution." - Willy Russell

"The Americans view the democratization of the Middle East as the route to peace." - Gilles Kepel

"We thank you [the soldiers recently returned from the middle east] for your service." - Garrison Keillor

"The next war in the Middle East will be fought over water, not politics" - Boutros Boutros-Ghali

"Americans don't know a lot about the Middle East - [they] don't know we laugh." - Maz Jobrani

"The deserts of the Middle East are in need of water, not bombers." - Golda Meir

"It takes more than one dove to make peace in the Middle East." - Madeleine Albright

"The Middle East is rejecting any other religions, so it's a one sided multiculturalism." - Mark Durie

"Here's the Middle East. Here's the mosque, here's the church, open the temple, everybody's MAD!" - Maria Bamford

"The Middle East is totally destabilized. A total and complete mess." - Donald Trump

"I believe the democratic transformation in Iraq will lead to change in Middle East." - Jalal Talabani

"America is interested in change and reform in the Middle East but in a stable way." - Thomas Friedman

"We need a new kind of offensive in the Middle East. It's called a peace offensive." - Jill Stein

"Western culture is what is at risk from immigration from the Middle East." - Milo Yiannopoulos

"The Middle East is gorgeous, but again, politically, I would not want to go there." - Baron Vaughn

"Life in the Middle East is quite different from other places." - Zaha Hadid

"Israel Is A Hideous Entity In the Middle East Which Will Undoubtedly Be Annihilated." - Ali Khamenei

"[the war in Iraq] "could have terrifically good effects troughout the Middle East" - William Kristol

"Well, a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East would be a wonderful thing." - Stephen M Walt

"The regional security in the Middle East cannot be further compromised by an Iranian loose cannon." - Russ Carnahan

"Put simply, the Bush administration policy in the Middle East is continuing to fail." - Jerome Corsi

"To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East takes guts, not guns." - Queen Rania Of Jordan

"We have lost a lot of ground to the extremists in the Middle East." - Najib Razak

"You still can't find Israel on a map of the Middle East in a Palestinian schoolbook." - Suzanne Fields

"You don't know whether he's thought through how this is going to affect the Middle East." - Chris Matthews

"Americans like buying American vs. buying from Chavez or buying from the Middle East." - John Catsimatidis

"A clean house will result in peace in the Middle East as well." - Melina Marchetta

"You don't despair about something like the Middle East, you just do the best you can." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Well, a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East would be a wonderful thing." - Stephen Walt

"I do not want to see perpetual warfare in the Middle East." - Bernie Sanders

"The problem of the Middle East is poverty more than politics." - Shimon Peres

"Every few months, I find myself in Europe or the Middle East." - Reem Acra

"You will not really have durable peace without a proper security structure in the Middle East." - Mohamed Elbaradei

"Democracy isn't just for people in the Middle East, but Britons, too." - Heather Brooke

"There cannot be peace in the Middle East without giving Palestinians their full rights." - Mohammed Morsi

"ISIS is the new jihad - violent jihadist vanguard in the Middle East and globally." - Michele Flournoy

"Everybody in the Middle East wants to explain why they're right." - P J Orourke

"You don't despair about something like the Middle East, you just do the best you can." - P J Orourke

"The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries." - Barack Obama

"In the middle of difficulties lie opportunities." - Albert Einstein

"There is a middle ground in things." - Horace

"We in middle age require adventure." - Carolyn Heilbrun

"In the middle of chaos lies opportunity." - Bruce Lee

"God, middle age is an unending insult." - Dorothea Benton Frank

"When a novelist or screenwriter is looking for a subject, the element he's seeking is conflict. Conflict makes drama. Conflict produces great characters and memorable scenes. So war is a natural topic." - Steven Pressfield

"The West is concentration of the mind: the East is meditation of the mind. The West is thinking: the East is non-thinking. The West is mind: the East is no-mind." - Rajneesh

"Peace in Syria is not only our priority; it's a Middle Eastern priority, and when the Middle East is stable, the rest of the world is stable, because the Middle East is the heart of the world geographically and geopolitically, and Syria is the heart of the Middle East geographically and geopolitically." - Bashar al-Assad

"Urban development initiatives must match the aspirations of the middle class and the neo middle class." - Narendra Modi

"The West can teach the East how to get a living, but the East must eventually be asked to show the West how to live." - Tehyi Hsieh

"Unsettled Middle East, in these times where the people are trying to find their way towards democracy, could be interesting for many reasons - for weapons to be sold, for new geostrategic interests to be protected, and something that we are not talking about, which is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The people who are lost in the whole discussion here are the Palestinians. We have demonstrations in Palestine in West Bank. Nobody is covering this. It's as if they don't exist anymore. And this is, in fact, central. And Israel is silent." - Tariq Ramadan

"You can't anticipate history. It's only when you look back you see what the Romans did, and what various other empires did, what the British Empire did. We're now beginning to see the long shadow that it created, so one must be hopeful and say that what's going on in Asia, that what's going on in the Middle East, that all these various areas of conflict, that they will pass and move onto another area. But it would seem that the natural order of things is there is this cyclic behavior of destruction followed by a calm period." - Roma Tearne

"I am deeply proud of the Government for leading the way internationally on providing humanitarian support to Syrian civilians. Their commitment in terms of finances and policy to help people in the region, and across the middle east and north Africa, will save lives. However, in the chaos caused by the Syrian conflict and many other conflicts, many thousands of already deeply scarred children have become separated from their parents and carers, and they are already in Europe. The Government's generosity to date has not extended to those vulnerable children." - Jo Cox MP

"I've heard people in the Middle East tell me that the most inspiring thing for them as people struggling against dictatorship in the Middle East is the memory of the civil rights movement." - Peter Beinart

"Therefore, the question is not whether such democratization is possible, but instead how to meet the yearning of the masses in the Middle East for democracy; in other words, how to achieve democratization in the Middle East" - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"There are lots of conflicts going on in the Middle East. It is unclear as to which country will emerge, if any, as the dominant or hegemonic power in the Middle East." - Samuel P Huntington

"There's nothing that the United States can do. Nothing that would change systems in the Middle East, nothing the United States can do that would make the Middle East a better place." - Jeffrey Goldberg

"Therefore, the question is not whether such democratization is possible, but instead how to meet the yearning of the masses in the Middle East for democracy; in other words, how to achieve democratization in the Middle East." - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"We know there can be no justice in the Middle East without a Palestinian state. But there can be no security in the Middle East without a Palestinian state." - David Miliband

"Peace in the Middle East has been on the Obama administration's mind from the beginning. Two days after his inauguration, the president traveled to the State Department to announce the appointment of George Mitchell as his Middle East peace negotiator." - Elliott Abrams

"I must try desperately to absorb all information I can about the Middle East. I want to excel. I want to speak articulately about the politics of the Middle East and its religion." - Amanda Lindhout

"Christianity was literally born in the Middle East, and we must not forget our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters in Christ." - Prince Charles

"You can't make war in the Middle East without Egypt and you can't make peace without Syria." - Henry Kissinger

"By 2010, Africa could be providing the United States with as many oil imports as the Middle East." - Anthony Lake

"War on Iraq runs the risk of turning the Middle East into an inexhaustible recruiting ground for anti- western terrorism." - Douglas Hurd

"Herpes, AIDS, the Middle East at full throttle. Better check that sausage before you put it in the waffle." - Lou Reed

"There exists an unmistakable demand in the Middle East and in the wider Muslim world for democratization" - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"Throughout the Middle East, there is a great yearning for the quiet miracle of a normal life." - William J Clinton

"Prayer is all-powerful. Let us use it to bring peace to the Middle East and peace to the world." - Pope Francis

"I think that we have to be very careful about who comes here from the Middle East." - Rand Paul

"Toppling secular dictators in the Middle East has only led to chaos and the rise of radical Islam." - Rand Paul

"We have done a tremendous disservice, not only to Middle East, we've done a tremendous disservice to humanity." - Donald Trump

"When we empower Iran, then get ready for more unrest and more murder and more violence in the Middle East." - Chris Christie



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