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Making Your Own Family Quotes


"You have to make your own family, your own life." - Francesca Lia Block

"If you feel rooted in your home and family, if you're active in your community, there's nothing more empowering. The best way to make a difference in the world is to start by making a difference in your own life." - Julia Louisdreyfus

"If you feel rooted in your home and family, if you're active in your community, there's nothing more empowering. The best way to make a difference in the world is to start by making a difference in your own life." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"I will put my heart and soul into making sure that the care your son or daughter or mum or dad receives is the same I would want for my own family." - Michael Gove

"Trapped in a trap of your own making." - David Baldacci

"Take responsibility for making your own life beautiful." - Timothy Leary

"Life is about making your own happiness - and living by your own rules." - Aimee Mullins

"Sticking to your values, listening to your instincts, making your own choices is so important." - Brittany Murphy

"Never be too absorbed by your own ambitions to encourage those of your family." - Wes Fesler

"If I listened to your advice, I'd be making your mistakes instead of my own." - Lisa Kleypas

"Parenting is a constant struggle between making your kids life better and ruining your own." - Willie Robertson

"Perhaps loving something is the only starting place there is for making your life your own." - Alice Koller

"The precondition of success and entry to the top politics is primarily one's will - that is, making one's own decisions, because it means having to leave your home or move your family, quit social networking and build new contacts, [since] central governments are seated in capitals." - Dalia Grybauskaite

"The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family." - Mother Teresa

"Friends, there is nothing like your own family to make you appreciate strangers!" - Barbara Kingsolver

"What is grit? Grit is refusing to give up. It's persistence. It's making your own luck." - Peter Diamandis

"The magic of movie-making is that you get to fulfill your own dreams." - Maggie Carey

"I think when you start messing with your own hormones, it's crazy-making." - Rebecca Romijn

"It's well worth making your own harissa, but there are some very good commercial varieties." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"Yes, I'm very close to my family. And being that close to your family, I think you also struggle with how to become your own person." - Linda Cardellini

"With gifts, you may gather your enemies about you. When giving nothing, even your own family will leave." - Sakya Pandita

"Do not force the religion on your family. Show them the beauty of the Religion through your own practice." - Nouman Ali Khan

"I'm sort of getting into the idea of nourishing your inner aspect and doing that by investing in your family and making a meal and creating time together." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"Part of growing up is making sure your sense of reality isn't entirely grounded in your own mind." - David Levithan

"I guess if you are making more money than your mom and dad, you can set your own boundaries." - Alexa Vega

"Bear in mind that you are not making music for your own pleasure, but for the pleasure of your audience." - Richard Strauss

"But I don't fit. Your family hates me. I make your life difficult." That's where she was wrong. "No, You're my family. And as for making my life difficult, you, Blaire Wynn, make my life complete." - Abbi Glines

"Affection is the most important thing. And the quality of affection - with your friends, your lovers, your family. But particularly for your own generation." - Allen Ginsberg

"When you are not making the present moment into a means to an end, you also are not making every human being you meet - in your business and even at home, in your family - into a means to an end." - Eckhart Tolle

"I'm not a huge luck guy. I think you make your own luck. I don't really believe in some other force making your own luck." - Willie Geist

"One of the joys of writing music is making your own mark. Study other stuff, immerse yourself in music and then tell your own truth." - Thea Gilmore

"There is no better time than right now to start your own "family tradition" of helping needy children." - Debby Boone

"Your own family resemblances are a frustrating code, most easily read by those who know you least." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Everything comes from your own heart. This is what one ancient called bringing out the family treasure." - Yuanwu Keqin

"I think that is a great, great thing, to create your own identity and foster a true family spirit." - Eddy de Clercq

"I won't lie to you and make you believe what's evil, is making love, and making friends, and meeting God your own way... the RIGHT way." - Phil Anselmo

"Once you get your own family clear in your head, whatever your problems are with it, you're better prepared for being an adult in the world." - Shirley Maclaine

"You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, and that of your family and your country." - William J Clinton

"You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being and that of your family and your country." - William J Clinton

"You can never truly understand or help others, even in your own family, unless you first look thoroughly into your own life and deal with your own sins without compromise, excuses, or evasion (Matthew 7:1-5)." - John C. Broger

"You're making sense, old man, a sense of your own. You're not crazy the way they think. Yes...I see..." - Ken Kesey

"I'll succeed,' Hazel promised. 'And Hecate? I'm not choosing one of your paths. I'm making my own." - Rick Riordan

"Always help people increase their own self-esteem. Develop your skill in making other people feel important." - Donald Laird

"Don't waste time collecting other people's autographs; rather devote it to making your own autograph worth collecting." - George Bernard Shaw

"The essence of leadership is making up your own mind and then being able to take other people with you." - Eva Cox

"A big part of making your own luck is just charging out of the gate every morning." - Tom Brokaw

"Being obscure in acronyms is great. I think I'll start making up my own... INYM - I'm Not Your Momma." - Paul Vixie

"If you can't write your own material, you have very little chance of making it as a comedian." - Rodney Dangerfield

"Even something as stupid as Vine videos makes you feel like you're making things on your own." - Gillian Jacobs

"Our attitude is that we want to cross over. You can't go on making records just for your own hometown." - Cheryl James

"I love acting and making your own luck. You have to recreate yourself, I guess. Although, I don't know how." - Dennis Quaid

"Focus on making you the best you can be as an actor, and follow your own path." - Craig Sheffer

"I know that you're better off making your own products, not just waiting for someone to hand you something." - Michael Winslow

"I want to own a network. I want to own a network where you can turn it on with your family all day long and get positive reinforcement." - Tyler Perry

"For women, the important ingredients for happiness are to forge an identity, serve the Lord, get an education, develop your talents, serve your family, and, if possible, to have a family of your own." - James E Faust

"The key to your happiness is to own your slippers, own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don't. If you keep saying your slippers aren't yours, then you'll die searching, you'll die bitter, always feeling you were promised more. Not only our actions, but also our omissions, become our destiny." - Abraham Verghese

"Mothers, train up your children in righteousness; do not attempt to save the world and let your own family fall apart." - Ezra Taft Benson

"You might be smarter, your family might come from privilege, your daddy might own a company, but YOU WILL NOT OUT WORK ME!" - Eric Thomas

"Of all the groups that sometimes claim to own your life, family is the hardest to defend your individual sovereignty from." - L Neil Smith

"There's a bond among a kitchen staff, I think. You spend more time with your chef in the kitchen than you do with your own family." - Gordon Ramsay

"Do not let your bachelor ways crystallize so that you can't soften them when you come to have a wife and a family of your own." - Rutherford B Hayes

"My family advocates doing what fulfills your soul. They've always said, 'You're a big girl; figure it out on your own.'" - Kidada Jones

"Building your own house is a primal urge, one of those universal genetic drives like the need to provide for your family." - Kevin Mccloud

"My family advocates doing what fulfills your soul. They've always said, 'You're a big girl; figure it out on your own." - Kidada Jones

"Never write an advertisement which you wouldn't want your family to read. You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine." - David Ogilvy

"Nobody is weirder than your own family, and I think teenagers feel that particularly acutely; the fact that you can walk five steps ahead of your parents and still be in the same family, but refuse to acknowledge it." - Simon Templeman

"To meet somebody who's able to harness the level of courage it takes to walk away and to choose your own life and your own health, the well-being of your family, is really inspiring." - Kerry Washington

"Don't assume, Jewish intellectuals, that you are doing your duty by working... for so-called Humanity.... You are lighting a fire beneath the open sky, while your own family in your own house is freezing." - Isaac Leib Peretz

"Making the family a top priority will invariably bring success." - Zig Ziglar

"My whole family is very sarcastic and constantly making jokes." - Emily Deschanel

"Time is of your own making; Its clock ticks in your head. The moment you stop thought Time too stops dead." - Angelus Silesius

"No yoga exercise, no meditation in a chapel filled with music will rid you of your blues better than the humble task of making your own bread." - M F K Fisher

"Maybe in music you're making an auditory environment and maybe you change your environment around you to suit your own way." - Florence Welch

"Sometimes bad luck hits you like in an ancient Greek tragedy, and it's not your own making. When you have a plane crash, it's not your fault." - Werner Herzog

"My own personal rule is to tell jokes that I think the person I'm making them about can laugh at, to go home and tell their family, oh, my gosh." - Jeff Ross

"Your most important friendships should be with your own brothers and sisters and with your father and mother. Love your family. Be loyal to them. Have a genuine concern for your brothers and sisters." - Ezra Taft Benson

"It seems to me that awakening to the full potential of what your life might be - beyond the possibilities of your own family, your own class, your own race, your own neighborhood - that is one of the great gifts that art affords." - Dana Gioia

"I was making choices that were very specific: Make a living, take care of your family, and if you can, find some movies that you can sink your teeth into." - Josh Lucas

"Your thoughts are making you." - Bill Vaughan

"A family has its own rituals and its own superstitions." - Tea Obreht

"I have great friends around me that are positive and I think that's the key to life is making your own path. Set your own rules because there is no set rule, there is no set look, there is no set anything. You make your own rules in your life. You make your own decisions." - Amber Riley

"I will never put anybody before my family because your family is your family." - Femi Kuti

"Never Write an Advertisement Which You Wouldn't Want Your Own Family To Read. You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine. Do as you would be done by." - David Ogilvy

"They taught me that all life forms are important to each other in our common quest for happiness and survival. That there is more to life than just yourself, your own family, or your own kind." - Lawrence Anthony

"For me, writing [was] a question of survival...I could not trust anyone, even my family. The atmosphere was so poisoned. People even in your own family could turn you in." - Gao Xingjian

"I think family is the most important thing in the world. I think your own family is the most complicated thing in the world, and I think it's the most beautiful thing in the world." - Jake Gyllenhaal

"People are pretty forgiving when it comes to other people's families. The only family that ever horrifies you is your own." - Doug Coupland

"The Bible says we're to be moderate in all things. It's good to help others but not at the expense of your own family." - Lori Copeland

"Peace, comfort, quiet, happiness, I have found away from home. Only your own family, those nearest and dearest, can hurt you." - Mary Boykin Chesnut

"A hilarious, honest, heartfelt look at what it means to take on a family that isn't your own...Izzy Rose rocks it." - Maria Dahvana Headley

"This is how you hold onto your family. You hold them with open hands so they are free to find futures of their own. It's just that simple." - Richard Peck

"I sprung you because I've got a message for you" "doesn't your family own a cell phone company?" "only a little one" - Ally Carter

"If you want to make order, put your own heart in order, and, having put one's heart in order, one can regulate the family order." - Allen Ginsberg

"I've said before that working with Larry is kind of like watching the Jerry Springer Show. After about five minutes, you will feel better about your own family." - Jeff Foxworthy

"People are pretty forgiving when it comes to other people's families. The only family that ever horrifies you is your own." - Douglas Coupland

"Sticking with your family is what makes it a family." - Mitch Albom

"My family begins with me, your family ends with you." - Iphicrates

"You always have to keep up with the trends. The biggest thing is making your own trend and making your own stamp in the fashion industry. Whatever is going to be your style, make that your style and go from there." - Dwight Howard

"There are very real obstacles and challenges to any course of action. And there's no need to add to them, by making up obstacles of your own. Unchain yourself from the bondage of your own thinking." - Ralph Marston

"No one is going to try to fill my mother's shoes, what she did was fantastic. It's about making your own future and your own destiny and Kate will do a very good job of that." - Prince William

"In my own spiritual journey, I became a swami on the Hindu path of Bhakti. In the Hindu tradition, a swami is a monk who forgoes regular family life for the purpose of making the whole world his family and channels his full energy into spiritual practice, devotion to God and service to humanity." - Radhanath Swami

"Do not judge others by your own standards, for everyone is making their way home, in the way they know best." - Leon Brown

"By working hard, by making the right moves, you can create your own luck, I think. But certainly luck plays a part." - Richard Branson

"Don't try to make comparisons between your own pictures. Forget what you have done and think only of making the best of what you are doing." - William Merritt Chase

"Making art is complicated because the categories are always changing. You just have to make your own art, and whatever categories it falls into will come later." - Frank Stella

"About mistakes it's funny. You got to make your own; and not only that, if you try to keep people from making theirs they get mad." - Edna Ferber

"If you want to be a voice for peace in the world, begin by making peace a permanent condition of your own life." - Wayne Dyer

"I think we live in a country where self-mythology or making up legends about your own life is something everyone does." - Iris Smyles

"Success is making a positive difference to other people, especially seeing others grow, succeed and thrive as a result of your own small contribution." - Azran Osman Rani

"Don't confuse poor decision making with destiny. Own your mistakes. It's OK; we all make them. Learn from them so they can empower you!" - Steve Maraboli

"There is a subtle way of dominating you/ By always making you dependent on me./ Love sees through and liberates you/ To stand on your own feet." - Kuruvilla Pandikattu

"Now the music industry is sort of like a Craigslist venture, right? Where you're making your own records and selling them online." - Gus Van Sant

"There must of course be a relationship between translating and making poems of your own, but what it is I just don't know." - Robert Fitzgerald

"Doing something you enjoy at times of your own choosing and making a living from it: now tell me, is that work?" - Tom Hodgkinson

"You make a movie with some people, you become friends over the process of making this movie and then... you go your own way." - Sabrina Bryan

"I have always been a firm believer in working hard for what is right and for making your own breaks if you want things to change." - Dolly Parton

"I try to devote my afternoons to making music in my home studio, but it's a lot more fun hanging out with musicians and friends, and trying subtly to influence a band than making your own stuff." - David Byrne

"We have our core values as a family, and we've kept them, that's our number one priority is making sure our kids know that so they also will have the same values, no matter what circumstances come your way." - Missy Robertson

". The key to all of that is keeping hold of humility and keeping hold of the people around you, and making sure you stay grounded with your family and friends." - Kimbra

"Are you willing to spend time studying the issues, making yourself aware, and then conveying that information to family and friends? Will you resist the temptation to get a government handout for your community?" - Ronald Reagan

"Sometimes it can be bad to have too much family. Everybody gets involved in your problems, giving their opinion, gossiping, and making drama. But when bad things happen, they will be there to support you." - Sofia Vergara

"There comes a point, in any kind of, whether it's in your family discussions or business or whatever, where you finally have to get over the making of the points and now let's see if we can find common ground." - Jon Kyl

"Your own destiny, create your own recipe." - Nelly

"It's not easy to find your own way when you believe that you need love, approval, appreciation, or anything from your family. It's particularly hard when you want them to see things your way." - Byron Katie

"For your own good, for the good of your family and your future, grow a backbone. When something is wrong, stand up and say it is wrong, and don't back down." - Dave Ramsey

"First there must be order and harmony within your own mind. Then this order will spread to your family, then to the community, and finally to your entire kingdom. Only then can you have peace and harmony." - Confucius

"You're married, and suddenly you have your own family. There's a nice comfort in that. That part of your life is certain ... You've got your home in that other person." - Scarlett Johansson

"If you go out there and start making noise and making sales - people will find you. Sales cure all. You can talk about how great your business plan is and how well you are going to do. You can make up your own opinions, but you cannot make up your own facts. Sales cure all." - Daymond John

"You are your own most important resource for making your life work. Life rewards action. Until your knowledge, awareness, insights, and understandings are translated into action, they are of no value." - Phil Mcgraw

"Turn your midlife crisis to your own advantage by making it a time for renewal of your body and mind, rather than stand by helplessly and watch them decline." - Jane Brody

"Turn your midlife crisis to your own advantage by making it a time for renewal of your body and mind, rather than stand by helplessly and watch them decline." - Jane E. Brody

"I'll be your family now." ~ Tobis 'Four" - Veronica Roth

"It's quintessentially American to transform your family." - Howard Rheingold

"Each member of the family in his own cell of consciousness, each making his own patchwork quilt of reality - collecting fragments of experience here, pieces of information there. From the tiny impressions gleaned from one another, they created a sense of belonging and tried to make do with the way they found each other." - Toni Morrison

"It is totally different making films in the East than in the West. In the East, I make my own Jackie Chan films, and it's like my family. Sometimes I pick up the camera because I choreograph all the fighting scenes, even when I'm not fighting. I don't have my own chair. I just sit on the set with everybody." - Jackie Chan

"You are an individual, and you came here on your own as a child, and you will die on your own. The fact that you may live in a community or with your family does not change the solitude of your spiritual journey. By cluttering your life with many things, you soon lose sight of who you are and what you came for." - Stuart Wilde

"Folk music is music that everyday people can play, and it inspired a lot of people to make their own music. That trailed into making your own pop music, and that's why garage bands started springing up everywhere." - Arlo Guthrie

"Before i was jumped in i remember Lucky telling us how being in a gang was like having a second family... a family who would be there when your own family wasn't. They would offer protection and security. It sounded perfect to a kid who'd lost his father." - Simone Elkeles

"Being a coach means giving your job 200% all the time and you're family is left on the side so I don't want to risk my family anymore just because I love football. I don't feel this ambition, I'm involved in many businesses and I want to live my own life, to see my daughters grow and want to see my family happy." - Emmanuel Petit

"America is the only high income nation without a paid family leave program. This means that if you or a family member gets sick, there is no guarantee that you can take the time you need to take care of yourself or your loved one, leaving already vulnerable families in the position of making hard decisions in cases of illness." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"You're not patriotic just because you back whoever's in power today or their policies. You're patriotic when you work to improve the lives of the people of your country, your community and your family. Sometimes that means making hard choices, choices that go against your personal interest." - Edward Snowden

"I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes." - Barack Obama

"Surround yourself with positive messages, inspire yourself on a daily basis, and come to grips with your own power of determination. Then you will become unstoppable in achieving positive life changes for yourself and your family." - Jean Charest

"As a conscious rap artist, you should not want to be in a gangster market. You should be trying to establish your own market, create a place where you can be yourself and make some money and feed your family." - KRS-One

"Among the most disheartening and dangerous of . . . advisors, you will often find those closest to you, your dearest friends, members of your own family, perhaps, loving, anxious, and knowing nothing whatever . . ." - Minnie Maddern Fiske

"If you don't recount your family history, it will be lost. Honor your own stories and tell them too. The tales may not seem very important, but they are what binds families and makes each of us who we are." - Madeleine L'Engle

"I think that covering a conflict that is personal, that influences your very own, your family, gives you some perspectives.As a journalist, when I fly in, I care about every place I go including conflicts." - Shaul Schwarz

"Among the most disheartening and dangerous of... advisors, you will often find those closest to you, your dearest friends, members of your own family, perhaps, loving, anxious, and knowing nothing whatever..." - Minnie Maddern Fiske

"Selfishness, narcissism, being uncomfortable in your own skin, not feeling connected to the world around you, feeling dislocated from family and youth, having a strange relationship with your childhood - all those things feel really true to me." - Jason Reitman

"I think the first sign of friendship is a manifestation of how you separate from your parents and try to find a new family on your own. It's the first sign of growing." - Julie Delpy



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