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Major Role Quotes


"My first major role was in a play called Through the Leaves." - Ken Stott

"Bio-Technology is expected to play a major role in improving productivity." - Tariq Anwar

"The U.S. people have a major role to play to solve, to save this planet." - Hugo Chavez

"There is no question that photography has played a major role in the environmental movement." - Galen Rowell

"My first major role was in a play called 'Through the Leaves.'" - Ken Stott

"I think that the Internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government." - Milton Friedman

"Growing up I didn't have curvy role models, mainly because I didn't see enough curvy women represented in major ads." - Ashley Graham

"Clinton has played a major role in giving companies like Cipla credibility, for which I will always be grateful." - Yusuf Hamied

"Canada is preparing to play a major role in the continued stability and security of Afghanistan through ISAF." - Paul Cellucci

"I think government has a major role to play in helping us with the pursuit of happiness." - William Weld

"When I closed in "King Lear" I went into a period of depression for about three weeks, and every actor I've talked to who's ever played a major, major Shakespeare role has done this." - Frank Langella

"Worship plays a major role in the Christian daily life. Throughout Scripture we see worship from David dancing before the Lord to Jesus rejoicing in the Spirit." - T D Jakes

"Today Charles Darwin is best known for establishing the fact of evolution and for recognizing the major role of natural selection in driving it." - Jared Diamond

"A diet rich in fruits and vegetables plays a role in reducing the risk of all the major causes of illness and death" - Walter Willett

"I haven't really had a major role in film for about 12 years. But I never stopped working in the theater. I do stuff back to back." - Jacki Weaver

"I've never seen a great actor do a major role that didn't cost a lot. They're sacrificial animals of a sort." - Tony Kushner

"I respect Sarah Palin. I appreciate her and her husband enormously. I think she will continue to play a major role in the future of the Republican Party." - John Mccain

"I was a theater major at Northwestern University and won a role in a play called 'Mr. Marmalade' after I graduated." - Mamie Gummer

"Major political parties have a role, but they are incapable of initiating fundamental change because they are fundamentally tied to the status quo. They are the status quo." - Marianne Williamson

"I've long been interested in the role of 'minor characters' in major events. This has been the focus of a lot of the fiction and nonfiction I've written." - Thomas Mallon

"The question really is what will be the central focus of global politics in the coming decades and my argument is that cultural identities and cultural antagonisms and affiliations will play not the only role but a major role." - Samuel P Huntington

"It has something to do with the facts and the law and who the judges are. So I think lawyers sometimes exaggerate their role in winning and losing. Lawyers do have a role, and a major role, but they're not the only players in this game." - Floyd Abrams

"Sanctions kept us on our toes, it made us realize that we were drifting into a situation of growing isolation so I wouldn't go as far as to say sanctions didn't play a role but if I were to put on a scale, the issues of conscience played a much greater role than the sanctions. We could have withstood sanctions for many more years. We became experts in circumventing sanctions... So sanctions played a role but it wasn't the major role." - Frederik Willem de Klerk

"I think the major role of the First Lady is to take care of the President so that he can best serve the people. And not to fail her family, her husband, and children." - Jackie Kennedy

"Our subtle-energy bodies play a major role in maintaining our health. Energy disturbances in the etheric body precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular organization and growth." - Richard Gerber

"-When I was growing up, Lieutenant Uhura was a major role model for me, a strong black woman on the bridge of a starship... -In a miniskirt, answering the interplanetary telephone?" - Suzanne Brockmann

"We are near 2010....2010!! Yet race, sex and religion still play a major role in a hate driven society. For the love of the future and humanity....let's wake up." - Asher Roth

"This mindless tolerance, which places observable scientific facts, subject to proof, on the same level as unprovable supernatural fantasy, has played a major role in the resurgence of both anti-intellectualism and anti-rationalism." - Susan Jacoby

"I think the most challenging aspect was keeping up the degree of physical fitness you need while filming a major leading role in a primetime U.S. series. You have very little time to sleep and eat, let alone train." - Dustin Clare

"I think there is universal agreement within the economics profession that the decline - the sharp decline in the quantity of money played a very major role in producing the Great Depression." - Milton Friedman

"We are near 2010....2010!! Yet race, sex and religion still play a major role in a hate driven society. For the love of the future and humanity....let's wake up." - Asher Roth

"The Halifax area has long played a major role in Canada's military operations, being the port of departure for convoys, naval task forces and army units over the past 100 years or so." - Willie Morris

"As long as women and the "feminine" such as caring and caregiving are devalued, we cannot realistically expect more caring economic policies. Young people have a major role to play in creating a caring economics." - Riane Eisler

"I believe public transport has a great future as we see increasing signs of economic recovery and it has a major role to play in helping Europe and the rest of the world meet the challenge of climate change." - Brian Souter

"Art can play a major role. I look at art as an alternative source of energy, the same way we might look at wind or solar or lithium batteries." - Saul Williams

"Faith has played a major role in my life. Whenever I feel an obstacle is too great, I can always go to God in prayer and He'll help me through it." - Patrick Henry Hughes

"Today it is generally accepted that although the earliest humans probably ate some meat, it was unlikely to have played a major role in their diet. Plants would have been a much more important source of food." - Jane Goodall

"Lenders, including major credit companies as well as payday lenders, have taken over the traditional role of the street-corner loan shark, charging the poor insanely high rates of interest." - Barbara Ehrenreich

"Women have been brought up to be passive, accepting, not come forward and play a major role in life. And with age, there's a tendency to revert to that - to pull back, recede. I don't think it's advisable or admirable." - Katherine Helmond

"My parents are my role models. All they've done for me, they're just major people in my life. They've stood by me and got me where I am today." - Keke Palmer

"But however the forms of family life have changed and the number expanded, the role of the family has remained constant and it continues to be the major institution through which children pass en route to adulthood." - Bernice Weissbourd

"When I look at how the banking world has changed and at the role Chinese banks, for example, play today, Germany, as an export-oriented economy, should be pleased to have a major global player in its camp." - Peer Steinbruck

"American power confers benefits on most inhabitants of the planet, even on many who dislike it and some who actively oppose it, because the United States plays a major, constructive, and historically unprecedented role in the world." - Michael Mandelbaum

"Government does not create wealth. The major role for the government is to create an environment where people take risks to expand the job rate in the United States." - George W Bush

"The Halifax area has long played a major role in Canada's military operations, being the port of departure for convoys, naval task forces and army units over the past 100 years or so." - Alex Morrison

"I'm as flighty as anybody. You put a lot out there. I've been through the process a lot. When I play a major role, it's my instinct to create a nice atmosphere. People in the major roles dominate the tone of an entire film. To my mind, it's much easier to work creatively when everyone's friendly." - John Lithgow

"The only possible role that I can see for reconciliation would be to make modest changes in the major package to improve affordability, to deal with what share of Medicaid expansion the federal government pays, those kinds of issues, which is the traditional role for reconciliation in health care." - Kent Conrad

"The mind cannot long play the heart's role." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"I love classical music. It has left a major mark on my playing." - Slash

"Those who have not undergone minor disasters are usually being held in reserve for something major" - Gore Vidal

"In the war for individual rights, common sense becomes the first and major casualty." - Anonymous

"The major justification for a life is the happiness and reward it brings to other lives." - Anonymous

"Baseball is the only major sport that appears backward in a mirror." - George Carlin

"Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life." - Napoleon Hill

"Self-disruption is akin to undergoing major surgery, but you are the one holding the scalpel." - Jay Samit

"We only admit to minor faults to persuade ourselves that we have no major ones." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Non-conformism is the major, perhaps the only, sin of our time." - Robert Lindner

"The Christian family is under attack on all fronts. Christian marriages are disintegrating at an alarming rate. Children are not receiving the proper training and modeling from their Christian parents. And, from my perspective, a major contributor to this tragic slide is usually a husband and father who is not fully assuming his God-ordained role as spiritual leader." - Jim George

"The organizer who creates roles, who creates the holes that will force the pegs to their shape, is a prime creator of personality itself. When we ask of a man, "What is he?" the answer is usually given in terms of his major role, job, or position in society; he is the place that he fills, a painter, a priest, a politician, a criminal." - Kenneth E. Boulding

"Those individuals who give moral considerations a much greater weight than considerations of expediency represent a comparatively small minority, five percent of the people perhaps. But, In spite of their numerical inferiority, they play a major role in our society because theirs is the voice of the conscience of society." - Leo Szilard

"I always took my role as a leader, and certainly chairman and CEO of a major company very seriously as to our employees and trying to create opportunities for them and create opportunities where they could even, as I said many times, could realize their God-given potential and maybe realize more potential than even they realize they had." - Kenneth Lay

"Motorola has led the mobile phone industry in turning our vision of low- cost, yet quality, handsets for the developing world into a reality. In so doing, Motorola has played a major role in transforming the mobile phone from a luxury item for the few into an affordable tool for the many." - Rob Conway

"What you do off the job plays a major role in how far you go on the job. How many good books, do you read each year? How often do you attend workshops? Who do you spend must of your time with?" - Zig Ziglar

"I don't think you could have a banker serving in a major role in Washington in the next 10 years. I just don't think it's going to happen - it's just not politically feasible - so I don't spend much time thinking about it. Do I think I could do a good job? Maybe. It's possible." - Jamie Dimon

"IS [Islamic State] has played a major role in helping Bashar al-Assad to reposition Syria on the international scene. Now, it is almost impossible to come up with a solution that would exclude him. The political game appears to be very cynical indeed." - Tariq Ramadan

"Daily life is a comprimised blend of posturing for the sake of role-playing and of varying degrees of self-revelation. Under stressful conditions even the "true" self cannot be precisely defined, as Erving Goffman observes. ...Little wonder that the identity crisis is a major source of modern neuroticism , and that the urban middle class aches for a return to a simpler existence." - E O Wilson

"But I definitely see us playing a major role in St. Louis in the years to come. We already provide service to 95 percent of the markets St. Louis travelers visit the most. And we're adding capacity in some of the most important markets." - Gerard Arpey

"Films with female protagonists don't attract many eyeballs. Most of them are perceived as feminist films. If Bollywood starts giving women major roles in entertaining movies, then the audience, too, will open up to the idea of watching commercial films in which the actresses do more than just play the role of the hero's love interest." - Bipasha Basu

"You can't fall back on the private sector and say, 'You take care of the nation's banking system.' That's a fundamental function of the government, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the FDIC, etc. All of those agencies have a major role to play there." - Dick Cheney

"Being on a major network television show is like long-distance running: You have to pace yourself and maintain your energy level and your morale. There's the role you're playing on the show, and there's also your behind-the-scenes responsibility to the crew, the guest actors and the fans - not to mention your own life as a mom." - Kathryn Erbe

"Very often, we think of leadership being at the very top of an organisation. I think what's unique about ABG is that we have a very strong cadre of leaders across the organisation who are highly empowered and therefore play a very major role in the growth and evolution of the organization." - Kumar Mangalam Birla

"The world is a challenging place in terms of wars and peace, basic human rights and freedoms. The Holy Father has a major role to play in global affairs. The pope is more than a spiritual leader. For the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, he is an inspiration of holiness and goodness and, above all, the faithful proclamation of the Gospel." - Chris Smith

"Playing is no challenge; every time that you get a role you get to go play with other people in the sandbox and so there is no challenge, real challenge. The challenge, the major challenge is getting the work, finding the sandbox." - Morgan Freeman

"The vast Pacific Ocean has ample space for China and the United States. We welcome a constructive role by the United States in promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the region. We also hope that the United States will fully respect and accommodate the major interests and legitimate concerns of Asia-Pacific countries." - Xi Jinping

"Mr. Obama is proud of his belief that government knows best. When he told the world that individuals were not totally responsible for their personal success, that government has a major role in it, many Americans were taken aback. But Barack Obama sincerely believes that." - Bill Oreilly

"I always think it's better to take a smaller role in a great film rather than a leading role in something that you don't have complete faith in." - Charlie Hunnam

"Do' major on the fall, major on getting up!" - Jerry Savelle

"Don't major on the fall, major on getting up!" - Jerry Savelle

"A man may not transgress the bounds of major morals, but may make errors in minor morals." - Confucius

"What is your major malfunction?" - R Lee Ermey

"You. too, can determine what you want. You can decide on your major objectives, targets, aims, and destination." - W Clement Stone

"Taiwan is a major economy." - William C. Kirby

"Signing to a major record company is the price of an education. We don't care what they do to us." - Nicky Wire

"Don't major in minor things." - Anonymous

"Taiwan is a major economy." - William Kirby

"Major organizational changes create uncertainty." - Irene Rosenfeld

"I was an English major." - Jenna Bush

"Ground control to Major Tom." - David Bowie

"My first acting role as a kid was on Freaks and Geeks." - Lizzy Caplan

"The artist's role isn't to tell people how to feel, but reflect." - John Lennon

"The role of citizen in our democracy does not end with your vote." - Barack Obama

"I do' want to be a supermodel; I want to be a role model." - Queen Latifah

"The essence is that I leave something of me in every role - not 100 per cent." - Shahrukh Khan

"If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved then rats are the ultimate role model." - Banksy

"I'm no role model." - Charles Barkley

"Poetry's role is to provide spontaneous individual candor as distinct from manipulation and brainwash." - Allen Ginsberg

"The role of a retired person is no longer to possess one." - Simone De Beauvoir

"I don't believe chance can play a role in my literature." - Italo Calvino

"My first acting role as a kid was on 'Freaks and Geeks.'" - Lizzy Caplan

"It is odd that a value/virtue that plays such a central role in dramatic literature has played such a small role in philosophical writing. There are probably a number of reasons, but I think that a predilection for a certain kind of individualism is a major one. Others might include the fashionability of consequentialism, the idea that loyalty has more to do with sentiment than reason, as well as its proneness to corruption. The revival of interest in virtue/character as distinct from rules/principles has also created space for a renewed, if hesitant, interest in loyalty." - John Kleinig

"Cable is not a robot. The metal in his body is actually organic tissue. Ed and I have talked about this a lot. We liken it to a cancer that changes your body's cellular structure. Last time we saw him, his arm had been severed. It's back with a kind of force that will play a major role in this storyline. This is a battle inside Cable's body that he has waged since the first time he appeared." - Jeph Loeb

"There was recently a story out that I turned down a role in a major franchise. That's not true. I refused to audition for it. I didn't get the part. I didn't even go in because I thought that the part was just a repackaged version of the parts I played before in these young adult films - sort of moody, masculine, but sensitive and all this kind of thing. It was just a repackaged, rather dull thing." - Max Irons

"The rule of law does not guarantee freedom, since general law as well as personal edicts can be tyrannical. But increasing reliance on the rule of law clearly played a major role in transforming Western society from a world in which the ordinary citizen was literally subject to the arbitrary will of his master to a world in which the ordinary citizen could regard himself as his own master" - Milton Friedman

"For memetics to be a reasonable research programme, it should be the case that copying, and differential success in causing the multiplication of copies, overwhelmingly plays the major role in shaping all or at least most of the contents of culture. Evolved domain-specific psychological dispositions, if there are any, should be at most a relatively minor factor that could be considered part of background conditions." - Dan Sperber

"This document will play an important role in protecting the strategic interests of Russia and Uzbekistan and ensuring stability and security in the region, which some politicians call Russia's soft underbelly. It's not a secret that after the Soviet collapse and especially in recent years, Central Asia has become the focus of interest of major nations because of its geographic location and rich mineral resources." - Islom Karimov

"Kissinger's major, and most lucrative role, has come as head of Kissinger Associates in New York City, founded on a loan obtained in 1982 from the international banking firm of E.M. Warburg, Pincus and Company. Nominally, Kissinger Associates (KA) is an "international consulting firm" but "consultant" covers many sins, and in KA's case, this means international political influence-peddling for its two dozen or so important corporate clients." - Murray Rothbard

"Major Richard Bong was an example of the tragic and terrible price we must pay to maintain principles of human rights, of greater value than life itself. This gallant Air Force hero will be remembered because he made his final contribution to aviation in the dangerous role of test pilot of an untried experimental plane, a deed that places him among the stout-hearted pioneers who gave their lives in the conquest of sky and space." - Eddie Rickenbacker

"The music certainly plays a major role. You can be free enough to comfort each other, to touch each other, to embrace each other, to engage each other, to not be afraid of each other. The music certainly has that very strong element. Go back to folk songs, gospel, jazz, and spirituals. See, all of that came out of tremendous pain and hurt, rejection, loss, alienation, and abandonment. What I'm doing is I'm expressing my pain and hope at the same time." - Cecil Williams

"I changed my major to English and I went off to Fort Collins. And within the first couple of weeks, I noticed that they were having auditions for a production in their theater department. They were going to stage Jean Anouilh's Becket, which was a film I loved, with Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton. So I went down and auditioned, and I got the role. I got the Peter O'Toole part. So here I was, a 19-year-old playing King Henry." - Keith Carradine

"Journalism is a great profession. It's complicated now. People talk about the demise of investigative reporting. I was a judge in some award contest recently, and the stuff that is being done by major newspapers, and local, regional papers around the country, is great. Newspapers play an amazing role in our society, and I still think they are important. I'm sorry newspaper circulation is down. Ultimately, the importance of newspapers can't be replaced." - Seymour Hersh

"The national parklands have a major role in providing superlative opportunities for outdoor recreation, but they have other people serving values. They can provide an experience in conservation education for the young people of the country; they can enrich our literary and artistic consciousness; they can help create social values; contribute to our civic consciousness; remind us of our debt to the land of our fathers." - Stewart Udall

"Our state of mind plays a major role in our day-to-day experiences as well as our physical and mental well-being. If a person has a calm and stable mind, this influences his or her attitude and behavior in relation to others. In other words, if someone remains in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, external surroundings can cause them only a limited disturbance." - Dalai Lama

"Theres a great sense of achievement, testosterone, fun, being able to live out your masculinity when you play an action role or an action-adventure or a real tough-guy role." - Gerard Butler

"I'm hoping what all sentient beings hope ... that somehow I'm part of something larger than myself, in which I play a role, an actual role that is somehow intended and meaningful." - Anne Rice

"Culture changes because of musicians and actors and actresses. There's a responsibility there. You may ignore the responsibility. You may choose to be a bad role model. But, you are a role model nonetheless." - Kirk Cameron

"I'm not a role model. I'm a role villain." - Marilyn Manson

"The Church's role should be separated from the state's role." - Roy Moore

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The part is greater than its role in the whole." - Tom Atlee

"Better to have a small role in God's story than to cast yourself as the lead in your own fiction." - LeCrae

"The role of the Guru is to show the person that he already has what he is looking for." - Alan Watts

"Humanity is a comic role." - Novalis

"... everyone must play his role." - Anne Tyler

"We rappers are role models." - Kanye West

"Life is a movie, pick your own role, Climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole." - J Cole

"I loved fantasy role play." - Curt Schilling

"I know I have a responsibility as a role model to children and I try to fulfill that." - Mario Balotelli

"The role of the intellectual cannot be to excuse the violence of one side and condemn that of the other." - Albert Camus

"I'm not a role model." - Charles Barkley

"A good role comes along, and a good role is a good role." - Michael Urie

"Every role is the best role you've ever got. It's the only role you have." - Billy Magnussen

"Major part of the Southern California pop scene in the 60s "People think that love is an emotion. Love is good sense."" - Ken Kesey

"Life's major challenge: getting reborn often enough." - James Broughton

"Teachers perform major miracles in America, daily." - Meryl Streep

"Major Amberson had made a fortune in 1873, when other people were losing fortunes, and the magnificence of the Ambersons began then." - Booth Tarkington

"The world order needs a major overhaul." - George Soros

"I would call an intellectual one whose instrument of work - his mind - is also his major source of pleasure; a man whose entertainment is his intelligence." - Marya Mannes

"Every setback has a major comeback," - Russell Wilson

"Fear and doubt are major stampeders." - Karen Marie Moning

"The major cause of problems are solutions" - Eric Sevareid

"Inanimate objects are classified scientifically into three major categories - those that don't work, those that break down and those that get lost." - Russell Baker

"[On having failed chemistry while a student at the U.S. Military Academy:] Had silicon been a gas, I would have been a major general." - James Mcneill Whistler

"I just love playing in major championships." - Inbee Park

"The arts are a major life nourishment." - Kiran Ahluwalia

"I was an international studies major." - Anna Chlumsky

"Celine Dion is my major inspiration." - Jackie Evancho

"I was a drama major through college." - Creed Bratton

"I'm in the major league now." - Pitbull

"I want to be a major force." - Zac Posen

"I was a Political Science major." - Harry Shearer

"I was an English major in college!" - Maggie Siff



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