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Major Record Labels Quotes


"I was always looking to record, but how much I actually pursued it was another thing. The major labels weren't that interested in me, and the smaller labels didn't have any money to do anything." - Dan Hicks

"Labels are for cans, not for people." - Jared Leto

"Well, the good news is that there's quite a lot of cynicism about major labels within radio and the press. I think they have been largely disillusioned by the manner in which the record companies have developed music." - Mick Hucknall

"I remember talking with Arcade Fire after their first record, when they were getting all kinds of offers from major labels, and I don't think I gave them any advice. They survived that whole onslaught pretty well anyway without me." - David Byrne

"The only thing major labels can really offer is money." - Conor Oberst

"It is true you can be successful without [college], but this is a hard world, a real world, and you want every advantage you can have. I would suggest to people to do all that you can. When I dropped out of school, I had worked in the music industry and had checks cut in my name from record labels and had a record deal on the table, and when I wasn't successful and Columbia said, 'We'll call you,' I had to go back and work a telemarketing job, go back to the real world, and that's how life is. Life is hard. Take advantage of your opportunities." - Kanye West

"Labels want my name beside a X like Malcolm" - Drake

"I just got a chance to see strong tenacity and a desire to be on top from some young women who have never seen six, seven women signed at a time to major record labels. But they believe that they can put their footprint in hip hop in a major way." - MC Lyte

"My record producer [David Kahne] said the major record labels these days are like dinosaurs sitting around discussing the asteroid. They know it's going to hit. They don't know when, they don't know where it's coming from. But it's sort of hit already. With iTunes, and all of that." - Paul Mccartney

"Basically labels were more interested in doing a Richard Page record than a Mr. Mister record." - Pat Mastelotto

"Record labels today are much less patient: Artists have a bad record, and they're gone." - Kenny Chesney

"For me, I guess, just learning that just because there's not a whole lot of female MCs on the front lines being supported by major record labels doesn't mean they don't exist. It doesn't mean they don't have the drive and the competitive nature and the will and the way." - MC Lyte

"I was offered seven deals from seven different major labels between 2009-2011, and to be quite honest... nowadays, you need a hit record, a great radio team, an amazing PR firm, social media, a big budget, a team that is ready to work extremely hard, and the drive and passion to win!" - Ashanti

"The history of the Internet is, in part, a series of opportunities missed: the major record labels let Apple take over the digital-music business; Blockbuster refused to buy Netflix for a mere fifty million dollars; Excite turned down the chance to acquire Google for less than a million dollars." - James Surowiecki

"I'm selling more records on my own than I did on major labels." - Aimee Mann

"Major labels limit you, but I also learned my tricks from getting around that." - Dawn Angelique

"Major labels blow all their money massively and blame it on the band." - Bruce Dickinson

"I truly believe, as an institution, most major labels should just die." - Moby

"I've signed with major labels, and I haven't had any control over the money." - Chuck D

"The means of control that record labels had vis-a-vis distribution no longer exist." - Doug Walters

"I think that's the problem in a lot of music. We've got these record labels." - Teena Marie

"I'm recording another demo for another batch of record labels that we'll shop it around to." - Ahmed Best

"Independent labels take nothing and make something out of it. Major labels buy that something, and try to make more out of it." - Tom Silverman

"Equal Vision seems to be doing really well. A lot of these major labels are just imploding and becoming indie labels, anyway." - Vic Fuentes

"When you accept everything for what it is without labels you are outside of your ego." - Eckhart Tolle

"My business is words. Words are like labels, or coins, or better, like swarming bees." - Anne Sexton

"Take away all your labels and you are the Infinite Being." - Deepak Chopra

"To define yourself is to limit yourself. Without labels you remain the infinite being." - Deepak Chopra

"Labels are devices for saving talkative persons the trouble of thinking." - John Morley

"I don't really see a difference in independent and major labels. To me, it's pretty much the same. There used to be a difference between indies and major labels, but I don't think there is anymore." - Mia

"Question: Why is that MC's be wack And major labels wanna sign that crap? A-yo...funk that!" - Phife Dawg

"Major labels just lost their way. It's like the housing bubble. They lost a sense of the fundamentals." - Win Butler

"I've been approached by major labels every single year of my existence as an artist. Since 1996." - El-P

"The world order needs a major overhaul." - George Soros

"The big labels have less of a stranglehold on artists and how they record and where they go." - Kim Wilde

"Knowing record labels and knowing the kinds of things they would object to-they just object to everything that's interesting." - Aimee Mann

"Record labels have enjoyed a 100-year monopoly of selling plastic and now they're up against a different format." - Ian Mackaye

"It is hard, though, 'cos record labels love to boss you around. I won't let them do that anymore." - Evan Dando

"We aren't as concerned about the live aspect as other labels. The best live bands are the easiest to record." - Greg Ginn

"I hate record labels. They think they know everything. I want to hear them try to sing it." - Jessica Simpson

"Neo-Darwinian language and conceptual structure itself ensures scientific failure: Major questions posed by zoologists cannot be answered from inside the neo-Darwinian straitjacket. Such questions include, for example, 'How do new structures arise in evolution?' 'Why, given so much environmental change, is stasis so prevalent in evolution as seen in the fossil record?' 'How did one group of organisms or set of macromolecules evolve from another?' The importance of these questions is not at issue; it is just that neo-Darwinians, restricted by their resuppositions, cannot answer them." - Lynn Margulis

"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you." - Ralph Lauren

"Labels are for the things men make, not for men. The most primitive man is too complex to be labeled." - Rex Stout

"Everybody uses labels: they give you a handle on things - an over-simplified handle, sure, but without labels, without ads, without words, the world would be an indistinguishable mass, a blur. You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out" - Vito Acconci

"History is a record of exploded ideas." - John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher

"To see a lot of the smaller labels disappear or get gobbled up by the bigger labels, that's a shame. It was a bit of a shock at first to see the demise of the record stores." - Phil Collins

"The only thing that deeply frustrates me is the slow speed [of major labels]. The more people involved, the slower the pace." - Caroline Polachek

"I now believe that major labels can only work with people who care more about fame and money than the quality of the art they produce." - Malcolm Wilson

"You have major labels that are willing to take unconventional approaches because the old model is crumbling in front of us." - Macklemore

"The decline of the major labels has changed the audience. They aren't force-fed by a system any more. They can make their own decisions." - John Oates

"Man's record upon this wild world is the record of work, and of work alone." - J. G. Holland

"Man's record upon this wild world is the record of work, and of work alone." - Josiah Gilbert Holland

"Promoting a record on a major label is like running a minor military campaign." - Robyn Hitchcock

"When I first tried to get a record deal for my original music, labels didn't understand what these instruments were meant to be doing" - Suzanne Ciani

"It's what's on the record not what labels on it. You know, that's like getting a box of cornflakes and eating the cardboard." - Elvis Costello

"When I first tried to get a record deal for my original music, labels did' understand what these instruments were meant to be doing" - Suzanne Ciani

"I think people at most record labels really like music, but it's hard because everything is so subjective, and everyone's so creative in their own right." - Nellie Mckay

"We were 6 feet under. A lot of people gave up on us, including fans and critics and show promoters and record labels." - Jacoby Shaddix

"I'm the only girl songwriter that fights for a lot of things. I fight for songwriting fees, which record labels want you to shut up about." - Ester Dean

"I've definitely felt lifted up by the press; the love that I maybe didn't feel from record labels in some way, the press maybe made up for it." - Brandy Clark

"I have friends who have a CD mastering plant in Hollywood and they are very sceptical about European record labels' understanding of digital technology." - Gavin Bryars

"It take 15,000 casualties to train a major general." - Ferdinand Foch

"A major stimulant to creative thinking is focused questions." - Brian Tracy

"my major form of exercise is jumping to conclusions." - J A Jance

"Guilt is the major motivating force in my life." - Linda Barnes

"Guarantees are for major appliances, not for murder." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Input of public judgement for any major tax reform." - Newt Gingrich

"In a major matter no details are small." - Paul De Gondi

"We can no longer afford to spend major time on minor things than spend minor time on major things." - Jim Rohn

"Beware of that profound enemy of the free enterprise system who pays lip-service to free competition, but also labels every antitrust prosecution as a persecution." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"I'm a big Urban Outfitters girl, and Forever 21 - I don't think labels make fashion. I think it's your own style, what you put together." - Chelsea Kane

"There are certainly things labels can still provide that indie artists cant. They can pave the way to radio and pay big bucks for promotion." - Sam Tsui

"All reduction of people to objects, all imposition of labels and patterns to which they must conform, all segregation can lead only to destruction." - Maureen Duffy

"Its been nearly 1.5 years since the last PLUS 8 record, but it seemed fitting that this record in particular, made by a skinny white kid from Canada, became part of the labels collection and history." - Richie Hawtin

"Some record labels want to package you in a certain way and we didn't want that. Once the record company saw we had some substance and were not a one hit wonder. They got 100% behind us." - Christian Burns

"There's definitely some sort of dissent brewing between record labels, publishing companies and artists [about the compensation they get from streaming services] Spotify is returning a HUGE amount of money [to the record labels]. If we continue growing at our current rate in terms of subscriptions and downloads, we'll overtake iTunes in terms of contributions to the recorded music business in under two years." - Sean Parker

"I'm confused that there is a lack of faith in listening to and deciding what is a great song and instead going for these formulaic, bad songs over and over again. But that's what happened when people from beverage companies bought record labels and radio stations as opposed to people who love music owning record labels." - Patty Griffin

"When I look at the record of President Obama concerning the major issue security I think it's a highly satisfactory record from Israeli point of view." - Shimon Peres

"In historic events, the so-called great men are labels giving names to events, and like labels they have but the smallest connection with the event itself. Every act of theirs, which appears to them an act of their own will, is in an historical sense involuntary and is related to the whole course of history and predestined from eternity." - Leo Tolstoy

"What he labels sexual, she labels harassment." - Ellen Goodman

"Just beat my record for most consecutive days without dying." - Bill Murray

"There is no record in history of a happy philosopher." - H L Mencken

"Record company execs eat their young, I swear to God." - Linda Barnes

"I just drank eighteen whiskies. That must be a record." - Dylan Thomas

"Signing to a major record company is the price of an education. We don't care what they do to us." - Nicky Wire

"I wanted to put out a solo record because I was stuck on a major label and sick of it." - Shirley Manson

"As far as being on a major label, some labels get it and get what they have to do, and some labels don't. I don't think the label I'm on necessarily gets it, but I think over time they're gonna have to." - Talib Kweli

"People from major labels were afraid to go to Black Flag gigs throughout most of the bands existence. They treated our gigs as something threatening. Im sure that it probably was. They probably had reasons to be scared." - Greg Ginn

"I want to be able to do what I want to do. A lot of times, the major labels, they can't see the vision, they can only see the dollar signs. So, it doesn't really work out like that." - Danny Brown

"When we started OD2 in 1999, we were really expecting to work more with independents and so on because the major labels were spending millions on their own Pressplay and equivalents online, which haven't been very successful." - Peter Gabriel

"I'm really excited about breaking new acts. While I'm trying to preserve the culture and make sure I fight for the acts that the major labels have thrown away, you can't throw away Musiq Soulchild, Kelly Price and Jon B." - Warryn Campbell

"The major labels, they roll with whatever is making money. I don't know if R&B turned into making banjo music and it sounded like blue grass, they'll buy it if it's selling." - Warryn Campbell

"Major labels didn't start showing up really until they smelled money, and that's all they're ever going to be attracted to is money-that's the business they're in- making money." - Ian Mackaye

"People from major labels were afraid to go to Black Flag gigs throughout most of the band's existence. They treated our gigs as something threatening. I'm sure that it probably was. They probably had reasons to be scared." - Greg Ginn

"Basically we just created our own label, but again we just did it to document our own music and create our own thing, so the major labels were just always out of our picture, we're not interested." - Ian Mackaye

"Drink wine, not labels." - Maynard Amerine

"The greatest feeling in the world is to win a major league game. The second-greatest feeling is to lose a major league game." - Chuck Tanner

"I think the record industry has gotten to be more about labels wondering what the new single is rather than labels nurturing artists. It's gotten away from making a full album of music that someone would want to listen to all the way through." - John Varvatos

"There are people who are genetically made to start record labels, and I'm not one of those people. People just have it in their blood and are good at it. Corey Rusk from Touch and Go and Ian MacKaye. These are people who have made their own labels." - Fred Armisen

"The people who are competing business-wise out there want what other successful labels and artists have. I don't want what they have; I want my own path, my own sound, my own identity. Record labels care nothing about identity or artistic freedom, they want good business." - Joe Nichols

"The rise of the Internet has caused the demise of the record labels, and has destroyed the music business of old, but it's also created new opportunities for young artists." - Judy Collins

"The Internet has obviously wiped music off the human map - killed the record shop, and killed the patience of labels who consider debut sales of 300,000 to not be good enough." - Steven Morrissey

"If people stop being interested it's because you haven't written a good enough album. Music will always be the most powerful thing. It doesn't matter what record labels or journalists say. It's the song," - Tom Odell

"I hear some new artists that sound country but the record labels and country radio lean more toward a more rock feel for what gets signed to a label and played on the radio." - George Jones

"Even though were not the most punk rock band, the way weve done things is pretty punk rock. Just kinda say it with a big middle finger to the record labels and do it ourselves." - Brandon Thomas

"If people stop being interested, it's because you haven't written a good enough album. Music will always be the most powerful thing. It doesn't matter what record labels or journalists say. It's the song." - Tom Odell

"I love the road. That's always been my goal. I've said that to many record labels. I want to make records. The road is my favorite. Some people hate the road, I love the road." - Gary Allan

"The record labels used to spend money on advertising, and social media has replaced that entirely - it's putting magazines out of business. It's put big companies into completely reinventing their strategies." - Steve Aoki

"In the early 1970s. 1971, '72. The rooms were closing down, record labels weren't signing acoustic acts any more. Although they had been pretty much been getting out of that for some time before that." - Dave Van Ronk

"I remember auditioning for record labels and having them tell me, 'Well, the country-radio demographic is the thirty-five-year-old female housewife. Give us a song that relates to the thirty-five-year-old female, and we'll talk.'" - Taylor Swift

"Even though we're not the most punk rock band, the way we've done things is pretty punk rock. Just kinda say it with a big middle finger to the record labels and do it ourselves." - Brandon Thomas

"At heart I've always been a music fan. That part of me has never changed since I was a little kid, sitting in a room watching a record go round, looking at the colour of the labels." - Elton John

"When our video of 'Smooth Criminal' came out, suddenly we started getting all kinds of offers. We were getting calls from TV shows like 'Ellen DeGeneres' and from record labels." - Luka Sulic

"Retailing has become fiercely competitive. Today there are many large global fashion companies who have opened up mono-brand stores in major cities around the world. When I first opened my boutique in New York, in 1985, there were almost no other European luxury brands present with their own stores. Now Fifth Avenue is packed with huge stores from major Italian and French labels." - Giorgio Armani

"For new bands, I think a major label is the safest place to be. Independent labels are the ones getting away with murder. A lot of them are hobbyists who rip-off young bands, taking advantage of people who would never get signed to a major." - Jack White

"Because you and I have the power to impute beauty on anything under the sun. Because you become the labels you give yourself. If you declare you're beautiful - not despite your imperfections, but because of them - then you are." - Bo Sanchez

"Afro-Caribbean influences are in me as a creative being the same way Spanish influences were in Picasso's work. I think the notion of labels - "black dancer, black choreographer" -is a ploy to divide and conquer, and to limit." - Garth Fagan

"The language of labels is like paper money, issued irresponsibly, with nothing of intrinsic value behind it, that is, with no effort of the intelligence to see, to really apprehend." - Paula Fox

"I read everything, including the labels on canned food. I'm a hopeless print addict, a condition alleviated only by daily meditation which breaks the linear-Aristotelian trance. National Lampoon, Scientific American are what I read most obsessively." - Robert Anton Wilson

"how ridiculous we often are in our negations, our strutting self importance, our penchant for making labels and sticking them on people. As though labelling a person disposed of him!" - Muriel Lester

"We, as a people, we have a strong need to categorize everything. We put labels on everything and its a totally understandable need because we are animals and we need to understand order and where to fit in." - Armin Van Buuren

"The music business will be revitalized by musicians, not the labels or Live Nation. When the musicians decide to put music first, instead of money, the public will flock to the fruits and the scene will be healthy again." - Bob Lefsetz

"I have a whole system down for returning online shopping: a tape gun, a printer for return labels. That has replaced traditional window shopping in my life, as I've gotten busier." - Mindy Kaling

"Accept all invitations to do a new thing. Dare not limit yourself. Move toward your wildest ? dream , take the labels off your mind, and step boldly into your greatness." - Iyanla Vanzant

"I love classical music. It has left a major mark on my playing." - Slash

"If silicon had been a gas I should have been a major-general." - James Whistler

"Anyone in a large organization who thinks major change is impossible should probably get out." - John P Kotter

"Baseball is the only major sport that appears backwards in a mirror." - George Carlin

"If the Cincinnati Reds were really the first major league baseball team, who did they play?" - George Carlin

"The shortage of fresh water is the major ecological problem of this moment." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it." - Brian Tracy

"There are three types of golf: golf, tournament golf and Major championship golf." - Grantland Rice

"Religions are conclusions for which the facts of nature supply no major premises." - Ambrose Bierce

"Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life" - Napoleon Hill

"I'm a philosophy major. That means I can think deep thoughts about being unemployed." - Bruce Lee

"No self-respecting mother would run out of intimidations on the eve of a major holiday." - Erma Bombeck

"Every major world religion has identified marriage as between a man and a woman." - Barack Obama

"Institutional blindness is a major threat to the future of all corporations." - Patrick Dixon

"Fear of the future and longing for the past are major factors which impede appropriate action." - Brenda Shoshanna

"My first major role was in a play called Through the Leaves." - Ken Stott

"There's Adam Clymer, major league asshole from The New York Times." - George W Bush

"Major investment decisions have become too important to be left to the private sector." - Lester Thurow

"At the heart of every major political upheaval lies a fiscal revolution." - Thomas Piketty

"Nearly every major breakthrough innovation has been preceded by a string of failed or misguided executions." - Frans Johansson

"The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together." - Alvin Toffler

"The key of D is daffodil yellow, B major is maroon, and B flat is blue." - Marian Mcpartland

"If you have no major purpose, you are drifting toward certain failure." - Napoleon Hill

"My ideas about vampires may by romantic, but your attitudes toward women need a major overhaul." - Deborah Harkness

"Most people fail in life because they major in minor things." - Tony Robbins

"I think bands will actually make more money without record companies; a much bigger share of the money will go to the bands. You won't have record shops taking 40 percent of the money. You won't have record labels taking 40 percent of the money. So they don't have to sell as many albums as they used to in the past. So it's not necessarily a bad thing if record companies disappear." - Richard Branson



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