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Main Street Quotes


"Main Street is almost alright." - Robert Venturi

"If Wall Street crashes, does Main Street follow? Not necessarily." - Ben Bernanke

"Wall Street is in trouble because Main Street is broke." - Peter Schiff

"Im not averse to helping Wall Street when it helps Main Street." - Ben Nelson

"I'm not averse to helping Wall Street when it helps Main Street." - Ben Nelson

"People who are tired of K Street corruption and Wall Street greed are ready for Main Street Values." - Mike Huckabee

"I am often reminded that the wellspring of Vermont liberty flows from Main Street, not State Street." - James H. Douglas

"I am often reminded that the wellspring of Vermont liberty flows from Main Street, not State Street." - James H Douglas Jr

"She was snatched back from a dream of far countries, and found herself on Main Street." - Sinclair Lewis

"All the stories I'll ever need are right here on Main Street." - Robert Cormier

"I come from Main Street, from a small town that's really depressed." - Ben Bernanke

"I've never been on Wall Street. And I care about Wall Street for one reason and one reason only because what happens on Wall Street matters to Main Street." - Ben Bernanke

"My main competitor is myself." - Evgeni Plushenko

"The dirty little secret, folks, is Obama is not only for occupying Wall Street. He also wants to occupy Main Street." - Rush Limbaugh

"If we're going to be an effective, efficient economy, we need to have all part of that engine running well, and that includes Wall Street and Main Street." - Hillary Clinton

"My ideal city would be one long main street with no cross streets or side streets to jam up traffic. Just a long one-way street." - Andy Warhol

"Wall Street can never be allowed to threaten main street again. No bank can be too big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail." - Hillary Clinton

"Too many Oregonians know the heartbreak of a jobless economic recovery. To create new, high-paying jobs, we need investment in Main Street as well as Wall Street." - David Wu

"Ultimately, there is no dividing line between Main Street and Wall Street. We will rise or we will fall together as one nation." - Barack Obama

"I'm not wedded to covering the markets. I'm intrigued by the markets. If I can connect Main Street with Wall Street, then I've succeeded." - Neil Cavuto

"The issue is the Republican Party has been paying too much attention to Wall Street and not enough attention to Main Street." - Dave Brat

"It's time to bring tough medicine to Washington. No longer will policy be set by K Street, it will be dictated by Main Street." - Rick Perry

"Main Street, U.S.A. is America at the turn of the century-the crossroads of an era. The gas lamps and the electric lamp-the horse-drawn car and auto car. Main Street is everyone's hometown- the heart line of America." - Walt Disney

"Let's begin to cover the main street of America... just to see what the heck occurs on it." - Roy Stryker

"Most Hispanics are concerned with the same issues other Americans are - the economy, jobs, education. Similar to Main Street America." - Henry Bonilla

"Some of us are like a shovel brigade that follow a parade down Main Street cleaning up." - Donald T Regan

"A collapse in U.S. stock prices certainly would cause a lot of white knuckles on Wall Street. But what effect would it have on the broader U.S. economy? If Wall Street crashes, does Main Street follow? Not necessarily." - Ben Bernanke

"Self-command is the main elegance." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Victory is the main object in war." - Sun Tzu

"A good life is a main argument." - Ben Jonson

"Back in the day, a pair of tight jeans was enough to earn a girl a bad reputation. Now slutty has gone Main Street." - Linda Chavez

"At this point, a spaceship could land on Main Street and Elvis could saunter out singing "Love Me Tender," and I wouldn't be surprised" - Michele Bardsley

"We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee, we don't take trips on LSD. We don't burn our draft cards down on Main Street, we like living right and free." - Merle Haggard

"Haven't got a girl, but I can wish. So I'll take me down to Main Street and that's where I'll select my imaginary dish." - Dean Martin

"I suppose I could have called in the whole of the Army, but what was the use? All I had to do was call in Main Street itself." - Herbert Hoover

"I could say that 'Exile On Main Street' was my favourite or whatever, but I'm more about the songs and the artists and the sound that they bring." - Paul Weller

"With the thermometer at 30 below zero and the wind behind him, a man walking on Main Street in Winnipeg knows which side of him is which." - Stephen Leacock

"The magic of Disneyland, walking through the tunnel underneath the train station to Main Street, it just transports you to other places and other times." - John Lasseter

"Others said May was best, that sweet green time when lilacs bloomed and gardens along Main Street were filled with sugary pink peonies and Dutch tulips." - Alice Hoffman

"I hope the people on Wall Street will pay attention to the people on Main Street. If they do, they will see there is a rising tide of confidence in the future of America." - Ronald Reagan

"We need more responsibility, but we need it not just when there's a crisis. I mean, we've had years in which the reigning economic ideology has been what's good for Wall Street, but not what's good for Main Street." - Barack Obama

"It was supposed to be in the second street project for Main Street. But who knows? Maybe it will be built one of these days. We never throw away any idea." - John Hench

"In the 20th century there's was the long-running division in the Republican Party between what was known as Wall Street and Main Street Republicans. And sort of different expectations about the use of the federal government." - John Aldrich

"Wall Street shouldn't be deregulated. I think Wall Street and Main Street need to play by the same set of rules. The middle-class can't carry the burden any longer, that is what happened in the last decade. They had to bail out Wall Street." - Stephanie Cutter

"For a generation and more, the government has sought to meet our needs by multiplying its bureaucracy. Washington has taken too much in taxes from Main Street, and Main Street has received too little in return. It is not necessary to centralize power in order to solve our problems." - George Mcgovern

"Once again, the puppets on Capitol Hill are about to slam the Muppets on Main Street. The country still hasn't recovered from the Wall Street-induced financial cataclysm of 2008, yet Congress is preparing to enact the Orwellian 'JOBS Act' - a bill that should in fact be called the 'Return Fraud to Wall Street in One Easy Step Act.'" - Eliot Spitzer

"For me, the main thing is spontaneity & taking chances." - Dave Kikoski

"We lost, and that's the main thing that went wrong," - Mike Krzyzewski

"I heard Governor Romney here called me an economic lightweight because I wasn't a Wall Street financier like he was. Do you really believe this country wants to elect a Wall Street financier as the president of the United States? Do you think that's the experience that we need? Someone who's going to take and look after as he did his friends on Wall Street and bail them out at the expense of Main Street America." - Rick Santorum

"I hate fashion. Or the word fashion, which sounds colorful, extravagant, expensive and gorgeous. "I never wanted to walk the main street of fashion. I have been walking the sidewalks of fashion from the beginning, so I'm a bit dark." - Yohji Yamamoto

"Under this [Bush] Administration, America's middle class has been abandoned - its dreams denied, its Main Street interests ignored and its mainstream values scorned by a White House that puts privilege first." - John F Kerry

"I hate fashion. Or the word fashion, which sounds colorful, extravagant, expensive and gorgeous. "I never wanted to walk the main street of fashion. I have been walking the sidewalks of fashion from the beginning, so I'm a bit dark." - Yohji Yamamoto

"We have to do commerce differently because the WalMart system of big box chain retail will soon die. This means rebuilding local main street economies (networks of local economic interdependency)." - James Howard Kunstler

"The 'Main Street' retailers ... see customers come to the store to locate items ... only to leave and order the items over the Internet just to escape the sales tax." - John Mccain

"There's a reason why the NRA's not here. They're just down the street. And since this is the main reason they exist, you'd think that they'd be prepared to have a debate with a president." - Barack Obama

"There's less critical thinking going on in this country on a Main Street level - forget about the media - than ever before. We've never needed people to think more critically than now, and they've taken a big nap." - Alec Baldwin

"On Planet of the Apes, I had a very knowledgeable team who knew good materials, but I had one main source person who worked online and on the street continually looking for the proper materials." - Colleen Atwood

"There's no recovery on Main Street, I can tell you that for sure. And in a re - in an economy like this, we don't need to be raising anybody's taxes." - Haley Barbour

"The main thing I love about street photography is that you find the answers you don't see at the fashion shows. You find information for readers so they can visualize themselves." - Bill Cunningham

"Main Street investors, who cannot trade credit default swaps, should not be tempted to trade an instrument with the same risk profile simply because it has been given a different name." - Daniel L Doctoroff

"I think to close half of Magic Kingdom for the purpose of a White House invitation town hall meeting on a phony main street on behalf of a phony president just strikes me as weird." - Newt Gingrich

"You go to Main Street, and Wal-Mart is coming to town and kicking out all the mom and pop stores. All the people that were in the mom and pop stores are now working for Wal-Mart." - Dennis Quaid

"We will reverse course on the heavy hand of regulation, discarding Dodd-Frank and any other regulations that advance a political agenda at the expense of jobs and investment on Main Street." - Rick Perry

"Main Street has too much debt already. It is simply a bonanza for speculators who can borrow the overnight money and then buy something that they can speculate on." - David Stockman

"In this day and age, where the Democrat and Republican parties are no longer the voice of Main Street, but the puppets of Wall Street, it is natural that a Third Party should appear to champion the traditionally conservative proposition that the Constitution is the blueprint for the operation of the government of the United States." - Gatewood Galbraith

"The fight to save family farms isn't just about farmers. It's about making sure that there is a safe and healthy food supply for all of us. It's about jobs, from Main Street to Wall Street. It's about a better America." - Willie Nelson

"We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other. We urgently need to bring the neighbor back into our hoods, not only in our inner cities but also in our suburbs, our gated communities, on Main Street and Wall Street, and on Ivy League campuses." - Grace Lee Boggs

"I believe American corporations that have gotten so much from our country should be just as patriotic in return. Many of them are, but too many aren't. It's wrong to take tax breaks with one hand and give out pink slips with the other. And I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street again." - Hillary Clinton

"Am I disappointed in Barack Obama? Yes, I'm very disappointed in Barack Obama and I'm disappointed in the Democratic administration and in the two Democratic houses of Congress for two years that bailed out Wall Street when they should have bailed out Main Street." - Jill Stein

"He loved this street [42nd Street], not for the people or the shops but for the stone lions that guarded the great main building of the Public Library, a building filled with books and unimaginably vast, and which he had never yet dared to enter." - James Baldwin

"I, with other Americans, have perhaps unduly resented the stream of criticism of American life... more particularly have I resented the sneers at Main Street. For I have known that in the cottages that lay behind the street rested the strength of our national character." - Herbert Hoover

"When it comes to America's economy, the truth is that Mitt Romney believes that the key to our country's economic future lies in the failed policies of the past, the same ones that put banks before people, Wall Street before Main Street, plunging us into recession and devastating the middle class." - Charlie Gonzalez

"Respect is intended to operate on a two-way street." - James Dobson

"Look at what's happening between Main Street and Wall Street. The stock market index is up 136 percent from the bottom. Middle class jobs lost during the correction: six million. Middle class jobs recovered: one million. So therefore we're up 16 percent on the jobs that were lost. These are only born-again jobs. We don't really have any new jobs, and there's a massive speculative frenzy going on in Wall Street that is disconnected from the real economy." - David Stockman

"Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain." - Pierre Trudeau

"First of all, the Social Security money belongs to Main Street, not to Wall Street. It needs to be said very clearly here that privatization is off the table... Social Security, as a matter of fact, is a better investment now than the stock market. There's a higher return. There's guaranteed cost-of-living increases. Privatization you have to worry about the value of your account." - Dennis Kucinich

"In five days, you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. In five days, you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor." - Barack Obama

"The impact of QE on generating more lending by Wall Street to Main Street and in generating more employment and increasing overall investment in the economy is quite modest. QE probably limited the initial collapse of the economy in 2008, and likely had a very small positive impact on economic growth, but its broader impact on jobs and growth in the economy seems not very big." - Gerald Epstein

"Remember we had two Democratic houses of Congress along with the [Barack] Obama administration that laid out those policies before they lost Congress because people were very disappointed in what the Obama administration did - bailing out Wall Street instead of bailing out Main Street. So as someone who follows the climate very closely, there's no question that "all of the above" has been an absolute disaster." - Jill Stein

"The fruition of the year had come and the night should have been fine with a moon in the sky and the crisp sharp promise of frost in the air, but it wasn't that way. It rained and little puddles of water shone under the street lamps on Main Street. In the woods in the darkness beyond the Fair Ground water dripped from the black trees." - Sherwood Anderson

"One main factor in the upward trend of animal life has been the power of wandering." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Money had never been the main thing for me. It's the legacy that was important." - Berry Gordy

"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself." - Erich Fromm

"Don't teach too many postures; just the main ones, and hold them for a long time." - Dharma Mittra

"Indeed, the U.N. is the main Soviet espionage center in this country." - Jack Anderson

"Eventually, alas, I realized the main purpose of buying cocaine is to run out of it." - George Carlin

"the mighty main sea is the begetter of clouds and winds and rivers." - Anaximenes of Miletus

"One of the main purveyors of violence in this world has been this country America." - Danny Glover

"My main objective is to be professional but to kill him." - Mike Tyson

"Look at your life as your main career and your divine classroom." - Judith Orloff

"Street hockey is great for kids. It's energetic, competitive, and skilful. And best of all, it keeps them off the street." - Gus Kyle

"One can hear all that's going on in the street. Which means that from the street one can hear what's going on in this house." - Jean Genet

"My hope is that the film Wall Street 2 will actually serve as a way for us to bridge that gap between Wall Street and Main Street. Certainly that's dealt with in the film of how it does affect everybody, so, you know, I always find that when you can create a movie or a play or a book that gives somebody a safe theoretical place to discuss what is really going on in the day it tends to forward discussion, so that would be my hope coming out of the film." - John Buffalo Mailer

"God be thanked for the Milky Way that runs across the sky. That's the path that my feet would tread whenever I have to die. Some folks fall it a Silver Sword, and some a Pearly Crown, But the only thing I think it is, is Main Street, Heaventown." - Joyce Kilmer

"If newsmen do not tell the truth as they see it because it might make waves, or if their bosses decide something should or should not be broadcast because of Washington or Main Street consequences, we have dishonored ourselves and we have lost the First Amendment by default." - Richard S. Salant

"Like any place in Reality, the Street is subject to development. Developers can build their own small streets feeding off of the main one. They can build buildings, parks, signs, as well as things that do not exist in Reality, such as vast hovering overhead light shows and special neighborhoods where the rules of three-dimensional spacetime are ignored." - Neal Stephenson

"Mediocrity is no answer to violence. In fact, it probably invites violence. At least the mediocre and the violent appear together as in the old Western movies - the ruffian outlaw band shooting up main street and the little white church with the little white schoolteacher wringing her hands. To cool violence you need rhythm, humor, tempering; you need dance and rhetoric. Not therapeutic understanding." - James Hillman

"Little by little, studying the infinite possibilities of a loss of memory, he realized that the day might come when things would be recognized by their inscriptions but that no one would remember their use.... At the beginning of the road into the swamp they put up a sign that said "Macondo" and another larger one on the main street that said "God exists"." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"I remember being in church. We would do the live nativity in my little town and I remember pulling the sheep. I was the shepherd, so I was pulling the sheep around town, down Main Street. I thought that was the most awesome, coolest thing ever." - Chris Tomlin

"Henry Blodget says, "It is not clear what, if any, power and influence [Steven Lerner] currently wields. His main message - that Wall Street won the financial crisis, that inequality in this country is hitting record levels, and that there appears to be no other way to stop the trend - will almost certainly resonate."" - Rush Limbaugh

"Until I was a junior in high school, I was a "boy scientist" type and expected to go into chemistry. Then I discovered the humanities. I read the plays of Shakespeare voraciously, some novels, such as Pasternack's Dr. Zhivago and Sinclair Lewis' Main Street, and I got into philosophy by reading Kierkegaard and Nietzsche." - Allen W. Wood

"God be thanked for the Milky Way that runs across the sky, That's the path that my feet would tread whenever I have to die. Some folks call it a Silver Sword, and some a Pearly Crown, But the only thing I think it is, is Main Street, Heaventown." - Joyce Kilmer

"He presented himself as the friend to Main Street America, and yet that aw-shucks persona ended up packaging policies and programs that were at times deeply injurious to the very people he swore to serve. After all, Reaganomics set in motion one of the largest wealth redistributions in American history, away from the poor and toward the rich." - Eugene Jarecki

"I do all I can to maintain good health. I eat mostly plants, as Michael Pollan would say. I get a lot of exercise. I lead a purposeful daily life. I stay current with the dentist. I made the formative decision of where to live over thirty years ago when I settled in a 'main street' small town in upstate New York." - James Howard Kunstler

"There is no greater country on Earth for entrepreneurship than America. In every category, from the high-tech world of Silicon Valley, where I live, to University R&D labs, to countless Main Street small business owners, Americans are taking risks, embracing new ideas and - most importantly - creating jobs." - Eric Ries

"I follow blogs, particularly all the main political ones - Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale, Coffee House, Paul Waugh, Iain Martin in the Wall Street Journal, and so on. And some American ones, like the Huffington Post, Gawker, Boing Boing; or Eater and Daily Candy, also American, which are about where to go to eat." - Ben Schott

"Our economy creates and loses jobs every quarter in the millions. But of the net new jobs, the jobs come from small businesses: both small businesses on Main Street and many of the net new jobs come from high growth, high impact businesses that are located all across the country." - Karen Mills

"The election is not very far off when a candidate can recognize you across the street." - Kin Hubbard

"Don't be just another guy going down the street and going nowhere." - Al Mcguire

"Watch out for that pedestrian!" "It's on the street, it knows the risks it's taking!" - Neil Gaiman

"Ten Downing Street is a house, not an office. That is its most important characteristic." - Douglas Hurd

"My music is pretty honest. I can't rap on science fiction. Punk is from the street." - Rick James

"...Louis Fourteenth Street furniture..." - Addison Mizner

"Think street, train sport." - Conor Mcgregor

"The main characteristics of effective leadership are intelligence, integrity or loyalty, mystique, humor, discipline, courage, self sufficieny and confidence." - James Fisher

"Sahaja Yoga is nothing but love, love, love. How much you love others is the main point." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Lots of times, our main problem isn't our problem. Our biggest problem is our perspective on our problem." - Steven Furtick

"A coach's main job is to reawaken a spirit in which the players can blend together effortlessly." - Phil Jackson

"I endeavor to keep their attention fixed on the main objects of all science, the freedom & happiness of man." - Thomas Jefferson

"The main thing about money, Bud, is that it makes you do things you don't want to do." - Hal Holbrook

"Curiosity is the main energy." - Robert Rauschenberg

"My main weakness is nerves." - Megan Fox

"Surely people can now see that it is no accident that he, Obama, sat at the feet of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, that he is mother was a leftist activist and cultural Marxist, that his main early mentor was radical Frank Marshall Davis, that he was a member of the far-left New Party in Chicago, that his main vocation in life has been street organizing and agitation and that he didn't think the revolutionarily, transformative Warren court was liberal enough." - David Limbaugh

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." - Stephen Covey

"Buffett's uncommon urge to chronicle made him a unique character in American life, not only a great capitalist but the Great Explainer of American capitalism. He taught a generation how to think about business, and he showed that securities were not just tokens like the Monopoly flatiron, and that investing need not be a game of chance. It was also a logical, commonsensical enterprise, like the tangible businesses beneath. He stripped Wall Street of its mystery and rejoined it to Main Street - a mythical or disappearing place, perhaps, but one that is comprehensible to the ordinary American." - Roger Lowenstein

"Sinclair Lewis is the perfect example of the false sense of time of the newspaper world.... [ellipsis in source] He was always dominated by an artificial time when he wrote Main Street.... He did not create actual human beings at any time. That is what makes it newspaper. Sinclair Lewis is the typical newspaperman and everything he says is newspaper. The difference between a thinker and a newspaperman is that a thinker enters right into things, a newspaperman is superficial." - Gertrude Stein

"Bop began with Jazz but one afternoon somewhere on a sidewalk maybe 1939, 1940, Dizzy Gillespie or Charlie Parker or Thelonious Monk was walking past a men's clothing store on 42nd Street or South Main in L.A. and from a loudspeaker they suddenly heard a wild impossible mistake in jazz that could only have been heard inside their own imaginary head, and that is a new art. Bop." - Jack Kerouac

"No man should think that peace comes easily. Peace does not come by merely wanting it, or shouting for it, or marching down Main Street for it. Peace is built brick by brick, mortared by the stubborn effort and the total energy and imagination of able and dedicated men. And it is built in the living faith that, in the end, man can and will master his own destiny." - Lyndon B Johnson

"The truth is that the materialistic paternalism of the present day, if allowed to go on unchecked, will rapidly make of America one huge "Main Street," where spiritual adventure will be discouraged and democracy will be regarded as consisting in the reduction of all mankind to the proportions of the narrowest and least gifted of the citizens. God grant that there may come a reaction, and that the great principles of Anglo-Saxon liberty may be rediscovered before it is too late!" - John Gresham Machen

"A sombrero fell out of the sky and landed on the main street of town in front of the mayor, his cousin, and a person out of work. The day was scrubbed clean by the desert air. The sky was blue. It was the blue of human eyes, waiting for something to happen. There was no reason for a sombrero to fall out of the sky. No airplane or helicopter was passing overhead and it was not a religious holiday." - Richard Brautigan

"To many of us now, computers, silicon chips, data processing, cybernetics, and all the other innovations of the dawning high technology age are as mystifying as the workings of the combustion engine must have been when that first Model T rattled down Main Street, U.S.A. But as surely as America's pioneer spirit made us the industrial giant of the 20th century, the same pioneer spirit today is opening up on another vast front of opportunity, the frontier of high technology." - Ronald Reagan

"Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress." - Bernie Sanders

"The city disappears street by street as you enter it." - Ian Seed

"Communicating w/kids, its a 2 way street, sometimes they just need us to be there for them & listen." - Kevin Heath

"Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of the country as Wall Street and the railroads." - Harry S Truman

"I like fashion to go down to the street, but I can't accept that it should originate there." - Coco Chanel

"Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one's superiors; care for one's crew." - Grace Hopper

"My parents were very protective. I couldn't even cross the street without them getting all excited, and placing bets." - Emo Philips

"Right now, with terrorism and poverty and Wall Street and Social Security having problems, nudity should not be the issue." - Robin Thicke

"Rock bottom is good solid ground, and a dead end street is just a place to turn around." - Buddy Buie

"I would willingly stand at street corners, hat in hand, begging passers-by to drop their unused minutes into it." - Bernard Berenson

"The people that I care about are the people out there on the street. I can identify with them." - Diana, Princess of Wales

"It's street theater. You have to make it entertaining so people don't get bored and walk away." - Jason Statham

"I was a street dancer." - Eartha Kitt

"Here's the main page of motivational quotes, if you want a different topic. Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everybody enjoys." - Joseph Conrad

"Our greatest duty and our main responsibility is to help others. But please, if you can't help them, would you please not hurt them." - Dalai Lama

"The two main hazards of psychoanalysis: that it might fail, and that if it succeeds, you'll never be able to forgive yourself for all those wasted years." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"Work, work, work, is the main thing." - Abraham Lincoln

"Keep your eye on the main event." - Martha Griffiths

"The main reason for healing is love." - Paracelsus



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