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Main Reason Quotes


"The main reason for healing is love." - Paracelsus

"No gangster is ever happy when he's at peace. The main reason he's in the business is to eliminate his enemies." - Lorenzo Carcaterra

"the real reason I had wanted to grow up, the main reason I had been willing to even consider becoming an adult, was so I could have as many pets as I wanted." - Betsy Byars

"Theoretical physicists accept the need for mathematical beauty as an act of faith... For example, the main reason why the theory of relativity is so universally accepted is its mathematical beauty." - Paul Dirac

"Enemy images are the main reason conflicts don't get resolved." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"My main competitor is myself." - Evgeni Plushenko

"Curiosity is the main energy." - Robert Rauschenberg

"Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues." - Woody Paige

"The main reason nerds are unpopular is that they have other things to think about." - Paul G

"Reason is the main resource of man in his struggle for survival." - Ludwig Von Mises

"The main reason women are crazy, is that men are stupid." - George Carlin

"The main reason for the armed resistance is the American military presence." - Muqtada Al Sadr

"Well, I think probably the main reason people overeat is stress." - Jenny Craig

"I always feel calmer when I exercise. In fact, that's probably the main reason I exercise." - Gretchen Rubin

"Self-command is the main elegance." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Victory is the main object in war." - Sun Tzu

"A good life is a main argument." - Ben Jonson

"Work, work, work, is the main thing." - Abraham Lincoln

"Keep your eye on the main event." - Martha Griffiths

"if the main reason we listen to music in the first place is to hear passion expressed- as i've believed all my life-then what good is this music going to prove to be? what does that say about us? what are we confirming in ourselves by doting on art that is emotionally neutral? and, simultaneously, what in ourselves might we be destroying or at least keeping down?" - Lester Bangs

"It is amazing that 2001: A Space Odyssey has not aged at all, except for a few minor technical gadgets. The main reason is, of course, the philosophical or spiritual element in this story. We know as little today about the secrets of Creation and evolution as we knew before, and it is not likely that we'll ever know much more. We'll have to be satisfied, as Kubrick was, respectfully admiring the potential for evolution within the mystery of the universe's creation." - Jan Harlan

"The structure of your practice is the main reason for your success or lack of success as a coach" - Bobby Knight

"Troubadours travelled from town to town. They didn't really sing too good, which is the main reason they kept going." - Art Linkletter

"The main reason there are no raw devices is that I personally think that raw devices are a stupid idea." - Linus Torvalds

"Lack of rule of law is the main reason Pakistan could not join the ranks of progressive nations." - Imran Khan

"The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live." - George Carlin

"I think the main reason my marriages failed is that I always loved too well but never wisely." - Ava Gardner

"The main things are the plain things, and the plain things are the main things." - Alistair Begg

"I said to the president's wife, Vietnam is the main reason we are having trouble with the youth of America. It is a war without explanation or reason." - Eartha Kitt

"For me, the main thing is spontaneity & taking chances." - Dave Kikoski

"We lost, and that's the main thing that went wrong," - Mike Krzyzewski

"The main function of color should be to serve expression." - Henri Matisse

"The main thing that God asks for is our attention." - Jim Cymbala

"I'm the main rapper of B2ST, Yang Yoseob!" - Yoseob

"Minho looks like a main character of a manga." - Onew

"The main thing about directing is: photograph the people's eyes." - John Ford

"Let God Himself be the main attraction at church again..." - James MacDonald

"... reason accepts no commandments." - Ayn Rand

"Passion cooks. Reason cleans." - Mason Cooley

"Reason is also choice." - John Milton

"Reason is intuition's servant." - Albert Einstein

"Reason also is choice." - John Milton

"We have had philosophies, we have ideologies, we have so many kinds of enterprises but despite that there are so many differences and the differences are having larger and larger gaps. If it is the truth, it has to be the truth for everyone. Everyone has to say: "This is The Truth". But it has to be the Absolute Truth. If it is not the Absolute Truth than what we believe into is not the reality. And this is the main reason why everything in the name of God, Divinity, everything has failed so far because it is not substantiated by reality." - Nirmala Srivastava

"A person cannot make another happy, but he can make him unhappy. This is the main reason why there is more unhappiness than happiness in the world." - Thomas Szasz

"The main reason people want to pay for Spotify is really portability. People are saying, 'I want to have my music with me." - Daniel Ek

"Conservative Denyers and Delayers are the main reason America lacks the consensus and the political will to take up the fight against catastrophic climate change." - Joseph J. Romm

"I'm not unaware of the fact that probably my biggest audience is lesbians, and is probably the main reason why I've attained the success that I have," - Sharon Gless

"Some people are mistaken, they think birds need feed to survive, but they don't. The main reason to feed birds is to enjoy them." - Maggie Elizabeth Jones

"If there is a rotten government in a democracy, the main reason for this is that there is a rotten majority over there!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"The main reason for the colossal objects is the obvious one, to expand and intensify the presence of the vessel - the object." - Claes Oldenburg

"The main reason for people's lack of success is their willingness to give up what they want most of all, for what they want right now!" - Zig Ziglar

"The main reason I want someone to read a story of mine is so they can enjoy it and feel like they got something interesting out of it." - Paolo Bacigalupi

"The main reason for rewriting is not to achieve a smooth surface, but to discover the inner truth of your characters." - Saul Bellow

"My main reason for adopting literature as a profession was that, as the author is never seen by his clients, he need not dress respectably." - George Bernard Shaw

"Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid." - George Carlin

"The main reason people want to pay for Spotify is really portability. People are saying, 'I want to have my music with me.'" - Daniel Ek

"The public health authorities never mention the main reason many Americans have for smoking heavily, which is that smoking is a fairly sure, fairly honorable form of suicide." - Kurt Vonnegut

"The main reason I did 'Captain America' was because I wanted to get out of my own head and stop taking my work so seriously." - Hayley Atwell

"The main reason why men and women make different aesthetic judgments is the fact that the latter, generally incapable of abstraction, only admire what meets their complete approval." - Franz Grillparzer

"The main reason I wanted to be successful was to get out of the ghetto. My parents helped direct my path." - Florence Griffith Joyner

"I'm sure some cynical people would point to that as the main reason for doing it for a lot of people." - Jo Brand

"History is full of really good stories. That's the main reason I got into this racket: I want to make the argument that history is interesting." - Sarah Vowell

"The main advantage of the omniscient approach is that it's the easiest to handle. That's the major reason so many writers select it." - Arthur Herzog

"Don't you think that's the main reason people find [writing] so difficult? If they can write complete sentences and can use a dictionary, isn't that the only reason they find writing hard: they don't know or care about anything?" - Kurt Vonnegut

"Most people believe in God because they have been taught from early infancy to do it, and that is the main reason. Then I think that the next most powerful reason is the wish for safety." - Bertrand Russell

"There's a reason why the NRA's not here. They're just down the street. And since this is the main reason they exist, you'd think that they'd be prepared to have a debate with a president." - Barack Obama

"I listen to the people. That was a big reason for my life, maybe the main reason, I'm singing because I love it when people say to me, 'Thank you.' I thank them. It's a marriage." - Julio Iglesias

"I've never been on Wall Street. And I care about Wall Street for one reason and one reason only because what happens on Wall Street matters to Main Street." - Ben Bernanke

"We love without reason, and without reason we hate." - Jean-Francois Regnard

"Nothing happens without a reason." - Marilyn Monroe

"Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain." - Pierre Trudeau

"Ultimately, the main reason that you want more women in the sciences is the same reason you want more gay men in the sciences. It's the same reason you want more Latinos or African Americans; it's because if you come at a problem from a different perspective, you will be offering a creative vision that wasn't there before." - Cara Santa Maria

"Growing up I didn't want to be an actor. I sort of didn't want to go into the family business; the main reason being there was something I wanted to do far more, which was be an artist." - John Lithgow

"The main reason for doing it now had more to do with the players. This is a great group. This particular group has really worked hard to prepare themselves. And we have a chance to have a good football team." - LaVell Edwards

"The characters in a children's book must reach into the heart of the reader on page one. Emotional content is the main reason a child and a parent will go back to a book again and again." - Rosemary Wells

"Experience is the main reason why we`re here, I think, in the world - to gain experience. And from our experience we gain knowledge ... and if we get any knowledge, then we gain liberation." - George Harrison

"As Vice President one of the things I spend time on is the continuity of government; that's the main reason I'm here is a back up for the President if anything happens to him." - Dick Cheney

"Trillian had come to suspect that the main reason [Zaphood] had had such a wild and successful life was that he never really understood the significance of anything he did." - Douglas Adams

"The main reason people fail is they become attached to others who hold them back. Letting go of others and going forward may seem like a lonely and impossible task, but I assure you it is not." - Frederick Lenz

"It's the main reason why I continue to push myself and my career to do more and more as the amount that you're able to raise for charity and to give to charity by my celebrity." - Rosie O'Donnell

"I am not one of the people who believe that the main reason why a chap becomes a bookmaker is because he is too scared to steal and too heavy to become a jockey." - Noel Whitcomb

"The main reason we are held hostage by the most destructive technology on earth is simple: the complete lack of international resolve to ban nuclear weapons and banish them from the arsenals of the world." - C. G. Weeramantry

"The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money...but never learn to have money work for them." - Robert Kiyosaki

"To me, the main thing about living on this planet is to know who the hell you are and be real about it. That's the reason I'm still alive." - Keith Richards

"The world is looking to us for leadership. We have provided it in the past; the main reason why anti-American feelings are so strong in the world today is that we are not providing it in the present." - George Soros

"The main reason I like UFC is not just the martial arts aspect, but it's about one person against the other person. It's about being able to test yourself with the truth." - Donnie Yen

"The main reason for choosing a project is not really the renown of the director that's making the project. I feel like it's the fact of an actor to constantly want to do different things." - Song Kang-Ho

"Going back to why people don't vote, I presume the main reason is because they understand without reading political science texts that it doesn't make any difference how they vote. It's not going to affect policy, so why bother?" - Noam Chomsky

"I do believe motion pictures are the significant art form of our time. And I think the main reason is, they're an art form of movement, as opposed to static art forms of previous times." - Roger Corman

"The main reason we understand what we're doing is because we're the individuals doing it. One of the things that surprises me is that all the songs are about me, and it's cool that people care." - Matthew Healy

"Of course, the main reason is the change of law in the way Germany has brought Nazi war criminals to trial. The previous rules was that you'd have to have tangible evidence, and documentary evidence was not sufficient." - Marvin Hier

"This book lays out the main lines of evidence for evolution. For those who oppose Darwinism purely as a matter of faith, no amount of evidence will do-theirs is a belief not based on reason." - Jerry Coyne

"The main reason guys will never admit to having even the teeniest clue about what women really want is because if they did, they'd have to do something about it." - Barbara Graham

"The main reason God has given us minds is that we might seek out and find all the reasons that exist for treasuring him in all things and above all things." - John Piper

"It's the main reason why I continue to push myself and my career to do more and more as the amount that you're able to raise for charity and to give to charity by my celebrity." - Rosie Odonnell

"Just as liberalism is the main force that drives conservatism and maintains its popularity in some quarters, conservatism is the reason liberalism continues to enjoy the traction that it does in our poor civilization." - L Neil Smith

"Why do I use the same actors in different movies? One of the things I really stress in casting is I need to find someone who is suitable for the role in the movie. That's always the main reason." - Stephen Chow

"I was born in Argentina where polo is popular, and my father always loved horses, so he encouraged me to play. He's the main reason I started to play polo and get involved with the sport." - Nacho Figueras

"To my mind, the main reason for the Depression in the United States as a whole, is the bondage of debt and the spirit of speculation among the people." - Heber J Grant

"The main reason why we look constantly to the Gita is that, whenever we need help, we may get it from the Gita. And, indeed, we always do get it." - Vinoba Bhave

"We do live in an environment of crony capitalism, and the main reason we do is that loopholes are for sale, and both parties have their hands out through those loopholes." - Gary Johnson

"First I did animation films, when I was young, in time-lapse. And then in the '80s I went directly to video. The main reason for that was that I could control all the steps." - Pipilotti Rist

"I think the main reason a lot of child stars don't make it is that it's hard to see someone as cute and then all of a sudden see them as having more depth." - Christina Ricci

"When I started my own business, my main reason for designing clothes was that I wanted to dress rock stars and the people who went to rock concerts. It didn't go beyond that aspiration at that point." - Anna Sui

"If a club is winning, you never pay attention to a guy who's 0-for-10. If a club is losing, all of a sudden you'll find that he's the main reason why you're losing, which is absurd for me." - Joe Torre

"We do foreign assistance for altruistic reasons, certainly for humanitarian reasons, of course. But the main reason we do foreign assistance is we do it in the American national interest." - Roger Wicker

"The main reason I write the daily observations is because I want to know where I'm wrong. So lots of times if somebody points something out it helps me, and I want to have a diversified bet of uncorrelated bets." - Ray Dalio

"The main reason I got into comedy was in the hope that I could make a few people laugh and feel better about life, and the fact that I do that is quite overwhelming, really." - Miranda Hart

"You see, I don't belive that libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence, that has been the main reason for our policy of employing wild animals as librarians." - Graham Chapman

"That's one of the reasons I moved to Florida. Of course, the main reason is the weather and the training. But there's more jealousy in Switzerland because it's so little and they don't have so many athletes." - Martina Hingis

"I've had a lot of fun, and when I talk to kids in journalism schools, I say, look, I know what the journalism teachers tell you that this is a great way to perform public service and all that, but I say the main reason, if you decide what you want to do is be a reporter, the main reason you want to do it is because it's just so much fun." - Bob Schieffer

"One main factor in the upward trend of animal life has been the power of wandering." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Money had never been the main thing for me. It's the legacy that was important." - Berry Gordy

"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself." - Erich Fromm

"Don't teach too many postures; just the main ones, and hold them for a long time." - Dharma Mittra

"Indeed, the U.N. is the main Soviet espionage center in this country." - Jack Anderson

"Eventually, alas, I realized the main purpose of buying cocaine is to run out of it." - George Carlin

"the mighty main sea is the begetter of clouds and winds and rivers." - Anaximenes of Miletus

"One of the main purveyors of violence in this world has been this country America." - Danny Glover

"My main objective is to be professional but to kill him." - Mike Tyson

"Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing." - Seneca the Younger

"Private property was the original source of freedom. It still is its main bulwark." - Walter Lippmann

"The main quality of courage ! If you can dream it, you can do it!" - Walt Disney

"Coaching secrets? I don't think I got any. The main "secret" - love for chess." - Ashot Nadanian

"I want to make the songs good. I think this is my main focus." - Ed Sheeran

"The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The bottom line is a by-product of taking care of your main product - your customers." - Ron Kaufman

"Well, I just want him to grow up happy. That's the main thing." - John Lennon

"The main insight learned from interdisciplinary studies is the return to specialization" - George Stigler

"I guess my main influences are Jesus, rock n roll and ex-wives. In that order." - Sam Kinison

"I am the showstopper. The main event. The Icon that can still go." - Shawn Michaels

"The main symptom of falling in love is that you lose your intellectual prowess." - Fran Lebowitz

"I am not an encore, not a pudding, I am the main dish." - Joseph Roth

"Of all wit's uses, the main one is to live well with who has none." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"the Mind of Man- My haunt, and the main region of my song." - William Wordsworth

"I'm one of the blind alleys off the main road of procreation." - Evelyn Waugh

"A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Love is the main generator of all good writing... Love, passion, compassion, are all welded together." - Carson Mccullers

"The main reason why people should care about research in fundamental physics is the same reason they care about astronomy and cosmology. People, children, want to know what we're made out of, how it works, and why the universe is the way it is." - David Gross

"Docility is the observable half of reason." - George Santayana

"Well-bred instinct meets reason halfway" - George Santayana

"Insanity destroys reason, but not wit." - Nathanael Emmons

"Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion." - Richard Bach

"Curiosity has its own reason for existence." - Albert Einstein

"Reason should be destroyed in all Christians." - Martin Luther

"Reason and right give the quickest despatch." - Owen Feltham

"It's boredom. No other reason than that." - Brad Pitt

"the reason for anger is always fear." - Eloise Lownsbery

"Beauty compels us; reason merely cajoles." - Mason Cooley

"Reason and speech we onely bring." - George Herbert



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