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Main Course Quotes


"Singlehood is not longer a state to be overcome as soon as possible. It has its own rewards. Marriage is not the gateway to adulthood anymore. For most people it's the dessert - desirable, but no longer the main course." - Stephanie Coontz

"you're just a side dish not the main course!" - Eric Jerome Dickey

"My main competitor is myself." - Evgeni Plushenko

"Curiosity is the main energy." - Robert Rauschenberg

"It is often claimed that knowledge multiplies so rapidly that nobody can follow it. I believe this is incorrect. At least in science it is not true. The main purpose of science is simplicity and as we understand more things, everything is becoming simpler. This, of course, goes contrary to what everyone accepts." - Edward Teller

"Emotions are classes in the Earth school. Some classes are about fear, and some are about love. The Universe is your tutor, and your classroom is your life. The main course in the Earth school, Authentic Power, is the same for everyone, but different students need different courses in order to complete it." - Gary Zukav

"Most pleasures are best as a seasoning, not the main course. p. 374" - Brandon Mull

"Fun can be the dessert of our lives but never its main course." - Harold S. Kushner

"Fun can be the dessert of our lives but never its main course." - Rabbi Harold Kushner

"Some people prefer eating dessert to the main course. These people have never been really hungry." - Vera Nazarian

"Josephus: I'm Josephus, and I'm the main course over at the Colosseum!" - Mel Brooks

"Self-command is the main elegance." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Victory is the main object in war." - Sun Tzu

"A good life is a main argument." - Ben Jonson

"Work, work, work, is the main thing." - Abraham Lincoln

"Keep your eye on the main event." - Martha Griffiths

"The main reason for healing is love." - Paracelsus

"It is amazing that 2001: A Space Odyssey has not aged at all, except for a few minor technical gadgets. The main reason is, of course, the philosophical or spiritual element in this story. We know as little today about the secrets of Creation and evolution as we knew before, and it is not likely that we'll ever know much more. We'll have to be satisfied, as Kubrick was, respectfully admiring the potential for evolution within the mystery of the universe's creation." - Jan Harlan

"... the main principle by which human beings must guide the future course of their development is love." - Ashley Montagu

"Go vegetable heavy. Reverse the psychology of your plate by making meat the side dish and vegetables the main course." - Bobby Flay

"The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster." - Ludwig Von Mises

"The main things are the plain things, and the plain things are the main things." - Alistair Begg

"The main characteristic of collectivism is that it does not take notice of the individual's will and moral self-determination. In the light of its philosophy the individual is born into a collective and it is "natural" and proper for him to behave as members of this collective are expected to behave. Expected by whom? Of course, by those individuals to whom, by the mysterious decrees of some mysterious agency, the task of determining the collective will and directing the actions of the collective has been entrusted." - Ludwig Von Mises

"The other thing that soy contributes to, of course, is hydrogenated oil. This is the main oil. This is the fast-food oil." - Michael Pollan

"... three main components of leadership: mastery of the subject-matter, ability convincingly to articulate the particular course of action required and a fervent belief in its correctness." - Ninian Stephen

"As I look back on my life, I see it as one long obstacle course with myself as the main obstacle." - Jack Paar

"The main drawback, of course, was cost. Participating effectively in World Summit on the Information Society was very expensive for both developing countries and (especially) civil society." - David Souter

"For me, the main thing is spontaneity & taking chances." - Dave Kikoski

"We lost, and that's the main thing that went wrong," - Mike Krzyzewski

"The main function of color should be to serve expression." - Henri Matisse

"The main thing that God asks for is our attention." - Jim Cymbala

"I'm the main rapper of B2ST, Yang Yoseob!" - Yoseob

"Minho looks like a main character of a manga." - Onew

"The main thing about directing is: photograph the people's eyes." - John Ford

"Let God Himself be the main attraction at church again..." - James MacDonald

"Often for hors d'oeuvres, I serve room temperature vegetables, something like that, so that the main course might be quite rich but the first course has balanced it out." - Sally Schneider

"I like setting up problems for the viewer, like how do you visually deal with a ring when what's usually in the center of a painting is very important? It's like the main course isn't there and you're having to deal with everything around what would normally be the main course." - Robert Mangold

"I like setting up problems for the viewer, like how do you visually deal with a ring when what's usually in the center of a painting is very important? It's like the main course isn't there and you're having to deal with everything around what would normally be the main course." - Robert Mangold

"Life is, of course, terrible." - Anthony Burgess

"Time rolls his ceaseless course." - Walter Scott

"Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain." - Pierre Trudeau

"I've been patient with everything - management, coaches, players - but I want to play. I think I took my time eating my soup, the soup is gone. Now it's time for the main course. The appetizers, throw them out the window." - Charles Oakley

"The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people. Of course, the means and methods of accomplishing these ends have changed as society has changed." - Edward Bernays

"Sail the main course in a simple sturdy craft. Keep her well stocked with short stories and long laughs. Go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see. Moderation seems to be the key." - Jimmy Buffett

"Of course, the main reason is the change of law in the way Germany has brought Nazi war criminals to trial. The previous rules was that you'd have to have tangible evidence, and documentary evidence was not sufficient." - Marvin Hier

"I must plead guilty as any of escaping into immediate busywork to keep the far harder task of peering into a dim future, which, of course, should be one of a diplomat's main duties." - Dean Acheson

"The main thing, of course, always, is the fact that there is only one of you in the world, just one, and if that is not fulfilled then something has been lost. Ambition is not enough; necessity is everything." - Martha Graham

"I feel sorry for the poor kids whose parents feel they're qualified to teach them at home. Of course, some parents are smarter than some teachers, but in the main I see home-schooling as misguided foolishness." - Dick Cavett

"As relationships progress, the time you spend smooching diminishes. Where kissing was once an enjoyable entree unto itself, it becomes a mere appetizer couples hasten through on the way to the main course." - Jenna Mccarthy

"Well, I am from India and I wanted to make films in English for the international market in India. So that was really the main thing, and then of course economically it was cheaper to make films in India." - Ismail Merchant

"Of course the most difficult thing on the violin is always intonation. The second one is rhythm. If you play in tune, in time with a good sound that's already high level. Those three are the main things." - Ruggiero Ricci

"We will reverse course on the heavy hand of regulation, discarding Dodd-Frank and any other regulations that advance a political agenda at the expense of jobs and investment on Main Street." - Rick Perry

"Of course I consider myself a Jewish writer - I am one! All of the protagonists in my five books have been Jewish, and I wouldn't be surprised if all my future main characters were as well." - Lauren Weisberger

"My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too." - Jack Welch

"We do foreign assistance for altruistic reasons, certainly for humanitarian reasons, of course. But the main reason we do foreign assistance is we do it in the American national interest." - Roger Wicker

"The main thing that those two albums have in common aside from my music, which of course, a sense of it, you can recognize, it is that the bass on Infinite Search was playing much, much less like a bass." - Miroslav Vitous

"Walt's idea was that - as soon as the people who were dining got through their main course. They were supposed to all be seated, served at the same time, when they got into the dessert." - John Hench

"I'd begun reading Crumb shortly before that, and other underground stuff, so that was an influence to some degree. Of course the Marvel and DC comics, they had been my main interests in my teenage years." - Chester Brown

"That's one of the reasons I moved to Florida. Of course, the main reason is the weather and the training. But there's more jealousy in Switzerland because it's so little and they don't have so many athletes." - Martina Hingis

"My main contribution was to demolish the myths that India couldn't economically afford nuclear weapons. Of course I made these political arguments too, but the main contribution I made was a study of the cost of acquiring a credible deterrent, and show that it was within the budget of India, and it would not be an unbearable burden." - Subramanian Swamy

"Apology is mankind's nearest course to perfection." - Wes Fesler

"Memory is, of course, a trickster." - Frances Mayes

"Of course, it has never paid much." - Molly Ivins

"Universities are of course hostile to geniuses." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Vic Armstrong is, of course, a legend" - Martin Scorsese

"Of course. You get everything from books." - Gregory Maguire

"Of course,Behaviourism 'works'. So does torture." - W H Auden

"One main factor in the upward trend of animal life has been the power of wandering." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Money had never been the main thing for me. It's the legacy that was important." - Berry Gordy

"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself." - Erich Fromm

"Don't teach too many postures; just the main ones, and hold them for a long time." - Dharma Mittra

"Indeed, the U.N. is the main Soviet espionage center in this country." - Jack Anderson

"Eventually, alas, I realized the main purpose of buying cocaine is to run out of it." - George Carlin

"the mighty main sea is the begetter of clouds and winds and rivers." - Anaximenes of Miletus

"One of the main purveyors of violence in this world has been this country America." - Danny Glover

"My main objective is to be professional but to kill him." - Mike Tyson

"Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing." - Seneca the Younger

"Private property was the original source of freedom. It still is its main bulwark." - Walter Lippmann

"The main quality of courage ! If you can dream it, you can do it!" - Walt Disney

"Coaching secrets? I don't think I got any. The main "secret" - love for chess." - Ashot Nadanian

"I want to make the songs good. I think this is my main focus." - Ed Sheeran

"The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The bottom line is a by-product of taking care of your main product - your customers." - Ron Kaufman

"Well, I just want him to grow up happy. That's the main thing." - John Lennon

"The main insight learned from interdisciplinary studies is the return to specialization" - George Stigler

"I guess my main influences are Jesus, rock n roll and ex-wives. In that order." - Sam Kinison

"I am the showstopper. The main event. The Icon that can still go." - Shawn Michaels

"The main symptom of falling in love is that you lose your intellectual prowess." - Fran Lebowitz

"I am not an encore, not a pudding, I am the main dish." - Joseph Roth

"Of all wit's uses, the main one is to live well with who has none." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"the Mind of Man- My haunt, and the main region of my song." - William Wordsworth

"I'm one of the blind alleys off the main road of procreation." - Evelyn Waugh

"A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Love is the main generator of all good writing... Love, passion, compassion, are all welded together." - Carson Mccullers

"Protestantism, of course, is much more explicitly divided into different traditions - the Pentecostals, the Anglicans. But there is the main tradition of Protestantism that comes out of the Reformation and that produced people like Kant and Hegel and so on, who are not normally thought of as being people writing in a theological tradition, although Hegel, of course, wrote theology his whole life." - Marilynne Robinson

"Augusta is a very unique golf course. It's a long hitters' course; main reason is because the greens are so severe, and the areas where they put the pin is such a small area. The little plateaus and undulations mean it's incredibly important to be close to that pin so you can be aggressive." - Fred Funk

"When I was a child, we always had wine on the table, no matter how simple the meal. The wine had no special identity; it was just 'the wine,' from the cellar cask. The rules were general: white with the first course, red with the main course." - Jacques Pepin

"The main characteristics of effective leadership are intelligence, integrity or loyalty, mystique, humor, discipline, courage, self sufficieny and confidence." - James Fisher

"Sahaja Yoga is nothing but love, love, love. How much you love others is the main point." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Lots of times, our main problem isn't our problem. Our biggest problem is our perspective on our problem." - Steven Furtick

"A coach's main job is to reawaken a spirit in which the players can blend together effortlessly." - Phil Jackson

"I endeavor to keep their attention fixed on the main objects of all science, the freedom & happiness of man." - Thomas Jefferson

"The main thing about money, Bud, is that it makes you do things you don't want to do." - Hal Holbrook

"There's always someone telling you not to do something. The main thing is just to ignore them." - Tim Robbins

"Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life." - Hunter S Thompson

"The main trouble with this civilized world isn't that we adventure too much, but that we fail to adventure enough." - Cornelia Parker

"What's the main thing that makes magic magic? The fact that no one believes that it's possible." - Kanye West

"It's also very important to make sure that the main character and the player are completely in synch." - Sam Lake

"A printer consists of three main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light." - Dave Barry

"Hearing the faraway sounds of children at recess makes me understand that I am no longer life's main character." - Alec Sulkin

"The Zionists'...main preoccupation is not to save Jews alive out of Europe but to get Jews into Palestine." - Richard Crossman

"The main thing with triathlon is you've got to be as fit as you can. I train all year round." - Alistair Brownlee

"My main concern is quality and I think there is quality to be found in all categories of filmmaking." - Brad Pitt

"... the main concern of the fiction writer is with mystery as it is incarnated in human life." - Flannery O'Connor

"Nature is my main source of inspiration - I will never stop taking hints from what I call 'the greatest artist'" - Roberto Cavalli

"Main Street is almost alright." - Robert Venturi

"My main weakness is nerves." - Megan Fox

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." - Stephen Covey

"Of course not. After all, I may be wrong." - Bertrand Russell

"Of course I know how to roll a joint." - Martha Stewart

"There is no working middle course in wartime." - Winston Churchill

"Utter originality is, of course, out of the question." - Ezra Pound

"On the value of blind shots to golf course design." - Alister MacKenzie

"I want to build a course my mum can enjoy." - Davis Love III

"Of course there is nothing that cannot be done incorrectly." - Joy Williams

"Of course I believe in hell. I have three brothers." - Lois Greiman

"I am attracted to humans. But, of course...not many." - Steven Morrissey

"You may have genius. The contrary is, of course, probable." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"The course of everything goes to teach us faith." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The process of innovation is, of course, never ending." - Alan Greenspan

"Screwy," I said. "Is that a medical term?" "Of course." - Ilona Andrews

"Of course I have bad hair days; I'm human." - Ryan Lochte

"God, of course, is the greatest philosopher of all." - Richard M. Nixon

"Shamanism is not a course, but a life journey." - Alberto Villoldo

"Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong." - Dennis Miller

"A Single journey can change the course of a life." - Angelina Jolie

"Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity." - Anonymous

"Time in its aging course teaches all things." - Aeschylus

"Woman loves or hates: she knows no middle course." - Publilius Syrus

"I shall, of course, die with nonviolence on my lips." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The main reason why I'm a documentary filmmaker is the power of the medium. The most powerful films I've seen have been documentaries. Of course, there are some narrative films that I could never forget, but there are more documentaries that have had that impact on me." - Richard Ray Perez

"The main thing is, and of course this is a pedant talking, we should start our education on these issues in kindergarten. Instead of saying, "See Spot run," we ought to say, "See the plant grow in the sun." We ought to explain what runs the weather in the third or fourth grade to start out with." - Paul R Ehrlich

"I jest, of course; premature ejaculation isn't a laughing matter for anyone, except for your friends when you tell them about it on the phone the next morning. My first marriage ended because the main event was invariably over before my husband got his socks off." - Julie Burchill

"From Here to Eternity' happens to be fourteen-carat entertainment. The main trouble is that it is too entertaining for a film in which love affairs flounder, one sweet guy is beaten to death, and a man of high principles is mistaken for a saboteur and killed on a golf course." - Manny Farber

"Can I ask you a question? You know with vampires and werewolves and goblins and things, is there any mythological creature that doesn't actually exist?" "Of course," he replied. "The unicorn and the leprechaun would be would be the two main ones. The Loch Ness Monster isn't real, either, that's just someone called Bert." - Derek Landy

"It was long after midnight and the stars looked damp and chilly; the air was full of the busy silence of the night, which is created by hundreds of small furry things treading very carefully in the hope of finding dinner while avoiding being the main course." - Terry Pratchett

"Ultimately it's a snowboarding film [Fourth Phase], of course, so the main thing that we wanted to celebrate was how awesome snowboarding is! Secondly, we wanted to celebrate the environment that we all shape our lives around. So the film documents myself and other like-minded individuals attempting to follow the hydrological cycles that shape the worlds we've committed our lives to." - Travis Rice

"Of course, one of the main legitimate functions of thought has always been to help provide security, guaranteeing shelter and food for instance. However, this function went wrong when the principle source of insecurity came to be the operation of thought itself." - David Bohm

"The main aim of the [political] dialogue should be to resolve the problems of the nation, not to find who is the winner and who is the loser. That's not what it's all about. It's to try and find an answer that is acceptable to all parties concerned, which would of course require some give and take." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"'From Here to Eternity' happens to be fourteen-carat entertainment. The main trouble is that it is too entertaining for a film in which love affairs flounder, one sweet guy is beaten to death, and a man of high principles is mistaken for a saboteur and killed on a golf course." - Manny Farber



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