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Magic In Movies Quotes


"I put the ick in magic." - Jim Butcher

"In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing." - Esther Hicks

"T'is true: there's magic in the web of it..." - William Shakespeare

"Action has magic, grace and power in it." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"It is in their eyes that their magic resides." - Arthur Symons

"There is a lot of comedy in magic, and magic going wrong, and also it is a dramatic subject." - J K Rowling

"All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic..." - Sybil Leek

"My idea of magic doesn't have much to do with stage tricks and illusions. The whole world abounds in magic." - Michael Jackson

"Once in a while, when everything is just right, there is a moment of magic. People can live on moments of magic." - Sarah Caldwell

"If you don't believe in magic, then you can't believe in reality." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Sitting in cold wet britches for an hour was no fun even in a magic kingdom." - Katherine Paterson

"War vies with magic in its efforts to get something for nothing..." - Lewis Mumford

"The magic of the pen lies in the concentration of your thoughts upon one object." - George Henry Lewes

"It's only in innocence you find any kind of magic, any kind of courage." - Sean Penn

"Old Magic, Old Ways, the Old Ones themselves often seem powerless in a new place." - Anne Cameron

"If you don't get the ending you desire.... have faith in the magic of new beginnings." - Rita Zahara

"Without patience, magic would be undiscovered - in rushing everything, we would never hear its whisper inside." - Tamora Pierce

"This is, in part, why there is less magic in the world today. Magic is secret and secrets are magic, after all, and years upon years of teaching and sharing magic and worse. Writing it down in fancy books that get all dusty with age has lessened it, removed its power bit by bit." - Erin Morgenstern

"All of life's riddles are answered in the movies." - Steve Martin

"Half magic is no magic at all." - Sharyn McCrumb

"I had loved magic tricks from the time I was six or seven. I bought books on magic. I did magic acts for my parents and their friends. I was aiming for show business from early days, and magic was the poor man's way of getting in: you buy a trick for $2, and you've got an act." - Steve Martin

"Movies are like magic tricks." - Jeff Bridges

"I love movies to death. I spent my entire youth in front of a TV watching old movies." - Amy Heckerling

"In some families, please is described as the magic word. In our house, however, it was sorry." - Margaret Laurence

"We leave a piece of ourselves and our magic in a person that we fall in love with." - Taylor Swift

"In the war of magic and religion, is magic ultimately the victor? Perhaps priest and magician were once one, but the priest, learning humility in the face of God, discarded the spell for prayer." - Patti Smith

"For me, running is a lifestyle and an art. I'm more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics." - Lorraine Moller

"Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images to achieve changes in consciousness" - Alan Moore

"Magic is the craft of shaping, the craft of the wise, exhilarating, dangerous - the ultimate adventure. The power of magic should not be underestimated. It works, often in ways that are unexpected and difficult to control." - Starhawk

"I wanted to know how humans came up with a view of the world that had so little magic in it. I needed to understand how they convinced themselves that magic wasn't important." - Deborah Harkness

"[Writing scripts] I'm not looking to jump in and make super mainstream movies. I still like to make movies that I like to see." - Rob Zombie

"Effective magic is transcendent nature." - George Eliot

"When two people meet and fall in love, there's a sudden rush of magic. Magic is just naturally present then. We tend to feed on that gratuitous magic without striving to make any more. One day we wake up and find that the magic is gone. We hustle to get it back, but by then it's usually too late, we've used it up. What we have to do is work like hell at making additional magic right from the start. It's hard work, but if we can remember to do it, we greatly improve our chances of making love stay." - Tom Robbins

"I'm always aiming for some magic in films if I can find a mystical quality either in a song or in a moment or a character's intention." - Jean-Marc Vallee

"Usually I don't like to act in movies that I direct because it's kind of confusing." - Rob Reiner

"There is nothing to be scared of in movies. It's a bit scarier going on stage." - Anthony Hopkins

"Action movies to me are dramas with recognizable human beings that are in extraordinary situations." - Walter Hill

"Fairy tales only happen in movies." -George Melies from The Invention of Hugo Cabret" - Brian Selznick

"Magic enables man to carry out with confidence his important tasks, to maintain his poise and his mental integrity in fits of anger, in the throes of hate, of unrequited love, of despair and anxiety. The function of magic is to ritualize man's optimism, to enhance his faith in the victory of hope over fear. Magic expresses the greater value for man of confidence over doubt, of steadfastness over vacillation, of optimism over pessimism." - Bronislaw Malinowski

"Life's an act of magic, too. Claire Hamill sings a line in one of her songs that really sums it up for me: 'If there's no magic, there's no meaning.' Without magic- or call it wonder, mystery, natural wisdom- nothing has any depth. It's all just surface. You know: what you see is what you get. I honestly believe there's more to everything than that, whether it's a Monet hanging in a gallery or some old vagrant sleeping in an alley." - Charles De Lint

"There is magic in the memory of schoolboy friendships; it softens the heart, and even affects the nervous system of those who have no heart." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Pure faith in the benevolece of the Divine can also degenerate into destructive forms of religion like othodoxy, fundamentalism, sectarianism, fanaticism, black magic and witchcraft." - Nirmala Srivastava

"There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never know beyond its hallowed limits." - Robert Southey

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe31. The best revenge is massive success." - Frank Sinatra

"There is an incredible amount of magic and feistiness in black men that nobody has been able to wipe out. But everybody has tried." - Toni Morrison

"Magic has always been an element of Witchcraft, but in the Craft its techniques were practiced within a context of community and connection." - Starhawk

"Poetry is a kind of magic that very few can create and even fewer can truly understand and appreciate in all its glory." - Dennis Gabor

"Magic Johnson is the best player who plays on the ground, and Michael Jordan is the best player who plays in the air." - John Paxson

"Winter sunshine is a fairy wand touching everything with a strange magic. It is like the smile of a friend in time of sorrow." - Patience Strong

"There is some magic in wealth, which can thus make persons pay their court to it, when it does not even benefit themselves." - Ann Radcliffe

"Sensuality reconciles us with the human race. The misanthropy of the old is due in large part to the fading of the magic glow of desire." - Eric Hoffer

"I think movies have much more magic than the theater. Theater can be a magical experience, but movies thrust their subjectivity on you in a more profound way." - Zoe Kazan

"There is more sexism in a year's worth of movies than actually exists in a woman's entire lifetime." - Florence King

"It's true in life, as in the movies, that the greatest highs are often followed by the lowest lows." - Cary Elwes

"I started in TV movies and then had success in my move to features with Night Shift and Splash." - Brian Grazer

"I think movies probably are a mirror in some way so we can see ourselves in them." - Richard Gere

"The treatment of African and African American culture in our education was no different from their treatment in Tarzan movies." - Ishmael Reed

"In the way that women forget the pain of childbirth, men forget that they cry in movies." - Nora Ephron

"There's always been violence in movies, and there will always be violence in movies. Whether it lends to the one psychotic that's out there, thinking the worst thoughts you could possibly thing, is always going to be a mystery." - Josh Brolin

"The real name for 'science' is magic." - Harlan Ellison

"So much magic lies beyond our fears." - Kathryn Budig

"We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls." - Robert R. McCammon

"Magic is an exercise of a pattern of thought (sometimes represented by a gesture, ritual, or the calling of a true name) that results in manifestation/s. But these patterns of thought can have so much to do with whimsy that magic often is jokes." - Helen Oyeyemi

"I loved magic, and so I would practice my magic tricks in front of a mirror for hours and hours and hours because I was told that you must practice, you must practice and never present a trick before it's ready." - Steve Martin

"To do magic, to do great magic, he has to know himself as a piece of the universe.A piece of the universe?A little piece that has all the rest of it in it. Everything outside of him is also inside of him." - Peter Straub

"with all these tentpoles, franchises, reboots and sequels, is there still room for movies in the movie business?" - Lynda Obst

"More actors in action movies should be gangly because that way it's believable when they move through tight spaces." - Sofia Coppola

"I believe that the kids, young people should have an opportunity to have Oscar nominated actors in their movies too." - Queen Latifah

"I have terrible taste in things: music, movies, TV shows. I love all the guilty pleasures: Bravo, Real Housewives." - Grace Helbig

"I've always been a fan of just extreme things. Whether it be in movies, books, TV or real life." - Rob Zombie

"A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself." - Laura Gilpin

"Love can be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion." - Javan

"I've always been passionate about these different (film) genres. Kung fu movies, samurai movies, Japanese movies, all this kind of stuff, and my love for it, and just trying to present it in a way that other people can love it as much as I do." - Quentin Tarantino

"We need a renaissance of wonder. We need to renew, in our hearts and in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is miracle and magic." - E. Merrill Root

"I drank a second mouthful in which I find nothing more than in the first, then a third which gives me rather less than the second. It is time to stop; the potion is losing its magic." - Marcel Proust

"There's no magic numbers in birthdays in my life, there are no milestones, there's no event. Every birthday has to be celebrated to its fullest, even if it's with one person or with 20." - Sandra Bullock

"I did a lot of things when I first started out. In order to be in show business, I juggled, I did magic tricks, cards tricks and I played the banjo." - Steve Martin

"Poetry is that magic which consists in awakening sensations with the help of a combination of sounds ... that sorcery by which ideas are necessarily communicated to us, in a definite way, by words which nevertheless do not express them." - John Banville

"I would like to be with my husband together sitting somewhere in a lonely place in the woods and take something, maybe some pills or something, a magic potion and die together." - Isabel Allende

"No matter how bad things get, you can always see the beauty in them. The worse things get, the more you have to make yourself see the magic in order to survive." - Francesca Lia Block

"To me, in a perfect world, you have the flavor and the magic of movies like 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys." - Ice Cube

"Even though I make those movies, I find myself wishing that more of those magic moments could happen in real life." - Jane Seymour

"Even against the greatest of odds, there is something in the human spirit - a magic blend of skill, faith, and valor - that can lift men from certain defeat to incredible victory." - Walter Lord

"Mental activity in the daytime creates a latent form of habitual thought which again transforms itself at night into various delusory visions sensed by the semi-consciousness. This is called the deceptive and magic-like Bardo of Dream." - Milarepa

"If someone says, 'Hey, I ran 100 miles this week. How far did you run?' ignore him! What the hell difference does it make?.... The magic is in the man, not the 100 miles." - Bill Bowerman

"If you're choking in a restaurant you can just say the magic words, 'Heimlich maneuver,' and all will be well. Trouble is, it's difficult to say 'Heimlich maneuver' when you're choking to death." - Eddie Izzard

"The Sussex lanes were very lovely in the autumn ... spendthrift gold and glory of the year-end ... earth scents and the sky winds and all the magic of the countryside which is ordained for the healing of the soul." - Monica Baldwin

"[On Venice:] Every hour of the day is a miracle of light. In summer with daybreak the rising sun produces such a tender magic on the water that it nearly breaks one's heart." - Peggy Guggenheim

"I don't want to be another Jordan, Magic, or Isiah. When my career is over, I want to be able to look in the mirror and say 'I did it my way'." - Allen Iverson

"Today is a time of turbulence and stagnation, of threat and promise from a competitor: the magic, omnivorous videocassette recorder (VCR). In other words, it is business as usual." - Richard Corliss

"Both poet and painter want to reach the silence behind the language, the silence within the language. Both painter and poet want their work to shine not only in daylight but (by whatever illusionist magic) from within." - Howard Nemerov

"Music is, to me, proof of the existence of God. It is so extraordinarily full of magic, and in tough times of my life I can listen to music and it makes such a difference." - Kurt Vonnegut

"It was the Magic Hour, the moment in time when every leaf and blade of grass seemed to separate, when sunlight, burnished by the rain and softened by the coming night, gave the world an impossibly beautiful glow." - Kristin Hannah

"In a way. Magic is the act of making a wish come about. Like praying, like plotting, like herbs, like exerting your will on the world, making something happen." - Philippa Gregory

"Cinema Paradiso, because it reminds me of why I make movies, the magic of movies, the romance of movies." - Antoine Fuqua

"Let's make movies, not deals. Let's write movies, not scripts." - Paula Wagner

"great villains make great movies." - Staton Rabin

"Shouldn't we stand back to back or something?" "What? Why?" "I don't know. In movies that's what they do in this kind of... situation." - Cassandra Clare

"The alchemist was dazed and dumbfounded, as the true meaning of the magic was revealed: *The dead will rise from glade to glen and ancient will be young again*. The dead had, after all, risen. From dead and dry things there was growth, and new life everywhere. And the endlessly long winter had at last turned to spring. From life to death and back again to life. It was indeed the greatest magic in the world." - Lauren Oliver

"The theater troubled her. It had a magic of its own, one that didn't belong to her, one that wasn't in her control. It changed the world, and said things were otherwise than they were. And it was worse than that. It was magic that didn't belong to magical people. It was commanded by ordinary people, who didn't know the rules. They altered the world because it sounded better." - Terry Pratchett

"William knows that science and magic are the same thing; magic is only science that hasn't been explained yet. Tonight he has made chemistry into magic for her." - Joshilyn Jackson

"I have lived with magic and without magic, and I can tell you with certainty that a life with magic is better...." - Chris Bohjalian

"We live in an age now where so many people watch movies based on what Netflix recommends. It learns your taste and they really understand viewer habits." - Eli Roth

"I'm all sentimental. I've probably been ruined by romantic movies, but I really do believe in love. I've experienced it, I've had it, so I know it's real." - Sarah Silverman

"I certainly never expected to be a professional actor. I never expected to be in movies. I thought I would probably become a teacher." - Paul Newman

"I think thats what I really liked about Narc: My character has a real operatic range in a way that older movies used to have." - Jason Patric

"So I'm happiest when I'm working with artists and writers, and involved in stories, whether we're talking about animation or movies or comics or television." - Stan Lee

"There is an amount of abstraction in my movies, and sometimes they don't really understand it until the film is finished." - Michel Gondry

"We're not used to seeing movies, especially with physical action, when it isn't the man who comes in to save the day." - Curtis Hanson

"When I don't feel in the mood for painting I go to the movies for a week or more. I go on a regular movie binge!" - Edward Hopper

"Before consulting the hotheads who present various military options such as a military invasion: remember, President Reagan, Rambo only exists in the movies." - Daniel Ortega

"Actors in general are pretty good bullshit artists; we're good at just chewing the fat, interacting with people. So we're good ambassadors for movies." - John C Reilly

"To me it's a mystery that you can show the horrific things in the movies, but not some sexual stuff which everyone does." - Seth Rogen

"I don't like watching myself in the movies because I don't like being aware of the product. I like the process. I enjoy that." - Johnny Depp

"This is a time when we need to smile more and Hollywood movies are supposed to do that for people in difficult times..." - Steven Spielberg

"You can't have an ending. It's impossible. Because unlike in the movies, life goes on. You're never at the end until you die." - E. Lockhart

"One thing I did pick up from Cannonball Run was the use of bloopers and outtakes under the final credits, which I've done in all my movies since." - Jackie Chan

"If you study your own struggles, the struggles of others, even in movies or novels you'll see the root of all their suffering is always attachments" - Yasmin Mogahed

"Never ever doubt in magic." - Scott Dixon

"I don't believe in magic." - J K Rowling

"I grew up loving action movies and films that were set in supernatural, unimaginable places. So I take being a woman in the film industry who is able to do action movies very seriously because I'm making the kind of movies that I wanted to watch as I was a kid and that inspired me and are the reason as to why I am here." - Zoe Saldana

"The disconnect between what's going on in schools and what's allowed to be shown in movies has gotten really bad because girls in junior high are having oral sex and getting bracelets for it, and in movies everybody's got to be 30 years old to have sex. It's very bizarre." - Amy Heckerling

"You can't kill me, I've got a magic... AAAARGH !" - Terry Pratchett

"Scarcely anyone who comprehends this theory can escape its magic." - Albert Einstein

"each separate flower has a magic all its own." - Myrtle Reed

"Faced with unmeasurables, people steer their way by magic." - Denise Scott Brown

"But dear, don't be afraid of love it's only magic." - Drake

"The alleycats manipulate the blocks with gutter magic" - Aesop Rock

"You have to believe the magic to see it." - Guillermo Del Toro

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Federico Fellini

"The real magic wand is the child's own mind." - Jose Ortega Y Gasset

"Magic is the cheat codes for the world." - Warren Ellis

"There is magic in sincere forgiveness - magic to heal." - Terry Goodkind

"There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen." - Sidney Sheldon

"What's the main thing that makes magic magic? The fact that no one believes that it's possible." - Kanye West

"There's a lot of magic between you too, ain't no denying that. And magic makes forgettin' hard." - Nicholas Sparks

"And what movies we saw! All the actors and actresses whose photographs I collected, with their look of eternity! Their radiance, their eyes, their faces, their voices, the suavity of their movements! Their clothes! Even in prison movies, the stars shone in their prison clothes as if tailors had accompanied them in their downfall." - Paula Fox

"I've always loved movies but everyone loves movies, so I never conceived of the fact that I could actually be in them. In high school I had some friends in the drama department, but they were just doing plays, and I was like, "Eh, I don't really think that that's me." So I just played sports. Then, a bunch of years later, I'm acting." - Channing Tatum

"I'm proud of The Hangover, but to be in movies like this, which are really the only places I can get work, it's really quite the opposite of what I am. I like sensitive art-house movies. I'm not even much of a partier. I mean, I'll drink myself into oblivion alone in my car." - Zach Galifianakis

"I have made mistakes in the past and been in movies that really weren't good, and that I needed the money at the time, or something - and the money wasn't even that great. But I needed it, and... they come back on television, those movies... to haunt you. And it's a nightmare!" - Lauren Bacall

"Some movies run off the rails. This one is like the train crash in The Fugitive. I watched it in mounting gloom, realizing I was witnessing something historic, a film that for decades to come will be the punch line of jokes about bad movies." - Roger Ebert

"The most important thing to having a long career, as an actor, is diversity and being able to play different types of characters in different types of movies. I want to keep acting, all my life. In order to do that, I think it is important to go and do the bigger tentpole box office movies, and then also do more character roles." - Josh Hutcherson

"I always feel that there's no violence in a movie - it's not real, it's a magic trick. Nobody is really dying. In fact, the people that die in my movies have gone on to become extremely successful!" - Eli Roth

"In 1971, after seven years in college, with that magic piece of paper clutched triumphantly in my fist, the best job I was able to get was night watchman on a sewer project in Babylon, N.Y. guarding a hole in the ground to prevent anyone from stealing it. God bless the American educational system!" - Spider Robinson

"I love the magic of movies and television, and I always have since I was kid." - Matt Lanter

"A layman will no doubt find it hard to understand how pathological disorders of the body and mind can be eliminated by 'mere' words. He will feel that he is being asked to believe in magic. And he will not be so very wrong, for the words which we use in our everyday speech are nothing other than watered-down magic. But we shall have to follow a roundabout path in order to explain how science sets about restoring to words a part at least of their former magical power." - Sigmund Freud

"I'm fanatical about movies: African, European, Viking, Roman. I got into witchcraft and magic from watching 'Bewitched' and 'The Wizard of Oz,' which shows in some of my outfits. I dress to reflect the whole spectrum of the universe." - Afrika Bambaataa

"I like the idea of movies having a magic element. How many times have you seen an actor in a movie who you know only as the character? It's wonderful, isn't it?" - Christian Bale

"Fargo is one of my favorite movies." - Tate Donovan

"I'd killed him in the end, but revenge only makes things all better in the movies. In real life, once the villain is dead the trauma lives on inside the victims." - Laurell K Hamilton



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