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Magazine Quotes


"Magazine reading appears to promote more reading." - Stephen D. Krashen

"Fashion magazine disease articles. My personal Kryptonite." - Carolyn Crane

"Schiller, first published in Fraser's Magazine (1831)." - Thomas Carlyle

"Interview by Matt Ryan for MAGNET magazine" - Juliana Hatfield

"I have 'Parents' magazine in my home." - Joe Biden

"French 'Vogue' was always a photographer's magazine." - Carine Roitfeld

"Magazine articles are the new books." - Tina Brown

"'Vogue' is a fashion magazine, and a fashion magazine is about change." - Anna Wintour

"A great magazine is sort of a net for ability ..." - Candace Wheeler

"A magazine is so much more beautiful than what's online," - Mike Mccue

"Every company is its own TV station, magazine, and newspaper." - Jay Baer

"Garrett Hardin. Parenthood: Right or Privilege? Science Magazine." - Bob Marshall

"I was twelve when I read my first sf magazine" - Philip K Dick

"Paste may be the last great American music magazine left." - Patterson Hood

"Nobody cares if you're on the cover of a magazine!" - Devon Windsor

"Religion : Go Ye and Relax? in TIME magazine" - Halford E. Luccock

"My greatest thrill was the day Mad magazine spoofed 'Ghost." - Jerry Zucker

"I tripped and fell and posed naked for a magazine." - Gina Barberi

"Whenever I get married, I start buying Gourmet magazine." - Nora Ephron

"I don't do 'Image' magazine or high-fashion shows." - Georgia Salpa

"My greatest thrill was the day Mad magazine spoofed 'Ghost.'" - Jerry Zucker

"My very first magazine cover was the National Enquirer." - Carrie Underwood

"In fact my son subscribes to Pro Bull Rider magazine." - Chris Ledoux

"How valuable NBC Magazine was in my career is questionable." - Jessica Savitch

"I produced some very good work at 'New York' magazine." - Michael Wolf

"I've never graced the cover of a fashion magazine." - Vera Farmiga

"When you pick up your first magazine you definitely hope you can be like the guy on the magazine. That's usually why you start lifting." - Phil Heath

"Time magazine put Chris Christie on the cover with the caption, 'The Elephant in the Room.' And People magazine named him 'Sexiest Garbage Truck in a Suit.'" - Bill Maher

"I've never thought of Playboy, quite frankly, as a sex magazine. I always thought of it as a lifestyle magazine in which sex was one important ingredient." - Hugh Hefner

"I wrote for a weekly magazine and then edited a literary magazine, but I did not really feel comfortable with the profession of journalism itself" - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"I"ve never thought of Playboy, quite frankly, as a sex magazine. I always thought of it as a lifestyle magazine in which sex was one important ingredient." - Hugh Hefner

"The cover story of the magazine [TIME magazine] depicting a few individuals who are acting contrary to most Myanmar, is creating misconceptions of Buddhism." - Thein Sein

""Mad" magazine is like one of my few formative experiences, absolutely. "Mad" magazine teaches a whole generation of people to be irreverent toward power." - Daniel H Pink

"I'm sitting in the bus station, minding my own business, reading 'Ta-Da!' magazine; a magazine by and for gay magicians, but that's a different story." - Dave Attell

"The trade magazine and all was banned in my house. The first time I read a film magazine was when I was 18." - Abhishek Bachchan

"I wrote for a weekly magazine and then edited a literary magazine, but I did not really feel comfortable with the profession of journalism itself." - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"The book of books, the storehouse and magazine of life and comfort, the holy Scriptures." - George Herbert

"You really have got lots of issues! Yeah, of 'What Car Magazine'!" - Steve Coogan

"Wearing a bikini on a magazine cover is my 41st birthday present to myself." - Faith Hill


"She's got electric boots, a mohair suit, you know I read it in a magazine." - Elton John

"The Lady' is a piddling little magazine that no one cares about or buys." - Rachel Johnson

"What is a magazine? A small body of Literature entirely surrounded by advertisements." - Carolyn Wells

"Architecture is not just for the moment, it is not just for the next fashion magazine" - Daniel Libeskind

"Any magazine editor will tell you, Colin Farrell still sells better than Colin Powell," - William Bastone

"I've been on the cover of every magazine in the world," - Janice Dickinson

"It is a documented fact. I read it in People magazine." - Meg Cabot

"A successful magazine has to build a myth its readers can believe in." - Harold Hayes

"I don't care very much for the People Magazine approach to applied economics." - Paul Samuelson

"Direct mail - it falls out of every magazine you open these days" - Derek Jameson

"Once I posed nude for a magazine. I've never been back to THAT newstand." - Emo Philips

"Vogue is not a practical magazine, it provides sensations, feeling, moods, you like the photos." - Franca Sozzani

"By the time something reaches the cover of Time magazine, it's old news anyway." - Marianne Williamson

"Do you subscribe to the Weekly Standard? Does that magazine hate America?" - David Shuster

"Sacrificing good men to journalism is like sending William Faulkner to work for Time magazine." - Hunter S Thompson

"Time magazine reported him as speaking of upsetting the apple tart." - Bertie Ahern

"People who read my magazine wax their turtles all the time. - as Larry Flynt" - Bill Allred

"I know that to be a true fact because I read it in Heat magazine" - Bill Bailey

"I love that magazine, man - Victoria's Secret - and it comes, like, every three hours." - Adam Ferrara

"It shocks me when young kids still say, 'I want to do a magazine,'" - Scott Schuman

"Far From Home was also my idea from a magazine I'd seen." - Jim Capaldi

"You shouldn't presume that all quotes that are in a magazine or a newspaper are accurate." - Andrew Card

"The worst thing to do is to die while reading LIFE magazine." - Bill Cosby

"A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields." - Norman Parkinson

"So many differing opinions and philosophies... are rarely housed under the roof of a single magazine." - Jeff Vandermeer

"But in terms of satire and comedy, our biggest and earliest influence was Mad magazine." - Jerry Zucker

"I find it exhausting to administer a magazine without an office or paid staff." - John Barton

"A magazine is simply a device to induce people to read advertising." - James Collins

"Objective journalism and an opinion column are about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine." - Walter Cronkite

"I was editor of my high school literary magazine and a reporter for the school newspaper." - Jeffery Deaver

"The New York Quarterly is an amazing, intelligent, crazy, creative, strange, and indispensable magazine." - James Dickey

"She got the magazine on a Wednesday morning, and on Thursday announced our marriage was over." - David Gest

"I started in 1957 when I sold my first story to a magazine." - Jean Giraud

"I'm into politics, and I love watching the heavier news magazine shows." - Chelsea Handler

"From age 16, I lived and breathed wine. I read every magazine and book about wine." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"It bothers me that people who should know better believe a glossy magazine fantasy." - Christoph Waltz

"If you're on the cover of any magazine, you certainly get recognized more." - Lauren Conrad

"I've been on the cover of every magazine in the world." - Janice Dickinson

"I started my own magazine with drawings, commentary, news, film reviews and drawings." - Carlos Fuentes

"You can't hold up a blog; you can hold up a magazine." - Nancy Gibbs

"I actually got a play from auditioning for something in 'Back Stage' magazine." - Kat Graham

"'The Lady' is a piddling little magazine that no one cares about or buys." - Rachel Johnson

"Before that I wanted to be a magazine illustrator - I probably would have painted Gothic scenes." - Ira Levin

"'The New Yorker' didn't invent the magazine cartoon, but it did really establish it." - Robert Mankoff

"I have the LIFE magazine of the men walking on the moon." - Christa Mcauliffe

"The American advertiser has made the superior American magazine of today possible." - Edward Bok

"I've been writing full-time since about 1984 - mostly magazine features and columns." - Mary Roach

"Slate is not a political magazine but a lot of what it does is politics." - David Plotz

"There is no regional art. The only region left is the art magazine." - Walter Darby Bannard

"Just be yourself and forget all of the stuff you read in 'GQ' magazine." - Chris Pratt

"I always go for 'SPIN' magazine because I'm such a music buff." - Reid Scott

"I just enjoy lying on the couch and reading a magazine." - David Sedaris

"When I was young and beautiful, I never appeared on the cover of a magazine." - Simone Signoret

"Working for a magazine, you have a boss; you are not free." - Carine Roitfeld

"A magazine is not just one person. And a fashion shoot is the same!" - Carine Roitfeld

"'Vogue' is a very beautiful magazine, an institution, and I learned so much working there." - Carine Roitfeld

"I will no longer be referred to as Miss Steinem of Ms. magazine." - Gloria Steinem

"I think in conventional magazine wisdom, you need to have a redesign every decade or so." - Timothy White

"The first time my friends saw me in a magazine I was so excited." - Chanel Iman

"The public relations warriors fought and lost Monte Carlo's Battle of the Magazine Covers." - John Vinocur

"People hear about stuff from their friends or a magazine or a newspaper." - David Byrne

"If anybody reads a story in a magazine or book, different pictures compete in their minds." - Vincente Minnelli

"President Bush got an early Christmas gift. This week, President Bush was chosen as 'Person of the Year' by Time magazine. Not only that, Martha Stewart was chosen as person of the year by Doing Time magazine." - Conan O'Brien

"The key to not getting rejected if you're writing for a magazine, is to know to read that magazine and know everything about them before you ever make a submission." - Homer Hickam

"I had no plans to be an entrepreneur. I just wanted to be a journalist and write for a magazine. At 15, I just decided to leave school and launch a national student magazine." - Richard Branson

"Time magazine has selected their person of the year. Guess what, it's President-elect Barack Obama. Yeah, ironically, Ebony magazine announced their person of the year, and it's Ed Begley Jr." - Conan O'Brien

"It's a pretty blokey magazine [Bacon Busters, 'Australia's only magazine dedicated to pig hunting'], but they have women in it too. There's a 'Boars and Babes' section: women in bikinis sitting on big old pigs." - Andrew Symonds

"If you're an editor at TIME magazine or writer at TIME magazine and you are shocked to look at real documented research that says men and women are different - what in the world did you believe beforehand?" - Rush Limbaugh

"When I first came to America there still was Look Magazine and LIFE Magazine, and the photography in those magazines was amazing to look at. They had the best portraits, and their news photography." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"In fact, I probably learned more about photography from studying black-and-white photography in those magazines [Look Magazine and LIFE Magazine] than I did from watching movies here. That's the truth." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"A People Magazine article in 1982 referred to him as the late Abe Vigoda. The very-much-alive Vigoda placed an ad in Variety with him in a coffin holding a copy of People Magazine." - Audie Cornish

"I think there's an important difference between the newspaper and a magazine. I view the role of the magazine as providing the deeper reporting and the thoughtful analysis to help you make sense of why that news is important." - Chris Hughes

"One association with the arts that I vividly remember was a magazine called Normal Instructor, a teachers' magazine, that Miss George would hold up with illustrations of great artworks like [Vincent] van Gogh and Rembrandt [van Rijn]." - Paul Smith

"Time magazine announced its person of the year. It's health workers who treat Ebola. That's a person of the year. Time magazine told the health workers, 'No need to pick up your award, we'll mail it to you.'" - Conan O'Brien

"At an early age I discovered the beauty in pictures in 'Vogue' magazine and Ebony magazine, and I would read 'The New York Times.' I had to make my own world within my world because I was an only child." - Andre Leon Talley

"I think if we keep on doing good music and people like us and they buy the magazine because we are in the magazine then they cant basically hate us hopefully." - Ville Valo

"Some of the French surrealists at the beginning of the war had come over to New York and they brought out this magazine. It was a big, glossy magazine full of surrealist things." - Kenneth Koch

"The fact must never be forgotten that no magazine publisher in the United States could give what it is giving to the reader each month if it were not for the revenue which the advertiser brings the magazine." - Edward Bok

"My favorite subject was English or creative writing. We did poems and making a magazine, and I did one on celebrities. I called it 'Celebrity Life Magazine.' I interviewed my good friend Kaley Cuoco." - Ashley Tisdale

"The magazine was being started by a company that had no experience in business magazine publishing. It was a little difficult to get people to sort of buy into it and to join the staff, but we did." - James Daly

"In Los Angeles, sometimes it's hard to find a magazine stand, let alone one that has the magazine that you want. So I find that the longer I live in L.A., the more digitally I consume." - Gillian Jacobs

"Online, you have things like Slate Magazine, which has a lot of commentary and analysis of stories, so it gives you a fuller picture. I would compare that to a news magazine or the New Republic." - Tabitha Soren

"I see myself on the cover of a magazine and I don't think that it looks like me at all. My first-ever photo shoot was for the cover of a lads' magazine." - Elize Du Toit

"I have very strong theories about magazine publishing. And I think that it is the most personal form of journalism. And I think that a magazine is an old friend." - Hugh Hefner

"The market for short stories is hard to break into, but a magazine editor isn't always looking for big names with which to sell his magazine - they're more willing to try stories by newcomers, if those tales are good." - Eric Brown

"There are twice as many knitters as golfers in North America. Still, if you walk into any airport in North America, you can find a golf magazine but not a knitting magazine, even though you can't golf on a plane." - Stephanie Pearlmcphee

"Whenever I get married, I start buying Gourmet magazine. I think of it as my own personal bride's disease." - Nora Ephron

"My mother had taken me to photographer Paul Hesse, who used some of my pictures on magazine covers." - Margaret O'Brien

"With this magazine, you could change the 'H' to 'G', it may be funnier and better for sales." - Wladimir Klitschko

"I have a sentimental feeling for my very first cover I was on - it was 'Bazaar' Magazine" - Carol Alt

"I always wrote; my first story was published in the magazine The American Girl when I was 11" - Sara Paretsky

"I don't want no lies, I don't watch TV. I don't waste my time, won't read a magazine." - Madonna Ciccone

"I first decided architecture was for me when I saw Le Corbusier's designs in a Japanese magazine in the 1930s." - Kenzo Tange

"A magazine to have style, must need and understand and invest in what jingles - not jiggles - in designer jeans." - Frances Lear

"Men have better self-images than women. You know what I've never seen in a men's magazine? A makeover." - Rita Rudner

"It's been a strange [summer].... I was sent by a magazine to photograph famous photographers.... Of course, I included myself." - Weegee

"Leafing through Forbes or Fortune [magazine]s is like reading the operating manual of a strangely sanctimonious pirate ship" - Adam Gopnik

"Josh speculated about the hypothetical contents of an imaginary porn magazine for intelligent trees that would be entitled Enthouse." - Lev Grossman

"A person has to keep something to herself or your life is just a layout in a magazine." - Grace Kelly

"It was a story called 'The Hero' which I sold to Galaxy magazine in 1970, for $94." - George R R Martin

"Reusing pieces of code is like picking off sentences from other people's stories and trying to make a magazine article." - Bob Frankston

"The hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far-spread magazine, rules the country." - Learned Hand

"Have you seen that magazine Barely Legal? That means when you look at it, you're almost a pedophile." - Dave Attell

"It was a story called "The Hero" which I sold to Galaxy magazine in 1970, for $94." - George R R Martin

"Only two people have been on the cover of Time Magazine in bare feet. I'm one, the other is Gandhi." - Marc Andreessen

"I feel like everything great that's beginning to happen in my career started with the 'ink' Paste Magazine gave me!" - Meiko

"I decided to make my living as a magazine writer. And I found that it was really easy and fun." - Ann Patchett

"I pretty much keep everything; we have drawers full of samples and tests and every old catalogue and magazine." - Patricia Piccinini

"I like my mug shot. I think I have a really great mug shot. It looks like a magazine shoot." - Paris Hilton

"I really think that this magazine [Sports Illustrated] is a big step in the "healthy is the new skinny" movement." - Ronda Rousey



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