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Madison Quotes


"Bill of Rights was Madison, I'm going with Madison." - Tim Kaine

"Madison Avenue is afraid of the dark." - Nat King Cole

"Madison Square Garden sounds like crap." - Rick Nielsen

"Madison loathed Hamilton and loved Jefferson above all." - Richard Brookhiser

"I can sell out Madison Square Garden masturbating" - Mike Tyson

"How were the receipts today in Madison Square Garden ?" - P T Barnum

"To restore America we need less Marx and more Madison." - Glenn Beck

"We're in Madison Square Garden, I can't let you beat me in Madison Square Garden, are you serious!?" - Roy Jones Jr.

"We still haven't played Madison Square Garden. That's a benchmark. Something will have gone seriously wrong if we don't play Madison Square Garden for this album." - Dan Hawkins

"As a framer and defender of the Constitution [Madison] had no peer." - Garry Wills

"Madison lived in his head and public speaking did not come naturally to him." - Richard Brookhiser

"What is self-image? Who started talking about one? I rather fancy it was Madison Avenue." - Madeleine L'Engle

"It's amazing to see places like Madison Square Garden on the schedule again." - Roger Taylor

"Ads are carefully designed by the Madison Avenue frog-men of-the-mind for semiconscious exposure." - Marshall Mcluhan

"Since James Madison day (and long before), there have been constant struggles over "democratic governance"." - Noam Chomsky

"Everyone is treating it like a Hollywood story. In Madison, it's a neighborhood story." - Chris Farley

"It's amazing to see places like Madison Square Garden on the schedule again." - Roger Andrew Taylor

"There's more musical freedom on Madison Avenue than anywhere else. It's an Eden for a composer." - Mitch Leigh

"I used to know Madison Avenue advertisers. I didn't like 'em. Bunch of jerks." - James Rosenquist

"Hey! Guy with scary eyes?" Madison called out. "You know what a moose does when someone insults her family?" Ivan raised his eyebrows. "She does this." Madison crouched down and charged Ivan. Her head hit him in the stomach." - Rick Riordan

"It's always been my dream to come to Madison Square Garden and be the warm-up act for Elvis." - Al Gore

"You're damn right I do. I'm in Madison Square Garden getting the s*** knocked out of me" - Willie Pastrano

"There's something about this place, about Madison and Wisconsin and the Midwest, that's really comforting, ... Malcolm in the Middle." - Jane Kaczmarek

"[Hillary Clinton] spent hundreds of millions of dollars on an advertising - you know, they get Madison Avenue into a room." - Donald Trump

"I Google myself pretty often. I usually find something about All Time Low or my break-up with Holly [Madison]." - Jack Barakat

"What is a self-image? Who started talking about one? I rather fancy it was Madison Avenue." - Madeleine L'Engle

"They say that Madison Avenue will only pay high dollars in advertising if they get the 18-35 age range." - Sharon Gless

"I have a lot of memories of Falls Church. I went to grade school in Madison Elementary School." - Jim Fowler

"My biggest thrill came the night Elgin Baylor and I combined for 73 points at Madison Square Garden. Elgin had 71 of them." - Rod Hundley

"There is nothing Madison Avenue can give us that will make us more beautiful women. We are beautiful because God created us that way." - Marianne Williamson

"Christopher Carson, whose renown as Kit Carson has reached almost every ear in the country was born in Madison county, Kentucky, on the 24th of December, 1809." - John Stevens Cabot Abbott

"I do not suspect that Jefferson or Madison ever envisioned Congress honoring the 2,560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius or supporting the designation of National Pi Day." - Eric Cantor

"As a hockey player, playing for an Original Six team at Madison Square Garden, where its packed every night, theres nothing like it." - Carl Hagelin

"It may be the way the cookie crumbles on Madison Avenue, but in Hong Kong its the way the egg rolls." - Robert Orben

""Girl, are you on medication?" Nurse Debra asked."No, of course not," Madison answered impatiently."Maybe you should be," Debra muttered." - Kerrelyn Sparks

"In this day and age, love is temporary and marriage is unnatural-the product of Madison Avenue advertising executives and television producers." - Michael Palmer

"The problem of how to make the Internet advertising friendly bewildered and obsessed Madison Avenue for much of the 1990s. Advertising won." - Robert Waterman McChesney

"Once a person knows a kiss and a kind word, you can't blame him for never wanting to live without them again. - "The Bridges of Madison County"" - Robert James Waller

"The sight of one man standing up to challenge God and country is something that Madison, Jefferson and Franklin would cheer, and every American can celebrate." - Kenneth C. Davis

"I got brown sandwiches and green sandwiches. Its either very new cheese or very old meat. - Oscar Madison, from The Odd Couple" - Neil Simon

"Madison Avenue is full of masochists who unconsciously provoke rejection by their clients. I know brilliant men who have lost every account they have ever handled." - David Ogilvy

"I want to play a show at Madison Square Garden in New York, which is where the New York Knicks play. That's what I want." - William Beckett

"With Late Night Show I can begin the search for the real Stephen Colbert.I just hope I don't find him on Ashley Madison." - Stephen Colbert

"It may be the way the cookie crumbles on Madison Avenue, but in Honk Kong it's the way the egg rolls." - Robert Orben

"Politicians in Washington and Madison aren't hearing, aren't listening to their constituents and prioritizing getting people back to work and growing our economy." - Tammy Baldwin

"L.A. is always great. There's something special about L.A. And New York, for me, because it's home. There's nothing quite like walking onstage at Madison Square Garden." - Dave Gahan

"As a hockey player, playing for an Original Six team at Madison Square Garden, where it's packed every night, there's nothing like it." - Carl Hagelin

"I've owned a business for 26 years. My family isn't in politics and my supporters aren't special interest groups in Madison and Milwaukee." - Mark Neumann

"'Tempting the Best Man' centers around Madison Daniels, who's had a major crush on her brother's best friend since she was a girl." - Jennifer Armentrout

"Men of Virginia, countrymen of Washington, of Patrick Henry, of Jefferson, and of Madison, will ye be true to your constitutional faith?" - Caleb Cushing

"If I'm walking very, very fast down Madison Avenue in the middle of the day, I'll say I'm stopped 10 times." - Kristin Davis

"You know why Madison Avenue advertising has never done well in Harlem? We're the only ones who know what it means to be Brand X." - Dick Gregory

"We Americans think, in every country in transition, there's a Thomas Jefferson hiding behind some rock or a James Madison beyond one sand dune." - Joe Biden

"Professionally, I've never felt as strongly about a project, with the exception of 'The Bridges of Madison County,' as 'The Light in the Piazza.'" - Steven Pasquale

"Madison Avenue is a very powerful aggression against private consciousness. A demand that you yield your private consciousness to public manipulation." - Marshall Mcluhan

"I've played Madison Square Garden and Jones Beach several times, but I personally don't enjoy those larger venues. I much prefer theater or a performance space." - Jason Mraz

"There hasn't been anybody else write a Constitution like Madison. There just hasn't been, because that person hasn't existed anywhere but here." - Rush Limbaugh

"It's still one of the proudest moments in my career boxing at Madison Square Garden. Some fighters who have won titles and championships have never boxed at Madison Square Garden. For a little kid just off a council estate to do it was a dream come true." - Ricky Hatton

"...several of the first presidents, including Jefferson and Madison, generally refused to issue public prayers, despite importunings to do so. Under pressure, Madison relented in the War Of 1812, but held to his belief that chaplains shouldn't be appointed to the military or be allowed to open Congress." - James Madison

"How did Madison get separation through Virginia and later Congress? The Baptists, the Presbyterians, and the smaller sects hated Jefferson; to them he was a secularist of the worst kind. But Madison could get Jefferson's bill passed because the Baptists, the Presbyterians, and smaller sects who were excluded in New England and in the South got together for their own protection." - John Rawls

"Politics is not really politics any more. It is run, for the most part, by Madison Avenue advertising firms, who sell politicians to the public the way they sell bars of soap or cans of beer." - Helen Caldicott

"somtimes people say that you can not live your dreams. sometimes people say that you can not sell out madison square garden. well this is what i tell them-NEVER SAY NEVER" - Justin Bieber

"Do you remember what I told you that first time at Taki's? About faerie food?" "I remember you said you ran down Madison Avenue naked with antlers on your head", said Clary, blinking silver drops off her lashes." - Cassandra Clare

"I wanted to play in New York when I was in my prime and I was young, fierce, lock-down [defender]. Madison Square Garden, that would have been sick. But right now, China is way more adventurous for me." - Metta World Peace

"A student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison spent 90 days technology free. He went without a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media of any kind. And you know what really improved? His driving!" - Jay Leno

"It [culture] invites people to diminish themselves, and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines, meme processors of memes passed down from Madison Avenue, and Hollywood, and what have you." - Terence Mckenna

"I feel more voluntary about my pleasures and pains than the average American who has his needs dictated by Madison Avenue (my projections, of course). I feel sustained, excited, and constantly growing in my spiritual and intellectual pursuits." - Duane Elgin

"Television, introduced at the close of World War II, has become a form of electronic heroin, and it isn't even your trip. They don't even let you go on your own trip, you get a trip designed by Madison Avenue." - Terence Mckenna

"I was really shocked that Madison Square Garden sold out in a day. It was very amazing. But the reason we got back together is because the fans wanted us to get back together." - Vince Neil

"Its minority rule and majority limited rights. In fact it's set up that way. If you read the framers of the constitution, including James Madison, he was pretty clear about it." - Noam Chomsky

"If you're kept off the debates, you can't reach more two percent of people even if you campaign every state and fill the big conventions like Madison Square Garden." - Ralph Nader

"I think what democracy means today, in reality, is to a large extent, manipulated consent - not forced consent, manipulated consent - and manipulated more and more with the help of Madison Avenue." - Erich Fromm

"I think Joe [Madison] is right. What we have to do is call him out on every one of these things and then maybe somebody will take the sweet machine away from him." - Bill Press

"I remember what a thrill it was to go from the back streets of Birmingham to Madison Square Garden in New's like playing on Mars. You can't buy that." - Ozzy Osbourne

"The people we see protesting in Madison are the equivalent of Hosni Mubarak apparatchiks who are trying to hold onto their privileges despite the will of the people who are being exploited to pay for them." - Rush Limbaugh

"I have no interest in Kerouac whatsoever. I've done my stint for him. As far as I'm concerned, Kerouac is what Madison Avenue wants a rebel to be. That isn't my kind of rebel." - Kenneth Rexroth

"For [Louis] Brandeis, it's not a technical question of channeling what would James Madison say. It's how do we take these inherent human natural rights of liberty and translate them into an age of new technolog" - Jeffrey Rosen

"Feasting is also closely related to memory. We eat certain things in a particular way in order to remember who we are. Why else would you eat grits in Madison, New Jersey?" - Jeff Smith

"His name was Rambo, and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew, standing by the pump of a gas station at the outskirts of Madison, Kentucky." - David Morrell

"Other than motherhood, the eight years that I spent at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I have incredibly fond memories of. It's a beautiful place, with four seasons up in Wisconsin. And really wonderful people." - Laurel Clark

"I saw my father preach in Madison Square Garden, and I was a little embarrassed, I think, the first time I heard him preach. That's my father up there, and I kind of slid down in my chair." - Franklin Graham

"Everyone assumes America must play the leading role in crafting some settlement or compromise between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But Jefferson, Madison, and Washington explicitly warned against involving ourselves in foreign conflicts." - Ron Paul

"These wrestlers aren't organized. They have no union, no pension and no insurance. You meet wrestler after wrestler who sold out Madison Square Garden ten years ago, basically running on fumes today. There's a lot of drama there." - Darren Aronofsky

"In the area we're discussing, leadership begins on Madison Avenue, on the desks and in the offices of people who spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying what will get them ratings." - Norman Lear

"The forefathers, including James Madison, felt very strongly that the duties that we owe to God were outside of government's prerogative, that government had no business interfering with the way we worship God." - Roy Moore

"Neither James Madison, for whom this lecture is named, nor any of the other Framers of the Constitution, were oblivious, careless, or otherwise unaware of the words they chose for the document and its Bill of Rights." - Diane Wood

"I see no reason why the artistic world can't absolutely merge with Madison Avenue. Pop art is a move in that direction. Why can't we have advertisements with beautiful words and beautiful images?" - William S Burroughs

"As Bob Dole found out, you can't keep a positive image while being your party's mouthpiece in Congress. That's why no legislative leader since James Madison has ever been elected president." - Dick Morris

"I mean Buckingham Palace has never hired a professional public relations outfit let alone a Madison Avenue type and they would throw up their hands in horror at the very idea." - Anthony Holden

"We gave the show away and in return, we received a certain number of minutes per hour for the three-hour show that we could sell to Madison Avenue. One of the first sponsors was MGM Records." - Casey Kasem

"I've heard that Oasis or Coldplay will sell tickets, but they can't sell records. They sold out Madison Square Garden in three hours. And they can't sell albums. I don't know what's going on." - Jez Williams

"Walter Matthau made all the big money and he was wonderful as Oscar Madison on the stage. You couldn't beat him. I know because I replaced him on Broadway. He was just delightful." - Jack Klugman

"The bottom line is that we've become a nation of thieves, a value rejected by our founders. James Madison, the father of our Constitution, was horrified when Congress appropriated $15,000 to help French refugees. He said, 'I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.' Tragically, today's Americans would run Madison out of town on a rail." - Walter E. Williams

"We"ve been secretly datin" since last week." He gives me a smile and a look that says I'm his one-and-only. That smile might deceive Madison, but I know he's full of it. "Is' that right, K.?" He squeezes me tighter. "Uh-huh," I squeak out. Madison shakes her head fast, as if she ca' believe what she's hearing. "Nobody in their right mind chooses Kiara Westford over me." She's right. We"re busted. "Wanna bet?" My eyes go wide when Carlos bends his head down to me. "Kiss me, carino." - Simone Elkeles

"We've been secretly datin' since last week." He gives me a smile and a look that says I'm his one-and-only. That smile might deceive Madison, but I know he's full of it. "Isn't that right, K.?" He squeezes me tighter. "Uh-huh," I squeak out. Madison shakes her head fast, as if she can't believe what she's hearing. "Nobody in their right mind chooses Kiara Westford over me." She's right. We're busted. "Wanna bet?" My eyes go wide when Carlos bends his head down to me. "Kiss me, carino." - Simone Elkeles

"If humanity has any hope of effecting real change for the better, it will not come from the Madison Avenue false reality makers who've cast Barack Obama as the savior of the world. To alter our course from tyranny to liberty, to defeat the corrupt elite, we must get past the puppets and confront the real power structure of the planet." - Alex Jones

"The Petition of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Chapman Johnson, Joseph C. Cabell, James Breckenridge, John Hartwell Cocke, and Robert Taylor the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia ... Respectfully representeth ... That the value of science to a republican people, the security it..." - Thomas Jefferson

"As the great philosopher George Santayana would have said, 'those who cannot remember the past . . . should simply read Jan Van Meter's Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.' Van Meter's greatest hits collection of slogans is the catchiest ever retelling of American history. It's like the greatest minds of Madison Avenue sat down to write a history book. They don't make sound bites like they used to!" - Mo Rocca

"I drink every night. But I don't hang out and party. Not that I'm selling out Madison Square Garden, but in the old days after a show you could hang out with a few people. But now you're hanging around with 20 people, all of whom don't know each other, and they're all, "Leave my outgoing greeting on my voice mail, man, come on!"" - Doug Stanhope

"Calvin: Trick or Treat! Adult: Where's your costume? What are you supposed to be? Calvin: I'm yet another resource-consuming kid in an overpopulated planet, raised to an alarming extent by Madison Avenue and Hollywood, poised with my cynical and alienated peers to take over the world when you're old and weak! ...Boy, am I scary or what?" - Bill Watterson

"I am looking forward to continue my career in Orange & Blue and to work with Phil Jackson, a champion who builds championship teams. Madison Square Garden is the mecca of basketball and I am surrounded by the greatest fans in the world." - Carmelo Anthony

"In The Federalist, James Madison called the rage for equality 'a wicked project.' People differ and rewards differ-that's the essence of both liberty and justice. No nation that rewards effort, talent, inventiveness and luck can even pretend to cherish equal outcomes. In an inventive and dynamic society, equal (even relatively equal) incomes can be achieved only by abandoning liberty for tyranny." - Michael Novak

"I got to dislike parties, like Jefferson and Madison. I think they're harmful. But the system is flawed so badly. I like what Plato said, long ago. Democracy is fit only for a small country. Can't survive in a large country." - Jack Kevorkian

"My best friend Madison keeps a list on her phone of all of the different English slang that I say, so she has kind of like a translator so she can understand without having to ask me, "What on Earth are you talking about when you say 'nackered'?"" - Emma Watson

"Adorable in her not-very-bright submissiveness, charming in her childlike delight in shiny floors, even forgivable in her spiteful competition for the whitest, brightest wash, Madison Avenue's girl-next door is all the American male could wish for: unless, by some miscarriage, he should fancy human companionship." - Vivian Gornick

"If you go to Madison Square Garden, you better have your A game ready, because here goes the thing, they love boxing. They either like you, or they don't like you. They're either cheering for you, or they're cheering for you to die...They want you to kill, or be killed." - Roy Jones Jr.

"What James Madison and the other men of his generation had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment was that there should be no official relationship of any character between government and any church or many churches, and no levying of taxes for the support of any church, or many churches, or all churches, or any institution conducted by any of them." - Sam Ervin

"All over this country you have progressive communities like Madison and Burlington, but we've got to go well, well, well outside of those communities. We've got to go to the rural areas. We've got to go where a lot of working people are voting Republican." - Bernie Sanders

"To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self, an impossible claim that one should be at once Rose Bowl princess, medieval scholar, Saint Joan, Milly Theale, Temple Drake, Eleanor of Aquitaine, one's sister and a stranger in a pink hat seen once and admired on the corner of 55th and Madison-as well as oneself, mysteriously improved." - Joan Didion

"Don't order any of the faerie food," said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you're munching a faerie plum, the next minute you're running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not," he added hastily, "that this has ever happened to me." - Cassandra Clare

"My fellow Americans, this is an amazing moment for me. To think that a once scrawny boy from Austria could grow up to become Governor of California and stand in Madison Square Garden to speak on behalf of the President of the United States that is an immigrant's dream. It is the American dream." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"The poor Constitution itself is hardly paid any attention to. It's necessary to ignore it because most of what government does these days is clearly unconstitutional. The original idea, as expressed by James Madison, was that states would do 95 percent of the governing. Today, they are little more than administrative subdivisions of the central empire." - Charley Reese

"Can any of us refute the wisdom of Madison and the other framers? Can anyone look at the carnage in Iran, the bloodshed in Northern Ireland or the bombs bursting in Lebanon and yet question the dangers of injecting religious issues into the affairs of state?" - Barry Goldwater

"Pens?" Chase echoed. Bridget rolled her eyes. "Pens are by far more stimulating than most people." "I'm kind of wondering what you're going with those pens," Chase said Madison scrunched up her nose. "Get your mind out of the gutter." "My mind is always in the gutter around you." - J. Lynn

"There are certainly numberless women of fashion who consider it perfectly natural to go miles down Fifth Avenue, or Madison Avenue, yet for whom a voyage of half a dozen blocks to east or west would be an adventure, almost a dangerous impairment of good breeding." - Jules Romains

"If the federal government has the exclusive right to judge the extent of its own powers, warned the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions' authors (James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, respectively), it will continue to grow - regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power." - Thomas Woods

"The Giants have won. They have won the World Series for the third time in five years. And Madison Bumgarner has firmly etched his name on the all-time World Series record books as one of the greatest World Series pitchers the game has ever seen." - Jon Miller

"I never second-guess myself. I could wrestle you right now and I know we'd have a good match. Right now. Let's go to the ring and don't even worry about it, let's go. Madison Square Garden. Let's do it. Once you feel that way, nothing can bring you down, nothing can stop you." - Chris Jericho

"My mother and her plans for my future. She had it all worked out. I would attend a nice college, then get a job in advertising. "You'll be one of those smart-looking fellows in their Madison Avenue suits." And I rebelled against [my mother] and her values and her plans for my future at every opportunity." - George Carlin

"I think [John Adams's] influence on the federal Constitution was indirect. Many including James Madison mocked the first volume of Adams's Defence of the Constitutions of the United States in 1787. But his Massachusetts constitution was a model for those who thought about stable popular governments, with its separation of powers, its bicameral legislature, its independent judiciary, and its strong executive." - Gordon S. Wood

"There was so much fake news in Wisconsin, that Scott Walker stuff, they had fake polls. The protests in Madison, which is where the University of Wisconsin is, perfect examples of the use of fake news, trying to make Walker - really they tried to dispirit Walker's supporters." - Rush Limbaugh

"I was pretty shocked [having concert in the Madison Square Garden]. It could have gone either way. But I think it's the right time. Nobody does what we do with taking the visuals and making it a complete rock 'n' roll show with the really good songs. Nobody's done that in a long time." - Vince Neil

"If you're playing live, I like to think of the ensemble, whether it's the duet or a forty piece orchestra, as one person. And the entire audience, whether it's twelve people or twelve thousand at Madison Square Garden, is the other person. The two of you are going to dance together tonight." - John Densmore

"England shouldn't have the real freedom of vote and we shouldn't either. Because as [James Madison] put it, one of the primary goals of government was to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority, to make sure the opulent maintain their rights. The constitutional system was structured to ensure that outcome." - Noam Chomsky

"When John Adams - when - James Madison was writing - pretty much writing the Constitution, he got a letter from Thomas Jefferson, who was then-ambassador to France. And Jefferson said - I am paraphrasing - `Do not forget to keep habeas corpus and strengthen it.' That - in - that's the oldest English-speaking right. It goes back to the Magna Carta in 1215." - Nat Hentoff

"I did large drawings of couples having sex! Men and woman enjoying intercourse and oral sex in a Madison Avenue Gallery? That was the first time I broke a barrier that made me think, some idiot is going to blow my brains out for sure." - Betty Dodson

"In my 20s, my mom and I went and saw the bridges of Madison County, which are in Iowa, and I had seen that movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. I've always done these Iowa road trips. I did this transcendental meditation course in Fairfield, Iowa. So I've known since my early 20s that someday I would buy a farm in Iowa." - Lissie

"If you want to aspire to be any pitcher in the game right now, it's probably Madison Bumgarner. I really keep a close eye on what he's doing, his preparation, his routine, how he goes about his bullpens and in between so I can incorporate that stuff into my game." - Tyler Beede

"Well aware of both the continuity and contingency of human affairs, Adams and Madison searched the works of Tacitus and Voltaire and Locke like carpenters rummaging through their assortment of tools, knowing that all the pediments were jury-rigged, all the provisional, all the alliances temporary." - Lewis H Lapham

"One can see the results of those policies in hundreds of communities around my State. As one might expect, our largest communities-places like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay-lost thousands of jobs as a result of those trade policies, most notably NAFTA and permanent most-favored-nation status for China." - Russ Feingold

"I never dreamed that I would hear 10,000 people screaming when I stepped out onto a stage. Well, that's not entirely true. I dreamed about it but in a performing-on-the-stage-at-Staples-Center-or-Madison-Square-Garden context. But never in a I'm-in-a-movie-that-hasn't-even-come-out-yet one." - Jacqueline Emerson

"In Naples, Fla., I met a self-made man, a multimillionaire, whose round penthouse apartment is home to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Henry Moore, and Mickey Mantle. He had purchased the most coveted items auctioned by the Mantle family at Madison Square Garden in December 2003." - Jane Leavy

"The purity of finding the right artist, that artist that's gonna be the next hall of famer, that artist that's gonna be the next headliner, lifting people out of their seats at Madison Square Garden, that song that's gonna be sung for hundreds and hundreds of years, that essence remains the same." - Clive Davis

"To exclude from positions of trust and command all those below the age of 44 would have kept Jefferson from writing the Declaration of Independence, Washington from commanding the Continental Army, Madison from fathering the Constitution, Hamilton from serving as secretary of the treasury, Clay from being elected speaker of the House and Christopher Columbus from discovering America." - John F Kennedy

"Certain characteristics about 'Marbury v. Madison' are, I think, indisputable. Marbury was the first Supreme Court decision ever to strike down an act of Congress as unconstitutional. Marbury stands for the authority of the Supreme Court to have and to exercise that power." - Cliff Sloan

"Nan Kempner wore one of the first Saint Laurent trouser suits to one of those fancy Madison Avenue restaurants and was denied access. She famously took off her pants and walked in wearing only the jacket. And it was that kind of revolution that was echoed in fashion and in life." - Suzy Menkes

"Mom was 50 when my Dad died. She got on a bus every weekday for years, and rode 40 miles each morning to Madison. She earned a new degree and learned new skills to start her small business. It wasn't just a new livelihood. It was a new life." - Paul Ryan

"I'm sure everyone knows now that only a few have performed in Madison Square Garden. That list is so small. Now I'm on that list. I'm a part of a very small group, which is unbelievable. You relish in that moment for a second." - Kevin Hart

"I want to get to the point where one day I don't have to have anything but a rug and a microphone stand on stage and still be able to sell out places like Madison Square Garden, like Bruce Springsteen does." - Demi Lovato

"No, I don't think a 68-year-old copywriter . . . can write with the kids. That he's as creative. That he's as fresh. But he may be a better surgeon. His ad may not be quite as fresh and glowing as the Madison Ave. fraternity would like to see it be, and yet he might write an ad that will produce five times the sales. And that's the name of the game, isn't it?" - Rosser Reeves

"My goals were small. My goal was to become a big enough stand-up that I wouldn't have to do radio. I could sell out a club, which is like 300 seats. If I got big enough, I could sell before I got there, and I wouldn't have to get up at 6 in the morning to do radio. That was pretty much the dream. I had no idea I'd be playing Madison Square Garden or anything." - Chris Rock

"The whole idea of image is so confused. On the one hand, Madison Avenue is worried about the image of the players in a tennis tour. On the other hand, sports events are often sponsored by the makers of junk food, beer, and cigarettes. What's the message when an athlete who works at keeping her body fit is sponsored by a sugar-filled snack that does more harm than good?" - Martina Navratilova

"I want to say to you is that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson did not intend to drive a stake in the heart of religion and to drive it out of our public life. What they intended to do was to set up a system so that we could bring religion into our public life and into our private life without any of us telling the other what to do." - William J Clinton

"Jefferson, Madison and many others taught that complex laws and codes were sure signs of oppression. They agreed with Montesquieu, Lock and Hume and that laws must be simple....and indeed that the entire legal code must be simple enough that every citizen knows the entire law. If a person doesn't know the law....he shouldn't be held liable for breaking it or freedom is greatly reduced." - Oliver DeMille

"According to the three missed calls from her mother-who thought Madison had been kidnapped in the big, bad city and was now being held for an ungodly sum of money-the four text messages from her brother wondering if she knew how to navigate the beltway-because apparently little sisters couldn't drive-and the voice mail from her father warning there was a problem with the reservations, she was late for brunch." - J. Lynn

"Even in Madison's day, the practice of gerrymandering for partisan advantage was familiar. In the late seventeen-eighties, there were claims that Patrick Henry had tried to gerrymander Madison himself out of the First Congress. The term was coined during Madison's Presidency, to mock Elbridge Gerry, the governor of Massachusetts, who in 1811 approved an election district that was said to look like a salamander." - Jeffrey Toobin

"But as we are looking toward our future, I'm not sure it matters what we want to be but rather who we want to be. Someone honest or deceitful?Someone kind or cruel?Someone loyal or unfaithful? In any profession we can elect to be any of those things. I think this assignment is not only about what we choose to do but about who we choose to be. I choose to always be loyal to myself. -Raven Madison" - Ellen Schreiber

"Fifty-thousand were gathered (March,27th,1933) in and around Madison Square Garden, supportive rallies were at that moment waiting in Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Houston, and about seven other American cities. At each supportive rally, thousands huddled around loudspeakers waiting for the Garden event, which would be broadcast live via radio to 200 additional cities across the country. At least 1 million Jews were participating nationwide. Perhaps another million Americans of non-Jewish descent heritage stood with them." - Edwin Black

"People don't simply wake up one day and commit genocide. They start by setting themselves apart from others, diminishing the stature of those adhering to dissenting beliefs in small, insidious steps. They begin by saying, 'We're the righteous, and we'll tolerate those others.' And as the toleration diminishes over time, the inevitable harms are overlooked. It is for that reason that James Madison wisely wrote that 'it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties'." - Michael Newdow

"There is no question in my mind that we live in one of the truly bestial centuries in human history. There are plenty of signposts for the future historian, and what do they say? They say 'Auschwitz' and 'Dresden' and 'Hiroshima' and 'Vietnam' and 'Napalm.' For many years we all woke up to the daily body count on the radio. And if there were a way to kill people with the B Minor Mass, the Pentagon-Madison Avenue axis would have found it." - Erwin Chargaff



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