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Made For Each Other Quotes


"People disappeared, reappeared, made plans to go somewhere, and then lost each other, searched for each other, found each other a few feet away." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"Promises were made for people who do not trust each other." - Ethel M. Dell

"And he hated himself and hated her,too, for the ruin they'd made of each other." - Dennis Lehane

"Mobs and dictators were made for each other, and when mobs appear, dictators will soon flourish." - Jaron Lanier

"A meeting between two people who complete each other, who are made for each other, borders already, in my opinion, on a miracle." - Adolf Hitler

"Within Easy Company they had made the best friends they had ever had, or would ever have. They were prepared to die for each other; more important, they were prepared to kill for each other." - Stephen Ambrose

"The two-martinis-for-lunch bunch would love for us to fight each other over the resources they have made scarce." - Barbara Mikulski

"I think we're here for each other." - Carol Burnett

"Friends do' build cages for each other." - Karen Marie Moning

"Boxing is not for killing each other." - Manny Pacquiao

"Friends don't build cages for each other." - Karen Marie Moning

"We each should have 2 pockets: in 1 the message, 'I am dust & ashes;' in the other, 'For me the universe was made.'" - Joan D. Chittister

"The two of us haven't seen each other for a year now, and when we saw each other we bowed in front of each other. This very idea of bowing - you don't bow in front of a screen. It's made impossible, or very difficult, for people who constantly see non-persons on the screen." - Ivan Illich

"Born enemies don't fight. Nations you would say were designed to go to war against each other by their skins, their language, their smell; always jealous of each other, always hating each other; they're not the ones who fight. You will find the real antagonists in nations fate has groomed and made ready for the same war." - Jean Giraudoux

"Katie had a fierce desire for survival which made her a fighter. Johnny had a hankering after immortality which made him a useless dreamer. And that was the great difference between these two who loved each other so well." - Betty Smith

"We sue each other too much and care for each other too little." - George H W Bush

"The best teams play for each other, not with each other" - Jeff Van Gundy

"We don't work for each other, We work with each other." - Stanley Gault

"It's exciting to get to write characters that love each other and fight for each other." - Ilana Glazer

"We must care for each other more, and tax each other less." - Bill Archer

"How you men stand up for each other! How you women war against each other!" - Oscar Wilde

"It is time for us to turn to each other, not on each other." - Jesse Jackson

"Sisters are made by living everyday with each other and wearing each other down until the rough spots are smooth. They're made by sharing secrets you'd never tell mom, and out of doing things for each other just because you feel like it, not because you have to. I guess you could say sisters are 'grown,' not manufactured, in a very special place called a family." - Lurlene Mcdaniel

"Each has to enter the nest made by the other imperfect bird." - Rumi

"The two men stared at each other. Assumptions were made, judgments rendered, dicks measured." - Jennifer Estep

"We provide both irritation and inspiration for each other- the grist for each other's pearl making." - Stephen Nachmanovitch

"The Constitution is brilliant for accountability; for posing factions against each other, to fight amongst themselves in government, which protects our liberty. But also in ensuring that decision-making is made by those who the people can hold accountable." - Ted Cruz

"In fairy tales there's always one person who is made for one other, and they find each other and live happily ever after. Cal was my person. I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect. Yet what kind of sick fairy tale would it be if he was the one made exactly right for me and I wasn't right for him?" - Cate Tiernan

"Every color I can think of and nationality, we were all touched by Dr. King because he made us like each other and respect each other." - Lena Horne

"Foolish writers and readers are created for each other." - Horace Walpole

"All that matters is what we do for each other." - Lewis Carroll

"Form and content must never apologize for each other." - Scott Mccloud

"Summer lasts not for ever; seasons succeed each other." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"We were searching for ourselves in each other." - Sergei Parajanov

"It's what we do for each other that heals." - Deena Metzger

"Don't we all want what's best for each other?" - Levon Helm

"Women standing up for each other is critically important." - Hillary Clinton

"Sometimes friends move apart from each other for whatever reason." - Magic Johnson

"Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other." - Dalai Lama

"It has been asserted that there is a separate species on the earth to correspond with each one of the stars. Now if the earth provides in each species a focus for the action of each star, why may not a similar provision be made among other heavenly bodies that are subject to the action of their fellows?" - Nicholas of Cusa

"War: a massacre of people who don't know each other for the profit of people who know each other but don't massacre each other." - Paul Valery

"In reality the world is made of thousands of groups of about five hundred people, all of whom will spend their lives bumping into each other, trying to avoid each other, and discovering each other in the same unlikely teashop in Vancouver. There is an unavoidability to this process. It's not even coincidence. It's just the way the world works, with no regard for individuals or propriety." - Neil Gaiman

"Human society is made up of partialities. Each citizen has an interest and a view of his own, which, if followed out to the extreme, would leave no room for any other citizen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"To me it seems that liberty and virtue were made for each other. If any man wish to enslave his country, nothing is a fitter preparative than vice; and nothing leads to vice so surely as irreligion." - George Berkeley

"I feel like myself and the city of Cleveland are in the same boat. We're made for each other. A few years ago, everybody had bad thoughts on Albert Belle. I feel that has changed." - Albert Belle

"You would think, if our lips were made of horn and stuck out a foot or two from our faces, kisses at any rate would be done for. Not so. No creatures kiss each other so much as the birds." - Charles Buxton

"You know, fans who think we were made for each other and describe it in excruciating detail. You get peculiar things and beautiful things. But either way they're clearly thinking about you, which is nice." - Michael Bolton

"The sexes were made for each other, and only in the wise and loving union of the two is the fullness of health and duty and happiness to be expected." - William Hall

"We were married in Capri almost two years ago and we have made a pact with each other to visit the beautiful island and the church where we were married every year for the rest of our lives." - Giuliana Rancic

"For me, they definitely made it more challenging. The comfort zone factor really kicked in between Leo and I, and I just think that's because we know each other so well. We've known each other since we were 20-years-old." - Kate Winslet

"Every morning for, I don't know how long, I came over to Alison's [McGhee] house and we sat in her office and wrote the stories "out loud" together. We yelled at each other and made each other laugh. It was a lot of fun." - Kate Dicamillo

"The biggest trade that Germany and Britain had was with each other, in the prewar period; I think I'm right in that. Two highly industrialized nations had the most trade with each other, and it wasn't tariff policies alone that made trade relations better for both of them." - W Averell Harriman

"How about we give each other everything we can and not blame each other for what we can't." - Jill Shalvis

"People must take a modicum of public responsibility for each other even if they have no ties to each other." - Jane Jacobs

"How about we give each other everything we can and not blame each other for what we ca'." - Jill Shalvis

"Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail." - Amy Winehouse

"I think that it'd be nice for other Asians to support other Asian artists and help each other instead of pull each other down." - Justin Chon

"At concerts it makes me happy to see my Beliebers talking to each other because i made them family." - Justin Bieber

"When will we make the same breakthroughs in the way we treat each other as we have made in technology?" - Theodore Zeldin

"If the depths of everyone's sin was made public, we would all be much more gracious to each other." - Tullian Tchividjian

"Human beings are made up of many different values, and sometimes those values are in tension with each other." - John Mackey

"Complainers detest each other." - Mason Cooley

"Writers need each other." - Sara Sheridan

"Court each other forever." - Zig Ziglar

"I think it's important for women to be around other women and learn from each other." - Beyonce Knowles

"God Almighty (swt) says: My love is incumbent for those who love each other for Me; who sit together for Me; who visit each other for Me; and who spend on each other for Me." - Muadh ibn Jabal

"We are made for one another, and each is to be a supply to his neighbor." - Benjamin Whichcote

"This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another. If we took just five minutes to recognize each other's beauty instead of attacking each other for our differences - that's not hard - it's really an easier and better way to live." - Ellen Page

"I think sometimes we look at other people's marriages and we think they must always be so happy together. I don't know anybody who's married for a long time who hasn't somehow made room in their love story for the hate and resentment that they sometimes feel toward each other." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is." - Hermann Hesse

"Ignorance of each other is what has made unity impossible in the past. Therefore we need enlightenment. We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. Once we have more knowledge (light) about each other, we will stop condemning each other and a United front will be brought about." - Malcolm X

"There is no greater thing two friends can do for each other than simply to be each other's friends." - Sir David Baird, 1st Baronet

"Families, doing everything for each other out of imagined obligation and always getting in each other's way, what a tangle." - John Updike

"And now, what does it all matter? It matters more than anything else in the world. The whole dance, or drama, or pattern of this three-Personal life is to be played out in each one of us: or (putting it the other way round) each one of us has got to enter that pattern, take his place in that dance. There is no other way to the happiness for which we were made." - C S Lewis

"Do you remember the first time we made love?" He touched his lips to hers as he said it. "We rode up in the elevator like this and couldn't keep our hands off each other, couldn't get to each other quick enough. I was mad for you. I wanted you more than I wanted to keep breathing. I still do." He deepened the kiss as the elevator doors opened. "It's never going to change." - Nora Roberts

"I've known Kyle O'Reilly since 2009. Me and him actually met each other when we had our very first match against each other for Gabe Sapolsyky's DragonGate USA show. Me and Kyle went in there and we had a match that kind of made waves throughout the independent scene as far as us getting our names out there. We both got signed to Ring of Honor at the exact same time." - Adam Cole

"If men are to respect each other for what they are, they must cease to respect each other for what they own." - A J P Taylor

"God doesn't intend for you to handle all the pain and stress in your life by yourself. We were wired for each other. We need each other." - Rick Warren

"It's funny. Maria Elena and I, we are meant for each other and not meant for each other, it's a contradiction." - Woody Allen

"We should care for each other more than we care for ideas, or else we will end up killing each other." - Louis De Bernieres

"Each of us is responsible for creating an environment of warmth and consideration for those we love. I have always tried to define a good day not in terms of one in which all things were made right and comfortable for me but rather, as a day in which I have been able to make another's day more loving and special for them. We must treat each other with dignity. Not because we merit it but because we grow best in thoughtfulness...." - Leo Buscaglia

"Take each other for better or worse, but not for granted." - Arlene Dahl

"Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start" - Mother Teresa

"For a married couple to expect perfection for each other is unrealistic." - Billy Graham

"Taking time for each other is the key for harmony in the home [and in marriage]." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"A person's either responsible for themselves or we're all responsible for each other." - India.Arie

"We should just thank each other for our time. For the rest of our lives." - Tom Hiddleston

"Love is when each person is more concerned for the other than for one's self...." - David Frost

"Love is when each person is more concerned for the other than for one's self." - David Frost

"What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?" - George Eliot

"I think it's healthy for couples to be away from each other for short periods." - Liv Tyler

"Wherever people love each other and are true to each other and take risks for each other, God is with them and for them and they are doing God's will." - Frederick Buechner

"Girls rival each other. Women revive each other. Girls empale each other. Women empower each other. Girls compare each other. Women champion each other." - Ann Voskamp

"We know from the book of Genesis that God created men and women 'in His image and likeness.' We know from the first letter of John that 'God is Love.' Therefore, men and women are made in the image and likeness of Love. This isn't hard to see. Look at the design of the male and female bodies. They are made for each other. In fact, neither one makes complete sense apart from the other." - Jason Evert

"We know from the book of Genesis that God created men and women 'in His image and likeness.' We know from the first letter of John that 'God is Love.' Therefore, men and women are made in the image and likeness of Love. This isn't hard to see. Look at the design of the male and female bodies. They are made for each other. In fact, neither one makes complete sense apart from the other." - Jason Evert

"Between 1861 and 1865, Americans made war on each other and killed each other in great numbers - if only to become the kind of country that could no longer conceive of how that was possible." - Bruce Catton

"I've made great friends through acting. When I'm with Victoria Wood and Julie Walters, we have grand fun. We can make each other howl with laughter because we know each other so well." - Celia Imrie

"I think it's important for artists to work together. It's great for fans to see, like, Ludacris came out to our show in Atlanta and kinda made a surprise appearance there, it shows a mutual respect for what each other does." - Jason Aldean

"He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less." - C S Lewis

"Colleges need learning, faith, and freedom. Each reinforces the others, each makes the others possible. For what are they without each other?" - Paul Kengor

"In a word, live together in the forgiveness of your sins, for without it no human fellowship, least of all a marriage, can survive. Do' insist on your rights, do' blame each other, do' judge or condemn each other, do' find fault with each other, but accept each other as you are, and forgive each other every day from the bottom of your hearts..." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"In a word, live together in the forgiveness of your sins, for without it no human fellowship, least of all a marriage, can survive. Don't insist on your rights, don't blame each other, don't judge or condemn each other, don't find fault with each other, but accept each other as you are, and forgive each other every day from the bottom of your hearts..." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is: each the other's opposite and complement." - Hermann Hesse

"Forgiveness is God's invention for coming to terms with a world in which people are unfair to each other and hurt each other deeply. He began by forgiving us. And He invites us all to forgive each other." - Lewis B Smedes

"Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other - it doesn't matter who it is - and that will help you to grow up in greater love for each other." - Mother Teresa

"...The only slogan we need in order to be happy in our home is: Love Each Other -three simple words. Apply the ingredients of love. Sacrifice for each other. Make each other happy." - Nathan Eldon Tanner

"When two people - regardless of gender - long to care for each other, to protect each other, to treasure each other, we should do everything we can to foster that." - Mandy Moore

"Keep your heart pure. A pure heart is necessary to see God in each other. If you see God in each other, there is love for each other, then there is peace." - Mother Teresa

"Love is where it's at. I'm not speaking of sexual love. I'm talking about where you love each other, want to do the best for each other and just just are happy you found each other." - Ray Price

"Smile at each other. Smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other- it doesn't matter who it is- and that will help to grow up in greater love for each other." - Mother Teresa

"Let us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family." - Mother Teresa

"all we have is our deep and abiding love for each other. We can't loose that or we loose ourselves. If we don't help each other, who will?" - Sarah Addison Allen

"There is no word for our kind of friendship. Two people who don't see each other a lot, but can make each other effortlessly happy" - David Levithan

"It is a lie that people who love each other must know everything about each other. Love must occasionally allow for a gap." - Gabrielle Zevin

"So we contemplate each other, and we want each other, and I give it life and warmth, and it gives me my reason for living." - Paulo Coelho

"I couldn't see how we could seriously struggle without having a strong sense of collectivity, without being responsible FOR each other and TO each other." - Assata Shakur

"Colleagues should take care of each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, look for reasons to praise not to criticize, communicate freely and respect each other." - Richard Branson

"With all the people hating and hurting each other, I don't understand how people could get upset about people of the same sex caring for each other." - Michael Franti

"There is a special bond between twin soul mates - unconditional love, respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, and highly compatible." - Julien Offray de La Mettrie

"Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated each other so much. But that hate that they had for each other did not come before the love of their country." - David Scott

"There are a lot of myths which make the human race cruel and barbarous and unkind. Good and Evil, Sin and Crime, Free Will and the like delusions made to excuse God for damning men and to excuse men for crucifying each other." - Clarence Darrow

"The journey is long, the road is dark and frightening, but together we can reach our destination: the Tasmania of which we all dream, where all are welcome and all prosper, made no longer of lies but truth, built not of rich men's hate but our love for our island and for each other." - Richard Flanagan

"All our communities have to make the effort to reach out to each other rather than waiting passively for gestures that may never be made. We need to write our stories and sing our songs together not necessarily in unison or in tune but in a way that makes space for all of us." - Joni Madraiwiwi

"Babies are made through an act that you will eventually find intriguing but for right now will just sort of horrify you, and also sometimes people do stuff that involves baby-making parts that does not actually involve making babies, like for instance kiss each other in places that are not on the face." - John Green

"There is no truth to the rumors that we hate each other. I have no ill feeling for [Britney Spears] and vice versa. I am proud of all the achievements she has made in her career, she is a very hard-working person. I have nothing but love for her." - Christina Aguilera

"Mates help each other; they do not tax each other." - Tony Abbott

"We do not love each other without changing each other." - Madeleine L'Engle

"We suffer each other to have each other a while." - Li-Young Lee

"For eight years I did effects for other movies until I got my movie made" - Guillermo Del Toro

"For eight years I did effects for other movies until I got my movie made." - Guillermo Del Toro

"Take care of each other." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"True friends define each other." - Michael Card

"Enthusiasts soon understand each other." - Washington Irving

"We belong to each other." - Mother Teresa

"Words belong to each other." - Virginia Woolf

"Be. Nice. To. Each. Other!" - Mateus Ward

"Love each other or perish." - Mitch Albom

"Be kind to each other." - Reggie Lee

"Love each other or perish" - W H Auden

"We all need each other." - Leo Buscaglia

"Love each other or die." - Mitch Albom

"Women tear each other apart." - Megan Fox

"People can forgive each other." - Jo Brand

"For love... has two faces; one white, the other black; two bodies; one smooth, the other hairy. It has two hands, two feet, two tails, two, indeed, of every member and each one is the exact opposite of the other. Yet, so strictly are they joined together that you cannot separate them. own when the man was asleep, and they made love. And though they were both naked, they were not ashamed." - Virginia Woolf

"Friends don't get jealous of each other or begrudge the other for finding success. They celebrate every victory together." - Karen Kingsbury

"We should awaken feelings of respect for each other. In other words, awaken the desire to kill selfishness." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"By looking the other way on climate change we facilitate a collective denial, and we do it for each other." - Margaret D. Klein

"A good marriage is each for the other and two against the world." - Robert Breault

"Teammates are there for each other even after the noise of the crowd is gone." - Jim Brown

"Love is when two people who care for each other get confused." - Bob Schneider



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