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Machine Man Quotes


"Im a machine man, and I head a machine." - Harry Bridges

"I'm a machine man, and I head a machine." - Harry Bridges

"You're not a man, you're a machine." - George Bernard Shaw

"For most purposes, a man with a machine is better than a man without a machine." - Henry Ford

"Man minus the Machine is a slave; Man plus the Machine is a freeman." - Henry Ford

"The machine unmakes the man. Now that the machine is so perfect, the engineer is nobody." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Man such as we know him, is a machine." - George Gurdjieff

"Man is a beautiful machine that works very badly." - H L Mencken

"Man need not be degraded to a machine by being denied to be a ghost in a machine." - Gilbert Ryle

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." - Elbert Hubbard

"In man-machine symbiosis, it is man who must adjust: The machines can't." - Alan Perlis

"Man will never be enslaved by machinery if the man tending the machine be paid enough." - Karel Capek

"The life of Man is a struggle with Nature and a struggle with the Machine; when Nature and the Machine link forces against him, Man hasn't a chance." - Robertson Davies

"Who is all-powerful in the world? Who is most dreadful in the world? The machine. Who is most fair, most wealthy, and all-wise? The machine. What is the earth? A machine. What is the sky? A machine. What is man? A machine. A machine." - Leonid Andreyev

"Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid." - William Moore Kelly

"What man-made machine will ever achieve the complete perfection of even the goose's wing?" - Abbas ibn Firnas

"The real problem is what can man and machine do together and not in competition." - Richard Hamming

"You don't throw rocks at a man with a machine gun!" - Roddy Piper

"Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid." - William M. Kelly

"Journalistic content is a technical complex expressly intended to adapt man to the machine." - Jacques Ellul

"A man with a machine and inadequate culture is a pestilence." - Wendell Berry

"The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book." - Northrop Frye

"During a race, it's like I become a machine and the machine becomes a man. I talk to my cars, baby them, shout at them, praise them." - Cale Yarborough

"It is said that one machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine, however, can do the work of one extraordinary man." - Tehyi Hsieh

"The void is ready to snatch you up like a Pac Man machine and Laskshmi is on vacation. You chant Sring - and you get her answering machine." - Frederick Lenz

"When God made man the devil was at his elbow. A creature that can do anything. Make a machine. And a machine to make the machine. And evil that can run itself a thousand years, no need to tend it." - Cormac Mccarthy

"The machine does not control the mind of man, though it affects the mind of man; it is the mind of man that can and should control the machine." - Hilaire Belloc

"Instead of the machine being a giant to which the man is the pygmy, we must at last reverse the proportions until man is a giant to whom the machine is the toy." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"A man with a machine may murder or enslave millions, whereas it used to take at least thousands to murder millions. And the man behind the machine has nothing on his conscience." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"For a long time, I felt instinctively irritated - sometimes repelled - by scientific friends' automatic use of the word 'mechanism' for automatic bodily processes. A machine was man-made; it was not a sentient being; a man was not a machine." - A S Byatt

"Compassion-that's the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it's the one thing that keeps man ahead of them." - D. C. Fontana

"We have a thousand points of light for the homeless man. We've got a kinder gentler machine gun hand." - Neil Young

"Man is a machine and in the whole universe there is but a single substance, matter, variously modified." - Julien Offroy de la Mettrie

"Telephone message on his manager's answering machine shortly before dying of heroin overdose: I need help bad, man." - Jimi Hendrix

"A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine." - Alan Turing

"Prayers for the condemned man will be offered on an adding machine. Numbers constitute the only universal language." - Nathanael West

"What is man?... What a strange union of matter and mind! A machine for converting material into spiritual force." - Benjamin Peirce

"What is man? ... What a strange union of matter and mind! A machine for converting material into spiritual force." - Benjamin Peirce

"When man wanted to make a machine that would walk he created the wheel, which does not resemble a leg." - Guillaume Apollinaire

"The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them." - Antoine De Saintexupery

"I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Man is a machine and in the whole universe there is but a single substance, matter, variously modified." - Julien Offray de La Mettrie

"The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever. Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an intelligence explosion and the intelligence of man would be left behind. Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man ever need make." - I. J. Good

"A man who says that men are machines may be a great scientist. A man who says he is a machine is 'depersonalized' in psychiatric jargon." - R D Laing

"A tool is but the extension of a man's hand, and a machine is but a complex tool. And he that invents a machine augments the power of a man and the well-being of mankind." - Henry Ward Beecher

"The first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make, provided that the machine is docile enough to tell us how to keep it under control." - Nick Bostrom

"MAN IS FUNDAMENTALLY AN ANIMAL. Animals, as distinct from man, are not machine-like, not sadistic; their societies, within the same species, are incomparably more peaceful than those of man. The basic question, then is: What has made the animal, man, degenerate into a machine?" - Wilhelm Reich

"Nature is a self-made machine, more perfectly automated than any automated machine. To create something in the image of nature is to create a machine, and it was by learning the inner working of nature that man became a builder of machines." - Eric Hoffer

"The cycle of the machine is now coming to an end. Man has learned much in the hard discipline and the shrewd, unflinching grasp of practical possibilities that the machine has provided in the last three centuries: but we can no more continue to live in the world of the machine than we could live successfully on the barren surface of the moon." - Lewis Mumford

"... regard this body as a machine which, having been made by the hand of God, is incomparably better ordered than any machine that can be devised by man, and contains in itself movements more wonderful than those in any machine. ... it is for all practical purposes impossible for a machine to have enough organs to make it act in all the contingencies of life in the way in which our reason makes us act." - Rene Descartes

"Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in right circumstances, and with right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine. First of all, what man must know is that he is not one; he is many. He has not one permanent and unchangeable "I" or Ego. He is always different. One moment he is one, another moment he is another, the third moment he is a third, and so on, almost without end." - P.D. Ouspensky

"Man is a machine which reacts blindly to external forces and, this being so, he has no will, and very little control of himself, if any at all. What we have to study, therefore, is not psychology-for that applies only to a developed man-but mechanics. Man is not only a machine but a machine which works very much below the standard it would be capable of maintaining if it were working properly." - P.D. Ouspensky

"This machine kills fascists." - Woody Guthrie

"A democracy without faith is just a machine without power. Nothing can make it function except faith in itself, in the ordinary man and woman." - Eleanor Dark

"To see a man slip on a banana skin is to see a rationally structured system suddenly translated into a whirling machine." - Marshall Mcluhan

"So the thing that bothered me most was that the condemned man had to hope the machine would work the first time." - Albert Camus

"Man is a machine of remembrance; all we do is to remember things because life flies fast like a swallow; reality immediately disappears!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Can the synthesis of man and machine ever be stable, or will the purely organic component become such a hindrance that it has to be discarded?" - Arthur C Clarke

"God has not bowed to our nervous haste nor embraced the methods of our machine age. The man who would know God must give time to Him...." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"A house is not a machine to live in. It is the shell of man, his extension, his release, his spiritual emanation." - Eileen Gray

"a samurai is a total human being, whereas a man who is completely absorbed in his technical skill has degenerated into a "function", one cog in a machine." - Yukio Mishima

"How inferior the human machine is, compared to man-made machines. They can be decoked, unscrewed, oiled and parts replaced. Decidedly, nature is not a very wonderful thing." - Joris-Karl Huysmans

"You know how hard it is to feel like an extreme falcon-headed combat machine when somebody calls you "chicken man"?" - Rick Riordan

"The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do. The mystery which surrounds a thinking machine already surrounds a thinking man." - B F Skinner

"What is the task of higher education? To make a man into a machine. What are the means employed? He is taught how to suffer being bored." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a minutely set, ingenious machine for turning with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine?" - Isak Dinesen

"Our age of mechanization leads along a road ending with man himself as a machine. Only the spirit of singing can save us from this fate." - Zoltan Kodaly

"Computing machines perhaps can do the work of a dozen ordinary men, but there is no machine that can do the work of one extraordinary man." - E B White

"CLOCK, n. A machine of great moral value to man, allaying his concern for the future by reminding him what a lot of time remains to him." - Ambrose Bierce

"What a strange machine man is! You fill him with bread, wine, fish, and radishes, and out comes sighs, laughter, and dreams." - Nikos Kazantzakis

"a samurai is a total human being, whereas a man who is completely absorbed in his technical skill has degenerated into a 'function', one cog in a machine." - Yukio Mishima

"The photographer will never replace the painter; one is a man, the other a machine. Let us compare them no longer. (1848)" - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Guys you have way too much invested in sport. Guys you are not the tenth man. You're a machine for turning beer into piss that's what you are!" - Bill Maher

"What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a minutely set, ingenious machine for turning, with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine?" - Karen Blixen

"What art seeks to disturb is monotony of type, slavery of custom, tyranny of habit, and the reduction of man to the level of a machine." - Oscar Wilde

"If computers remain far worse than us at image recognition, a certain over-confident combination of man and machine can elsewhere take inaccuracy to a whole new level." - Tom Chatfield

"Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave." - George Gurdjieff

"The ego is willing but the machine cannot go on. It's the last thing a man will admit, that his mind ages." - Will Durant

"Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave." - G. I. Gurdjieff

"That's what being a front man is all about - the idea of having something supple underneath you, that machine that roars and can turn on a dime." - Bruce Springsteen

"Oh the nerves, the nerves; the mysteries of this machine called man! Oh the little that unhinges it, poor creatures that we are!" - Charles Dickens

"Mathematics is the source of a wicked intellect that, while making man the lord of the earth, also makes him the slave of the machine." - Robert Musil

"Man need not be degraded to a machine by being denied to be a ghost in a machine. He might, after all, be a sort of animal, namely, a higher mammal. There has yet to be ventured the hazardous leap to the hypothesis that perhaps he is a man." - Gilbert Ryle

"In a sense, every tool is a machine-the hammer, the ax, and the chisel. And every machine is a tool. The real distinction is between one man using a tool with his hands and producing an object that shows at every stage the direction of his will and the impression of his personality; and a machine which is producing, without the intervention of a particular man, objects of a uniformity and precision that show no individual variation and have no personal charm. The problem is to decide whether the objects of machine production can possess the essential qualities of art." - Herbert Read

"Man is improvable. Some people think he is only a machine, and that the only difference between a man and a mill is, that one is carried by blood and the other by water." - Horace Mann

"Any machine that can run a browser is not thin. The browser has to be the thickest application man has ever invented, and it's getting thicker faster than anything ever development by man." - Bill Gates

"What looks like a man is only a representation of a man who does what the organization requires. He (or it) does not run the machine; he tends it." - Charles A. Reich

"A young man with dark circles under his eyes was propping himself up against a penny-in-the-slot machine. An undertaker, passing at that moment, would have looked at this young man sharply, scenting business. So would a buzzard." - P G Wodehouse

"Isn't it typical? We train one man-one ordinary, inoffensive, retiring little man-to be an efficient killing machine and he kills the one person who stood a chance of saving us from ourselves!" - John Brunner

"My favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine." - Caroline Rhea

"Machine makers always run the risk of becoming totally machine." - Frank Herbert

"The machine conceals the machinations." - Ursula K Le Guin

"The purpose creates the machine." - Arthur Young

"Books are a time machine." - Jonathan Nolan

"Mephistopheles, the machine man, can provide us with all the means, and is thus likely to determine the aims of life as well. But of course the characteristic of Faust, which makes him eligible to be saved, is that he seeks aims that are not those of the machine." - Joseph Campbell

"Where this age differs from those immediately preceding it is that a liberal intelligentsia is lacking. Bully-worship, under various disguises, has become a universal religion, and such truisms as that a machine-gun is still a machine-gun even when a "good" man is squeezing the trigger have turned into heresies which it is actually becoming dangerous to utter." - George Orwell

"Machines are admirable and tyrannize only with the user's consent. Where, then, is the enemy? Not where the machine gives relief from drudgery but where human judgment abdicates. The smoothest machine-made product of the age is the organization man, for even the best organizing principle tends to corrupt, and the mechanical principle corrupts absolutely." - Jacques Barzun

"In the end I came to see that the true prophet of the modern world was Samuel Butler: when he suggested that the machine was an evolutionary development, destined to supersede man as the dominant species and reduce him to greenfly status, the status of machine-minder, homo mechanicus instead of homo sapiens; and to modify his nature accordingly." - Robert Aickman

"The classic war movies of the post-Vietnam era have generally taken on grand, philosophical themes: the meaninglessness of war, the grinding down of man by the machine - the machine being war itself, represented by someone like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in 'Full Metal Jacket,' the sadistic marine who turns his boys into instruments of death." - Hanna Rosin

"There is no conflict between the ideal of religion and the ideal of science, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact. To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order. Man, like the universe, is a machine." - Nikola Tesla

"Nature is a machine. The family is a machine. The life cycle is like a machine." - Ray Dalio

"In the Machine Age, the company itself became a machine - a machine for making money." - Peter Senge

"An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine. A money machine." - Marilyn Monroe

"In truth, one cannot, it seems, oppose mechanism and finalism, one cannot oppose mechanism and anthropomorphism, for if the functioning of a machine is explained by relations of pure causality, the construction of a machine can be understood neither without purpose nor without man. A machine is made by man and for man, with a view toward certain ends to be obtained, in the form of effects to be produced... a mechanical model of any phenomena is explanatory only so long as we take machines as already granted." - Georges Canguilhem

"The clergy, by getting themselves established by law and in-grafted into the machine of government, have been a very formidable engine against the civil and religious rights of man." - Thomas Jefferson

"Passion is something you'd easily die for. It's something you'd be honored to die for. It's something that's stronger than any machine man can create. It actually gives a mortal person wings." - Garth Brooks

"A man is a beggar who only lives to the useful, and, however he may serve as a pin or rivet in the social machine, cannot be saidto have arrived at self-possession." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Living in a time of the increasing struggle of the mechanization of man, photography has become another example of this paradoxical problem of how to humanize, how to overcome a machine on which we are thoroughly dependent... the camera..." - Ernst Haas

"A computer program is a message from a man to a machine. The rigidly marshaled syntax and the scrupulous definitions all exist to make intention clear to the dumb engine." - Fred Brooks

"The function of the machine is to liberate man from brute burdens, and release his energies to the building of his intellectual and spiritual powers for conquests in the fields of thought and higher action." - Henry Ford

"Man is a beautiful machine that works very badly. He is like a watch of which the most that can be said is that its cosmetic effect is good." - H L Mencken

"Machines were devised not to do a man out of a job, but to take the heavy labor from man's back and place it on the broad back of the machine." - Henry Ford

"It [eBook] is like introducing the machine gun to a revolutionary war. It changes everything. If you can reach your fans directly without having to go through a middle man, the entire economics of the publishing business changes." - Tucker Max

"God made us: invented us as a man invents an engine. A car is made to run on petrol, and it would not run properly on anything else. Now God designed the human machine to run on Himself." - C S Lewis

"To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. It's often said that men use women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure." - Valerie Solanas

"Without her I don't exist. Without her, I wouldn't be doing this for a living. Without her, in four states, it would still be legal to kill a man with a cappuccino machine. She touched a lot of lives." - Christopher Titus

"There is an intelligent man, who never questions his ideas, said Dorsenne to himself, when the Marquis had left him. He is like the Socialists. What vigor of mind in that old wornout machine!" - Paul Bourget

"I know a guy who had his doctor say, "Take some weight off, go to a health club." The man lost 20 pounds in one week! The machine tore his leg off!" - Henny Youngman

"Inventive man has invented nothing - nothing from scratch. If he has produced a machine that in motion overcomes the law of gravity, he learned the essentials from the observation of birds." - Dorothy Thompson

"The machine has no feelings, it feels no fear and no hope ... it operates according to the pure logic of probability. For this reason I assert that the robot perceives more accurately than man." - Max Frisch

"Lacking positive myths to guide him, many a sensitive contemporary man finds only the model of the machine beckoning him from every side to make himself over into its image." - Rollo May

"Wherever you see a man who gives someone else's corruption, someone else's prejudice as a reason for not taking action himself, you see a cog in The Machine that governs us." - John Jay Chapman

"If you don't understand how to run an efficient operation, new machinery will just give you new problems of operation and maintenance. The sure way to increase productivity is to better administrate man and machine." - W Edwards Deming

"Man is a fire-stealing animal, and we can't help building machines and machine intelligences, even if, from time to time, we use them not only to outsmart ourselves but to bring us right up to the doorstep of Doom." - Richard Dooling

"I read an article on me once that described my machine-method of silk-screen copying and painting: 'What a bold and audacious solution, what depths of the man are revealed in this solution!' What does that mean?" - Andy Warhol

"Man, like the universe, is a machine. Nothing enters our minds or determines our actions which is not directly or indirectly a response to stimuli beating upon our sense organs from without." - Nikola Tesla

"Man studied birds for centuries, trying to learn how to make a machine to fly like them. He never did do the trick; his final success came when he broke away entirely and tried new methods." - John W. Campbell

"A free America... means just this: individual freedom for all, rich or poor, or else this system of government we call democracy is only an expedient to enslave man to the machine and make him like it." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"I do wish I believed in the life eternal, for it makes me quite miserable to think man is merely a kind of machine endowed, unhappily for himself, with consciousness." - Bertrand Russell

"Science can give us only the tools in the box, these mechanical miracles that it has already given us. But of what use to us are miraculous tools until we have mastered the humane, cultural use of them? We do not want to live in a world where the machine has mastered the man; we want to live in a world where man has mastered the machine." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"Physiologically, man in the normal use of technology (or his variously extended body) is perpetually modified by it and in turn finds ever new ways of modifying his technology. Man becomes, as it were, the sex organs of the machine world, as the bee of the plant world, enabling it to fecundate and to evolve ever new forms. The machine world reciprocates man's love by expediting his wishes and desires, namely, in providing him with wealth." - Marshall Mcluhan

"Alienation as we find it in modern society is almost total... Man has created a world of man-made things as it never existed before. He has constructed a complicated social machine to administer the technical machine he built. The more powerful and gigantic the forces are which he unleashes, the more powerless he feels himself as a human being. He is owned by his creations, and has lost ownership of himself." - Erich Fromm

"A man's at odds to know his mind cause his mind is aught he has to know it with. He can know his heart, but he dont want to. Rightly so. Best not to look in there. It aint the heart of a creature that is bound in the way that God has set for it. You can find meanness in the least of creatures, but when God made man the devil was at his elbow. A creature that can do anything. Make a machine. And a machine to make the machine. And evil that can run itself a thousand years, no need to tend it." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Constitutional rights are useful up to a point, but they do not serve to guarantee much more than what could be called the bourgeois conception of freedom. According to the bourgeois conception, a "free" man is essentially an element of a social machine and has only a certain set of prescribed and delimited freedoms; freedoms that are designed to serve the needs of the social machine more than those of the individual." - Theodore Kaczynski

"Some of the worst abuses of government force in recent years were precipitated by technical and victimless gun-law violations. For example, the BATF claimed that the Branch Davidians possessed machine guns without paying the required federal tax and filling in the proper registration forms. So a tax case worth less than $10,000 led to a 76-man helicopter, machine gun, and grenade assault on a home in which 2/3 of the occupants were women and children." - Dave Kopel

"Government is emphatically a machine: to the discontented a taxing machine, to the contented a machine for securing property." - Thomas Carlyle

"The chrysanthemums' astringent fragrance comes Each year to disguise the clanking mechanism Of machine within machine within machine." - Wallace Stevens

"I'm okay. Russian machine never breaks." - Alexander Ovechkin

"Only a well-oiled machine runs smoothly." - Ron Kaufman

"An office is a machine for dying." - Steve Aylett

"Language is the machine of the poet." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"The machine invades me all day." - Susan Atkins

"The machine enslaves, the hand sets free." - Lanza del Vasto

"Our bodies are the time machine." - Rudy Rucker

"You can't mine coal without machine guns." - Richard B. Mellon

"Language is a machine for making falsehoods." - Iris Murdoch

"Our body is a machine for living." - Leo Tolstoy

"The guy [Tom Cruise] is a machine." - Patrick Heusinger

"The British government is a murder machine," - Peter King



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