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Machine Age Quotes


"In the Machine Age, the company itself became a machine - a machine for making money." - Peter Senge

"Jazz is the folk music of the machine age." - Paul Whiteman

"The clock, not the steam-engine, is the key-machine of the modern industrial age." - Lewis Mumford

"In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal, the inimitable." - Christian Dior

"God has not bowed to our nervous haste nor embraced the methods of our machine age. The man who would know God must give time to Him...." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"Our age of mechanization leads along a road ending with man himself as a machine. Only the spirit of singing can save us from this fate." - Zoltan Kodaly

"Why should architecture or objects of art in the machine age, just because they are made by machines, have to resemble machinery?" - Frank Lloyd Wright

"Admiration of the proletariat, like that of dams, power stations, and aeroplanes, is part of the ideology of the machine age." - Bertrand Russell

"I hope they invent a machine in which you type in the age you want to be, and it lifts and separates everything nonsurgically." - Sandra Bullock

"Any age is the perfect age to follow your dream!" - Marie Forleo

"Youth disserves; middle age conserves; old age preserves." - Martin H Fischer

"The arctic loneliness of age." - Silas Weir Mitchell

"People dance at any age." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"I don't mind my age." - Heather Mills

"Age withers only the outside." - Anonymous

"Starving artist' is acceptable at age 20, suspect at age 40, and problematical at age 60." - Robert Genn

"Pass by the synthetic yarn department, then, with your nose in the air. Should a clerk come out with the remark that All Young Mothers In This Day and Age (why can't they save their breath and say "now"?) insist on a yarn which can be machine-washed and machine-dried, come back at her with the reply that one day, you suppose, they will develop a baby that can be machine-washed and -dried." - Elizabeth Zimmermann

"Where this age differs from those immediately preceding it is that a liberal intelligentsia is lacking. Bully-worship, under various disguises, has become a universal religion, and such truisms as that a machine-gun is still a machine-gun even when a "good" man is squeezing the trigger have turned into heresies which it is actually becoming dangerous to utter." - George Orwell

"Machines are admirable and tyrannize only with the user's consent. Where, then, is the enemy? Not where the machine gives relief from drudgery but where human judgment abdicates. The smoothest machine-made product of the age is the organization man, for even the best organizing principle tends to corrupt, and the mechanical principle corrupts absolutely." - Jacques Barzun

"We are living in the machine age. For the first time in history the comedian has been compelled to supply himself with jokes and comedy material to compete with the machine. Whether he knows it or not, the comedian is on a treadmill to oblivion." - Fred Allen

"Now comes the second machine age. Computers and other digital advances are doing for mental power-the ability to use our brains to understand and shape our environments-what the steam engine and its descendants did for muscle power." - Erik Brynjolfsson

"The kingdoms of Africa and Mesopotamia, machine gunning your body with depleted uranium, this is the age of microchips and titanium, the dark side of the moon, and contact with aliens." - Immortal Technique

"The prevailing manners of an age depend, more than we art aware of, or are willing to allow, on the conduct of the women; this is one of the principal things on which the great machine of human society turns." - Hugh Blair

"great discovery often requires a map to a hidden mine filled with gems then easily gathered by conventional tools, not a shiny new space-age machine for penetrating previously inaccessible worlds." - Stephen Jay Gould

"I feel this is very important for us to have serene buildings because our civilization is chaotic as it is, you see; our whole machine age has brought about a chaos that has to be somehow counterbalanced, I think." - Minoru Yamasaki

"In this day and age, when you can use a machine or computer to simulate or emulate what people can do together, it still can't replace the magic of four people in a room playing." - Dave Grohl

"My wife and I, unlike many intellectuals, spent five years working on assembly lines. We came to fully understand the criticisms of the industrial age, in which you are an appendage of a machine that sets the pace." - Alvin Toffler

"[In natural history,] great discovery often requires a map to a hidden mine filled with gems then easily gathered by conventional tools, not a shiny new space-age machine for penetrating previously inaccessible worlds." - Stephen Jay Gould

"This machine kills fascists." - Woody Guthrie

"Wherever there is power there is age." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Live your life and forget your age." - Norman Vincent Peale

"Old age is not for sissies." - Malcolm Forbes

"Age is no guarantee of maturity." - Lawana Blackwell

"Old age is by nature rather talkative." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Every age is an unknown country." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"An Idle youth, a needy Age." - George Herbert

"all men are the same age." - Dorothy Parker

"We in middle age require adventure." - Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

"I've always looked old for my age." - Natascha Mcelhone

"I started acting professionally at age 19." - Bruce Boxleitner

"Wrecked on the lee shore of age." - Sarah Orne Jewett

"In America, everyone's always hiding their age." - Marina Abramovic

"I don't care about age very much." - Chinua Achebe

"If youth knew; if age could." - Sigmund Freud

"Im a machine man, and I head a machine." - Harry Bridges

"My favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine." - Caroline Rhea

"Machine makers always run the risk of becoming totally machine." - Frank Herbert

"I'm a machine man, and I head a machine." - Harry Bridges

"The machine conceals the machinations." - Ursula K Le Guin

"The purpose creates the machine." - Arthur Young

"Books are a time machine." - Jonathan Nolan

"Nature is a machine. The family is a machine. The life cycle is like a machine." - Ray Dalio

"An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine. A money machine." - Marilyn Monroe

"The romance of life begins and ends with two blank pages. Age and extreme old age." - Jean Paul

"Whatever poet, orator, or sage may say of it, old age is still old age." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"forgetting things is what gives old age a bad name, that and old age." - Peg Bracken

"Middle age is youth without its levity, and age without decay." - Daniel Defoe

"American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age." - Marshall Mcluhan

"Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle." - Bob Hope

"In an age in which the classic words of the Surrealists- 'As beautiful as the unexpected meeting, on a dissecting table, of a sewing machine and an umbrella'-can become reality and perfectly achievable with an atom bomb, so too has there been a surge of interest in biomechanoids" - H R Giger

"To say "I accept" in an age like our own is to say that you accept concentration-camps, rubber truncheons, Hitler, Stalin, bombs, aeroplanes, tinned food, machine guns, putsches, purges, slogans, Bedaux belts, gas-masks, submarines, spies, provocateurs, press-censorship, secret prisons, aspirins, Hollywood films and political murder." - George Orwell

"To say I accept in an age like our own is to say that you accept concentration-camps, rubber truncheons, Hitler, Stalin, bombs, aeroplanes, tinned food, machine guns, putsches, purges, slogans, Bedaux belts, gas-masks, submarines, spies, provocateurs, press-censorship, secret prisons, aspirins, Hollywood films and political murder." - George Orwell

"Two things hold promise of improving those lights. One is to apply science to land-use. The other is to cultivate a love of country a little less spangled with stars, and a little more imbued with that respect for mother-earth - the lack of which is, to me, the outstanding attribute of the machine-age." - Aldo Leopold

"Modern European composers...have very largely received their stimulus, their rhythms and impulses from Machine Age America. They have a much older tradition of musical technique which has helped them put into musical terms a little more clearly the thoughts that originated here. They can express themselves more glibly." - George Gershwin

"I think the real reason so many youngsters are clamoring for freedom of some vague sort, is because of unrest and dissatisfaction with present conditions; I don't believe this machine age gives full satisfaction in a spiritual way, if the term may be allowed." - Robert E Howard

"I think I was lucky to come of age in a place and time - the American South in the 1960s and '70s - when the machine hadn't completely taken over life. The natural world was still the world, and machines - TV, telephone, cars - were still more or less ancillary, and computers were unheard of in everyday life." - Ben Fountain

"If we ever find out how the brain works, with all its complexity, then we will be able to build a machine that has consciousness. And if that happens, that is a road to planetary disaster because everything we've thought about ourselves, since the Bronze Age, the Bible, all of that will be gone." - E L Doctorow

"When I write about a 15-year old, I jump, I return to the days when I was that age. It's like a time machine. I can remember everything. I can feel the wind. I can smell the air. Very actually. Very vividly." - Haruki Murakami

"I, for one, am pretty exhausted since I started blogging almost a year ago. But I am blaming that on my two sons, aged 3 and 6, whose perpetual-motion-machine energy is hard to keep up with at my advanced age." - Kara Swisher

"Government is emphatically a machine: to the discontented a taxing machine, to the contented a machine for securing property." - Thomas Carlyle

"The chrysanthemums' astringent fragrance comes Each year to disguise the clanking mechanism Of machine within machine within machine." - Wallace Stevens

"I took classical piano lessons from the age of five." - Eddie Van Halen

"Our age is one of guided missiles and unguided men." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Impatience dries the blood sooner than age or sorrow." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"The heart is important at any age, I'm afraid." - John Kennedy Toole

"The curse of poverty has no justification in our age." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"With age comes acumen. With experience comes insight." - Chris Bohjalian

"Age is suspicious but is not itself often suspected." - Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann

"We grow old more through indolence, than through age." - Christina, Queen of Sweden

"And lash the vice and follies of the age." - Susanna Centlivre

"I've reached the age where competence is a turn-on." - Billy Joel

"An age builds up cities: an hour destroys them." - Seneca the Younger

"Age is opportunity no less than youth itself." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Age is a matter of feeling, not of years." - George William Curtis

"We can't reach old age by another man's road." - Mark Twain

"Favouritism governed kissage, Even as it does in this age." - Rudyard Kipling

"Age 50 is a lot tougher than 40s" - Bill Rodgers

"Autumn is a hint from God to Old Age." - Austin O'Malley

"Rashness is the companion of youth, prudence of old age." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Slowly and imperceptibly old age comes creeping on." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"I'm just the same age I've always been." - Carolyn Wells

"Old age is not synonymous with being 'glad to die." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"Old age creeps on us ere we think it nigh." - John Dryden

"For age but tastes of pleasures youth devours." - John Dryden

"Age and want sit smiling at the gate." - Alexander Pope

"Favouritism governed kissage, Even as it does in this age." - Rudyard Kipling

"I feel like it's a golden age for television." - Judd Apatow

"Age is merely a suit, and not a new dress." - Ivan Tverdovsky

"Man's most intelligent age may have gotten lost in history." - John Henrik Clarke

"The flower imperishable of this valiant age, - A true American!" - Clinton Scollard

"Age is just a number. Mine is unlisted." - Anonymous

"If youth but know, And old age only could." - Henri Estienne

"Sometimes age succeeds, sometimes it fails. It depends on you." - Ravensara Noite

"Men peak at age nineteen and go downhill." - Garrison Keillor

"We should bomb Vietnam back into the stone age." - Curtis Lemay

"There's no excuse for fur in this day and age." - Stella Mccartney

"I had studied violin from age 7 to 14." - Amar Bose

"Thirty-two is the age we turn into actual adults." - Tom Bodett

"What have I got better than anyone? Age." - Kazushi Sakuraba

"Age, I do abhor thee, youth, I do adore thee." - William Shakespeare

"I think you can go to school at any age." - Annasophia Robb

"Like many women my age, I am 28 years old." - Mary Schmich

"I feel more mature than most people my age." - Leighton Meester

"At my age you don't go into fatherhood lightly." - Rod Stewart

"By Time and Age full many things are taught." - Aeschylus

"I understood from an early age what being competitive means." - Tamara Ecclestone

"Whatever their age, most men have never received true fathering." - John Eldredge

"Women lie about their age; men lie about their income." - William Feather

"I am grown peaceful as old age tonight." - Robert Browning

"Old age is the harbor of all ills." - Wilfred Bion

"I'm okay. Russian machine never breaks." - Alexander Ovechkin

"Only a well-oiled machine runs smoothly." - Ron Kaufman

"An office is a machine for dying." - Steve Aylett

"Language is the machine of the poet." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"The machine invades me all day." - Susan Atkins

"The machine enslaves, the hand sets free." - Lanza del Vasto

"Our bodies are the time machine." - Rudy Rucker

"You can't mine coal without machine guns." - Richard B. Mellon

"Language is a machine for making falsehoods." - Iris Murdoch

"Our body is a machine for living." - Leo Tolstoy

"The guy [Tom Cruise] is a machine." - Patrick Heusinger

"You're not a man, you're a machine." - George Bernard Shaw

"The British government is a murder machine," - Peter King

"It's that goddamned motherfucking 'Machine Gun." - Miles Davis

"Almost everything is like a machine." - Ray Dalio

"I want to be a machine." - Andy Warhol

"I'm like a one-woman protest machine." - Lydia Lunch

"I ain't getting on no time machine," - Marvin Barnes

"My body is a baby machine." - Kristin Scott Thomas

"Nothing is less instructive than a machine." - Simone Weil

"The economy is like a machine." - Ray Dalio

"Age-appropriate makeup? Who are you people? What makeup is age-appropriate for a seven-year-old?" - Kami Garcia

"That folly of old age which is called dotage is peculiar to silly old men, not to age itself." - Cicero

"Inside the time bubble we do not age. We age only when we are outside of it." - Clifford D Simak

"That folly of old age which is called dotage is peculiar to silly old men, not to age itself." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"People don't die of old age, they die of diseases that accompany old age, and they are preventable." - Deepak Chopra

"Crabbed age and youth cannot live together; Youth is full of pleasure, age is full of care; Youth like summer morn, age like winter weather; Youth like summer brave, age like winter bare. Youth is full sport, age's breath is short; Youth is nimble, age is lame; Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold; Youth is wild, age is tame. Age, I do abhor thee; youth, I do adore thee." - William Shakespeare

"We were making the first step out of the age of chemistry and physics, and into the age of biology." - Jeremy Rifkin

"When the term machine gun enters common parlance, the word machine becomes much more sinister." - Scott Westerfeld

"For most purposes, a man with a machine is better than a man without a machine." - Henry Ford



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