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Macaroni And Cheese Quotes


"Fettucini alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults." - Mitch Hedberg

"In the wintertime I like macaroni and cheese." - Jami Attenberg

"Its diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next." - Jolene Blalock

"It's diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next." - Jolene Blalock

"I love macaroni and cheese. I could eat it every meal of the day." - Cobie Smulders

"He is the cheese to my macaroni." - Diablo Cody

"One of Beethoven's favorite dishes was macaroni and cheese. The girl I marry must be able to make good macaroni and cheese..." "How did Beethoven feel about cold cereal?" - Charles M Schulz

"Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen." - Kevin McAllister

"I don't do much cooking, but one of my favorite dishes to eat is my wife's macaroni and cheese." - Ice Cube

"I like cooking - I make a good stir-fry and the family likes it when I make stewed chicken and macaroni and cheese." - Marion Jones

"I don't diet. There's going to be barbecues and macaroni and cheese - but I'll have broccoli and salad the next day." - Ginnifer Goodwin

"You don't make a friend," Jacob said with a scowl. "It's not like they come with directions like you'd find on a box of macaroni and cheese." - Jodi Picoult

"My favorite food is macaroni and cheese that my grandma makes. My favorite drink has to be Vita Coco coconut water." - Sloane Stephens

"I eat mostly organic, but I love macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, and egg-and-cheese croissants. So when I indulge, I eat protein and veggies for the rest of the day. It really is all about moderation and balance." - Marisa Miller

"You know, she said, there's a recipe for macaroni and cheese I've always been meaning to try. It's the one where you boil up about three pounds of macaroni, and then you grate cheese on it. It only takes about three minutes." - Garrison Keillor

"Everyone prefers some foods over others, but some adults take this tendency to an extreme. These people tend to prefer the kinds of bland food they may have enjoyed as children - such as plain or buttered pasta, macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, French fries and grilled cheese sandwiches - and to restrict their eating to just a few dishes." - Andrew Weil

"We work on macro issues and macaroni and cheese issues. When women are in the halls of power, our national debate reflects the needs and dreams of American families." - Barbara Mikulski

"I grew up eating hamburger helper, macaroni and cheese, and drinking lots of milk, and looked at lots of cows; but I feel like a New Yorker now, I've lived here for sixteen years." - Adam Rapp

"For our first date, I made Ryan Hamburger Helper, which is basically what I grew up on. I make my own version of it now, with macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat. And the kids - it's their favorite dinner." - Reese Witherspoon

"I'm very loyal in a relationship. Any relationship. When I go out with my mom, I don't look at other moms and go, "I wonder what her macaroni and cheese tastes like."" - Garry Shandling

"You can buy a box of low-fat macaroni and cheese made with powdered nonsense. I'm not worried if I'm using four different cheeses and it's high in fat. It's real food. That's what's more important." - Tom Colicchio

"People love my collard greens. They love my macaroni and cheese. They love the gumbo. They love my Jamaican jerk or my Jamaican curry chicken. They love the jerk, though. And they love my Mexican food." - Tamala Jones

"I am not one to turn down macaroni and cheese, even late at night. I love Italian food. I love pasta... A refrigerator full of water and Gatorade? Honey, that's just not gonna happen." - Queen Latifah

"One of the things I love about New York is that it's one of the only places where you could have an entire restaurant dedicated to macaroni and cheese." - Savannah Guthrie

"I'm a carb queen. I'll always order macaroni and cheese, but I don't want it to be fancy. I want it to be as close to Kraft Services as it can possibly get!" - Drew Barrymore

"Beatle's wrote the Nike song and called it macaroni." - Sheryl Crow

"I like to focus on making the music sound simple and true, and very lush and full. I think music should take you to somewhere else where you have the space to contemplate or exercise your imagination. All the while you should be feeling real good, like when you have a delicious and decadent meal, macaroni and cheese or foie gras." - Alice Smith

"I love macaroni and cheese. I could eat it every meal of the day. It used to be sushi, but these days I cannot stop eating mac and cheese. I haven't had it from a box in a long time, but I'll make it homemade style with four types of cheeses, lots of milk, maybe a little ketchup. I don't know, I'm crazy like that." - Cobie Smulders

"I learned a long time ago with you that folks who were trying to be kind would rather do it with a macaroni-and-cheese bake than any personal involvement. You hand off a serving dish and you've done your job - no need to get personally involved, and your conscience is clean. Food is the currency of aid." - Jodi Picoult

"Obviously as I'm getting older, I'm seeing changes in my body that I may not like... but I do love food, and I'm from the South. I'm not gonna lie, I eat fried chicken, I love macaroni and cheese, and I love grits." - Erin Andrews

"Casseroles don't have to be about canned ingredients and vegetables you normally wouldn't even think of eating alone, much less stuck in between layers of sauce and breadcrumbs. They can vary from everyone's favorite all-time casserole, macaroni and cheese, to the ultimate English casserole, Shepherd's Pie." - Marcus Samuelsson

"All middle-income families use carbs to stretch meals, across any ethnic group - whether it's kugel or rice and beans or macaroni and cheese. I remember having pancakes for dinner. But as kids, we thought, 'Breakfast for dinner? This is great.'" - Al Roker

"Ratbert (as lab rat, to scientist): Doc, we have to talk. Every day you feed me over a hundred pounds of macaroni and cheese. At first I thought you were just being a good host. But lately I've been thinking it could be something far more sinister." - Scott Adams

"I can safely say that other than macaroni and cheese, there's no processed food in my life. There's no inorganic food in my life these days. There's no junk food. There's not a lot of sugar. There's no soy. I mean, really everything that's going into my body is pretty pure." - Ginnifer Goodwin

"Cheese and jam are really nice. Cheese and apple as well. Cheese and grapes are good." - Georgie Henley

"Bachelor's fare: bread and cheese, and kisses." - Jonathan Swift

"Bachelor's fare: bread and cheese and kisses." - Jonathan Swift

"Well and what's cheese? Corpse of milk." - James Joyce

"all i mac and cheese" - Kurt Cobain

"It was all cheese and applause." - Charles De Lint

"I have an insatiable palate. I'll try anything once, with an open mind. However, there is a special place in my heart for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Don't get me wrong, I've sampled specialty Mac & Cheese all over the world, but nothing competes with the stuff I grew up on." - Rachel Nichols

"Yankee Doodle came to town Riding on a pony; Stuck a feather in his cap And called it macaroni." - Edward Bangs

"Puccini - silver macaroni, exquisitely tangled." - H L Mencken

"Swiss Cheese is a rip-off It's the only cheese I can bite into and miss" - Mitch Hedberg

"Oh, and I suppose the apples ate the cheese." - Suzanne Collins

"Cheese and salt meat, should be sparingly eat." - Benjamin Franklin

"Men only need two things - grilled cheese and sex," - Emmy Rossum

"[On Denmark:] ... that little country of cottage cheese and courage ..." - Bette Midler

"I've been craving peanut butter-and-mayonnaise fried cheese sandwiches." - Anna Nicole Smith

"I ALWAYS put ketchup on my mac and cheese. Always." - Troye Sivan

"The best of all physicians Is apple pie and cheese!" - Eugene Field

"The best of all physiciansIs apple pie and cheese!" - Eugene Field

"Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal." - Ina Garten

"In France, I learned about wine and cheese." - Walter Wager

"I happen to enjoy grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches." - Chuck Feeney

"I love cheese and biscuits, the stronger the better." - Eric Bristow

"I like a cheese and pickle. Nice cheese and pickle on a real old-fashioned bread. Ploughman's lunch." - Gary Oldman

"It is a very great mistake to suppose, as a few English cooks still do, that spaghetti and macaroni should be soaked in water before cooking." - Elizabeth David

"In the star-filled dark we cook Our macaroni and eat By lantern light. Stars cluster Around our table like fireflies." - Kenneth Rexroth

"The thought of continually eating something like macaroni, spat out by machinery, fills me with fear and revulsion, so I make macaroni sculptures. I make them and make them and then keep on making them, until I bury myself in the process. I call this 'obliteration.'" - Yayoi Kusama

"Swiss cheese is the only cheese you can draw and people can identify. You can draw American cheese, but someone will think it's cheddar. It's the only cheese you can bite and miss. "Hey Mitch - does that sandwich have cheese on it?" "Every now and then!"" - Mitch Hedberg

"I'm famous for splurging at fast-food places. I'm currently obsessed with Taco Bell's bean and cheese burritos with extra green sauce and extra cheese. Gluttony!" - Fergie

"A whole new thing. A forging of the humble parts of bread and cheese into a greater whole. I call it...a cheese-trap." - Joe Abercrombie

"Comedy is like expensive cheese. Well, it's like cheese, in general. Everybody likes what they like, and everything they don't like, they think is the worst." - W. Kamau Bell

"I am the triple owner of the world, the finest Turkey, the Lorelei, Germania and Helvetia of exclusively sweet butter and Naples, and I must supply the whole world with macaroni." - Carl Jung

"Whatever makes a child want to glue macaroni on a paper plate and paint the assemblage and see it on the refrigerator - that has always been strong in me." - Robert Pinsky

"I don't know - maybe the world has two different kinds of people, and for one kind the world is this completely logical, rice pudding place, and for the other it's all hit-or-miss macaroni gratin." - Haruki Murakami

"It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world, the history is fascinating, the men are handsome and the whisky is delicious. But don't eat the macaroni pies." - J K Rowling

"Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese and I'm a happy man." - George R R Martin

"Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese and I'm a happy man." - George R R Martin

"A meal of bread, cheese and beer constitutes the perfect food." - Elizabeth I

"You people would convict a grilled cheese sandwich of murder and the people wouldn't question it." - Charles Manson

"You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese." - Anthony Bourdain

"I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmill." - William Shakespeare

"I put Algernon's body in a cheese box and buried him in the backyard. I cried." - Daniel Keyes

"Cheese has always been a food that both sophisticated and simple humans love." - M F K Fisher

"How can you govern a country with two hundred and forty six varieties of cheese?" - Charles De Gaulle

"And wanting the right rule they take chalke for cheese, as the saying is." - Nicholas Grimald

"You people would convict a grilled cheese sandwich of murder and the people would' question it." - Charles Manson

"...Almost everything inside was filled with sugar, cheese, and weight-loss tips." - Adam Rex

"The green tempts me to make the rich the enemy, and take their cheese." - The Notorious Big

"I enjoyed retirement the right way linguine con vongole, red wine and plenty of truffle cheese." - Craig Kilborn

"Cheese, wine, and a friend must be old to be good." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"I can't cook, but I can make a turkey and cheese sandwich like nobody else." - Kevin Hart

"What is this mac and cheese? Is that a black thing?" - Pat Robertson

"Cheese, wine, and a friend must be old to be good." - Proverbs

"Don't forget that the flavors of wine and cheese depend upon the types of infecting microorganisms." - Martin H Fischer

"I bought some Armageddon cheese today, and it said on the packet 'Best Before End...'" - Tim Vine

"This place certainly reeks of hospitality and good cheer, or maybe it's this cheese." - Jean Harlow

"The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath." - W C Fields

"A corpse is meat gone bad. Well and what's cheese? Corpse of milk." - James Joyce

"I had cottage cheese for lunch and a glass of wine when I got home tonight." - Sally Quinn

"I try to avoid cheese, dairy and a lot of meat, but I do like them." - Lynda Carter

"I'm a mac and cheese freak. Homemade or from the blue box, I'm not picky!" - Candy Crowley

"I've learned how to make a nice souffle, a little mac and cheese." - Kevin Dillon

"I enjoyed retirement the right way... linguine con vongole, red wine and plenty of truffle cheese." - Craig Kilborn

"My whole family is lactose intolerant and when we take pictures we can't say cheese." - Jay London

"My idea of heaven used to be relaxing at home with a cheese plate and champagne." - Lea Michele

"Pasta with melted cheese is the one thing I could eat over and over again." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"I'm just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?" - Joe Pesci

"Then one day, this kid named Darren Walsh touched the Cheese with his finger, and that's what started this thing called the Cheese Touch. It's basically like the Cooties. If you get the Cheese Touch, you're stuck with it until you pass it on to someone else. The only way to protect yourself from the Cheese Touch is to cross your fingers." - Jeff Kinney

"I love Velveeta cheese." - Dolly Parton

"I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures." - M F K Fisher

"I fall down all the time because I'm such a klutz, but I have never broken a bone, and I don't eat milk or cheese ever. I like tofu cheese and soymilk in my coffee and cereal." - Grace Slick

"I'm an appalling cook. I can just about create a glass of orange juice and a ham-and-cheese sandwich." - Dara O Briain

"But I love fish, cheese and meat, and I eat everything, but only in small quantities if it's rich." - Eva Herzigova

"The single most useful ingredient on the planet. In a pinch you can scramble them and call it dinner. But it only takes five eggs, a little milk and a handful of cheese to make a fat, sassy cheese souffle." - Ruth Reichl

"I once wrote a song so beautiful that I myself couldn't sing it. It's called Plastic Government Cheese Swan, and it's about how the world is plastic and full of government cheese swans." - Thom Yorke

"You mightn't happen to have a piece of cheese about you, now? No? Well, many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese-toasted, mostly-and woke up again, and here I were." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"My love life is like a piece of Swiss cheese; most of it's missing, and what's there stinks." - Joan Rivers

"I don't try to knock people out, but I have the ability to press him and get the cheese." - Adrien Broner

"Meat!" he said scornfully. "I'm a vegetarian." You eat cheese enchiladas and aluminum cans," I reminded him. Those are vegetables." - Rick Riordan

"I'm just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls." - Justin Bieber

"Maybe he was a good a good whitecoat-like Jeb. And maybe the moon was made of cream cheese." - James Patterson

"My favorite sandwich is peanut butter, baloney, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise on toasted bread with catsup on the side." - Hubert H Humphrey

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood, and age only matters if you're a cheese." - Rick Steves

"How can you be expected to govern a country that has two hundred and forty-six kinds of cheese?" - Charles De Gaulle

"Apart from cheese and tulips, the main product of the country is advocaat, a drink made from lawyers." - Alan Coren

"I am so happy to see more and more people in this country are becoming addicted to cheese." - James Beard

"Opening a family-style restaurant with comfort food like mac 'n' cheese, ribs and burgers has always been my dream." - Bridget Hall

"I think there's always been singers like that and i've done my fair share of cheese as well." - Marc Almond

"How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?" - Charles De Gaulle

"My mother and I, our favorite part of any baked pasta is the top, where the cheese gets crusty." - Giada De Laurentiis

"When I'm at craft services, I make the best-tasting,10-layer meat and cheese sandwich with no bread." - Kellan Lutz

"When I'm at craft services, I make the best-tasting, 10-layer meat and cheese sandwich with no bread." - Kellan Lutz

"Our brains are not capable of comprehending the infinite so, instead, we ignore it and eat cheese on toast." - Jonathan Cainer

"But a little milk, butter and cheese are acceptable because no harm is done in obtaining them." - Sathya Sai Baba

"My dear Excellency! I have not gone to war to collect cheese and eggs, but for another purpose." - Manfred Von Richthofen

"My favorite splurge would be gluten-free pizza. Or I'm a total truffle addict so truffle mac and cheese." - Patti Stanger

"I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It's my go-to breakfast." - Taylor Swift

"Ah, Mastery of the Five Elements!" "Is that the one we want?" I asked. "No, but a good one. How to tame the five essential elements of the universe - earth, air, water, fire, and cheese!" "Cheese?" - Rick Riordan

"Showing up to games year after year, no matter what the product on the field gives you back, is a learned behavior - sort of like rats in a maze searching for cheese. The rat learns the maze, learns where the cheese is placed and eventually goes to it without thought, even when the cheese is taken away. The rat doesn't know anything else." - Joe Cowley

"I'm into grilled cheese. Grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful!" - Emma Stone

"I'm into grilled cheese. Grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful!" - Emma Stone

"Cheese - milk's leap toward immortality." - Clifton Paul Fadiman

"Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries." - Regina George

"Good cheese needs good companions." - James Beard

"The misers cheese is wholesomest" - Benjamin Franklin

"Rick Rubin eats no cheese." - Stephen Rodrick

"They found a cave once lived in by Osama bin Laden and the only thing in the cave were some boxer undershorts, and macaroni. I'm telling you, you add an old stack of Playboys, this could be my place. It's like I have a twin." - David Letterman

"Essentially, the Tea Party are the Hell's Angels, but with sun visors instead of switch blades. They push macaroni instead of meth. Mess with the Tea Party and they'll put your dog in an American flag sweater on a hot day." - Greg Gutfeld

"Celebrate your child's achievement, then rotate it when the next mini-masterpiece comes along. Then chuck the old picture. Don't worry that you're throwing away a memory. Your children will remember your praise more than they will remember the picture with macaroni and glitter glued on it." - Niecy Nash

"Vegetarians, dropping meat, tend to fill up with too much starch. This leaves them no more healthy than meat-eaters, with constipation, indigestion, colds, catarrhs, coughs and chest complaints to plague them. Eating sparingly of breads, cakes, crackers, cookies, macaroni, spaghetti, anything largely starch, is a far step on the road to good health." - Helen and Scott Nearing

"I'm layering away: sauce, noodles, I belong to you, cheese, sauce, my heart is yours, noodles, cheese, I hear your soul in your music, cheese, cheese, CHEESE..." - Jandy Nelson

"I got a girl named Bony Maronie, she's as skinny as a stick of macaroni." - Little Richard

"Once I was a couple. I was my own king and queen with cheese and bread and rose on the rocks of Rockport." - Anne Sexton

"I don't really believe in vices. I love wine and cheese and chocolate, but they're what make life fun. They're a pleasure and an important part of living." - Donna Air

"I didn't want kabobs, Afghan music, and rules that required girls to be carefully monitored. I wanted mac and cheese, country music, and independence." - Azita Ghanizada

"Manouri is a Greek ewes' milk cheese that's light in colour and texture. It's fresh and milky, and goes well with other subtle flavours." - Yotam Ottolenghi



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